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PPC Town Hall

PPC Town Hall

By Frederick Vallaeys
Host Fred Vallaeys, Co-founder of Optmyzr, is joined by PPC experts for a panel discussion on the latest hot topics in the search marketing world.

Topics range from updates to Google, Bing, Facebook, and Amazon Ads, to changes in online search behavior, or changes in the business world.

Learn what the experts are seeing in the industry, how they're reacting to make the most of the opportunity, and what they think the future holds.
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[Recap] Use PPC automation to become more profitable than ever | PPC Town Hall 42
Leads and conversions are nice, but PPC experts are here for one thing: profit.  How did the smallest team in a media company like Star Tribune manage to become its most profitable division? How did Solutions 8 help hundreds of client teams grow and scale? They both figured out how to leverage automation while still maintaining a personal touch.  Our expert guests: • Ken Chang, Star Tribune Media • Kasim Aslam, Solutions 8  ► Get emails about future Town Halls ► Explore Optmyzr and start 14-day free trial
May 13, 2022
B2B PPC Advertising: How to Overcome Challenges and Generate Higher-Quality Leads | PPC Town Hall 55
B2B #PPCAdvertising comes with some unique challenges: longer sales cycles, low lead volume, and wrong audience targeting, just to name a few.  These are not unique challenges; almost every advertiser faces them.  So we brought in two B2B advertising experts — Andrea Cruz and Brandon Coward — who helped several B2B companies overcome these challenges and build high-quality leads.  Join Andrea and Brandon in this episode to learn: - How to trust automated bidding with a low lead volume - How to use enhanced conversions and value rules to generate higher-quality leads - How to manage client expectations - Messaging tips in RSAs and more.  Our expert guests: - Andrea Cruz, Tinuiti - Brandon Coward, Powered by Search  ► Get emails about future Town Halls ► Explore Optmyzr and start a 14-day free trial
May 11, 2022
Performance Max Campaigns: Expert Tips & Best Practices From PPC Practitioners | PPC Town Hall 54
In this episode, we spoke to top #PerformanceMax practitioners — the people who are actually using this new campaign type every day.  They shared their experiences, tips, and best practices from their experiments.  You will learn: - How Performance Max performed against other campaign types - How to deal with cannibalization with existing campaigns  - Performance Max Campaign optimization tips and more  Our expert guests: - Andrew Lolk, SavvyRevenue - Brooke Osmundson, Smith Micro Software - Duane Brown, Take Some Risk - Antonia Vasile,  ► Get emails about future Town Halls ► Explore Optmyzr and start a 14-day free trial
May 02, 2022
Performance Max Campaigns: How It Works, Best Practices, Answers to FAQs & More | PPC Town Hall 53
#PerformanceMaxCampaigns is the latest #GoogleAds campaign type that helps you find customers across all of Google's channels like YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps from a single campaign.  Since it’s still early days, there is so much to learn about it. That’s why we brought in experts from Google — Sagar Shah and Rodney Ip — two of the people behind this new campaign type.   Sagar and Rodney share everything about Performance Max campaigns, the best practices to follow, and the future roadmap. They also answered several frequently asked questions by the PPC community about Performance Max campaigns.   You will learn:  - What are Performance Max Campaigns, the benefits, and future roadmap  - Best practices to follow, and  - Answers to several common questions   Our expert guests:  - Sagar Shah, Google  - Rodney Ip, Google   ► Get emails about future Town Halls  ► Explore Optmyzr and start a 14-day free trial
April 27, 2022
Google Ads Value-Based Bidding: How It Works, Best Practices & Common Pitfalls | PPC Town Hall 52
Stop using #TargetCPA bidding.  Instead, move to #ValueBasedBidding to maximize your profitability. To help you learn more about Value-Based Bidding, how it works & more, we brought in experts from Google — Alex and Rebecca.  In this episode of PPC Town Hall, you will learn:  • Why you should move from Target CPA to Value-Based Bidding  • What is Value-Based Bidding, and how it works  • Best practices and common pitfalls while using Value-Based Bidding   Our expert guests:  • Alex Ioch, Google  • Rebecca Chiu, Google   ► Get emails about future Town Halls  ► Explore Optmyzr and start a 14-day free trial  #ppc #googleads #sem #optmyzr #adtech #digitalmarketing
April 02, 2022
Automation Layering: How to Stay in Control in a World of PPC Automation | PPC Town Hall 50
With automation layering, you implement your own automation strategies over what Google or the other ad platforms are doing to put yourselves in charge.  Join this episode where Joe Martinez, Michelle Morgan, and Aaron Levy — three of the top PPC experts and practitioners tell you how to do that and gain a competitive advantage.   In this episode, you will learn:  - what is automation layering  - how to create automation layering  - examples of automation layering for bidding, targeting and messaging, and more.   Our panelists:  - Joe Martinez, Paid Media Pros  - Michelle Morgan, Paid Media Pros  - Aaron Levy, Tinuiti   ► Get emails about future Town Halls  ► Explore Optmyzr and start a 14-day free trial
April 02, 2022
Responsive Search Ads: Tips, tricks, and best practices | PPC Town Hall 49
Expanded Text Ads out, #ResponsiveSearchAds in.  RSAs will be the only type of text ads you can create in #GoogleAds starting July 1, 2022. And there's going to be a pretty big shift in how #PPC marketers approach text ads.  Learn from two PPC experts with long-standing track records and significant experience building managing RSAs.   This panel covers:  • How RSAs have done compared to ETAs so far  • How pinning certain components affects RSA performance  • Tips, tricks, and best practices for running better RSAs   Our expert guests:  • Julie Friedman Bacchini, Neptune Moon  • Ed Leake, AdEvolver   ► Get emails about future Town Halls  ► Explore Optmyzr and start 14-day free trial  #ppc #googleads #sem #optmyzr #adtech #digitalmarketing
April 02, 2022
How to Become the Most Sought-After Digital Marketer | PPC Town Hall 51
On the occasion of Women's Day week, we decided to speak to three women who built great careers and personal brands in digital marketing. Join this special episode of PPC Town Hall as they share their career path, success stories, and the challenges they faced in their pursuit of a successful career. You will learn:  - How to build a personal brand in digital marketing  - How to get buy-in from a broader team  - How to overcome imposter syndrome and more. Our expert guests:  - Akvile DeFazio, AKvertise  - Navah Hopkins, Navah Hopkins LLC  - Anu Adegbola, Marin Software   ► Get emails about future Town Halls  ► Explore Optmyzr and start 14-day free trial  #DigitalMarketing #PPCTownHall
April 02, 2022
17. How to optimize beyond ROAS in PPC with Andreas Reiffen and Frederik Boysen
Our panelists this week are obsessed with driving better results in retailers' PPC campaigns: Andreas Reiffen, Founder and CEO at Crealytics Frederik Boysen, Founder and CEO at Topics we discussed: Why ROAS may be the wrong metric to optimize for How Customer Lifetime Value can be used to optimize PPC How to optimize an ecommerce account for maximum profits How to activate first party data in performance advertising
July 22, 2020
16. Meet the 2 most influential people in PPC with Michelle Morgan and Purna Virji
Our panelists this week are the top 2 most influential PPC experts in the world according to the annual PPC Hero survey: Michelle Morgan, Director of Client Services at Clix Marketing Purna Virji, Sr. Manager, Global Engagement at Microsoft Topics we discussed: How to build a winning personal brand The best PPC tips of 2020 that vaulted Michelle and Purna to the top of the list How Purna and Michelle keep up-to-date with constant change in digital marketing The features they are most excited about for the coming year
July 17, 2020
15. Running a PPC Agency during COVID with Brittni Swenson and Matt Umbro
Our panelists this week are: Brittni Swenson, CMO at Tandem Interactive Matt Umbro, Director of Key Accounts at Brainlabs Digital and Founder of PPCChat Topics we discussed: How digital agencies can help clients hurt by COVID-19 How to quickly adapt services to a changed landscape When to test a new Google feature and when to go all in How agency pricing has evolved and what works today What matters most to PPC agency clients Does free automation from Google help or hurt agencies who sell services Join us every week at
July 08, 2020
14. Julie Bacchini and Susan Wenograd - Tips for new PPC Campaigns
Our panelists this week are: Julie Bacchini, Founder of Neptune Moon and #25 on the 2020 list of most influential PPC experts Susan Wenograd, CMO at Aimclear and #8 on the 2020 list of most influential PPC experts Topics we discussed: Consumers are afraid to visit your brick-and-mortar stores. How do you drive buyers to your online store Tips for getting started with your first PPC campaign When should you use a Smart Campaign vs a regular campaign What common issues plague PPC accounts
July 01, 2020
12. Cory Henke, Joe Martinez - YouTube and Video Ads
Our panelists this week are: Cory Henke, Founder of Variable Media Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategy for Clix Marketing The main topic this week is YouTube and video ads. We discuss: Is YouTube really cheap? What can we expect Ad formats on YouTube YouTube Video Builder Beta How to use YouTube Video Builder Location, Call-to-action and Sitelink extensions for YouTube ads Customer targeting tricks for YouTube ads TrueView Shopping ads How YouTube can help your non-video campaigns in Google Ads YouTube Lead Form Ads YouTube Select: Target views on television screens Shopping Ads on YouTube
June 25, 2020
11. Andrew Lolk, Duane Brown
Panelists this week are: Andrew Lolk, Founder of Savvy Revenue Duane Brown, Founder of Take Some Risk The main topic this week is PPC for Ecommerce. We're talking about: Free Google shopping ads Snap Ads Guide TikTok Shopping with Levi's Tips for retailers who need to get ecommerce up and running quickly Turning your feed into search ads automatically What should be your most important metric? ROAS or profit?
June 10, 2020
10. Ann Stanley, Gianpaolo Lorusso
We discuss new Google Ads features launched in the past 3 months.
June 03, 2020
9. AJ Wilcox, Matt Van Wagner, Frank Cowell
We discuss tips for B2B paid search and paid social marketing with a focus on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.    Expert panelists are AJ Wilcox from B2Linked, Matt Van Wagner from Find Me Faster, and Frank Cowell from Digitopia.
May 28, 2020
8. Ben Bradshaw, Mike Rhodes, Monte Huebsch
We're hosting our live PPC Town Hall this week with 3 panelists from Australia. They will share what they learned over the past few weeks in dealing with COVID-19 for their clients: both end advertisers and agencies. Mike Rhodes is co-author of "The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords" and runs AgencySavvy, a global community and education platform to help digital agencies grow. Ben Bradshaw is founder and CEO of Australia’s largest Australian owned, multi-award winning digital marketing solutions groups Disrupt Digital Monte Huebsch was an expert in work-from-home before COVID-19 made it a necessity and he will share his tips for being more effective in this new way of working.
May 13, 2020
7. Brandon Jones, David Szetela, Navah Hopkins
We discuss how digital advertisers are ramping up spend again and leading the way for when consumer confidence returns.
May 06, 2020
6. Aaron Levy, Christi Olson, Jim Banks
Panelists are: Aaron Levy, Tinuiti Christi Olson, Microsoft Ads Jim Banks, Spades Media This week, we discuss: Automation during COVID Microsoft Ads research related to COVID Tinuiti's COVID Ad Spend dashboard
April 30, 2020
5. Ginny Marvin, Joe Martinez, Andrew McGarry
This week's panelists:  Ginny Marvin, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land  Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategy, Clix Marketing  Andrew McGarry, Founder, The McGarry Agency   This week's topics:  Free Google Shopping Ads  An exclusive first chance to attend a virtual PPC conference for free  Google SMB advertising credits  Learning PPC when in-person events are cancelled  Ad copy strategies
April 23, 2020
2. Andrew Goodman, Benu Aggarwal, Jeff Allen
In our second PPC Town Hall we continue the conversation about how online advertising is impacted by the volatility from business closures and social distancing.  Hear what our panelists are seeing and what they're doing to keep their digital marketing agencies running during the COVID10 crisis. Panelists this week are: Andrew Goodman, President, Page Zero Marketing Benu Aggarwal, President, Milestone Internet Marketing Jeff Allen, President, Hanapin Marketing
April 16, 2020
4. Emi Wayner, Martin Röttgerding, Peter Oliveira, Susan Wenograd
The global situation is changing daily as a result of the pandemic and with no precedent to guide us there is a lot of uncertainty. That is why we are hosting a town hall style forum where you will hear from our panelists what they are seeing in PPC, and what they are doing to mitigate the impact.   The main topic of discussion in this episode is 'Bid Management in Turbulent Times.'   This week's panelists are:  Emi Wayner, Platform Partner Lead, Google Peter Oliveira, Partner Development Analyst, Google  Susan Wenograd, CMO, Aimclear  Martin Röttgerding, Head of SEA, Bloofusion
April 15, 2020
1. Christi Olson, John Lee, Kirk Williams, Mike Rhodes, Susan Wenograd
The first ever PPC Town Hall. In this episode we talk about the just announced business closures as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Panelists this week are: Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism, Microsoft John Lee, Learning Strategist, Microsoft Kirk Williams, Founder, ZATO Marketing Mike Rhodes, Founder, AgencySavvy Susan Wenograd, CMO, Aimclear
April 14, 2020
3. Elizabeth Marsten, Julie Friedman Bacchini, Kirk Williams
Fred Vallaeys (@SiliconVallaeys), Cofounder of Optmyzr, hosts another episode of PPC Town Hall to talk about the impact of the coronavirus on digital marketing and PPC. As some businesses are forced to shut down while others are selling in record quantities online, how are they changing their online advertising strategies? And how are the agencies that work with these advertisers responding to these changes.    This and more is discussed by our rotating panel of PPC experts. Panelists for this week's episode are: - Kirk Williams, ZATO Marketing (@PPCKirk) - Julie Friedman Bacchini, Neptune Moon (@NeptuneMoon) - Elizabeth Marsten, Tinuiti (@ebkendo)
April 13, 2020