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Pro Class

Pro Class

By 5150 Productions
Each professionally produced episode of ProClass will highlight a specific service in the wedding industry and share years of knowledge directly with YOU. From the special event MASTERS.
No matter what event service you are looking for, we will provide the most insight directly from a professional within all the most important services you will need to plan ANY event..ProClass will spotlight them all! From your host Philip Chancellor with OVER 26 years of wedding experience.

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Photography Show #2. With Snap Chic Photography!

Pro Class

ProClass LIVE at The JW January 5th! Wedding EXPO!
Pro Class LIVE January 5th! JW Marriott! Here is a HINT of the exiting day we have planned! LIVE interviews, SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEWS! And MUCH MORE!!!! LISTEN NOW!!! Tell us you heard this episode and qualify for amazing discounts!
January 03, 2020
Rehearsal Dinner anyone?
The memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime! And bringing two families together is an amazing experience! And if you are like most…. The first moment that happens is probably the rehearsal dinner. The moment where you now have both sides of the family together and the real fun starts! Here are some AMAZING IDEAS on how to make a rehearsal dinner EVERYONE WILL REMEMBER!!
November 13, 2019
Special Effect lighting! With Todd Green of 5150.
Lighting sets the mood of any event. When done correctly it matches your colors, your floral, and gets your venue to pop with color! On this episode Todd Green lighting expert for 5150 productions will cover all the basics on what you need to know about the proper use of lighting. We cover, GOBOs, up lighting, wall washes, and MORE! 
August 02, 2019
Location, Location, Location! We talk Venues with Kristin Voss!
Part 1 in a mulit-series of shows! This is the start of everything you need to know about booking your venue! This is a difficult decision and not easy to understand if you are not carful! What are some hidden fees to watch out for, what comes with a typical venue rental AND MORE! Here to start guiding you in the right direction is a long time friend and Owner of Kendall Plantation! 
July 31, 2019
Planning Show #1. With Diana Boucher!
Show #1 of a 4 part series on Wedding Planning / coordinator.  For the FIRST Wedding planner episode Pro Class has brought in a local icon for South Texas Wedding Planning. Diana Boucher has over 30 years of experience and has literally seen it all! This makes her a PERFECT fit to kick off this series concentrating on Wedding Planners. On this episode you can CLEARLY see just how important this job is! And why this is an important part of your event. Everything from saving you money, to reliving stress, Diana covers it all. 
July 31, 2019
Photography Show #2. With Snap Chic Photography!
Show #2 of a 3 part series on Photography. The memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime! Making sure every special moment is captured correctly is a much bigger job than you might realize! Trusting someone to capture those moments can be a VERY difficult decision!  Here to help you understand how important this decision is are two TRUE Professionals! Pro Class is happy to have Snap Chic Photography in the studio for this show! 
July 31, 2019
Let's paint you a picture! With Guest Natalie Pfeiffer.
If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is a painting worth? Imagine this, the BEST of your reception captured in a PAINTING!  That’s right…A REAL CANVAS, and paint by a REAL artist! This is the latest RAGE in WEDDINGS and special events. Today on Pro Class, we have Professional Artist Natalie Pfeiffer! Who will tell us about LIVE paintings at your wedding or special event!
July 31, 2019
Been there, done that! Former bride Kayla Dear in studio!
Kayla Dear as seen on the magazine cover promoting this episode is a former client of 5150. She is here to talk about here experience in booking services for her event! This is a GREAT WAY to better understand booking services from someone who did it already! Enjoy! 
July 26, 2019
Photography With Dawn Elizabeth Studios!
Photography show part 1 of 3. Dawn Elizabeth owner of Dawn Elizabeth Studios gives Pro Class Weddings a “Snapshot” of what you need to know when booking a professional photographer.  Dawn, not only a superstar in our industry, but a former bride of 5150, which makes this interview very exiting! The time we spent was AMAZING and very informative. Photography, on this episode of Pro Class! 
July 24, 2019
Videography Part 1. Guest Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas Videography.  Videography, pert one in our 3 part series.  A story teller at heart, Mark will guide you into the importance of understanding what you are buying, when it comes to this important decision. Answering the questions, you have (or may not have yet) Mark has exceptional attention to detail and is why he is AMAZING on this episode of Pro Class! “From the beginning my goal has been to tell the best story I could through images. I have always loved images that capture true emotion.” -Mark Thomas
July 21, 2019
So you think you CAN’T dance?
Professional dance instructor David Callahan gives Pro Class a fresh idea on entertainment for your rehearsal dinner! Also, do you know how to dance? Are you ready for that special FIRST DANCE? David can get you ready and dancing like a pro in a SINGLE session. Let’s dance our way into this original idea with professional dance instructor David Callahan and Philip Chancellor.
July 19, 2019
The Floral Show! With Special guest Amanda Blissit owner of Blume Haus!
Do you know the basics of shopping for that perfect florist? Do you know what to ask? What to look for? Special guest Mandy Blissit owner of Blume Haus will help guide you through some of the things you need to know! With over 1000 events under her belt Mandy is an unbelievable guest and ready to help you. 
July 19, 2019
What is Pro Class?
Interviews with the MASTERS of special events.  Full description soon...
July 03, 2019