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A Canucks-based conversation about the heralded PP1 power play unit. Three guys from Kelowna bringing the heat and spitting the takes.
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Episode 89 - Abby Canucks and Miller the machine feat. BrentonOnTour
We livestreamed, you showed up, we had fun. Brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network and partnering with Summerskates, we had a blast. The Canucks haven't won in over a week but there was tons to talk about. J.T. Miller gets crapped all over on Twitter and it's ridiculous. Connor McDavid is closing in on 100 points and the Canucks are moving the farm team to Abbotsford.  We talked with Brenton from BrentonOnTour Podcast and Journey for Java about his former gig as Event Manager at the Abbotsford Event Centre.  It's worth a listen. Make sure to enter to win the 3 for 1 deal from Summerskates as well.
May 6, 2021
Episode 88 - Phantom wipes, Botchford Project, and CAW feat. Arash Memarzadeh
We came out of the gate running! Arash joined us this week to talk Canucks. He was ready and he didn't pull any punches. We get into his thrift shop find, his Botchford Project assignment and why the Canucks are just spinning their wheels.  Dudes and Guys is back and we mix in some rapid fire as well. Everyone agrees on a certain protocol for the "phantom wipe" and we let you know its the final few days to win a pair of MicroLab bluetooth headphones. Check it out where podcasts are found
April 29, 2021
PP1 LIVE w/ Canucks Country Rocks! star Aaron Pritchett
On the eve of a great charity concert, Aaron Pritchett joined us to chat about the show, music he's working on, Canucks alumni and gravel baseball??? Weird Ryan commits to a bet if the Canucks make the playoffs so it's safe, right? Have a listen right away!
April 29, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: PP1 Podcast Presents: An Evening with MIKE LEGG
With the increasing regularity of fancy dangle goals, who better to chat with than the guy that was the originator of cool? Mike Legg joined the PP1 Podcast to talk about his epic goal with Michigan, putting Marty Turco on blast and benching kids he coached if they attempted and DIDN'T score the Michigan. We get into who is on HIS Mount Rushmore of hockey goals, advice from the great Red Berenson and what happens when "The Michigan" is pulled off after being warned by the opposition not to. A great 40 minutes of hockey!
April 23, 2021
Episode 87 - Laughable Leafs, Bizarro Dudes and Guys, and Wolfpacks
WARNING: LOTS OF DAD JOKES AND LAME REFERENCES TO FOLLOW We're back and as always, a part of the Dean Blundell Network, partnering with Summerskates and Players Choice Sports. They boys are back and chat about such things as: Canucks sweeping the Leafs after COVID-19, Nolan Foote scoring his first goal assisted by two former Kelowna Rockets, Braden Holtby's epic save and "do we think the Canucks will make the playoffs?" Dudes and Guys returns and it is the most bizarre one to date. There are a lot of laughs in this one and it'll leave you with a hangover. Follow our youtube page, IG, Twitter, and Facebook. GO NOW!
April 22, 2021
Episode 86 - Royal Rumble Clocks, Understanding Jim Benning, and LIT (Yes that LIT)
Brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network, Summerskates, and Players Choice Sports. Everyone is here this week but Brady counts down his time for the week with a Royal Rumble-themed clock. We give you the deets on the Summerskates Promo, the headphones promo, and what the guys are up to this week. Lots of stuff to dig into including whatever the heck Jim Benning is doing, the lies he's throwing out regarding the trade deadline and what is the NHL thinking of allowing the Canucks to play out their season with ZERO rest. This week's show had a lot of depth and oh yeah, we tease our super-secret episode. Like us, like the show, subscribe to our podcast and the youtube channel.
April 15, 2021
Episode 85 - Tanner Banter, Slurpee Cereal, and The Incredible Tall feat. Iain Mcletchie
Presented in technicolor on the Dean Blundell Network. Sponsored by the good folks at Summer Skates. The Canucks haven't played in forever and COVID is becoming a problem but we lighten the mood with some hockey talk and for the first time, Iain Mcletchie, formerly of 1040 joins us to chat. We get into the Tanner Pearson signing, should the Canucks continue playing out the season and a special intro from Jim Benning. We turn Canucks into superheros and Ryan doubles down on Fruity Pebbles and their resurgence into the market. The PP1 Podcast also has a new youtube page so make sure to subscribe to that.
April 9, 2021
Episode 84: Tarps Off, Cropping Crotches, and Taking Flights w/ Derek Jory
Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network, partnering with SummerSkates, Spinners Sound Centre, and Players Choice Sports. We welcome Derek Jory of and all their socials to the show. We get into Derek's rise to stardom, how he dreamed of writing for the Canucks at a young age, interviewing Wayne Gretzky, and how his son got to be Mini-Fin after a Canucks win. Derek also gets into his uneasiness on flights and how Henrik Sedin helped him out and interviewing his childhood hero at the Hockey Hall of Fame.  This was a spectacular show with a lot of laughs and a real inside look at how the Canucks operate behind the scenes. DON'T WORRY though, we chat with just the PP1 boys and talk about the Thanos snap, some rapid-fire questions, and as you'll hear at the beginning... Ted farts. It a great show.
April 2, 2021
Episode 83 - Cereal Champions, Infinity Gauntlet, and The Sabres Are The Canucks
Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network. We're sponsored as always by Players Choice, Spinners Sound Centre and SummerSkates. Its a J.Cole episode this week, no features, and the boys were ready to talk... about anything not the Canucks. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch saga was discussed leading into our top 3 cereals, there was discussion about the suez canal and how that guy is having a really bad week. We discuss the Sabres and their 16 game losing streak which then led to the discussion of how far are the Canucks away from suffering the same fate? Dudes and Guys by Players Choice is back as well. Brady doesn't steal anyones answer. It's good. Finally, we talk about the amazing hockey gloves that will debut this week in the ECHL. Like, subscribe, rate, all the stuff!
March 26, 2021
Ep 82 - Luongo's Poo, Might Ducks, and Questionable Cameo Requests feat. Wyatt Arndt
Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and sponsored by Players Choice Sports, Spinners Audio and partnered with SummerSkates. This week Wyatt Arndt of The Armies, Trust The Process, and your local Twitter feed joins us and we get right into it. Hard hitting conversations on the Mighty Ducks reboot, Cobra Kai, and how his Twitter namesake came to be. Great story there. We ask Wyatt about how the Canucks can fix some of their contracts via the NFT route and where JT Miller's anger comes from. There's some classic NHL 21 chat, Dudes and Guys, and we go over who we'd love to get a Cameo from. Listen, tell your friends, and vote on the Floorboards of Glory bracket challenge that Wyatt is running. Support local.
March 19, 2021
Episode 81 - Pointer Sisters, A Rocky Relationship, and The Benning Effect feat. B-Mack
Everyone is back for a solid episode this week. Brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network, Summerskates, Spinners Sound Centre, and of course Players Choice Sports. B-Mack from Virgin Kelowna joined the guys to talk all sorts of stuff from the Canucks goal song, to used solar panels, the glimmer of hope the three wins last week gave the fans and how likely it is that B-Mack can pull the strings to get one of the guys 100k from the radio station. Sure, Dudes and Guys was a lot of fun and we even chatted about how any move that happens here on out will be detrimental if doesn't promote the youth. Check it out, follow us and make sure to enter to win those Summerskates and headphones
March 12, 2021
Episode 80 (not 70) - Milk Cartons, Benning's Big Day, and Jake feat. Joey Pitt of The Larschcast
As always brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network.  The Canucks had a week and then some. Jake scored two goals, Benning ruined our lives, and I talked about Milk cartons (what?). We dove into the toxic situation the Canucks are in and if there is even a way out.  Joey dropped by from The Larschcast and gave us some great old Canucks references we won't soon forget. Dudes and Guys by Players Choice was to the point this week and no one really yelled. Joey was cut off by Ryan because he tried to break the rules. Ryan likes rules apparently.  We're still giving away another set of MicroLab headphones as well as a bunch of Summerskate sandals. Tune in, subscribe and let's get  going!
March 6, 2021
Episode 79 - Crazy Hair, Eggplant Emojis, and Bobby Lu Anthems feat. Aaron Pritchett
What a week! The Canucks crapped the bed but we didn't. As always our show is presented on the Dean Blundell Network.  We were quite fortunate to have country music star Aaron Pritchett on the show and that guy did not disappoint. He knows hockey, probably better than most people you know. We got into his love of the team, distaste for the reverse retro jerseys and his promise to help turn the Canucks around. The MicroLab headphones were given away so listen in to find the winner and we also set up things to give away another pair of SummerSkates slides. Aaron got down and dirty with us for Dudes and Guys presented by Players Choice Sportscards and he brought the heat! He gave us the low down on what he was doing during COVID and when to expect new music.  A must listen, what a fun time!
February 27, 2021
Episode 78 - Wild Food Takes, Travis Pastrana, and Jordie Benn's relevance feat. Jenna Fabulous
Oh, snap! What a week! We had Canucks Twitter celeb Jenna Fabulous on the show as Brady couldn't make it this week and she was a riot. We got into some bizarre food takes, breakfast sandwiches and believe or not, we talked Canucks. Dudes and Guys had a surprise pick and is always brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards. As for Canucks talk, they're rising the ranks and Brock Boeser is taking them kicking and screaming. Quinn Hughes is challenging for Norris and Elias Pettersson needs to shoot more.  We still have a set of headphones to giveaway and they're amazing. Did we mention you can win them? One final thing, we've partnered with SummerSkates, and to celebrate, we're giving away (2) pairs of their epic slides. We're part of the DEAN BLUNDELL NETWORK and all their fine shows.
February 19, 2021
Episode 77 - Podzkastin' with Faber, Deep Six Jake, and Spicy Cheetos Mac'n Cheeze
Part of the Dean Blundell Network. We had Chris Faber on the show this week to chat it up about Vasili Podkolzin and it's safe to say we now know everything. We get into Virtanen and his spot on the team (and also why Faber thinks he could still hang in the top-6).  Dudes and Guys by Players Choice Sportscards was a full-on roundtable session.  We chat about the massive news that 1040 is no longer a thing, some memories of what it meant to us and finally we talk about Roberto Luongo being the Canucks GM... ok more of the what if anyway. It was a good one and you'll love it. DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE CONTEST
February 10, 2021
Episode 76 - Samesies, Tanner Pearson My Dude, and THE CONTEST
We're back! This week is brought to you by the good folks at Dean Blundell Network, Players Choice, and Spinners Sound Centre. We get into coffee stories, why the Canucks aren't as bad as you think, and the Mr Booth story. What is happening with Jake Virtanen and can we just move on? Dudes and Guys is pretty awesome this week too! We discuss the Jim Benning disaster and what might be the next step.  OH, and we tell you how to win a sweet pair of bluetooth headphones from our friends at Spinners in Vernon. Check it all out. 
February 6, 2021
Episode 75 Part 2 - Road Trip References, Kole Lind's Cruisin', and Breaking Brock feat. Cory Hergott
We welcome Cory Hergott aka Comets Cory back to the PP1 Podcast this week to get reacquainted with Vancouver's farm team and the direction they're headed this season. Kole Lind moved to centre and its already producing amazing results.  The guys discuss awkward Road Trip references... or was it American Pie? Dudes and Guys is back (brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards) and Brady robs Ryan of yet another great pick. We also have an amazing opportunity to win MicroLab Bluetooth headphones from Spinners Home Audio.  Ryan also gives major love to Brock Boeser and it's well deserved.
January 31, 2021
Episode 75 Part 1 - Frosted Tips, Perms, and Being Expansiony feat. Andrew Walker
We had so many ideas this week and we got greedy. We couldn't fit all our great ideas into one episode so here's part one with Andrew Walker from Sportsnet 650. We chat about the frosted tips photo he posted, the perm he got in high school, the rotating 6th defenseman and what to do with Jake and Gaudette. We fit all of that in between intermissions in the VAN/OTT game on Thursday. Enjoy
January 30, 2021
Episode 74 - Minor Myers & Our Infinite Sadness
The Canucks were a pretty popular team this week for all the wrong reasons. From Tyler Myers and his shenanigans to Tyler Toffoli going off against his former team to Elias Pettersson going cold; this week had it all. We had a pretty amazing Dudes and Guys segment where Ryan gets robbed of two amazing takes.  Players Choice Sportscards as always is our presenting sponsor of Dudes and Guys.  Ted catches us up on his Breaking Bad viewing and Ryan plugs his ears because he hasn't seen it.
January 23, 2021
Episode 73 - Gambling Secrets, Dudes and Guys, and Everlong Eriksson
Canucks hockey is back and so is the PP1 Podcast presented by Players Choice Sports. The Canucks split the season-opening series with the Oilers and there was already a ton to discuss. Ryan drops a super-smart tip on gambling website commercials, Dudes and Guys returns and we get into some predictions for the season. Ted is still on his kick about how he could care less about the rest of Canada (sure he used different words) and we're all for it. Ryan talks to a giant stuffed bear and if you check out the videos the accompany the podcast, he gets really close to the screen to tell you his thoughts on what Brock Boeser could accomplish this season. Rate, review, subscribe, and share. Even if you have an android.
January 16, 2021
Episode 72 - Hogging the Spotlight; We Got the Nils To Pay The Bills
Hot takes, World Juniors, and CANUCKS HOCKEY BABY!!! We're always presented by Owners Box Weekly Fantasy Sports and Players Choice Sports. The NHL is back and Owners Box has hockey drafts up the wazoo. Get drafting before you miss out on week one. Brady starts it all off with a pizza pizza review, the guys talk a ton about Nils Hoglander and his emergence as the next big thing in Canucks land. The World Juniors took a turn and the guys debate who has the bigger rivalry: Canada/USA or Canada/Russia?  Ryan had a big surprise for the guys and you better believe it's going to be groundbreaking stuff. We discuss division names, sponsors and we're just so darn excited for hockey to come back.
January 9, 2021
Episode 71 - Ice Fishing, Miracle Blood, Relegation Canucks Twitter, Baertschi, and Brady Is Batman
Can you believe we're finally done 2020?  What a year but seriously, what a year! We're so thankful you all came to check us out. We're presented by our proud sponsors Owners Box Weekly Fantasy Sports and Players Choice Sports. Lots of stories this week as the guys have their actual holidays with the family so lots to get in there, we announce the winner of our #NucksAndChill contest, thanks again Players Choice! World Juniors are on so we cover Russia/Sweden as that's where the Canucks are at and Ryan drops an idea that needs to catch on. Canucks training camp is about to begin and the guys go in-depth about who is invited... Sven Baertschi! We packed a ton into 65 minutes but it was a fun. Take a listen, won't you?
December 31, 2020
Episode 70 - Christmas Canucks Trivia, Big Shiny Tunes 2, and The Bizarre Rockets Character History
PP1 Podcast is BACK for another joyous episode! Proudly sponsored by Owners Box Weekly Fantasy Sports and Players Choice Sports. Ryan starts it all off with Big Shiny Tunes 2 and the guys reminisce about the good ol' days. The start of the NHL is around the corner and unlimited goalies are allowed at camp. Seems like a good idea? Rich Abney of UNBC drops by and does not disappoint throwing us in the fire immediately with unplanned and kinda shotty Canucks trivia. Brady returns as well. It was epic. The World Juniors start on Christmas day and Canada had their one and only tuneup game against Russia. Everyone gives their two cents on this year's tournament and it looks like we're in for a gooder! We close with Christmas movies and Ted roasts Ryan about Amazon Prime. Remember you have one week left to try and win the prize pack from Players Choice. Follow our socials for more deets.
December 24, 2020
Episode 69 - The Nicest Show, Victory Laps, Masking Problems feat. Special Guest PAVEL BURE!!!!
Proudly sponsored by Owners Box Weekly Fantasy Sports x Players Choice Sports Part of the Dean Blundell Network When we say we have a special guest, we live up to that claim. It seems impossible to believe we could land The Russian Rocket but we did! Pavel Bure joined us to talk about what he's been up to, Hoglander's amazing SHL goal, and we reminisced about the same attempt he made against Felix Potvin. We also chat about the Braden Holtby mask situation, the Canucks current logo, and why signing Travis Hamonic isn't necessarily the greatest idea regardless of price. Ted then disagrees. Players Choice provided an early Christmas gift to one of our listeners (check the video and our IG/Twitter). You'll want to win this. Follow us on the socials and rate and review us. Maybe we have more things lined up????
December 17, 2020
Episode 68 - CHEL in the Family or Why Ted Hates The Rest of Canada
The boys are back in an intimate and interactive show. It's all-Canada for the NHL this season and the Canucks are going to see heavy doses of the other six Canadian NHL teams. Ted updates us on his big Owners Box win in fantasy. BTW, Owners Box, presenting sponsor of the PP1 Podcast. Everyone gives their player to watch for the Canucks this season and we mention Jake Virtanen running in Kelowna! Hoglander is on his way to Vancouver soon and his lacrosse stylings are too! Ryan poses the question: What players will lead the Canucks this season and for how many weeks? An in depth study we'll wanna look back at. Like, subscribe, rate, review... all that stuff.
December 10, 2020
Episode 67 - Dixon Ward chats Gretzky's Greatness, Plus Minus Warlock, and Dominik Hasek
Would you expect anything less from the PP1 Podcast? No, you wouldn't. This week we sit down virtually, because Covid, with Dixon Ward and he lets us into his world for an hour or so. We talk about the all-Canadian division, his first game playing with Wayne Gretzky and Jari Kurri and his time at North Dakota. He also gets into the Buffalo Sabres and the amazing Dominik Hasek and how the bar was an interesting place to be with the Dominator, Dixon's involvement with the Okanagan Hockey School and the story about how he almost took out Wayne Gretzky. As always, the good folks at Owners Box have sponsored us and they have upped the ante this past month giving away the brand new X Box Series X and their future contest right around the corner. Sign up and play with us and win a few bucks while you're at it. Players Choice also launched Upper Deck Chronology Series II so you'll want to get your hands on that as well. We're number 4 in Taiwan, so thank you T. Dot. We are proudly part of the Dean Blundell Network
December 3, 2020
Episode 66 - Magnificent Murphy feat. Dan Murphy (AND YOU COULD WIN AN XBOX X!)
We're back for another exciting week of chatter, hockey, canucks, and shenanigans! The guys were joined this week by the amazing Dan Murphy and he had some stories to tell. Dan has seen a lot when it comes to the Canucks, the Grizzlies, and the good ol' Sports Page. He discusses his coverage of the Golden Knights in their first season playoff run, his dog Peach, his friendship with Kevin Bieksa, and his workout habits. Our lead sponsor Owners Box is giving away a brand spanking new X BOX Series X. Sign up, enter a contest and every dollar spent drafting teams gets you an entry to win the latest gaming machine. At the same time, their Black Friday deal allows you to get up to $500 matched on your first deposit. GET IN THERE AND GET IT DONE! Ryan also lets everyone know about how he had to let one of his kids down this week. Let's just say the man in the red suit is no more. As always, we're a part of the Dean Blundell Network
November 27, 2020
Episode 65 - Card Carrying Members feat. Players Choice Sports
The PP1 Podcast is back again presented by Owners Box Weekly Fantasy Sports.  We welcome Jason from Players Choice Sports to chat about the latest drop Upper Deck Series 1, the flagship title in the line of hockey cards. We talk Alexis Lafreniere and his value, Canucks prospects that could be worth something and we get into the injuries he deals with when opening thousands of packs of cards. We also chat about the NHL's Reverse Retro jersey reveal and hey, you know what? Dudes and Guys are back and Ted and Ryan pick their best and worst of the new jerseys. Finally, the NHL still hasn't made up its mind on a return but it'll be tougher than we think. A great episode worth listening to, rating, and sharing!
November 20, 2020
Episode 64 - Colour Rushing To Talk About Bure
This episode is presented by Owners Box: your destination for next-level fantasy sports. This week we get into the NHL Reverse Retro Colour jerseys and how the Canucks probably botched their attempt. We also chat about the anniversary of Pavel Bure's debut and first goal, Thatcher Demko's time to shine, Podkolzin's rise, and Ryan has a confession that shakes the foundation of the podcast as we know it. Follow along, listen, rate, and also... sign up for Players Choice Upper Deck Series 1 break coming soon!!!
November 13, 2020
Episode 63 - Incline Fly Fishing with Big Tuna, Re-signing Green and SuperBed
For reasons unbeknownst, this could end up being a very popular show. The guys got right into Canucks talk off the get-go and there was plenty to talk about. Travis Green is immediately due a new contract after turning a failing Canucks team into a pre-contender. Ted sets the record straight about working out with Jake Virtanen in Kelowna, Ryan brings up a super cool way to open next season in the NHL, and Ted also drops his HEAR ME OUT on why Sven Baertschi might not be done in Vancouver. Then Brady drops the truth bomb about SuperBed. Remember to sign up to OwnersBox for a shot at playing Ryan and Ted in a two-week matchup for real cash!
November 4, 2020
Episode 62 - Canucks Leading In Leadership; Lacking in talent
Everyone is back for another fun-filled episode of the PP1 Podcast now sponsored by the good folks at OWNERS BOX.  Forget daily fantasy sports, they're in it for the long haul (or at the very most 4 weeks at a time). We get into Josh Leivo heading to the Flames, revisiting Jake Virtanen's signing because we forgot if we talked about it already, DK Metcalf's amazing run, Jim Benning's non-plan plan and the newest segment that is sure to get rave reviews.... HEAR ME OUT! Make sure to rate, review and subscribe. We're getting merch and you'll want it. Follow us @always90four, @tee3ree, @bkursel23 and @ThePP1Podcast
October 29, 2020
Episode 61 - Mashed Potatoes, 60 Points For Gaudette, Stealing Kids Candy
We asked, you answered! A solid Q&A night at the heralded PP1 Podcast. We covered Canucks, we covered mashed potatoes, doughnuts, Adam Gaudette's new deal and why taking your kids candy is the absolute best. We were joined by new to the social media game, Steve Fisher. Good dude. He has some takes and is a pretty funny guy. Speaking of dudes... when hockey returns our Dudes and Guys segment is presented by Players Choice Sportscards.  New products are coming and you won't want to miss out on their next case break!
October 21, 2020
Episode 60 - Trader Jim, The Bachelorette, Krazy Kreek feat. Dani Huntley
So much has happened in a week and Dani Huntley from The Broadscast joined us to talk all things Canucks, amongst other things. We get into the great debate on Brayden Holtby and what exactly is the Vancouver Christmas market all about, apparently no one knows. There was also a lot of Bachelorette talk and we also find out that Vanessa Jang is an absolute savage in the Broadscast group chat. This is going to be interesting. Rate review and subscribe because we want to be the #1 hockey podcast in Taiwan
October 14, 2020
PP1 Deep Cuts with Cat Silverman
Just listen, she's funny
October 9, 2020
PP1 PRESENTS: An Evening With Aaron Volpatti
The PP1 boys chatted with Aaron Volpatti and his hockey career. We touched on the minors, toughness in hockey,  "double homicides" , and playing guilty. Aaron touched on his first goal, his one punch on Brad Winchester and the time he wasn't told he wasn't in the lineup. Double wasn't there. Enjoy!
October 9, 2020
Episode 58 - Trade Talks Heating Up in Pahoenix feat. Cat Silverman
The guys are back with a full bench this week to discuss Canucks qualifying offers, Tyler Toffoli testing free agency, and just what to do with Jacob Markstrom. There's talk of Marc-Andre Fleury being on the move which definitely would help the Canucks cap situation, their expansion draft situation and they could still sign Toffoli. As the Canucks/Coyotes trade winds swirl, we tagged Cat Silverman to join us and talk not only the OEL to Van concept but the state of the Coyotes in general and why everyone should just chill their jets. Lots to talk about in this one including a retro FedEx commercial that caught Cat off guard.
October 7, 2020
Episode 57 - Talking Tanev, Musing Markstrom, and WE'RE BIG IN TAIWAN!!!
Everyone is back this week to chat Canucks.  We recap the Sarah Ayres episode, the Canucks UFA/RFA conundrums and what players might be headed to Van City. Ryan chats about Damon Severson and his decent cap hit and what the former Kelowna Rocket could bring to the team. Brady plays quasi-trivia guy and we guess all the Rockets that have won the Cup, no one knew right away. The big debate comes as we discuss Aaron Ekblad or Jack Eichel coming to Vancouver and what it would take and why we're on board... or are we? Ryan talks about his current NHL 15 season, Ted congratulates Ryan on his fantasy football win as well. OH, and Players Choice finally hit 100 subscribers on their YouTube and we gave away the Jack Hughes signed rookie card from Upper Deck Stature.  All in all, good to be back.
October 1, 2020
Episode 56 - EBUG's Life feat. Sarah Ayres
2020 has been quite a year but if you predicted that David Ayres would suit up for the Carolina Hurricanes and WIN, you win the bingo card. His wife, Sarah, joined us to chat about her story, her perspective, and how her life has changed.  We chat a day in the life, Reuben sandwiches, leg day (whoops), regular life, the "tweet", and a little tidbit of info about where the Ayres story is headed next... maybe the silver screen????? Sarah also discusses the importance of being a organ donor. Dave received a kidney from his mother 16 years ago and what a way to make a difference.  There's also a bit of a cool story about Dave's Upper Deck card and how Sarah could get her Patrick Roy rookie card back. Season 2 hasn't disappointed yet. Let's keep it going.
September 23, 2020
Episode 55 - Grading the Canucks feat. Harman Dayal
Can you believe Harman Dayal joined us on the show this week? Well he did. We chat about his Canucks report card grading, the Cap, who needs to be signed, who needs to stay and why Tyler Myers isn't all that bad.  Ryan asks if the #BanffBoys will bleach their hair upon return to a post COVID world and who is the funniest Canuck on Zoom. Ryan's dog Rocket makes an appearance at the end and Brady studies for a test.
September 16, 2020
Episode 54 - Canucks Season Review And Losing Chiclets
We have our season wrap up, we did a whole season all by ourselves! We get into the loss to the Golden Knights, Jake Virtanen/Adam Gaudette trade talk, our surprises and disappointments of the playoffs. Ryan discusses his dog's adventures in eating butter cream icing, the awful aftermath, and a few stories about losing teeth. This one was actually a lot of fun and it was a pleasure to bring it to you.  People don't forget.
September 10, 2020
September 4, 2020
Brady once again forgets to get a drink before the podcast starts for the 54th time in a row.  Here's the rundown: canucks win demko goes h.a.m. bieksa letterman jacket go down in game, tie it back up with Brock Ryan had brocoli for dinner Vegas outshoots canucks by a billion Bo scores? Dudes and Guys presented by Players Choice Sportscards Keys to Game 6 Outro 
September 2, 2020
Episode 53 - Changing Diapers and The NHL. feat. Harrison Mooney
This might be our most polarizing episode yet but it needed to happen. Harrison Mooney hopped on the PP1 Podcast to chat with Ted and Ryan about a topic that has been avoided for far too long: Racism. When the NBA players walked away from the game this week, the NHL took another day before they did the same in support of the fight against racism towards the Black community. The NHL is usually late to the party on social issues so it's not a big surprise, but at the same time, they made a solid effort.  There wasn't a lot of hockey talk in this one but this is so much bigger than sports.  Get the conversation going.
August 29, 2020
August 26, 2020
Episode 52 - Unicorn Mood Boards, Moana, and Louis Domingue feat. Vanessa Jang
We swear, there was hockey talk at some point. This week Vanessa Jang of The BroadsCast joined the crew to talk about their emergence into the media world, how the name came to be, and why Prince of Egypt has THE best inspirational Disney* song ever! As it is a Canucks based podcast, we chat about the Blues series, the first game against Vegas and what the Canucks need to do to hang around in the playoffs. The expansion draft is discussed as well with Troy Stecher playing a major role in who should be protected. Dudes and Guys come back again this week, brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards, and we all pick the best and the worst from the past week. Ryan has a bit of a hissy fit at the end of the show but he's still polite. Take a listen because this one is gonna blow up! @ThePP1Podcast, @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four, @vanessajang
August 25, 2020
August 20, 2020
Episode 51 - Bure From The Future feat. Satiar Shah
Satiar Shah dropped by the PP1 Podcast this week and dropped some serious insight on the boys. From the coolest vending machines at Sportsnet 650 to his support of CanCon superstar Nickelback; we covered it all. When we got to chatting Canucks, Sat chatted about what Tyler Myers really means to the Canucks and why the other five defensemen will struggled to fill his shoes. The power play is discussed in detail as well (shocker!). Dudes and Guys is back which is always presented by Players Choice Sportscards. So good to be back but we prefer the post game pods, a little more excitement! @always90four, @tee3ree, @bkursel23
August 19, 2020
August 15, 2020
Canucks take game 1 against the blues 5-2. Big Game Bo Troy From Richmond Petey Snipe Miller to seal. Markstrom had a big game. All these things are discussed.
August 13, 2020
Episode 50 - THE BIG ONE feat. Cat Silverman, Rich Abney, and Rick Dhaliwal
We made it to 50! The editing was tedious but here we are. All three of our guests were a ton of fun.  The PP1 Podcast is now a part of the Dean Blundell Network so expect big things to come from this. First up, Ted and Ryan chat with Cat Silverman from The Athletic, Canucks Army, Elite Prospects... ok ok, enough. We get into all things goaltenders, Ted's eagerness to learn about Reverse VH (not the teriyaki sauce), and how a cool evening in Phoenix equates to 39 degrees celsius. YIKES! Rich joins us in the two spot. We get into sports returning, how hockey has gone thus far, our man crushes and woman crushes, a story from the  Canucks Training Camp in PG about a sweaty jock strap and then some heavy debate about the upcoming NHL Draft. Finally, Brady and Ryan chat with the legend himself, Rick Dhaliwal of TSN 1040 fame. We discuss Adam Gaudette, Tyler Myers, the logjam on defense between Olli Juolevi, Jordie Benn, and Oscar Fantenberg, and Rick's favourite playoff memory. Thanks for hanging around, we have more to bring in the next 50!
August 12, 2020
The Canucks won!?!?!?! On to the real dance now.  Breakdown: The game itself, Tanev Goal, Bo being all captain-like, Quinn Hughes, Dudes and Guys (can't remember if that was the order) oh, and a playoff song too! Follow @ThePP1Podcast, @tee3ree, @always90four, @bkursel on all platforms. And follow Players Choice YouTube Channel to get a shot at winning a signed Jack Hughes rookie
August 8, 2020
Vancouver wins again! In order: - Petey Talk, Brock talk, Quinn Talk, Myers WTF? breakdowns, Dudes and Guys, Predictions, awkward outro.
August 7, 2020
Episode 49 - Secret AdMyers
Brady and Ryan tackled this week's episode with Ted. Even though they released a postgame the night before there was plenty to chat about.  We dove into the Micheal Ferland situation and really what that ultimately means for his career, there was chatter about Jake Virtanen and Zack MacEwen in this series and SOMEHOW, we forgot to talk about Quinn Hughes the other night. We talk about Quinn Hughes. Dudes and Guys (brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards) was fun and Ryan drops his guy of the week "but not for reasons you'd think". We get into Tyler Myers and his impact and both Brady and Ryan get distracted by the Oilers/Blackhawks game on the TV. It was a real winner of a show. Like, Subscribe, review, promote our show. Don't forget to follow Players Choice YouTube page. When they hit 100 followers they give away that signed numbered Jack Hughes rookie.
August 6, 2020
The guys did their first-ever post-game show. It was 30 minutes and covered everything. Don't listen to another show. This is it! They get into Ferland, Petey, Brock and the return of Jake and Loui. Somehow they didn't talk about Quinn Hughes. Maybe don't listen. NO WAIT!!! LISTEN PLEASE.
August 5, 2020
Episode 48 - Sledge Hockey, Stitches, and Someone Said Hockey's Back?
Can you believe we got to chat about an actual hockey game this week? Apparently, hockey is a thing again? Ted and Ryan hold down the fort this week while Brady recovers from an epic day in the sun minus water intake (hydrate Brady, c'mon!). The Canucks played the Jets in an exhibition game and there was much to discuss. Juolevi, Virtanen, Ferland, and the issues with each player.  We discuss how awards are given out and why Jacob Markstrom ISN'T a Vezina caliber goalie yet, not even close. The same goes for Petey and the MVP discussion. These things take time. Our Dudes and Guys segment, brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards, is back with actual players to grade, what a change! Ted gets into the discussion on why Tyler Toffoli is just a high-end rental and why people need to make peace with that. Ryan agrees and puts his take on it. It involves Brock Boeser. Check out the Players Choice YouTube page and give it a follow. You might just win yourself a Jack Hughes signed rookie from Upper Deck Stature. Follow our show, follow our guys, rate, review, and subscribe. @ThePP1Podcast, @tee3ree, @always90four, @bkursel23
July 31, 2020
Episode 47 - An Evening of Fun with Sean Warren of Area 51 Podcast
It was a very interesting week for PP1. Ted's streak was broken for most consecutive weeks on the show, we had some problems with audio, and we had multiple guests somehow. Jason from Player's Choice stopped by midway and Ryan got to open some cards and unearthed a contest everyone will want to enter.  Brady, Ryan, and Sean discusses a myriad of topics including Jake Virtanen's final opportunity on the Canucks, the rise of Zack MacEwen, Brock Boeser's snipe and making the salary cap work.  Dudes and Guys has a few pests this week: Matt Cooke and Raffi Torres. Who will you choose? Check the guys out on the usual handles: @bkursel23, @always90four, @ThePP1Podcast, @seanyewest234
July 24, 2020
Episode 46 - Bouncy Castles, Boeser Bombshells, and Backchecking feat. Matt Sekeres
Hockey is back... for now. Training camps have begun yet again and with the return of hockey in Vancouver comes the return of headlines that hang around and gather discussion. This week Matt Sekeres joined us fresh off of his juicy tidbit about Brock Boeser's future as a Canuck. He agreed the timing was impressive (we're a very timely podcast). We get into that,  Jack Rathbone signing his deal with the Canucks, and who Matt sides with in the battle of worst #shotgunjake attempt. Matt joins the fellas for Dudes and Guys brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. This week it's one and dones: Thomas Vanek and Mats Sundin. Where will it go? Who wins? Who loses? Tune in and find out. The guys also get into the chocolate bar debate on which sides are clearly drawn. Also, make sure to catch Matt Sekeres and Blake Price on AM1150 in Kelowna now that hockey's back. Follow us on all the regular channels: @ThePP1Podcast, @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four
July 15, 2020
Episode 45 - Sodastream, Stanley's Game Seven, and Skating With Stecher feat. Rich Abney
If you don't know Rich Abney, you're about to. He was a BCIT grad, CKPG Sports Anchor and is currently UNBC's Sports Information Officer.  A friend from the guy's Jersey City days, Rich has stories for days and will definitely be a returning guest. Ryan's amazing research unearths Rich's feats which involve being in the Hockey Hall of Fame's 3D film "Stanley's Game Seven", you need to see it. We also chatted about nicknames, Ryan's celebrity encounter with The Game, and the kicker viral video that has millions of views online.  For the football fans, we discuss Tom Brady going to the Bucs and Cam Newton heading to Rich's Patriots.  Dudes and Guys had a twist this week. Always brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. This week the battle is between: Pat Quinn and Alain Vigneault. Tough one. Rich also drops a great Upper Deck story about a local goalie up north and is just one more reason you need to support UD and their products. After the warm fuzzy, the guys chat about the NHL coming back next week, the new CBA and if this is still gonna happen. Make sure to message PP1 and Players Choice with the secret word to get entered into draw to win a draft spot in the Upper Deck Stature break next week. Rate, review and subscribe to our podcast as well. Follow everyone on social media too! @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four, @ThePP1Podcast, @RichAbney
July 9, 2020
Episode 44 - Doughnut Wars, Play Ins, and Lunch With Faber
Canada Day is Wednesday so the boys got in the virtual studio and hammered out the latest episode of PP1. Right off the hop the hot takes were laid down. What is the best local ice cream flavour and what doughnut reigns supreme? Ted was clearly wrong but Ryan gave him a chance. Brady discusses the play in round, the number one pick via the mystery team in the lottery and Ryan brings up what he'd do with the top pick. Players Choice presents Dudes and Guys and Ted doesn't disappoint pitting Henrik Sedin against Pavel Bure.  The tenacious trio also gets into a bit of Loui Eriksson talk and who the NHL's purest goal scorer of all time is. There is actually a pretty solid list at the top. Make sure to vote for us one more time for Best of Kelowna for Best Local Podcast! LINK HERE Rate, Review, and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. Here's where you can find everyone on Instagram/Twitter; @ThePP1Podcast, @tee3ree, @always90four, @bkursel23
July 1, 2020
Episode 43 - Erik Gudbranson And The Hub City Happenings feat. Anna Forsyth
You know when you think you're hot stuff and you just post your podcast and think it's no big deal? Yup, Ryan screwed up. Thanks for checking out this week's PP1 Podcast with special guest Anna Forsyth from C4 Podcast, it's a big deal. We get into Hub Cities, What we'd have in our Hub City, Cricket talk, and more. The Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles Dudes and Guys was a douzy but we pitted Erik Gudbranson against Luca Sbisa and it went all kinds of weird. Nikita Tryamkin is brought up again, the cool COVID rings are a thing and somehow we still talk more about Erik Gudbranson. Make sure to vote for us in Best of Kelowna and also Rate, Review, and Subscribe. WE DON'T EVEN CHARGE FOR THAT! @ThePP1Podcast, @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four
June 26, 2020
EMERGENCY PODCAST!!! PP1 Podcast Proudly Presents: Paul Bissonnette
Friday started like any other day and at 10:00 am we got a DM and the boys assembled to welcome Paul "Biznasty" Bissonnette! Many of you have heard him on Spittin Chiclets or seen him trying to hone his craft as a member of the Vancouver Warriors lacrosse team, or hey, he had an NHL career that helped launch Biz into the media spotlight. But for one hour, he chatted with the PP1 Podcast. We covered the current state of affairs in the world and what that means for hockey's return, his playing days with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, watching the Sedins final home game and hanging out with Shane Doan. What many people don't know is how charitable Paul is with his time and efforts for various causes and he even made time for little shows like ours. It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Biz and we hope you enjoy the conversation. Unfortunately, we ran into a few technical problems (of course) but at the end of it all, it was a fun time. Follow our show on Itunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. And hey, we'll plug his show too, sounds like that Chiclets show might be big one day. Check out Spittin Chiclets.
June 22, 2020
Episode 41 - Torts, Toronto, and Terrible Shrek Takes feat. Kierra aka Keeks_2020
This week, we adopted a new format, more of a roundtable of sorts. We were all at tables and possibly one of them was round. Keeks_2020 joined us for her first-ever podcasting experience and she was great. Right from the get-go, you'll hear her star in the viral Torts monologue from CBJ. We dive into Markstrom and Pettersson being shafted in the ranks of top goalies and centers in the NHL going into the playoffs. We debate who would win the Cup if it came down to it this season: Toronto or Vancouver? Dudes and Guys continues and is always brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. This week we debate - Bieksa or Jovanovski? Stay tuned to the end because Keeks and Brady discuss the next viral Twitter video they will most definitely be a part of.  Follow everyone INCLUDING the podcast (CMON PEOPLE) @ThePP1Podcast, @always90four, @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @keeks_2020
June 19, 2020
Episode 40 - Gear Racks, Guys, and Goldobin with guest Cory Hergott
This week we welcomed Cory Hergott of Comets fame to the show! He's an amazing guy with an amazing story. You may have heard some of his tales but we picked his brain and he had some interesting things to say about where the Comets are headed, what he's up to right now and what the Canucks have in Kole Lind (you knew that was coming). Cory heads up a special bonus Dudes and Guys: Comets Edition as well. Ted brings his take for Dudes and Guys presented by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. Listen for the secret word to enter for your chance into Players Choice case break for Upper Deck Ice next week.  Listen to the podcast, find the secret word and message both PP1 and Players Choice. They'll announce the winner on their Facebook auction on Monday. As always, rate review and subscribe to our show. Follow the guys as well: @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four, @ThePP1Podcast, @CoryHergott
June 11, 2020
Episode 39 - DayMan, Burgers, Burrows, and Why Daniel Sedin Isn't A HOF
Just the boys this week. No guests. Ted and Brady brought some bad words this week, Ryan kept it clean. He is a winner this week. The guys are back and right off the hop we break down the perfect burger. The NHL Classics have been on the tube lately and there were some eery parallels of Patrick Roy and Roberto Luongo's departures from Montreal and Vancouver, respectively. The debate was reopened on which goal was better: Burrows Dragon Slayer or Bure 2OT. Dudes and Guys this week pits two of the GOATS in Canucks history against each other. As always Dudes and Guys is brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. Thanks to Players Choice for our spot in their SP Authentic case break. Check the podcast for giveaways coming soon! We also breakdown the Canucks play-in matchup against the Wild and some of the issues that surround it. Remember to rate, review and subscribe on Apple or Spotify mainly. Follow the gang: @ThePP1Podcast, @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four on Twitter/Instagram
June 5, 2020
Episode 38 - Fired Up! with special guest Adam Forsythe of The Green Men
We don't wait to get into it this week, one half of the Green Men, Adam Forsythe joins us to talk the history of the green spandex era. From inception to pissing off Vince Vaughn to landing Nike gear, we find out everything we ever wanted to know about Force and Sully. The Green Men still live on years later and we get caught up with what the guys are up to now. Definitely a must-listen! After all the fun and games, we get back to business and chat on the NHL coming back and their proposed 24-team playoff structure. We chat about Quinn Hughes leading rookie scoring and also he's a defenseman so that's good, right? Dudes and Guys gets a revamp this week with one former Canuck and a current one - Ryan Kesler and JT Miller. This is, of course, brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles (SPx Authentic is coming out, book your spot in their case break) And all the other good stuff. Follow everyone on Twitter and Instagram: @ThePP1Podcast, @always90four, @bkursel23, @tee3ree. Rate, review, subscribe.
May 28, 2020
Episode 37 - Pelotons and Puck Drops feat Rob Fai
Disclaimer: We fought some wifi issues this week and someone (Ryan) may have forgotten to hit a certain red button to start this. It still went off with a bang! and we couldn't be more thankful to our special guest, Rob Fai of the Vancouver Canadians and TSN 1040. We asked Rob about the current state of affairs in the major sports leagues, his ties to Vancouver Canadians baseball, classic sports video games before they added more buttons and somehow we got into the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling Promos. Yeah, it was wild. The guys also chat on the Players Tribune article by Akim Aliu, the potential 24 team NHL playoff structure and if having an asterisk is ok if you win the Cup this season. Dudes and Guys takes on Brock Boeser's rookie campaign. As always brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well. Rate, review, and subscribe on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. @Bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four
May 21, 2020
Episode 36 - Mask and You Shall Receive
Brad May was such an awesome guest this week that we forgot we had a normal episode to record, so here it is! The boys get excited about the re-release of TONY HAWK Pro Skater 1 and 2!! Markstrom gets a new mask and Ryan goes into some of the backstory on other masks around the league. Dudes and Guys as usual but with a twist until games return. We cover Elias Pettersson's rookie year and the Dudes and Guys of that season. Always brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. Fun fact: they're now an official Upper Deck online retailer which means they can offer UD entire catalog that they offer as well as the rest of their shop. BIG NEWS!!! We get into the Canucks all-time team and how Alexander Mogilny was snubbed.  Listen up, it's a good time! Twitter/Instagram @ThePP1Podcast, @always90four, @tee3ree, @bkursel23
May 16, 2020
PP1 Podcast Presents: An Evening with Brad May
Brace yourselves, this one goes about 90 minutes. The one thing the pandemic has afforded us all is time and these last few weeks have proven that. This week, former NHLer Brad May chats with us to discuss various parts of his career.  Nothing was off-limits including how May prepped for our chat. Ryan, Ted, and Brady were loaded with some great questions and Brad didn't let up. We touch on a few of his classic fights, how he has fought players that ended up becoming his teammates, the feeling of winning the Stanley Cup, his draft day photo (what a beauty!), and some more controversial stuff. May Day is 100% candid in our chat and even touches on a subject that was discussed earlier this year regarding the "the incident" and his feelings now that it's over. He even gets into the next phase of his life in a business you probably wouldn't expect. Check us out on all social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  The PP1 Podcast @ThePP1Podcast @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four, @maydayhockey
May 14, 2020
Episode 34 - Vern Fiddler Joins Us For A Chat
Sure, it's not the most exciting episode title but it's to the point. Vern Fiddler, he of 877 NHL games, is our special guest for the better part of an hour this week. We dive into his time in the AHL and winning a Calder Cup, his new job coaching with the Kelowna Rockets, adjusting to bus trips instead of charter flights, the intensity of playoff hockey, his involvement in various charities and I think we're missing something... Oh right, "Bieksa Face!" Vern doesn't really do the podcast guest thing but he made a special exception for us (Thanks to Brady) and he didn't disappoint. He's a fascinating guy and he has a lot going on. You'll want to hear the whole interview because he has a great story about how he was traded to Nashville. Make sure to check our sponsor for our returning segment "Dudes and Guys" which is sponsored by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. We adjusted our Jake Virtanen signed photo contest so you'll need to listen if you want a shot at it. The winner will be announced next week! Like our Facebook page, our IG, and our Twitter. @ThePP1Podcast Follow the guys: @Tee3ree, @always90four, @bkursel23 
May 7, 2020
Episode 33 - Who Knows Henrik? feat. Special guest: WHL Referee Steve Papp
What a phenomenal episode! Brady pitted Ted and Ryan against each other in a battle of wits to decide who knew more about Henrik Sedin. It didn't disappoint. The guys get into some Hoglander talk, why riding ATV's and wearing hockey masks around town hasn't caught on yet and some more MJ talk. The featured guest this week is Steve Papp. He has refereed some of the top players now in the NHL and has some great stories in his time as an official. We dive into the men on the ice who rarely are celebrated and get a unique angle on the game of hockey. Steve had some great stories to tell and you would be silly to miss out.  Players Choice has been a great sponsor and through their case break last week we were able to land a Quinn Hughes rookie which we announce the winner and announce another contest.  Stay tuned!!! Follow the guys and leave a review and rating on Apple Podcasts. @tee3ree, @bkursel23, @always90four, @thePP1Podcast.
April 30, 2020
Episode 32 - Breaking Boxes with Players Choice Sportscards
We tried to be everything to everyone this week and despite our best efforts, we might have bitten off more than we could chew. Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles (our dudes and guys sponsor) hooked us up with a box of O Pee Chee Platinum hockey cards which we live-streamed on Facebook. It was fun, to say the least. Also, check out the Players Choice website too! They sell all their goods there as well. The platform wasn't allowing us to connect each other so yes, there were some hiccups but overall, there was a lot of great content. Ted and Ryan had some crazy good cards pulled while Brady... not so much. Jason Wobshall let us pick his brain about the card game and dropped some insane truth bombs about the prices of a few cards floating out there right now. (You might wanna sell your house to afford one). Listen right to the end this week because there are some tidbits you'll want to hear. Maybe a giveaway to talk about as well. Check everyone out on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @Bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four, @playerschoicesports, @thepp1podcast
April 23, 2020
Episode 31 - Samsonite, Systems, and Social Distancing
It sucks to say but we've had better conversations lately without hockey than we've had debating who should start in net or who deserves to be on the top line. Welcome to another episode of The PP1 Podcast. Everyone is back for an hour of awesome and boy was it ever! Nobody is playing hockey but we were able to get into Brock Boeser's worth in the now and the future. We discuss Vasili Podkolzin's future and the Canucks Top 10 plays of the season. Ryan gets into how he's lonely playing his PS3 while the rest of the world enjoys their COD, their CHEL, and whatever other games they have. Ted drops a pretty cool story about his time in Chicago and Brady... is still at home. Next week: Jason from Players Choice Sports Cards and Collectibles joins us and we're doing a box break of O Pee Chee Platinum. It's gonna be awesome and we're going to try and do an Instagram Live as well. Rate, review, and subscribe to our show. Give us some love. @tee3ree, @bkursel23, @ThePP1Podcast, @always90four
April 16, 2020
Episode 30 - Canucks Are Going To The Stanley Cup Final!
We made you wait over a week for an episode so we caught you up with a bonus one this week! The guys committed to 30 minutes of engaging commentary and next thing you know, they wrap it up at the hour mark. Go figure. There was actually a lot to talk about from the Goldobin Wars ending to WWF finishers (or is it WWE?), the bizarre way the Canucks went to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final and a scenario where the 2010 and 2002 Canadian Olympic Men's teams LOSE to the USA in hockey. No Dudes and Guys this week but when it's here, it's brought to you by Players Choice Sports Cards and Collectibles. An Upper Deck Diamond Dealer and Hobby Retailer of the Year. OH, and we put a potential season-saving scenario in its place. Listen up and listen good. Check us out on the socials too! Rate, review and subscribe. @ThePP1Podcast, @bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four
April 12, 2020
Episode 29 - We Interrupt Your Scheduled Programming
Where to begin? The isolation has kept the guys from meeting in person but they couldn't be held down. Ted, Ryan, and Brady are back for a bender of an episode, number 29. Somehow, there's still Canucks stuff to discuss and debate. This show can be summed up in two parts: Team Construction via Vanessa Jang's Canuck twitter post and... The Debate.  Plain and simple and you have to listen to this. Ted and Brady go toe-to-toe arguing whether the 2011 Cup run team was built around Roberto Luongo or the Sedins. It was good listening. Ryan didn't even get much of a word in and that's saying something. We managed to fit Dudes and Guys in which is now brought to you by Players Choice Sports Cards and Collectibles.  There's a big announcement regarding that partnership towards the end of the show. @ThePP1Podcast, @tee3ree, @bkursel23, @always90four Remember to follow everyone on the podcast, like it, subscribe and review!
April 7, 2020
Episode 28 - Vacuuming with Special Guest: Jeff Paterson
We're still doing the social distancing thing and churning out yet another barn-burning episode of The PP1 Podcast! You might be wondering why we've been getting epic guests lately but when JPat wants to talk, you oblige. This week Jeff Paterson of the VanCast and TSN 1040 drops by to chat Canucks, utter boredom, vacuuming, and a hearty nod to Jason Botchford with Jeff's involvement in The Botchford Project and what it's been like this past season without Botch. We didn't get into Dudes and Guys this week so if you're craving our picks, you'll have to wait until next week, sorry.  The guys chat about the best hockey movie, what we've all been up to and Jeff pretty much gifts us a jam-packed interview. You won't want to miss this one. You know the drill: @Tee3ree, @bkursel23, @always90four, @patersonjeff and of course @ThePP1Podcast
March 26, 2020
Episode 27 - Orthodox Social Distancing feat. Ryan Schaap
DISCLAIMER: It's been a busy week and this was our first podcast recorded remotely. We are working on some audio things so you might wanna turn up the speakers a bit.  This was the first week the PP1 Podcast recorded remotely. This whole COVID-19 has thrown the world for a loop and we remain dedicated to putting out something we hope you'll like. This week, we had Ryan Schaap from Pucks on Net fame and the Hamilton Huskies Minor Midget AAA team.  Brayden wasn't able to join us as he is still under the weather but Ryan was a great Black Ace.  Even with hockey gone, we hammered out a solid 60 minutes for you this week. We get into the current state of hockey/Canucks, what the revised cap situation may mean for Vancouver, we get a little sour over the CBJ collapse (just kidding) as well. Dudes and Guys is back again brought to you by Players Choice Sports Cards and Collectibles in Kelowna. All in all, a fun episode. Follow @ThePP1Podcast, @always90four, @tee3ree, and @bkursel23
March 19, 2020
Episode 26: Big Macs, Drop Passes and Canucks Conspiracy Theories feat. @StephanRoget
Oh episode 26 had it all! Brady was down with the sickness (ooh, ah, ah, ah, ah) so Ryan and Ted brought the heat in his absence.  The boys chatted about the Canucks recent struggles as the season is getting closer to the playoffs, they discuss Troy Stecher's worth, Jake Virtanen's puck luck, the Pettersson breakaway, and Zack MacEwen's arrival. Dudes and Guys are back, sponsored by Players Choice Sports Cards and Collectibles. Then, the guys get into it with special guest: Stephan Roget of Canucks Army and Ranker. He has some great takes and we might have caught him off-guard a bit but he handled it like a champ. Refresh those feeds! @ThePP1Podcast, @Bkursel23, @tee3ree, @alway90four
March 12, 2020
Episode 25 - Hot Like Motte and the Canucks Cap Trap
The boys are back for another action-packed episode. Somehow, we talk about Britany Spears, the Canucks cap crunch/relief, what injuries are doing to the Canucks and the effect of Tyler Myers NOT playing. Pending UFA/RFA discussion gets interesting and yet one player is left off the table... find out who! Dudes and Guys once again return and it has an official sponsor: Players Choice Sports Cards and Collectibles! @PCSportcards is your one-stop-shop for cards, memorabilia, and yes... even a piece of the Stanley Cup. Yup, THE Stanley Cup. Stay tuned for some cool stuff from these guys and please check them out. Players Choice is a certified Upper Deck Diamond Dealer and they were awarded BEST HOBBY RETAILER OF THE YEAR BY UPPER DECK!!!! Brady also gets into how the salary cap could help the Canucks next season and you better believe there's a debate going on there. Check all these guys out on the twitter/instagram: @BKursel23 @Always90four @tee3ree @ThePP1Podcast
March 6, 2020
Episode 24 - Canucks and Lost in the deep Meniscus
The trade deadline has passed, the Canucks are winning games and everyone is talking about a meniscus. This week, the guys debate Thatcher Demko's immediate impact/future with the Canucks and what it could mean down the stretch. We also get into the greatest that is Tyler Toffoli, there is some minor Quinn Hughes chatter, some talk on what the Canucks might be doing to themselves allowing all the shots against, DUDES and GUYS returns with a theme song, Ryan talks about the Guy bump that continues to be successful for the Canucks and finally... Ted and Brady ramble on about some LOST show on Amazon, sounds dumb. Check us out, you won't regret it. @Bkursel23, @tee3ree, @alway90four, @ThePP1Podcast
February 27, 2020
Episode 23 - A Plea To Let Wayne Simmonds Play Somewhere Else feat. Sean Warren
This was a big one this week! Lots of trade deadline talk, a handful of hypotheticals, the rant Ryan promised to deliver, Dudes and Guys of the week and then somehow, some way, we include Sean Warren, host of Area 51 Hockey Podcast for a little chat as well. This episode has it all and it's safe to say this could be our best episode to date! Check out @Area51HockeyPod and @SeanyeWest234 OH, and we announce a bit of a partnership with @PCSportscards that we think you'll want to hear. You know the drill. Follow @Bkursel23, @tee3ree, @always90four  Rate, review, subscribe, all that jazz
February 21, 2020
Episode 22 - Is Markstrom good? It's HART to tell
The PP1 Podcast is back for another week of amazingness! There actually was a lot to talk about this week. We touch on the Sedin Retirement ceremony, Jacob Markstrom's stellar play which is creating discussion about some trophies, Kevin Bieksa's roast of the Twins, the trade deadline and Ryan's predictable trade (it may involve a Kelowna Rocket).  We cover Dudes and Guys as we do and we keep it to ONE EACH. Somehow the PP has been revived and also we continue to talk about Markstrom. We also touch on Virtanen vs. Gaudette: who do you keep at the expansion draft if you had to pick? Ryan makes a case for Ronalds Kenins.  Follow along: @ThePP1Podcast @bkursel23 @tee3ree @always90four FOLLOW US ON APPLE PODCASTS, SPOTIFY, to name a few
February 14, 2020
Episode 21 - It's a Kicker Year in the Western Conference
The boys are back together! Ryan is back from Vegas and he brought a little somethin somethin with him. Somehow we didn't go 10 minutes over this week so the listeners will be happy.  It gets pretty heated between Ted and Ryan re: a hypothetical Leafs/Canucks trade (which Ryan may or may not have apologized for after), we get into the amazingness that is Elias Pettersson and how the Canucks STILL aren't getting calls. Travis Green makes an appearance (ya, he does!), Dudes and Guys of the week returns as well. The Power Play continues to fall and once again we go over a number of ideas that might help. Sadly, the Sedins un-retiring will not work.  We chat about our collab with @area51hockeypod and another thank you to @dougvenn for joining the guys last week. @always90four @bkursel23 @tee3ree
February 6, 2020
Episode 20 - The MVP Line - Special Guest: Doug Venn of Canucks SpeakEasy Podcast
The Vancouver Canucks sit on top of the Pacific Division! Meanwhile, Ryan happens to be in Vegas but won't stay in Vegas. He'll return to his regularly scheduled programming next week. Ted and Brayden back in the booth to mix it up one-on-one. We dove right into the ASG results, what we liked what we didn't like. Hughes impresses the Great One, Pettersson can hammer it home, and Markstrom is just that darn good. The boys put on a show and we discuss seeing Matthew Tkachuk play with the Canuck duo. Miller's performance against the Blues demanding some attention and the MVP line gets tossed back and forth a bit, Doug Venn from Canucks SpeakEasy joins us to discuss the matter in depth. Brock Boeser, where does he belong? Tanev or Stecher? And how about that Kassian/Tkachuk rivalry? It's a great time, we run a bit long but it's worth it! Enjoy. 
January 30, 2020
Episode 19 - All Star Aspirations
The Canucks continue their winning ways and we continue to bring the content you crave. We go over the goaltending situation and how great it is to have two reliable goalies leading up to the post-season. We go in depth on Jake Virtanen, Brock Boeser and their rise and fall this season (guess which one).  We also chat about Gritty's adventure (non-Canuck related) Olli Juolevi's status, our guys and dudes of the week (where does Loui fit?) Ryan comes up with an idea for the underwhelming All Star Game. @Bkursel23 @tee3ree @always90four
January 24, 2020
Episode 18 - Brady's Back and Other Tales
Brady makes his triumphant return this week and we go over a lot! Ryan throws down on a big rant about the current goalie situation in Vancouver and how it is big piece of how this team will get to Cup contention.  Guys and Dudes of the week as usual, All Star talk and does Brady make a case for Edler to QB the PP1? Check it out to see #Canucks #PP1Podcast #guysanddudes #podcast  @Bkursel23 @tee3ree @always90four
January 16, 2020
Episode 17 - Expansion Podcasts, Hoglander, and OH YEAH! Pete From Canucks Speakeasy
This week's episode had a bit of a twist. Unfortunately, Brady wasn't able to join us but like a good host, he had a back up ready to go.  Pete Edwards aka @pete_gas from @CanucksSpeak was in town and joined us to chat... but we're not going to tell you when so you'll have to listen to the whole thing. It's been a few weeks since we recorded so we tried to catch up on everything that we could remember (how good is Tanner Pearson right now?). We go heavy on Hoglander, some more Virtanen love, what Quinn Hughes is doing for the Canucks that just isn't normal, and then it gets heated. We welcomed our expansion podcast cousin for Dudes and Guys and I'm not gonna lie, things went off the rails during this segment.  Ryan also drops a truth bomb that was pretty awesome!  Please have a listen, rate it, review it, subscribe if you haven't on your fav pod catcher and if you don't follow us already, here's the deets: @bkursel23 @tee3ree @always90four @thepp1podcast
January 9, 2020
Episode 16 - Linden, Losing, and the Jake-yard Dog
The final PP1 podcast before Christmas and the last one until January. We went a bit long again this week, sorry not sorry. A good portion of this week's episode is a group rant and we go all-in on the problem that is the Vancouver Canucks. We cover our Dudes and Guys of the week (almost forgot), our personal memories of Trevor Linden, a dash of Christmas cheer, the continual praise of Jake Virtanen and Ryan drops a ridiculous trade idea that... just might work. Please rate, review, and subscribe. Let us know where you're listening from ie: Canada, US, Australia, Peru.  Have a Merry Christmas, folks! See ya in 2020. #Canucks #pp1podcast #linden #jakeyarddog #schallernothing
December 19, 2019
Episode 15 - Taco Bout Canucks All Stars and Special guest: @CanuckClay
We ran long this week but it was so worth it. Ryan rants about the Heritage Classic goaltending decision in 2013, we talk about All-Star possibilities, Dudes and Guys of the week (spoiler alert: Brady comes to his senses),  Antoine Roussel's impact, Sportsnet's starting lineup gaff,  and some Ring of Honour discussion. THEN, we land the most popular guy on Twitter/YouTube: Clay Imoo or Canuck Clay as he's known. What a dude he is! We discuss the heavy-hitting topics like the bottle flipping video, bowling, haikus, playoff aspirations, our shared love of the Canucks on social media and IRL and the big question: When will Clay sing the national anthem at a Canucks game? All that and more this week on The PP1 Podcast #canucks #canuckclay #thepp1podcast #tacos #joshleivo
December 12, 2019
All Burrows and No Churros
We ran a short bench this week with Brayden out in Vancouver galavanting at the Canucks game with fellow podcasters whilst taking in the Alex Burrows Ring of Honour ceremony.  Antoine Roussel is back in a big way, Adam Gaudette has become a reliable piece of the puzzle, Quinn Hughes ROY? Maybe. Lots of Burrows talk, Guys and Dudes of the week and another Skate jersey game???? Will the Sabres rock their 50th-anniversary retros as well? Ryan spends a moment speaking about that.  Olli Juolevi is back in Utica and might even get a sniff at some NHL action soon. Is Loui Eriksson a viable 2nd liner? All this and more on the current episode of Diners, Drive-ins and.... wait. THE PP1 Podcast!
December 5, 2019
Canucks Poppin Power Play
This week we had TWO shows: One with Quadrelli and our normal gong show. We touched on Quinn Hughes potentially eclipsing Pettersson's rookie record, our dudes and guys of the week, how insane the Canucks/Penguins game was, the re-emergence of Nikolay Goldobin. The Canucks are getting healthier so what will the lineup look like? We touch on that topic, some potential trade chips, the Comets skate jersey and a bunch of other stuff. Tune in and enjoy the next hour of Canucks talk that is slightly educated but fun. #canucks #pp1podcast #quinnhughes #poppin
November 28, 2019
Super Special Interview w/ David Quadrelli
The PP1 Podcast was lucky enough to get "Quadrelli" on the show this week and he had a lot to say. We asked him about being the first overall pick for The Botchford Project, his "reasons" articles, the Quinn Hughes piece on, his welcome to the NHL moment and we grilled him on his favourite DQ blizzard.  Lots of great Canucks talk and a must listen.  Ryan also confused the heck out of him with a dodgeball decision: take out Canucks Army or The Canuck Way? An absolute honour to host David Quadrelli at the Canuck Way and Canucks Army. Make sure to follow him on the twitters and the instas. #Canucks #pp1podcast #quadrelli #thecanuckway #thebotchfordproject #dq #
November 28, 2019
The Upside Down Canucks
We run a little long this week but it was worth it. We dive into the evolution and arrival of Adam Gaudette (didn't we do this last week?), debate about Jacob Markstrom and what does he need to get back into the win column, Bo Horvat's astronomical ice time, the 2016 Free Agency disaster around the league. Our Dudes and Guys segment is once again epic and Ryan owns it as usual.  We also take a look at how the Canucks can solve their goal-scoring slump and Ryan revisits his proclamation regarding the Skate jersey game against Colorado and what the Canucks will be this season. It's episode 11, the stranger things episode. We even recorded a little video on twitter. Rate, Review, and subscribe. We'll give you a shout out. #canucks #thepp1podcast #podcast #kelowna
November 21, 2019
We're back with the BURE episode, episode 10!!! We made it! This week we get into the arrival of Adam Gaudette, Jake Virtanen's development as a reliable winger, Brady's sadness about Goldobin staying in Utica, and dirty dangles. We also put up the question of: Tryamkin or Goldy?  Brady discusses his latest purchase, Ted rides some waves and Ryan goes off on what he deems is the worst drink known to man. There's more but you'll have to listen in. #Canucks #ThePP1Podcast #Episode10 #
November 14, 2019
Canucks, The Playoffs, Peanut Butter Oreo Blizzards, and Why Does Brady dislike Josh Leivo?
Back at it for episode nine! We go heavy into the Canucks chances at the playoffs this season, why the Canucks are the "Center" of attention and more love for rookie Quinn Hughes.  Guys and Dudes are pretty impressive this week with a few surprising candidates yet again. Also, Ryan gets back into his plea for the Canucks to use the goaltenders as a true tandem/rotation instead of a 1a/1b.  We're almost at episode 10 and we ask that you rate, review, and subscribe.  We have some cool things planned down the road which we'll get into as the following grows. You'll want to hear this when it's time. BTW, that peanut butter/oreo blizzard option is aces.
November 7, 2019
Beautiful Day in The Faberhood
This week we posted a spooky episode early because of Halloween. We give our picks for who has "tricked" us this season on the Canucks and who has been a "treat". Chris Faber from Canucks Conversation and Canucks Army joins us for a solid 30 minutes about pretty much everything going on with the Canucks, AHL TV, and what it's like to be the guest instead of the host. We dive a bit deeper into the goalie "controversy" that seems to be brewing once again and Ryan isn't thrilled about it.  The PP1 Podcast AND Chris Faber have a conversation mid-game as the Canucks were taking on the Kings, a game which saw Brock Boeser net his 3rd career Hat-trick! Ryan stands by his guy status for Elias Pettersson from a week ago but concedes it was there to fire him up. A beautiful day in the Faberhood was indeed... beautiful. Check out Chris Faber @ChrisFaber39 and @CanucksConvo As usual, the guys: @Bkursel23 @Tee3ree @always90four
October 31, 2019
Arm Pits and Hat Tricks
Lucky no. 7! This week PP1 goes off on the tandem of Jacob Markstrom and Thatcher Demko and how amazing they have been so far, the inevitable Adam Gaudette demotion, buzzin Bo Horvat, Ted's thumb wrestling adventures, and an unlikely candidate for Canucks Guy of the Week (this is not a good thing) Check the guys out on Twitter: @Bkursel23 @alway90four @tee3ree @ThePP1Podcast
October 25, 2019
PP1 Presents: An Interview with Orland Kurtenbach
The first-ever Captain of the Vancouver Canucks, Orland Kurtenbach, allowed the guys from PP1 to share some time with him and he shared a fraction of memories with us but there was so much more to tell. Ranging from his start with the Canucks, owning a driving range and enjoying some fish and chips to a few memorable moments with the late Pat Quinn and the time he was gifted a Husky at a Canucks game on Yukon Night.  Kurt, as he likes to be called, was as open as a book and hopefully, this isn't the last time we chat with him. It sounds like there a few stories he wouldn't mind sharing in the future. Essentially an uncut interview, we hope you enjoy it as much we did. What a man, what a Canuck! #canucks, #orlandkurtenbach, #kurt, #yukonnight, #patquinn
October 22, 2019
Bure's Guest House
We talk A LOT about J.T Miller this week, we update you on the Canucks revived power play, their amazing PK. We also play teacher and grade each part of the Canucks but somehow we forgot to grade Canucks Twitter. Next week. Ted's coming off a big tiddlywinks championship win
October 18, 2019
Snacks and Two Pad Stacks
The Canucks blow out the Kings in their first win of the season. We cover that, Sutter Vs. Malhotra, listener questions, Bo Horvat's new title, footprints and other fun things.  Check it out and rate, review and subscribe!
October 12, 2019
We get into the season opener, answer some questions, talk about how the PP1 is PP0, a bit about the Botchford Project and of course a lot of rando Canucks talk
October 10, 2019
Nikolay Cold Open
We discuss Goldy, how the Canucks could fair this season and hey, we answer some questions!
October 10, 2019
How I Met Your Power Play
The first episode of the PP1 Podcast. It was a bit grainy but some hot taeks were spewed and we set the basis for a great conversation going forward.
October 10, 2019