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Prescott Woman Podcast

Prescott Woman Podcast

By Prescott Woman Magazine
We are locals supporting local. Prescott Woman Podcast celebrates the women leaders within our community. Every month join our hosts as we introduce you to women that are making a difference in business, health, education, non-profits, and more. ­If you are interested in learning about dynamic women that are working to create a balanced community, this is the podcast for you.
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Falling in Love with the Great Outdoors - An adventurous conversation with Amanda Foster
Do you spend every minute you can outdoors?  Do you love adventure? Does time among the trees and dirt and sky recharge your batteries? OR, are you feeling a little sluggish and penned up and do you sort _wish_ you spent more time outside? Our guest, Amanda Foster, is a 2nd generation Prescottonian who has worked in the outdoor industry for over 25 years. She’s an outdoor educator and mentor and advocate who loves seeing others fall in love with wilderness, knowing they will also want to protect our natural treasures. As owner of the Hike Shack, Amanda is a pillar of the local business community and in her free time, she continues to enjoy a wide range of outdoors activities. Hiking and trail running, bow hunting, fly fishing, river rafting, dirt biking are just a few.  She tells us how spending time outdoors helps her stay sane and how matching the right people to the activity makes it more fun and sustainable. Amanda shares the smart way to get started outdoors, for those of us who are indoor cats, like me,  and some really important dos and don’ts for everyone. If you are interested in how human well-being, the natural world, and community intersect, you’ll love this talk with Amanda Foster. Welcome to the Prescott Woman Podcast. This is an audio supplement of Prescott Woman Magazine.
June 20, 2021
Home-makers with Grit: Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity
How does a hand UP help a family and our community?  How does stable, affordable housing impact life?  Find out how our featured Quad Cities nonprofit, Habitat for Humanity works to give families a fighting chance, not only to survive but to become valuable contributors to our community. Alice Ayers and Gail Martin have both worked at Prescott Area Habitat for years because they continue to be moved by the mission that provides struggling families with real hope.  Alyce is the Director of Community Relations and Events, responsible for getting the message OUT and drawing more support IN. Gail is Director of Volunteers Services and gets to place community members in purposeful, meaningful roles like building houses, supporting the Habitat ReStore, and so on. Both Alyce and Gail are joyful evangelists for the work Habitat does to make decent housing available to as many people as possible, here in our community.  They have both witnessed the miraculous transformations that can happen when families move into a home that they actually own. In this episode of the Prescott Woman Podcast, we talk about the joys this work provides them, the current challenges that Habitat is facing, and how we can all lend a hand. Grab your hammers and let’s go! For more information visit
May 4, 2021
Power Couple with a Passion for Service
What would you think about newcomers who moved to the Quad Cities, rolled up their sleeves and got all the way into the hard work of advocating for and educating us, devoting themselves to our economic development and the care of our most vulnerable? How about, "Welcome!" and "Thank you!!" Guest Bios: Our guests this episode grace the April/May cover of Prescott Woman Magazine and have called Prescott Valley home for the last 4 years.  Lesley Jenkins is the regional director for the Alzheimer’s Association Southwest Chapter, which is based here in Prescott.  Her husband, Rodney Jenkins is the Vice President of Community Relations and Student Development at Yavapai College.  In their long careers of service, Lesley has worked in media relations and a host of nonprofits and Rodney has been a successful political organizer and municipal official.  The thread throughout their career seems to be about weaving people together with the resources they need to live their best lives. Stay tuned for a lot of laughter, a bit of courtship timeline debate, community compassion, and inspiration as we talk with these two accomplished, passionate leaders about their work to make things better for all of us here in the Prescott area. This is the Prescott Woman Podcast, an audio supplement of Prescott Woman Magazine and we’re your hosts Kelly Roberge and Charles Matheus. Alright - let’s get local! SHOW NOTES:  10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's Alzheirmer's Association Desert Southwest Chapter Latest News from Yavapai College
April 2, 2021
Teens Who are Making Prescott Better Together
After the protests and turmoil that unfolded in downtown Prescott last summer, what action did you take? Most of us talked about it with our friends and associates, maybe took it to social media.  But how many of us actually DID something?  But the teens on the Launch Pad’s Teen Advisory Council got moving to address the rift that showed itself so dramatically on Courthouse Plaza.  It’s a rift that had been seeping through the cracks of our culture all along and many of our local teens were seeing it in their schools long before it erupted downtown. A few teens from the Launch Pad Center worked together to create a series of facilitated discussions about race and racism in several local high schools. Our guests on this episode share their personal experiences with racism, as well as their contributions to facilitating the tough conversations with their peers that will help us all heal as a community and live up to our claim as Everybody’s Hometown. In this we get to talk with 4 members of the Teen Advisory Council about what motivated them to get involved in the conversation about racial justice and what TAC is doing to address the issue in area high schools. A few tips to help the listener: Keep in mind that the teens were together in the same room sharing a microphone, so they were masked up to keep themselves and each other safe.  Some of their voices are hard to hear what they have to say is worth the effort. Also, this episode starts with a “check in” the traditional way TAC starts all their meetings. A check in is a chance for everyone to introduce themselves and speak a little bit about what’s on their minds. Lastly, you’ll notice that, in the check in, the teens mention what pronouns they prefer. This pronoun announcement might seem foriegn to some listeners but it is becoming a standard way for people to introduce themselves and to make a conversation safer and more welcoming for anyone who might not fit the usual gender definitions. Get ready to be impressed and inspired by these smart, mature young women who are doing the real work of making Prescott better… together.
March 7, 2021
Wedding Extravaganza!
Spring is in the air despite the occasional snowstorm. Love is in the air, despite the social distancing. It must be time to talk weddings! Weddings are the most universal and meaningful ritual in our culture and Prescott is the perfect place for two people to get hitched. Charles and I got married here, surrounded by our friends and in sight of Granite Mountain. It’s a weekend we’ll never forget. On this episode of Prescott Woman Podcast, we talk to some wedding professionals who are in the business of making a couple’s most special day as beautiful, memorable, and stress-free as possible These women are passionate, smart, and dedicated to their craft and it was a pleasure for us to get a glimpse into their wonderful world of weddings!
February 8, 2021
The Power of Crazy Ideas - An Interview with Jessi Hans
What’s it like combating an entrenched problem like homelessness during a pandemic?  What skills and mindset make the difference in good times and bad? How does one get selected Prescott Woman of the Year? Find out from Coalition for Compassion and Justice Executive Director, Jessi Hans.  In 2018, Jessi and her team set the bold (Crazy?) intention to end homelessness in Prescott.  Since Covid, they have redoubled their efforts to house every member of the Prescott community and connect their clients to the services that will help get them back on their feet and back to their lives.  We talk with Jessi about the Housing First philosophy, leading her team with authenticity and transparency, the value of partnerships, and how to stay human when things get tough. After 16 years in the human services field, Jessi Hans has an understanding of how addiction, trauma, mental illness, and systemic barriers can put people out on the street. Jessi takes a collaborative approach to problem-solving, bringing together people and organizations with the gifts and skillsets to make meaningful progress on difficult problems.  She also works consciously to shift the narrative around people experiencing homelessness to help everyone see what she sees: human beings, citizens, neighbors, members of the community. Born and raised in Iowa, Jessi earned her B.F.A. at Northwest Missouri State University and she’s lived in Arizona since 2005. She has a wife and three young children. Jessi enjoys quality time with her family, traveling, reading, creating art, and singing. Jessi was recently named Women of the Year by Prescott Area Leadership. When we asked her the uncomfortable question of why she was chosen for this honor, she told us she thought the award honored her role more than her actions. We think she might be being too humble, but we’ll let you decide why you think Jessi deserves the win.
December 6, 2020
Women of Service - Turning Passion into Change
When was the last time you walked into a room of your peers wearing the perfect pair of shoes for you - Just the right clothes to make you feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in the world? For many local teens living in low-income households or families affected by addiction or homelessness this feeling was a distant dream until they met the team at Teen Closet.  Staff and volunteers work with teens not only to find the perfect look and fit, but to build relationships that let young people who are living with big challenges know that they are not alone, not forgotten. Welcome to the Prescott Woman Podcast In this episode we get to talk with Krystal Koons and Diane DeLong about the magic of the right pair of shoes in a teen’s life and the opportunity that their personal shopping service gives them to get to know some extraordinary teens, help them find their gifts, and make our community brighter. You’ll hear these two passionate, intelligent women explain the difference between charity and empowerment, and you’ll hear inspiring success stories about the young people they serve. You’ll also hear their concerns about the new challenges facing teens and the one thing parents should NOT do in response. Show notes: North Star Youth Programs Teen Closet Amazon Wishlist Prescott Athena Awards Prescott Woman Magazine Distribution Locations
November 1, 2020
A Doctor with Heart
On this month’s episode, you'll learn a lot about the heart and how a local “rock star” Cardiac Electrophysiologist is using the latest hi-tech methods, collaborative leadership, and deep compassion to heal hearts and people. Welcome to the Prescott Woman Podcast, the monthly audio companion to Prescott Woman Magazine. Hosts Kelly Roberge and Charles Matheus are a curious couple who explore the rich array of talent, personality, and engagement they find throughout the Quad Cities.  Each episode engages in a relaxed and inquisitive conversation with the people featured in the pages of Prescott Woman Magazine, discovering more about how they are working to make our community better. This month we get to spend an hour with a woman who is a smart and accomplished cardiac physician, but what we came away with was the unshakable sense of her incredibly powerful love and compassion as a healer, family member, and leader in our community. Dr. Nisha Tung is a Cardiac Electrophysiologist - a self-described electrician of the heart -  at Yavapai Regional Medical Center here in Prescott.  She went to med school in India and did residencies in North Dakota and Indiana before landing fellowships at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and at UCLA.  She was recruited by YRMC to develop the state-of-the-art cardiology program and facility that opened in August of 2015. A long way from her native India, Dr. Tung tells us about the grit it took for her to get here, the joy her work and patients bring her, and what community means.  We find out what a cardiac electrophysiologist IS, and take a bit of a dive into the technical side of modern heart medicine. We also find out what kind of little girl Dr. Tung was and how both family tragedy and traditions have influenced the path of her career. Stay tuned until the end for a slightly emotional moment AND for a critical heart-health tip for women. Show Notes: YRMC Article featuring Dr. Tung YRMC's Cardiac Cath Lab Go Red for Women - the American Heart Association's women's initiative Click for an animated explanation of artrial fibrillation Prescott Woman Resources: Magazine Pickup Locations
October 11, 2020
NACOG Revealed: The Team That Keeps Northern Arizona Working
What is NACOG?  We’ve all heard of it.  Most of us can’t seem to remember what it stands for.  But after this episode of the Prescott Woman Podcast, you will know and remember, thanks to Teri Drew, the smart and savvy director of the Economic/WorkForce wing of NACOG, the Northern Arizona Council of Governments.  They are doing the hard and important work of economic development, community support, early childhood education, and so much more.  They coordinate with local and county governments across Apache, Coconino, Navajo, and Yavapai counties here in Northern Arizona to make life better for all of us. Teri is with us today to talk about the work she has done for over 40 years to lift individuals out of poverty via career development and at the same time, support local businesses in building effective, sustainable workforces. Teri Drew works with 24 communities across Northern Arizona to help both workers and businesses build success. She currently serves as Chair of the Arizona Workforce Association (AWA) and was recently appointed to the United States Workforce Association (USWA). She has served on just about every workforce-related board and committee at local, state, and national levels during her long career. For complete show notes and links go to:
September 6, 2020
PUSD blazes a trail through the challenges of the “new normal.”
What will school look like this fall?  How do our school administrators make the decisions that will affect families with children and by extension, our whole community?  Get the inside view in this episode of the Prescott Woman Podcast with PUSD Superintendent Joe Howard and Assistant Superintendent Mardi Read. Welcome to the Prescott Woman Podcast, the monthly audio companion to Prescott Woman Magazine. We’re your hosts Kelly Roberge and Charles Matheus, a curious couple exploring the rich array of talent, personality, and engagement we find throughout the Quad Cities.  We dive deeper with the people featured every other month in the pages of Prescott Woman Magazine, discovering more about how they are working to make our community better. Our guests this episode are stalwart education leaders, Mardi Read and Joe Howard. Mardi Read graduated from UC Riverside with a BS in Environmental Science and worked in environmental consulting for 10 years. She moved to Prescott in 1997, where her father was raised and her grandmother was a teacher at PHS. Education and Prescott must be in Mardi’s bones, because she went on to earn her teaching credential and two master’s degrees - in educational technology and educational leadership. She worked for years in the classroom and as an administrator before becoming Assistant Superintendent of Prescott Unified School District.  Joe Howard also has the education of Prescott kids in his bones. Joe’s father Jim Howard was superintendent of schools in Prescott for years.  Joe has been the superintendent of the Prescott Unified School District for the last five years, guiding the district through budgetary, enrollment, and staffing challenges. Following his second year as superintendent, he received the prestigious Distinguished Administrator award from Arizona School Administrators. Joe and Mardi were very open and honest with us about the challenges of educating kids during a pandemic, especially considering the limited resources available and the rapidly changing situation. But they have come up with a clear plan that balances keeping kids safe while working hard to keep their education on track. There’s a treat at the end of the episode. Mardi, who’s clearly the historian of the pair, regales us with some stories about the early years of Prescott Unified School District, so listen for that. We think you will finish listening to this episode feeling more confident in our school administrators and more hopeful for the future of our kids. References & Show Notes: Prescott Unified School District PUSD Roadmap for Reopening  Prescott Woman Magazine  You can always pick up a magazine at these locations: Stepping Stones Thrift Stores – Prescott & Prescott Valley Rafter Eleven – Prescott Valley Yavapai Exceptional Industries – Prescott Purple Cat Bookstore – Prescott Wingspace Co-Working – Prescott Artisan Cleaners – Prescott Bella by Leah – Prescott Gateway Mall Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley Libraries Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Downtown Distribution Boxes located at: The Dinner Bell, Hotel St Michael, Murphy’s Restaurant, and the downtown US Post Office
July 26, 2020
Prescott Strong
What makes Prescott (and the rest of the Quad Cities) strong? What makes us unique and successful when things get tough? Our first episode attempts to answer those questions. In the spring of 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Prescott and the Quad Cities. We all started seeing the effects and the community felt the strain, but our collective community spirit and ingenuity rose in response. The writers and staff at Prescott Woman Magazine started collecting stories of that resilience and creativity and featured them in the June/July issue of the Magazine, with the headline, Prescott Strong. To further lift up those voices and our community story, Prescott Woman commissioned this oral history. The Prescott Strong Audio Chronicle is a collage of personal reflections and reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. We trust that you will find it inspiring and meaningful because these are the voices of your neighbors and friends. Show Notes: Thank you to the following women and men for contributing quotes: Deputy Police Chief Amy Bonney Claire Louge - executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Deputy Fire Chief Cory Moser Kerry Johnson - Special Education Teacher Tina Rose - Parent Jim Cabral - Owner of Gabby’s Grill Rachel Whisenand, Emergency Department Nurse, Yavapai Regional Medical Center Ariana Bennett - Parent Special thank you to our guests: Kaia Kordossky-Herrera, Physicians Assistant and owner of Prescott Complete Care Sasha Naasz, owner of The Movement Studio Carissa Johnson - English and Language Arts Teacher at Bradshaw Mountain Middle School  for sharing their trials and triumphs with us in extended interviews. Over a dozen other local citizens contributed quotes that you can read in the current June/July issue of Prescott woman magazine. The issue is available in locations throughout the Quad Cities and at The following local musicians provided the soundtrack to the episode. Follow these links to more of their music: Drew Hall & Anton Teschner on Facebook Candace Devine on Spotify Rachel Plays Guitar on Spotify Sugar and the Mint on the web. Kaileena Martin on Spotify Kelly Roberge narrated this podcast and Charles Matheus produced, recorded and engineered it. We hope you enjoyed hearing from and about your Quad Cities neighbors and businesses in this audio format. Please join us every month when we’ll share interviews and stories to inspire and engage you on the Prescott Woman Podcast.
June 7, 2020
Prescott Strong Trailer
A preview of the inaugural episode.
June 2, 2020