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Public Procurement Change Agents

Public Procurement Change Agents

By Dustin Lanier, CPPO
Discussions with interesting people in public procurement across State, Local and Education in North America led by Dustin Lanier, Certified Public Procurement Officer and Founder of Civic Initiatives. Recognized as a top 10 procurement podcast by Feedspot. Find out more about Civic Initiatives at
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Transforming in Turbulent Times - NAEP Breakout Session
Dustin Lanier and Jana Thompson talk about Jana's experience in overseeing a procurement transformation initiative while at the University of North Dakota that started pre-covid and had to transcend the move to home from staff.
June 21, 2022
Riding the eProcurement Wave - GFOA - 15 Minute Excerpt
Dustin Lanier talks about eprocurement fundamentals and definitions for the Government Finance Officers Association - This clip is an excerpt of the first 15 minutes of the presentation that goes through establishing the markets of success for an eprocurement project, and how to think about transactional and transformational automation.
June 14, 2022
Five for Friday - June 10 Readout
Dustin Lanier reviews the procurement news of the week in audio and also with links at
June 10, 2022
Five For Friday - June 3 Readout
Dustin Lanier reviews the procurement news of the week in audio and also with links at
June 03, 2022
Five for Friday readout - May 27
Dustin Lanier reviews the procurement news of the week in audio and also with links at
May 27, 2022
Fiver for Friday readout - May 20
Dustin Lanier reviews the procurement news of the week in audio and also with links at
May 20, 2022
Victor Leamer - quick lobby chat about his presentations
Dustin and Victor Leamer, senior buyer for Spokane County, talk about Victor's presentation on "Procurement Ancestry" at NIGP Region 8, as well as his portfolio of speeches at NIGP Forum in Boston in August.
May 13, 2022
Talent Management in the Great Realignment
Rosey Murton from Florida State University, Aaron Carter from the University of Illinois and Dustin Lanier talk about Talent Management in an NAEP Event on May 3rd, touching on topics ranging from staff motivation, recruiting, retention, and other topics about attracting and retaining staff in the era of ongoing staff turbulence.
May 04, 2022
Five for Friday Readout April 29th
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday current event topics for April 29nd.  Find all of the described links at
April 29, 2022
Five for Friday Readout April 22
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday current event topics for April 22nd.  Find all of the described links at
April 22, 2022
Five for Friday Readout - April 15th
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday current event topics for April 15th.  Find all of the described links at
April 15, 2022
Aubrey Leigh Goodwin 1:1 - State of Mississippi
Dustin interviews Aubrey Leigh Goodwin, a Deputy Executive Director for the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration.  Aubrey Leigh oversees a variety of procurement functions for the state, and talks about her career path and aspects of procurement in the state.
April 06, 2022
Quick Talk - Chapters as an Enduring Community
Dustin Lanier contributes a five minute quick talk to the NIGP Chapter Academy session on Leadership and Member Engagement.  The topic was how Chapters can provide an Enduring Community during an ongoing period of job change, and ways to contribute new methods to provide value to members.
March 31, 2022
Growing Purchasing Into Procurement Speech - Ten Minute Excerpt
Dustin Lanier speaks at the Virginia Association of Governmental Procurement about "Growing Purchasing Into Procurement," related to a recent name change of the organization.  This is a ten minute excerpt of an hour including group discussions available for other procurement events upon request!
March 23, 2022
Procurement as a Career - Should Public Procurement be on the List for Graduating Seniors?
Dustin Lanier gathers some thoughts on why graduating seniors should consider a career in procurement, with quick takes from Carrie Mathes, Aaron Carter and Jaime Schorr.  This podcast also presented as an article on linkedin at
March 15, 2022
Career Week discussion, plus Five for Friday Readout 3-11
Dustin goes over the Career Week content from the week, and the rest of the Five for Friday current event topics for March 11th.  Find all of the described links at
March 11, 2022
Five for Friday - March 4th
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday current event topics for March 4th.  Find all of the described links at
March 04, 2022
Watchwords for Public Procurement in 2022
What are the best predictions about trends and themes that will drive our discussion in the year, boiled down into a handful of words?  Our panel starts with a list of five - Talent, Velocity, Portfolio, Digital and Automation - then moves into some additional excellent discussion about Agility, Collaboration, Consultation and Patience.  Panel Participants include Dustin Lanier, Jaime Schorr, Justin Sullivan, Jenny Hedderman, Christin Webb, James E. Crenshaw, Christina Semeraro, and special guest Gary Lambert.
February 18, 2022
Feb 11 Five for Friday readout
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday content for February 11th.  Find all of the described links at
February 11, 2022
Five For Friday Read Out - February 4th
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday content for February 4th (and January 28th).  Find all of the described links at
February 04, 2022
Content Plan for 2022 + Five For Friday 1/21
Dustin reads through the recent article on the Content plan for 2022, including a preview discussion about Linkedin Audio, and provides a step through the Five for Friday content for January 21st.  Find all of the described articles and links at
January 21, 2022
Five For Friday Read Out - January 14th
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday content for January 7th.  Find all of the described links at
January 14, 2022
Five For Friday Read Out - January 7th
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday content for January 7th.  Find all of the described links at
January 07, 2022
Five For Friday Read Out - December 31st
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday content for December 31st.  Find all of the described links at
December 31, 2021
Five For Friday Read Out - December 24th
Dustin goes over the Five for Friday content for December 24th.  Find all of the described links at
December 24, 2021
Public Procurement on Linkedin - Newsletter Launch
Dustin Lanier launches a new newsletter service on Linkedin via an article reviewing content in 2021. This is an audio recording of that article. Check out this article on Linkedin and subscribe in all channels!
December 16, 2021
Five for Friday - What it is and how I do it
Dustin Lanier goes behind the scenes on the making of the popular "five for friday" content digest produced every week on Linkedin, and overviews the content for December 10th.
December 10, 2021
5 things I Wish I Knew - Speech Excerpt
Dustin Lanier presents for the Wisconsin Association for Public Procurement on "5 things I wish I Knew"  - a speech in a game format that helps buyers better understand the vendor experience, and vendors better understand the buyer experience.  This excerpt covers the first 10 minutes of this 45 minute presentation to give a preview of this broader topic.  The full speech will be given throughout the spring and summer, reach out if you are interested in the full presentation!
December 03, 2021
DEI and Public Procurement Programs - How Do They Rise Together?
Dustin facilitates a panel discussion about how Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs and Public Procurement connect.  Panelist include Jaime Schorr, Justin Sullivan, Victor Leamer, Christin Webb, and David Yarkin.  Dustin also describes the DEI Survey out now at
November 24, 2021
DEI and Public Procurement Survey Launch - Introduction Podcast
Dustin Lanier walks through the survey that Civic Initiatives recently released on Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs and how they interface with public procurement programs.  The survey will be open through December 2nd - please review and participate if you are involved in these programs for a public sector entity!
November 18, 2021
It's Go Time - speech excerpt from 11/9 MAGPPA general session
Dustin Lanier presented for the Mississippi Association of Governmental Purchasing and Property Agents on "It's Go Time - How Procurement Shops Attract and Retain Talent" in a lunch general session on 11/9.  This clip is the first ten minutes of the presentation.  If you are hosting procurement events in the spring and are interested in this or other topics, please reach out for speaking information.
November 11, 2021
Quick Introduction to the Civic Initiatives Practice Leads
Recorded during Civic Initiatives 11-year anniversary gathering and planning sessions, Dustin Lanier gets each of the company's practice leads to introduce themselves, tell how they came to Civic, and to introduce what they do.  Practice Leads are Derrek Davis, Woody Fluharty, Charlene Danel and Lisa Rolik,.
November 04, 2021
Gary O Chavez Quick Chat 1:1
Dustin Lanier talks with Gary O Chavez, president of the New Mexico Public Purchasing Association from the expo hall about their annual event, and interesting accommodations they have made for people based on their socializing comfort level.
October 21, 2021
Dustin Lanier Fast Talk - NIGP Panel comments on Public Procurement Change Agents
In a panel discussion for aspects of procurement transformation involving Jarrod McAdoo (Ivalua), Andrew Cochran (State of Ohio) and Vincent Olds (New York City), Dustin had prepared remarks on being a public procurement change agent that fostered the rest of the panel discussion.  Find the full panel presentation on the NIGP website!
October 15, 2021
NASCA Panel Discussion on Supply Chain and Stockpile Management
The National Association of Chief Administrators speaking series hosted a panel on October 8th with Pam Goins, Executive Director, facilitating a discussion with Curt Topper, Chief Administrative Officer for Pennsylvania, Dustin Lanier, Civic Initiatives Founder, and Jaime Schorr, CPO for Maine and President-Elect for the National Association of Chief Procurement Officers.
October 08, 2021
How do Procurement Shops Attract and Retain Talent Today?
With factors such as managing burnout, dealing with back to the office scenarios and a newly mobile workforce, what do procurement shops need to do to attract and retain talent today?  Dustin Lanier facilitates our practitioner panel this episode in discussion, including Jaime Schorr, Justin Sullivan, Jenny Hedderman, James Crenshaw, Christin Webb and Christina Semeraro.
September 29, 2021
Fast talk on Procurement Outsourcing for Smart Procurement World (9/13)
Dustin gives an opening panel fast talk on things to keep in mind when considering outsourcing for the Sout African conference on Smart Procurement World, and what effect Covid-19 had on that proposition. 
September 23, 2021
Ed Mills and Dustin Lanier present on Procurement Transformation Takes Flight
From the District 6 NAEP event in Early September, Ed and Dustin discuss the University of Colorado's approach to scoping and executing on procurement transformation projects, and the ability to incorporate and utilize partners like Civic Initiatives to augment the internal team and accelerate certain key outcomes.
September 16, 2021
Smart Procurement World (happening 9/13): Discusssion with Mediacy Mudekwa
Dustin Lanier talks with Mediacy Mudekwa about the upcoming Smart Procurement World conference, the largest procurement conference in Africa.  Dustin was asked to do a fast talk on approaches to outsourcing/outtasking and considerations when managing such a set of decisions. 
September 08, 2021
Gillian Gillett Quick Chat 1:1
Gillian Gillett, program manager for integrated mobility at CalTrans (and Civic Initiatives client), talks with Dustin Lanier about innovative and ongoing procurement initiatives being driven by CalTrans related to public transit and recent announcements from other states in participating in the outcomes of these solicitations.
September 02, 2021
Fred Kuhn 1:1 Quick Chat
Dustin and Fred talk about the NIGP virtual forum and the upcoming procurement leadership summit in September.
August 25, 2021
Team Chat: Quick Discussion of Procurement Education with Devin Howard
Dustin interviews the newest Civic Initiatives team member Devin Howard about her approach to education and certification as she develops her public procurement career.  Dustin also reviews content from the week on education and certification options posted to Linkedin.
August 18, 2021
Succession Planning in Public Procurement
How do we give new people in procurement exposure to the work so that they can lead how to take leadership roles, and how do we manage actual transitions? This topic came up right at the end of our discussion last week on Hot Jobs, so we discuss strategies on this important topic. Our practitioner panel discussing the topic this time around includes Jaime Schorr, Justin Sullivan, Jenny Hedderman, Alli McNally, Christin Webb, Jonathan Walker and Yen Pang.
August 11, 2021
Hot Jobs in Public Procurement
We had a really great discussion on "Hot Jobs" in Public Procurement with our practitioner panel - Jaime Schorr, Justin Sullivan, James Crenshaw, Jenny Hedderman, Jonathan Walker, Yen Pang, Christina Semeraro and Alli Mcnally.  We agreed to carry this topic forward into succession planning in a future chat. I'd encourage you to check out the document post on "Hot Jobs" from last week on Linkedin in concert with the podcast -  If you are looking to plan a career path in public procurement, take a listen and reach out if I can help you. I know lots of people who may be looking for you!
August 03, 2021
ESSER Grant Panel Discussion
In a panel discussion hosted by the Center for Technology, Dustin Lanier joins Deborah Giles, Ying Chan, Tracie Bryant, Melissa Griggs, and Gregg Descheemaeker.  The topic was ESSER grants - i.e. the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund - and the process and protocol for use.  Lanier's content was around on the Treasury guidance and best practices in use of federal funds in procurement. If you are in k-12 (or a friend of k-12!) you will enjoy the content!
July 20, 2021
1:1 on Work From Anywhere with Pam Goins, NASCA Executive Director
The National Association of State Chief Administrators has a new comprehensive report out on the impact of remote work on real estate portfolios.  Dustin interviews Pam Goins, the NASCA Executive Director,  about this report for this week's podcast, which picks up the themes of "Work from Anywhere" that we discussed in Clubhouse a couple of weeks ago. Procurement has been particularly impacted by the pandemic in terms of needing to learn and adopt new processes when teams that had never been remote were suddenly completely remote.  And even now with return to office happening, many procurement organizations will stay remote or at least hybrid, so this is a timely report.
July 13, 2021
New Grant Funding - How Does Procurement Prepare?
With ARPA and ESSER funds starting to come into the pipeline in the next month, it will be an interesting time for procurement. Normal start of the fiscal year pressure will only be accelerated with new funding that may have specialized procurement needs. Compounding all of that is the fact that rules that were relaxed during Covid will begin snapping back into place, and federal funding always brings new reporting and use requirements that need to be proactively planned for. Joining Dustin Lanier in the practitioner panel are Jaime Schorr, Jenny Hedderman, Justin Sullivan, Christina Semeraro and Jennifer Sulentic.
July 09, 2021
Supply Resiliency and Public Response
Ransomware has combined supply chain and cybersecurity in new unique ways - Dustin Lanier was joined in a discussion by Rob Handfield of NC State and Steve Nichols of the State of Georgia.
July 01, 2021
Creating Content - When That's Not What You Do For A Living
In a fast talk presentation for NIGP Chapter leaders, Dustin Lanier describes an approach to content creation that extends business strategies, and how to approach the process when you are building a plan from scratch.
June 23, 2021
Resilient Supply Chains - Public Procurement Panel Discussion
Dustin Lanier, CPPO facilitates a discussion of resilient supply chains in light of both the pandemic and recent emergence of ransomware as a supply chain impactor.  Panel participants include Jenny Hedderman, Jaime Schorr, Jonathan Walker, James Crenshaw and Christina Semeraro.
June 17, 2021
Procurement Automation Project Fundamentals - Dustin Lanier at Public Sector Network
Lanier lays out fundamentals and frameworks for keepig procurement projects based on business value, understanding the framework of automation choices, and keeping the project members rowing as one, In a fast talk for the Public Sector Network Procurement Modernization Event.
June 09, 2021
Work from Anywhere - What's Next for Public Sector and Public Procurement - Panel Discussion
Special guests Tanya Hannah, CIO from King County & Fred Brittain, CIO of Maine join Jaime Schorr Jenny Hedderman, James E. Crenshaw,  and Christin Webb in a panel discussion moderated by Dustin Lanier, CPPO. All of government went through a major transition in the last year due to Covid19, and as restriction ease, it is a great time to ask if there is space for a "work from anywhere" mentality.  Thinking differently about what work means can affect our facility footprint, our recruiting strategies, and our enablement approach with our staff. While procurement was not unique in this upheaval, certainly the critical nature of supply chain and the lack of prior teleworking means that procurement officers are dealing with the go-forward definition of work.
June 03, 2021
Procurement Modernization, Public Sector Network Panel Discussion
Dustin Lanier moderates a discussion on procurement modernization with Patti Bowers(North Carolina), Barry Zimmerman, CPPB (Multnomah Conuty), Michelle McNellis (GSA) as a part of a Public Sector Network conference event.
May 26, 2021
The Voice of the Customer - Public Procurement Practitioner Panel Chat
Dustin Lanier, CPPO facilitates a discussion about the "Voice of the Customer" in Public Procurement. Who are the customers, and how do we hear their voices when we are designing actions and policies?  Jenny Hedderman, Esq. James E. Crenshaw, Victor Leamer, Christina Semeraro, Katherine Moskos and Jennifer Sulentic chimed in through a lively practitioner chat.
May 19, 2021
1:1 with Sarah O'Brien, CEO Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Dustin hosts a linkedin live discussion with Sarah O'Brien on the work of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council in infusing sustainability into public procurement.  Sarah shares her expertise over a lively 50 minute period.
May 13, 2021
Tools in the Toolkit- Public Procurement Panel Chat
A discussion of adding creative capacity to procurement organizations through innovative methods, incluving proof of concepts, challenge bids and more.  Dustin Lanier facilitates participants Jaime Schorr, Jenny Hedderman, Jonathan Walker, Christin Webb, James Crenshaw, Jared Ambrosier, and Raj Sharma in a great discussion!
April 28, 2021
Sustainability in Public Procurement - What Works?
In our recurring weekly practitioner chat on Clubhouse, we discuss what are the practical ways to infuse environmentally preferable purchasing standards into public procurement.  Julia Wolfe with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts kicks us off with a description of her program, and Justin Sullivan, Jaime Schorr, Jonathan Walker, and Katherine Moskos chime in with their experiences.
April 22, 2021
Rob Handfield, 1:1 on Public Procurement and Supply Chain
In a recording of an April 8th LinkedinLive interview, Rob Handfield, supply chain luminary from NC State and Dustin Lanier, CPPO, go deeply into the recent NASPO Covid19 impact  report, PPE, Vaccines, global supply chain, circular planning and more.
April 14, 2021
Supply Chain and Public Procurement - Panel Discussion
How has supply chain changed and impacted public procurement through the Covid Era? Procurement leaders Jaime Shorr, Christin Webb, Victor Lember, and Jenny Hedderman join a discussion facilitated by Dustin Lanier, CPPO.
April 07, 2021
Tech Standards in Public Procurement - Panel Discussion
Leah McGrath with StateRAMP joins Jaime Schorr, Jenny Hedderman, Jonathan Walker Christina Semeraro and Dustin Lanier to discuss the how to be more effective at employing tech and security standards in procurement events, with a special focus on the efforts of StateRAMP to harmonize standards across states related to cloud providers.
March 31, 2021
What is StateRamp in less than 10 minutes?
Leah McGrath with StateRamp gives a quick introduction to how they are facilitating interactions between cloud providers and State and Local procurement to both raise standards and accelerate the process. Facilitated discussion with Dustin Lanier, CPPO.
March 31, 2021
Strategic Sourcing in the Public Sector - Panel Discussion
What is strategic sourcing in the public sector context, and how did it help us solve problems throughout this last year?  Listen in on our previously video recorded panel with Gary Lambert, CPO Massachusetts, Ash Sheety, CPO Montgomery County, Justin Sullivan, Director of Strategic Sourcing for University of California, and Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing Health Sector New Brunswick.
March 26, 2021
Procurement Officer Leadership - What Works? Public Procurement Chat 3/17 W Special Guest Carol Wilson
We talk in the Clubhouse app about leadership techniques in public procurement offices with Carol Wilson, retiring CPO from the state of Connecticut, as well as other leaders Jaime Schorr, Christin Webb, Jenny Hederman, Jonathan Walker, and Christina Semeraro, faciliated by Dustin Lanier.
March 18, 2021
1:1 with Nicholas Tincher, University of Wisconsin System
A discussion with Nicholas ITincher about keeping business value in the center of procurement automation projects, originally recorded for the National Association of Education Procurement.
March 17, 2021
Evaluation and Negotiation - Public Procurement Chat 003 Part 2 - Q/A Session
An extended question answer period on evaluation and negotiation topics with questions involving Raj Sharma, Jennifer Sulentic, Warren Beardall and Victor Leamer to our procurement practitioners panel including Jaime Schorr, Jenny Hedderman, Jonathan Walker, and Christin Webb facilitated by Dustin Lanier, CPPO.
March 10, 2021
Evaluation and Negotiation - Public Procurement Lunch Chat 003 March 10 Part 1 - Main Panel
An open line discussion about evaluation and negotiation topics with procurement practitioners including Jaime Schorr, Jenny Hedderman, Jonathan Walker, Christin Webb facilitated by Dustin Lanier, CPPO. Look for the extended cut with questions involving Raj Sharma, Jennifer Sulentic, Warren Beardall and Victor Leamer.
March 10, 2021
The Contract's Signed, What Now? - Public Procurement Chat 002 March 4
Practiioners Jaime Schorr, Lenora Sevillian Jenny Hedderman, Esq. James E. Crenshaw, Christin Webb, Christine Semeraro and Lisa Rolik Join Dustin Lanier, CPPO in a discussion of the transition to a successful vendor relationship after the end of a procurement.
March 03, 2021
Agility in Procurement - Public Procurement Wednesday Chat 001 - Feb 24th
Great conversation and open discussion on approaching public procurement to allow for agility from practitioners Jaime Schorr, Jennie Hedderman, James Crenshaw, Christin Webb, Christina Semeraro, and Victor Leamer.
February 24, 2021
Aaron Carter, University of Illinois 1:1
A discussion between Dustin Lanier and Aaron Carter about Procurement Agility during an online session of the National Association of Education Procurement.
February 23, 2021
Jim Colangelo, CPO State of Michigan 1:1
Jim Colangelo covers a variety of topics including transformation in Michigan, KPIs, organizational design, procurement agility, and new innovations.
February 23, 2021
Jenn Myers, Procurement Manager City of Tucson, 1:1 Interview
A discussion with Jenn Myers, the NIGP Young Professional of 2020 and City of Tucson Procurement Manager.  A great view into our next generation leaders!
February 19, 2021