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By Prithvi Prakash
Pochemuchka (Russian): Someone who asks too many questions.
I have always been curious about the world around me and getting into the world of artistry just made it a hundred times worse. And in my quest to find my answers, I have met some incredible artists who I’ve had the pleasure of having the most interesting conversations with. So this is for all the pochemuchkas out there who are just curious about the arts world.
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The Journey of a Sound
Artist, producer, mixing engineer and acoustic consultant Abhishek Sekhri (Goya) talks about the many hats he has worn through the course of his musical journey, how he has branched out into different fields of music and how he manages his multifaceted career. I also got to discuss with him his sound design process and what makes his music something unique and personal! Listen to know more! Follow me on instagram: @pritsprakash Follow Abhishek on instagram:
April 6, 2021
Hearing Color
Artist- Producer Annie Elise talks about her experiences with synesthesia and how that influences her perception of sound. We also talk about a lot of other interesting topics such as sexism in the music industry. Annie tells me about how she has used her voice as someone on social media to raise awareness and call out sexism in the industry through tik toks and reels. Listen now to know our entire conversation! Follow Annie on instagram: @annieelisemusic Follow me on instagram: @pritsprakash
March 27, 2021
Surviving the Odds
What does entitlement sound like? Well, definitely not like this episode of Pochemuchka. My guest for this episode is the supremely talented bass player Kyla Wright. She takes us through her journey, her struggles, her ups, her downs and how she survived the odds. Destiny has played a huge role in bringing her to the place where she is right now. Having said that, Kyla is extremely hardworking and talented. Listening to her story has been a great inspiration for me and I am sure it will inspire each and every one of you! Follow Kyla on instagram: @thatbassgirl_ Follow me on instagram: @pritsprakash
February 26, 2021
Breaking Anomaly Down
In this special episode of Pochemuchka, my friend Anusha and I break down the process of creating Anomaly, my original. Anusha is a design student at UID, Ahmedabad, India and she is the designer on the cover art for Anomaly. We talk about all the things we kept in  mind, apprehensions, brainstorming, conversations about schizophrenia and mental health and JUST BEING OUR CRACKHEAD-SELVES!! Check out the video for the podcast on my YouTube channel: Stream Anomaly here: Follow Anusha on Instagram : @anushadesign Follow me on Instagram: @pritsprakash
February 17, 2021
Speak to Impress
In this next episode, Brenden Kumarasamy from the youtube channel, MasterTalk talks to us about marketing yourself as a creator and artist in this age of social media. He gives us insightful tips on how to connect with your fans, build a loyal fan base and most importantly building your brand as an artist. Check out his youtube channel for more helpful tips on how you as a purpose driven entrepreneur or a creator can share your ideas with the world! Follow me on Instagram : @pritsprakash Brenden's Instagram : @masteryourtalk
January 8, 2021
Passion and Lav
Slow and steady wins the race. Right? But what if there is no race? What if multiple people could run alongside each other with no finish line in sight? Well my guest for this podcast is doing exactly that with both of her passions - law and music, not letting one win over the other. In this episode, my dear friend Lav and I talk about managing different careers and how her experiences of being born in a Tamil household, living in Bangalore and working as a technology attorney have made her the artist she is today. She also talks about using her knowledge and experience as a lawyer to help artists legally through her band Legally Sound! Watch out for a special surprise at the end! Instagram: @lavloop                       @pritsprakash Lav Loop's YouTube channel:
January 1, 2021
Are Stomps Louder than Footsteps?
In this episode Katy and I talk about creating an impact as an artist at whatever level you're at and if there is really a hierarchy to measure success in the creative industry. Katy talks about her experiences as a freelance writer, actor and filmmaker and how she manages her time between the three. She also talks about what it takes to build confidence and security and the reality behind the number game.  Katherine Milewski (Katy) is a freelance actor, filmmaker and writer. She has been acting professionally in NYC since 2017, when she was a sophomore in college. Since then, she has acted in several films and voiceover projects. She's currently in a podcast called “Next Stop” by Multitude, where she plays a chill pop star character named Ashley. Instagram: @katyisaladybug
December 13, 2020
Reuse. Recycle. Remix.
In this episode with Samahita Narang, an independent singer-songwriter, composer from Delhi, India we talk about the importance of creating something pure and vulnerable and the emotional labour involved in creating something like that especially in an age where remixes are gaining popularity. We also speak about the fundamental changes required in the music industry so that we can support original and honest music.  Samahita is a classically trained singer and has learnt Hindustani music with the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. She has been singing since the age of 7. But, it was only during college that she decided to pursue her passion of becoming a musician and started writing originals and posting them on her social media. She recently released her debut single 'Matwari' on all streaming platforms. Instagram: @samahita.narang Spotify: Samahita Narang
December 1, 2020
Does Art Have a Face?
In this very first episode of Pochemuchka, Kallisti and I talk about some of the stereotypes that exist in the creative industry and how these affect the creative process and why it's important to break and redefine stereotypes. Kallisti is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, currently a student at Berklee College of Music. Please feel free to check out her music and follow her on Instagram (@kallisti.i).
November 30, 2020