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Prequel Sequel Remake: Movie and Comedy Podcast

Prequel Sequel Remake: Movie and Comedy Podcast

By PrequelSequelRemake
Comedians pitch absurd and creative prequels, sequels and remakes for films that don't need them! Each episode features a prequel, sequel and remake plus a candid discussion of the film in question. Wonder what a prequel for Ready Player One or Space Jam 2 would look like? Give us a listen and find out! New episodes every other Wednesday.

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Holiday Special 2020 (Vote to Save The Christmas Telethon) | Prequel Sequel Remake
Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum! Scott, Desmond and Peter are hosting a telethon to bring Christmas to every child every single day of the year. Unfortunately for them, Santa Claus has different plans... Prequel Sequel Remake favorites Ray Liotta, John Leguizamo, Tommy Wiseau, Howard Stern, and more are here to help celebrate the reason for the season: presents. Join us for our 2020 Holiday Special and have a holly jolly laughing good time! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
December 22, 2020
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? | Prequel Sequel Remake
Disney, Warner Brothers, and a whole lot of big wigs help craft a cinematic detente in order to produce one of the finest meldings of live-action and animation: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This absolute classic features wonderful performances by Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd, as well as hand-drawn animation which you could put against any other animated film.  Join us as we launch a Blitzkrieg of a sequel, an all-too-well thought out sequel, and a Friends-worthy spin-off on this week's episodde of Prequel Sequel Remake! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
September 16, 2020
Pluto Nash | Prequel Sequel Remake
Oh great, its Eddie Murphy in his particularly bad period. When a movie makes The Haunted Mansion and Daddy Day Care look like a crowning achievement in comparison, you know you’re in for a “treat.” This movie is often regarded as one of the biggest cinematic bombs in history but it’s really seldom talked about: why? Well, dive into the moon-tastic adventure that is Pluto Nash with the Prequel, Sequel, Remake boys! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
July 1, 2020
Pulp Fiction!
What do you know: it's a good movie this time! It’s everyone’s favorite Quentin Tarantino film and dorm room poster! Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield (Travolta and Sam Jackson respectively) operate in the world of organized crime under their boss Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). The gang gets in all sorts of crazy coinkydinks including blowing the back off of someone’s skull, enjoying a big kahuna burger, and the Bonnie Situation. Bruce Willis plays a boxer, Uma Thurman plays a failed TV actress and current cokehead, but what are we doing briefly summarizing Pulp Fiction for? You’ve either seen this movie, or it’s been long enough that you’ve said you’ve seen this movie and want us to just move along. 
May 6, 2020
Talks: Goldeneye!
Pierce Brosnan burst onto the Bond scene in 1995's classic: GoldenEye! This movie really did the work to bring Bond into the modern era with higher paced action, a thrilling score, and the unabashed star power of Joe Don Baker.  Is it the best Bond? Is it the worst Bond? Do we spend most of the episode talking about the amazing video game adaptation? Listen and find out! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
March 25, 2020
Episode 32: Hackers
What kind of movie do you make about computer hacking before Windows '95 is out? Well, apparently this one! Hackers is a cult classic of incredibly mind-boggling proportions. Our lovable heroes spend the whole movie screwing with each other and committing a gleeful number of crimes in an attempt to "Hack the Planet." What does hacking the planet entail? Apparently surfing through the 3D realized 1995 era internet at speeds of 3! Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie have a chemistry that will make you say "What? They got married after this thing?" Matthew Lillard dances around in a Jean-Paul Gauthier nightmare. Fischer Stevens is here in the hammiest performance of his unfortunate career. Honestly... this thing is a TON of fun and totally worth checking out! And we hope you'll stick around for our prequel, sequel and remake for... HACKERS! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
March 4, 2020
Episode 31: Air Force One!
Back in the 90’s, you used to be able to hear the words “Harrison Ford” and “Plane” in the same sentence without being filled with abject terror. Before he was crashing planes of his own, Harrison Ford was telling terrorists to “Get off my plane.” Air Force One is the second best airplane based action movie to come out in 1997. We have Harrison Ford awkwardly punching, Glenn Close in a conference room, and Gary Oldman just Gary Oldmaning the heck out of things! Also a lot of open gunfire and explosions in a pressurized vessel with little to no consequences. Just… just watch Con Air instead. Get off our plane for Air Force One! Skip to the prequel, sequel, and remake at: 35:45 Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
February 12, 2020
Holiday Special: A Very Merry Prequel, Sequel, Remakes-Mas
It's a holiday treat from your friends at Prequel, Sequel, Remake! Cozy up with us in our Christmas cabin for a holly jolly time of presents, celebrity guests, commercials, musical performances, multi level marketing, commercials, and a whole lot more! All your favorites are bound to stop by... and also Jack Frost. Have a Very Merry Prequel, Sequel, Remakes-Mas! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
December 18, 2019
Best of Season Three!
Ahoy me hearties! Season three was a ton of fun, we went Hawaiian with Beetlejuice, jammed with the Jack Frost band, and really connected in Miami. Now as is the tradition as we roll over into a new season, we're gonna reflect at the season that was and select our three favorite installments. What will make the cut? You'll have to listen to find out! Plus - get a taste of what will be on the table for Season Four. Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
December 4, 2019
Miami Connection!
We absolutely love this earnestly terrible little flick. There is just so much to love, and to unpack, about YK Kim's Miami Connection. Ninjas have invaded Miami - wait Orlando. Why are they there? Drugs maybe. Or maybe it's money. Does it end up mattering? Not really! The only ones who can stop them: a crack team of orphaned college students in their mid thirties and their ninja themed rock band, Dragon Sound. Will you hear their two songs over and over again? Heck yes you will. Will you care? Heck yeah you won't!  Want to skip to the stories? Head to the 57:23. Yep, this one's a long one. But we just love Miami Connection so! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
October 30, 2019
Episode 29: E.T!
It's Spielberg's classic prequel to Mac N Me; E.T. The Extra Terrestrial! When Stevey wasn't busy exploring Close Encounters of the Third Kind or raiding some lost arks, he was making movies for the kids! Yes, terrible child actors and obnoxious teens galore! Children learn about life, death, and the swift arm of the US Government in this timeless classic. Is it responsible for Stranger Things? Is it better than Mac N Me? Is it creepy as hell to look at? Find out in this week's episode! You wanna phone home? Skip to the Prequels, Sequels and Remakes at time code 30:22 Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
September 11, 2019
Episode 28: Dirty Work
In what is clearly our most anticipated episode ever - we're doing a deep dive into DIRTY WORK. Yeah, remember the 90's screwball comedy with Norm MacDonald and Artie Lange? Well get ready to hear about it in more exhaustive detail than you ever thought possible! Seriously, even if you haven't seen Dirty Work or don't particularly care for it, you really need to stay tuned for these prequels, sequels and remakes (starts at time code 40:23) Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
June 12, 2019
Talks: Wayne's World!
Schwing! It’s Party Time: EXCELLENT. Who could forget Mike Myers and Dana Carvey’s legendary 90’s comedy responsible for the revival of Bohemian Rhapsody and Rob Lowe’s career? Does this classic of yesteryear hold up? How would we make a prequel, sequel or remake to Wayne’s World? Does a sphincter say what? Find out in this week’s episode! Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
May 29, 2019
Super Mario Bros!
 Get that Detective Pikachu outta here! It’s time to show ya’ what a REAL video game movie is! Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, and Dennis Hopper starred in this unfortunate adaptation of the Nintendo classic: Super Mario Bros. Does it make sense? Does it flow nicely? Does it try its best? Well… you’ll just have to listen to find out!  Join us this week for a medically induced prequel, a hard hitting sequel, and an honestly more imaginative remake! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
May 10, 2019
Episode 26: Good Burger
Welcome to Good Burger, home of said Good Burger, can WE take your order? Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson star in this “charming” “coming of age” “comedy” that will leave you wondering, “Who did Abe Vigoda slight to end up in this trash?” Kel plays Ed, a hapless burger slinger with a heart of gold, while Kenan plays Dexter, a generally awful human being who borders on being a sociopath. Fun? Will this 90’s nostalgia fest stand the test of time? Listen to find out! We dive into a SkyNet inspired prequel, a brutalistic sequel, and a Gordon Ramsey sponsored remake. Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
March 27, 2019
Prequel Sequel Remake Talks Blade!
Before Blade and Wesley Snipes jump into the MCU, the Prequel Sequel Remake boys are gonna jump in and discuss the finer points of Superhero Movies of yesteryear. Does the original hold up? And what up Guillermo Del Toro's ragtag sequel? Or the "definitely not IRS incentivized" threequel? Who are we kidding, you know exactly how well Blade Trinity holds up.  Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
March 13, 2019
The First Annual Castors!
The Oscars may be over but The Castors are just beginning! This isn't your Daddy's Oscar recap show, this is an academic award. All of the stars are here: Captain Costner, Proot, Jonny Legs, and more. Tune in, for what will certainly be a spectacle for the senses. Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
February 25, 2019
Prequel Sequel Remake Talks: The Mask!
Jim Carrey was positively SMOKING in this 90s comedy staple - it’s THE MASK! Cameron Diaz turned in an incredibly thoughtful performance, the CGI actually aged well, and those scenes of the Mask yucking it up are just as fun as you remember. Especially the musical numbers! Unfortunately, Jamie Kennedy had to go and star in *shudder* Son of the Mask nearly 11 years later so we can’t cover it on the main show. But we’re gonna talk about it! We’re gonna talk about them, to be precise. Don’t miss Prequel Sequel Remake Talks: The Mask Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
February 6, 2019
Episode 25: Con Air
John Malkovich plays a sinister criminal, Nic Cage has a criminal hair style, and John Cusack is sure to face criminal indictments - that’s right it’s CON AIR! This ridiculous action schlock fest is the pinnacle of 90’s action excess movies. Dave Chapelle even gets tossed out an aeroplane! Did this big ol’ splosion fest survive the test of time? Find out today! Join us for a peanut butter and jelly prequel, a naval powered sequel, and a remake brought to you by Kermit “the” Frog. Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
January 24, 2019
Prequel Sequel Remake Talks: Anaconda!
Anaconda is such a joy to watch! Jon Voight, J Lo, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson and what was surely a great CGI snake at the time!  But unfortunately it doesn’t qualify for the main show. We love this movie so much that we launched a brand new format just so we could rant about it. Listen to us discuss the ins and outs of this strangely casted, incredibly expensive, 90’s creature feature with perhaps the oddest performance of the decade from Jon Voight as Mr. Paul Sarone. Prequel Sequel Remake Talks - Anaconda! Official site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
January 9, 2019
Episode 24: Jack Frost!
No, *not* the one with the murdering Snowman. Michael Keaton is an inattentive Dad who cares more about his blues career than his loving family. Good news: he dies unceremoniously! Happy Holidays! Unfortunate for his family, Dad comes back from the dead as an unconvincing and horrifying Snowman puppet. Fun?! Join us for a very illicit prequel, a sequel presented by National Lampoon, and a Hallmark Original remake. Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
December 19, 2018
Episode 23: Tank Girl!
Happy #Tanksgiving! This week, we #GiveTanks for Tank Girl with very special guest Brock Wilbur! Tank Girl is basically Bugs Bunny with a Tank. Jet Girl is basically Butters with a Jet. Malcolm McDowell is... Malcolm McDowell. Honestly, it's a movie that probably gets too much flack with some charming moments and some cool animation. Also a lot of scummy dudes but that sadly applies to a lot of movies. Join us for a wild west vacation prequel, a sequel that's more bottle than tank, a remake that that's Road Warrior adjacent, and a spinoff that will ensure you're prepped for doomsday. Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
November 28, 2018
Episode 22: Wreck it Ralph
Before Ralph Breaks The Internet - the Prequel, Sequel, Remake boys are wrecking Ralph! It's a charming Disney Animated film that's sort of about video games but is more about finding and accepting YOURSELF... also video games. Did we bitcrush this beast or did we give it a high score? Listen to find out! Log on for a documentarian's prequel, a dark and stormy sequel, and a remake that's well... listen and find out! Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
November 14, 2018
Episode 21: Beetlejuice
It's Halloween so it's... SHOWTIME! This week we take on the Tim Burton classic starring an excessively gross Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice! What did the guys think of this 30 year old, macabre comedy? You'll have to listen to find out! Join us, won't you, for a GROG-tastic prequel (27:40), a sequel that dares to ask "Must we go tropical?" (49:50), and a remake that's a real monster mash (1:10:01). Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
October 31, 2018
Halloween Memories and Scary Movie Suggestions!
In this first ever conversational installment of the pod, the PSR boys take a little bit of time out of their busy schedules to reflect on their favorite memories of Halloweens of yesteryear. Plus, more scary movie suggestions than you can shake a candy corn flavored stick at (spoilers: none of the films in the Scary Movie franchise are included). What did they pick? Listen to find out!
October 24, 2018
Best of Season Two!
Another season of Prequel Sequel Remake is in the books! We explored such WONDROUS works of cinema as Howard The Duck, Shark Tale, Wild Wild West, and other films, I'm sure. Which Prequels, sequels and remakes were our favorites from the last ten episodes? Listen and find out! Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
October 16, 2018
Episode 20: Matthew Blackheart Monster Smasher
It's the finale of season two. You know what that means? Time to explore another movie that REALLY shouldn't exist - it's Garbage Mountain! This week's Halloween time fun is MATTHEW BLACKHEART MONSTER SMASHER. Contrary to the name, Matthew does little monster smashing, nor monster mashing for that matter. He mostly calls monsters "bogeys" and spits out one liners that would make Kevin Smith turn over in his grave if he were dead, or had a history of making one liners. What could be better?! Join us this week for a TWISTED prequel (29:05), a sequel from the back of the comic convention (42:20), and a very (red) scary remake (59:30) Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
October 10, 2018
Episode 19: Shaun of the Dead!
It's Halloween so it's time to for things to get real SPOOKY! We're kicking this month off with the zombie movie that left the U.K. hungry for more Cornettos: Shaun of the Dead. It's a rare comedy that's both perennially rewatchable and also features a dude totally getting ripped in half. It's horrifying. Did we mention this is actually a movie about overcoming complacency? And zombies. But mostly the first thing. Join us for a whiskey soaked prequel (27:12), a blood sucking sequel (43:23), and a remake presented by Rob Zombie (55:02). Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
October 2, 2018
Episode 18: Wild Wild West!
It's the Wild Wild West y'all! It's our very first guest y'all! This unfortunate footnote in Will Smith's career was just too much for us to handle alone, so our old pal Aaron hopped on the cast to help us out. Honestly, we *really* didn't want to dislike this movie but there's only so much this lonesome cowpoke can take. Particularly where The Wild Wild West is concerned. Join us for a prequel where you'll follow the Brave Star (34:50), a sequel starring a drunken inventor (57:00), an incredibly Silicon Valley remake (1:12:40), and a spinoff brought to you by the sultry tones of Alec Baldwin (1:34:10). Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
September 18, 2018
Episode 17: Matilda
Move over Carrie - there's a NEW girl with psychokinesis in town. Matilda is a charming, children's film from the mid 90's directed by Danny Devito and Starring Mara Wilson. Did we put this one in the chokey or were we laughing umbeway? Find out this week! Join us for a prequel where stranger things have happened (36:38), an INCREDIBLY confrontational sequel (1:04:20), and a remake you're sure to see again in twenty five years (1:28:00). Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
September 4, 2018
Episode 16: Howard The Duck!
OH DUCK OFF! George Lucas decided to go out of his way to destroy every copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special but THIS gets a pass? We're quacking under pressure for this week's episode: Howard The Duck! Reading this, you can assume we did not like this movie, and that's not true. We HATED this movie, but we LOVED how much fun we had writing new spinoffs for this cinematic disaster. Join us for a prequel that's like a box of chocolates (28:25), a documentarian's sequel that stares into the abyss (48:13 ), and a proper remake which inserts Howard into a *certain* cinematic universe (1:10:41). Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
August 21, 2018
Peter's Trivia Corral: Howard The Duck!
Get yourself on the hitching post and the ol' cattle... thing - it's Peter's Trivia Corral: Howard The Duck style! Ever wanted to know more about Howard the Duck and other things vaguely related to Howard the Duck? FANTASTIC! Can you answer these questions, or will you quack under pressure? Find out if this trivia fits the bill in this week's bonus episode! Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
August 16, 2018
Episode 15: Pineapple Express!
Grab your best "bud" - it's the ten year anniversary of Pineapple Express! In celebration of 10 years of medicinal herb related comedy, we took a deep dive into this defining comedy of Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Danny McBride's careers. Would we pass the dutchie on the left hand side? Would we puff puff pass on this? Listen to find out! Join us this week for a prequel that will leave you JONEZ-ing (28:32), a Coen Brothers sequel (55:54), and a modern as hell remake (1:23:38). Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
August 9, 2018
Peter's Trivia Corral: Pineapple Express
Gather 'round pardners, we're gonna have ourselves an old fashioned trivia standoff; it's Peter's Trivia Corral! This week, Desmond and Scott go head to head answering the finest and oddest artisanal trivia about next week's film: Pineapple Express. How HIGH can you score? Test your knowledge of Franco, Rogen, McBride and Stoner Comedies in general and get hyped for next week's episode! Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
July 31, 2018
Episode 14: The Fifth Element
Get your LeeLoo Dallas and your multipass -- it's THE FIFTH ELEMENT! This week we delve into Luc Besson's sci fi masterpiece with fantastic performances by everyone involved, concise story telling, still serviceable special effects, and the most Jean Paul Gauthier style wardrobe this side of a Paris Runway! What did we think of this Sci-Fi staple? And why would we imagine prequels, sequels and remakes of it? Join us this week for a KUH-RAY-ZEE prequel (23:53), a Shyamalan sequel (44:35), and a manhood shattering remake (1:07:35). Wanna be heard? Send us a voice message on the Anchor App - you might appear on a future episode: Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
July 24, 2018
Episode 13: Cast Away!
Tom Hanks rides the Federal Express in this week's installment... CAST AWAY! Hanks stars alongside America's sweet heart, Wilson the Volleyball (himself) in this intriguing look into what would happen if a beloved actor was marooned alone on an island in the South Pacific. Join us for a Looney prequel (20:30), a volleyball starring sequel (38:35), and a remake as full of intrigue as it is madlibs (56:38). Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
July 10, 2018
Best of Season One + Viewer Mail!
It's a BONUS EPISODE! Tune in as we answer YOUR questions. Plus, we pick our favorite prequel, sequel and remake from season one and reflect on them in detail. Will your favorite make the cut? Listen to find out! Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
July 3, 2018
Episode 12: The Rock
The Rock: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love a Michael Bay Film. Ed Harris, Sean Connery, and Nic Cage star in this surprisingly sympathetic take on veteran affairs for a film which also features holding San Francisco hostage under the imminent threat of rocket propelled acid bombs (Seriously). Connery may or may not be James Bond, Harris is earnest and compelling, and Nic Cage is Nic Cage. Listen up for a faithful prequel featuring a Nic Cage Crossover (17:12), a low budget sequel brought to you by the WWE (39:02), and a remake that's fit to "Escape From New York" (56:34). Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
June 19, 2018
Episode 11: Shark Tale!
Dreamworks; the makers of Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon, and this shameless attempt to cash in on the success of Finding Nemo humbly dubbed "Shark Tale!" We threatened to do this in an earlier episode, and NOW we've done it to show you WE MEAN BUSINESS! From unfortunately animated aquatic life, rampant racial stereotypes, and the vocal stylings of Martin Scorsese, Shark Tale is really something else. Join us for a childish and care free prequel (17:17), a dour and harsh sequel featuring everyone's favorite pufferfish (36:02), and a remake that looks into man's lust for debauchery (49:28) Or... fish's I suppose. Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
June 5, 2018
Episode 10: Train Quest!
It's the best worst movie you've never seen! In a *very* special episode, we introduce to you a "so bad it's good" film deep from our archives of movies bought from the bargain bin at Grocery Outlet (True story). Train Quest is Tron but with Trains. And no money. So much no money. You won't believe how much no money there is, but you WILL believe that there are Ferris Bueller direct addresses, horrendous makeup, and the kid from Teen Wolf... for some reason. Join us for a mostly improvised prequel (18:49), a comprehensive retrospective of a sequel (33:11), and... TRON QUEST (56:40). Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
May 22, 2018
Episode 09: Ready Player One
Steven Spielberg took five minutes off from directing "The Post" to ham-fist together this hodge podge of nostalgia dubbed "Ready Player One!" This movie dares to ask the questions "Hey, have you seen this?" Or "Do you remember this?" We had... feelings about it. Many. Feelings. Join us for a Parker Brothers helmed prequel (22:14), a similar yet different sequel (40:30), and a remake which far surpasses the original (58:34). Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
May 8, 2018
Episode 08: Spice World
SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! The director of "That Darn Cat" and the writer of "From Justin To Kelly" joined together with the biggest pop group of 1997 to bring us "Spice World!" Your favorite film from your favorite band you would never admit to your friends you loved. It's a feature length pseudo meta, pseudo concert film, pseudo big budget comedy and it's exactly what you'd expect from the parties involved. Join us, for a James Bond fueled prequel (14:25), a bloody Tarantino sequel (30:50), and a remake (47:37) that will leave you saying JINKIES! For an extra good time, drink every time we say "Comedy Set-piece" or "Comedy Vignette." Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
April 24, 2018
Episode 07: Kazaam
Kazaam! Shaq is a genie for a latch key kid. Shaq raps a lot. CD bootlegging is heavily involved. Did we mention this director never directed a film again? This week, Desmond crafts a Tolkein-esque prequel (22:46), Scott explores the fictional history of music piracy in his sequel (40:16), and Peter shows utter contempt for the works of Aaron Sorkin in his remake (1:01:08). Join us as we dive into this regrettable 90’s family film featuring a regrettable amount of Shaquille O’Neal! Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
March 27, 2018
Episode 06: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ferris Bueller! He’s beloved by all, completely full of himself, pretty persnickety, and, despite it all, not a douche! He’s actually kind of swell. This week, we dive into this 80’s coming-of-age favorite, then imagine a prequel (16:08) with as much Meatwad as knife related violence, a sequel (34:10) that delves into a favorite fan theory and a not so favorite Kevin Spacey Alien Film, and a remake (54:36) which is Bottle Rocket, but much cooler, and even more symmetrical! Join us, won’t you, for Episode 06: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
March 13, 2018
Episode 05: Waterworld
A clearly disgruntled Kevin Costner tries to save the Waterworld in... WATERWORLD! It's not Mad Max, it's not Free Willy, it's not even Weekend at Bernies 2. It's an overly expensive, overly long, and overly... "pissed" film. We didn't like it! But we sure liked making new additions to the Waterworld Cinematic Universe. Listen to how Rob Reiner would make a prequel (12:15), or how Wes Anderson would craft a sequel (23:00), or maybe even a Christopher Nolan produced remake (45:57).
February 20, 2018
Episode 04: Space Jam
COME ON AND SLAM, IF YOU WANT TO JAM! It’s time for everyone’s favorite Michael Jordan, Looney Tunes crossover since those Hanes commercials - SPACE JAM. Look, Space Jam isn’t a great movie, but it IS the best movie. We kick things off with our prequel (10:38) which is a bit more Fargo meets Rugrats than Space Jam. We hope you like violence! Our sequel (22:30) is more traditional, insofar that it has all the basketball and product placement you could possibly want. Plus Daffy Duck curb-stomping! We finish things off with our remake (37:15) which brings Tron, Space Jam, The Mandela Effect, and pay-to-pay video games together in the manner they were obviously destined to be. Enjoy this week’s episode!
February 6, 2018
Episode 03: Volcano
There’s a volcano in L.A. Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche have to stop it somehow. Don Cheadle literally phones in his performance. We absolutely hated this movie. Listen as we tear this to shreds, and share new installments including a surfing Vin Diesel, Volcano Ants, and Boyhood except with a volcano. It’s VOLCANO!
January 30, 2018
Episode 02: Deep Blue Sea
Renny Harlin had a dream: and that dream was to out do Jaws in the most excessive way imaginable! Will LL Cool J return to the Deep Blue Sea? Will Jean Claude Van Damme be involved? Find out in this episode!
January 23, 2018
Episode 01: Face/Off
In this first episode, we discuss potential prequels, sequels and remakes for the John Woo, Nic Cage and Travolta Classic - Face/Off!
January 11, 2018