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PracticeForte Advisory for Life & Business

PracticeForte Advisory for Life & Business

By PracticeForte
We believe that with our platform, our professionals have the ability to collaborate with others who have come to specialised in it; professionals who wish to do more of what they focus on; professionals whose experience naturally makes them gateways to clients looking for a spectrum of services from professionals they can trust. Affiliates firms are now able to collaborate together as specialist division with the focused practices of Forensics, Family, Conveyancing, Mediation and more. Within each division, we may yet see 2 umbrella threads of “Life" & "Business".
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Counselling Psychologist Sylvia Tan addresses mental health!
In this episode, Chloe Chua interviews registered Counselling Psychologist Sylvia Tan on mental health in Singapore. Listen in as Sylvia shares her insight on how a psychologist could benefit families undergoing divorce, especially through initiatives like PF Restructure (Pre-Writ Divorce), Therapeutic Justice at the Singapore Family Justice Courts, confidentiality between patients and mental health professionals, and many other pertinent topics. For more information on PF Restructure visit our website here:
October 21, 2021
A Cross-Border Lawyer
In this episode, Chloe Chua interviews Rodel Taton - cross-border legal practitioner and Dean of the Graduate School of Law at San Sebastian College Recoletos, Manila. Rodel shares why he is the 1st port of call for communities who encounter legal issues in a foreign land, particularly for Filipinos in Singapore or Singaporeans in the Philippines. Tune in and find out more about your right to representation, how to get legal help and what are some alternative ways to resolve your dispute!
August 24, 2021
Mediator Christian von Baumbach talks cross-culture!
In this episode, aspiring mediator Chloe Chua interviews cross-border and intercultural mediator Christian von Baumbach, based in Berlin, Germany. Through sharing his rich experiences, Christian explains why mediation should be the 1st port of call for parties looking to resolve a dispute. From business to family mediations, listen to how Christian’s international expertise and network through PracticeForte make him the ideal candidate to facilitate cross-cultural discussions, leading to enduring settlements!
July 19, 2021
Private Invesigator Jeffrey Lim shares his search for the truth!
In this episode, family lawyer Susan Tay interviews private investigator Jeffrey Lim of Privateye Investigation & Consultancy Pte Ltd. Listen to Jeffrey’s fascinating accounts as he helps clients seek the truth through his investigative prowess! Learn practical information about how to engage a PI, the costs involved, the timeframe for an investigation and the end-result.
April 05, 2021
Trusted Advisor Lim Seng Siew divulges on trust in a professional relationship!
In this episode, Susan Tay interviews her co-director at OTP Law Corporation, Lim Seng Siew, along with special guests Alvin and Jocelyn Khoo. The interview explores the long-standing professional relationship between the two co-founders of a business and their trusted advisor, Seng Siew, dating back to before 1999. Listen in on why a trusted advisor is invaluable to any business!
April 05, 2021
Forensic Accountant Wan Yew Fai explains how numbers tell a story!
In this episode, seasoned family lawyer Susan Tay interviews forensic accountant Wan Yew Fai from Strix Strategies Pte Ltd on how numbers tell a story and the process of investigating the onslaught of numerical information we have today. Listen to why a forensic accountant could be your 1stport of call, how a forensic accountant’s expert opinion could be the deciding factor in he said, she said disputes and the importance of collaboration between family lawyers and forensic accountants. With almost 30 years of experience, Yew Fai’s words of wisdom are not to be missed!
April 05, 2021
Family lawyer Susan Tay recaps her 30 years of experience - with some must-know tips!
In this episode, trainee Chloe Chua interviews her mentor and veteran family lawyer Susan Tay from OTP Law Corporation on why she is the 1st port of call for anyone contemplating or going through a divorce. With over 30 years of experience in matrimonial disputes, Susan provides keen insight on how to deal with divorce, the changes to family law in Singapore, the growing issue of international child abduction under the Hague Convention as well as the importance of the peace approach. Have a listen to this exclusive interview!
April 05, 2021
Why Are We The 1st Port of Call?
Who is your 1st Port of Call in times of trouble? Who do you turn to for professional help and advice?1st Port of Call is proudly brought to you by PracticeForte Advisory,group of professionals steeped in specialized knowledge and decades of experience.Whether they be lawyers to disputes,trusted advisors to growing companies,private investigators to aggrieved spouses,counsellors to persons with trauma or forensic accountants to financial activity investigations,our speakers share insightful information & personal anecdotes guaranteed to be useful to you when you seek your 1st Port of Call.
March 31, 2021