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PreSales Takeover Podcast

PreSales Takeover Podcast

By Audrey Jaspart, Luke Donnelly, Lorna Dowd and Sarah Finlay
Everyone knows what a salesperson does. But not everyone knows what a PreSales does. So on this podcast, PreSales is taking the mic. That's why we call it the PreSales Takeover Podcast. Audrey, Luke, Sarah and Lorna work in tech companies in Ireland as PreSales Consultants, aka Sales Engineers or Solution Consultants (SCs). We chat about the life of a PreSales - what is a PreSales, what skills are required and much more. Together, we're part of the PreSales Collective Ireland, a branch of the global PreSales Collective of 2,000 SCs elevating the role of PreSales worldwide!
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Pre-Sales: Working with Sales
In this episode, the team discusses pre-sales collaborating with sales people - what are the best ways of working together? When does a sales rep typically bring a pre-sales consultant into a deal? What's the right balance, and who should be doing what? How have SaaS and cloud changed the profile of a typical account executive, and how has this influenced the working relationship between sales and pre-sales?  Is it true that the more experienced a sales rep is, the more they rely on pre-sales to be a trusted advisor? Does the sales exec's age or business background influence the way they work with pre-sales? We pre-sales live in admiration of the resilience of our sales colleagues. Is all we want a 'thank you' and a pat on the back? Tune in to find out more!
February 16, 2021
What Makes a Great Pre-Sales Consultant?
In this episode , the team considers the mix of attributes that distinguish a great pre-sales consultant, including curiosity, openness to learning, sales skills, tech skills, empathy (that word again!) and tenaciousness. We play with a few more analogies, including that of skin care. 
February 2, 2021
What Is A Pre-Sales Consultant?
In our first episode, we take a look at what is a Sales Engineer, or a Solution Consultant (SC).  The four of us, Audrey, Luke, Sarah and Lorna are SCs working in various companies in the tech industry. We discuss what is an SC, and how do we explain what we do to friends and family. Are we a master of all trades? Are we all technical? Or storytellers? Or both?  How important is empathy and how does it make the role more labour-intensive? Listen now to find out how being a PreSales is like being one part real-estate agent, one part teacher...
November 3, 2020