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Private Market Insights

Private Market Insights

By Private Market Labs
Private Market Labs is changing the game of small business mergers and acquisitions. With our Broker Directory and our Marketplace of Service Providers, we’re on a mission to save you time by connecting buyers with the resources they need. Follow our journey here, as we bring buyers, service providers, brokers and sellers to share their small business M&A journey every month.
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The First 100 Days After Acquiring a Small Business
We’re thrilled to present our latest Private Market Insights Spaces, where we’re going to talk about the critical months following a business acquisition with Justin Vogt, an SMB Twitter regular, and someone who recently acquired a business and has gone through this phase. The first 100 days after an acquisition are extremely important to achieving the deal thesis a buyer set out with. It’s a time of expectation setting and of relationship building. Every buyer should go into this time with a plan concerning each functional area of the business – HR, finance, sales, operations etc. We invited Justin to share his story of acquiring AVUITY and what were some of the learnings, both do-s and don’ts, from the first 100 days after closing on the deal. About our guest: Justin lives in Austin, Texas where he manages investment activities for Evermore Industries as well as serves on the Board of Directors at AVUITY. Evermore Industries is his holding company that partners with business owners to help them establish a plan for the next generation of their business. AVUITY uses hardware (sensors) and software to measure and help improve real estate utilization (mostly office space today). The business is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and was acquired by Evermore Industries in the spring of 2022. Before starting Evermore, Justin was an investor with Bain Capital Credit. Justin is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
September 28, 2022
Buying SMBs with the Co-op model
We’re excited to present our latest Private Market Insights Spaces, where we’re going to talk about a new way to buy and own a small business, with the help of its employees. Join us for a conversation with Eduardo Cabral, Corporate Development Manager at Obran Cooperative, to talk about the co-op model for acquiring a small business. This series is designed to share details about the technical elements of SMB acquisition and operation. The co-op model for acquisitions is one that has not historically gotten as much attention as the investor and debt-funded search methods popularized by the dominant literature in our industry. However, for many entrepreneurs, we believe the co-op model represents an opportunity from a financial and mission perspective, and we expect to see more employee-driven acquisitions going forward. At Private Market Labs, our goal is to unlock the potential of the small business M&A world. We’re thrilled to partner with Eduardo and Obran, and are excited to have them in the Spaces. A little more about our guest: Obran is a worker-owned cooperative conglomerate corporation. They exist to grow profitable, useful, and impactful businesses that serve their members, customers, and communities. Their business consists of sector strategies designed to leverage our unique cooperative advantage. As a Corporate Development Manager for Obran, Eduardo builds relationships with partner organizations to further the cooperative’s business and organizational goals. Eduardo developed business development skills at a Harvard Innovation Lab incubated/MassChallenge accelerated startup, as a capital markets analyst at Credit Suisse, and as an associate at Bengal Capital, a $40mm+ AUM cannabis-focused fund. Passionate about reducing wealth and income inequality, he also was an operator for campaigns such as Bernie Sanders for President 2016. Eduardo earned a bachelor’s degree in government from Harvard University. In his free time, Eduardo enjoys volunteering with local tenants’ unions, gaming, and ceramics.
August 03, 2022
Demystifying tax issues in small business M&A
Welcome to the sixth installment of our Private Market Insight series, where we curate technical advice from experts across the industry to serve buyers engaged in the Small Business acquisition process. Today, we're talking with Diana Oprescu Stoica, who is a Senior Manager at PwC, focusing on tax. She has seen hundreds of M&A transactions during her career and is here to share her knowledge about tax issues that might come up in M&A transactions. Diana is based in San Francisco and has been doing tax for about 11 years now. She started her career in Romania and transferred to the US a few years ago, so her experience is a mix of European and US tax law in her current role. Throughout her career, she has been focused on international M&A tax, advising private equity funds and corporate clients on the tax aspects related to a deal. She engages in the deal process is throughout the entire life cycle, doing the tax due diligence, structuring the transaction, and also providing input on the legal documentation.  Tune in to the latest episode and learn more about asset vs stock purchases, things to look out for in due diligence and why the way you structure the deal might put the buyer or the seller at an advantage, from a tax liability perspective
May 25, 2022
HR Questions in Small Business M&A (pre-and-post-acquisition)
HR is essential to the mix when it comes to evaluating, acquiring, and operating a small business. On this Private Market Insights episode, we're talking with Jacquelyn Valek about identifying and managing HR risk in the acquisition process and post-close. She's the Founder and President of Anchor Solutions Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping organizations manage tricky HR issues. Anchor Solutions Consulting, LLC (ASC) offers a wide variety of practical HR solutions tailored to fit any mid to small-sized organization. Partnering with ASC allows your organization to capitalize on HR expertise without the overhead and expense of an employee/resource. Jackie began working for the family business, Tesar Industrial Contractor, in 2003. This experience, as part of an entrepreneurial trek, turned into a steady "tee up" and launch toward her passion—human resources. Fast forward to the present. Now an experienced Human Resource professional, Jackie drives cultural change through diverse industries using her three "P" concepts: Performance development Promoting healthy relations Process efficiency Her experience also includes working in friendly tandem with sizable organizations across various industries. Jackie’s expertise reaches deep and wide as she manages employee and labor relations at both the corporate and field level. Much to Jacquelyn’s delight, her colleagues consider her a bit of a subject-matter expert, and with good reason. She holds nearly 17 years of both practical business experience and formal learning.​ Join us in this insightful conversation with Jackie by listening to this episode!
May 13, 2022
Building your Small Business Tech Stack
On this episode, Josh talks with Alex Lathery, owner of Blue Collar Builds, about adding technology to small businesses after an acquisition and/or to improve business efficiency and profitability.  Alex started on this path because he had a friend who acquired a landscaping business from an older owner who was retiring, after running a lifestyle business. His friend had gone in, as a lot of people do when they acquire a business, to something that was really just pen and paper, no website, very minimal digital presence that was doing more harm than it was good due to some bad reviews. He decided to help his buddy build up his digital presence, and that's how his business was born.  From there, he expanded into providing services for different businesses like junk removal, house cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning, real estate and more. The typical playbook is to convert this pen and paper model to digital marketing, to automated systems and it's important to choose the right software to use, without breaking the bank. That's where Alex's team comes in.  Check out the full episodes for tips and tricks on how to build and expand your SMB tech stack. 
April 04, 2022
Transitioning as a New Business Owner
On this episode, we invited Matt Glazer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Sky Partners, to talk about how to approach the transition as a new business owner, when taking over after an acquisition. This is a critical piece of the M&A process, where both the buyer and the former owner need to work together to ensure a smooth passing of the baton so that the team feels safe, empowered and excited about what's ahead.  Matt has had a diverse career focused on launching new ventures, executive management, and change management. He served as the Community Director (regional General Manager) for WeWork in Central Texas and is a two time Executive Director at nonprofits—Austin Young Chamber of Commerce and Progress Texas. He has been in the start up and entrepreneurship space for over a decade, having helped launch Weird Homes Tour and Capitol Intelligence. His work has given him firsthand knowledge of the challenges and solutions that both nonprofits and for-profit businesses encounter on a daily basis. He loves supporting other people and empower them to pursue their dreams. In addition to his role as Blue Sky Partners’ Chief Strategy Officer, he serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence and professor at Trinity University. Matt is a Texas native and lives in Austin with his family and pup-star, Poe.
March 14, 2022
Small Business M&A Lending
On this episode, we invite SMB lending expert Jarryd Osborne of Osborne Capital Ventures to share his experience with lenders while searching for a small business to buy and operate.  Jarryd's experience ranges from raising capital, banking, and investing. Proficient in executing and analyzing investments in financial markets, business acquisitions, and Real Estate. He has worked with some of the largest brands in the world such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Synchrony Financial, Ally Financial, FedEx, and AT&T. At Osborne Capital Ventures, they run a business acquisitions division and a creative funding facilitator who can provide the capital needed for Business investment, Real Estate investment, or personal home. Tune in to learn about your options when financing an SMB deal, the pros and cons of different financing options, and how to pick the right lender
March 01, 2022
Investing in Manufacturing SMBs
In the small business M&A space and in entrepreneurship through acquisition groups, buying a manufacturing business is often not the first topic people talk about. Some even advise against looking in that space due to the specialized nature of equipment, processes etc.  It’s time to bring in an expert to dispel some of the myths. We have invited David Jones, from 4Ward Manufacturing Solutions, who’s been in the space for over 12 years. Together with Josh Levine, our host and CEO of Private Market Labs, they will talk about the challenges and opportunities of acquiring, owning and operating a manufacturing company.  At 4Ward, they help companies increase the speed of implementing these programs while reducing associated costs and risks for all parties involved. Tune in and find out more from David by listening to this episode.  They will be talking about evaluating a manufacturing investment, due diligence requirements and what to look out for, what to do after the acquisition to operate successfully.
February 15, 2022