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By Kimberley Gabbard
Kimberley Gabbard, creator of Prana+Therapy talks about holistic health and wellness topics.
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EP 6 - What is Bio-Detox?
Toni Anne Smith of Bio-Detox and I are neighbours at The Hub in Mangawhai where we have recently moved our office/store. Toni has become a good friend and just loves Prana+Therapy,  which she now uses as part of her healing practice, in particular after a bio detox footbath to clean away the toxins released during this healing modality. Toni is also: a registered certified bio detox practitioner, a certified bio pulse technician, a licensed cell well being technician, a certified care contact flinch lock release practitioner, a world healthy member and one of our newest pranatics I hope you enjoy listening to the fascinating way that these healing modalities can work to assist your body on the road to recovery.
July 13, 2021
EP5 : Natures Hero : Hone Edmonds talks about how he uses Prana+Therapy
Author, Wilderness Adventurer and Spiritual Teacher, Hone Edmonds was given a second chance at life on November 13th, 2008.   As a result of his near death experience, Hone has gone on to become an internationally recognized intuitive, spiritual, and Satsang Master . He believes that this is his calling, and purpose in life and has dedicated his time to educating and supporting people to believe understand that everyone has the ability to live their best life,  which he now teaches to thousands worldwide. As a new-comer to using the Prana+Therapy formula, Hone loves the sustainability how effective it is in when he is travelling or going into the wilderness.  In this Podcase I find out how he uses it intuitively when in the wilderness and travelling.
January 20, 2021
EP 4 : How does Prana+Therapy Treat, Restore and Beautify the Skin?
Why is maintaining optimal pH level for our skin essential to healthy skincare?  In this podcast Kimberley Gabbard, creator of Prana+Therapy talks about how through daily use of the formula can help to treat, restore and beautify skin.  This includes it's use for Acne, Uneven Skin tone and in particular babies skin, and the delicate genital area.
December 12, 2020
EP3 : Pranatic Adrian talks about using Prana for Man Moments
Adrian Stewart has been a longtime Prana+Therapy user and says that he has anxious moments when he thinks of the supply of Prana+Therapy being out of supply.  He just doesn't know how he would exist without it. This is something that you will hear other Pranatics speak of!  FOLP  "Fear of Losing Prana". In this podcast I delve a little deeper into how Adrian as a guy, uses Prana 👤  but not only that!!  He's a dad and he uses it a lot for Dad stuff too. Enjoy the sound effects of my Rooster in the background!!!  I decided to leave them there for authenticity 😂😂😂 To your health and wellbeing xxKimberleyxx
November 22, 2020
EP2 : So exactly what is a Pranatic?
I've been using Prana+Therapy for the past 20 years or so!!!  I use it on everything and that is why I call myself a Pranatic!!!   I know I'm not along because when people start using the formula and discover all the ways that it can be used, they too become Pranatics!!   In this episode I share some more information about his incredibly versatile formula that has so far that I've counted over 100 uses!!!  Enjoy and please visit our website if you want some more information or you can find that our here
November 14, 2020
EP1 How do Singing Bowls Heal?
As a small business owner, stress can be a lonely journey if you don't find the support you need.   I've realised also realised, that what suits one person doesn't necessarily suit another.  Whilst I use Prana+Therapy to calm my mind, for me I am finding a real breakthrough with the Singing Bowls or otherwise known as Sound Healing.   In this episode I talk to Carrie Marie, a friend but also a Sound Healer and Empowerment Coach. Read the full show notes here: Don't miss an episode - subscribe to the podcast
November 4, 2020