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Living Life With Passion and Purpose

Living Life With Passion and Purpose

By Praise Matemavi
A life well lived, no regrets, allowing God to use us for His glory. Bring your favorite beverage and let's talk about everyday things that we as women go through. From relationships to careers, from dealing with challenges to budgeting and organizing our homes and lives. I will bring on guests, ordinary women doing extraordinary things with their lives to chat with and learn from. Some episodes are in Shonglish for my shona girls. I hope you will be inspired to live your best life each and everyday, even on those days you choose to do absolutely nothing!
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Proverbs 31 Woman
What we can learn from the virtuous woman. Being the mambokadzi that you are.
September 15, 2020
Just do it
What is holding you back from living the life that you are called to live. Can you say at the end of your life that you allowed God to use you completely. This episode will encourage you and inspire you to Do it afraid.
September 10, 2020
Domestic Abuse
On this episode I talk about my experience with domestic abuse and shine a light on this very serious problem that we don't often talk about. Some parts are in Shona but for non shona speaking listeners, you will be able to follow along.
September 9, 2020
Girlfriends chat: Ms. Farai Roselyn Mangwiro
In this episode I have a candid conversation with a sister friend who is living life with passion and purpose. She is a mother of 2, an accomplished musician and artist, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a follower of Christ. We chat about life in the diaspora and some of the challenges we face as women. Come let's giggle together and just chillax and have girl talk.  * I apologize for the sound quality I had to record from my phone due to technical difficulties. Sorry, perfection does not live here anymore.
September 3, 2020
Mother daughter Q&A
Join me as I ask my daughter Shantelle some questions. 
August 29, 2020
You can not rely on your feelings
Are you feeling stuck? Are you lacking motivation? Are you skimping on your time with God? This episode is for you- 1. Living a surrendered life 2. Trust God to give you your daily bread 3. Do not be afraid.
August 28, 2020
My purpose for this podcast. 
July 21, 2020