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Prestons Super Show

Prestons Super Show

By Preston Olson
Fascinating discussion surrounding economic prosperity and religious liberty. Mixing in sports like a fine wine over a porterhouse steak. PSALMS 37:4
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NASCAR O'Reilly Auto Parts 253+UFC Fight Night 185 Recap-Joe Perry's Weekly Watchlist-Why Not To Sleep On Dogecoin

Prestons Super Show

NASCAR O'Reilly Auto Parts 253+UFC Fight Night 185 Recap-Joe Perry's Weekly Watchlist-Why Not To Sleep On Dogecoin

Prestons Super Show

NASCAR O'Reilly Auto Parts 253+UFC Fight Night 185 Recap-Joe Perry's Weekly Watchlist-Why Not To Sleep On Dogecoin
Delving into the mega sporting events this past weekend. Starting with a NASCAR O'Reilly Auto Parts 253 recap. Then highlighting the top fighters from UFC Fight Night 185 this past Saturday 2/20/21. Discussing the importance of cryptocurrency before the looming recession takes place. Joe Perry arrives with his top stock advice for the week ahead. Dogecoin had a major rally and now people are speculative. However, the community is stronger than ever online and in-person. Pay attention for the hidden gems. Thanks for listening and your continued support. Disclaimer: *Preston Olson and Joe Perry are not licensed professional financial advisors. Any and all financial advice given out on this show (Prestons Super Show) is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Always consult with a licensed professional before taking any risks in the stock or crypto markets.* CREDIT sound effects in intro music: USE referral code: b362fb for $10 after your deposit of $20+.
February 22, 2021
Quebec Under Strict Curfew-Illinois New Crime Bill Hurts Police-Joe's Top Stocks-NFL Rundown
When I first heard the news that Quebec, Canada was on a strict lock down it was from friends and not the news. When I looked into it you would be disturbed to find only a few sources had even mentioned it. Quebec has in effect one of the strictest curfews yet. In Illinois a new crime bill was passed in the heat of night and progressive nightmare Gov. J.B. Pritzker is expected to sign (House Bill 3653) any time now. Further opening up channels to de fund the police. Letting criminals right back out with eliminating the cash bail system. I go into detail about both issues on the show. Joe Erwin gives us his weekly stock watch list. Giving you my breakdown of NFL this past weekend. USE referral code: b362fb for $10 after your deposit of $20+.
January 18, 2021
Georgia Senate Runoff Elections-Cuba Moving To Single Currency-Joe's Top 4 Stocks
Georgia Senate Runoff Elections between Senator David Purdue vs. Jon Ossoff and Kelly Loeffler vs. Rev. Warnock happen this week on January 5th, 2021. The new week and New Year is here! Will it have a gloomy outlook or will sunshine beam through? I discuss the implications of the Senate Runoff races, the importance of voting, Georgia's founding, and rich history. Cuba is moving to a single currency. Bringing mixed reactions domestically and internationally. I detail the implications of this monetary policy decision on a much larger scale than the mainstream media. I share a feel good story about 'White's Burger Stand' in Kankakee, Illinois from the 1920's. #Georgia #Election #Cuba #Markets #History Credit: for sound effects in intro. Credit/Source: Credit/Source: Credit/Source: Credit/Source: Credit/Source:
January 4, 2021
Pope Says Vaccine Must Go To Needy First-Joe's Top 4 Stocks This Week-EU-China Treaty-Sports
Pope says vaccine must go to needy first! Gov. of Florida Ron DeSantis said the same thing but is taking heat for it! Discussing why we are being bombarded by FDA advertisements about GMO's during my favorite shows! Joe Perry (@ImmortalGain on twitter), brings us his Top 4 stocks for this week! Glossing over the NFL and NBA games on today. Discussing the Tigray Conflict in Ethiopia. The impact on Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (who won a Nobel Prize). Discussing Brexit and Britain's new fair trade deal with the EU. As well as the EU-China investment treaty that would spell disaster for America. PSALMS 37:4 *Transcription available* #News #Politics #Trading #ForeignAffairs #NFL #NBA Source: Source: Source: Source: Credit for sound effects used in this episode.
December 27, 2020
Joe Biden Is Not The Manchurian President-Top 3 Christmas Movies
Discussing how Joe Biden is nothing like the 'Manchurian Candidate' depicted in the film. Rallying the masses to have some Christmas Spirit. Giving you three solid Christmas flicks to watch. Giving thanks to CHRIST JESUS my Lord and savior. Glossing over the terrible TV during the Christmas season. Providing some insight as to what I enjoy watching in general. Pour up some eggnog, grab some Christmas ham, and for heavens sake have a jolly time listening to the Christmas edition of Prestons Super Show! #Christmas #JoeBiden #Politics #Humorous #Movies 
December 26, 2020
Do we need A New Approach to Governing, Media, and Technology? Will you take the Covid-19 Vaccine? And more
Recently, 32 Veterans died in a nursing home in Lasalle, Illinois. Where is the outrage? Chris Rock suggested we need a 'scientific supreme court'. Is he out of his mind? I tell you what President Trump and former President Obama have eerily in common. Small businesses and families are feeling the pressure of the lock downs everyday. While Joel Osteen received 4.4 million in (PPP) loans for his megachurch. I hit on the race baiting in the media that continues to disappoint us all. Telling the tragic story of Ryan Whitaker. The Covid-19 vaccine is arriving day by day. Will you take it? Establishment 'GOP' Republicans begin turning their back on President Trump. Mainstream media and Democrats want the Eric Swalwell report of him having sexual relations with a Chinese spy to simply 'go away'. Republican leaders clamor for House Speaker Pelosi to remove Swalwell. Thank you for listening and GOD bless you! Verse of the day Romans 12:16. Prayer at the end of the show. Sound effects CREDIT:  PSALMS 37:4
December 16, 2020
NFL Week 14 Picks-Redemption Time
It's Week 14 in the NFL. Only a few teams stand out among the fray. What's that? You guessed it. Redemption Time! I give you my pick for each game in this blockbuster exclusive episode for you the valued listener. Can the Rams overcome the re surging Patriots? Do the Texans or the Bears have a chance? How about the Cowboys vs. Bengals? Is this the toilet bowl we needed all along? Chiefs vs. FIns: a prelude to the Super Bowl? Will the Cardinals or Giants find redemption road? The Vikings aren't out of the playoff hunt but they can't afford a loss to the Buccaneers. Broncos have no identity but neither do the Panthers as they duel in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday. Titans are unpredictable but talented as they lock horns with the Jaguars who have nothing to play for but pride. Colts are the real deal but are the Raiders? Should the Jets even be a team? I believe the Seahawks will score the most points this week of any team! Saints vs. Eagles: a game we will see what both teams are made of. Falcons traveling to LA to play the Chargers who couldn't score a single point last week. Redskins head to San Francisco to reclaim the NFC East Division. Steelers are a great team but are they running out of steam? Nobody escapes Bills Mafia without a major battle. Ravens aren't done but the Browns are rolling like a well oiled machine! #NFL #Gameday #TNF #SNF #MNF #Redzone #Football
December 11, 2020
A Grave Injustice
As Blue State Governors continue to shutter restaurants, barber shops, and small business; our way of life is changing as we know it. Not for the better either. Talk of reparations being shut out in democrat controlled states like Illinois. While the Democrat communists act like they are friends of the minority communities. Drugs being legalized across the country only to incur the wrath of GOD and the ugly side of humanity. Remember the age old saying; "Don't let the bad apples spoil it for the whole bunch?" We are seeing the whole bunch eat the bad apples. However, the bad apples are multiplying faster than they can be eaten. The attacks on our police departments and local law enforcement must stop. Who will defend them or speak up for them once President Trump is forced out by a rigged election for Biden? Biden and Harris a thug regime that want's power in the hands of the rich and wealthy; have never stood up for the people and demanded more relief money? How could America become so oblivious to the deceitful ways of the radical left? By electing a Biden-Harris ticket you have allowed Saturday Night Live to operate in the White House. While Americas enemies lick their chops, the morality of our beautiful nation is hanging in the balance. My voice may do little to change that but your voice can do everything to prolong the coming rapture.
December 6, 2020
Minimalists On The Rise - Preston Raps About No Stimulus Yet
Discussing the minimalist movement and what I think of minimalism. Sharing some funny stories from my school days. Rapping about the economy and what is happening with the stimulus. Tiny House Statistics Tiny House Movement Hidden Gem of the week
November 22, 2020
My Thoughts On The Election
Opening Monologue. Discussing the ballot measures that passed and failed across the United States of America in the 2020 election.
November 13, 2020
NFL Week 7 Recap - Week 8 Picks
Reviewing the tape from NFL Week 7. Giving out a winner in each game for Week 8.  Record last week on h2h picks (11-3). CREDIT for sound effects.
October 29, 2020
ACB Confirmed To SCOTUS! Mainstream Media Silent About Spain And France - Plus More
Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States by a 52-48 vote in the United States Senate. Spain and France are dealing with difficult issues but the mainstream media is turning a blind eye. President Trump on the move and has brokered a new peace deal between Israel and Sudan. So much more. You don't want to miss this episode! CREDIT for news audio clips used in this program. All recordings fall under the public domain and have been constituted as fair use for this specific program. CREDIT for sound effects.
October 28, 2020
NFL Week 6 Recap - Turning Point - Week 7 Picks
Talking about how your team did. Going over each game. Offering a fresh perspective from the mainstream sports medias bias and toxic wall banging. Providing you my picks for Week 7. The Theme of this show is A Turning Point in the NFL Season. #Rare #Value #EasyListening #NFL #Football #Podcast #Betting #Gambling #Picks #WagerTalk
October 22, 2020
Is 5G Boom or Bust?
I go into detail about what 5G is, how it is holding up through the pandemic, and the lasting effects it will have on our lives. CREDIT for sound effects. CREDIT for helping me gather information for this podcast. CREDIT WIKI CREDIT WIKI second link. 'f23pxisp'
October 19, 2020
NFL Week 5 Recap - Who's Hot? Who's Not?
In today's show I break down every game from NFL Week 5. I give you my take on each teams performance, what to expect out of them in the coming weeks and if they look like a contender for the playoffs.
October 15, 2020
President Trump Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan - Ghana Tackling Deforestation - And More
Trump Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan by Christmas. Afghanistan asking allies to step up in resuming peace talks with the Taliban. Afghanistan agriculture industry feeling effects of COVID-19. Vice Presidential Debate Highlights.  Ghana Tackling Deforestation. More U.S. Schools welcoming back students. N. Korea unveiling new missile. News and media coverage CREDIT All sound effects CREDIT *All news, media, and other sound effects used in this program have been constituted under fair use or such use falls under the public domain.*
October 12, 2020
Supreme Court Showdown - Homeless Crisis Worsening Worldwide - Turkey and NATO Under Scrutiny
Supreme Court Showdown: Breaking down the eminent future of President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee; Amy Coney Barrett.  Homeless Crisis Worsening Worldwide: Sao Paulo, Brazil and Los Angeles, California homeless numbers sharply rising. Turkey and NATO Under Scrutiny: Turkey supporting Azerbaijan in dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh enclave.  Sound Effects CREDIT News Coverage CREDIT *All media used in this show is permitted under fair use and otherwise belongs in the public domain.*
October 8, 2020
MNF Best Bets - Recap of NFL Week 4
Visit my website for more of my work. Follow me on twitter @PrestonsDayOff.
October 5, 2020
Quick Debate Recap - ComEd Bribery Scheme Deepening - Stimulus Update - Best Betting Spots Tonight
Happy first of the month!  Rapping about the Presidential Debate and media bias.  ComEd Bribery Scheme implicating Illinois Speaker of the house Michael Madigan continues to bare ugly reminder of corruption in Illinois politics. Stimulus Package Update. Cool news headlines. Best betting spots of the night. TNF Picks. MLB Slate Picks.
October 1, 2020
MLB 8-Playoff Games In One Day Preview and Picks
Braves vs. Reds Astros vs. Twins Marlins vs. Cubs White Sox vs. Athletics Blue Jays vs. Rays Cardinals vs. Padres Yankees vs. Indians Brewers vs. Dodgers
September 30, 2020
Recap of NFL Week 2 - Trump Announcing SCOTUS Pick - Sports Headlines
00:00 - Breaking down all the NFL action from Week 2. 58:00 - Giving out my TNF football pick. 1:00:00 - Sports and news headlines. 1:08:00 - Microsoft buys Bethesda Studios for 7.5 Billion. ( !:16:00 - Political mash-up.
September 23, 2020
Venus Swirling With Controversy - Coolest News of the Week - NFL Picks
Red lobster debuting first official MTN Dew cocktail. Travis Scott meal at McDonald's. This is a great deal. Reusable coffee filters is the new wave. The planet Venus is becoming a hot topic fast. Report out that Walmart's gateway laptops are made by cheap company. Take-two CEO believes Sony will have an aggressive approach to next-gen content and marketing. Ad blitz for fair tax in Illinois. Sports headlines: Big ten college football is coming back. Jimmy Butler Trademarking his coffee name.
September 20, 2020
Trump Signs New Executive Order - Bloomberg Pledges 100 million to Biden - Sports & more
Opening - Trump Signs New Executive Order. - 12:40 - Florida Felons Allowed To Vote After Paying FInes Appeals Court Rules. - 17:00 - Florida Gov. Ron Destantis picks new Florida Supreme Court Justice. - 23:00 - Bloomberg pledges 100 million to aid Biden's Florida Campaign effort. - 26:00 - Audio clip #1 from and commentary. 33:00 Census news and audio clip #2 from and commentary. 36:00 Bitcoin update. 46:00 Sports - Tonight's NBA games. NFL rundown from week 1.
September 15, 2020
MLB Picks and Betting Advice 9/9/20
Breaking down every game on today's MLB slate. Providing you with insight into the best betting spots and what to avoid.
September 9, 2020
NBA Playoffs Betting Advice 9-2-20
Breaking down both of today's NBA Playoff games.  Miami @ Milwaukee 5:30 PM OKC @ Houston 8:00 PM Providing you insight into the best betting spots for both games and what to fade.
September 2, 2020
MLB Game Slate 9-2-20 Betting Advice
Giving an overview of today's 14-game MLB slate. Providing you with insight into the best betting spots and what to avoid.
September 2, 2020
MLB Game Slate 9-1-20
Unpacking today's 13-game MLB slate. Giving you insight into where the best betting spots are.
September 1, 2020
NBA Game Slate 9-01-20'
Unpacking both of tonight's NBA games.  Giving out my best pick in the Celtics vs. Raptors game. Breaking down the Jazz vs. Nuggets game.
September 1, 2020
MLS Game Slate 8-26-20'
Orlando City vs Nashville SC Inter Miami CF vs Atlanta United FC Dallas vs. Colorado RSL vs. LAFC San Jose vs. Portland Galaxy vs. Sounders
August 26, 2020
UFC on ESPN 15 - Prelim Picks
With the exception of Austin Hubbard vs. Joe Solecki. That bout is on the main card.
August 22, 2020
Recall Gov. Pritzker - DNC Disaster - Pepcoin
Recall Gov. Pritzker. DNC Disaster. Pepcoin and a few ways to make some quick scratch.
August 21, 2020