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Welcome to Priestess Radio with your host, Abbey Marie Graham, mindset + life coach, certified EFT practitioner & hypnotherapist. I'm here to show you what's possible, help you break down limiting beliefs and live your most empowered life through aligning your mind, energy, and beliefs towards what you want. I believe in blending the spiritual together with the practical to manifest your best life. On this podcast, I'll be sharing more about my journey with mindset work + intuitive living, how to manifest what you want in life, and how to release limiting beliefs to create your highest life.
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Interview with Feminine Confidence Coach Jess Winans of Ultravioletly Aligned

Priestess Radio

Interview with Feminine Confidence Coach Jess Winans of Ultravioletly Aligned

Priestess Radio

Taking a Month Off From My Business, The Importance of Self-Care, & Living Life in Alignment
Today I’m reflecting on what I’m learning this month, peeling back the layers of my business and what I “should/have to” do versus my alignment and following my soul & inner guidance. I’m also taking a look at how I can practice more self-care in the month ahead and how I can live from a place of connection to myself, my work, & the Universe in February.
February 1, 2021
Community Building, Love, & MLK Jr.
Take this day to reflect on MLK Jr. and his work, on how you can be an embodiment of love in the world. I hope this episode moves you to action in your community, in your home, and in yourself. I love you and I hope you take time to reflect, meditate, and focus on loving your communities today. Together we can build a better world for everyone. ❤️
January 18, 2021
The Importance of Kindness + Why Its So Revolutionary in Today’s World
In the wake of riots at the US Capitol, I find myself reflecting on how we can come together, not just for people who live here like I do, but as a world, to heal, to uplift, and to promote unity collectively. I usually don’t get political on here, but I felt it important to share today’s message because it’s been weighing so much on my heart after such a turbulent week. It is true that there are a lot of sad, heart wrenching things happening in the world, especially right now. But my instinct tells me that this is not where it ends. We are better than this and we can do better. We can be better to each other. We can disagree and still love one another. We can show up as loving, kind movements in the world instead of sinking down into hate or violence. We can act in alignment with our true nature - which is love - rather than falling to false ideas about who we are and what we stand for. I believe that starts not by sitting by and watching, wondering what you can do, nor by arguing and fighting more with other people - as much as I agree that activism and holding people accountable is necessary and definitely a part of the process - I believe this starts by being the living example. In order to create more love in the world, you must be loving. In order to create more kindness in the world, you must be kind. In order to create more unity, you must first reach out a hand to someone else. Changing the world starts with you and you don’t have to have a platform or a big social media following in order to do it. You don’t have to do everything or do big action in the world in order to be a part of this. All you have to do is start where you are. So I hope this episode can inspire you, can give you words of comfort, and can remind you of your power in this crazy world we live in to make a difference for somebody, no matter how small and know that your action is enough, your first step is enough, and doing what you can with what you’ve got is the first step to creating a world where peace is prized more than violence, and kindness is more important than division.
January 12, 2021
Returning to the Show
This episode is a little recap of my year being away from the podcast in 2020, what I’ve learned, how I’m growing, and what I’m stepping into in 2021. I hope it inspires you and I’m so thankful for you being with me along the way! Here’s to a wonderful New Year! To learn more about me and my services, check out my website
January 4, 2021
Interview with Feminine Confidence Coach Jess Winans of Ultravioletly Aligned
Today's episode is an interview with a former client of mine, the lovely Feminine Confidence Coach Jess Winans of Ultravioletly Aligned. In this episode, we chat all about Jess's journey into wellness, yoga and coaching women on being more confident in their everyday lives. Jess's energy is so authentic and magnetic, and her story is so inspiring, so I hope you enjoy this episode as we chat about her journey and how she's impacting the women around her to be more confident and empowered in their everyday lives! 🥰 You can find Jess on Instagram @_jesswinans ( and her podcast Ultraviolet Thoughts @_ultravioletthoughts ( Jess's Website: Coach with Jess:
January 19, 2020
How to Connect To & Strengthen Your Intuition
Your intuition is a powerhouse for your soul's highest growth and evolution. When you connect to this conduit of Universal wisdom, guidance and support flowing through you, you become unstoppable. In today's episode, I chat about my journey as an intuitive (as well as how I found out I was an intuitive), how I connect to and strengthen my intuition, why the intuition can show up a multitude of ways and how to make this connection a part of your daily practice through simple awareness and additions to your routines. Hope you enjoy, my loves! . Intuitive Life Coaching Single Sessions (90 min for $90): . Find Out More About Women's Empowerment Coaching: . Find Out More About Priestess Empowerment Conscious Business Coaching: . Schedule a Visionary Session with Me For Coaching (January Spots Are Now Open!!! 😊): . Priestess Collective Pinterest: . Priestess Collective Instagram: . Shop Mugs, Merch, Meditations & More at the Priestess Collective Webshop (& Help Causes That Help Women 🥰): . Priestess Collective Website:
December 29, 2019
How to Connect with Your Highest Self, Spirit Guides & Wisdom Within
Welcome to another episode of Priestess Radio, my loves! Today we are talking all about being connected spiritually and how you can connect to a higher power of your own understanding, whether that’s through a religion, God, Spirit, Source energy, the Universe, Your Spirit Guides or your Angels. I’ll be sharing the tools that I use to get connected spiritually and my experience with Spirit Guides, Angels & connecting to the Universe, plus how it has transformed my life. Please share this episode if it resonated with you and leave a review on iTunes if this has served you in your spiritual path. Thanks for listening, my love! . Find Out More About Priestess Empowerment Mentorship: . Book A Free Visionary Session with Me: . Lisa Jane xo Meditation Course (😍): . Priestess Collective Insta: . Spiritual Creators // Priestess Collective Facebook Group: . Shop Meditations, Merch & More on the Priestess Collective Webshop: . Book An Oracle Reading Session with Me: . Priestess Collective Website:
December 17, 2019
Priestess Collective Core Values + How You Can Set Your Own Core Values in Your Life ✨
Desiring more purpose, magic & flow in your life, Priestess? ✨ This episode is for you! Today I’m talking all about Priestess Collective’s core values, why core values are important and how you can apply them to your own life (whether or not you are a business owner!). Hope you enjoy, my loves! If you like this episode, go ahead and share it on Insta in your stories and leave a review on iTunes so that more wonderful babes like you can receive this empowering message! Thanks for listening, Priestess! . Women's Empowerment Coaching - Priestess Collective: . Shop Merch on the Priestess Collective Webstore: . Priestess Collective Instagram: . Priestess Collective FB Group: . Priestess Collective FB Page: . Book An Oracle Card Reading with Me: . Priestess Collective Website:
December 5, 2019
New Moon in Sagittarius + New Year Reflection & Intention Setting
Today, I’m talking on the show all about the New Moon in Sagittarius, what to expect this astrological season, and how to approach this New Year with self-reflection and empowered intention setting. Hope you enjoy, my loves! . Spiritual Creators // Priestess Collective Facebook Group (Our New Moon Gathering + Intention Setting Workshop is Live Now in the Group & Free To Join!): . Come Say Hi on Socials - Priestess Collective on Insta: . Priestess Collective on Pinterest: . Book an Oracle Reading Session with Me: . Priestess Collective Shop (With Meditations, Merch & More!): . Priestess Collective Website:
November 27, 2019
You Are Blessed & Powerful
Girl, you are so blessed and powerful! This is my reminder to you that the Universe has got you, girl! And to remember how powerful you are to change your life in an instant. It's my intention that this pep talk serves you on your spiritual path and reminds you of who you are at a soul level! Let's empower each other, babe! p.s. If you are looking for a tribe of empowered women and a toolkit of empowered exercises to step boldly into soul, declare your worth and step UP into the life you know you're meant for, head to link below to learn more about my 12-Day LIVE program The Empowered Soulkit, where I'll be sharing the spiritual tools & exercises that helped me uplevel on my spiritual path and embrace my purpose to create life I love! It's my prayer that these tools will serve you on your spiritual journey, remind you of your power within and help you step into who you already are on a deep soul level, so if this resonates with you I invite you to join me on a beautiful 12-Day journey along with other high-vibe women! Thank you so much for listening today, priestess! 💕 . Enroll in The Empowered Soulkit - We Begin November 24th! : . Priestess Collective Insta: . Priestess Collective Website: . Spiritual Creators // Priestess Collective Facebook Group (with Monthly New Moon Masterclasses + Gatherings): . Spiritual Life Coaching: . Book an Oracle Reading Session with Me:
November 20, 2019
The Power of Appreciation
Today’s show is all about the vibration of Appreciation, aka how you can create your best life just by being present with your blessings and letting the magic of the Universe permeate every area of your life. Hope it inspires you, my love! 💃 . Priestess Collective Insta: . The Empowered Soulkit-Learn More by Messaging Me Here: . Priestess Collective Website: . Spiritual Creators // Priestess Collective Facebook Group (with Monthly New Moon Masterclasses + Gatherings): . Free Spiritual Life Coaching: . Book an Oracle Reading Session with Me:
November 10, 2019
Making Things Fun, Spiritual Cleaning & Getting Into Alignment with Your Soul + The Universe
Hey lovelies! Welcome to Priestess Radio if you're new here, come and say hi on Insta after listening to this episode! :) Today's show is a fun chat about all things alignment, flowing into what's right for you and making space for your soul desired life to come to fruition. Hint: it's already within you, my love! All the magic, all the embodied bliss, it's right there in your heart center and this episode will help you to embody that on an energetic level so I'm super excited to bring this to you girls today! Thank you so much for listening, I appreciate you and I love you so much, thanks for being a part of my soul family love! Hope this inspires you and serves you as you embody your purpose even more deeply! 🧡✨ . Spiritual Creators // Priestess Collective Facebook Group (with Monthly New Moon Masterclasses + Gatherings): . Priestess Collective Insta: . Book an Oracle Reading Session with Me: . Free Spiritual Life Coaching: Or message me to learn more by going here: . Priestess Collective Website:
November 7, 2019
How to Surrender to the Unknowns + Let the Universe Do Her Thang
We've all had a moment where we just needed to let go. Today on the podcast, I'm sharing a raw episode with you girls about where I am on my spiritual journey, how to surrender even when you feel the urge to control the outcome, and how surrender can open us up to Universal magic + wisdom in all areas of our lives. This is a really raw episode, just me sharing my message and being open with you girls, so I hope you enjoy and I'm so thankful for you being here! Sending you all the love + light! ✨ xo, Abbey . Spiritual Creators // Priestess Collective Facebook Group - . Priestess Collective on Insta (Come say hi, my love!) - . Priestess Collective Website (Get your free inner child empowerment meditation here!) -
October 27, 2019
Celebration of the Fall Equinox
Winter is coming! ❄ Not in the Game of Thrones way, of course, but the fall equinox is a signal that autumn is here and winter is on the way. In this season of introversion, introspection and spiritual evolution, we're being called to uplevel in a multitude of ways and it's really up to us to tune in to our souls and listen to her whispers throughout this season of massive growth and transformation. Today on the podcast, I talk all about how I'm celebrating the autumn equinox, what to expect energetically as we head into 2020 and how you can embrace wherever you are this season with the fall equinox energy of growth, expansion & presence, knowing you're exactly where you need to be on this journey! Hope you enjoy, Priestess! 🍁😘 . Spiritual Creators // Priestess Collective Facebook Group (with Monthly Masterclasses free in service of your highest self, evolution + embodiment!): . Come Find Priestess Collective on Instagram For Weekly Posts on Spirituality, Creativity & Embodiment Through Mindset + Energy Work: . Priestess Collective Free Women's Empowerment + Spiritual Mentoring Sessions: . Priestess Collective Website:
October 17, 2019
An Interview with Jeananne Atthowe of Cerulean Orchid
Today on the podcast I speak to the lovely stitcher, creative and spiritual gal Jeananne Atthowe of Cerulean Orchid. We talk all about her journey of fempreneurship, from starting a business at the age of 12 to where she is now with Cerulean Orchid, as well as some of her current projects and collaboration. We also talk about mental health, the journey of embracing the present moment and knowing our self-worth, embracing our power as women and the feminine shift that's occurring in the collective consciousness surrounding slow living and embracing an intuitive approach to creativity + business. Girls, there is so much bombshell, wonderful goodness in this episode! So whether you be a stitcher, a spiritual babe or a creative business gal, this episode is for you! Hope it inspires you, my love! . Check out Cerulean Orchid on Instagram: . Cerulean Orchid Facebook Page: . Rogue Orchids Facebook Group: . Join the Cerulean Orchid Pattern Club: . Cerulean Orchid Website:
September 29, 2019
You Are Always Supported
In today’s mini-episode, I’m encouraging you and lifting you up to the spiritual plane, inviting you to embrace that you are always supported, guided and loved, and that the Universe is your provider. To trust in the unknowns, knowing that everything is unfolding in exact divine timing. Hope it inspires you, my love!
September 25, 2019
There is No Competition (Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe)
In today’s mini-episode, I’m talking about the concept of connection over competition and why competition doesn’t actually exist when it comes to sharing your soul’s message and elevating into your soul’s purpose. Hope it inspires you, my love!
September 18, 2019
How Spiritual Work + Inner Healing Makes You A Better Boss
Today I’m talking on the show all about how mindset + energy ✨ work can help you manifest the life & business of your dreams.
September 15, 2019
Embracing the Unknowns in Business & in Life
Today I’m sharing an unedited, raw episode of my process and journey over the past few months of embracing the unknowns and stepping into a new season of spiritual growth in my life. Hope it inspires you, Priestess!
September 11, 2019
Sustainable Growth is About Connection, Not Numbers
Welcome back to another Wednesday mini-episode, my love! Today, I’m talking all about those “vanity metrics” we see so much in social media, and why you don’t need 10k followers to make your soul’s vision + impact a reality.
September 4, 2019
Business is All About Service
In today’s episode, I talk about creating a divine impact + being committed to your vision, while also aligning to your soul’s purpose. I’ll speak to you about how you can build a sustainable brand through embodying your divine purpose and aligning with the Universe + her divine timing whilst being of high value + service to your tribe. Hope you enjoy, lovely!
September 1, 2019
Keep Showing Up, Even When No One’s Watching
In today’s mini-episode, I talk about showing up + being committed to your brand, and encourage you to go after your dreams + be committed to your vision, even when it feels like no one’s watching. Because it’s all coming together for your highest good + in Universal timing, and you’re learning now how to embody your divine worthiness through this season of slow growth. Hope it inspires you, priestess!
August 28, 2019
On Being a Fempreneur + 3 Ways to Infuse Artistry into Your Business
Today I’m sharing an update on my business journey + 3 simple truths that will transform how you do business, and infuse artistry into your unique brand. Thank you for listening Priestess, and thank you for all of your continued love + support! 🤗💕🙏✨
August 23, 2019
07 :: An Interview with Alejandra Kanshiro of ImperfectTwenties
Today I am speaking with the lovely Alejandra of Imperfect Twenties. Alejandra has devoted herself to teaching women how to embrace their own imperfections so that they can deeply heal their lives and let go of the need for perfection in order to build their dream life. She's a coach, a course creator and all around boss babe committed to helping you unwire to rewire so that you can live your best life, combining personal development, manifestation and healing so that you can live with freedom and abundance in all aspects of your life. In today's episode, we chat about what healing truly means, how to release perfection and embrace your imperfect self, and what it looks like to unwire to rewire in order to step into all that life has for you! Hope you enjoy, beautiful! 😘 A free gift from Alejandra to you: 5 Days of Raising Your Vibration ->  You can find Alejandra on Instagram @imperfecttwenties, on Facebook at Imperfect Twenties or go to her website  Thanks for listening, priestess! 💕
June 26, 2019
Transform Fear Into Faith
In today’s solo episode, I share my personal experiences with fear and anxiety, and how I’ve grown into a more empowered mindset centered on faith in the Universe and trust in myself. Hope it inspires you, beautiful! My website: To book a session with me, message me on Instagram @priestess_collective Thanks for listening lovely! 🤗💕
June 17, 2019
05 :: An Interview with Kelsey Crystal
Kelsey Crystal is a beautiful gem of a woman! A medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant and so much more, Kelsey is a gifted healer who loves supporting people in their path to healing. Using a trauma-centered approach, she helps her clients through her readings to be able to work on whatever is holding them back in life, whether that be health issues, relationship troubles or even deep inner healing. Using a variety of techniques, she helps her clients face whatever is holding them back head on with love and compassion, and helps them rise into the best version of themselves in the process. For more on Kelsey's work, her story and a look at a typical session with her, listen to this episode where we chat all about that and so much more! Thanks for listening beautiful! Find Kelsey on Instagram @kelseycrystal_ and Facebook at KelseyCrystal. Kesley's website is Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday my love!
June 5, 2019
04 :: What does it mean to be an influencer?
What does it mean to be an influencer? What does it mean to share your message? I answer all of these questions and more in today’s solo episode. I hope this inspires you, Priestess! 💕 If you want more inspiring content like this, sign up for my weekly newsletter here, or go to Head to to sign up for my free 21 day self-love challenge, beginning Wednesday, May 8th.  Receive a daily email from me with tools, journaling prompts, and a two-minute reading to help you nurture your self-love and uplevel your life to reflect your blooming self-worth, self-respect and inner love for all that you are.   1:1 Priestess Mentoring -   Find me on Instagram and Pinterest @priestess_collective.
May 8, 2019
03 :: Interview with Angel Quintana of Holistic Fashionista
Angel Quintana is an astrologer, 5th dimensional living advocate and enlightened boss babe. Her mission is to help women step into who they truly are and live at their highest potential through raising their vibration and letting go of anything that is no longer serving them in life. Through her magazine, Holistic Fashionista, she empowers women to choose their best life and inspires her tribe to embrace 5th dimensional living. She also hosts the Empress Festival, an exclusive online festival designed to help you explore the depths of your Soulself and provide insights to help you amplify your light and share it with the world. Today, I chat with her all about what 5th dimensional living looks like, how to amplify your self-love for a better life and her daily rituals for a high-vibe day. Thanks for listening, priestess! 😘 Find Angel on Instagram @holisticfashionista, @5dpublishing and @theempressfestival or head to to learn more about Angel and her offerings. If you want more inspiring content like this, sign up for my weekly newsletter here, or go to Head to to sign up for my free 21 day self-love challenge, beginning Wednesday, May 8th.  Receive a daily email from me with tools, journaling prompts, and a two-minute reading to help you nurture your self-love and uplevel your life to reflect your blooming self-worth, self-respect and inner love for all that you are.   1:1 Priestess Mentoring -   Find me on Instagram and Pinterest @priestess_collective.
May 1, 2019
02 :: Interview with Melissa of Modern Goddess
If there's anyone who embodies the Priestess, it's my beautiful friend and colleague Melissa. Not only has she made it her mission to help women step into their power as the goddesses that they are, but she is full of wisdom for the modern priestess on all things self-love, life, spirituality and so much more. She's a theta healer, intuitive, reiki master and all around goddess. In her sessions she helps women rise into the best version of themselves by first healing anything that has been holding them back in life. She holds space for women to be who they truly are and invites them to elevate into the highest version of themselves. In today's episode, we will be sitting down together to chat all about how she got started with Modern Goddess, as well as many other topics like self-love, spirituality, healing and so much more!  
April 24, 2019
The truth about success
Welcome to the first episode of Priestess Radio! Today in a solo episode I’m sharing how my relationship to success has changed over time, Why success is a journey not a destination and how you can view success as a lifestyle rather than a destination. Hope you enjoy Priestess!
April 11, 2019
April 10, 2019
April 10, 2019