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Presentation Thinking™

Presentation Thinking™

By GhostRanch Communications
Mikey Mioduski and his presentation pals in and out of GhostRanch Communications have officially embarked upon a quest to become better storytellers. As we dive into this journey and pull every thread to step up our presentation game, we will be sharing our findings, insights, and interviews from some of the best thought leaders around, curating those tips and resources here, into your ears, on this special little podcast we call Presentation Thinking™.

Presented by GhostRanch Communications, a presentation design agency.
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#4. Daniel Pink's Masterclass on Sales and Persuasion, Discussed
Mikey and Bethany watch Daniel Pink's Masterclass on Sales and Persuasion, and then talk about it.
January 13, 2022
#3. The André with a Thousand Faces
Friend of the program, André Fernandes, Director of Strategy at GhostRanch Communications, joins the show to discuss the most recent book he's pulled off of his massive stack of storytelling reads. This week, Andre gives us a Cliffs Notes view of the "granddaddy of storytelling," Joseph Campbell's 1949, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces."  Big thanks to Andre for being our proxy and digging into beasts like Campbell so can do other stuff. Deeper down the storytelling rabbit hole we go. Enjoy!
December 23, 2021
#2. Mikey and Bethany Watch Judd Apatow's Master Class, and Talk About It.
Mikey and Bethany watch Judd Apatow's Masterclass teaching comedy. Well, not even the whole thing, just the chapter on pitching. It's a 13 minute chapter, and we somehow talk about it for like double that. Dig!
December 02, 2021
#1. Down the Storytelling Rabbit Hole We Go
Mikey introduces what is to come with Presentation Thinking, aka Adventures in Storytelling, aka Pitchin' Ain't Easy. It's a cool ten minutes and change, quickly setting up the what and why of this flavorful podcast. Let's start pulling some storytelling threads and get into this goodness!
November 30, 2021