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Pounding The Table: Stocks, Options, And Weekly Market News

Pounding The Table: Stocks, Options, And Weekly Market News

By Pounding The Table
Pounding The Table is a podcast by Anthony Ohayon and Avi Mash about The Stock Market and Crypto in a easy to losten to format. Each week we take a look at the news and interpret the impact on the financial markets.
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EP 69: Is Bull Market Over? | Deep look into Employment Numbers | Where does Sea Limited Go from Here? | A look into Axon |
@AviNMash @AnthonyOhayon and @Joey Solitro Cover Is Bull Market Over? | Deep look into Employment Numbers | Where does Sea Limited Go from Here? | A look into Axon |  Big shout out to StockTwits our favorite place to chat about the Markets in both the Stock and Crypto worlds and see what people are saying about our favorite tickers. 
August 15, 2022
EP 65: "Solana Camry" | SPY Green (for now) | Solana Phone? | Netflix | Shopify Split | Bible Review: DataDog | Twilio
 Episode 65 Presented By StockTwits:  @AviNMash @AnthonyOhayon @JoeySolitro Are back  Trending Tickers Of The Week: $SPY (Powell congress hearing generating some noise, recession woes still linger) $SOL.X (Solana phone?!) $REV (Rumors about acquisition post bankruptcy making this thing go crazy) $MO (FDA made ban on Juul products official) $NFLX (Still doing more layoffs) $SWBI (Gunmaker rose 14% after supreme court ruling) $CCL (Trading higher after positive earnings reaction)   SPY Green (for now)  Bible Review:  DataDog $DDOG Twilio $TWLO Shout out to our friends at StockTwits: Our favorite place to hear the market chatter around both stocks and Crypto.  Join us on
June 26, 2022
S3E4: Bear Markets, Earnings Recap and Preview
@AviNMash and @Reilly_McAdams (subs for Tony) to review last weeks earnings, preview this weeks earnings, and digesting if we are a in a real Bear Market  Look Ahead:  $JMIA $AMZN $AAPL $ETSY $SQ $TDOC  $SE $MELI $TDOC $HD $BABA $FUBU $DWAC  Review  $DKNG  $PLTR  $UPST  $ROKU  $NVDA  $SHOP  $RBLX  $DASH  $ABNB
February 22, 2022
S3E2: Make Earnings Matter Again $AMZN $FB $GOOGL $AAPL $U $SNAP $NET $CRWD
🚨World Premiere Season 3 Episode 2 🚨 Powered by StockTwits  "Make Earnings Matter Again" We will discuss the following stocks (Below) & the shift in the markets with Earnings, 10Y Treasury, and why earnings might start to matter more coming up. $AMZN $FB $GOOGL $AAPL $U $SNAP $NET $CRWD
February 05, 2022
S3:E1 - Season Premiere: Market Condition update, Coinbase, Sea Limited
S3:E1 - Season Premiere: Market Condition update, Coinbase, Sea Limited @AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon kick off Episode 3 with updates across the board on Sea Limited, Coinbase, Fed and Market updates, you don't want to miss this one. 
January 08, 2022
Introduction to NFTs w/ Anthony Ohayon, @FintwitPeaked, @KingMgugga, @Gugbot
Introduction to NFTs w/ Anthony Ohayon, @FintwitPeaked, @KingMgugga, @Gugbot On this episode we discuss what the heck a NFT is! 
December 10, 2021
EP 48: Bear Market Coming | Is Teladoc on Life Support | SweetGreen IPO Feat @DaveMilhouse and @Reilly_McAdams
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon are joined by fellow pounder @Reilly_McAdams and special guest @DaveMilhouse to discuss end of the year Bear Market? Bring back a forgotten favorite Teladoc $TDOC ,and Reilly shares why he loves Sweetgreen
November 20, 2021
Ep 47: If you Node You Node: Web3, ENS Names, Defi, CityCoins, Stock Earnings
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon finally demystify what is going on with Web 3, Defi, City Coins, and of course we talk some of your favorite stocks $TSLA $RBLX $U $IPOF $TTD  $DOCN $SMH $RIVN and much more  Ending song: Big Moves by Stige and Andrew Finkelstein ( 
November 13, 2021
EP 46: Facebook Turns into Metaverse, Mini Monster, and Earnings Recap and look forward
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon Discuss Earnings from last week, Facebook Turning Into The Metaverse -- what could this look like, a new Mini Monster $EVLV Evolve Technology, a company that focuses on security for events, govt buildings, schools and much more. 
October 30, 2021
Ep 45: BTC, Super Bowl of Earnings, $MQ deep dive, Trump pump and Portillos
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon are joined by @ReillyMcadams to discuss Marqeta $MQ, Portillos, Wework and Fang Earnings
October 24, 2021
Episode 40: Interview with Motley Fool Analyst Brian Feroldi
Dom Rinaldi & Avi Mash interview Motley Fool analyst Brian Feroldi.  In this interview we cover the following with Brian. Brian's Investing Story & the F.I.R.E Movement Brian's mission of spreading financial wellness & gaining nearly 200,000 Followers Finding time to do DD & Research & balancing family life The Feroldi Stock Checklist & the 3% Rule "Stocks from Scratch" on YouTube Stock Tickers Discussed: $NVCR, $TTD, $MELI, $PODD, & More Tony discusses end of quarter action and what is quad witching? You can follow Brian Feroldi on twitter @BrianFeroldi  Follow the PTT Team: Dom Rinaldi - @DominicRinaldi9 Avi Mash - @AviNMash Anthony Ohayon - @AnthonyOhayon - “Big Moves” was created by music startup SongwriteClubs Andrew Fink (@iamandrewfink) and Stige (@callmestige) and produced by The Pushers (@thepushers).
September 11, 2021
Psychology of Investing and Trading with Dr Adam
@AviNMash and @Anthonyohayon take a break from specific stocks and spends time with Dr Adam to touch an important subject, The Psychology behind Trading.
August 16, 2021
Interview with Square Co-Founder Jim McKelvey, $SQ overview, Delta Variant, FAANG Earnings
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon interview Jim Mckelvey (Co-Founder of Square), Touch on FAANG earnings, and Deep dive into Square  -Delta Variant -FAANG Earnings -Square Overview ($SQ) -Interview with Jim McKelvey (Co-Founder of Square)  Follow us on YouTube for exclusive content and charts:
August 01, 2021
S2:E2: Dom Rinaldi Joins PTT: Masterworks CEO (Scott Lynn) Interview, Covid Delta Varient, The Trade Desk, Microsoft, CCIV | Lucid and more!
Check out Masterworks: @DominicRinaldi9 @AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon introduce Dom's new show we will be launching on our YouTube channel. We touch on Microsoft, The Trade Desk, Microsoft, CCIV | Lucid and more!   Make sure to subscribe, and keep pounding the Table  Use this link to sign up and get instant access to MasterWorks: - “Big Moves” was created by music startup SongwriteClubs Andrew Fink (@iamandrewfink) and Stige (@callmestige) and produced by The Pushers (@thepushers).
July 24, 2021
Current Market Conditions, Demystifying Market Cycles, Big Cap Breakouts,$SE What’s New Deep Dive, $SE and $MELI In LATAM, Questions from the audience)
Pounding The Table Returns for Season 2 w/ Hosts @AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon -General Market Insights -Demystifying Market Cycles -Big Cap Breakouts -$SE What’s New Deep Dive -$SE and $MELI In LATAM -Questions from the Audience *If you liked the podcast, we love hearing your reviews!*  @PoundingDaTable  Check us out on YouTube and Tiktok “Big Moves” was created by SongwriteClubs Andrew Fink (@iamandrewfink) and Stige (@callmestige) and produced by The Pushers (@thepushers). SongWriteClub is a music start up founded by my boy and a friend of the show - Andrew Fink. Visit @songwriteclub on Instagram or for more information.
July 10, 2021
Introduction to Season 2: Happy 4th of July
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon are back for Season 2 wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July 
July 04, 2021
Episode 35 - Season Finale! 10 Commandments of Trading/Investing
@Avinmash and @AnthonyOhayon Wrap up the year with the finale of Pounding The Table: Season 1. We went back through our episodes to find the core rules that continue help to make Pound Nation what it is as market participants. So, we thought what better way to wrap up the year than by diving into our TOP 10 Investing & Trading Commandments. Stocks discussed along the way: $SE $SQ $FVRR $ETSY $CRSP $NTLA $JMIA $TWLO $ NET $SHOP $TSLA $CMLF $EH $CCIV $CRWD $NNOX $BEAM. TIMESTAMPS [00:42] Episode Introduction [04:00] Stock Market Revolution and Overview during the Covid-19 Pandemic [12:05] #1. Know your Investing Style [16:01] #2. Invest in Companies that Excite You [20:08] #3. Trade for the Market you are in, not the Market you want to be in [24:09] #4. Allocate yourself a Percentage of any Profits made [27:02] #5. Settle it! Your portfolio never lies about your financial position [35:03] #6. A spade is a spade. Understand the market Patterns [41:05] #7. Invest with the mindset of the company’s future, not its present [49:24] #8. Beware of the Opportunity Cost to Capital [51:35] #9. Keep the Bones Eye. Your Baby Steps to investing [56:39] #10. Live to trade for another day [1:00:17] Episode summary and Final Thoughts Season 2 begins next week, so get ready to Pound the Table twice as hard!
June 27, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 34 (Stocks, Options, News: Danny Balduss Strauss, $ABNB $SKLZ $NNOX $ETSY $BB $NNOX $SPX)
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon are joined by @BackpackerFI aka Danny Baldus-Strauss  Key Focus $ETSY and $ABNB With mentions of $SKLZ, $NNOX, $BB, SPX, and others with an interview with Danny Baldus-Strauss at the end.   
June 10, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 33 (Stocks, Options, and Weekly Financial News)
@Avinmash and @AnthonyOhayon dive deep into CMLF (Sema4) and Reilly talks about AirBnb $ABNB $CMLF $NNOX $SE, $TTD $NVDA $SkLZ $FIGS $GME $AMC $SNOW $CCIV $TCNNF $GHVI $MSOS
May 30, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 32
@Avinmash and @AnthonyOhayon are joined by the legendary @Swoph - What is happening to Crypto - What this means for the Stock Market - Introducing the world to @swoph
May 23, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 31 ($ELY, $PLTR, $MELI, $TTD - Avi goes to Vegas | Dom & Rielly Sub-in)
Part A is State of the Market / Intro to Reilly Part B is Growth is Value Now Part C is Reilly's Pick of Callaway Golf ($ELY) Part D is Dom is Excited about Palantir & Earnings Results ($PLTR) Part E is Tony invites $MELI  back to the table after Earnings Part F is What the SELLOFF happened to $TTD Part G: Tony Summarizes the State of the Market
May 19, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 30 w/ Dom Rinaldi
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon are joined by @DominicRinaldi9 for an incredible Episode 30 of Pounding The Table  Intro|Earnings for the week: 0 - 2:00 What it means to be a Pounder: 2:00-8:40 Deep Dive into Nvidia 8:40-35:55 $CMLF | Sema4 35:55- 52:21 $ISRG | Intuitive Surgical 52:21 - 58:56 $NNOX | Nanox 58:56-1:03:00 $TDOC | Telaodc 1:03:00 - 1:13:00 $SKLZ | SKLZ 1:13:00 1:28:13 New Mini Monster $FLGT 1:28:13- 1:34:00 Closing Statement 1:34:00 -1:36 $NVDA $CMLF $ISRG $TDOC $NNOX $SKLZ $FLGT
May 02, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 29: Interview w/ Cem Karsan
 @AvinMash @AnthonyOhayon Present Pounding The Table - Episode 29 an Interview with Cem Karsan former market maker & founder of Aegea Capital. Cem is one of the savvy financial minds in the game, and we were honored to have him join us!
April 17, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 28 (Interview John Fieldly CEO of Celsius Energy, NNOX FDA 1st Approval, and More!)
@AviNMash & @AnthonyOhayon Present Pounding The Table Episode 28  -Zoom Out & Get Your Mind Right  - Interview with John Fieldly CEO of Celsius Energy Drinks  - $SE $BTC $ETH  - A Message For Twitter Trolls  
April 03, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 27 (Quad-Witching, Crypto, NFT's, Sea Limited, and what to do with Spacs now?)
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon present: Pounding The Table Episode 27 Quad-witching, Interest Rates, Sea Limited about to rise the tides, Crypto, and what to do with SPACS?  $SE $TDOC $MELI $XPOA $FVRR $HCCR $SQ $ETSY $KSAV $CPUH $BTC $ETH 
March 14, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 26
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon Present Episode 26:  Back To The Lab  What the hell happened with $CCIV  Pounding ShareCare $FCAC  Pounding Sema4 $CMLF  $FCAC $CMLF $CCIV $AJAX $AGC $HAAC $SRNG $CMII
March 01, 2021
Episode 25 "Quarter Pounder": Tax Tips, Trading and Stock Options strategies, Super bowl betting
🚨👊World Premiere of Episode 25👊 🚨 "The Quarter Pounder" - Trading and Options Tips - Tax Tips - $TWST $HOL $NNOX  - Tony's Daily Routine - what he looks at, decides on stocks - Exciting new app partnership!  DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: The list sounds boring above, however, this episode is straight 🔥
February 07, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 24
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon Present: Episode 24 of Pounding The Table. This episode Tony discusses his trading strategies and philosophies with a focus on the current events around WSB and $GME $AMC Etc.  $HEC (Talkspace): 45:20 $GRVY (Gravity): 51:17  $BB (Blackberry) $57:50  $BEAM (Beam Therapeutics) 1:06:43
February 01, 2021
Pounding The Table - Season 2 Episode 2 (Episode #23)
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOHayon discuss Options Strategies, Ark-X, Space, LUCID, and other Things that Fly  $ARKX $EH $ZNTE $NPA $BB $SRAC $CCIV $TSLA $EXPC
January 18, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 22
Pounding The Table Presents: Season 2 Episode 1 (#22)  @AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon talk about Lion Electric, China, Weed Stocks, Stimulus, and Thesis Picks $TIGR and $BNGO  $TCNNF $CURLF $GTBIF $CRBLF $TRSSF $IIPR , $AYRWF $CCHWF $HRVSF $GRWG $MSOS, $IPOE, $TIGR, $FUTU, $BABA, $NGA, $CRSP, $EDIT, $NVTA, $NTLA, $BNGO, $OPEN SPONSER INFO:  Get 50% CBD Products using Promo Code on either brandsite: PTT2021  Song: Big Money Big Moves by @callmestige @iamandrewfink
January 11, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 21 Turning The Table
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon "Turn The Table" on 2020 as we enter into 2021.   What are we still pounding, some fire around Genomics, and a lot more. $BTWN $BFT $SRAC$NVTA $IPOD $IPOF $FMAC $MGNI $PSTH $CELH $MP $SI $FOUR $RDFN $FTHM $DM $SKLZ $FEAC $PGNY $EH $FUTU $DADA $GRWG $TRSSF $TCNNF $CCHWF $OTRK $LGVW $ISRG $OM $NET $CRWD $DDOG $TWLO $STNE $ARKG $BLFS $CRSP $EDIT $NTLA
January 04, 2021
Pounding The Table - Episode 20: Stepping into Muddy Waters, SPAC Attack, and Setting The Table
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon Bring you Episode 20 Of Pounding The Table Tony and Avi sit down to discuss SPAC’s, Questions from Pound Nation, Bitcoin, Deep Dive into $SKLZ and a Twitter Battle with Muddy Waters $SE $SHOP $CMLF $SKLZ $BTWN $DMYD $HCAC $CRSP $NVTA $NNOX $TDOC $BTC $HAACU $ABNB $AI $DASH
December 20, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 19 (Mini-Monsters Pt 3: FINDING BIGFOOT)
December 13, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 18 (Mini-Monsters Pt 2)
Intro 4:44 Mini monster Recap 5:10 SE 7:30 NNOX 10:15 $TRNE 10:27 $FEAC 10:39 $SI 10:54 $SRAC 11:02 KCAC / QS 11:13 $CCHWF - Columbia care 11:21 $TRSSF $TCNNF 11:35 $MGNI 11:25 $GRWG, $CELH $FTHM $FUTU 13:25 $NIU 16:09 $MP 18:32 $OZON 23:30 Thesis Pick $APXT 28:00 Thesis Pick $PIC 31:50 What are Warrants? 33:50 $AMCI 37:00 $GIX 40:30 $HCAC - Canoo 42:58 $DMYD $PDYPY 46:37 SPAC Summary 47:45 $CMLF 48:35 $HAACU
December 07, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 17 (Mini-Monsters Pt 1)
Intro Last Week Review: What Happens in December @9:50 $JMIA @ 12:45 $NNOX @ 17:50 $MGNI @21:21 $TRSSF $TCNNF $CCHWF @24:21 $FTCH $ETSY @ 26:38 $FEAC @32:25 $KCAC $QS @35:15 $EH  @40:10 $LGVW @ 43:15 $FUTU @ 46:30 $SRAC @ 48:00 $TRNE (Avi Thesis) @ 51:48 $SI (Tony Thesis) @ 56:40 What to Watch for Next Week @ 59:56
November 28, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 16
@Avinmash and @AnthonyOhayon  $SPG $IWM $FVRR $FUTU $SE $MELI $CELH $PDD $EH $NTLA $FTCH $PGNY $NNOX $RUN $SDG $SQ $PYPL $SE
November 16, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 15
Avi Mash and Anthony Ohayon Talk about the Election, the implications on the Stock Market. (November 8th, 2020)  We also touch on the following stocks. $DKNG $FTCH $DDOG $JMIA $SRAC $NTLA $BTC $NET $TTD $ROKU $MELI $SE $PINS $SQ $FVRR $NNOX $CRSP $EDIT $ETSY $OM $TCNNF
November 09, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 14 (Special Guest: Howard Lindzon)
@AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon Sit down with Howard Lindzon to discussing how and why he founded StockTwits, the impact social channels have had on young investors. Check out Howard's Podcast "Panic With Friends" $FEAC $FTCH $FVRR $ETSY $SHOP $SE $MELI $SQ $LVGO/TDOC $AAPL $GOOGL $AMZN $SFIX Howard Lindzon Theme song: “Big Moves” Performed by Stige (@callmestige), Produced by The Pushers (@thepushers), co-written by SongWriteClub (@songwriteclub).
October 25, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 13
@AnthonyOhayon and @AviNMash discuss: Risk management, Election, Top Stocks for next 5-10 Years, How to shape your portfolio when you've been doing so well so quickly. Time Stamps:  Introduction 0:00-3:40 $SE - 3:40 - 7:40 $MELI  7:40 -12:10 $SQ 12:10-17:56 $LVGO x $TDOC 17:56 - 26:50 $DDOG 26:50 - 32:00 $FSLY 33:40-42:00 $NET 42:00- 44:30 $FVRR.  44:30 - 54:30 $ETSY  54:30-58:57 $CRSP. 59:00-62:30 $OM.  62:30-64:56 $NNOX 64:56-70:30 Managing Portfolio Into Election 70:30 - 74:34 $MGNI (Pounders Thesis Pick). 74:34 - 77:50 Wrapping Up The Show | Pelosi Stimulus Talks 77:50-82:25
October 19, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 12
Anthony O'Hayon and Avi Mash Bring the Heat Talking Solar Energy, Elections, Stimulus and all the JAZZ!  $TSLA $SUN $CELH $NNOX $FVRR $ETSY $PINS $ETSY $SE $SEDG $ENPH $LVGO $FSLY $SQ $MELI $RKT and some great life advice. 
October 05, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 11
@AviNMash and @Anthony O'Hayon Bring You Pounding The Table Episode 11 -Special Guest @Shiektal Electric Vehicles  - Pot Stocks: $TRSSF, $GRWG, $TCNNF -$SPAQ $TSLA $NNOX $SE $SQ $MO $F $GM $FVRR $LVGO $NVTA $BLFS $MELI and More! 
September 26, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 10: (SNOW IPO, SPACS, More IPOS, and The NFL LOCK of the Week)
September 14, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 9
Pounding the Table Episode 9 Stars @AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon as we explore The Recent Drop in the Market.  We also discuss a SECRET Whale that caused some Market funk, Earnings Week, Pounding The Table Thesis Picks, and of course Questions from the Audience  $FSLY $ISRG $LVGO $NVDA $NFLX $NNOX $GOOGL $MDB $DOCU $IWM $Link $ETSY $fIVERR $Now
September 08, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 8
This week @AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon discuss some fire around  $TSLA $AAPL $SQ $SE $FUTU $LVGO $RKT $BIGC $STNE $BKNG $ROKU $SPOT $PINS $APPS $ISRG $MDB $ZM $DOCU $CRWD $SPX Earnings Crypto 
September 01, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 7
Pounding the Table presents @AviNMash and @AnthonyOhayon on Episode 7 of "Pounding the Table" Pounding the Table is a Podcast by Avi Mash and Anthony Ohayon talking about, The Stock Market, The art of Trading Options, and each week we analyze the news and provide our opinions and insights around how we think the markets will be impacted. This week we discuss Crypto Currency like BTC, ETH, LINK as well as stocks such as $MELI, $STNE, $SE, $JMIA, $FVRR, $SPG, $FUTU $APPS $TSLA $APPL,  $DAO, $BLFS and other dope shit
August 17, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 6
@AnthonyOhayon and @AviNMash are back for Episode 6 of @PoundingTheTable.  Discussing the following stocks and more!  $SE $SQ $BIGC $ETSY $FVRR $FSLY $OTRK $LVGO $TDOC $RKT $SHOP $DKNG $JMIA $DAO $STNE $FUTU $BLFS $CRSP $EDIT $NVTA $ZI
August 10, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 5
ETSY, FSLY, FIVRR, CRSP, MELI, JMIA, OSTKO, SHOP,  Should you quit your job to trade full time?  Disclaimer: We don't claim rights to intro music
August 03, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 4
Episode 4 -   Winner of PTT Fan Thesis Pick - OSTKO  Earnings Week Talking Stocks  Questions from The Audience
July 22, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 3
- Jim Cramer Follows Anthony  - Review of Episode 2 Picks  - Upcoming News (Earnings reports - Banks, Inflation Data, China, Unemployment)  - What if Section: Biden Presidency (Corporate Taxes), China/US Tensions - Pot Stocks  -Questions from the Audience  -$MELI, $TSLA, $GOOGL, $BKNG, $BABA, $SHOP $MDB $DDOG $FSLY, $LVGO, $CRISPR 
July 13, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 2
We are back for our 2nd Episode of Pounding The Table (Twitter: @PoundingDaTable) - Intro - Anthony Completes 1st Successful Year Of Peak Life Capital - Corona Impact  -Questions from Twitter  - Favorite Stock Picks for the Month 
July 07, 2020
Pounding The Table - Episode 1
Pounding The Table - Episode 1 Featuring Avi Mash (@AviNMash) and Anthony Ohayon was (@AnthonyOhayon) Time Marker:  3:00: What is a stock? What is Options Trading?  6:00: How Tony Ohayon Got Started in Stock Trading and Investing  9:00: The Benefits of Financial Twitter Community (FinTwit)  9:36: Tony's Big $TSLA Prediction  11:30 The Mindset of a Stock Trader  18:00 How Hedge Funds Leverage RobinHood Data  20:00 Tony Answers Questions from the Twitter Audience  25:00 Swing Trading Undervalued Stocks: $SPG, $BKNG  30:00 Swing Trading Airline Stocks: $UAL
June 26, 2020