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The Private Island Podcast

The Private Island Podcast

By Alisha Patel
Your own private island. For so many people, it is the ultimate fantasy. But what if we were to tell you that the chance to visit, use or even own a private island is far closer to reality than you ever dared to think?
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EP 16: Linda owner of Zizanj Island on producing the best Olive Oil in the world
665 Olives Trees hand-picked and delicately pressed, produced into the finest Olive Oil in the world all made on Zizanj island.  Linda uncovers her journey on what it was like to buy the island and continue her husband's legacy.  
April 19, 2022
EP 15: Farhad Vladi owner of Vladi Private Islands
The man who invented the word 'Private Islands' .  The man who has sold over 3,000 Private Islands. A world record breaker! In this episode Farhad tells about his story on how he got into being the biggest real estate broker in the game.  He also shares what factors you should consider when buying your own Private Island! 
November 30, 2021
EP 14: Jo and Scott, owners of Twin Cay gets real about plastic pollution and guests behaviour
When we think of Bahamas, we think of the sparkling blue sea and the tranquility of paradise.  BUT there are so many pressing issues Island Owners are being challenged with.  In this episode, Jo and Scott flags the problem of plastic pollution, guest behaviour and how it is affecting their island. 
May 09, 2021
EP 13: Exclusive Tents on Private Islands
Calling all Island Owners and aspiring island owners! Exclusive Tents is the leader and pioneer in designing and setting up the most luxury, Eco-sensitive, glamping, resort, and accommodation tents in the world.  In this episode,  I have Paul Zway founder of Exclusive Tents on the demand for luxury tents on Private Islands. 
April 20, 2021
EP 12: The CEO behind Muy'Ono Resorts, Belize
Because every Private Island needs a powerful backbone,  meet Cortney Lebens. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of Muyono resorts which manage multiple Private Islands and other businesses.  In this episode we discuss what Muyono company culture stands for and how she is part of raising the international standards to the tourism industry in Belize.
March 28, 2021
EP 11: A love story in Bedarra Island
My editor finally came back after being stranded on an Island. So here we are with the lovely couple Kerri and Sam owner of Bedarra Island, Australia.  In this episode, we cover what the island does for sustainability, their future plans, and finally a sacred secret that only Sam knew about that the previous island owners didn't know about this island. 
March 09, 2021
EP 10: Marshall Mayer, owner of Coffee Caye - How to own a share in this island
What If I said you can buy a share of an island and you can afford it?  Join us on this episode on how you can buy a slice of paradise and be part of an incredible community of investors who all share the same dream. For information check out 
November 15, 2020
EP 9 : How Priit hustled his way into taking over Viirelaid island
Priit, owner of Viirelaid Island, Estonia on his journey hustling his way to owning the island.   (Excuse the sound quality...I mean it was recorded on a Private Island!)
October 28, 2020
EP 8 : Clem Newton-Brown, owner of Picnic Island announces how you can invest into his private island
Have you ever thought about buying a share in an island?  We know exactly how and what to do!  In this episode Clem will advise how you can be part of owning your own share.  Not bad for a dinner party conversation starter! 
October 21, 2020
EP 7: Bill Poston on Island life & culture
We're sailing over to the tropical paradise in Belize where Bill Poston who not only owns a few islands but also has multiple organisations.  In this episode Bill explains his journey, what initiatives they have set up to support the local community and covers island culture. Check out to explore all the islands!
October 14, 2020
EP 6: Meet Timo and Jannis, brothers and owner of Majorsgrund Island, Finland
In this episode we explore the journey on how Timo and Jannis decided to buy an island.  You'll learn how they maintain the island and what they do to be environmentally sustainable on the island.   
October 06, 2020
EP 5: Socrates Biancardi, owner of Nissos Sofiaia on opening his €5.5m Island to the public for TWO.
Nissos Sofiaia, a Private Island in Greece.  Join us on our 5th episode, where Socrates covers the history of the island, what to expect when you arrive on the island and the privacy the island has to offer. 
August 19, 2020
EP 4: How Claire and Lissa, Owners of Silver Island created a magical yoga retreat island
Silver island focuses on wellness, transformation and rejuvenation. An off the grid hidden gem allowing their guests to have a complete digital detox. In this episode, Claire and Lissa talks on what the island has to offer, the story behind how they got there and how they moved to being an eco-sustainable private island.
August 12, 2020
EP 3: How Andrew Dixon, Island owner of Nikoi and Cempedak had a greater purpose for making an impact on local communities
Explore the journey of how Andrew bought his two islands.  He lives an incredible sustainable lifestyle where he is always researching in the tech space to develop his resorts in an efficient way. In this episode, you will learn how Andrew supports the local communities through, The Island Foundation, and other organisations he is part of.
August 05, 2020
EP 2: John Pfeiffer, owner of Grant Island on his journey to fighting for his Island
In upper state New York, the proud Island Owner, John shares his story on the 5 year legal battle fighting for his Island.  He discusses what it takes to maintain the island and all the fun things to do there. For a chance to stay on his island for a week FOR FREE, click the link —>
July 28, 2020
EP 1: Family owned Island, Alfred Lee on Island life on Brothers Island
The first official episode of The Private Island Podcast. Each episode, I’ll be interviewing different Private Island owners from across the globe.  We’ll be discovering their story,  how they ended up owning these beautiful hidden gems, and what it takes to maintain an island.   Join me on this journey on how Private Island owners live.  Maybe one day you can visit one, or better yet, own one! In this episode, we have Alfred Lee who talks on Island life, the history and challenges he's faced with on the island.
July 20, 2020