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By Pragmatics Studio
Follow two designers and first-time founders, Allan and Charlie, as they tackle the trials and tribulations of building a digital product design agency.
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EP. 8 | Can a design studio do good?
We're back from some much needed vacations and we're excited to be recording these from the same room now! In this episode we're asking questions about how much "good" we're doing for the people and world around us. Are we achieving our goals as a studio to do meaningful work? Can a studio ever really fulfill that ideal?
September 01, 2022
BONUS EP. 7: Feeling more confident with creativity
Many beginners feel trapped by their physical abilities when it comes to creative work. You don't have to! Sometimes all it takes is just jumping in and trying stuff out to see where it takes you.
July 14, 2022
EP.7: Prototype without design skills
Often times people will have requests about redesigning something and they'll have a hard time putting it into words. The best thing anyone can do is build a quick prototype without any design skills and we're here to show you how—zero design skills required. Tools we used: - Marvel Pop: - Figma:
July 07, 2022
EP. 6: To sync or go async, that is the question
When COVID took the world by storm in 2020, the concept of "asynchronous" communication at work took the spotlight. All of a sudden, the meetings that had flooded people's calendars were no longer thought of as normal as Zoom and the comfort of working from home gave people a new perspective on productivity. In this episode we discuss our perspective on synchronous and asynchronous communication, when is the right time for which, and the challenges of asynchronous communication as a service provider. Subscribe to our podcast to get the latest episodes!
June 23, 2022
EP. 5: Curiosity is more important than design thinking
The formalization of "Design Thinking" as steps you can follow to achieve the results of a designer is great for introducing people to design, but it's not necessarily an effective tool being a talented designer. In this episode we discuss the importance of curiosity and how it can be an even better tool than any structured process when trying to solve complex problems.
June 16, 2022
EP. 4: UX testing with screenshots!
You don't need wicked design skills to test potential interaction ideas for apps that are already out there. Ever noticed something about Facebook or Airbnb that bugged you and you thought you had a better idea? You can go and try it quickly with a few screenshots and free tools.   Tools used in this episode:  Figma (for building the prototype): Maze (for testing the prototype):  You can try the Facebook share limiting prototype yourself and leave us feedback:
June 09, 2022
EP. 3: When should a studio hire?
We've been thinking a lot about how Pragmatics Studio team will grow. In this episode we give into those thoughts and explore our rationale behind when and how we'll start hiring.  Subscribe to our channel to see the podcasts as they launch.
June 02, 2022
EP. 2: Why design studios need spreadsheets
Though we're more comfortable moving pixels around, we take a stab at calculating our cash flow so that we can see what numbers we need to make our business work. If you're starting out with freelancing or thinking of starting a studio but you're scared of spreadsheets, this one is for you. We used Shopify's great cashflow forecast template and tweaked it so it made more sense to us. Here's a link directly to the Shopify spreadsheet: You can read more about it from Shopify's website here:
May 26, 2022
EP. 1: Launching an agency with no website
In this first video podcast, we talk about how we are launching our design studio without spending much time building a custom website or branding. A lot of the time, designers get stuck perfecting details before they've even validated if anyone wants to hire them and what clients want to learn about their business.  Subscribe to our channel to see the podcasts as they launch.  Links from the podcast:  Notion startup credits: Mmm website builder: Allan's portfolio: Charlie's portfolio: Pragmatics' Notion site:
May 19, 2022
Introducing ShiftSlash
Welcome to the ShiftSlash podcast where designers Allan and Charlie explore what it means to start a new design agency in 2022.  Check out our placeholder website: Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the video update: Follow us on LinkedIn to find out when we're hiring:
May 12, 2022