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Prem Rao : Stories from a Story Teller

Prem Rao : Stories from a Story Teller

By Prem Rao
To write a lot, you need to read a lot! I am fond of reading so I love exploring different kinds of books, fiction as well as non-fiction.
So, here you have me- a writer- speak on writing, on my books ( published or otherwise), and on the books I read.
Also, my take on what's making news!
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Podcasts on Storytelling

Prem Rao : Stories from a Story Teller

Podcasts on Storytelling

Prem Rao : Stories from a Story Teller

"Jerusalema" Better Late Than Never
"Jerusalema". The story of an amazing song that took- and is still taking- a Covid 19 pandemic struck world -by storm.  Millions around the world have danced to this song released in December 2019. It is composed by South African RJ and musician, Master KG and sung by his sister Noncebo Zikode.  This podcast is about this song with its magical foot tapping beats. 
July 23, 2021
"Spies, Lies And Exile" by Simon Kuper: A book review.
If you are interested in spy thrillers, you will like this true story of George Blake, the Soviet double agent during the days of the Cold War. He worked for the SIS, Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, more commonly known as MI 6, but at the same time spied for the Russians.  " Spies, Lies, And Exile" by Simon Kuper is the life story of George Blake, who at one time, was considered the most effective of the Soviet double agents as he was the least suspected. 
July 19, 2021
Book Review of "Master Your Core" by Dr Bohdanna Zazulak
Dr Zazulak's book, published by TCK Publishing, has been described as a science-based guide to achieve peak performance and resilience to injury. The author shares her Core BASE, an integrative, holistic guide for breathing, awareness, stability, and empowerment of your core in body, mind, and spirit. Broadly speaking, on one hand we have the Western view of fitness through the study of modern science and medicine. On the other we have the age old Oriental take on keeping well through a mix of exercise and meditation. In my view, the best part of Dr Zazulak ‘s book is her creative use of the best of both worlds.
July 13, 2021
Poets of the First World War
Many famous British poets emerged during the First World War, such as Owen, Sassoon, Brooke, Yeats, and Hardy. Their poems captured the glories of battles and the horrors of war especially in the trenches. Chunks of some of these poems remain in my mind though I studied them over 50 years ago.  This episode is dedicated to them and to my teachers at The Lawrence School, Lovedale for instilling in me a life long interest in literature and history.
July 10, 2021
"Born Smiling: A Father's Tribute" by K Ravi
A poignant story written by a father about a daughter who passed away too soon. Could things have turned out differently? How much do we know about what our children are going through? Can this be happening right now to someone you know? Or to others, you don't! 
July 6, 2021
The Golden Hour: A Tribute On National Doctors’ Day.
What happens to the patient struck by a heart attack during the Golden Hour often determines whether or not he/she will survive.  In medical parlance, The Golden Hour is the first hour after a serious medical event or injury during which treatment is likely to be the most effective. Here's the true story of one such case. 
July 1, 2021
“Tongue of Slip” by C P Belliappa
Looking Back On Life With Humour is how author C P Belliappa describes his book. It’s a delightful, breezy read. I am sure you will find this most enjoyable in these stressful times.
June 28, 2021
Podcasts on Storytelling
Join the fascinating world of listening to short stories of different types by different authors- by way of podcasts! 
June 17, 2021
“Always A Foreigner” by Ashwini Devare
A delightful memoir of experiences as a daughter of a officer of the Indian Foreign Service!
June 17, 2021
Cooking With Shobana
A tribute to my wife, Shobana P Rao, on the 8th anniversary of her popular food blog called, "Cooking With Shobana." Following her passion for cooking has given her great pleasure over the years- and has given me a lot of yummy food to eat! She loves to learn new dishes from different parts of India and share them through her blog. Most of the dishes are vegetarian but a few recipes of our favourite seafood are also featured. 
March 20, 2021
Book Review: "The Girl Who Lived" by Christopher Greyson
You will love this book if you are fond of thrillers! On being released from a mental asylum, a girl returns to the very spot in the woods where she saw four people killed including her father and her sister. She wants to settle the many demons in her mind once and for all- if at all that is possible. She simply must find out what actually happened here many years ago. Her time is running out as the ones she pursues are in fact hunting for her!
March 13, 2021