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PQA Panel Talks

PQA Panel Talks

By PQA Testing
Welcome to PQA Panel Talks! Every month we bring together a team of experts from our PQA team to talk about their experiences and debate and discuss issues in the vast world of software testing and quality assurance.
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PQA Panel Talks: Quality in DevOps
Where does QA fit in DevOps? This month on PQA Panel Talks, our host Mike Hrycyk talks with experienced DevOps experts Jonathan Duncan and Terri McAllister about what quality and testing mean in DevOps and where it fits in. The three also have a short-lived debate about how to rename the concept of DevOps to make it inclusive of developers, testers, and everyone involved in a successful software development life cycle. Find a full transcript of this episode here Find us at: Twitter: Mike Hrycyk's Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook:
November 23, 2020
PQA Panel Talks: Testing from Home
This month on PQA Panel Talks, we’re talking testing from home! Our host Mike Hrycyk called up Patriot One Technologies Director of Platform Quality Nathaniel Couture and PQA's VP Customer Success Jonathan Duncan for a brainstorming session on the potential impacts to quality assurance while your teams are working from home. The panel dives into how you can manage and mitigate the quality challenges that come from moving products and services online quickly in response to COVID-19. The panel also discusses how to be creative in keeping lines of communication with your team open and why you should be dedicating some extra time for questions and interpreting requirements. Please Rate & Review! Find us at: Twitter: Mike Hrycyk's Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook:
June 22, 2020
PQA Panel Talks: Learning About Accessibility Testing
This month our host Mike Hrycyk is joined by PQA Delivery Manager Abhishek Gupta and two members of our accessibility testing team, PQA Testing's Annamalai Nachiappan and PLATO Testing's Mirjam Sharpe to chat about accessibility testing. Together they explore what the world of accessibility testing looks like and their client experiences working on accessibility testing. Most importantly, they discuss the critical role accessibility plays in creating an equal access web for all. Find a full transcript of this episode here Find us at: Twitter: Mike Hrycyk's Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook:
June 5, 2020
PQA Panel Talks: Automation War Stories
For our fourth episode of PQA Panel Talks, we asked test automation experts Jim Peers, former PQA team member and current Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at OXD, and PQA's QA Manager, John McLaughlin to join our host Mike Hrycyk. Together they reflect on their experiences working in test automation, revisit some of their automation war stories, and provide insight on the pitfalls projects can hit and how to avoid them. Please Rate & Review! Find us at: Twitter: Mike Hrycyk's Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Panellists: Jim Peers Twitter: John McLaughlin Twitter:
April 15, 2020
PQA Panel Talks: Women in Testing in 2020
In honour of International Women’s Day, we want to share our discussion about what it means to be a woman in software testing in 2020. We asked Dr. Christin Wiedemann, President of Radical I/O and passionate diversity advocate, to join us as a guest moderator and lead a discussion about the software testing experiences of individuals who identify as women. We spoke about the state of testing for women now, and where we still need to go with PLATO Testing’s Shawnee Polchis-Lanteigne, Hootsuite’s Jesse Ye, and PQA Testing’s Danielle Gulliver. Please Rate & Review! Find us at: Twitter: Christin Wiedemann's Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook:
March 9, 2020
PQA Panel Talks: How software testers may be the best team for the job
PQA Panel Talks is back with our second episode! This month we are bringing together PLATO Testing's Keisha Nguyen and Keith Joe, as well as, PQA Testing's Chris Wagner, to talk with Mike Hrycyk about their experiences working on their first content migration project. The panel also has an excellent discussion on the keys to success in content migration, and the software tester skills that made them the right team for the job.  Please Rate & Review!  Find us at: Twitter: Mike Hrycyk's Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook:
January 7, 2020
PQA Panel Talks: Discussing Shift Left, Shift Right
For the first PQA Panel talks, we're talking with PQA testing experts Mike Hrykcyk, Allyson White, Nat Couture, & Brian Doyle. In this conversation with our experts learn about how we define Shift Left, Shift Right & how they can improve your testing practices. Please Rate & Review! Find us at:   Twitter:   Mike Hrycyk's Twitter:   LinkedIn:   Facebook:
November 4, 2019