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Preferred Perspectives

Preferred Perspectives

By Preferred Perspecitves
The San Antonio legal industry podcast that covers all things legal careers, staffing and local industry trends. It’s real talk. It’s real counsel.
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Vaccines & the Tangled COVID Web: What's an Employer to Do?

Preferred Perspectives

State Bar of Texas Developments: What You Need to Know
Join Preferred Counsel’s host, Morgan Matson, and guest host, State Bar of Texas Board of Directors Chair Santos Vargas, a commercial litigator and equity partner at Davis & Santos, P.C., as they discuss changes to the State Bar Rules and Policy Manual spurred by the Fifth Circuit’s McDonald decision; the two board-approved candidates running for 2022-23 State Bar president-elect; and how you can become more involved with the State Bar and your local bar.
November 01, 2021
New Liability for Sexual Harassment: What You Need to Know
With the new changes to sexual harassment legislation going into effect on September 01, 2021, it’s essential that you understand them. Join Preferred Counsel’s Host, Morgan Matson, and guest host, Senior Associate at Schmoyer Reinhard LLP, Thomas N. Cammack, IIl as they discuss the extension of the statute of limitations on sexual harassment claims, a broader definition of employers and the timeline of employer responsiveness to a claim. Tune in to hear how this new liability for sexual harassment will change the workplace.
July 19, 2021
Vaccines & the Tangled COVID Web: What's an Employer to Do?
With the new, no-mask mandate set by Texas Governor Abbott on May 18, 2021, what are employers to do with vaccines and the tangled Covid web? Join Preferred Counsel's host, Morgan Matson, and guest host, Senior Associate at Schmoyer Reinhard LLP, Thomas N. Cammack, IIl as they discuss how employers are navigating mask-wearing and Covid-19 vaccination within their employees. Tune in to hear how certain laws differ among private and public governmental entities.
May 26, 2021
Masks: Freedom to Choose or Risky Business
San Antonio native and local legal business owner Ryan Reiffert joins Preferred Counsel’s host, Morgan Matson to analyze Greg Abbott’s recent lift of the July 2020 Mask Mandate. Tune in as they unravel what rights local business owners hold and what to expect now moving forward. Will the Austin mandate case prevail over state orders? What will this mean for the future of surrounding cities and businesses in the state?
March 26, 2021
LEADing Through the Pandemic
Bexar County Women’s Bar Foundation Lead Academy has provided women in the legal industry-exclusive opportunities that enable professional women to reach their highest level of success since 2014. Join Preferred Counsel’s host, Morgan Matson, and guest host, Academy Director for Bexar County Women's Bar Foundation LEAD Academy, Elena Sullivan as they discuss an uplifting message about the importance of elevating women attorneys in our community for the long term success of the entire legal community. Tune in and hear about what they are currently up to, ways they are utilizing technology to fit the “new normal”, and how you can get involved and support the Women’s Bar Foundation.
February 19, 2021
Starting Your Own Firm: What You Need to Know
Looking to start your own firm? Join Preferred Perspectives and guest, Crista Branch from Branch Family Law as we dive into the dos and don’ts of owning your own firm. We will cover all things aspiring business owners will need to carefully consider before taking the leap to become entrepreneurs. From knowing when to expand to practical tips on how to get more clients in the door, we cover it all! Do you have what it takes to be successful? Find out more in this week’s episode.
December 15, 2020
Flipping the Script: Tales of a Defense Lawyer Turned Plaintiff Attorney
In this episode, we are joined by Natalie Arledge, Associate Attorney at Cowen Rodriguez Peacock. Natalie has ventured on both sides of the law and has experience as both a defense attorney as well a plaintiff attorney. In this episode, Natalie and Morgan discuss: Favorite aspects of being a defense lawyer Strengths and skills needed to succeed at each Types of cases she handled What prompted the change to the plaintiff side Major differences between each Role of continuous training Internal structure differences What to keep in mind if making the switch
November 10, 2020
To Go Big or Boutique?
In this episode, we are joined by Emma Cano, Member of Jefferson Cano a local firm where the principal members formerly practiced together in the business litigation department of a large international law firm, but then decided to transition to a smaller boutique firm structure. Emma and host Morgan Matson take an in-depth look at the large firm and boutique firm models. They discuss: Her experience at both large international and boutique firms Her decision to go boutique Differences in the types of clients, cases and resources Advantages and disadvantages of each How the office environment and dynamics affect the trajectory of your career Tips for young lawyers confronted with the decision to go big or boutique
October 22, 2020
Going In-House: Is it Right for Me?
Host Morgan Matson is joined by Mary Brennan Stich, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Rackspace Technology, to discuss “Going In-House: Is it Right for Me?” In this episode, Mary shares an in-depth and firsthand perspective on how in-house roles differ from being a lawyer in private practice. Morgan and Mary do a deep dive into the differences between the two and talk about the traits and skills needed for each type of role. Mary offers her perspective and some stories from her 39-year career that highlight the challenges and opportunities that arise in each environment. Additionally, she shares her thoughts on taking calculated risks, including risks with your career decisions. This engaging and insightful episode provides a clear picture for lawyers who aren’t quite sure about whether going in-house is the right move for them.
October 01, 2020
Dispelling Common Myths of Personal Injury Law
In this episode, host Morgan Matson is joined by Nathaniel Mack, III who will dispel common myths about personal injury law. They will discuss putting the “personal” in personal injury law, addressing the ambulance chaser claims and other common myths, as well as talk about Mack’s nonprofit and app he’s developing.
August 20, 2020
Interviews: What Hiring Managers Look For That’s Not on Your Resume
Looking to make that next career move? Join Morgan Matson and Anna Whitener, Recruiting and Professional Development Manager at Dykema Gossett. Whitener and Matson have an engaging and frank conversation about important tactics and best practices to guide you through the resume submission and interview process. They cover: Most important items to include on resume besides experience Proper use of parentheticals Explaining gaps in work history How to stand out from the crowd and get in the room What hiring managers look for during an interview Things to avoid during the entire process
August 05, 2020
PPP Loans: Navigating Uncharted Waters featuring Lindsey Berwick
The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) initiated by the Small Business Administration (SBA) at the onslaught of COVID-19 has been the saving grace for many small business owners. As with most things these days, the regulations and rules surrounding the utilization of the funds and forgiveness continue to change, making navigating these uncharted waters a challenge for borrowers and lenders alike. In this week’s episode of Preferred Perspectives, Lindsey Berwick, partner at Jackson Walker and commercial financing expert, discusses these rapid changes and what they mean for borrowers. In this episode Berwick and host, Morgan Matson discuss: -Overview of PPP program -Amendments allowing for more flexibility -Maturity terms -Various resources for more information *Information shared in this podcast is not intended to be legal advice, rather a factual presentation of information. Preferred Perspectives urges you to contact Lindsey Berwick or other attorney to obtain legal advice concerning PPP loans.
July 22, 2020
San Antonio Legal Services Association: Making an Impact in Uncertain Times with Executive Director, Sarah Dingivan
COVID-19 has exacerbated hardships for the most vulnerable and at-risk members of San Antonio, spreading fear to many in a time of great uncertainty. The San Antonio Legal Services Association (SALSA) has been providing remote volunteer opportunities to legal professionals wanting to help empower others, providing relief for those in need. Join Preferred Counsel’s host, Morgan Matson and guest host, Executive Director of San Antonio Legal Services Association, Sarah Dingivan as they unravel what legal professionals can do to provide top-notch remote assistance during a public health disaster. They will cover: How do you get involved? Where do you start? How investing in others helps achieve success.
July 08, 2020
The New Normal - Adjusting to Remote Depositions & Court Hearings featuring Kristal Cordova Thomson
COVID-19 continues to change the way the law industry in Texas conducts essential, day-to-day tasks. From court hearings, depositions and any number of court proceedings, the transition to online platforms can be less than seamless for many legal professionals. Kristal Cordova Thomson, Shareholder at Langley & Banack, joins Preferred Counsel's Morgan Matson to discuss what the new normal looks like for the justice system. How is the legal community pivoting during this unprecedented time? In this episode, Thomson will share insights on transitioning to remote work, pitfalls of virtual hearings, and the reopening of courts.
June 04, 2020
COVID-19's Impact on Employment Law - What You Need to Know Featuring Kelli Cubeta
COVID-19 has impacted businesses and shaken the economy to its core. As a result, businesses are now faced with challenges unlike ever before. Employers are asking themselves how do they best protect their employees?  What steps do they need to take to reopen safely? Should they reopen? So, what do employers really need to know? Employment law firm founder, Kelli Cubeta of Cubeta Law Group joins Preferred Counsel's Morgan Matson to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted employment law and what employers need to be thinking about during this interesting time. In this episode Cubeta will share insights on: reopening, compliance, duties to employees & customers, employer challenges, paid sick leave and various resources for employers. 
May 20, 2020