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Pretty Mental is about accepting our full selves and inspiring others to do the same by being daringly unfiltered. This means completely normalizing all things mental health and the wild journey that has brought us here. We are challenging the stigmatization of normal human suffering. We are done pretending and subscribing to the notion that it’s taboo to have challenging mental health experiences. Welcome to the pretty mental health club and enjoy the show! Tune in every Monday at 6am EST for a brand new episode & follow us on Instagram at @PrettyMentalOfficial
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54. Elevating Our Self Worth & the Energetics of Money With Alexander James
This week we spoke to a gem of a human, Alexander James (@thesubconsciousbrand). This episode is going to brighten up your world you guys! Alexander’s spirit is so contagious, we know you will love him just as much as we do. In this conversation we deep dove into:  The energetics of money & tips for how we can call in greater abundance  How successfully branding yourself starts with identity reintegration  Why we self-sabotage when our desires are right in front of us  How to elevate our self worth   How higher levels of worthiness require a flexible personality structure Alexander's IG: @thesubconsciousbrand  Website: PrettyMental.Com  Breathwork with Valentina  Therapy with Paula   IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial  Contact: Our Sponsor: Resonate with Sara  Book a Call with the Resonate with Sara team
March 1, 2021
53. Sexual Identity & Healing From Religious Trauma With Jose Gutierrez
For this week’s episode our good friend, the amazing photographer Jose Gutierrez took us through his journey of coming out as a gay and healing from religious trauma. In this conversation we explored: The real mental health consequences of growing up in non-heteronormative environments rigidly adhere to and preach heteronormative ideals. The journey of reclaiming his identity, worth and finding self-love. Identifying and healing the internalized homophobia that remains for so many who are on this journey. The power of finding communities and spaces where we can show up in the fullness of who we are. Jose IG: @errez Website: PrettyMental.Com  Breathwork with Valentina  Therapy with Paula   IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial  Contact:
February 22, 2021
52. The Conclusion Is There Are No Conclusions (Solo)
For today’s conversation, we touched base with each other and deep dove into the messages and lessons that have been coming in for us. We explored:  Our deepening relationship with the present moment  Cultivating the energy of equanimity and moving away from black and white thinking  Going beyond the mind stories and rigid identities towards more expansive living  Why cultivating a healthy ego and sense of self is really important before we try “transcending” it  Some of the common pitfalls of spirituality that are actually leading people to further division  Website: PrettyMental.Com  Breathwork with Valentina  Therapy with Paula   IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial  Contact: 
February 15, 2021
Deeper Grounding (Breathing Meditation‪)‬
It is in the stillness that I awaken to heaven on earth.  Through the breath, we tap into our souls. Through our breath, we tap into the flow of the universe. Through our breath, we come back home to ourselves.  Keep breathing. Keep releasing. Keep returning. 
February 11, 2021
51. Spiritual Awakening & Re-claiming our Multidimensional Nature with Christina Luna
For today’s conversation we sat with Christina Luna for a fascinating deep dive into the incredible story of the spontaneous spiritual emergence experience that expanded her consciousness and opened up her spiritual gifts. In this conversation we explored : 🌙 Why mental health professionals need to start making room for spiritual emergence experiences in the populations they serve 🌙 De-stigmatizing & normalizing naturally occurring non-ordinary states of consciousness 🌙 The deep wisdom of embracing naturally occurring cycles in the life experience 🌙 An exploration of the multitude of archetypes/parts that underlie our human identity 🌙 Supporting each other through spiritual emergence experiences so they don’t become spiritual emergencies 🌙 Christina’s astrological forecast for what we can expect in 2021 Register for the Free container on Feb.12 hosted by Christina & Awaken Village Christina's Website: Lunation.Live Astrological Roadmap for 2021 by Christina Luna Website: PrettyMental.Com Breathwork with Valentina Therapy with Paula  IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
February 8, 2021
50. Awakening Through Ayahuasca, Nutrition & Mindfulness with David Palma 
Today we got the opportunity to sit with Spiritual Embodiment Mentor and sacred plant medicine guide David Palma. In this conversation we deep dove into: The path of Self-mastery for creating our “Heaven on Earth”. The importance of cultivating an intentional relationship with food for tapping more deeply into our intuition. The story of how David recovered from severe illness and self-destructive habits in his early 20’s to his current state of optimal health and deep mind, body, spirit alignment. Becoming conscious of faulty cultural programming so that we can tap into our powerful internal guidance system. The main things we need to know if we’re considering engaging with the sacred plant medicine of Ayahuasca David's Website Website: PrettyMental.Com Breathwork with Valentina Therapy with Paula  IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
February 1, 2021
49. Achieving Peace, Balance & Happiness with Buddhist Psychotherapist Adam Funderburk
In today’s episode we got to sit down with Mindfulness based Psychotherapist Adam Funderburk whose refreshing therapeutic approach is deeply infused with Buddhism and the eastern wisdom traditions. In this conversation we deep dove into: 🕊Buddhist Insights into navigating fear and uncertainty 🕊Navigating the emotion of anger and why learning to surrender is important for our collective healing 🕊Why mindfulness is the first step to true freedom of choice 🕊Anchoring to philosophical perspectives like compassion, peace and love 🕊A mindfulness rooted perspective on our culture’s relationship to alcohol 🕊How to be there for those in our life who are experiencing anxiety and other mental health challenges while still caring for ourselves Adam's Website  Website: PrettyMental.Com Breathwork with Valentina Therapy with Paula  IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
January 25, 2021
48. Getting Real About Body Dysmorphia with Kristen Giorgi
Today we had the beautiful opportunity to sit down with the incredible soul Kristen Giorgi to have a transparent, courageous and  honest conversation about Both Kristen’s and our journeys of healing from Body Dysmorphia and appearance anxiety Body dysmorphia 101 and therapeutic practices that are essential to the healing process Learning to identify the differences and similarities between body dysmorphia appearance anxiety The boundaries that can be really helpful for us to put in place when we’re healing  Why cosmetic surgery and treatments will never be the cure if we don’t heal the psychology behind the suffering in regards to our appearance Kristen's IG: Website: PrettyMental.Com Breathwork with Valentina Therapy with Paula  IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
January 18, 2021
Releasing Anxiety (Breathing Meditation)
Breathe with me & let your breath be your guide.  Website: PrettyMental.Com Breathwork with Valentina Therapy with Paula  IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
January 17, 2021
47. Sex, Sensuality & Pleasure with Kaycee Polite
This week we dove into a very raw and real conversation on the intersection between Sexuality, Self-empowerment and mental health with Sex Therapist Kaycee Polite aka “The Pleasure Pusher”.  In this conversation we explored: Why a conversation on mental health is not complete without an honest look at our relationship with sex and pleasure! Why healing our relationship to pleasure and sexuality is essential for our emotional healing and self-empowerment in al all aspects of our life Why cultural narratives which have been used to shame and limit women’s sexuality actually make no sense from an anatomical perspective A deep dive into the difference and similarities between sex and intimacy Changing the way in which we define and relate to foreplay Kaycee IG: @ k_spot_therapy Website: PrettyMental.Com Breathwork with Valentina Therapy with Paula  IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
January 11, 2021
46. We are Guided. Welcome to Season 2!!!!
In this episode, we dove into reflections of this past year. Dive in as we transition into season 2 family!  Website: PrettyMental.Com Breathwork session with Valentina Therapy with Paula IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact:
January 4, 2021
45. Committing to a Wild Life with Dani Wild
Today we had the absolute pleasure of connecting with beautiful soul Dani Wild. In this episode, we went deep into the truths of the human experience. A few of the topics we covered: 🔥An overview of the chakra system and a deep dive into the power of the root chakra plus what a wounded root chakra looks like & its effects in our life 🔥Dani takes us through the journey of leaving her relationship, city, job & all of her comfort zones behind, stepping into her highest truth and finding deep soul-level fulfillment 🔥We get deeply personal and share the role that spirituality has played in all 3 of our mental health journeys 🔥Dani’s journey of healing her relationship to sexuality and romantic intimacy 🔥An overview of the Akashic field and Dani even channels akashic record messages for us! Tune in with us family!! #PrettyMental Follow Dani on IG: @DaniWild333 Dani's Website Website: PrettyMental.Com Breathwork session with Valentina Therapy with Paula IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact:
December 28, 2020
44. Healing from Sexual Assault & Post-Traumatic Growth with Lillian Gray Charles
Today we brought the beautiful spirit Lillian Gray Charles back on the podcast. In today’s very open and very vulnerable conversation we cover:  💛 A deeper understanding of PTSD through the lens of Lillian’s personal experience with sexual assault.. 💛Learning to shed the layers of shame, stigma, guilt and feelings of self-loathing that so many experience when they’ve been sexually assaulted. 💛An exploration of the many elements that are important for cultivating and facilitating Post-Traumatic Growth. Thank you for inviting us in Lillian, this was a much-needed conversation.  Website: PrettyMental.Com  Breath Work session with Valentina  Therapy with Paula IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial  Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal  Contact: 
December 14, 2020
43. Overcoming Anxiety & Stepping Deeper in Our Power
In this week's conversation: V’s journey with overcoming anxiety and her Cali adventures Releasing control and stepping into our power Challenging the taboo vibes around acknowledging mental health challenges and why we need to get over this already!! Learning to identify what is ours and what belongs to the other in relationships Finding peace from within without needing anything in our external world to change Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
November 23, 2020
42. Taoism, Surrendering, & Thriving in Uncertainty with Jason Gregory
Today we spoke to the amazing Jason Gregory who is an author, philosopher, and spiritual teacher specializing in Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, psychology, cognitive science, metaphysics, and ancient cultures. In this conversation we covered: - How to get beneath the conditioning of socialization to really know our true selves - Tapping back into our pure instincts and intuition - Learning to surrender to the the wisdom of the natural world - The power of releasing the social pressure to be “extraordinary” and embracing an ordinary life - How a conscious and intentional lifestyle can help us balance out the harmful effects of social media Jason Gregory IG: @jasongregoryauthor Jason Gregory Twitter: @JasonGregory33 Jason Gregory YouTube The Art of Effortless Living by Jason Gregory (watch it!!!) Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
November 16, 2020
41. Finding Strength in Flexibility with Kier Gaines
Today we had an impactful, unfiltered, and super real conversation with Kier Gaines of @kierandthem. Topics mentioned in this episode: Getting real about building psychologically flexible systems for our mental health The art of building and maintaining healthy relationships His journey into the space of mental health advocacy Transcending the cultural conditioning and narratives of toxic masculinity Practicing and redefining joy Kier IG: @KierandThem Kier & Them YouTube Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
November 2, 2020
40. Trauma, Ayahuasca, & the Power of Community with Carlos Aviles
Today we talked to our good friend Carlos Aviles all about his healing journey. In this conversation we covered: The psychological impact of shutting down his emotions in order to survive military service Challenging the negative stereotypes and cultural narratives that encourage men to suffer in silence Moving through the grief of losing his son and what healing from this has looked like The ayahuasca experience that turned his life around Carlos Aviles IG: @the_real_carlosaviles Carlos Aviles Twitter: @Body_MarkedUp Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
October 26, 2020
39. The Truth is Somewhere in the Middle 
Happy Monday family! We are back with a new podcast today talking about: 💃🏻 V led P through her first breathwork session experience 💃🏻 Letting go of the rational mind and leaning into embodied practices to make more room for joy  💃🏻 Different methods for challenging the thoughts and compulsions that keep us trapped in anxious and depressed loops  💃🏻 How to raise our tolerance for uncertainty Donate to our GoFundMe to help Andrill & Azariah   Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
October 19, 2020
38. We’ve All Experienced Trauma - Let’s Talk About It!
We're normalizing the conversation on trauma - Big "T" and little "t". In our latest conversation, we covered:  New insights and research we’ve been learning from on trauma and depression  Understanding the impact of temperament on the manifestations of trauma Why we love embodiment practices like breathwork when it comes to healing trauma   Donate to our GoFundMe to help Andrill & Azariah   Website: PrettyMental.Com  IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial  Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal  Contact:  Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
October 6, 2020
37. Bringing All of Your Different Selves to the Table
Today's episode features:  V & P updates  Our current feelings about the Breonna Taylor ruling How we are handling the world of news and politics right now A deep dive into Parts work (game changer!!) Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact: Support Pretty Mental on Patreon
September 28, 2020
36. Redefining "Goals" and Flowing with the Mystery of Life
In today's conversation we are challenging old paradigm of goal setting with an approach that is more sustainable for our mental health. A few of the topics covered: Gearing up and coping ahead for the mood changes that come with the colder seasons Updates on our personal therapy journey Creating  “goals” that are mental health informed aka goals that are aligned with inner peace Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke "God speaks to each of us as he makes us, then walks with us silently out of the night. These are the words we dimly hear: You, sent out beyond your recall, go to the limits of your longing. Embody me. Flare up like a flame and make big shadows I can move in. Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. Don't let yourself lose me. Nearby is the country they call life. You will know it by its seriousness. Give me your hand.” Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact:
September 21, 2020
35. How We Healed from Eating Disorders & Body Dysmorphia
Get ready for one of the most vulnerable, raw and honest podcast episodes we’ve done so far. Today we cover: V’s journey with looking for a therapist and our insights into finding the right match Our lived experience with eating disorders and body dysmorphia and our journey to healing Common patterns that take place in eating disorders and how these patterns are extremely similar to those in OCD The social conditioning that’s important for us all to challenge in order to heal our relationship with our bodies, what we consider “beautiful” and the way we care for ourselves Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact:
September 14, 2020
34. Normalize Being Human
 Integrating insights from Vale’s trip to Mexico  Navigating the rigidity we experience in America relative to our experiences in other countries  Paula’s thoughts on the rules she’s encountered in the mental health system  Why love is a basic need for mental health  The importance of addressing context whenever we talk about mental health “conditions”  Why it’s so misguided to blame everything on genetics   Finding the balance between challenging ourselves to adapt and honoring our authentic selves  Moving towards the people that we feel safe with and whose values are aligned with us How coming more fully into our body leads to a more authentic expression of our personality Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal Contact:
September 7, 2020
33. Resting Back into Our Worth
Remembering our inherent value beyond productivity The necessity of intentional rest and challenging narratives of rest as “laziness” What it means to us to live a lifestyle that holds rest as a sacred practice How to practice healthy emotional/energetic boundaries while being there for those we love Learning to not be scared of ours and others’ heavier emotions Show Notes: The Nap Ministry  Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal
August 24, 2020
32. Leveraging Beauty & Sensuality to Surrender and Thrive
How both pain and beauty are equally powerful elements in the healing journey How creative practices and the arts are powerful and necessary medicines for our souls The importance of switching up our environments & routines Managing feelings of regret and making peace with our individual journies Understanding & overcoming chronic guilt  The necessary balance between softness and strength within all of us Show Notes: The Great Surrender  Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal
August 17, 2020
31. Shaking Off Social Pressure and Honoring Our Own Timelines
Covered in this episode:  Honoring our own timelines by challenging society’s expectations Leaning into the most authentic versions of our lives and how by freeing ourselves we free others What it means to move through life by the guidance of our intuition and how we can get better at doing this How do we define failure? Lessons from Valentina’s second ayahuasca journey Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal
August 3, 2020
30. Tackling the Fear of Death and Challenging our Need for Control
Today we sat down and processed through:  The ways in which control issues are ultimately rooted in our fear of death.  Why leaning into the work of challenging our individual and collective compulsive need for control is particularly important right now for our mental health. What it looks like find a balance between having agency over our lives, taking action, and letting go.  The experiences we have each gone through that caused us to search for a balance in our own controlling issues. Powerful tools that we have discovered for releasing the fearful, controlling mind and surrendering into the present moment. Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal
July 27, 2020
Meditation for a Heavy Heart (Heart-Opening)
When our hearts are aching, we must answer the call. Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal
July 22, 2020
29. Overcoming Codependency & People Pleasing Habits
Today we processed through some of the challenges that come along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a society where that is still not the norm. This naturally looped us into a deeper conversation on the nuanced aspects of practicing boundaries without getting too rigid. We explored some of the underlying causes of people-pleasing compulsions and how we can begin to challenge this tendency and why it’s so important if we hope to move away from having fear-based co-dependent relationships with each other. Lastly, we talked about why it’s so important for us to challenge our fear of discomfort so that we can experience true joy and love in this lifetime. Show Notes:  Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PHD (the book we are both reading right now that goes through case studies of people's spirits after they die and before they are born) Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal
July 20, 2020
28. Understanding Postpartum and General OCD with Kristen Giorgi
Today we sat down with our close friend, the beautiful soul, and extremely talented Kristen Giorgi to deep dive into her personal experiences with postpartum OCD & depression. We normalize the fact that most of us experience some mental health challenges despite what our social media might depict.  We go over the very real ways in which pregnancy and childbirth are a trauma for the body and why it’s so important to validate and better understand this aspect of the experience for women and for the partners who are accompanying them through it. We specifically unpacked and educate you guys on a type of OCD called Harm OCD & we take you through a list of several other possible manifestations of OCD that extend far beyond the stereotypical depictions that the media has popularized which have led to many misconceptions. Show Notes:  Kristen Giorgi's Instagram: Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal
July 13, 2020
27. Why We Need Healthy Boundaries for Open-Hearted Living
Today we sat down and spoke to the timeliness of acknowledging the need for all of us to engage in heart-opening work if we hope to heal and dismantle the ongoing trauma that is being perpetuated through individual and collective practices of oppression. We also address the ways in which healthy boundaries are absolutely necessary if we are going to feel safe enough to keep our hearts open. We take you guys through specific examples of how we can recognize that our boundaries are being crossed, how to practice setting and communicating healthy boundaries, and the negative consequence of people-pleasing habits. We also bring attention to the necessary shift that will have to take place in the way that we speak to ourselves and to each other if we hope to create a culture that is conducive to open-hearted living. Shownotes: Sarah Blondin “Heart Minded” Trigger Warning with Killer Mike Website: PrettyMental.Com IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial Twitter: @PrettyMentalVal
July 6, 2020
26. Challenging the Politics of Silence with Dr. Rumya Putcha
For today’s podcast we sat down to have an amazing conversation with University of Georgia professor Dr.Rumya Putcha to discuss her research on the intersection between race, gender, systems of oppression and the politics of silence in the United States in general and how this shows up in wellness spaces in particular. We unpacked the ways in which we have come to often misuse the concept of self-care to avoid and turn away from difficult yet necessary conversations and the trauma caused when we allow ourselves to be silenced in the face of oppressive interactions and practices. Lastly we made sure to address what we have to do to navigate and recognize these realities while still holding space for our individual and collective racial healing. Shownotes: Dr. Rumya Putcha The Balanced Blonde featuring Rachel Ricketts W.E.B Dubois, “The Souls of Black Folks” Peggy McIntosh, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”
June 29, 2020
25. Relating to Anger in a Healthy Way & Dismantling Our Own Privilege
Today we unpack the biology of our anger and its role in our body’s survival instinct as well as how we can relate to it in a healthy way during these times. We also continue to explore what it looks like to dismantle our own privilege and the language that we use so that we can continue to be actively anti-racist. We talked about DARVO which is the strategy that is commonly used by abusers to keep their power and why it’s important to be conscious of this strategy as we continue challenging the systems of oppression and white supremacy in our world. Shownotes: DL Hughley - The Endangered Species List 
June 22, 2020
24. The Narcissistic Roots of Oppression and Why Your Anger is Valid
In today's podcast we sat down and unpacked the validity of the anger that is coming up right now, the role that Narcissism has played in creating these systems of oppression, and we grappled with the questions of why we did not start speaking out on this more passionately before now, We also explore why sustainable change will require that we turn the energy of this movement into a lifestyle, and we finish off with an exploration into the dehumanizing psychology of White Supremacy. Shownotes: “White Fragility” Robin DiAngelo Jane Elliot Video on Racial Discrimination (5 minutes) Black Nation App Sahara Rose Podcast  The Nap Ministry
June 15, 2020
23. Unpacking Systemic Racism & Choosing Sides with Psychotherapist Torri Johnson
In today’s podcast, we sat down with Psychotherapist and social justice advocate Torri Johnson to dive deeper into the subject of systemic racism and unpacked some of the flaws in the criminal justice system that are allowing the oppression, abuse and killing of Black people in this country. We also addressed What White allies and all non-black allies need to be aware of as we continue forward with the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the importance of continuing to build this momentum while balancing our self-care. Shownotes:  “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo
June 8, 2020
22. Feel the Outrage but Make Sure You Take Action
Today we talk about the injustices that are constantly being perpetrated on behalf of the criminal justice system in this country towards the black community. We dive into where Pretty Mental stands on this and what we plan on doing going forward. We encourage you to listen and be present every step of the way for this one.  Shownotes:  Rachel Cargle
June 1, 2020
We are Held (Meditation)
Waking back up to ourselves. 
May 27, 2020
21. Our Psilocybin Experiences & Finding Balance in Grief
In today’s episode, we begin with V’s weekly update on nutrition hacks, & then we unpacked our experiences with psilocybin mushrooms from a therapeutic perspective. We also talked about how we can all keep our balance as we navigate the grief that is currently moving through our collective. Shownotes: The Medical Medium Ram Dass @babaramdess The Third Wave Alan Watts Sarah Blondin - “What We Must Endure”
May 25, 2020
20. Energy Surfing & Challenging the Ego
We reflected on a real-life example of what happens to our community dynamics when our world is operating from a place of trauma, how we can start approaching our emotions as messengers, we also take you guys into what we describe as energy surfing, which means being the observer of the shifts in energy that happen within each one of us and in the collective without trying to control it, repel it or becoming attached to it. This helps us travel light and stay aligned with the flow of life. And we processed through the aspects of quarantine life that we want to make sure we take with us as the world begins going back to normal. Shownotes: Michael Singer on Surrender - The Art of Effortless Living (Taoist Documentary)
May 18, 2020
19. Breath Work & Emotional Regulation
Valentina takes us into her recent experience with breathwork and getting trained to be a breathwork facilitator. We also talked about trauma-informed emotional regulation and grounding practices, the ways in which we are literally all connected, why our emotional states are contagious and why it’s so important that we all learn to take responsibility for emotions. Shownotes: MaryAnn Dimarco on the Balanced Blond podcast: David Elliot: Shaman Durek:
May 11, 2020
18. Healing Through Beauty with Lillian Charles
Lillian Gray Charles beautifully merges her personal styling work with Energy Healing to help women find authentic self-expression, allow themselves to take up space and enhance their relationship with life. In today’s podcast, she walks us through the different components of the journey that birthed her robust practice. From healing trauma to consciously navigating social media and how she tackles the energetics of being an entrepreneur. You can follow Lillian on Instagram at @lilliangraycharles and check out her website Shownotes: Bessel Van der Kolk @bessel_van David Kessler @iamdavidkessler The MindBodyGreen Podcast
May 4, 2020
17. Is it Positive Thinking or Emotional Suppression?
We sat down and unpacked the ways in which positive thinking is a premature strategy if we have not processed through and integrated our trauma.  We also share a technique that was inspired by Paula’s work in hypnotherapy for working through this at home, not in the place of therapy but as a supplementary tool for you guys. We also did some deep diving into the psychology behind that popular saying that our emotions create our reality. Shownotes: Lacey Phillips @tobemagnetic Eckhart Tolle @eckharttolle Rebel Women: Grieving the Loss of Normalcy event | RSVP here:
April 27, 2020
16. La Civilización Mas antigua de las Américas Tiene un Mensaje para la Humanidad con Nora Díaz
Para el podcast de hoy nos sentamos con una mujer fascinante, Nora Diaz. Nora ha estado en cohabitación con los grupos indígenas de la sierra Nevada de santa marta durante los últimos 20 años. Es algo verdaderamente único pues es bien conocido que estos indígenas son muy protectores de su hábitat. Son la última muestra viviente de nuestros ancestros Pre-Colombinos, lo que significa que ellos existían antes de la llegada de Cristóbal Colon. Protegidos por la topografía montañosa de la Sierra Nevada, lograron mantenerse aislados y preservar su cultura. En esta entrevista Nora comparte con nosotros, la conciencia poderosa con la cual esto grupos interactúan con la vida y la naturaleza. Con la crisis ambiental que estamos enfrentando actualmente, es imperativo que abramos nuestro corazón y nuestra mente a la conciencia y a las enseñanzas de una civilización milenaria de nuestro planeta, que acumula sabiduría y experiencias de infinito valor para mejorar la relación armónica que reclama nuestro planeta.
April 20, 2020
16. The Oldest Civilizations in the Americas Have a Message for Humanity with Nora Díaz
For today’s podcast, we sat down with an Amazing woman, Norah Diaz. Norah has cohabited with the indigenous groups of the Sierra for the past 20 years. This is extremely rare because until very recently, these groups very rarely interacted with any outsiders. They are the last remaining Pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americans, meaning they existed before the Colonizers arrived and, sheltered by the landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, were able to stay isolated and keep their culture intact. In this Interview, Norah shares with us the powerful consciousness through which these groups interact with life and the natural world. With the environmental crisis that we are currently facing, it is now imperative that we open our hearts and minds to the consciousness and the teaching of the indigenous peoples of our planet who have millions of years of experience when it comes to living in harmony with the earth.  This was actually a wild moment for us because for the past 10 years we’ve been obsessed with the way of life of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada and Paula actually used to create art projects of mini-worlds inspired by them. So to say that this was an absolute honor is an understatement.  Show Notes & the Links that Nora Has shared with us:  “ The Black Line Journey”  “The Elders Project”
April 20, 2020
15. Being a Mental Health Warrior in Today’s Modern World
Today we broke down why Self-love is the ultimate foundation for creating reciprocal relationships, the importance of nutrition and physical habits in our mental health, how to work through symptoms of anxiety and depression that many of you may be experiencing right now. We also added in a valuable method that those of you who have kids at home might consider implementing as you guide them through this current challenge. Show Notes:  Gabby Bernstein  @GabbyBernstein Alan Watts Shaman Durek @ShamanDurek/ Podcast: Ancient Wisdom Today Panache Desai @panachedesai
April 13, 2020
14. How to Rewire Our Brains for Sustained Inner Peace
For today’s podcast, we sat down and unpacked why from a mental health perspective it is so important to be a conscious consumer of the media and news we are taking in… especially RIGHT NOW, why our number one responsibility is to keep our nervous system and our emotions regulated and we break down a variety of tools on how to this especially if you Are experiencing a lot of anxiety and fear, we also covered how workplace cultures are going to begin to crumble if they don’t shift towards more humane values. Shownotes Eckhart Tolle @eckharttolle Mooji @mooji.official Sara Blondin/ Podcast “Live Awake” Kyle Cease @evolvingoutloud Tom Biley @tombileyu Lacy Phillips @tobemagnetic/ Podcast “Expanded” Insight timer app Creative Mornings Job Listing
April 6, 2020
13. Transcending Fears and Uncertainty During Covid-19
We reflected on the ways to stay grounded and mentally healthy as we continue to move through this covid-19 situation as well as the possibilities that are currently being presented to us for a collective evolution in consciousness. Valentina's Blog: Pretty Mental Website:
March 30, 2020
12. Touching on Corona (with gloves) & Continuing Our Healing Work
In this episode, we dove into how we have been processing and integrating the recent current events of the Coronavirus pandemic in a way that balances awareness and staying informed with mindfulness, optimism, surrender and taking things one day at a time. We also share our recent conversation with our grandma in this continuing journey of uncovering our ancestral wounds. The episode closes up with a conversation on narcissistic traits that have been cultivated in our society & how we can begin to heal from it.  Shownotes: Lacy Phillips “Expanded” Podcast with Karen Hurd: Rebel & Reason: Wendy De Rosa School of Intuitive Studies:
March 23, 2020
11. God is Grey, Purity Culture & Sexual Shame with Brenda Marie Davies
Brenda Marie Davies, a sex-positive free-thinking Christian & creator of the YouTube channel God is Grey, joins us for a conversation on religious-based sexual trauma, purity culture and the impact that both have had on our society and mental health at large.  Shownotes: God is Grey IG: @GodisGrey God is Grey Twitter: GodisGreyxo God is Grey YouTube: Pure by Linda Kay Klein Bad theology Kills by Kevin Garcia You Are Your Own by Jamie Lee Finch  Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha Quote by Walt Whitman
March 9, 2020
10. Healing Our Wounds Through Ancestral Work
As you can tell, for us, there is no end to how deep we can take our self-exploration process in this lifetime. After our last podcast with TJ Mangrum (@sacredhawkyogi), we wanted to continue the exploration of triggers by understanding our ancestors and their patterns. We recognize that in order for true healing to take place we must honor and get curious about the generational patterns that are at play. The patterns that have etched themselves in our DNA. In order to release the unconscious narratives we have inherited from our ancestors, they must be brought to consciousness. Join us as we dig up our roots in today's podcast.  Shownotes:  Nina Simone - @crystal_sun_yogi Janet Raftis - @janetraftis Brene Brown - @brenebrown Tim Ferris - @timferriss Aubrey Marcus - @aubreymarcus Family Constellations 
February 24, 2020
9. You Are Your Greatest Teacher with TJ Mangrum
This week we sat down with one of our all-time favorite Yoga teachers, TJ Mangrum, whose fiercely present and spiritual approach to teaching yoga keeps us running back to her classes any chance we get. In this conversation we dissected why it is so important to take a deep look at our triggers, we also talked about conscious parenting, embracing neurodiversity, & the ways in which yoga practice can be used as a tool to witness our egos and expand our consciousness. Show notes: TJ Mangrum @sacredhawkyogi Red Hawk Dr. Sheffali @doctorshefali @mindful_mamas Ram Dass @babaramdass Dr. Maya Angelou
February 10, 2020
8. Surrendering and Embracing the Feminine
We talked about our recent experience in a cacao ceremony where we married ourselves by balancing our feminine and masculine energies, the ways in which resistance depletes our energy, and we unpack the practical ways in which we can actually practice self-love in our daily lives. Show notes: Trader Joes - @traderjoes Kyle Cease - @evolvingoutloud Lewis Howes - @lewishowes Lyftd - @Lyftd Luke Storey - @lukestorey The Nap Ministry - @thenapministry Shaman Durek - @shamandurek Martin Luther King 
January 27, 2020
7. The Universe Has Our Back
Happy 2020! Join us as we reflect on the challenges that we went through last year, what these experiences taught us and how much can change in one year if you keep your hearts open and continue to put one foot in front of the other. Show Notes: Rebel & Reason - @RebelandReason The Nap Nap Ministry - @TheNapMinistry Gabrielle Bernstein - @GabbyBernstein Lewis Howes - @Lewishowes
January 13, 2020
6. Real Diversity for Healthier Communities with Dr. Kecia Thomas
This week we sat down with an incredible woman Dr. Kecia Thomas. She is Senior Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia as well as a Professor of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology and African-American Studies and the founding director of the Center for Research and Engagement in Diversity (RED). While Paula was getting her undergrad at UGA, Kecia was her mentor and she has had a very big influence on her. In this episode we want to invite you guys to lean into an important and courageous conversation with us as we explore the differences between performing diversity and practicing inclusion, color blindness vs multiculturalism, and how these issues are currently impacting all of our mental health. Mentioned in this episode:  Bernardo Ferdman Daryl Wing Sue Higher Education Leadership Development Program (HERS Institute) “Why all the Black Kids Sitting Together at the Cafeteria Table” by Beverly Daniel Tatum
December 30, 2019
5. Healing from Narcissistic Abuse & Social Anxiety with Juliana Carter
In this episode, we sit down with fellow Atlanta therapist Juliana Carter. During this conversation we cover social anxiety, what narcissistic personality disorder actually is, and the process of recovering from narcissistic abuse. We also discuss all of our experiences with getting on and off antidepressants and how we have learned to leverage community and holistic practices to improve our overall happiness.  Follow Juliana on IG: @Jules.Juliana  Follow Pretty Mental on IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial 
December 16, 2019
4. The Journey to Healthy Relationships with the Pretty Mental Sisters
In this episode, the Pretty Mental sisters have a sit-down to talk to each other about relationships. We go over the different types of attachments styles, how they have played out in our individual lives and our journey of learning what works and what doesn’t in creating healthy relationships. Mentioned in this episode:  Lewis Howes Esther Perel Adam Funderburk Malik Ali Cleo Wade
December 2, 2019
3. Spirituality and Science for a Happier Life with Adam Funderburk
Atlanta therapist, Buddhist, and expert meditator Adam Funderburk sits down with us this week. We discuss how we can harness new understandings of mindfulness through scientific research in order to increase the peace and joy in our lives. In this conversation, we cover reincarnation, neuroscience, meditation, and the principles of Buddhism. Adam also explains practical ways in which he incorporates all of this into his therapy practice.  Mentioned in this Podcast:  People: Eckhart Tolle The Dalai Lama Joseph Campbell Places:  Emory University 
November 18, 2019
2. Going Back to the Basics to Optimize Our Mental Health with Malik Ali
Malik Ali takes us through optimizing our mental health by returning to the basics of life. Topics include mindfulness, death, intimacy, human connection, and our relationships to food, media,  and the natural world.  Malik's IG: @MalikJAli  Mentioned in this podcast: Literature Letters to a Young Poet by Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke, The Seeker's Guide by Elizabeth Lesser, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman, The Bible The Quran. Individuals: James Baldwin, Lou Tzu, Anthony Browder, Malcolm x. 
November 4, 2019
1. A Dedication to Mechis
Welcome to the Pretty Mental Health Club with your co-hosts Valentina & Paula Sinisterra. We are two sisters on a journey to normalize and de-medicalize the human experience. This is a community where everyone is safe, heard, and most importantly, loved. We made this podcast with all the love in our hearts. For every last one of you. In our first episode, we dive into two very personal experiences that shaped us and ultimately, this podcast. We get very (VERY) vulnerable with you all.  Tune in every Monday at 8am EST/5am PST for a brand new episode & follow us on Instagram at @PrettyMentalOfficial for behind the scenes!  Until next time, be kind to yourselves.  - Vale & Paula
October 7, 2019