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The POD Cast is all about the print on demand industry! It exists to equip you with the tools you need to succeed when launching or managing a POD business!

Regardless of where you are in your Print on Demand journey, the POD Cast has something for you!
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POD Cast E041: Make More Sales With Better Keywords w/ Cordelia Blake

Print on Demand Cast

POD Cast E048: Six Things I Wished I Knew When Starting POD + Vexels Contest Winner!
On this week's show, Travis and Josiah are hanging out live in Travis' backyard enjoying a cigar, some whiskey and talking POD. They dive into a few things they wished they knew when starting out with printing and ecommerce in general. While being dive bombed by an owl, the guys banter about things including the benefits of an EIN, SKUs, other POD sellers and sales Plus, on this week's Point Of Interest, the guys reveal LIVE who won the Vexels competition! Congrats to....(well, I'm not going to say it here! That'd take all the suspense out of it!) Enjoy this week's show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
July 21, 2021
POD Cast E047: Screen Printing On Demand w/ Cole Lundstrom
Cole Lundstrom knows screen printing. He's been doing it for 10 years with his company Shirt Agency. In this week's episode, Travis and Josiah spend some time talking with him about how he still does on demand fulfillment for apparel even though he doesn't use a DTG printer for it 99% of the time. What? Yes, we figured your mind would be blown, and that's why we had him on the PODcast! So sit back and listen to Cole share a unique take on apparel fulfilment that perhaps you hadn't thought of. Enjoy this week's show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel -------- Cole's Links:
July 14, 2021
POD Cast E046: How To Create a Workflow + Jeff Bezos In Space?
A good workflow can drastically improve the bottom line of any business, while a poor one can have the opposite effect. This week, Travis and Josiah share from their experience what they've done and the processes they've taken to create workflows in their businesses. Also, hear about some of their challenges when they realize their existing workflow is either broken or inadequate. In this week's Point Of Interest, the guys talk about Bezos stepping down while planning on launching himself into space! Remember, there's only one week left to take advantage of the Vexels 30% off coupon and enter the drawing to get your entire subscription fee REFUNDED TO YOU! Do yourself a favor and head over to to learn more and get your free design pack! Oh, and the guys also added a weekly segment dedicated to one of their favorite things - DAD JOKES! Enjoy this week's show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
July 7, 2021
POD Cast E045: Deep Dive w/ Gero Pereira
This week the PODCast goes international! Travis and Josiah are joined by Gero from Vexels, a design service company from Uruguay in South America. Thinking though how to best use design assets for your business can benefit you, and Vexels is an extremely beneficial tool if you're in a place where you can utilize it fully. For two weeks from the airing of this podcast, Vexels will refund ONE subscription fee to anyone who signs up and uses our link. That means you have until July 14, 2021 to sign up for a chance to win! Regardless if you are interested in subscribing, there's a free design pack that you can download on that page, as well.  Overall, the guys found Vexels to be an easy-to-navigate one stop shop for design elements, mockups, psd files, etc. Check it out at and see what you think. PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
June 30, 2021
POD Cast E044: Pricing - Stop Racing To The Bottom + 100% Cotton Comparison
As Travis and Josiah constantly say in this week's episode, "the race to the bottom is stupid. Stop it." But how will you know how to price if you don't just follow the crowd? One answer is to simply be informed by the crown instead of following them blindly. But the guys will get into that... Pricing is a huge issue in the ecommerce community with people constantly asking how to price this item or that item. On this week's episode, Travis and Josiah give a formula that will help you gain control on your business through better pricing. If you haven't taken the time to go through the exercises the guys share this week, then you may be leaving money on the table. Plus, in this week's POI, not all 100% cotton garments are created equally! Get the scoop on how to educate your customers on their DTG options. Enjoy this week's show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
June 23, 2021
POD Cast E043: Working In POD Series - The Production Manager w/ Taite Ross
This week, Travis sits down with his production manager, Taite Ross. And if you haven't figured out by the same last name, Taite is actually Travis' son! They not only talk about the obvious dynamic of father/son vs boss/employee, they also share some of the day to day challenges of running  a production facility. Enjoy the show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
June 16, 2021
POD Cast E042: Facebook Live Event + POD Conferences
Well, that was an experience! The boys went on Facebook and recorded this week's episode LIVE! A few folks from the community showed up and asked some great questions, even Uncle Mike! They talked about sublimating hats and tea towels, as well as what to expect in 2022 for new machines coming into the marketplace. And in an informal Point Of Interest, Travis and Josiah share a few options for printing trade shows that are happening all over the country this year and into the next! Enjoy the show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel -------- Links from the show: 
June 9, 2021
POD Cast E041: Make More Sales With Better Keywords w/ Cordelia Blake
Keywords make the ecommerce world go round - so why don't we spend more time talking about how to find and use them in a more efficient manner? This week, Travis and Josiah are joined by Cordelia Blake, who's not only been selling online but also educating others on ecommerce for nearly 10 years. Cordelia takes some time breaking down the difference in keyword research for product development vs researching for writing listings - and yes, there's a difference.  As was mentioned on the show, Cordelia's keyword tool of choice is Helium 10. The PODCast was able to obtain a couple of special discounts for its listeners if you use one of the promo codes below. PRINTONDEMANDCAST - 10% off EVERY month of Helium 10 or an additional 10% off the yearly plan PRINTONDEMANDCAST50 - 50% off the FIRST month of Helium 10  And as always, have a great day and tune in next week for another awesome PODCast! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel -------- Cordelias' Links: Cordelia's Instagram Cordelia's YouTube Channel
June 2, 2021
POD Cast E040: So You Want To Print Shirts? DTG Deep Dive + IP Infringement
Based off a conversation Travis had with another POD seller, this week's episode takes a deep dive into Direct To Garment Printing and even has suggestions for equipment, as well as approximate costs. Get ready to take some notes if you're looking to get into this game as there's a lot of info coming your way. Also, Atari is suing Pixels dot com (not wanting to promote the site in any way) so Travis and Josiah wax poetic on the future of Intellectual Property violations and how the "big guys" could, (and very likely will) bring the hammer down in a big way at some point. Enjoy the show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
May 26, 2021
POD Cast E039: Do You Even Advertise, Bro? w/ Mike Perillo
There are plenty of ways to advertise for your print on demand products depending on how you are selling. Even then, there are plenty of ways to lose money doing it. On this week's show, perennial guest Mike Perillo joins Travis and Josiah for a chat about several different ways to go about advertising, from PPC (Pay Per Click) to viral social sharing. Enjoy the show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel -------- Links mentioned during the show: Sales Samurai (get 20% off for LIFE with code “printodemandcast”)
May 19, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 038: What's A VA and Why You Should Care (Re-broadcast)
On this week's show, we're re-broadcasting Episode 17 from Season One. Josiah is back in town, but the guys didn't have a chance to get to record a new episode. There are still some great tips about using VA's in your business and looking at the episode metrics, many of the audience hasn't heard this episode before! Utilizing Virtual Assistants (VA's) + Direct To Film Printing *On this week's show, the guys share all about how they utilize virtual assistants in their Print On Demand businesses. While certainly not exhaustive, there are a few good ideas if you plan on starting to build a team around you. Plus, a new challenger to DTG (Direct To Garment) printing is stepping up and more people are talking about it. DTF (Direct To Film) seems to be gaining steam and Travis and Josiah talk a little it about it in the Point of Interest. Enjoy the show!* PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
May 12, 2021
POD Cast E037: The "Complementary Method" and How You Can Profit From It w/ Ryan Hogue
In this week's episode, Travis invites Ryan Hogue onto the show. Ryan has a ton of knowledge in the POD space and has experience with both physical products as well as royalty based POD. He constantly does over 6 figures per year in POD alone (he also has some PL products) and continues to push himself to grow through automation and the "complementary method." Plenty to learn in this week's show - enjoy! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel -------- Ryan's Links Ryan's Course (Special 20% off for PODCast listeners!) Ryan's YouTube Channel Ryan's Chrome Extensions 
May 5, 2021
POD Cast E036: How Making Other People Money Helps Your Bottom Line + Thanking Faculty
All transactions happen because a problem is being solved. It's the nature of business. So what makes you think Print On Demand would be any different? This week, Travis speaks about how bringing value and trying to make other people money will always come back to your bottom line. In fact, your ability to share what you do for the benefit of others has several benefits besides money. And those on a slim budget should heed this advice! Plus, on this week's Point Of Interest, Travis shares an idea that not only makes people feel appreciated, but can also get you more sales. Be sure to tune in and check out this week's episode! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
April 28, 2021
POD Cast E035: Persistence Pays Off w/ Neil Lassen
This week on the PODCast, Neil Lassen joins the discussion to talk about his take on the POD industry. Neil has been around the Merch By Amazon and other POD spaces for quite some time and realized he needed to automate certain parts of his listing process. Fast forward several years and thousands of people have used Neil's products to help them in not only MBA, but KDP, Etsy and many more POD platforms. In the end, we realize that if you have a need, you probably aren't the only one in your space that's experiencing the same frustrations. Neil did something about it and has helped not only himself, but thousands of people because of it. Enjoy the show! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel -------- Neil's Links (get 20% off for LIFE with code “printodemandcast” via these links!) Merch Informer Book Bolt Sales Samurai
April 21, 2021
POD Cast E034: Use These Vendors For Your Products + Continuing Education
On this week's episode, Travis and Josiah spend some time sharing many of the vendors they use for blank products as well as consumables such as inks and packaging materials. If you are already creating your own POD products or plan to in the future, having a list of tried and true vendors is a MUST. And as Travis mentions in the show, always have "a backup to your backup!" While some of you may not be fulfilling your own orders, many of you are or plan to so have a listen and maybe take down some notes. Plus, in this week's Point Of Interest, he guys take a minute to encourage you to continue educating yourselves by taking advantage of the plethora of free information on the internet. Even the guest that have been on this podcast have other materials that can advance your knowledge about POD in ways you can't imagine. You don't know what you don't know. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week's show! Don't forget to subscribe and review the PODCast! Thanks! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel
April 14, 2021
POD Cast E033: START HERE Before Implementing w/ Chris Green + What's Your Why?
If you've been in the Amazon world for awhile, odds are you've heard this guy's name. Chris Green has been in the Amazon/FBA/POD/KDP game for over 20 years as a seller, designer, author, and teacher. Since 1999, he's flipped millions of dollars worth of products on ebay and Amazon, developed software for Amazon sellers, written books, published courses, hosted events, and much, much more.  This week, Travis and Josiah have and AWESOME conversation about not only POD, but how and what to do with ideas in general. There are so many golden nuggets of wisdom to take away, you're going absolutely love this week's show. It could have gone another 4 hours so the guys will be sure to have Chris on again soon! PODCast Facebook Group   PODCast YouTube Channel -------- Chris' Links Chris' Facebook
April 7, 2021
POD Cast E032: Which POD Provider Should I Use? + May Holidays
On this week's episode, Travis and Josiah compare and contrast three of the largest and most well known Print On Demand providers in the industry - Printful, Printify and Gooten. While there are many, MANY more options to choose, many POD sellers utilize one of these three when first starting and move on from there. The guys talk about several things you'll need to consider including shipping times, samples, print quality, customer service, integrations and more. Plus, in this week's Point Of Interest, the guys share some dates in May you should be targeting in your POD business. Enjoy the show! PODCast Facebook Group    PODCast YouTube Channel -------- Links from the show: Printful Printify Gooten
March 31, 2021
POD Cast E031: Stop Doing What Everyone Else Is Already Doing w/ Brittany Lewis + Etsy Tips and Tricks
This week, Brittany Lewis from Be A Wolf Biz joins Travis and Josiah to talk all about how to stay relevant, especially on Etsy. Brittany is an Etsy seller and consultant with a specialty in print on demand. She's been selling online for over 7 years and is in the top 1% of all Etsy sellers, having sold over $600k on the platform. To say she understands what her customers want might be an understatement. In this week's show, the guys ask questions about how she approaches selling POD online. From mockups to what she would do if she had to start all over, they really dig into the details.  This show is full of golden nuggets - might want to take notes! Enjoy this week's show! Join our Facebook Group! --------- Brittany's Links Instragram YouTube Facebook
March 24, 2021
POD Cast E030: How To Scale Your Business + PirateShip!
On this week's episode, the guys are live and in person so it gets a little zany! If there was ever an episode you watch on our new YouTube channel, this would be the one! Travis and Josiah spend some time talking about three components of scaling your print on demand business. The beauty of these tips is that they work whether you're focusing on a dropshipping model or you do the production in house.  Plus, John West joins Travis for this week's Point of Interest to talk about Pirate Ship! After hearing the episode on shipping a few weeks ago, John reached out in our Facebook Group to say we'd forgotten a very user friendly shipping service. The guys decided to jsut ask John to come on the show to share his experiences with the platform. Enjoy this week's show! PODCast Facebook Group  
March 17, 2021
POD Cast E029: How To Build Brands w/ Michael Essek
From all the way from across the pond, Michael Essek joins the Print On Demand Cast this week to spend some time talking about how he is continuing to grow in his POD journey through the use of branding and licensing. From licensing designs to Hot Topic and Spencer's Gifts, he's really on another level when it comes to print on demand. Michael is doing it the right way. For one, he's really focusing on his designs. In fact, during the interview, he takes time to share some of his secrets for coming up with ideas that give way to more ideas, and so on and so forth. He's a wealth of knowledge and Travis and Josiah really try and take it all in in the longest episode ever recorded for the POD Cast.  Might need to break this one up, but well worth the listen. Enjoy this week's show! Join our Facebook Group! ------- Michael's Links: Little Book Of T-Shirt Ideas Ideas Workshop Waitlist
March 10, 2021
POD Cast E028: Save Money With Shipping + Free Photoshop Alternatives
What's the best way to save money? Don't spend it in the first place! Shipping is huge expense for any ecom business, so it makes sense to understand how and where you can cut costs and at the very least, understand the ins and outs of shipping items to your customers. This, week Travis and Josiah delve into the world of shipping and talk about some of the best practices they've discovered along their journeys. While some of this may be old news to you, there may be a golden nugget that will be worth listening for! Also, in this week's Point Of Interest, the guys share a few Photoshop alternatives for creating designs as well as some of your social media needs. Enjoy the show! PODCast Facebook Group PODCast YouTube Channel (coming soon!) -------- Links from the show: USPS Interactive Zone Map
March 3, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 027: RJ Martinez - Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
In this week's episode, Travis and Josiah speak with RJ Martinez about Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and how to use it for POD. RJ is no stranger to print on demand and has be using (mainly) royalty based POD sites such as Merch By Amazon, RedBubble, Spring, KDP and others to build up a very nice monthly income. He's also a content creator and has been getting the word out about all kinds of POD opportunities. The guys spend time talking about specific strategies to use on KDP to create revenue, as well as exploring the different ways it can be used as not only an e-book publisher, but a physical book publisher. If you've never considered your self a good writer, there's still a way to make KDP work for you - take a listen! PODCast Facebook Group -------- RJ's links: Private Mastermind Pixel Pod Studio RJ's YouTube Channel Schedule a Coaching Call Instagram, TikTok, Twitch Merch By Amazon Facebook Group KDP Facebook Group
February 24, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 026: Seven POD Trends For 2021 + Spring Is Here!
On this week's show, Travis and Josiah look into the crystal ball and share some trends they're predicting for 2021 in the print on demand industry. While some of these trends seem to be exactly what you'd expect, it's always a good idea to think through where you feel the future of your industry is headed so you can plan accordingly. If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail. (Yeah, I know it's kind of corny, but it's true none the less.) Also, in the Point Of Interest segment, the guys discuss the new branding for Spring (formally TeeSpring.) One last thing, if you haven't already, please join our brand new Facebook Group! We'd love to have you join us as we try and form more community around not only the show, but POD in general. PODCast Facebook Group
February 17, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 025: Adam Scheider - Using GearBubble For POD
In this week's episode, Travis and Josiah speak with Adam Schneider. He's also a podcaster and has been creating the Sales On Demand Show for quite some time and has nearly 100 episodes in the can! The guys actually were interviewed on his show as well. Adam is a retired law enforcement officer from Canada that's making a full time income doing dropship POD with GearBubble. Listen in as Adam gives some insight into how he's grown his income to a place that he was able to retire. Adam also has a course called Print On Demand A to Z that goes through everything you need to know in order to start from scratch with your dropship print on demand business. Check it out by clicking here and see if it's right for you! Enjoy this week's show! -------- Adam's links: Sales On Demand Show Print On Demand A to Z Course Connect with Adam on Facebook
February 10, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 024: Garment Printing 101 + DTF Update
In today's episode, Travis and Josiah talk about various ways to print on a garment. They discuss the benefits of each method as well as the limitations. They spend a lot of time discussing Direct To Garment (DTG) and some of the pitfalls so you can hopefully avoid them. In the Point Of Interest, Travis shares some of the things he's learned about Direct To Film printing (DTF) since sharing it a few episodes back in the POI. Enjoy this week's show! PS - Stick around to the end for a surprise visit from Matt Foley, motivational speaker! ;-)
February 3, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 023: Barbara Boschen - for POD?
In this episode of the PODCast, Travis and Josiah welcome Barbara Boschen of CoMerchant to talk about selling on Walmart. Barbara is a 7 figure seller that's been in e-commerce for many years now and has a ton of experience in Amazon and Walmart. In this episode, the guys ask questions about getting started on Walmart, what to expect with the platform and how it compares with a much more established player like Amazon. While there's quite a ways for them to go, there is a TON of opportunity to get in early on this growing platform. Enjoy the show! Barbara's Links: Comerchant and Easy Key (affiliate link) - Use the code "PAMUEZ15" to get 15% off - Amazon Custom & Exclusive Facebook Group
January 27, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 022: Eight Things That Hurt Your POD Business + Industry Trends
On this week's episode of the POD Cast, Travis and Josiah get into some things that may be hurting your business as well as give some solutions for eliminating (or at least thinking about them differently.) They also dive into some industry trends during the Point Of Interest. Enjoy this weeks show!
January 20, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 021: Holiday Prepping + Making Your Dreams Come True
On this episode of the Print On Demand Cast, Travis and Josiah take some of what they've learned over the past several Q4's and other holiday seasons to share with you some strategies for holiday prep. It's not only about making sure you've got a plan, but also making sure you've got the time to implement it. Listen in as they share a timeline to help you have success for whatever holiday you're targeting. And for the record, there are PLENTY of holidays. Check out this list from Rachel Rofe and get a few laughs as the guys reference plenty of these "holidays" during today's Point Of Interest! Oh, and happy "Make Your Dreams Come True Day." ;-)
January 13, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 020: Robyn Johnson - The Business Side of Business + Season 2 begins!
On the first episode of season 2 of the Print On Demand Cast, Travis and Josiah welcome Robyn Johnson to the show! Robyn's list of accolades is long but suffice it to say she knows how to scale a business. She also gives a TON of tips during this interview about everything from starting off to scaling to surviving! If you're a serious entrepreneur and have a passion to grow your business, you'll want to listen to this episode once or twice - it's full of golden nuggets! Robyn's links: @amzrobynjohnson
January 6, 2021
P.O.D. Cast Episode 019: Year In Review + POD Lamps?
For the last episode of the year (and of Season 1), Travis and Josiah share a bit about the highs and lows of the LONGEST year ever! What did they learn? Did they reach their goals? What are their biggest take-aways? In this day and age, we're so inundated with bad news that it can be suffocating, especially THIS year! Take some time to reflect not only on the challenges of 2020, but also on what those challenges produced in you and your business.  In the Point Of Interest, Printify has a new product for your POD stores that we found to be pretty amazing! We hope you and your's have an excellent new year and that the POD Cast joins you in it!
December 30, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 018: Listener Mailbag + Apparel Rants
'Tis the season to be working around the clock and making all the money in Print On Demand, right? Well, there's certainly some truth to that and the guys are feeling the burn as they round the final turn towards the home stretch of Q4! Join them this week as the answer some listener questions about certain patterns showing up on different substrates, as well as question on POD niche research. Oh, and how could we have a show during the busiest time of year without some more "Apparel Rants!"   With that said, have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year from the POD Cast!
December 23, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 017: Utilizing Virtual Assistants (VA's) + Direct To Film Printing?
On this week's show, the guys share all about how they utilize virtual assistants in their Print On Demand businesses. While certainly not exhaustive, there are a few good ideas if you plan on starting to build a team around you.  Plus, a new challenger to DTG (Direct To Garment) printing is stepping up and more people are talking about it. DTF (Direct To Film) seems to be gaining steam and Travis and Josiah talk a little it about it in the Point of Interest. Enjoy the show!
December 16, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 016: Order Flow + Apparel Rants
Exactly what does it take to get a product from "order" all the way to "customer is so happy he tells 10 friends who also tell 10 more friends and you retire on a private island?" Well, we might not make it to the island in this episode, but Travis and Josiah definitely go through several of the different parts of order flow management this week. Several golden nuggets are dropped, so make sure to listen! Also, the boys get out some of their frustrations with a special "Apparel Rants" section in the Point of Interest. Don't miss this week!
December 9, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 015: Goal Setting + New Merch By Amazon Products
Goals are important. We all know this, but many continue to put off setting them. In fact, we typically wait until the end of the year to even talk about them  - well, we're no different! ;-) This week, the "podcasting professionals" (inside joke) Travis and Josiah talk about S.M.A.R.T. Goals and what they entail. They even set some for 2020 for themselves. As the year comes to a close, take some time to decide how you want your 2021 to look and write down your own S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Share them with Travis and Josiah, too!
December 2, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 014: Sublimating Mugs + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
This week's Main Event is all about sublimating mugs. It's a topic Travis and Josiah have talked about on previous podcasts (last week's POI, in fact) but the guys go a bit more in depth this week.  Plus, Travis reveals his BIG NEWS that he's been teasing out the past few weeks. See what's happening in the Point Of Interest segment this week. Enjoy the show!
November 25, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 013: Using Deco Network In Your Shop + Dye Sublimation
There are many solutions to help organize your print shop, but Josiah and What For? Apparel have been using Deco Network for the past year or so. Given their experience on the platform, we thought it'd be a great topic of discussion to see how it's been working for them. Also, on this week's Point Of Interest, we talk all things Dye Sublimation and how its growth is influencing industries you never would have guessed were even using it. Enjoy this week's show!
November 18, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 012: The Art of Employing Humans (Part 2)
*BAD AUDIO ALERT* We apologize for the audio quality during this interview. Mike and Jacque are back for Part 2 of the interview this week to continue the conversation about employing people in your Print On Demand business.
November 11, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 011: The Art of Employing Humans (Part 1)
*BAD AUDIO ALERT* We apologize for the audio quality during this interview. At the risk of alienating our...well....alien listeners, we wanted to have a podcast where we talked about the art of employing humans. It can definitely be a challenge and sometimes cause you to make some tough decisions, but to be honest, your employees are your number one resource. Figuring out how to support them is a wise investment of your time. This week, Travis and Josiah bring in Mike and Jacque to share their experiences and give some great insight into how to treat the people who work for you. With tons of years of experience, the conversation is full of golden nuggets. Enjoy!
November 4, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 010: Organizing Your SKUs and Designs
"Start with the end in mind."  However, if you heed that advice, there's always this: "Fix what you started incorrectly so that you don't go crazy later when you're trying to balance 50,000 plates in the air." Regardless which advice you followed when you started out, you'll undoubtedly come to a place where you realize the importance of organization.  While there are as many ways to get organized when it comes to your POD business as there are POD printers, the important thing is to not wait to implement some sort of strategy. It may feel like overkill now, but eventually as you grow, you'll appreciate the time you took to do it. Listen in as Travis and Josiah talk about the way they've moved toward organization in their SKUs and designs.
October 28, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 009: Licensing and Copyright with Ken Reil
Those in the Print On Demand Facebook ecosphere will likely recognize the Merch Fairy himself, Ken Reil. Ken is an expert when it come to building brands and negotiating licensing deals. He also runs a large Facebook group called Trademark Watch Dawgs that exists to stop frivolous trademarks from being filed and they have successfully done just that through the use of "Letters Of Protest" (more on that in the show.) Join Travis and Josiah as they drink from the firehose of knowledge that Ken shares - he's got mad game, people. Oh, also in the Point Of Interest, the guys go over the recent USPS rate increase. You can check out the webpage Travis and Josiah are referencing here:
October 21, 2020
P.O.D. Cast Episode 008: Influencer Marketing As A Supplier
Influencers are the new "network stars" of our time. From YouTube to Snapchat, they're taking the advertising game by storm. They're able to share products with their followings to sell all kinds of thing - and POD products are flying off the shelves. Even if you don't have your own fulfillment company, you have the knowledge to set them up in order to fulfill orders. There's room in this for every type of POD business. Join Travis and Josiah as they talk about how they work with influencers to help them leverage the power of what they have built into  money making machines. And earn a nice cut while doing it. 
October 14, 2020
P.O.D Cast Episode 007: Etsy Basics (and a little foolishness)
Well, we'd be lying if we didn't say this episode is a little over the top and zany. Perhaps we had too much sugar (or beer?), or we're just getting too comfortable with each other. Regardless, the dad jokes are on full display this week!  That said, there's still a ton of valuable information here, too.  Selling on Etsy can be extremely lucrative, especially as we move into Q4. It's also one of our favorite channels for customizable products because of the customer base it serves. Listen in as Travis and Josiah discuss why they recommend not "sleeping" on Etsy. Oh, and what does ETSY stand for anyway???
October 7, 2020
P.O.D Cast Episode 006: Selling On
Many people getting into the Print On Demand game these days may start on Merch By Amazon, but there are other ways to take advantage of the world's most popular ecommerce site. Sit back and listen to Travis and Josiah take you through the ins and outs of selling on with a SellerCentral account.
September 30, 2020
P.O.D Cast Episode 005: Mike Perillo - A Real Life POD Ninja
Wow. This guy knows his stuff. Mike Perillo has been in the print on demand industry for nearly 10 years and sells millions of dollars on multiple platforms each year. With his tech background, he's been able to use automation to help scale his business to millions of listings online. He's experienced with outsourcing his printing as well as doing it all in house (which is what he currently does in his massive CA warehouse.) He truly is a real life POD Ninja that's been around the block a few times. Join Travis and Josiah as they talk with Mike about what he's up to these days and how he sees the future of the POD industry. Plus the guys get him to give a few tips to newer sellers, too. Oh, and watch out for his flying front kick. #PODNinja
September 23, 2020
P.O.D Cast Episode 004: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
You've heard it said a thousand times in many different ways. "Begin with the end in mind" or "a thousand mile journey begins with a single step." All of those sayings help us to focus on where we want to go or our direction when trying to get there. Join Travis and Josiah as they talk about how to begin a print on demand journey by focusing not where you are, but where you eventually want to be. #wisdombomb (Yeah, I just made that hashtag up.)
September 16, 2020
P.O.D Cast Episode 003: Getting Ready For Q4 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!
It truly is the most wonderful time of the year - especially for ecommerce! If you haven't already started to plan out your Q4, you're likely too late to take full advantage of every opportunity this unique selling season has to offer. That said, there are still many things you can learn from paying attention to trends and learning from your data. Tune in as Travis and Josiah break down some of the things they've learned over the years, as well as give suggestions for newer sellers.  
September 12, 2020
P.O.D Cast Episode 002: Which Sales Channel is Right for You?
Welcome to Episode 2! There are SO MANY options when it comes to where to sell Print on Demand products so in this episode, Josiah and Travis break down which one could be right for you!  Should you sale on Ebay? Etsy? Walmart? Amazon? This episode will help you decide where to start!
September 3, 2020
P.O.D Cast Episode 001: Meet Your Hosts
In this episode you will meet Travis and Josiah, the hosts of the Print On Demand Cast. Josiah and Travis will tell you their journey in the Print on Demand industry and why they felt the need to launch a podcast focused on the POD industry. If you have questions or a topic you want Josiah and Travis to talk about email them at! Please rate and subscribe!
August 31, 2020