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By Precious Kay N
✨This podcast is about Mindset - the power of your mind and how you can use that super power to change your life. I will share tools on how to use your mind to achieve your goals and to become what you want to be. I believe that sucess is intentional and it all begins in your mind. There is absolutely no end, absolutely no limit to what you can become and as far as your mind can see you can become. Is your mind set for success? Get your Mind•Set and come for everything you ever wanted.✨
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✨Existing and Living✨
✨Everyone exists but not everyone really lives. Each one of us has a profound choice to not only exist but to really live. To Stop being a victim of life and know what it means to really live and live life to the fullest. ✨
August 12, 2021
✨The Easiest Way To Start✨
✨In this episode i’m all about deciding to start somewhere, anywhere, As long as you start. So the easiest way to start is to START. Can we ever really have enough, know enough to start? I hope you enjoy this episode, i did specifically and specially for you. ENJOY✨
August 2, 2021
✨Don’t Sleep On Yourself✨
✨This episode is just a kind reminder that you already have enough people sleeping on, so don’t sleep on yourself too.✨
February 22, 2021
✨The Power Of Words✨
✨This episode is just a kind reminder to you and i that, every word that comes out of your mouth count. Don’t say anything that you don’t sincerely wish to be true, it’s just that simple✨
February 17, 2021
✨Inspiration Matters✨
✨What are your thoughts about Inspiration? Do you think inspiration matters? In this episode am talking my thoughts about inspiration. Please share with me your thoughts, i would appreciate it.✨
February 15, 2021
✨My Prayer for you and i✨
✨In this episode i’m simply sharing scriptures and praying with you✨
February 15, 2021
✨Committing to Mastery✨
✨My valentines gift to you! This episode is all about giving life your best shot, committing to doing nothing but you very best in all that you do. I hope you find it useful✨
February 14, 2021
✨Becoming Fearless✨
✨Well, my energy on this episode was super high on this episode😂, i guess that’s me overcoming my fears.😊 This episode is all about overcoming fear and going for the life of your dreams. I hope you find it useful. Also check out my blog at✨
February 10, 2021
✨One Negative Thought✨
✨This episode is all about turning negative thoughts into positive ones. One negative thought is a luxury you can not afford. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through or how hopeless your situation is, you just can’t afford to be negative. I hope you find this episode useful✨
February 9, 2021
✨Small Beginnings✨
✨This short episode is all about small beginnings. We all need to start somewhere. Every great thing began as a small beginning.✨
February 7, 2021
✨When You’ve Lost Motivation✨
Quite a long one, huh, yaah i know but its all worth it. I hope you find it useful. The question is “HOW DO YOU KEEP GOING WHEN YOU’VE LOST MOTIVATION?” COMPLIMENTS OF THE NEW SEASON✨
January 18, 2021
✨Impossible is Just an Opinion✨
✨This episode is a kind reminder that, Impossible Is Not a Fact. It’s Just an Opinion. Remember, an opinion in not a true reflection of reality, it can only become a reality when you allow and make it a reality. That’s exactly what “IMPOSSIBLE” is; JUST A MERE OPINION!✨
November 15, 2020
✨Self Talk✨
✨This episode brings to light the importance of paying attention to one’s inner dialogue. It’s a bit rumbly but i do hope you find it useful✨
October 26, 2020
✨Slow Progress✨
✨This episode is just a quick reminder that “PROGRESS IS PROGRESS”, it doesn’t matter how small, how big, how slow or how fast; it is still progress✨
October 25, 2020
✨True Nobility✨
✨This episode is just a kind reminder that the only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday✨
October 24, 2020
✨Trust The Process✨
✨This episode serves to encourage you and i, to believe in yourself, live in the moment and trust the process. No matter how difficult it is, trust the process✨
October 15, 2020
✨The Future✨
✨This episode is about “THE FUTURE” . What are you doing at the present moment to secure “The Future” that you want for yourself?✨
October 14, 2020
✨Rock Bottom✨
✨This episode is just a kind reminder that Rock Bottom is not the end, and that once you are down there the only way is up. So you have got to push yourself up and reach for the surface✨
October 12, 2020
✨Being Different✨
✨This episode is just a kind reminder that Being different is what sets you apart, it’s what makes you special. Don’t you dare change your uniqueness, embrace it instead, nurture it and live it.✨
October 11, 2020
✨You Shall Conquer✨
✨This episode serves as a kind reminder that you are meant to conquer and you shall conquer. So keep your faith alive no matter how dark it gets.✨
October 10, 2020
✨Let Go✨
✨This episode serves as a reminder that you deserve people who celebrate you, people who make you feel good about yourself, people who want to see you win, people who only want the best for you.✨
October 9, 2020
✨Day One or One Day?✨
A very bumpy and rumbly episode but i hope you get the message. This episode is a kind reminder that life is a series of choices, and If you are going to live an intentional life, you have to make deliberate choices every single day. A kind reminder that Life waits for no one, it goes on. Life doesn’t care if you’re yet to figure things out, if you’ve hit rock bottom, if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard surface, life doesn’t care if you are happy or sad, if you have it all or you have nothing at all, life simply goes on, Oh, another thing, life isn’t slowing down no matter how badly we wish it was. The biggest question is what’s your choice; day one or one day? Enjoy
October 5, 2020
✨You Matter✨
✨This episode is entirely my heart to yours, enjoy✨
September 28, 2020
✨Better days are coming✨
✨This episode is just a kind reminder to you and i, that better days are coming, that we will wake up to a new dawn. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith, things will come together slowly✨
September 26, 2020
✨Dare to leave your mark✨
✨This episode encourages you to leave your mark, your footprints wherever you go. Leave something that will make people remember you, they’ll remember you. What do you want to be remembered for? How do you want to be remembered?✨
September 22, 2020
✨Give Yourself Some Credit✨
✨This episode reminds you and i, that, every so often we’ve got to pause and say ‘well done’ to ourselves. It reminds you that, you should GIVE YOURSELF SOME CREDIT. You are doing your best, so give yourself some credit. ✨
September 21, 2020
✨Don’t Pack Your Bags Yet✨
✨This episode simply seeks to encourage you and i, not to give up. Giving up is never an option, if you didn’t make it today, there’s tomorrow. Don’t pack your bags yet✨
September 20, 2020
✨Change, a way of life✨
✨This episode talks CHANGE. Something that we can not run away from, its either you cause it or you become a victim of it. With or without your knowledge or approval, CHANGE WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN. So what is it going to be for you?✨ BLESS YOU✨
September 15, 2020
✨Be Happy For Others✨
✨This episode is all about stepping outside your story and be happy for others. Nobody succeeds to spite you. You can be happy when others win, when they achieve their goals, when they get ahead. Being happy for others doesn’t take anything from you.✨
September 5, 2020
✨Silence And Stillness✨
✨This episode talks the power of silence and stillness. The power in letting go the effort of thinking yourself into being and allowing yourself to effortlessly be. How often to do disconnect from your outside world and connect to your inner world?✨
September 4, 2020
✨Don’t lose Hope✨
✨This short episode is my message to you and i, to never lose Hope, to never give up, to hold on, to keep going and to keep moving.✨
September 1, 2020
✨Turning lemons into Lemonade✨
✨This episode is all about, learning to turn negative experiences and events into something positive. What do you do when life offers you lemons? What do you in the face of problems? How do you react? ✨
August 31, 2020
✨Stay in God✨
✨This episode serves to encourage you and i to keep the faith, keep believing and stay in God. Better days are coming, a better tomorrow is foreseeable and we will wake up to a new dawn. If there’s a people to pray, there’s a God to answer✨
August 25, 2020
✨Reach for the Stars✨
✨This short episode is just a reminder that you and I have what it takes to reach for the stars and live the life we are capable of living.✨
August 24, 2020
✨Tune Into Yourself✨
✨In this episode i talk about taking some moments to tune out of the outside world and tune into your inner self. It is important that we stay connected to and with our inner self.✨
August 22, 2020
✨Only Action Brings Change✨
✨In this episode i simply encourage you and I to take action towards achieving our goals and dreams. Like they say; “your actions not your words change the world”. I do hope that you enjoy✨
August 20, 2020
✨A Good Ending✨
✨In this episode am just sharing with you one thing that always pops up on my mind whenever i do my reflections “A GOOD ENDING”. This is something that i want for my self and i want to believe that it’s something you want fo yourself as well. How do you want to be remembered? What do you want people to say about you when you are no more?✨
August 15, 2020
✨The Sun always shines again✨
✨This short episode serves to give you hope for a better tomorrow. It’s just a kind reminder that no matter what you are facing today, the sun will shine again. I do hope that you enjoy✨
August 14, 2020
✨Learning to Forgive✨
✨This episode is about forgiveness. Forgiveness allows peace to enter your life. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do but it’s a must. The only way to let go and move in, is forgiveness. In this episode i share with you my thoughts on forgiveness and how it benefits you. I do hope you find it helpful.✨
August 12, 2020
✨Finding Peace in Pain✨
✨This episode is all about learning to find peace in your pain. Yes it’s very much possible to find peace in your pain. It’s possible to experience pain and peace all at the same time. Remember Peace comes from the heart, not external sources. I hope this episode is of much help and it helps you to learn to find peace in your pain✨
August 11, 2020
✨Do you believe in yourself?✨
✨This episode is all about believing in yourself and saying the right things about yourself. I was rumbling a lot but i do hope and believe you get the message am trying to share with you. You’re good enough, you really are, But do you believe you’re?✨
May 31, 2020
✨Own Your Mornings✨
✨This episode encourages you to own your mornings if you want to seize your days. It simply gives you some few tip you can adopt in order for you to make the most of your morning so that you make the most of your day. Mornings have so much effect on your days than you think. How you spend your morning determines how your day will go. It is important to own your morning! I know there is too much rumbling but i promise you its worth listening, it might be of much help✨
May 12, 2020
✨introduction to mindset✨
✨This episode gives you a light as to what MindSet will be giving you. After weeks of trying to put up this piece together i finally recorded my first episode and i hope it gives you a clear direction as to what MindSet brings to you. ✨
May 9, 2020