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Meditations and Realizations

Meditations and Realizations

By Nikki Prizma
Offerings of a truly innate gift which we humans posses: The word. Having this gift, I feel it is a responsibility to share it. I, Nikki Prizma, write meditations and realizations out as a prescription of medicine for my soul, in hopes that they will serve the greater community of life.

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Intro to Drum Trance Journeying

Meditations and Realizations

Intro to Drum Trance Journeying
Here, I guide you to the sounds of the drum and release you into it's care. Giving you the tools to get what you need from the drum first so you can be free and relaxed.
September 12, 2020
Dancing in the Uncertainty Meditation: Finding Ease and Grace in Troubled Times
This meditation is short but effective, offering tools to sink deeply into presence at any time.  Everything is moving around you; nothing stays the same. When everything has a story that could easily be held onto by the mind, the most crucial thing is not to. To hold on to the stories is to get swept up in the storm, your mind whirling and tumbling through time and space. This will happen from time to time, as we learn to come back to our center of being. This center of our being is pure formless presence, the experience of awareness. Being aware of our awareness is still, it is pure being-ness. Boundaries are unknown to this state, and once tapped into, what you are is so expansive and weightless. This is peace.
September 09, 2020