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President University Student Union

President University Student Union

By President University Student Union
President University Student Union (PUSU) is a student organization that has a purpose to enrich the students’ lives during their study in President University with constructive extracurricular activities that support the process of leadership character building.
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[S1 EP 1] Evening Talk w/ the Former President of PUSU, Kak Yosua Samataro Mendrova!
So here's the first episode that we've been promising! This evening talk w/ Kak Yosua a.k.a. Former President of PUSU Rise Cabinet talks about the importance of leadership in his time, past experiences, and all the other topics that you don't want to miss! So what are you waitin' for? Let's tune in to the first episode and season of PUSU Podcast right now on your beloved platforms! (PUSU Podcast are now available in and Spotify)
June 19, 2020
PUSU PODCAST! - What do we do, who we are, and why we are here?
Welcome to the first Podcast of PUSU! PUSU a.k.a. President University Student Union is an executive organization in President University (Commonly known as BEM in Indonesia). In this intro, we explain on what we try to accomplish from our podcast in years ahead. Starting from one voice at a time, right here, right now!
March 31, 2020