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Pretty Good Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pretty Good Yu-Gi-Oh!

By King Scarlet YGO
King Scarlet YGO discusses current Yu-Gi-Oh! topics, goes on rants, and de-rails on tangents. It's pretty good. Not great. But pretty good.
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YGO Timelines, YGO Now, & Dream Support (ft. MY FIRST GUESTS: James & JD/True Revelation)
We talk for a LONG time about some of our favorite topics: our friendship which developed over a card game, our growth in the game, the progression of modern Yu-Gi-Oh!, and finally, our dream archetypes that we'd give support to! ....There were also LOTS of tangents and technical difficulties.... *True Revelation:* *James:* *Website/Socials* : *Go check out the Coalition* : *Buy my shirts - support the channel:* *My art as a playmat:* *Other products on InkedGaming* : *Order singles* on TCGPlayer with my link to help support the channel:*
October 21, 2020
From Bad Yu-Gi-Oh! Player to "Pretty Good" Yugituber
My journey from getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh! to now, being a Yugituber. I talk about my philosophies, take roundabout paths cuz verbal processing, and hopefully shine some light into how I view the world of content creation.  *Website/Socials* :  *Go check out the Coalition* : *Buy my shirts - support the channel:*  *My art as a playmat:*  *Other products on InkedGaming* :  *Order singles* on TCGPlayer with my link to help support the channel:*
September 25, 2020
Weird Banlist, Fundraising Opportunity, and Slowing Down a Little
I talk about (rant about...sorry) the banlist, give some details on the fundraising opportunity for AlexisYT, and I have just a few updates for you guys about what to expect.   Link to the GoFundMe:  Link to my latest video:  Link to the t-shirts:
September 12, 2020
Megatins, Yugi-billionaires, and Positive Force
I talk about the new megatins and their impact, people who spend SO MUCH money on products, and the surge in positive thinking in the YGO Community.
August 29, 2020
Banlist Season, Power Creep, and Yugitubing
I talk about the current state of Yu-Gi-Oh! as far as banlist possibilities (or lackthereof), the megatins' impact, power creep (good vs bad), and some joys vs struggles of Yugitubing. This one felt a lot more ranty, so I apologize in advance. 
August 19, 2020
Magistus, Bot Jokes, and Little Joys
I talk about some newly revealed cards with some familiar lore, the recent bot controversy, and ways to find little joy in a game without the game. 
August 11, 2020
Create a Card, Appliancers, and Misogyny Struck Again...?...
I go over my thoughts on the "Create a Card Project," Appliancers, and recent misogyny surfacing in Yu-Gi-Oh (big ole thumbs down, there). 
August 7, 2020
Numerons, Anti-Maskers, and Joe Rogan
I talk about how top heavy the game is getting, where it is headed, those who are getting impatient about COVID-19, and the Joe Rogan controversy with gamers.
July 29, 2020
Current YGO, What Even IS Art, & Things That Make Me Tired
I forget names, talk about some current YGO drama, digital art, and rant about things that make me tired as a content creator. 😂👍
July 20, 2020
Elitism and White-Knighting
I talk about some current issues within the game of YGO, including casual elitism, budget elitism, competitive elitism, and some thoughts on recent gender issues within the community. 
July 14, 2020
BLAR, Outrage, and Content Creation
I rant about the newest Battles of Legend set, Yu-Gi-Oh! outrage culture, and content creating with no real format.
July 12, 2020