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The Pressure Proof Creative™ Podcast

The Pressure Proof Creative™ Podcast

By Matt Follows
Sustainable High Performance For Creative Athletes.

Fusing 25 years experience as an adman turned leadership coach, with candid conversations, practical tips, and no-nonsense advice from multi-award-winning creative leaders, CEO's, performance psychologists, and neuroscientists at the cutting-edge of brain science, this is the show which talks about the good, the bad, and at times ugly effects that the pressure to generate genius-on-demand, can have on the creative brain. And how you, like my guests, can better protect your most vulnerable, and most valuable, tool-of-the-trade.
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PPC Podcast Episode 5 - Julian Cheevers MD at Media Arts Lab, LA
Julian Cheevers is a shining example of what can happen when a creative brain and a business brain hook up inside one skull and make shit happen. When he's not leading, championing, and pushing for the kind of work that wins Cannes Grand Prix's and Titanium Lion's like they're going out of fashion, he can be found surfing his stress off in the Pacific Ocean, and doing the kind of mental fitness regime that would have mere mortals sweating bullets. 
September 30, 2020
PPC Podcast Episode 4 – Ben Kay, the owner of a prolific creative brain with MANY incredible hats!
Creative brains like Ben's are as rare as rocking horse shit. Not content with enjoying a seriously impressive career in adland, its one of those unique lumps of grey matter that's intent on flexing every creative neuron it's been given. This has seen Ben grow from being a copywriter at Y&R and AMV BBDO in their heydays, to publishing a novel through Penguin, running an industry blog and podcast that's required reading / listening to everyone with a passion for advertising (If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas), writing a regular column for Creative Review and now, being the proud owner of the ethical ad agency Invincible Unicorn, and the climate crisis initiative Gigantic Fucking Solutions -- which he co-founded with his wife Gabi after a 6 year stint as Apple's ECD and International Group Creative Director at Media Arts Lab in London and LA. If you'd like to get in touch with Ben the best way is through his inbox at 
May 3, 2020
PPC Podcast Episode 3 - Hugh Todd, Writer, Creative Director and Podcaster
Despite the fact that this episode was recorded on day 25 of the Corona quarantine my guest, Hugh Todd still had a huge smile on his face, proving that he is one hell of a pressure proofed creative! As well as being a formidable writer and creative director, he's the co-founder of the brilliant Behind The Billboard Podcast, a short-lister for the Winston Fletcher Prize, a swimmer, a clarinet player, and a genius who can complete the Rubik's cube in under 2 minutes! I wanted to know how he was managing to keep his creative brain in shape in such challenging times, and I was surprised to learn that the secret lay in a dartboard, sourdough, and a healthy disrespect for bulls***. 
April 17, 2020
PPC Podcast Episode 2 - Neil Christie from Wieden + Kennedy
At the time of recording Neil Christie was the CEO at Wieden + Kennedy, and in this episode, he tells us what he loves about his job, how he retains a healthy work/life balance, and how music gives him a solid sense of perspective; in a pressure-cooker industry which can all too easily lose complete and utter sight of it.  We spoke two weeks before Corona sent the world into a tailspin, which makes Neil's message about embracing challenge, change, and uncertainty from a massively optimistic vantage point, all the more powerful.  So if you're the owner of a creative brain, and you're looking for some solid advice to pump into your earholes, check this episode out.  And above all, stay safe, stay sane, and stay creative. 
April 4, 2020
PPC Podcast Episode 1 - Matt Gooden from Who Wot Why
Matt Gooden is the cofounder and ECD at the London based creative agency Who Wot Why. In this episode Matt tells us how he handles the pressure to come up with creative work and lead creative teams. It was recorded a week before the C-19 virus forced countries into lockdown, which makes Matt's calm, optimistic and no-nonsense approach to the pressures of life all the more relevant.  So if you're the owner of a creative brain, and you want to learn how to protect and serve your most valuable and most vulnerable tool-of-the-trade, give it a listen.  And take care!
March 18, 2020