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Power of Fashion - "One Decision can Change your Life!"

Power of Fashion - "One Decision can Change your Life!"

By Tara Patten
Personal Stylist & Image Coach, Tara Patten, interviews thought leaders from around the world to discuss the impact of our personal style, shopping choices, mindset, habits, and how every decision we make changes the trajectory of our lives. Learn how to create the very best version of yourself with the valuable tools from Tara and her powerful guests. For more info visit or to be a guest on the show email
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How to get to the Root of your Passions with Stylist and Chef Britta Kramer
If you are a woman in transition, THIS Episode is for YOU! On today's episode of "Power of Fashion, One decision can Change your Life" host Tara Patten, interview NYC-based event stylist & personal chef Britta Kramer, Founder of Private Palate In this podcast you will learn: - More about how you can follow your calling as Britta did - What you can do to get to the root of who you truly are and what you stand for - How you can take the next steps to move thru any life transition Britta has worked with people all over the globe curating special events and creating lush food experiences. She makes a special announcement toward the end of this episode that no one else has heard yet! After you finish listening to today's episode, I suggest you follow Britta Kramer on Instagram @privatepalate OR For more information on her exquisite events and how you can have one, visit her website at For questions or media inquiries regarding "Power of Fashion" Podcast please email or visit Remember, One Decision Can Change Your Life ~ Choose Wisely!
November 17, 2021
How to BE an Inner Glow Getter with Plant-Based Chef Kristin Fraser
Are you looking for clarity and detoxification in your life? Is it time for your inner light to shine A LOT brighter??  In today's #Chooseday episode of Power of Fashion "One Decision can Change your Life", host Tara Patten interviews plant-based chef and Founder of Inner Glow Getter, Kristin Fraser, who uses her culinary and nutritional background to support people who struggle to stay on track with their health and get the nourishment they crave.  She trained at New York’s finest plant-based culinary school, The Natural Gourmet Institute, focusing on food and healing. Then she worked at the renowned Pure Food and Wine. Next she launched her own plant-based menu in Dubai with Essentially Juice Co. and is a certified Living Foods Instructor from the Tree of Life.  Kristin has worked with people all over the globe to help them get their “glow back” through cooking classes, retreats, and step-by-step virtual coaching programs. After you finish listening to today's episode make sure to follow Kristin Fraser on the Gram @kristinfraser11 OR For more information on being a GLOW GETTER visit her website at For questions or media inquiries please email or visit Reminder: One Decision Can Change Your Life ~ Choose Wisely! 
October 26, 2021
How to Master mixing prints with Stylist Mary Brown
Have you ever wondered the secret behind mixing different prints on clothing looks like stripes and spots? Or florals and geometric designs?  In today's episode of Power of Fashion, host Tara Patten interviews personal stylist Mary Brown who has spent years mastering the art of print mixing. Mary specializes in helping young men & women in their 20s reinvent their style after graduation. She has a passion for fashion and her Instagram reels have gone viral!  After you finish listening to today's episode make sure to follow Mary For questions or media inquiries please email or visit the website Always remember - One Decision Can Change Your Life ~ Choose Wisely!
October 02, 2021
How to Build a Business with your Talented Authentic Self with Marketing Coach Wolfgang Von Loeper
In today's episode host Tara Patten, Personal Stylist & Image Coach interview Wolfgang Von Loeper, Organic Marketing Coach from Stellenbosch, South Africa. They discuss his particular journey from winemaking to mastering organic marketing messaging. If you want to learn how to sell without selling, then this episode is for you!  Follow Wolfgang Von Leoper here: For questions or media inquiries please email Always remember - One Decision Can Change Your Life!
September 07, 2021
How to Master Accesories and Change your Life with Stylist Saryn Schwenke
Personal Stylist & Image Coach, Tara Patten, interviews Stylist Saryn Schwenke who owns a Boutique and has a passion for hats! In this week's episode, we discuss how to find your style, accessorize, and feel the fear & do it anyway!  Follow Saryn at For questions or media inquiries please email Always remember - One Decision Can Change Your Life!
September 03, 2021
How to Follow your Passion and get your Dream job in Fashion with Editor Caitlin Reddington
Personal Stylist, Tara Patten, interviews Caitlin Reddington, a New York-based writer, social media manager, and content creator who has a strong passion for beauty, fashion, and Disney. In this episode, we discuss Caitlin's journey in New York City, the Fashion Institute of Technology and how she got her dream job as an editor for Unilever's 'All Things Hair'. We discuss trends, persistence, and creating a wardrobe of set pieces among many things.  Follow Caitlin at  Learn more about All Things Hair here: For questions or media inquiries please email Always remember - One Decision Can Change Your Life!
July 23, 2021
How to Meaningfully Change your Life with Kourtney Thomas
Personal Stylist, Tara Patten, interviews Kourtney Thomas, Body Confidence Coach & Self-Discovery Strategist. Kourtney is on a mission to help women find their own inner Dolly Parton. Through guided self-discovery work and coaching, she helps women see themselves so they can trust themselves in every choice they make for their bodies, lives, and businesses. On a daily basis, everyone needs the blunt (but kind) reminder that the only “right” way to do something is the way that works for YOU. With her background in fitness and life coaching, Kourtney has a gift for understanding all kinds of people, building instant rapport, and saying what she means without being mean. She helps women cut through the fluff to the conversations that matter. There aren’t confetti cannons around here, but there’s a whole lot of grit and growth. When she’s not coaching, Kourtney enjoys bicep curls and hiking fueled by cake in Denver, CO, where she lives with her husband, dog, and two cats. Learn more about Kourtney Thomas and download your FREE workbook at You can also follow her on the Gram: or Facebook
July 13, 2021
How to BE the most confident person you know with Christine Woodward
Personal Stylist, Tara Patten, interviews Christine Woodward, Change Catalyst, Business Consultant, and FOunder of Christine has the ability to motivate an audience and help listeners visual their big idea to then formulate how to bring it to life. She strikes the perfect balance of design-thinking with action-biased methods. She turns pipe dreams into reality, over and over again from: * phasing owners out of the day-to-day minutia of their business * diversifying services for additional revenue streams * launching the business of their dream Christine has been designing dreams for over 15 years, from her time in advertising in New York to designing spaces as an architect and interior designer for some of the world's most luxurious brands. Now she designs and constructs her client's business dreams.  Learn more about Christine at her website or follow her on social media or
July 02, 2021
How to reawaken the creator within with Mindset Alchemist Francis Piche
Today's episode of "The Power of Fashion - One Decision can change your Life!" hosted by Tara Patten, a personal stylist, interviews Mindset Alchemist, Resilience Element Creator, and Filmmaker Francis Piche This very informative conversation is filled with the keys to BEing resilient and asking yourself the questions most people do not.  To learn more about Francis' work visit his website www.  Now go change the world by being Awakened like Francis Piche.   Francis has also offered a special gift to our listeners, a copy of his latest collaboration here: *****************For questions or media inquiries please email***************************** Always remember - One Decision Can Change Your Life!
June 29, 2021
How to Prepare for the Red Carpet with Cindy Maram
Today's episode of "The Power of Fashion - One Decision can change your Life!" hosted by Tara Patten, a personal stylist, interviews the Editor-in-Chief of Dig In Magazine, Red Carpet Celebrity Interviewer, Filmmaker, and Producer Cindy Maram. This very informative conversation is filled with fashion advice and wisdom from a red carpet expert!   To learn more about Cindy's work visit her website Now go change the world by being Brave like Cindy! Follow her on For questions or media inquiries please email Always remember - One Decision Can Change Your Life!
June 25, 2021
How to Show up Confident with Image Consultant & Author Michele Charles Gustafson
Today's episode of "The Power of Fashion - One Decision can change your Life!" hosted by Tara Patten, a personal stylist, interviews Best-Selling Author of "Show Up Confident", by Michele Charles Gustafson (MCG). This very inspiring conversation is filled with nuggets of wisdom and MCGisms to take your style and confidence to GREAT HEIGHTS! To learn more about Michele's work as a Certified Image Consultant, Master Life Coach, Best-Selling Author & Creator of Hue And Style® visit her website  Now go change the world by changing how you show up for it!  "When the world is LOUD, create your own PEACE" - Michele Charles Gustafson (MCG)  For questions or media inquiries please email  One Decision Can Change Your Life! 
April 23, 2021
How to Celebrate what's RIGHT with Tanecia Newman
On today's PoF episode, Tara Patten interviews Dance Instructor & Fitness Foundation owner, Tanecia Newman on the topic of celebrating what's right and how to help our youth make better decisions. They discuss everything from dance to diets and how to make better decisions about the importance of what you put in your body and how you treat others. TO learn more about Tanecia Newman please follow her on For more information about the show, to become a client, or to be a guest on the podcast visit
April 13, 2021
How to end the cycle of genertaional poverty and consumer debt with Financial Coach Johanna Small
In this episode our host Tara Patten, a personal stylist and dating coach, interviews a South African nurse about how she has helped end the cycles of consumer debt and generational poverty by becoming a Financial Mindset Coach, in addition to her nursing career. Johanna Small knew she needed a solution when he husband ended up in hospital unexpectedly. She knew her choices had gotten her into her current financial situation and her choices could indeed get her out of it! She invested in coaching herself and now encourages her fellow nurses to ask themselves questions like "what do you want to achieve" and reminds them that the more debt they have, the farther they are from being free. Financial Coach Johanna Small says "There is always money in your budget and success leaves clues."  Remember ONE DECISION can absolutely change your life!  To learn more about Johanna Small and her work connect with her on Facebook: or follow her on Instagram @smalljohanna  If you have any questions for today's guest or would like to be a guest on the show please email 
April 09, 2021
How to Break Through your Money Mindset & Live a more Colourful Life with Stylist Tracy Jayne Hooper!
On today's episode of Power of Fashion "One decision can change your life" host Tara Patten interviews Personal Stylist and Mentor, Tracy Jayne Hooper. She has been a virtual stylist and a tutor at the London College of Style and is now launching a coaching program to help stylist build their business online.  Visit to learn more about Tracy helps professional women and female business owners curate a style that makes them feel great, stand out and make a fantastic first impression in all their meetings, both on and offline.  You can Follow her in instagram @tracyjaynehooper Questions? Email then to
April 02, 2021
How to Vibe Up Your Life with Melanie Young
This week Tara Patten interviews Author and Energy Healer Melanie Young about how we all can raise our vibration, find joy, and be kinder to ourselves. Learn more about Melanie's work by visiting her website and get her book on Amazon "How to Vibe Up Your Life: Rise, Shine, & Create your Dreams into Reality" by Melanie Young. You can also follow Melanie on the 'gram @melanie_young_vivaciti If you have any questions or would like to be a guest on "The Power of Fashion: where one decision can absolutely change your life" - please email our host:  Thank you for listening! 
March 26, 2021
How to date as a widow and Choose Joy with Leanne Cochrane
This week we talk with Leanne Cochrane about dating as a widow, dying with dignity, and how to organize your life!
March 19, 2021
How to BE Untriggerable with Coach Dan Warburton
In today's episode hosted by Personal Stylist Tara Patten we discuss the power of building confidence and becoming untriggerable through a powerful belief in yourself. Dan is an author and transformation coach helping entrepreneurs build their dream lifestyle. You can get his book "Dream It. Choose it. Live it." by Dan Warburton on Or visit his website to learn more about how you can live a life you love and make a massive impact! 
March 12, 2021
How to find love with online dating with Dating Coach Vanessa Osborne
On today's episode we discuss everything from dating dos and don'ts to sharing our own dating disasters in our journey to finding love with online dating.  Follow Vanessa Osborne on Instagram @vanessa_osborne_coaching or email me any questions you may have.  Wishing you a life filled with love! Tara xx
March 05, 2021
How to make your skincare vision a reality with Amy Peterson
Today's guest is Miami's Celebrity Aesthetician, Amy Peterson. She shares how she built her brand new state-of-the-art skin spa from the ground up, why she loves skincare so much and how YOU can start taking better care of your skin today! After all it is the foundation for your foundation and you can't photoshop your in-person face, so you will want to take Amy's advice on how you can put your best face forward and love the skin you are in.  To learn more about Amy's services, buy her products or book a visit to her skin spa visit and/or follow her on the gram @skincarebyamyp 
February 27, 2021
How to recognize the value of what you have with Jeff Wenzler
On this episode Fashion Stylist Tara Patten interviews Jeff Wenzler, an author and speaker, about the power of reusing and recycling EVERYTHING! Thanks to his experience in a garbage dump in Riverton, Jamaica, Jeff gained incredible insight and wisdom and created an award-winning documentary 10 Dollar Perspective - Living in Extreme Poverty available on YouTube here: Jeff Wenzler is the author of The Pivotal Life available on Amazon here: He can be contacted at  If you would like be a guest on 'The Power of Fashion' podcast or have any questions please contact 
February 19, 2021
How to declutter your inner wardrobe with Nadine Blochberger
Today's episode focuses on the inner work we have to experience so we can start seeing the outer results. Our guest, Nadine Blochberger is an Artrepreneur and founder of  Her and host Tara Patten discuss how they met in Ibiza 5 years ago and all the magic that has happened on their individual spiritual journeys since that time leading up to their reunion on today's episode of The Power of Fashion. Remember one decision can change your life!  Please send all questions and guest requests to
February 12, 2021
How to Travel in Style with Vicky Cunningham
On Today's Episode of "Power of Fashion" host Tara Patten, an International Fashion Stylist, interviews Vicky Cunningham, an Independent Travel Agent and colleague about how to maximize your travel and lifestyle with the help of travel professionals. They share tips and trick on how and where to travel to right now and of course  how to look your very best doing it! For any questions or comments please email  and for more information on how book travel with Vicky visit TODAY! 
February 05, 2021
How to Dress like an Adventuress with Sarah Begum
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In this episode Tara Patten interviews Sarah Begum, a BBC journalist and award-winning filmmaker on a mission to put female explorers in the map and in the history books! As the co-founder of the Adventuress Club  Sarah inspires and empowers women to live in the spirit of adventure - from intrepid adventures, cultural immersions, wildlife and environmental expeditions, physical challenges to stepping out of their comfort zones in exhilarating experiences. We discuss how we want to see women more share their ideas and journeys, stories, experiences and what they’ve learnt from it and how it’s changed them going forward. From their relationships with people to the planet and everything in between - their relationship with adventure and how it is represented in their fashion choices.  Please visit for more information on the host Tara Patten and how to contact Sarah Begun @sarahbegumtv
January 28, 2021
Introduction to Power of Fashion
Meet you host Tara Patten from A fashion Stylist & Image Coach on  a mission to change the way people experience their personal style. Send requests, questions or comments to
January 12, 2021