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P. T. S. D - Pressure Talks with Single Dads

P. T. S. D - Pressure Talks with Single Dads

By Lope & Bread
Pressure Talks with Single Dads or P. T. S. D for short is a weekly podcast with two bestfriends @chrisxlopezz and @brevdcustomz_- Coming together to discuss a variety of topics such as fatherhood, personal experiences, sports etc.
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Another Tune!
Lope and Bread are back for another episode of PTSD. Todays discussion, do you feel its your responsibility for your kids mother or father to get along with your new partner.  Lope wants to know would you allow your kid to date a person like you and how important is it to learn about money management, are you smart with your money or do you blow your money. Let get into it. #PressureTalks
March 1, 2021
21 Questions
Today the guys are back and answering some questions that you asked on top of some questions of their own.  what do you fear? Lope shares his story in why he's not a fan of the dark. Have you ever had an encounter with the supernatural or something you can't explain?  With mental health such a big big concern in todays society the guys touch slightly on what they do when dealing with slumps, cause we all been there but the key is not to stay there. hope you enjoy! #PressureTalks
February 28, 2021
Trust Aint Easy
Y'all spoke and we made it happen, today on P. T. S. D the guys have their friend Nae on the show giving a females perspective. how easily is it for you to trust someone and once the trust is broken can you get it back?  Lope wants to know do you think you were prepared for life after school or are you in the same category as him that got punch in the mouth by reality.  To end the show Bread and Nae go head to head in a battle of the sexes, see who wins #PressureTalks
February 19, 2021
6: Time is Valuable
Are you dating just to date or is there end goal in mind? as we get older we realize how valuable time because especially in relationships and the guys talk about it. do you think 6 months is long enough to get to know someone before making it official? you may be surprised by the answers you get. Lope shares 3 things he feels that may help benefit communication within relationships, maybe if he followed is own advice he wouldn't be in the position he's in now.  Also, are we addicted to pain, why is it that some people experience pain but fail to make a change?  We need answers! when everything is going good, why do we have the tendency to sabotage it or go looking for something? #PressureTalks
February 8, 2021
Who's the GOAT
One month down 11 more to go, in todays episode the guys talks about who's the sneakiest, men or women. Have you ever been the side man or woman and is it easier when no feelings are involved. Does your kid run to the other parent or adult when they are told no or something they don't like, the guys talk about their similar experience to those situations. Also we are now 5 episodes in and barely touched on sports and today they talk about one of the biggest topics in basketball, Who's the GOAT? Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Remember we are a HOT podcast, Honest Open and Transparent and both Bread and Lope are faced with a difficult question which some fathers face today, find out what it is and what they have to say about it. #PressureTalks    
February 1, 2021
Blame Yourself
Life has been throwing its best punches at the guys lately and they speak on that and how they manage to deal with the stresses that come. how do you handle stress in a healthy way? they also talk a bout a a topic that we see all the time especially when it comes to parenting, children being used as pawns and child support. what's you opinion, leave us feedback tell us how you feel about the topics discussed on todays episode. Make sure to follow the the podcasts instagram page @PTSDthepodcast.  who's up for a game of this or that? well the guys end todays episode with a few questions for one another and some of the answers may give you a laugh and surprise you at the same time. enjoy!
January 25, 2021
I plead the fifth
Happy MLK day! In today's episode the guys get real and answer some on the spot questions. Do you talk to your self in the shower, Lope thinks that is where some of the best convos with yourself happen. Is there a double standard when it come to the decision to keep a child or not, these two talk about it. Please excuse the scratchy noise lope's beard was rubbing against the mic, he blames his beard oil he made for the growth of his beard. enjoy! #PTSD #Pressuretalks
January 18, 2021
Stay in Your Lane
Lope and Bread discuss the event that happened in Washington D.C over the weekend and their thoughts about what happened. They also took it to Instagram to ask the followers some topics they would like to hear about. And Lope answers the one question which may be the most commonly asked question to him, why didn't you get on the show.   
January 12, 2021
New Year, New Podcast
Happy New Years everyone and Welcome to P.T.S.D the podcast (pressure talk with single dads). 2020 is over and 2021 is here! what are your goals for this year? Bread and Lope go over some of what they hope to accomplish this year. Also its be a little rough in the relationship department for the two, listen to them discuss their view on relationships. Lope wants to know Does body count matter when it comes to your partner? or are we too old to be worried about that. And of course these two talk about sports, who do you think was Steph and who was Klay, neither can agree. 
January 4, 2021