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Can’t seem to get enough of the outdoors? Neither can we! Join the Preying Man crew as we experience and discuss the best (and worst) of the outdoors. Topics include archery; big and small game hunting; fly and other fishing techniques for bass, trout, steelhead and panfish, among other outdoor recreation.

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Ep28 - Jason Phelps & Aron Snyder
Aron and Jason were gracious enough to sit down for a chat in between a busy day of seminars while in our neck of the woods.  We had a fun time discussing several topics including, among other things, posers on social media, having spots blown up as a by product of providing content, personal space invaders and awkward moments during seminars.  Thanks for listening!  |  @phelpsgamecalls  |  @aron_snyder
June 11, 2019
Ep27 - Scott & Tiffany Haugen
On this episode we sit down with Scott & Tiffany Haugen, both teachers who have dedicated themselves to educating others about the outdoors for 20+ years.  Scott has hosted an appeared on a plethora of outdoor TV shows including The Hunt (available on Amazon Prime Video), penned thousands of articles & many books and provides hunting and fishing trip booking services around the globe.  Tiffany is a renowned wild game chef and food author who has written numerous cookbooks and an abundance of columns for Cabelas and major magazine publications, and is an accomplished video producer.  If you attend sportsman shows you've probably seen Scott & Tiffany as they also appear in many seminars and other speaking events around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Thanks for listening!
May 16, 2019
Ep26 - Moon Walking (Pantsless) into a herd of Elk
In this episode, we discuss the changing of the season and the ushering in of the new year of outdoor goodness.  Topics covered; Guided hunt vs putting in for out of state draw hunts, Complaining about "your" state, What the heck is "Point Creep", Moon walking (Pantsless) into a herd of Elk, Creating the time off YOU deserve for season, Trapping local Chicken thieves, and of course a short discussion on crappy bands and Nate's distain for their popularity. Please rate and review!! Thanks so much! Check out our outdoor apparel at
March 20, 2019
Ep25 - Sharps Bros. Firearms Design
On this episode we sit down with John Sharps of Sharps Bros., manufacturers of premier receivers for AR15, AR10 and AK (Kalashnikov) firearms.  A pioneer in adding enhanced aesthetic elements into the design and milling process of their parts, Sharps Bros. lower receives in particular are truly functional works of art. We talk with John about how he came up with his ideas, how he got his start in the industry and his myriad of other outdoor interests. We also chat about the application of the AR and modern sporting rifle platform in hunting and not just good looking range guns.  See all their badass products at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for listening! http://SharpsBros.com
December 14, 2018
Ep24 - Beer with Gear: Cole the Cooler
On this new installment of Beer with Gear we sit down with a great American icon, Cole the Cooler. We take a look at his once illustrious life as the center piece of hunting, fishing and camping trips everywhere. Crack a cold one and enjoy the story of an epic rise and unfortunate fall of everyone's favorite outdoor companion and 'Merica's cooler!
December 04, 2018
Ep23 - Bowtech Live: Blacktail Tactics
Recently Jake and John of the Preying Man crew were invited to join a Bowtech Live event discussing blacktail deer hunting tactics, specifically during the Pacific Northwest's late archery seasons  We're publishing as a podcast episode so those that didn't catch the live event could take it in.  Listeners of this episode can enter the promo code "HUNTFISHPREY" at check out on our website to get 10% off your entire order, available through the end of November.  Thanks for listening!
November 05, 2018
Ep22 - Beer with Gear: Camo Cotton Shirt
This is the first of a new gag bit series for the podcast. Beer with Gear episodes will feature mock interviews with gear items used in the field or on the water and we find out what it's really like hanging with their outdoorsy type owners. On this episode John chats with Camo Cotton Shirt who was a prominent figure in the 90s and was a vital component to many a successful hunt for those of our fathes' generation. We'll be releasing more episodes in the BwB series on a regular basis mixed in with our more serious content. Thanks for listening!
October 25, 2018
Ep21 - Same Crew, New Name
Well folks it's official!  Thanks to everyone for hanging in there during our hiatus from the podcast while we've been hard at work for the last year building the new brand and product line that goes with it.  On this episode we explain a bit about what we've been up to and what lies ahead for Preying Man Outfitters and the podcast getting going again.  We'll be back with more guests and dropping new content on a more regular basis so stayed tuned for another new episode soon. Thanks for listening and be sure to sign up for the newsletter on our website or give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on new episode and product releases as well as sales and giveaways!
October 20, 2018
Ep20 - Outdoor Madness 2018
Here it is folks. It's a bit after the NCAA tournament it's inspired by but life, day jobs and turkey hunting got in the way and delayed editing :) Join us as we put 16 big personalities of the hunting industry up against each other and vote on match-ups to determine the 2018 Outdoor Madness champion, and feel free to let us know how your bracket would've turned out. Check out Episode 3 for 2017's Outdoor Madness. Thanks for listening!
April 20, 2018
Ep19 - A-holes Afield
On this episode we talk about perceived ownership and entitlement, bullying and other undesirable behavior in the woods or on the water.  We share some stories and give our thoughts on how to handle a-holes afield and avoid being one yourself.  Also discussed is this episode's Would You Rather be able to only target freshwater fish only or saltwater species only?  Thanks for listening!   http://theKrave.net
March 23, 2018
Ep18 - Spingtime Funkadelic
On this episode we chat about the funk, the times when things are slow or don't go your way afield, and how to get through it.  We also talk about some springtime activities to break the cabin fever of winter including walleye fishing and turkey hunting.  Also discussed is this episode's Would You Rather: Doing everything with your off-hand, WYR throw out the first pitch at a World Series baseball game or teach a hunting & fishing academy to paying clients including range time demonstrating shooting/casting techniques?  Thanks for listening! http://theKrave.net
February 25, 2018
Ep17 - Crime in the Outdoors
On this episode we dig up some stories about numbskulls doing idiotic things and try to find some humor in the examples of so-called "hunters" and "fishermen" giving a black eye to true Outdoorsmen.  Thanks for listening!
December 27, 2017
Ep16 - Archery Mule Deer Late Season Hunting
On this episode we chat while afield, and recap after, doing some late season archery hunting for mule deer in the high desert of Eastern Oregon in mid November.  Join us as we talk about the different terrain compared to our typical woodland hunts, how we approached packing and the gear we ran for open country hunting, and the many things we learned chasing big bucks during the rut and winter migration.  Also discussed is limited entry hunt strategies and hunting with a 6 month old baby.  Thanks for listening and please leave a review!
December 11, 2017
Ep15 - Elk Season Retrospection
On this episode we each look back at our experiences from the 2017 archery elk season and what we took away from it (besides meat for the freezer for one). Join us as we discuss the best and worst of the tactics and gear deployed and some new lessons learned, plus one amusing poop story.  Thanks for listening. http://theKrave.net
October 20, 2017
Ep14 - Fly Fishing Business with Watershed Fly Shop's Troy Haselip
Join us as we discover what it's like to own and operate a fly fishing shop in the Pacific Northwest.  We sit down with Troy Haselip, owner of Watershed Fly Shop in Corvallis Oregon (541-207-3790), and dive into the decision to open a brick and mortar fishing business.  Topics included: What's more important, fly location or presentation; reasons to buy local; passion that fuels a business and much more.  http://www.watershedflyshop.com
September 05, 2017
Ep13 - Ravin Crossbows
Go to to watch the video version... On this episode of The KRAVE we visit with Ravin Crossbow's Adam Ganske at their headquarters in Superior, Wisconsin and get the full run down on the baddest new crossbows on the market. Join us as we learn about the safety and technological features of the R9 and R15 crossbows and see first hand how and why they are so deadly accurate. We also get the meaning behind one of the coolest brand names in the outdoor industry. When you're afield with one of these it's definitely "Time to Prey". Even if you’re not a crossbow hunter, it’s impossible to ignore the Ravin. Thanks for listening! | Facebook & Instagram: @ravincrossbows 02:03 - Guest intro (and the bathroom needs attention)  04:15 - What the heck is Ravin? The new kid on the block  08:00 - Issues with most crossbows and how Ravin addresses them  10:46 - Helicoil explained. Take the spiral staircase to success  13:00 - Trac-Trigger system explained. Ravin does everything possible to help you keep your digits  16:17 - PowerStroke explained. Ravin does more with less  19:15 - No Rail? No problem. Ravin’s Frictionless Flight System improves accuracy, extends string and serving life all while looking good  22:42 - The most overlooked part on the Ravin? The trigger. It’s perfect, so don’t touch it. We also discuss arrow weight, kinetic energy and momentum still carried at 100 yards  26:45 - The Ravin arrow and nock. When the hell will lighted nocks be available?  33:43 - R9 and R15 don't really mean anything. RAVIN on the other hand has an awesome meaning. Cool enough to get it tattooed on your body?  35:06 - Accessories and what you get in your new bundle of joy  39:45 - Pressing and general maintenance of your crossbow. Things to definitely NOT do  42:07 - Every company has hurdles  44:17 - Versa-Draw cocking and de-cocking demonstration  49:25 - Where to find and follow Ravin
August 18, 2017
Ep12 part 2 - The truth about hunting with your spouse. A candid conversation with Brett and Laura Gesh
Enjoy part 2 of the Brett and Laura Gesh interview.  Here we dive into the reality of hunting with that special someone.  TV presents a pretty picture of hunting with your best friend, but we peel back the layers of hunting the backcountry for days on end with someone.  Topics discussed: things that get really annoying, stealing the other person’s food, sleeping in, who shoots first, motivating each other, being an asshole, vacation usage and much more.  Tips, tactics and things to avoid when heading out to the bush are discussed.
July 28, 2017
Ep12 part 1 - So you want to be a Guide...(Interview with Brett and Laura Gesh of BiteFinders)
Join the Krave team as we converse with seasoned Alaska and Pacific Northwest Guide Brett Gesh and his lovely wife Laura Gesh.  In this episode, we find out what it takes to be get started, gain (and keep) clientele, what to expect on and off the water and more importantly, how to stay married!  Sit back and enjoy as we hear remarkable stories from Brett and Laura ranging from strange requests on the guide boat to converting a liberal, hippie, vegetarian into a bowhunting carnivore!  This is a two-part episode. 0:00 – Intros. Someone dedicates an odd thing to science.  Competitive eating reveal. 5:19 – Brett and Laura intro themselves.  Hippie, liberal, vegetarians and super rich outdoor guides. 11:52 – Becoming a guide.  The good the bad, the ugly. Bribing your teachers to get out of class.  The allure of the Kenai River in Alaska. 19:44 – Culture of the guides.  Money management and fist fights. 28:52 - Athletes wanted. Confidence in your skills.  Let’s face it…it’s being cocky.  36:10 – Side drifting explained.  People that know more than the guide (They think). Yelling at clients. 44:38 – The wife of a guide.  Better not wait up… 46:26 – Advice to youngsters that are thinking about guiding. 51:00 - Brett just wants to roast a S’more. 54:33 – The clients have changed, but the prices haven’t. 101:11 – The etiquette of being a guide. 104:25 – Weirdest thing experienced while guiding   Sex and Grizzly Bears. 108:27 – WYR -
July 21, 2017
Ep11 - Muckdogs Deer Recovery Service
On this episode we sit down with a true conservationist hero. Dean Muthig of MuckDog’s Deer Recovery Service discusses the business of tracking and finding deer for hunters in need. We dive into what deer season is like in Wisconsin for a deer tracker and his dogs. Further topics include dog breeds, good and bad shot placement, hunters' egos, poor decision making, legalities of tracking and much more. Sit back and enjoy this truly educational and fun conversation with one of the premier trackers in the Midwest. Follow Muckdogs on Facebook: @MuckdogsDeerRecoveryService 00:00 – Intros: Bowhunting leads to tracking dogs, tracking dogs gets you out of bowhunting 05:00 – Where does the name “Muckdogs” come from? 08:50 – Getting into tracking dogs and “Earn a Buck” explained 12:48 – Deano explains his crew. Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound. Like a big Weiner Dog 15:20 – Trust the dog…always. They’re better than you 21:20 – Not every dog is created equal 25:15 – They’re not cold, just excited 25:50 – A stroll through a typical call out 29:53 – variables. They’re all around you 33:19 – “Um, that’s not my deer” Also, How Dean got his first dog 37:05 – Legalities of tracking 43:39 – Frienemies: The Dog Tracking community explained. Also, Dean is a nonprofit type of tracker 49:15 – Story time with Uncle Dean. Dogs are not robots (in case you were wondering) 52:00 – Gun hunters vs bow hunters. We all suck 54:53 – What’s the biggest reason Dean gets called? Bad shots and broadheads discussed. Trust your gut 01:05:00 Men’s ego issue and the perfect shot 1:14:00 – Funny / Odd track jobs 1:23:30 – Predator issues while trackin’ 1:28:40 – find a tracker near you
July 07, 2017
Ep10 part2 - Elevation Fitness Training's Courtney LeVesque & Steven Dahn
On this episode we are joined by Courtney LeVesque and Steven Dahn, owners of Elevation Fitness Training and Bowtech Embassadors. On part two we get the scoop on how fitness applies to the outdoors and the one workout every hunter should do. | Instagram & Facebook: @elevationfitnesstraining 00:00:00 - The one workout everyone should do   00:03:12 - Does being in good shape make you a better hunter?  00:17:19 - Growth and image of women in archery  and hunting  00:28:52 - Training for GO not show  00:38:02 - Would You Rather?  00:43:07 - Bowtech Ambassadors  00:46:36 - Contact info for Courtney & Steven and Elevation Fitness Training  00:49:56 - Are hunters athletes?  00:55:46 - What we learned
June 17, 2017
Ep10 part1 - Elevation Fitness Training's Courtney LeVesque & Steven Dahn
On this episode we are joined by Courtney LeVesque and Steven Dahn, owners of Elevation Fitness Training and Bowtech Embassadors. On part one we get an introduction to Courtney and Steven, hear about their family values and their business, talk about nutritional awareness and dedication to fitness and how to apply that to the outdoors. We also discuss motivation and coach/client relationships and the lifelong passion for hunting both Steven and Courtney share. | Instagram & Facebook: @elevationfitnesstraining 00:01:46 - Host Introductions  00:07:13 - Introduction Courtney & Steven  00:11:35 - About Elevation Fitness Training & Family Values  00:21:55 - Nutritional Awareness  00:27:49 - Dedication to Fitness and Applying it to the Outdoors  00:39:00 - Motivation and Coach/Client Relationships  00:43:34 - Courtney and Steven's Passion for Hunting
June 16, 2017
Ep9 - xXx Archery's Corey Miller
So, you want to open an archery shop?  Join us as we sit down with Cory Miller, owner of XXX Archery in Rainier Oregon, and discuss living the high life as an archery pro shop legend.  We traveled to Longview Washington to pick Cory's brain (and drink his beer).  Discussions include: Getting started in archery, target panic (how to get it and never lose it), recurve love, target hate, archery industry quirks, Cory’s tattoo’s explained, poison oak versus a broken hip belt, XXX Archery product lines, customer service and little known facts about ourselves.  Thanks for listening! | Facebook: @xXx-Archery or @cory.miller.982 | Instagram: @xxxarchery 00:05:02 – Intros  00:09:20 - Cory’s Start in Archery  00:14:31 – So you want to start an archery shop?  00:31:19 – Cory’s lost love for target archery  00:43:25 – Cory’s string business explained  00:46:04 – Best and worst of owing a shop  00:53:02 – How the archery industry is changing  00:56:21 – What Cory sells in his shop and why  00:59:20 – Tips to cure target panic (and why we get it)  01:14:31 – Would You Rather?  01:23:36 – Cory’s tattoo’s explained  01:25:42 – What we learned
May 28, 2017
Ep8 - Chris Jackson of Solvid Systems and the Film It Yourself Head Cam Mount
On this episode we're joined by Chris Jackson of Solvid Systems and we get the rundown on their universal Film It Yourself (FIY) Head Cam Mount system and how Chris and his brother, Shawn, go about self filming all the awesome hunting videos found on their YouTube channel and featured on the current season of Bone Shack Outdoors on the Pursuit Channel.  Chris also shares some hunting stories, recommendations on what cameras to run, and tips and tricks on how to successfully self film your hunting and fishing adventures in the outdoors.  If you're able check out the video version of this episode to get a closer look at the product.  | | Instagram: @solvid_fiy | Facebook: @SolvidSystems00:02:05 - Greetings  00:08:22 - Introduction to Solvid Systems  00:14:11 - Would You Rather?  00:21:12 - Show and tell - Head Cam Mount system  00:31:51 - Advantages of the Solvid system over other (action cam) systems  00:39:11 - Chris' best and worst of self filming  00:44:38 - Tips and tricks on self filming  00:47:06 - Camera feature and model recommendations  00:51:53 - Hunting wolves and big game in Idaho & coyote hunting  00:59:57 - Dealing with haters/antis when posting hunting videos  01:03:06 - Favorite animal to hunt and film  01:09:22 - Filming blooper stories  01:16:20 - Where can people get a Solvid system?  01:20:06 - What we learned
May 22, 2017
Ep7 - Walleye in the PNW and Bowfishing for Carp with Pedro Jimenez
On this episode we're joined by Pedro Jimenez, archery manager at Kennewick Ranch & Home in Kennewick, WA and we chat about a fun weekend of hanging out and fishing day and night. Topics include the prospects of walleye fishing in the Pacific Northwest, bowfishing for carp, Pedro's first archery buck and modeling for John Mayer. 00:00:00 - Disclaimer  00:02:05 - Introductions  00:10:00 - Who is Pedro?  00:16:35 - Would You Rather  00:22:00 - Frustrations of a bow technician  00:25:50 - Fishing the big river for walleye  00:31:55 - Size restrictions and bag limits for walleye management  00:35:22 - Where walleye stands as table fare  00:43:50 - Rockin' out on the carp boat  00:51:10 - Pedro's first archery buck  01:04:01 - John's bad trip  01:05:30 - Do you stay on the trail of a non-lethally injured deer or leave it to pursue another deer?  01:13:00 - What we learned
May 09, 2017
Ep6 - Bowtech Digital Strategist Tim Glomb and the Krave crew discuss marketing to the outdoor industry, touring with Mötley Crüe, turning hunting into a rich man's sport and much more!
Marketing whiz bang Tim Glomb joined us in studio for a great discussion covering several topics.  Tim’s eclectic background is captivating (to say the least).  No matter what you’re in to, there’s a good chance Tim has influenced your experience.  From Rock legends like Mötley Crüe, EverClear and Slayer, to the World Fishing Network, Outdoor Channel, Bowtech, Viva La Bam and JackAss; Tim has changed the way these entities market.  Tim’s rich background has always been grounded in the outdoors so naturally we picked his brain about the relationship between these things.  Never short on opinions, Tim and Krave cast dive into some heavier topics including conservation, gun control, conservation and shooting carp!  Thanks for listening. 10:37 – Jackass, Viva La Bam and MTV behind the scenes.  14:30 – Tim’s start into the outdoors, feeding kid’s wild game and archery addiction  21:39 – Tim sees the light on Carp “Shooting”  Is it mindless killing?  Maybe not…  28:10 – Do Rockers like to hunt and fish?  Shock rock band Gwar does!  36:00 – Moving from Music to TV.  Tim’s take on a formula that works.  USE IT.  Worked for Duck Dynasty.  45:00 – Our take on the Outdoor Industry.  Who does it right?  What needs work?  55:45 – Going back.  The grass rarely greener and making your passion your gig.  1:00:22 – Is hunting and fishing a rich man’s sport?  What do you REALLY need to be successful in the field?  Advocates for keeping public lands public (Cam Hanes, Steven Rinella and others).  1:13:28 – Trying to cut through the BS and stereotypes of sportsmen, politicians and parties (political).  1:20:50 – What working with Mark Cuban is like.  1:24:36 – Would you rather.  Concert and beers with your musician/band of choice OR Hunt/Fish trip of your choosing?
April 24, 2017
Ep5 - Graphic Artist AND Beyonce backup singer Wil Askew talks hunting and poopy (or poppy) 80's music.
Accomplished hunter and graphic artist and owner of Hunting Graphics, Wil Askew, joined us in Bend, Oregon for a fun weekend of snowboarding, storytelling and podcasting.  We pick the brain of a true Renaissance man about Hollywood hunting portrayals, Turkey calling competitions, creating the perfect deer skull artwork, questionable 80’s music and of course politics.  Sit back and enjoy this “shaken, not stirred” episode in which we do our best to solve all the world’s problems. Plus we discuss, if fishing, Would You Rather fall in the water and fill up your waders on a cold day or forget your (polarized) sunglasses on a sunny day? Find Wil on Facebook @wil.askew or @Hunting-Graphics and on Instagram @wilaskew
April 15, 2017
Ep4 - Trail Camera Enthusiasm with Calvin Davis
On this episode (our first recording) we talk woodland surveillance with our friend and trail camera aficionado, Calvin Davis. We discuss the early days of trail camera introduction, the best features of modern cams and how to go about setting them up for best angles, motion detection and quality. We also talk about the ethical questions that come up with use of trail cams. Check out the video version on our website Follow Calvin's trail camera feeds on Instagram @eastORtrailcam541 or Twitter @EaORTrailCam541 00:02:08 - Introductions  00:09:29 - DNA forensics and wildlife  00:14:30 - Would You Rather (WYR) give up your trail cameras or your range finder?  00:19:47 - All things trail camera  01:15:20 - Oregon whitetail hunting and Calvin's muzzleloader buck  01:22:25 - What we learned
April 10, 2017
Ep3 part2 - Outdoor Madness: Fishing
On this second of a two-part, special episode we talk fishing. We've assembled a list of 16 species and/or methods of take and matched them up in head-to-head competition. Join us as we vote for winners and fill out the bracket to determine what comes out on top of this fishing battle royal. Check out our website at to see the video version.  If you like what you hear please give us a review.  Thanks for listening! 00:00:00 – Hunting bracket review  00:00:42 – Fishing bracket Round 1  00:30:18 – Fishing bracket Elite Eight & Final Four (slightly out of order)  00:45:55 – Fishing bracket Championship  00:50:03 – Would You Rather (WYR) only be able to hunt for the rest of your life, or only fish for the rest of your life?  00:55:46 – Recap
April 04, 2017
Ep3 part1 - Outdoor Madness: Hunting
On this first of a two-part, special episode we piggyback on the great sports spectacle that is the NCAA men's basketball tournament and fill out a championship bracket of our own, Outdoors style. We've assembled a list of 16 species and/or methods of take for both hunting and fishing and matched them up in head-to-head competition. Join us as we vote for winners and fill out each bracket to determine what comes out on top of this game pursuit battle royal. Check out our website at to see the video version.  If you like what you hear please give us a review.  Thanks for listening! 00:02:08 – Introductions   00:05:31 – Bracketology   00:09:50 – Rules of engagement   00:11:43 – Hunting bracket Round 1   00:31:38 – Hunting bracket Elite Eight   00:37:20 – Hunting bracket Final Four   00:45:35 – Hunting bracket Championship
March 30, 2017
Ep2 - Down with the Sickness
On this episode we discuss various topics but mostly things to do during the winter months to keep your gear in good working order and avoiding cabin fever.  We also talk about the above average ability of sportsmen to cope with weather related hardships like power outages, etc.  Check out our website at to see the video version.  If you like what you hear please give us a review.  Thanks for listening! 00:02:08 - Discussion on good and bad portrayals of hunting and fishing in movies and television  00:16:47 - Would You Rather (WYR) suffer through sea sickness or altitude sickness?  00:32:47 - Activities to avoid cabin fever and the doldrums of winter  00:56:29 - Sportsmen's above average ability to get through weather disasters  01:02:51 - In the event of needing to evacuate would you save your guns first or your taxidermy?  01:10:08 - Tech tips  01:17:55 - What We Learned
March 20, 2017
Ep1 - Introducing The KRAVE
Thanks for listening to The KRAVE!  On this first of many episodes we introduce ourselves and what The KRAVE is all about.  For the video version visit our website at and if you like what you hear please consider leaving us a review. Can’t seem to get enough of the outdoors?  Neither can we.  The KRAVE is dedicated to life lived as it’s meant to be: wild and untamed.  Join KRAVE Nation as we experience and discuss the best (and worst) of the outdoors through the eyes and mouths of three different sportsmen hailing originally from three different parts of the country (USA).  Bit by the bug of exploration and pursuit of wild fish and game, we continue to grow as sportsmen through trials and tribulations.  Matching wits with nature is the greatest chess game on earth and we live for the next move… 00:02:08 - Introducing The KRAVE  00:25:20 - Would You Rather (WYR) forget your hat OR forget your food on an all day hunt?  00:36:41 - East vs West deer rack descriptions: "9 point" or "3x3 with double eye guards on one side"  00:45:15 - Winter steelhead  01:05:39 - Hardest fighting fish pound for pound debate  01:13:16 - How NOT to drive a jet boat  01:18:55 - What We Learned
March 20, 2017