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The PPC Experience Podcast

The PPC Experience Podcast

By Munya Mashonganyika
The PPC Experience podcast is where you can hear all my rants and interviews wih the greatest minds in the fitness industry regarding health, mindset, business and performance
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Welcome to our First Podcast Episode!

The PPC Experience Podcast

Cliff Wilson- Winners Mindset
Pro Bodybuilder Cliff Wilson is one of the top physique coaches having taken his clients to earn over 110 pro cards, 75 professional titles and 9 world championships. Today we talk about the winning mindset needed to achieve exceptional results not just with your physique but with anything in life. This is a must listen peeps and one of my favourite.
May 21, 2022
Damon Hayhow- Building Your Dream Body
Damon Hayhow is the founder of Recomposer software. Recomposer is specialised software for measuring, planning, building, delivering and tracking diets and training programs for body composition. In this episode Damon explains the steps necessary for achieving your dream physique through training and nutrition.
August 08, 2021
A Competitors Journey, with Lisa Goston
When it comes to stepping on stage for the first time, there's many factors that go on behind the scenes which lead up to the big spotlight moment. But what exactly does that look like?  Dive in with our guest Lisa Goston, who spectacularly placed in all her divisions on the ICN stage. Lisa speaks about the struggles and mindset leading up to her competition.  Tune in!
May 27, 2021
Munya and David take a deep dive into Diet adherence, why they work for some, why they might not work for others, and some nutritional guidelines to assist you on your body composition journey.
April 28, 2021
Welcome to our First Podcast Episode!
Dive in with Munya & David with a short run down of PPC, what we're about, and whats to come.
April 06, 2021