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Welcome to PrepCast: your MBA and Master’s admission podcast. Our mission is to help you get accepted to your dream school! Join our community of dedicated candidates and preparation center experts on and stand out in the application pool!
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#35 5 Interview Tips to Help You Ace Master’s Admission
In this episode, we are going to talk about the master admission interview and how to prepare in order to stand out as a candidate. We will give you 5 most important interview tips that will lead you to great success. The interview is the last step before admission, so many candidates tend to underestimate it. And this is a big mistake! Enjoy listening and stay tuned for more! 
October 6, 2021
#34 “If You Are Not Ahead of The Digital Trends, You Are Already Behind” (Interview)
In today’s episode, you will hear our Digital Products and Services Director – Marin Aganderov. His whole career so far has been dedicated to digital marketing. Currently, he heads Advent’s Access Digital advertising agency, which creates tailored campaigns closely aligned with the specific recruitment goals of university admissions teams. So, if digital marketing is where your calling is, stay with us till the end of this episode. HIGHLIGHTS: [00:46] Myths about digital marketing strategies [02:07] Set up an effective online campaign [02:37] The share of digital marketing [03:30] Data privacy and protection [05:37] A future with fewer personalized ads [06:27] Data-driven marketing [07:17] Higher conversion [08:37] Moving prospects past the initial awareness stage [09:26] Optimal frequency capping [10:09] Features of a successful online marketing campaign TRANSCRIPT here CONTACT
September 8, 2021
#33 8 Mistakes Most Applicants Make in Their MBA Resume
If you are working on your MBA resume and wondering if you have crafted the best possible version of it, this episode is for you. Just like essays and recommendations, the resume is an important part of the application process. It should not be underestimated and should be crafted in a way to best reflects your authentic strengths.
August 27, 2021
#32 PrepTalk: Lockdown of The Lecture Theatre - The Impact of Virtual Learning
Could a virtual education replace fully live classroom interaction? Listen to the debate on the pros and cons of virtual learning and how it impacts on the student experience. Engage with a panel of leading academics to discuss how traditional methods of teaching are being enriched by digital means. 
December 15, 2020
#31: Gaining Admission to the SDA Bocconi MBA in Italy (Interview)
The application process to SDA Bocconi is thorough and candidates pass through a rigorous selection in order to ensure that they are the right match for the school and that they can excel and develop their potential in the selected environment the school offers. GMAT and GRE are a must for Full-time MBA candidates but for Masters and Executive programs they can be substituted by the SDA Test held online. To get more information about SDA Bocconi’s International programs you can review their school profile at 
March 2, 2020
#30: How to get admitted to the NEOMA MBA (Interview)
Will Toussaint, Recruitment Manager at NEOMA Business School, talks about their admission process in detail and gives tips on the mistakes candidates should avoid when preparing their application. He gives tips on how to build a winning motivation letter and CV when applying to one of the school’s recognized MBA programs. 
July 30, 2019
#29: Veritas Prep GMAT Sentence Correction Lesson - Part 1 (Preparation Tutorial)
 This session is part one of the entire Sentence Correction lesson that every Veritas Prep GMAT student gets when they enroll in any Veritas Prep GMAT course. This lesson covers the core grammar rules that you need to know. This is one of a series of Free Live Online GMAT Classes by Brian Galvin you can find on  
July 17, 2019
#28: UK Business Schools Enjoy Strong International Demand Despite Brexit (Read out loud)
In this read out loud you will hear about the latest trends in demand for UK-based universities. More applicants are choosing UK business schools despite ongoing uncertainties arising from Brexit, GMAC reported, citing recent survey findings. The increase in the number of aspirants selecting the UK as their first-choice country for business studies has been bolstered by a falling pound and reduced interest in other study destinations worldwide.  You can get more information on business schools and their admissions’ process by following the news section at 
July 12, 2019
#27: Open Class on Creating Challenger Brands (School Presentation)
Looking to improve your branding strategy? In this free webinar Francesco Derchi, Digital Marketing Professor at Geneva Business School, speaks about creating challenger brands that can compete with industry leaders.  In the second part of the presentation, the school’s Admission and Marketing Specialist gives more details on the school’s various MBA and Masters programs, the benefits of studying at GBS, the admission criteria, and the availability of scholarships.
July 5, 2019
#26: How to get admitted to Loughborough University's MBA (Interview)
Jim Saker, one of the school’s professors, advises students which parts of the application to focus on and highlights what makes the Loughborough MBA unique. He gives tips on how to build a winning motivation letter and CV when applying to one of the school’s recognized MBA programs. 
June 28, 2019
#25: GMAT Tutorial How to tackle the Critical Reasoning Questions (Preparation Tutorial)
This lesson by Brian Galvin is “the testmaker’s blueprint” for Critical Reasoning. Starting from a few elementary arguments and building to some of the (statistically-proven) most difficult problems in the test’s arsenal, the lesson will show how the authors of these problems create each prompt, as well as the correct answer and the trap answer, and arm examinees with the tools to see the structure behind the content on future test-day problems.
June 21, 2019
#24: How to make your MBA résumé stand out (Read out loud)
In this “read out loud” we focus on a summary of an article by Stacy Blackman who advises candidates on how to prepare their résumé in order to make a favorable impression before they even get to the admissions’ interview. To get more information about how to prepare your resume and admission documents visit
June 13, 2019
#23: Getting Admitted to EADA Business School (Interview)
The EADA Business School application process is designed to figure out which MBA program is right for you, and to assess if you’re the right fit for the school by examining your background and work experience. Once you go through this first step and see that you fit the program requirements, the school will look at your test results (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS). If you have not taken any of the above, then you’ll be probably doing an online admissions’ test, followed by an interview. To get more information about EADA’s International MBA program you can review their school profile at  
June 4, 2019
#22: Tips and Tricks on Acing the GRE Test (Preparation Tutorial)
Getting a high GRE score requires a lot of hard work. Having trouble doing the GRE exam? In this episode students will learn the basics of the GRE test. They will also get tips regarding the registration, what to expect on test day, and also a list of tools they can use to prepare. Learn more about the GRE General Test on  
May 17, 2019
#21: Winning Strategies for the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section (Preparation Tutorial)
Getting a high GMAT score requires a lot of dedication, reading and practice. Having trouble doing GMAT? In this episode students will learn to avoid common pitfalls on their way to success on what has traditionally been considered the GMAT’s trickiest family of questions, the Data Sufficiency. This is one of a series of Free Live Online GMAT Classes by Brian Galvin you can find on 
May 10, 2019
#20 The Frankfurt MBA: Application Tips
 Galia Alessi, Student Recruitment Manager at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gives insider information on what makes a successful MBA application to their program stand out. Read the following article for some common mistakes to avoid in your MBA application:
April 19, 2019
#19: TOEFL Tips for a High Score (Read Out Loud)
Even though you might be submitting a high GMAT score, business schools will require you to prove your English proficiency. If you’re not a native speaker, you will be required to sit the TOEFL or IELTS test. Are some of you already preparing for the TOEFL? In this episode, we give some tips that you can apply to your studying in effort to boost not only your English comprehension but your overall confidence to succeed on the test.
April 5, 2019
#18: IESE’s EMBA Creates Global Natives (Interview)
Do you see yourself working in a multicultural team in a global company? Climb the career ladder to a senior level position and fill the gaps in your business knowledge with an EMBA from IESE Business School. In this episode we are joined by Arve Utseth, Admissions Director at IESE Business School. He explains how the school’s EMBA program creates what they call “global natives,” and gives helpful tips on a successful application. 
March 22, 2019
#17: Become an Entrepreneur for Social Change (School Presentation)
Antwerp Management School’s Robin De Cock, Academic Director and Laura Hoste, Recruitment Manager share their mission of educating and supporting people from all over the world who want to create new things that matter for society. Learn more about the school’s Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE), and find out how it stands out from the rest. What’s great is that right from the start of the program, you get the chance to work in a lab to realize your own start-up idea or use similar techniques to introduce innovation within an existing business. Sound exciting? Listen to the episode to find out what it takes to get admitted.
March 8, 2019
#16: GMAT IR Part VI - Multi-Source Reasoning (Preparation Tutorial)
Join Dave Green, Senior Tutor at ExamPal in the fourth and last episode of the Integrated Reasoning tutorial series, and learn how to interpret large amounts of information from categories and tabs when solving Multi-Source Reasoning questions.
March 1, 2019
#15: 900 Hours of Client Facing Time: The Manchester MBA (Interview)
We are joined by Christopher Healey, Head of MBA Marketing & Recruitment at Alliance Manchester Business School. He shares the benefit of the program’s practice based approach to learning— what the school calls The Manchester Method. Students get to complete consultancy projects with non-profit, commercial and international companies for a total of 900 hours of client facing time! Find out what it takes to get admitted.
February 22, 2019
#14: GMAT IR Part III - Table Analysis (Preparation Tutorial)
Get a pen and paper ready and join Dave Green, Senior Tutor at ExamPal in this podcast episode for a preparation tutorial that will help you understand how to solve table analysis questions. This is the third episode out of four from PrepAdviser and ExamPal's GMAT Integrated Reasoning tutorial series. Stay tuned for the final one on multi-source reasoning!
February 15, 2019
#13: A Swiss MBA in Rome with SSM (School Presentation)
Find out how SSM, a business school that overlooks the Campo de' Fiori, a once Ancient Roman square, is now creating the leaders of tomorrow! Hear from the President of the school Massimiliano Bracalé, as well as two alumni, Paul Pop and Emma Smith on what makes Swiss School of Management's MBA a truly unique experience.
February 8, 2019
#12: 5 MBA Essay Writing Tips (Read Out Loud)
Are you struggling to write your MBA application essay? Hopefully the advice in this episode gives you some encouragement and helpful clues on how to approach the process.  Register for our upcoming preparation webinar to find out how to access and use a variety of free tools to help you with your MBA and Masters admission:
February 1, 2019
#11: ESSEC: A Boutique Model MBA (Interview)
We meet with Eric Lucrezia, Recruitment Manager at ESSEC Business School who tells us what their admission team pays most attention to in an MBA applicant and gives us some insight on what makes ESSEC unique.
January 25, 2019
#10: 4 Common MBA Essay Questions of B-School Applicants (Read Out Loud)
Hear some expert advice on the most common questions applicants ask about the MBA Essay, like what are the most common made mistakes? And also, should an MBA essay be checked professionally? Also, find out why researching the program that best corresponds to your career goals and personality is essential, and the importance of projecting a realistic and honest image of yourself in your writing.
November 16, 2018
#9: Critical Reasoning Question Types (Read Out Loud)
In this episode, Eliza Chute shares how you can easily identify the CR question types and gain speed and accuracy by focusing on the premise and conclusion.
November 5, 2018
#8: The Future of AI Courses in an MBA (Read Out Loud)
Are you curious about the latest technological trends in education? This episode presents the growing trend of AI courses in the MBA curriculum.
October 24, 2018
#7: Getting Admitted to ESADE Business School (Interview)
Are you curious what the requirements for admission to ESADE Business School are? We met with Yulia Koroleva, Admission Director of the school and got some answers during an AccessMBA event in Paris.
October 19, 2018
#6: Weapon of Choice: A Sharp MBA Essay (Read Out Loud)
Writing an MBA essay that reveals not only your strengths and weaknesses but your quirky character, will add a unique layer to your candidate profile. Listen to this episode for more tips to get inspired.
October 17, 2018
#5: GMAT IR Part II - Two-Part Analysis (Preparation Tutorial)
Join GMAT expert Dave in his second tutorial to discover how useful process of elimination can be when solving Two-Part Analysis questions in the IR section of the GMAT. This GMAT tutorial series produced by PrepAdviser and examPAL discusses essential aspects of the exam and offers valuable preparation tips. Stay tuned next week for GMAT IR Part III: Table Analysis!
October 15, 2018
#4: The IESE MBA: Global By Design (School Presentation)
Want to learn what a truly international MBA is? Find out what makes IESE’s MBA, Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA three of the world’s most global programs.
October 12, 2018
#3: GMAT IR Part I - Graphics Interpretation (Preparation Tutorial)
Listen to an introduction to the Graphics Interpretation in the GMAT Integrated Reasoning section. Questions in this section fall into four separate categories: Graphics Interpretation, Two-part Analysis, Table Analysis, and Multi-source Reasoning. This is the first part of Integrated Reasoning out of four. Don’t miss the remaining three episodes!
October 12, 2018
#2: The International MBA at IE Business School (Interview)
In this interview, Joel McConnell, Director for International Development for Europe and Central Asia at ‎IE Business School, discusses some of the most important aspects to remember when applying to a top MBA program.
October 11, 2018
#1: A Second Opinion on Your Application (Read Out Loud)
This episode presents Stacy Blackman’s approach on how to seek valuable advice and ignore unsolicited suggestions.
October 10, 2018