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Episode 11 - Dr. Matthew X. Joseph

The Principal Leadership Lab

Season 2, Ep. 2 - Adam Interviews Jeff
Join Adam & Jeff on this special episode, and listen as Adam turns the mic on Jeff to interview him about his new book, "Becoming Principal!" ** Get the book: Becoming Principal ** INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
October 14, 2021
Season 2: EP. 1 - Dr. Mike Gaskell
Join Adam and Jeff as we dive into Season 2 of The Principal Leadership Lab with Dr. Michael Gaskell! Mike is Principal at Hammarskjold Middle School in East Brunswick, NJ. following experience as a special educator and assistant principal in Paramus, NJ. He continues to model the pursuit of lifelong learning as he serves to mentor new principals through the New Jersey Leaders to Leaders program. An NJPSA Stars recipient, he has been published in over 2 dozen articles in education journals and blogs, including eSchoolNews, NASSP, Edtech and ASCD Smartbrief, he has made the most-read section of ASCD Smartbrief numerous times. Mike had a book published in October, 2020 (Microstrategy Magic), and a second book publishing in September 2021 (Leading Schools Through Trauma). Dr. Gaskell works tirelessly to support instructional excellence and student success, for his school community, and most importantly, for the wellness and equity of all children. Handles: Twitter: GaskellMGaskell LinkedIn: michael-gaskell-922711100 Instagram: mgaskell0 Email: Website:
September 14, 2021
Episode 65 - Marty Silverman
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with veteran educator and building principal at Salinas Elementary in South Texas, Marty Silverman! Host of The Second Question podcast & The Texan Connection, blogger with The Teach Better Team Brooklyn transplant 24 years in the same district 38 Years on the job. The 2nd Question: Who was the best teacher you ever had and why? Leadership Journey Hungered for a new adventure People tend to center their whole world around the place where they live Grew up in a housing project in Brooklyn Education was the ticket out Started teaching in 1st grade The 2nd Question Podcast purpose is to imprint the model onto others Leadership Nugget for Aspiring Leaders Traditional doesn’t mean it’s not effective The biggest change over 38 years is there an illusion that kids are expected to do more now than they were then Don’t innovate yourself out of limits… will have to go back and listen Doesn’t always equal better HOPEFUL Lost 23 years of documents and data through a data breach. After grief and anger, reframed his mindset. Every day, look forward to something you didn’t expect. This job is never the same. And that’s okay. Critically evaluate that “best new thing” GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Twitter HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
August 2, 2021
Episode 64 - Dr. Brandon Beck
Dr. Brandon Beck is the author of Unlocking Unlimited Potential: Understanding the Infinite Power Within to Guide Any Student Toward Success. He is a National Board Certified teacher and also holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. His primary purpose as an educator and teacher leader is a simple one: “To inspire people (adults and children) to have faith in themselves and believe in their inner genius.” He has been an elementary teacher for 17 years and a dual language teacher (English Zone) for over 10 years.  He is also a college professor, an editor and reviewer for AASA Journal of Scholarship & Practice, a regular speaker at state, regional, and national conferences, and is also an education consultant. Dr. Beck is also a Mutt-i-grees teacher and National Trainer. Mutt-i-grees is a program designed by Yale University’s 21st Century in partnership with North Shore Animal League. The Mutt-i-grees curriculum is an innovative Pre-K - Grade 12 social emotional learning program that brings adopted shelter dogs into schools. Dr. Beck is also an entrepreneur and professional soccer coach. He is currently a nationally certified instructor for the United States Soccer Federation. In addition, he has coached teams that have won numerous state, regional, and national championships. Leadership Journey One year into his journey with CodeBreaker - Author Teacher in NY for 17 years Outdoor Adventures for 3 years Started in NYC public schools Monolingual/Bilingual educator College professor - teaching ESL Soccer player & coach Runs a small business - soccer programs Holds a Doctorate & is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) Always felt there was something holding him back - "turns out it was myself" You do what you love and it doesn’t feel like work TWITTER - “Big large chain of connections” “UUPotential” Stories - vodcast to connect people and record the conversation Goal - to unlock the unlimited potential in every student Being able to hear people’s real stories has been real powerful Professional Learning has been flattened UUP Stories - next book? We rise by listening to others Dual language teacher - being a monolingual The last step of the ladder is Unlocking Unlimited Potential Leadership Challenge/Opportunity I’m a leader in my school. I’m an entrepreneur; run a soccer company that serves 4,000 During COVID players signed up for soccer, but locked down. Had to overcome financial challenges as a result Found alternatives to engagement Hopeful School year we had really brought out a lot in people People are innovative Don’t forget about the importance of equity and race and SEL We can’t go back to the way things were Unlocking Unlimited Potential Book GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Brandon Beck HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
July 19, 2021
Episode 63 - Jeremy Blain - Game Changer of the Year
Join Jeff and Adam as they talk across the pond with Jeremy Blain.  Founder and CEO, International GameChanger of the Year Jeremy Blain is an award-winning Business Leader, Futurist, New Era Learning Professional, Author & Conference Speaker. AUTHOR: Inner CEO - Unleashing Leaders at all Levels Jeremy is founder and CEO of PerformanceWorks International (PWI). He has created PWI because he knows that his experience, knowledge and passion can help organisations and individuals face into the changing workplace and help them be fit and ready for the future. Jeremy is also a newly appointed Advisory Board Member of WDHB; one of the world’s foremost Industry 4.0 immersive learning experiences companies (leadership expeditions, community events and transformational learning interventions for the disruptive era). Journey Started in the 1990s and began at Procter and Gamble. Self leadership was the first stage of his journey. Leadership is about doing the right thing and management is doing the right work in the right way. 4 Levels of Leadership Self learning Learning from others Learn by doing Apply - put into practice How to help people in the modern workplace? How to help people be “Future Ready?” 5 Forces Digital Leadership readiness Culture is shifting Workforce is shifting 5th one??? Learning needs a bit of an upgrade in areas Workplace readiness… can have a business set up in a day… self-driven experience/learning at a much earlier age Not a career-for-life mentality anymore Leadership readiness… how to get here. Start hiring for behaviors not qualifications 70% is ok in the corporate world; speed is key. Perfection is not the key, but the continued evolution. Book: Inner CEO The Potential CEO, taking ownership It’s not just about stepping up and doing more One CEO is not enough - there has to be a more collective approach. “Stepping Out” - make decisions at my level Challenge/Opportunity - Fail fast, fail forward, fail often Hopeful - Learn quickly and a faster track to failing… INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
July 7, 2021
Episode 62 - Anna Liebel - The Zone of Genius
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with CEO, Founder, Podcast Host of Genius Leadership: Overcoming Everything, Anna Liebel! Believes that each of us has a zone of genius -  unique to us. As a Mindshifter, I help male leaders in tech get out of the firefighter mode, become the proactive Leaders they want to be, and enjoy the ride as they go. The research is showing how beneficial empathy and vulnerability are in workplaces. Which are the traits normally nurtured in young women. Yet, how are our men brought up? "Be strong", "man up", etc. I see many male leaders who are great humans willing to be better at leading others, yet they were never taught to open up, show their emotions, and own their weaknesses. Given that most of the power positions are occupied by men, no wonder employee engagement is so low and mental health issues cost companies billions each year. Journey: Raised in Ukraine, moved to Sweden, ended up in Iceland Studied computer science and was often the only female Helps male leaders in tech, more sustainable leaders, without burning themselves or their employees out. Lack of empathy in men Struggle to reach true equality So many men are unhappy, unhealthy. We are sentient beings - don’t need to necessarily teach directly. Creating a safe place for my clients so they can explore these things People do as we do, not as we say (much like our kids) Practice what you preach “Not everyone is ready for that” For School Leaders: Be patient Get crystal clear on your “Why” - why do you WANT to transform? What is your vision for your future self? “Don’t let your legacy be seen only once you’re gone” - What is your Living Legacy? Where are you going too far in your work? - When is “good” good enough? It’s different, but it’s not wrong Leadership Challenge New country, young daughter, and new business. This is re-learning journey Need people to be able to call you out and bring you back “I’m worthy just because I am” Hopeful Society that is empowered and to explore who we are. 1 LINKS Genius Leadership Podcast GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Anna Liebel on LinkedIn HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
July 6, 2021
Episode 61 - Marie McCumber
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Special Education elementary teacher at the Ohio State School for the Blind, & Nominee for Ohio State Teacher of the Year... Marie McCumber!  Education Journey Started from high school and learning about the deaf and hard of hearing. Paying for college was devastating. Worked in Germany as a classroom assistant. Wishes her story was a “more exciting story” - how she got into special education Took the right opportunities to discover what she really loves. 2 years at the Ohio School for the Blind Prek-12 70% of their students are unemployed due to their visual impairment Teach Better Ambassador Her best friend encouraged her to get more involved. Nominee for Ohio Teacher of the Year Hopeful  The COVID challenges existing systems in education to be used as an opportunity for growth; to become better. GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Marie McCumber on Twitter: @Hannahnia HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
June 29, 2021
Episode 60 - Dr. Sam Fecich
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Dr. Sam Fecich, a professor of education, author of EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers, and pumpkin spice latte fan. Currently an associate professor at Grove City College in Grove City, PA, Sam helps future educators become educators of excellence during their college career, by preparing them to work with all students and educational technology in meaningful and authentic ways. Education Journey Unexpected surprises. Dad knows best; you can add special education to your license 1st job was in a classroom with multiple disability students. Not afraid to take an abandoned SMART Board. Make your Google Search a professional one. Prep for Future Teachers - EduMagic (book, podcast, classes, etc.) Nothing out there for new teachers beyond their UnderGrad at the time Talking about those things they don’t teach you in the college classroom What can you do to be an “Educator of Excellence?” Go in with a “teacher mindset” - you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in that content area BUY THE BOOK! EduMagic (COUPON CODE - CODESAM) Teach Your Heart Out Virtual Conference Leadership Challenge Future teachers should seek their own PD at conferences; they are an educator of excellence. Tap on the shoulder to move educators forward. Student teacher Hopeful Let’s talk lessons learned from the last year (COVID year) and move them into our Fall semester Engaging students, forming relationships. GUEST CONTACT INFO Dr. Sam on Twitter: @sfecich HOST CONTACT INFO INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
June 24, 2021
Episode 59 - Jillian DuBois - Piper Lou
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Beach-loving, Florida transplant who loves ALL things outdoors... Jillian DuBois! Water, waves, salty air, and warm breezes is where she finds the most joy. While she admits her loyalty to this wonderful state, she will forever claim status as a native Texan, born and raised in Dallas with deep southern roots that are still lovingly planted. PROFESSIONALLY, SHE IS A PASSIONATE EDUCATOR WHO CALLS ALL STUDENTS HER OWN. SHE IS A RECENTLY PUBLISHED AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR, BLOGGER, PODCASTER, AND TECH TOOL FANATIC. Educator’s Journey Didn’t start out teaching Started volunteering in a classroom Transition to teaching program in FL Decided to homeschool her son in 8th grade, quit her job. Great experience homeschooling Best 5 years of her life - homeschooling Put her homeschool experience into practice back in the classroom, loves every minute of it Author: Liv’s Seashell’s Road to Awesome UPCOMING… Look at You, Piper Lou LLC: ImpartedJoy Internal, cultivated, passionate joy - how are we going to get it to come out? Leadership/Career Challenge This has been the hardest year, but hasn’t been the worst. HOPEFUL Professionally, educators can stay on the track of encouraging one another; lean in. Personally, this summer is one of rest. GUEST CONTACT INFO Jillian on Twitter11 HOST CONTACT INFO INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
June 14, 2021
Episode 58, Part B - Amanda Slavin - The 7th Level
Join Jeff & Adam for Part B of our incredible chat with CatalystCreativ Founder and author of The Seventh Level, Amanda Slavin. 
June 8, 2021
Episode 58 - Amanda Slavin - The 7th Level
Join Jeff & Adam as we come off of our short hiatus and have a WONDERFUL conversation with Forbes "30 Under 30 Alum for Marketing and Advertising," co-founder of the award-winning community design agency, Catalyst Creativ (W/Tony Hsieh) and Bestselling author of The Seventh Level, Amanda Slavin! Amanda’s Leadership Journey Good with kids, coaching, camp counselor for 10 years Kids are like sponges. “Kids who aren’t seen” - a large part of her journey, who she is all about The Secretary of education attended school there. Doing community event planning on the side Two weeks before graduation, she was offered a job doing event planning for a restaurant group Master’s Thesis became her book Feedback & Responses - given to disgruntled customers - engaging with people “I loved working with kids” - so much of what teachers have to do is systemic; “I didn’t ever want to resent the children” “Engagement is the bedrock of human connection” Asking questions to be able figure out how to align and make connections One question could unlock... The awkward Uncle story Catalyst Creativ Summit Series - produced this series - felt that this was what she should be doing - Gary V Met her business partner - Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos. Created experiences in downtown Vegas BOOK - The Seventh Level (2019) It is a relationship book. No more important relationship than the teacher to child. We are comparing each other to the highlight reels of other people’s lives Hopeful A world that my son is bullied for being compassionate and allow others to truly be themselves. GUEST CONTACT INFO:  Catalyst Creativ Website HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
May 31, 2021
Episode 57 - Jessica Reed
Join Jeff and Adam as they chat it up with Jessica Reed. Jessica’s Education Journey Jack of all trades in elementary school One of two people in her county that are Google Trained Educators. I found a fit after 13/14 years.   “I love talking.” Jessica Flipgrid is a tool that Jessica uses to better understand student thinking. Jessica has four degrees.  Testing is less important. Ed. S. in instructional technology prior to pandemic Didn’t want to go into education at first; mother was an AP. Challenge along the way Bad co-teaching experience In front of the kids was called out Was in fear of losing her job BOOK Co-teaching and collaboration - “The Collaborative Prenup” It’s a marriage that if not handled well, ends in divorce. Hopeful  Next year will be somewhat normal. The pressure of the pandemic is not on the teacher's shoulders. Guest Contact Twitter:  @kygirlinalabama Host Contact INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
May 11, 2021
Episode 56 - Dan Edwards - The Robinhood Principal
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Primary Principal Dan Edwards! Dan’s Leadership Journey Hailing from Leicester, England, Dan originally trained to be a teacher in HS and MS Disenfranchised teaching HS Took some time off Spent some time working in primary schools (nursery age) Learned about the importance of play Teacher’s Assistant he worked with was there when he was toddler; she helped him learn to tie his laces Best job in the world - what he’s doing now Weight of the responsibility to teach primary students What can we learn from the primary school to keep the love of learning alive? Self-selection of activities, what they want to do, want to learn, having their own agency. “Sense of independence gets lost” - this is backwards! How do we let this happen? When we take away their agency and self-selection, we start to tell them that “adults know best,” and that they are not mature enough to make their own choices. Historical view of classrooms were setup to replicate the Victorian Mill houses.  The teacher was the most knowledgeable person in the room. Leadership Challenge/Opportunity Well being is the challenge; we tell others, but we don’t.... Reflect on the things that matter Meet on things that move the school forward Hopeful Normality Assemblies, whole school celebrations, community GUEST CONTACT INFO: Dan Edwards Twitter HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
May 3, 2021
Episode 55 - Karen Giuffré - Sandpaper
According to Karen, “Education should nurture our most vital community asset – our children.” As the Founding Director of Voyagers’ Community School, Karen is shifting and disrupting the education paradigm. Each day she tells and shows children and adults that anything is possible, that dreams motivate, curiosity inspires, and they have the power to change the world. A respected industry thought leader and speaker, Karen is an active member of a number of boards, committees, and progressive organizations where she shares her expertise in non-profit operations, curriculum development, and educational revolution as a global undertaking, with children’s interests at the fore. Karen helps schools integrate progressive approaches in classrooms and across all schools and school systems — whether public, charter, or private. She also advised start-up school efforts. Karen’s Leadership Journey Voyagers’ Community School - Founding Director - Infancy-12 Natural Educator - Loved Dance, so became a dance teacher.. Worked in Harvard, Mass at a public school - project-based Wrote curriculum for PE teachers, training trainers. Eldest son struggled in school, began thinking about education and what was possible Needed to be a school that was different - founded Voyagers’ in 2004 Voyager - how it was developed - took years to come to the name Exploration, Journey - wanted kids to grow their intellectual muscle/strength; seating arrangements, multi-age, independent work Teachers as researchers Children as critical thinkers,kids who hold on to their imaginations, civic-minded Curriculum Continuum is not predetermined Recruiting Teachers - maybe 5 have potential out of 100 - coming from traditional school settings The longer they have been traditional settings, the longer it takes for them to unlearn Sandpaper Concept - show me a different way, challenge me to see something different “Thriving on the rub” - thrive on the back and forth, the challenge How do you keep the “sandpaper” fresh - people who are willing to be challenged, rubbed in a different way - have to be willing to change and to grow Students - it does take a unique student - kids late in their ed. Careers have to Opt-In. They have to want something different, they have to know what they want. Capstone projects in place of final exams Leadership Challenge/Opportunity If I knew ahead of time, I probably wouldn’t have done it... Disrupt education. How to take this to the public - humbly, but confidently At the heart and mind of every school leader - how do we make this experience equitable Hopeful Children as powerful, resourceful, competent - kids have to be stakeholders The magic of childhood - keeping that alive Something different for children - have things panned out how you would have expected? Anything you would change? What is next to improve V? “What would it take for you to want to come to school?” "Project Weeks" GUEST CONTACT INFO Website: HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
April 26, 2021
Episode 54 - Dr. Chad Dumas - Put the C in PLC
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Dr. Chad Dumas, an educational consultant, international presenter and award-winning researcher whose primary focus is collaborating to develop capacity for continuous improvement. Having been a successful teacher, principal, central office administrator, professional developer and consultant in a variety of school districts, he brings his passion, knowledge, and skills to his writing and speaking as he engages participants in meaningful and practical learning. By seamlessly weaving engaging stories with education research and offering hands-on tools with clear processes, Chad offers readers and audiences useful knowledge and skills they can implement immediately. The results of Chad's work speak for themselves. One district was identified as "Persistently Lowest Achieving" upon his arrival, and within a few years -- by applying the principles of this book -- multiple schools were recognized as National PLC Models for improving student learning. Chad has served on and led accreditation visits for Cognia around the United States and world, presented nationally and internationally, collaborated with school boards, intermediate service agencies, state departments of education, and professional associations, and trained as an agency trainer for Adaptive Schools. Chad’s Leadership Journey Started august of 1999, MS vocal educator, Lincoln, Nebraska Signed up for the school improvement committee, but it wasn’t gardening. However, environment does matter Dick Spearman - NE principal, sent him to a training - only teacher in the room - 8 days of training around Classroom Instruction That Works Implemented strategies like an experiment/lab Next Learning Solutions, LLC Son came up with the name for the company The book came from his dissertation - What principals need to know to improve collaboration Let’s Put the C in PLC - Book Title Leadership Challenge/Obstacle Being a principal is acute stress, central office is chronic stress; they will both kill you. When you leave, they almost don’t notice - how can the work continue when the leader is gone? Build the capacity, provide opportunities for your staff to implement Hopeful For - Never let a good crisis go to waste. ~Eisenhower COVID has allowed us to address inequities. Social justice based on the needs that have recently been raised. These kids are learning skills that we have tried to teach, but are learning on their own; relationships, resilience… BUY THE BOOK! GUEST CONTACT INFO: Dr. Chad Dumas on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
April 19, 2021
Episode 53 - Debbie Tannenbaum
Join Adam and Jeff as we speak with Debbie Tannenbaum, a School Based Technology Specialist in Fairfax County, Virginia. She is in her third year in this position and her twenty-first year in education.  Education Journey Always wanted to be a teacher Found technology Master’s in Tech in 2002 2017 - principal introduced her to Twitter - started to blog, listen to podcasts, connect with people At first was resistant, thought Twitter was for famous people “Tannenbaum Tech” Currently works with kids and teachers in her role as Tech Specialist Working with Jeff Gargas from TB Team to develop her website and bring value to people Connections with people helped her do things she wouldn’t normally have done The Book “Transform: Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky” What value do you hope the book will provide to people? Who is the book written for? (Audience) Three parts:  get your feet wet, next steps and nurturing student agency, take the transformation to the next level. Narrative & Tech-Based writing style Challenge or Opportunity She was de-staffed and have to share two buildings An open mind led to extensive learning Made the situation positive and looked for learning opps A catalyst for making her stronger Hopeful Take this past years lessons and making them common Don’t make lifelong learning cost prohibitive Don’t put learning in boxes RESOURCES MENTIONED Road to Awesome, LLC GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Debbie on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFO INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
April 13, 2021
Episode 52 - Myong "Moo" Eiselstein - I Met a Lady Online
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with our friend and the Executive Director at St. Paul American School Hanoi, Moo Eiselstein! Lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, but hails from Richmond, VA Moo’s Leadership Journey Education didn’t come first; military out of high school Didn’t like school Served as a military policeman Account manager for a business Substituted for an ELL class led to a new career Teaching led to a principal role Met a lady online which led to a happy marriage in Vietnam Didn’t know anything about international schools Elementary Principal at the school where he taught Exec. Director/Head of School - school is owned by one man For-Profit School Most of his students come from Korea, but there are many countries represented Challenge/Opportunity along the way Personality not what you’d think of as a Principal Believes in shared decision making People also need a powerful leader and I’m not that guy A leader takes a person from where they are to where we need them to be Hopeful So many… Be the actors enacting change Not just cope and fix GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Moo - School Website (FB Page) HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
April 5, 2021
Episode 51 - Sabba Quidwai - Find the Right Problems to Solve
Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with Education Researcher, Design Thinker, and Podcaster - Dr. Sabba Quidwai Sabba believes that cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy. She works with leaders to integrate design thinking practices that encourage creativity, recognize accomplishments, build trust and inspire a collective vision. In 2018 the World Economic Forum identified Leadership and Social Influence as a trending skill. Sabba shares how building social influence across social media platforms can empower leaders as role models for the beliefs and values they want to see others adopt as they believe that their audience is able to rise to the occasion. As a graduate of the Global Executive EdD program at the University of Southern California, Sabba’s research focus is how design thinking can prepare individuals with the mindset and skillset to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Her work is driven by a quote from William Gibson, "The future is here. It just isn't evenly distributed." Sabba hosts a podcast, “Sprint to Success with Design Thinking,” where she interviews researchers and practitioners about their stories and strategies for navigating change with design thinking and thriving in today’s world. Sabba’s Leadership Journey Went to USC Serendipity Former HS teacher Watching her sister work with tech… Created a role allied “Director of Tech & Innovation” Empathy lens - listen and learn - cultures of innovation begin with cultures of empathy Unlearn everything we know about collaboration Adam Grant: A field guide to think again The Story of Design39Campus Trust happened organically. Psychological safety Teachers are inherently design thinkers EdCamp while at USC - met two KDG teachers We don’t usually see them “sustain & scale” Challenge traditional measures Found a travel EdD program “What are you energized by?” How to think about Design Thinking for Educators Find the right problems to solve Podcast - Sprint to Success with Design Thinking Extension of the dissertation. Change the “grammar” of school Most interesting medium instead of writing. Leadership struggle/opportunity Innovation means we are changing something. What are their fears and motivations? Don’t focus on problems; what motivates Unfortunately, we seek perfection over progression. Hopeful Change in the right direction Kids connecting, collaborating, and creating How to ask questions and find problems Spring to Success WEBSITE GUEST CONTACT INFO Sabba on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFO  INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
March 29, 2021
50th Episode Recap - "The First 50"
Adam & Jeff recap the first 50 episodes of the passion project that turned out to be an essential part of both of their lives - The Principal Leadership Lab. Hear their reflections about the first 50, and their hopes for the future of "The Lab!"
March 27, 2021
Episode 50 - Sari Goldberg McKeown - Empathic Leadership
Join Jeff & Adam for the 50th EPISODE OF THE PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP LAB! On this special episode, we talk with Central Office Admin, Virtual Principal, Doctoral Student, Wife, Mother, Blogger and Friend, Sari Goldberg McKeown!  Sari’s Leadership Journey NYU student, planning to go to law school Missed the kids (was a gymnastics coach) Was excessed from her teaching position despite being tenured “From paralegal to teacher” All about the journey Virtual School (created out of the pandemic) Lots of creative ideas to bring kids together We are Better Together Focus Groups to think about and reflect on the year and continue to learn Communication - big takeaway from this year Use multiple platforms to communicate Doctoral Student Topic: “Empathy in Leadership” Applies to everyone and to find the hidden stories “Why” is the essential question Sometimes people who are empathic might think they are broken Not been explored i ed leadership to the extent that it has in healthcare Being more empathetic can be healing Helen Reiss -Empathy of Fact Leadership struggle/opportunity Checking things off the list Grateful attitude of reflection Hopeful Better tomorrow All the ways we have grown All we have to celebrate GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Sari on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
March 22, 2021
Episode 49 - James Kapptie - Fail Fast and Fail Forward
Join Jeff & Adam as we talk to Educator (7th grade teacher at a middle school in Wyoming)  Father of 4, Tech trainer, & Fly Fisherman, James Kapptie! James’s Leadership Journey Coaching brought him into education Has taught a little bit of everything Tech director for awhile, but far away from kids, found an opportunity to get back into the classroom Teaching in WY with COVID - personalization already in place due to technology, pretty open all year (with masks & hybrid). “We’ve adapted” Fail Fast & Fail Forward Help kids get excited about learning A.R. (augmented reality) - did a training at ISTE “Is it a gadget or is it a tool?” Don’t say you can’t, when there are so many ways you can Tech Training SAMR model and spawned organically Training others with Specific tools for specific classes and applications. Leadership struggle/opportunity You can either complain about it or be part of the solution Hopeful Hopeful that kids will talk about education before and after COVID. Don’t forget, make the distinction. Hopefully there is a defining difference. GUEST CONTACT INFO James on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFO INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
March 15, 2021
Episode 48 - Evan Whitehead - AhA!
Balance Boundaries Breaks with Evan Whitehead. Evan Whitehead has been in the field of education for more than 20 years spanning three decades and is currently the director of special services for a PK–8 school district in Illinois. In his current role, Evan oversees all federal programs (special education, McKinney-Vento, English learners, and Title I); early childhood education; multi-tiered system of support (MTSS); social emotional learning, family and community engagement; health services; continuous improvement; and equity, diversity, and cultural competency. Evan’s Leadership Journey Started education later, but 33 years are in the bag. Didn’t start out seeking this profession. Career started with a nudge from mom working in a special education cooperative. Worked in Therapeutic Day setting Intro to education, has had to restrain students. “If you’re not invited to the dinner, you’re probably on the menu” Making sure we’re at the table for students - how to encourage young educators to speak up and be heard 2% Club - number of black males in education We are at a crossroads in education. - how do we reimagine education? It isn’t about seat time. What does 8 -  3:30 mean for most students? Snow days, discipline, homebound Whole child instruction. We have to take care of our educators like we do our students. Adult care:  Before school hours and connecting.  Alphabet survival guide. These care activities have to come from the “top”. Placed a pause on “curriculum maps” for this time period. Leadership struggle/opportunity Had to understand self care and what he needed. Understands Imposter Syndrome, has lived it. Was not adhering to his own boundaries First time is a favor, 2nd time it’s expected Hopeful Opportunity for change Time for family. Seeing and value what we have. Recognize how quickly life can change. Use this past year for growth going forward. GUEST CONTACT INFO Evan on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFO INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
March 8, 2021
Episode 47 - Dr. Frank Rudnesky - The Magic Man
Join Adam and Jeff as we chat with "The Magician!" In addition to teaching at the high school and university levels, Dr. Frank Rudnesky was the principal of Belhaven Middle School in Linwood, New Jersey for a span of two decades.  During that time, the school was recognized with numerous local, state, and national awards for leadership, technology influence, excellence in performance, and a positive culture. The school was often used as a visitation site for other educators from as far away as Japan. Frank has developed, implemented, and studied leadership processes to enhance organizational culture.  He has authored numerous books and articles published in the areas of leadership and technology influence. Dr. R. resides in the Jostens Renaissance Educator Hall of Fame and sits on several non-profit boards including the New Jersey Schools to Watch core team. Frank’s Education Journey No straight arrow to his path into education U of San Fran Started in Magic Shop on Fisherman’s Wharf Opened up a magic shop in New Jersey, Got bored and started substitute teaching Magic was a connector - “what is YOUR connector?” 30 years public educator “Leadership isn't just for those at the top” Got connected with others after “retirement” Started writing down ideas LEGACY surfboard - given to him by students his last year Find out what your student’s passions are Never surfed in his life before 50 years old “Core Boards” - Leadership Exchanges with other middle schools Core Boards were an instigation led by students Wear them and when someone inspires or moves you, write that person’s name on the back and give it to them. Amazing what happens when you inspire and empower kids Empower Half Hour Desire to stay connected in education and leadership Twitter chat inspired to fit a tighter timeline Let’s take what we can control, and control. TWO BOOKS FIRED UP Leadership Added passion to tie all of the domains together Focus on the group, not self Don’t be afraid of failure; don’t be afraid of success Tell stories 50 Great things leaders do? Time to make animal balloons Started writing stories down from the collective thoughts of the school. Leadership struggle Teacher at a high school Always thought he would be a great difference-maker Was asked to homebound tutor a student who had cancer Learned another way of looking at things Hopeful Use the optimism of those we serve. Students engage when we provide choice, love, kindness, etc... GUEST CONTACT INFO: Twitter Website
March 1, 2021
Episode 46 - Jessica Nguyen - The Lights are Flickering
Join Adam & Jeff for this very special episode as we chat with young entrepreneur and former student of Jeff's (from his first principalship!)  Jessica's bio: founder of @projectvoicepod | Author: “softly, I speak” (Louisiana Lit Press, 2020) ✏️ | social justice & philanthropy Currently resides in Boston, MA “Though having lived in the U.S. for most of her life, she hops from one country to the next in hopes of discovering pieces of home to fill her Asian-American soul.” - from Jessica’s website Jessica’s Leadership Story: Lots of Side Hustles, Lots of Passions Round Lake - Schuler Scholarship - This provided abundant opportunities to explore her talents around the world. Spirit of Activism/Philanthropy Child of immigrant parents - 2nd gen Vietnamese-American High schools lack ethnic studies. What Can School Leaders Do: Invite students to come on board and talk, get their perspectives; Home visits Project Voice Podcast: Documenting stories of Asian Americans; Launched in 2016 2020 - Launched a scholarship program for prospective podcasters - 3 recipients first year Pivoted to the “Project Voice Fund” on Grapevine Leadership Struggle: Leadership in the organizational space. Needs to shift thinking on running an organization. More space for more people. Trying to be less controlling. Hopeful: All of the dialogues that are happening and the changes to come. We need to go through the words to see the improvement. "The lights are flickering." GUEST CONTACT INFO: Jessica Nguyen on Twitter Website HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
February 22, 2021
Episode 45 - Ryan Scott - What's your BigED Idea?
Join Jeff & Adam as they chat with High School assistant principal and Host of the Big ED Idea podcast -from Dixon, Kentucky - Ryan Scott! Mr. Scott served as Morganfield Elementary Principal in Union County. He has also served as an elementary teacher at East Heights and South Heights Elementary Schools in Henderson County. Mr. Scott earned his Masters of P-12 Learning Behavior Disorders and his Educational Specialist Principal from the University of the Cumberlands. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Murray State University. Ryan’s Leadership Story: Non-traditional route to the principalship. Oldest daughter was the best mistake he ever made. 16-22 he was a "lost child" Held lots of jobs going through school, raising a daughter on his own "Don’t be afraid of bodily fluids" - Kindergarten teaching Overarching desire to make the world a better place as an educator. New Podcast - Big ED Idea Firm believer in “God winks.” Encouraged/Inspired by the Men in Ed FB group. When something tugs on your heart, you need to act Visions of one with the passion of another. Passions and purpose -  Simon Sinek (sometimes it just takes other people’s passions to discover your purpose) Leadership Struggle Failing Forward - Spring of 2019 Dealing with depression 9 principals in 15 years Contingency of “we’ve always done it this way” Spring of 2019 - resigned: thought he should be able to fix everything, didn’t like to fail Landed in a HS setting, and realized this was where he was supposed to be Hopeful Amazing changes in education (let’s not fall back to the assembly line). Computers can be the platform to deliver content, but we are finding that teachers are more than deliverers of content. We are STILL talking about “Future-Ready” when Future-Ready is HERE and NOW! Anything that can be Googled should not be taught Look at the 5 C’s and see how we can fit the standards into them #EvolveOrDie “Give them the leeway to do that!” GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Ryan Scott on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
February 15, 2021
Episode 44 - Darrin Peppard - Road to Awesome or Off Road
Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with our friend and colleague, Darrin Peppard!  Dr. Darrin Peppard, a self-proclaimed recovering high school principal, is a school district superintendent, speaker, author, and consultant. Darrin’s expertise in school culture and climate, along with coaching and growing emerging leaders has made him a leading voice in school leadership on an international level. Living life on the “Road To Awesome”, Darrin leads through relationships, compassion, and a human-being first focus. Peppard has served kids and adults as a superintendent, principal, assistant principal, teacher, and coach. Darrin was recognized as the Jostens Renaissance Educator of the Year in 2015, Wyoming Secondary School Principal of the Year by WASSP/NASSP in 2016, and in 2019, he was inducted into the Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame. Darrin and his wife live in Grand County, Colorado spending as much time off the road in their Jeep and hiking with their daughter and their dogs. Leadership Journey When I speak, I mention being a “recovering HS principal” HS principal job is the hardest job in the district The first time someone mentioned to him the term “leadership,” he almost fell out of his chair Two most critical questions: hats & cell phones Let’s actually challenge the status quo - this is actually the moment “Road to Awesome” started Punishment to gain Compliance - the worst strategy in the world Getting our kids into relevant learning experiences Our students are ready to LEAD NOW! Growing Emerging Leaders Focusing an a wider audience of people, working with them to find out where they want to grow Road to Awesome & Relationship with Code Breaker Good things happen slowly over time Great things happen rapidly “Just tell your stories” Had a book contract overnight Brian Aspinall - CodeBreaker Leadership Challenge/Opportunity Misconception of what it means to be a principal - 1st Year principal Not leading, being a firefighter Didn’t delegate well A leadership coach saved his career Didn’t feel like he had time for anything other than his “pushpin” tasks set out on his bulletin board “You need to learn to help other people learn how to solve their problems” Get out of your own way Put “school culture” on your calendar Hopeful Growing other leaders.  LIft up the voices of teachers everywhere.  Empowering others in education. Leadership Matters GUEST HOST INFO: Darrin Peppard HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
February 8, 2021
Episode 43 - Bobbie French - The Busy Principal
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with educational leader, blogger, and FIRST-TIME PODCAST GUEST, Bobbie French! Bobbie is an Educational Leader who has been inspired by others to share with you celebrations, challenges, and thoughts along her journey. Bobbie’s Leadership Journey: Started as an elementary counselor Taught 2nd & 3rd grade Recruited to be a principal Private - Catholic - school principal for 5 years Current Education Coordinator in Massachusetts Past Elementary Principal and Special Education Coordinator Set a schedule for shared locations. Daily morning email Be clear in your communication What to do when opportunities arise “The Connected Educator” Just Start advice: Podcast - “The Busy Principal” Too many people don’t “just start” The Ripple Effect has been amazing Leadership Challenge: You’re Not Perfect. Allowing yourself grace to make a mistake Becoming a New Principal - wanting to help, do things “for the better,” but haven’t developed trust yet. Listen more, talk less Taking feedback from staff Figuring out “the long game” In it for “The Infinite Game” - Simon Sinek What are you HOPEFUL for? One Word - BELIEVE What can we do to recreate education? When you know better, you do better What schools are going to create Virtual Academies? - If they are not thinking about it, they should be GUEST CONTACT INFO:  Twitter Web SIte HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
February 1, 2021
Episode 42 - PrincipalED - New Principals Need This
Join Adam & Jeff for episode #42, where we chat with three phenomenal educators who are also recent authors - Rachael George, Kate Barker and Kourtney Ferrua!   EDUCATOR/AUTHOR BIOS: Rachael George - Elementary Principal PreK-5 Principal of ‘19 ICLE Model School. Past MS Principal of a 2x Model School. Author #PrincipalED leaders Speaker. ASCD Emerging Leader, NAESP Fellow Kate Barker - Elementary Principal Mom~Wife~ Principal~Author of PrincipalED~Professor~Mentor~Speaker~Food Rescuer. . . Committed to high expectations infused with love. Kourtney Ferrua - Director of Curriculum K-12 National Distinguished Principal. Relentless believer in children. Growth mindset champion. Social Justice warrior. Educator. Author. Mom. Wife. Tell us about your leadership journey? Rachael:  Goldilocks effect, from forest service to the classroom, to a principal role. Kate:  30 years in the same district, Portland, OR, and includes many experiences in between. Kourtney:  Studying in San Fran, started in prison teaching, developed a lifelong passion for social justice, high school teacher, then kindergarten, principal.  The transition: moved out of the focus, loves curriculum and the processes. How are each of your schools navigating the different instructional models during this pandemic?  Have there been any innovations or aha moments? You don’t have to choose - you have to have both “Our goal as educators is to lift up other educators”~Kate Move away from academic and focused on social-emotional “A humanity every single day” Causing more problems with these interventions; Get all the grownups on the same page The Book Story From a conference and talking about how their fall was going.  Many visitors attending their schools due to growth. Aligned their work for the book. Chat with Dave and Shelly Burgess, and it took off from there How do you write a book with 3 different people? Trial and error. Wrote chap. 1 in hopes of merging all three, didn’t work. Chapter leads took over as the model. Leadership Struggle/Opportunity Kate - Staff didn’t feel like they had a voice; if you want to have that dialogue, you have to create the systems and protocols for that discussion; transparency Rachael - Communication.  Learning how communication is received at high school vs. elementary.  Flex & Shift depending on who you’re working with Hopeful Kourtney - Relentless capacity for students to learn. HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
January 28, 2021
Episode 41 - Livia Chan - The Reacher Outer
Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with our friend & colleague, Livia Chan! A passionate, grateful educator & ringette coach from British Columbia, Canada, Liv is a Head Teacher, PD lover, Blogger, Ambassador & Digital Content Editor @TeachBetterTeam Livia’s Educator Journey Didn’t always know she wanted to be a teacher Always looks forward to Monday, unlike many who talk about looking forward to the weekend Head Teacher - equivalent to a department chair/assistant principal; does admin work with the principal Original degree in criminology. Someone gives you the gift of belief I want you to be in your stretch zone. Ringette Kind of like ice hockey 30 seconds to score a goal Working with Teach Better - the PLN Story Started in April, Gargas invited her to join the podcast. Has increased her duties with them since her involvement Family atmosphere “Had no idea I needed this” Mastermind So better equipped because of TB Has been nicknamed The “Reacher-Outer” The power of circling back, of reaching out to people when they are on your mind The connector - it comes from a heart of gratitude Every interaction is an opportunity Google Form she keeps to document thoughts and phrases that resonate with her, reaches out to that author Leadership Struggle/Challenge Blended roles - No rules for the roles in a new position Principal who was also new. Managing all of these things and doing them well. Hopeful Teachers and leaders have a gift of providing an opportunity to provide the gift of belief for our students. Let’s turn on the high beams so they can see what we see. All teachers help children find what they love GUEST CONTACT INFO: Livia Chan on Twitter Livia Chan Website HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
January 25, 2021
Episode 40 - Daphne McMenemy - Who is Gracie?
Join Adam & Jeff as we speak with Daphne McMenemy!  Living in Oakville, which is 45 minutes outside of Toronto, Canadian, Daphne is an educator, author, speaker and the Managing Director of Code Breaker, Inc. Learn more about Daphne here:  Daphne’s Educator Journey 15 years ago, teaching primary - K-3; 3,1, & finally KDG Looping - teaching kids two years in a row Learned this was exactly where she was supposed to be - KDG ½ day vs. full-day Back teaching 1,2 grades now Books: Gracie, What Happens When I Learn to Code, Grace: The Maker Who is Gracie based on?  Started over a twitter DM with Brian Aspinall When do you start writing a book…you just start. Gracie is based upon four different students. Grace Hopper is one of the first female programmers. Perseverance and collaboration Young students can solve problems and use higher order thinking. Many personal attributes are woven within the story. CodeBreaker, Inc Leadership doesn’t mean administrator Kid first, not content. Foster risk taking Educational/Leadership Challenge 8 years in, needed a change, discovered EdTech Lone Wolf at her school at the time (with EdTech) Plowed ahead, didn’t pay attention to her colleague’s pushback Even if you are right, to keep thinking that you are and saying that you are can hinder your progress and burn bridges What I learned is that I had isolated myself As soon as I became a listener, I became a learner Hopeful….that a result of the massive changes that educators are seeing in education in another way for the betterment of our children. GUEST CONTACT INFO: Daphne McMenemy Twitter Website HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
January 22, 2021
Episode 39 - Trelane Clark - Positive Pandemic Principal
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with 1st year principal Trelane Clark! Trelane’s Leader Journey 14 years old - knew she wanted to be an educator Amazing educators as a student Wanted to have her own school Simmons College - Boston, MA Taught 17 years Public & Private schools 24th year in education Lack of resources is biggest difference in sectors she has worked Has worked as an assistant principal for 9 years “The Pandemic Principal” - 1st year principal Challenge along Your Journey Likes to look at the positive side of a challenge - more of an opportunity Has been, at times, the only black woman at schools where she has worked Has felt she needed to downplay who she is to be able to work, bring her “full self” to work. Has begun doing more equity work in the past couple of years Equity Conversation Culturally responsive teaching - adults should be doing the exact same thing HEART work If it’s not in you, it can’t come out of you First job is as a mother Affirm your kids as who they are, give them models We can’t be “Box-Checkers” in this work Hopeful My own children. Hopeful for equity advocates who are deep in this work. GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Trelane Clark Twitter Link Trelane Clark Website Link HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
January 18, 2021
Episode 38 - Santiago Meza - Serve, Support, and Love
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with our friend and principal colleague, Santiago Meza! Santiago’s Edu Journey: Not born in USA - Mexico Born in a marketplace Came to US at 10 months First born: college, BA, MA, Educator Great foundation in being Re-Born Parents: 6th grade education EL learner Wanted to be a pro football player; hurt in HS Prom date turned into much more… Dream Circle: people of support Path to Overcome - failed his admin How’s your day: “I got to take a breath today” #RootedInStrengthCA Didn’t know where to turn, gave his life to God. Col. 2:7 Rooted In Strength was born. Can’t find my buddy, joined Twitter. Power of the PLN It is like family. Get back to others and let them know you have their back. Leadership Challenge: People take generosity and kindness as weakness Don’t get a 2nd chance at a word that you spoke I can be kind in hard situations This is who I am. I’m not going to be a yeller. Hopeful: We can all serve, support and love each other. GUEST CONTACT INFO: TWITTER HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
January 14, 2021
Episode 37 - Adam Drummond - Elevate the Voice of Leaders
Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with Adam D. Drummond, who has served as a consultant, manager, director, and keynoter for the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). Adam’s servant leadership and passion for making a change in the world has offered him the opportunity to work with students, teachers, and leaders across the country and internationally. Adam’s mantra – 100% of the students, 100% of the time – offers the opportunity to engage teachers and leaders in supporting them in building their own leadership capacity and skill set to ensure that all students receive the very best education possible every single day. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and Adam believes that we must create the conditions for students and adults to be lifelong learners. Adam has served as an elementary teacher, middle school teacher, K-12 technology integration specialist, elementary and secondary professional development coordinator, assistant principal and principal. Additionally, he has served as an adjunct professor in education and educational leadership at various universities in Indiana. Adam holds a doctorate in educational administration, specialist degree in education with a K-12 school superintendent license, master’s degree in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, and a bachelor’s degree in education with a concentration in mathematics. Adam has served on the National Association of Elementary School Principals Board of Directors and was a regional winner and finalist for Indiana Principal of the Year. Adam was also recognized for his school leadership by Fort Wayne (Indiana) Business Weekly as “40 Under 40” award recipient and was honored by Ball State University Teachers College as an Outstanding Alumni. In February 2016, Adam was recognized by the Indiana General Assembly with a House Resolution recognizing his leadership as a school principal. Adam, and his wife Tiffanney, a high school CTE administrator, reside in Indiana with their sons Chase and Carson and daughter Carter. Adam’s Edu Journey: Teacher - elem/ms K-12 tech specialist Started doing district PD Elementary principal Opportunity came up to work with ICLE Foundational Frameworks of the ICLE: Rigor/Relevance Framework Relationships Framework Daggett System Collaborative Instructional Review Personalized Learning - Eric Sheninger - common connection, also partner at ICLE Personalized, Blended Learning and the ICLE Are we asking kids to think deeply? What are the resources we have to support? Where are the equity gaps? Rigor/Relevance framework is timeless. Book: The Instructional Change Agent Most of the book written on the road Deadlines Turn off Netflix Idea started in 2010 Podcast: “Lead Change in Education” Leadership Challenge: First 30 minutes of the conversation with a parent, tried to defend… until she stopped him and said, “You’re not listening to me.” “What role do you want me to play here?” Starting with this question before a conversation, meeting, committee, etc. Hopeful: Kids are more resilient; kids are still learning, despite a global pandemic; teachers - you have a lot to celebrate “Pandemic or not, it’s gotta be fantastic” CONTACT INFO: TWITTER
January 11, 2021
Episode 36 - Craig Randall - Trust Me On This
Join Adam & Jeff for this Friday edition as we speak with Craig Randall. Craig has worked as an elementary and middle school counselor, including one intense year in the classroom with students with severe behavior issues. In addition he has served as an academic advisor at the college level. He has worked as a collegiate basketball coach. He has worked as a teacher at the elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as in college. And, of course, Craig has worked in the job of his passion and calling: assistant principal and principal. Craig has done his work at schools both in the US and overseas. Now, as the author of the book and founder of the business with the same name: Trust-Based Observations, Craig’s goal is to transform the world of teacher observation and evaluation. He is dedicated to training and consulting school leaders on the use of Trust-Based Observations, empowering them to build supportive relationships with their teachers, relationships which foster risk-taking, which in turn, dramatically improve teaching and learning. Craig’s Story: Classroom teacher had to restrain kids, at one point, for 180 straight days! Has coached in his career Work international - Warsaw, Poland Principal endorsement - became AP in Korea Differences in countries - kids are kids wherever you go Focus on global citizenship “Week without Walls” Service trips, internships Transition from “School Person” to business owner/author Anything more than 10 indicators, and we start to lose the forest for the trees… While in Brazil, a principal said he wanted him to teach other people Teachers responded well to it. - what part(s) of it did they respond well to? What were you doing to help students learn vs. what were you teaching Left principal prep program ready to observe & evaluate.... Felt like it was arrogant of him to tell a teacher what she was doing wrong, give pointers… TBO Model - what are the steps? We don’t rate the pedagogy - teachers stop taking risks, start playing it safe Teachers select action research projects 12 twenty min observations per week 3 reflective conversations per week Convo happens in teacher’s room Ask permission to sit beside Ask questions, fill in template Share what we notice Risk taking & Innovation Prioritizing Time - what can you hand off? Leadership Struggle Made a mistake as a principal. Needed to have a challenging conversation.  Plan out the approach and prepare for what you may encounter. Hopeful WE can create trusting relationships and safe spaces. Creating comfortable environments to be able to deal with uncomfortable situations CONNECT Twitter INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
January 8, 2021
Episode 35 - Brian Kulak - Video Game Leadership
Join Adam and Jeff as we chat with Brian Kulak, K-5 Principal out of South Jersey, Author, and Baseball Fanatic! For Brian, there was only one path to education. By the age of fourteen, when he wrote an essay about Detroit Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas, he had made up his mind that he would never leave school. Since then, he has prided himself on his relationships with students and colleagues, his love of literature, and his passion for writing. As a leader, Brian focuses his attention on supporting teachers’ growth on their terms. Brian is entering his 21st year in education. For the first fifteen, he taught English and journalism at his alma mater in New Jersey. Most recently, he served as Chief Academic Officer for four years before becoming a K-5 principal in 2018. His blog,, combines shared educational experience with his analogous style to challenge readers to see themselves and their leadership differently. His work has been featured on Edutopia, in Educational Viewpoints, and in Stories in EDU. Brian has also presented on teaching, learning, and leadership at local and national conferences. Brian is a baseball fanatic, a Pearl Jam aficionado, and a devoted family man. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children. Level Up Leadership: Advance Your EduGame is his first book. Education Journey Knew he would be an educator since 14 years old Taught HS English Went from the classroom to the district office Had never done elementary before, moved there by his supt. “Teacher Leader” Why are these tweets only about kids? Get rid of your Principal Parking Spot, Adam Somebody has to tell you… lots of honoring “Very little chance I say no” Blog & Book - writer One thing to win a championship, but another to repeat Flash Lessons - Edutopia article “Tell me something I should know about this topic, and I’ll try and make it relevant” The 10% You don’t need a title to be a leader. Just be a human and know the names of 5th grade teacher’s kids. Level Up Leadership - Advance Your EduGame EduMatch - Sarah Thomas Tongue and Cheek Syllabus Designed Brian Good evening! Welcome to Nothing As It Seems, an educational leadership class designed to provide a practical dance partner to the theoretical. Here’s a brief outline of what to expect this semester. Course Description: This graduate level class is designed to address edu-leadership issues about which we rarely speak. From the taboo to the absurd, future leaders will experience edu-leadership through anecdotes and empathy. Course Objectives: To pull back the curtain on educational leadership theory To develop useful communication skills for use with crazy people To challenge candidates to accept the human side of leadership To engage in discussion about what once was considered taboo Tell us about your Alternate Timeline Leadership Struggle We have an innate desire to be perfect “Accepting that which I can control” Video game analogy: You die a lot until you figure it out Hopeful Kindness - #HopeAndGrace Choose to not get into the negativity Stronger partnership between teachers and admin and parents
January 4, 2021
Episode 34 - Lindsay Titus - Do the Inner Work First
Join Adam & Jeff as we have a very special conversation with Lindsay Titus!  Lindsay is a K-12 behavior specialist, Ambassador w/ Teach Better Team, Educational Coach & Presenter, and Podcast host Learn more about Lindsay:  A passionate, influential educator specializing in the field of behavior analysis. She is driven every single day to teach other educators how to redefine what success looks like for the more challenging students we work with every day. Her ultimate goal as a behavior specialist is to inspire other educators to recognize that all students have a story to share. Lindsay has worked as a classroom teacher and behavior specialist in public school, residential, and private settings, and shares her passion for her profession through her own experiences to help guide, motivate, and encourage other educators to use their own personal stories to create connections and relationships with others. Story behind “DEFINE YOUNIVERSITY” Podcast & Coaching Side 15 years ago, started as a classroom teacher Always saw herself as a classroom teacher All of a sudden, didn’t like it! Burned out, left in May one year Started work as a behavior consultant 3rd year back as K-12 behavior specialist Working on admin degree Fell into the trap of, “when I find the right job” WISDOM NUGGETS Unpack what’s holding you back Do the inner work first Living into your purpose and your passion Don’t quit after tough days; quit after good days Don’t leave because of a challenge Be open to those moments If you have a goal… Change your language and make it happen - NAME it, SAY it. Then make it happen. Balancing district work & Define YOUniversity Blend, NOT Balance Balancing implies EQUAL and EVEN, and if doesn’t balance you feel terrible Wake up with GRATITUDE every morning Two hearts on weekend days (on her calendar) - “those days are for me” I redefine time...time is abundant… The podcast started with a goal of making it a year. Work with the Teach Better Team - Ambassador; Teach Better Podcast Network; Leadership struggle I had a fixed mindset, not confident, I’m not a leader… Expanding comes from listening and learning. Feel better - do better Hopeful Hope is not a strategy Hearing Other People’s Experience - learn from them, make a change Shining a light as a behavior specialist GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Define YOUniversity Twitter Facebook HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
December 31, 2020
Episode 33 - Mark French - Share your Passions
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with former Principal of Gatewood Elem. in Hopkins School District, MN - Mark French!  Mark is also an author, having written the book, "Principals in Action" w/ Jay Posick & Ryan Sheehy. What’s your leadership story? Started in Houston, TX First taught in 1984 Tells principals or teachers now - contact a former principal or teacher to tell them how much they mean to you 38.5 years in education Transition to Retirement I’m sure you aren’t retiring,  - will you be repurposing?  What will you do first? Will be moving to Vancouver, Washington Pre-Retirement What advice do you have for principals that are within 10yrs of retirement?  How do you plan and prepare for retirement? “Principals in Action” story Started with Adam Welcome, setting out challenges to principals to “Get Out of the Office” Principals in Action Voxer group is ongoing #piachat on Twitter; Tuesday nights Leadership struggle We have to be able to share our vulnerabilities. Received all UNSAT is an evaluation Others have shared similar struggles Willing to remove blindspots Reach out to others Advice for New Principals Find things that will bring you joy and hopeful Share those passions! Don’t let this be an isolating position - find people Don’t compare yourself with others Hopeful: “I am hopeful because of what teachers are doing now” Passion & Empathy & Compassion I am seeing from everyone in the field right now, and that they will carry RESOURCES Buy the Book GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Principal French on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
December 28, 2020
Episode 32 – Jim Lynch – Wisconsin Principals' Head Cheese
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Jim Lynch! Jim has continued to grow the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators through dedication and a focus on serving others.  His leadership has provided building-level administration a voice at the state level.  He will also be the first to tell you that it isn't a solo act, but one of a dedicated group of people that serve within the walls of AWSA.  Jim's effort may be focused on supporting principals, but his ultimate goal is to grow WI's students through AWSA's partnership. Takeaways:  Jim’s Leadership Journey: 27 years w/ Organization; entire career; public policy degree; 13th year as ED; never taught or been principal.  Why choose AWSA, this path? Always interested in public service; wanted to be closer to the action; life plans never lead where you think they will take you;  What is AWSA and why is it important? Important aspects of life begin with education. What are the top three services that AWSA provides? Capacity Building Academy Coaching Looking at the profession; complexity of the job; is the job becoming too complex?; digging into that complexity and figuring out what supports we can put in place; Advocating  Has your approach to service-providing changed during the Pandemic? Coaching - no additional cost Additional services How does Wisco compare to other states? We will rise to the challenge. Leadership Challenge/Opportunity: Coming up with Creative ideas to support principals and leaders “Mastering Education Leadership” - cohorts of leaders  HOPEFUL: The country will come out of this challenge with different perspectives, but our country has a history of coming together. Let’s just make this country better, and be the light of the world. Contact: @AWSAJim Website: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
December 21, 2020
Episode 31 - Andy Jacks - The Green Light
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Andy Jacks! Dr. Andy Jacks is an elementary school principal, and national speaker. For a decade, Andy and his team have led a transformation at Ashland Elementary to improve culture, student performance, and school discipline. They have sky-rocketed student achievement becoming one of the top-performers in the state all while implementing innovative student-led programs. Andy and Ashland Elementary have  received recognition including the VAESP School Bell Award, VAESP Virginia Principal of the Year Award, NAESP National Distinguished Principal Award, VDOE Excellence & Distinguished Achievement Awards, VDOE Distinguished Purple Star School Award, and a visit from the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Andy is currently contracted by Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. for an upcoming book on school discipline and special education. Andy lives in Northern Virginia with his wonderful wife and three amazing kids. More from the Andy Jacks Episode:  Never would have guessed that he would have grown into his current profession. Consistency of 10 years Trust and relationships Empower people to take risks Stoplight with ONLY the green light activated Loose-Tight Mentality School has changed because of the interests of staff - way more in tune to what staff and parents want Principals impact school change more than other positions Fellow for NAESP - What’s your leadership story? I wasn’t always a great principal. I struggled and made mistakes. I can really only change myself. You can’t make anybody do anything.  We need to get people to want to do “things.” Aligned set of core beliefs - align your beliefs to your budget! Previewing the new DBC book - Discipline and Leadership You are defined by how you teach ALL of your kids Leadership struggle Clear belief systems and obvious with the beliefs, but avoid being hard headed. “You can go fast alone, but further together.”  ~African Proverb The Trust Cycle - get back to people, get things done for them quickly, otherwise they won’t ask for help again, or give you feedback again. Hopeful For The rate of change that our teachers have encountered. You could be a rock climber.  Virtual options are showing us what school can be.  GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Twitter: @_AndyJacks HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
December 18, 2020
Episode 30 - Tara Desiderio - Choose your lens.
Join Adam and Jeff as we chat with our good friend and principal of WESCOSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Tara Desiderio! Tara’s Leader Journey KDG Teacher at a KDG center, then became the principal Last 11 years at her current K-5 Leadership from every season Boss - the “B” word and why she doesn''t use it Embracing the journey around you Every teacher should have some time in KDG Either love it or you don’t - KDG You find your niche and run with it “Do I feel like I’m done?” Willing to Take the risk, because they know I’ll take the risk with them Importance of “Falling Up” **My plate is very full, but I’ve put everything there** #ChooseYourLens - one of the greatest gifts we are given Listening is a lost art. Make emotional deposits and they will trust you more Choose the space for doing that - talking Co-Host of #CultureEd and #EducationNeverDies Twitter Chats Power of the PLN Challenge along Your Journey Rephrase the message to “Opportunity” We are living and teaching two different groups of kids How do we embrace what’s been put before us - We signed up for kids.  This is very unpredictable. How can I help my teachers to feel supported? How can we work smarter in our grades? Open it up to our team and share No faculty meetings - “Empower Hour” Very much like EdCamp - they facilitate What opportunities we are facing right now Hopeful All embrace more of an equity lens Every child feels we appreciate them We all have something different we bring to the table Embrace the elementary school model GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Tara Desiderio on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
December 14, 2020
Episode 28 - Peter DeWitt - 2 DeWitts + 2 Dr.s = 3 x the fun
Join Adam and Jeff as we chat with Peter DeWitt (Ed.D), former K-5 teacher (11 years) and principal (8 years). He is an independent consultant who runs competency-based workshops and provides keynotes nationally and internationally focusing on school leadership (collaborative cultures and instructional leadership), as well as fostering inclusive school climates. His work has been adopted at the state level, university level, and he works with numerous school districts, school boards, regional networks, ministries of education around North America, Australia, Europe and the U.K. DeWitt works as a school leadership coach in North America. Additionally, Peter is a Visible Learning Trainer working with John Hattie. He partners with Hattie on many workshops, keynotes and writing projects. Peter writes the Finding Common Ground column for Education Week, which has been in circulation since 2011. In 2020 DeWitt co-created Education Week's A Seat At the Table where he moderates conversations with experts around the topics of race, gender, sexual orientation, research, trauma and many other educational topics. Who is Peter DeWitt? - Educational Story After school program with kids Runner Learned a lot about engagement teaching 1st graders Move from classroom to administration “Had to be something significant that pulls me away from my work as principal” Work Ethic - leadership habits “Tell me what you need, tell me how I can help you” Challenge in Your Educational Journey: 7 books, plethora of articles, YouTube channel, speaking, writer on staff with Education Week, Visible Learning trainer with John Hattie Collaborative Leadership book - hate blog created by a parent; heckled at an Open House Conscious about creating new traditions On the road 45 weeks a year Hopeful:  Teachers and leaders are making a positive impact. NOTES: Recent Article & Video on Walk-Throughs YouTube Channel What can we do to get our students to show up to remote learning? GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION TWITTER HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
December 10, 2020
Episode 29 - Hans Appel - They are the Plate!
Educator, Speaker, Writer, fellow Teach Better Team Podcaster Hans Appel is an educator, speaker, and writer deeply committed to inspiring the whole child. He’s the author of, Award Winning Culture: Building School-Wide Intentionality and Action Through Character, Excellence, and Community. Additionally, he’s the Director of Culture for the Teach Better Team, Co-host of the Award Winning Culture podcast, and the Co-Creator of Award Winning Culture. He’s worked as a counselor in the Richland School District for the past 19 years and at Enterprise Middle School since it opened. He’s passionate about school culture, servant leadership, and kindness. In 2018, EMS was awarded the ASCD Whole Child Award for the State of Washington and the Global “Class Act Award” for creating a culture of excellence through kindness, service, and empathy. Additionally, they were selected as a finalist in the 2019 PBIS Film Festival and took top prize in the Community, Parents, and Staff category. In 2018, Hans launched his own blog about School Culture and rolled out a student-led leadership podcast called Award Winning Culture: Hosted by Wildcat Nation, which can be subscribed, listened or reviewed on iTunes Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, PodBean, and Libsyn. Hans’ blogs have appeared on DisruptED TV magazine, CharacterStrong, Teach Better, AIMS Network, and PBIS Rewards. He’s written social-emotional lessons for CharacterStrong. Furthermore, he has been featured on numerous educational podcasts speaking his brand of school culture into existence. He’s been a contributor on three educational books: Define Your WHY, Teachers’ Reflective Impact Journal and ALL IN: Taking a Gamble in Education. Hans believes that education at its highest level is about inspiring others to discover and develop their JOY. Hans’ Story - Educator by Day ACES home, childhood oasis, connected to teachers and adults because of this Developed a student led podcast. Education nerds that start the day with a walk. School Culture blog (AWC), student podcast, Podcast, then the book Loves the idea of educators creating content Award Winning Culture People wanted to know how they were getting results School began winning awards - ASCD Whole Child “What is the magic happening here?” School-wide framework Character, Excellence, Community - “House Rules” Jen is writing the sequel; designed for the classroom SEL & Character Ed … “They are the Plate” Challenge: Story of an assault scenario in school. This was a veteran teacher; these kids were not enemies Hopeful: A renewed focus on the whole child. Inspire others to develop their joy.  Live out your why! Pursue joy! It is deeper than happiness.  “A pizza on Friday, makes me happy...maybe a beer too.” GUEST CONTACT TWITTER - Hans Appel HOST CONTACT INFORMATION TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
December 10, 2020
Episode 27 - Benjamin Koenig - AKA The Pizza Delivery Music Teacher
Join Adam and Jeff as we have an incredible chat with Benjamin Koenig, who is in his 8th year as a KDG-6 Music Teacher at Delaware Elementary School in Evansville, Indiana! More about Benjamin: I am the current music teacher at Delaware Elementary School, in the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation. This is year 8 for me, and I am teaching from a cart due to COVID-19, but loving it! I'm all about the innovation of everything, which has led to our music program making national news, celebrity performance opportunities for our students, receiving a $10k grant to fund our music program, and me wearing a Batman mask and zooming around on roller blades! I wish to lead like I want to be led and hope to move into a principal or assistant principal role when my time has come!! “Teaching is a performance opportunity!” Has his administrative license… down the road “Lead like you want to be led” 3 leaders he would like to have dinner with - Luke Skywalker, Miss Frizzle, National Recognition - made it to USA Today! Started a Steel Drum Band at the elementary level His Batman Impressions are the real thing! Deaf & Hard of Hearing Kids Positive Diary on Facebook - toddler daughter Educator Journey, always wanted to be a music teacher? The Dark Knight of Social Distancing Challenges in the classroom Inner City schools Hopeful Deeper Connections GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION FACEBOOK Benjamin Koenig HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
December 3, 2020
Episode 26 - Lindsey Nickels - An Episode 22 Years in the Making
Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with Lindsay Nickels, an intuitive mindset and business coach on a mission to help those know they’re meant for more... "drop the excuses & discover your purpose!" More from Lindsey: 5th grade student of Adam’s (first positive role model) - "It was a connection I remembered forever" Imposter Syndrome - she didn’t think she was worth remembering, or that he would remember her Our words are powerful and Can carry so much meaning How did school play a role in your life? School was an escape and validation for her, but hard. Home was hard, not school. Lindsey was forced to face issues outside of school that made it difficult Wanted something at home, had to buy it for herself Social anxiety No money for college Kicked out of school due to absences “Never graduated and that’s okay” - That’s not everyone’s definition of success Service work defines success. Using gifts of service and to live life on my terms. What is behind your coaching business? Doubt stops some from being weird. Says it on her IG page - “Stay Weird” Nobody cares about what you’re doing - the good news and the bad news “Mindset Coach” Empower women to get clear on what their best life looks like Leadership struggle? Struggled with feeling worthy enough Imposter Syndrome Lead by Example Don’t be afraid to go first Leadership is Action Hopeful: You can come from nothing Keep getting up Keep Trying Put in hard work Be uncomfortable You can struggle and still overcome Practice Gratitude GUEST CONTACT INFO Facebook Instagram HOST CONTACT INFO INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
November 30, 2020
Episode 25 - Joshua Stamper
Join Adam & Jeff as we talk to Josh Stamper! Joshua is a middle school administrator in North Texas. Joshua graduated college with a Fine Arts degree and initially worked in the graphic design field for a number of years. He was always passionate about encouraging students to achieve their goals, initially coaching traveling soccer teams when he wasn’t working. Desiring to further his impact on students, Joshua returned to school to attain his teaching certificate, then worked as an Art teacher and coach at the middle school level for 6 years. Inspired to affect change at the campus level, Joshua completed his Masters in Educational Administration and has spent the past 6 years as a Middle School Administrator. Joshua is married to Leslie and the father of five. Joshua and Leslie became foster parents in 2011, and had the privilege of adopting three of their children from foster care. Listen in to learn more about Josh, including:  Josh's leadership story Story behind “Aspire - The Leadership Development” Podcast “Podcast Network Manager” with Teach Better Team EduMatch - new book coming out! New podcast series - “Aspire to RISE” Leadership struggle - Getting people to take care of their mental health Being Hopeful - silver linings found due to COVID - "what should we keep doing?" GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION TWITTER Josh Stamper WEBSITE HOST CONTACT INFOFMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
November 23, 2020
Episode 24 - Dr. Jeff Springer
Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with our good friend Dr. Jeff Springer!  Jeff, a former Texas High School Head Football Coach and eleven-year veteran of the classroom, is also formerly the Principal at Magnolia High School (2002-2016). In 2013, Jeff was selected as the State of Texas TASSP State Principal of the year. Besides founding Spring Strategies LLC, Jeff currently serves part time as the Minister of Men at Wildwood UMC, and is also the founder of Suit Up Ministries, a nonprofit men’s ministry. More from Jeff:  Learn why he prefers to consider himself "RE-PURPOSED" as opposed to "Retired" P.L.A.Y. acronym PEOPLE - who cares about your journey LOVE - How do your peeps know you care? ACKNOWLEDGE - shortcomings and what needs to change YEARN - What gets you out of bed? Leadership struggle We need to reinvent a new theme and build on the former.  Let’s work on that. The weather we carry with us vs. the weather outside GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Suit Up Ministries Website Twitter: Jeff Springer Cultivating Play Website HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
November 19, 2020
Episode 23 - David Rendall
Join Jeff & Adam as we have a GREAT chat with professional author and speaker, Dave Rendall!   From Dave's website: During the last fifteen years, our guest tonight has spoken to audiences on every inhabited continent. His clients include the US Air Force, Australian Government, and Fortune 50 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, United Health Group, Fannie Mae, and State Farm. “He will discover your uniqueness by flaunting your weakness” Prior to becoming a speaker, he was a leadership professor, stand-up comedian, and nonprofit executive. In between presentations, David competes in ultramarathons and Ironman triathlons. David has a doctor of management degree in organizational leadership, as well as a graduate degree in psychology. He is the author of four books: The Four Factors of Effective Leadership The Freak Factor The Freak Factor for Kids Pink Goldfish More from our conversation with Dave: Leadership Professor prior to being a professional speaker Holds a doctor of management degree in organizational leadership, as well as a graduate degree in psychology  Coaching Presenting for ASCD TEDxMarinette & TEDxMcHenry Story of the Freak Factor Patches on his pants that his mother would always tell him no one would notice What is the main thing he talks to teachers about?  - “People don’t change that much” Took advantage of a strength that everyone thought was a weakness Every strength has a corresponding weakness Where do you see others struggling most with leadership?  Spend your time on things you are devoted to. Use your gifts Don’t try to fit in… find another area Teachers can help kids find their strengths Maybe we’re making kids think they should WANT to be something they’re not Discussion on the Power of YET and GRIT GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION TWITTER INSTAGRAM WEBSITE DAVE@DRENDALL.COM HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
November 16, 2020
Episode 22 - Jason Leahy
Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with Jason Leahy, who is the Executive Director for the Illinois Principals Association.  Learn about Jason and the IPA, as he discusses his role within the Principals organization, including: Providing leadership and counsel to IPA Members, Board, and staff regarding Association matters Developing and leading processes to continuously improve Association effectiveness Providing constant and appropriate information to IPA Members, Board and staff about Association activities Responsible for coordinating communication and cooperative relationships with individuals and organizations consistent with the Association’s mission Other tidbits from our chat with Jason: School Leader Paradigm What’s it all about and how can leaders use it? “Reconceptualizing school leadership” - how have leaders used the framework and what have you heard? What’s your leadership story? COVID - preparing principals, supporting principals - how has this changed?  What have you heard from principals? Mission & Vision: Ensure IL school communities sustain a high quality principal & leadership team Building community Advocacy Hopeful - our profession Sometimes we have to have challenges in front of us to recognize... GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION: Illinois Principals Association: Jason's Twitter Handle HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
November 12, 2020
Episode 21 - Jay Posick
Join Jeff & Adam as we chat with our friend and fellow principal, Jay Posick! Principal of Merton Intermediate School in Merton, WI, Jas has spent 33 years in education, 30 of them at the middle school level Other Things we talk with Jay about: Author of “Principals in Action” - how did that come about? Strong Twitter participant - don’t feel pressured; you don’t have to have a presence, just form connections What’s your leadership story? Avid Runner  - at least two miles a day - over 12K days in a row 8-30-1987 started the streak - has run 32 Marathons Stress relief Habits - 30 minutes daily reading; turn off computer at 9:00pm; Talk to staff about setting “virtual limits” COVID - how to still be a “Principal in Action?” Leadership struggle How to connect with parents more during virtual learning. Good news call of the day is overcoming the struggle. 2-way communication instead of newsletters, or in addition to GUEST CONTACT INFO: Jay's Twitter HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
November 9, 2020
Episode 20 - Paul Erickson
Join Adam & Jeff as we have an incredible chat with Pre-K - 5 Principal Paul Erickson! Some notes from our chat: Kansas Elementary School Principal of the Year - 2014 Twitter Chats - co-hosts #leadupchat (all about building leadership skills) How he uses Twitter (classroom) Leading through COVID Collective Efficacy - writes about this a lot Leadership Challenge: What is my identity?  How do I stay sharp? What are your leadership concepts? Identity Talk about it/Name it What did you do today toward your habits? Accountability Partners Hopeful - Keep our identity despite the craziness, how to create joyful memories? “Competencies through Conversations” HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: Twitter chat: #LeadUpChat Paul's Twitter Account HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
November 5, 2020
Episode 19 - Ray Porten
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with our good friend Raymond Porten!  Ray is currently an elementary principal in Round Lake, IL. Prior to serving in this role, he was a middle school assistant principal as well as elementary teacher. More from Ray: Didn’t see himself as principal at first He is a Golden Apple scholar. Runs two podcasts - one with his 9 year old son! - Livin’ That Online School Life “I wanna change the world too” - Leo Leo fact:  Chameleons change their color based on emotions.  Is it true? The other with his assistant principal - Life’s Exponential Impact 77,000 people impacted in your lifetime Wants to leave the world a better place for his kids How do you have an impact when you disagree? Always wanted to be an educator - taught 5th grade like ADAM "Our students come first, the academics will be just fine" Leadership Challenge - Trying to stay within the boundaries of the district’s vision, but still following the expectations Know your mission and vision or you’ll die on the wrong hill What are you Hopeful for?  Gotta listen to find out... Guest Contact Info: Ray's Twitter  Life’s Exponential Impact Livin’ That Online School Life Host Contact Info:  INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
November 2, 2020
Episode 18 - Jeff Kubiak
Join Adam & Jeff as we speak with educator and author Jeff Kubiak! Jeff taught for ten years as an elementary school teacher in grades 4, 5, and 6 and has eight years of administrative experience. Jeff strives to connect with students by bringing real world experiences to them, getting to know their names, engaging in lessons and play, and becoming a part of the learning process with them. He's always looked at education from a different lens: from someone who hated and struggled with school. Learn more about Jeff... AUTHOR - One Drop of Kindness Another book in the works “It’s Me" RELEASING SOON!! Transition out of the principalship He’d consider returning. Super difficult, but amazing work. Twitter/Online Presence Speaking & Touring - School visits COVID and his current role Leadership Struggle I’ve gotten in my own way.  Didn’t listen enough. Share the vision and lead from different perspectives. What gives you hope? People will figure out how to do the right thing for one another. Elevator Pitch I’ve made so many mistakes, but I’ve learned. CONTACT Jeff Kubiak Website: Twitter: Jeffrey Kubiak Instagram: Jeff Kubiak Author HOST CONTACTS INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
October 29, 2020
Episode 17 - David McGuire
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Charter School Principal & Podcaster David McGuire! From David's episode:  Featured in This American Life: What is Indy k12? AOS Podcast/Recess podcast It's good to see it from the balcony level. “Professionalizing the Profession” - his work around Indy in K-12 edu. From teacher. To the principalship - skipped AP & Dean Always wanted to be a teacher HS/MS English teacher  - From “Tale of Two Cities” to “The Fire Next Time” Leadership struggle We don’t need to be liked. Connect with David: @MrMcGuire_Teach INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
October 26, 2020
Episode 16 - Jay Billy
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with father, elementary school principal and DBC author of Lead With Culture, Jay Billy! Jay is an elementary principal in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  He received his master's degree in educational leadership from The College of New Jersey in 1997. He first served as supervisor of behavior at the high school before moving to the principal of the Joseph Cappello School in 2000. Other Takeaways from our chat with Jay: Former Wrestling coach Heart for Special needs kids Went from High school to elementary in his professional career Leading with Culture Podcast Speaker Author - Book:  Lead with Culture Story behind the book Why Culture? "Just say what you think." Get out in front - lead with transparency Be open and honest - Culture "Culture is something you build or break every 30 seconds" "Trust is the oxygen" Power of Social Media “Best when I’m knee-deep with kids” COVID - how to find ways to make kids still feel the love
October 22, 2020
Episode 15 - Taylor Armstrong
Join Adam and Jeff as we chat with Taylor Armstrong this week!  Taylor is the Assistant Director of Technology at Vestavia Hills City Schools in Alabama. He is also a Google Certified Teacher, Army Veteran, Speaker, Member of the Men in Education (FB Group) and Education Never Dies. He talks with us about the importance of "Being the Compass, and his education background as a teacher, coach and admin. Hear Taylor talk about: What’s important as a leader? Listen first, respond second, and only if necessary. Messages of Positivity Be the Compass brand. Taylor’s ethos.  1.  Next step 2. Don’t be afraid 3. Rise together Leadership Struggles “Stop getting stuck in your titles” GUEST CONTACT INFO: TWITTER @Taylor_does_IT FACEBOOK Taylor Armstrong INSTAGRAM be_the_compass HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
October 19, 2020
Episode 14 - Brad Hughes
Join Adam and Jeff as we chat with elementary principal, optimist and recovering perfectionist, Brad Hughes! We have some incredible conversation around Canadian education, his background in education: 16 years teaching, taught French, went into admin - 25 years overall Brad has been a part of the Teach Better Team Admin Mastermind Setting intentions, “Pivot Positive” How to support new teachers? 3 Fold approach; you'll have to listen to the episode for all of the details. Leadership Struggles Sorting through all of the information; need the brass tacks. What gives you hope? "Restore Forest Hill" GUEST CONTACT INFO: TWITTER Brad Hughes FACEBOOK Brad Hughes HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
October 15, 2020
Episode 13 - Jeff Gargas
Join Jeff & Adam as we sit down to chat with the COO & Co-Founder of the Teach Better Team! Jeff Gargas and Chad Ostrowski built the Teach Better Team from the ground up on one major premise - to help educators be better today than they were yesterday and be better tomorrow than they were today. It's not about the comparison to the teacher down the hallway or who you may follow on your favorite social networking platform. It's about a pursuit of Better. Jeff's Background is NOT in education web design, content marketing, social media management Listen to Jeff talk about building the Teach Better Team How do you support new teachers? Get them setup within their first years to avoid burnout. Coaching Leadership Struggles? Delegation Concept of taking opportunity from others if you DON’T delegate Trust what you know You don’t have to earn my trust.  I’ll give it until you lose it. What gives you hope? Teachers are my hope. What do you want to leave listeners with? "Be better tomorrow than today." GUEST CONTACT INFO: Twitter:  @jeffgargas Website:  Teach Better Instagram:  _jeffgargas HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
October 12, 2020
Episode 12 - Demetrius Ball
Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with former Army Veteran and Middle School Principal, Demetrius Ball.   **NOTE** There were some connectivity issues throughout the episode; we did our best to edit them out so that you can still get the full podcast experience and understand the main points of our conversation! Episode Notes: 2nd year MS principal - San Ramon, CA Spent 3 yrs. as a H.S. Assistant Principal Went to Military Academy @ West Point, where he played football for ARMY Lessons converted from the football field in unusual ways. Demetrius has lived “Coast to Coast” - MD to CA - "The good news is that kids are the same - coast to coast" Has continued to do Morning Announcements during COVID - keeping the connection alive How to help staff understand biases - how to do this as the new principal Hosts a Podcast, where he is ⅓ of the AOS podcast! GUEST CONTACT INFO: Demetrius Ball - Twittter HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
October 5, 2020
Episode 11 - Dr. Matthew X. Joseph
Check out this episode of The Principal Leadership Lab, where we sit down to talk with Matthew X. Joseph!  Currently serving as the Director of curriculum, instruction and assessment in Leicester, Massachusetts, Matt has been a school and district leader in many capacities in public education over his 25 years in the field. Some takeaways from this episode: Focusing on the Silver Linings to change his mindset right now during the pandemic Matt’s path in the education world over his 25 years - what he calls the “Forrest Gump” approach. Finding balance - always look for efficiency, has allowed him to have time for home and for work Increasing Efficiency article The importance of mentorship - learn more about The Mentor Roundtable Author of two Books: Modern Mentor:  Suzy Brooks and Dr. Matthew X. Joseph Power of Us:  Dr. Matthew X. Joseph Guest Contact Info for Dr. Matthew X. Joseph Website Twitter  Host Contact Info: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
September 27, 2020
Episode 10 - Kevin Curtis
Listen to Adam and Jeff chat with Kevin Curtis, the CEO and Founder of National Educators for Restorative Practices.  Kevin talks about not having a Discipline Plan, but rather a Care Plan; his 3 C's: Confronting, Convicting, and Condemning; and the importance of putting connections before content.   From Kevin's Bio: Kevin was the former Restorative Discipline Coordinator and Assistant Principal at Ed White Middle School in the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas where he played an instrumental role in the development, implementation, and support of restorative practices as an alternative method to managing student behavior. This innovative, whole school approach model was the first of its kind in the state of Texas, and has been considered the blueprint that many campuses across the state of Texas are following. Contact Info for Kevin Curtis: Contact Info for Jeff & Adam: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
September 21, 2020
Episode 9 - Dr. Erik Youngman
Join Jeff and Adam as we chat with Dr. Erik Youngman, Curriculum Director for Libertyville School District #70 in Libertyville, IL.  Erik talks about his passions in education, which include homework, grading, and the power of having a growth mindset, as well as his hope that we can move people forward by staying focused on relationships!  Contact Dr. Youngman Twitter Dr. Erik Youngman Host Contact Information INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
September 13, 2020
Episode 8 - Adam Welcome
Join Jeff and Adam as we chat with Adam Welcome, former elementary school teacher, elementary principal, and Director of Innovation for a district with 35,000 students. Adam currently works as a motivational speaker and author.  Adam talks about the power of walking through an open door when you encounter one, and offers advice for staying positive when it would be so easy to quit. Adam is the author of the books:  Run Like a Pirate,  Kids Deserve It (w/ Todd Nesloney),  Empower Our Girls (w/ Lyn Colon), and  Teachers Deserve It (w/ Rae Hughart) Adam Welcome Contact Info: Website: Twitter: @mradamwelcome Instagram: mradamwelcome Host Contact Information INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
September 7, 2020
Episode 7 - Rae Hughart
Join us as we chat with Rae Hughart, the Director of Training & Development for the Teach Better Team!  Listen in as we talk about how Rae got started with the Teach Better Team, the need to amplify teacher voices and hear more teacher stories, how teachers DESERVE to be heard, the depth and breadth of the Team (including the Administrator Mastermind, Podcast Network, Speakers Network, weekly Twitter chat, etc), the importance of making connections (it's a CHOICE!), Soapbox Moments, Teachers Deserve It, and SO much more! Connect with Rae Twitter: @RaeHughart Instagram: @raehughart Email:
August 29, 2020
Episode 6: Sarah Johnson
Jeff & Adam chat with Sarah about the principalship, wanting to be a principal even before she wanted to be a teacher, being a self-professed workaholic, about writing "Balance Like a Pirate" with co-authors Jessica Cabeen and Jennifer Johnson, and her latest book, "Lead with Faith."  We get into her life's Calling, and the importance of amplifying and inspiring women. Reach out to Sarah On Twitter & Instagram: @sarahsajohnson On Facebook: Sarah Johnson Website: (In Awe, LLC) How to Find Jeff & Adam Jeff's Twitter & IG: @jdprickett; Facebook: Jeffry Prickett Adam's Twitter: @adewitt2; IG: principal_adam; Facebook: Adam DeWitt The Principal Leadership Lab:
August 24, 2020
Lab Note #1: Adaptability
What is a Lab Note?  Lab notes are the thoughts, observations, and musings of leadership experiences. Each note will be a short boost; a catalyst for courage to lean into the day.  Listen to Adam as he shares the importance of adaptability.
August 21, 2020
Episode 5: The Hope Dealer, Dr. Quentin J. Lee
Dr. Quentin J. Lee - the Hope Dealer - talks about life as a high school principal, “Kicking it with Dr. Lee,” growing up in a small, mostly white community, never really having the “full black experience “ until he attended Alabama A & M, Jerome vs. Quentin, and Ms. Edna Ruth. Contact Information Dr. Lee on Twitter @DrQuentinJLee Dr. Lee on Facebook - Quentin J Lee Dr. Lee's website:
August 17, 2020
Episode 3 - Cubs and COVID and Justice, Oh My!
Join Jeff & Adam as we discuss baseball, back to school, COVID, and our recent Social Justice episode with Basil Marin, Markenya Williams and Marcus Belin!  Also, we chat about our next guest - Hal Bowman - who joins us for the August 10th episode of The Principal Leadership Lab!   Additional Show Notes: Using Instagram Asael Ruvalcaba, principal of Rio Hondo HS in Texas Digital Learning vs. In-Person Learning Austin Channing Brown - "I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness" Robin Diangelo - "White Fragility: Why It's Hard for White People to Talk about Racism" Greg Wolcott on "The Significant 72" or  "The First 3 Days"  Giving Teachers Permission - take 10 Days to Build Relationships Deep Reflection New and exciting things coming for The Principal Leadership Lab! Our guest on August 10 - Hal Bowman Contacting Us:  Jeff Prickett on Twitter & Instagram: @jdprickett Adam DeWitt on Twitter @adewitt2 and on Instagram @principal_adam
July 27, 2020
Episode 2 - The Social Justice Episode
Today, Adam and I talk to three outstanding educators about race in our country.  Please enjoy this episode and reach out to any of us if you want to continue the conversation. We can be reached here: Jeff Prickett on Twitter @jdprickett Adam DeWitt on Twitter @adewitt2 Basil Marin on Twitter @basil_marin Markenya Williams on Twitter @MarkenyaW Marcus Belin on Twitter @MarcusJBelin **(Additional show notes to be added)**
July 27, 2020
Episode 1 - The COVID Comeback?
Jeff & Adam discuss the COVID pandemic - are there any positive takeaways to be gleaned from this public health crisis, especially for school communities?  And what does going into the 20-21 school year look like?  Check out the latest episode of The Principal Leadership Lab as we discuss, "The COVID Comeback?" Show Notes Linked Here!
June 29, 2020
Intro Episode - The Principal Leadership Lab
The Principal Leadership Lab was created for you for a couple of reasons.  The obvious reason is to talk about leadership and education trends.  But the second and deeper - perhaps more powerful purpose for the podcast -is to create a kind of “lab” space to really dig into, experiment with, and dismantle, those leadership experiences you are struggling with and help you create some levers with which to drive your leadership forward.
June 22, 2020