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Learn Japanese with funny stories

Learn Japanese with funny stories

By Ken Sensei
みなさん、こんにちは!Hello Japanese learners! My name is Ken Sensei from Practice Speaking Japanese (PSJ). I tell my embarrassing stories on this Podcast in very EASY Japanese. If you’ve finished the GENKI 1 book you will be able to understand it without looking at anything!
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#8 When My Japanese Friends Think I'm Weird (After moving to the U.S.)
Sometimes things get awkward (insert long silence here); especially after you have picked up new habits in the country you have been living in. Listen to how I created a cultural faux pas with one of my oldest friends.
February 28, 2021
#7 My most embarrassing English mistake
Listen to how a simple mistake turned into a horrifyingly embarrassing episode at a restaurant. But, learning the hard way is sometimes the best way to level up. I know it worked for me! 
February 21, 2021
#6 What Japanese Valentine's Day is really like?
Love is a universal language. But, we all have different ways of expressing the same things. Listen to how we celebrate V-Day in Japan and learn about all of the calories consumed and love letters sent...😳
February 8, 2021
#5 One of the most surprising things American people do
Americans do this at the office, walking down the street, drinking coffee. It happens everywhere and it really took some getting used to after my initial surprise. At first I thought I was the only one that it happened to...but, I have found out that it is widespread!
February 1, 2021
#4 What you should do to improve your speaking skill in 2021
How are you going to improve your Japanese quickly and easily? Here are 5 tips to do input so you can have an immersive Japanese experience even if you don't live there.
January 25, 2021
#3 Is It REALLY expensive to live In Tokyo?!
People say that Tokyo is crazy expensive, but is it really? This week I talk about what it really costs and how it compares to the USA.
January 18, 2021
#2 New Year's Resolutions (Personal & Career)
What am I going to be doing in 2021 to make it the best year ever (新年[しんねん]の抱負[ほうふ])? Find out in this episode about New Year's resolutions. Enjoy!
January 10, 2021
#1 How I spend New Year's Day in Japan
Listen to how Japanese people (and I) ring in the New Year. Despite Tokyo's image of being an all night party city, you may be surprised by our subdued New Years rituals.
January 2, 2021