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Produced by a Girl

By Produced by a Girl
Girls who are crushing it in music, art, etc. and want to share their most inspiring stories to motivate and inspire other women. This podcast channel is run by Produced by a Girl, a producer in the music industry making waves and supporting female artists everywhere.
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Sarah May - Singer Songwriter and Producer Podcast talk with Produced By a Girl.

Produced by a Girl

Demi Michelle Schwartz New Single "Will I Ever" PBG Chat
Demi Michelle Schwartz joins Produced by a Girl to talk about her latest single, "Will I Ever" ! Listen in and support!  
June 11, 2021
⭐️🎶Alyssa Ruffin talks about her Single “Collateral Damage” an incredible debut & power anthem!🎶⭐️
Join us as we talk with Alyssa Ruffin about her debut power anthem “Collateral Damage” ⭐️🎶⚡️🎶Posted @withregram • @alyssaruffinmusic Y'all I am so excited to announce that "Collateral Damage" is now available on ALL Major Music streaming platforms! Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Amazon, FB, IG, Tiktok and MORE!!! I would love if you would give it a listen!! Link in bio!! Don't forget to FOLLOW Alyssa Ruffin on your favorite Music platforms!! This one is for all of the Survivors out there!! 💞💪🏼🤗 @producedbyagirl @producedbyagirlrecords @audioaudrey @julesandthehowl @6uitar6irl Allison Lenz @audioforthearts @lynxniknow @adhuddy rozalynhowery #alyssaruffin #recordingartist #womeninmusic #femalemusician #musicandthemission #musician #pbgbrandartist #grittyinpinklife #popcountry #popmusic #newmusic #collateraldamage #metoo #metoomovement #mentoo #sexualassaultawareness #sexualassaultsurvivor #survivor #healingthrougharts #healingthroughmusic #youarenotalone #warrior #hope #audreymartinovich #julesandthehowl #jennajoanis #allisonlenz #femaleempowerment
April 03, 2021
Demi Michelle Schwartz joins Produced by a Girl to talk about her music and LA Will Wait for Me!
Joining us is Demi Michelle Schwartz! ⭐️💖🎶🎵Demi Michelle Schwartz ⭐️is a pop and country songwriter from Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. From a young age, she has surrounded herself with music, playing piano, singing her favorite songs, and going to as many concerts as possible. While in college, she discovered her passion for songwriting and decided to turn her experiences into lyrics. The thought of writing a new song is always in her mind, and she can’t resist typing lyrics into her phone and recording melody ideas when she’s inspired. Her songs hold an authenticity that shows who she is, staying true to herself as a songwriter. Her debut single, “Into Focus,” captures the honesty she aims to achieve and sets the stage for her upcoming music. Demi has finished recording her debut album at The Vault Recording Studio. The album is expected to release in the summer of 2021. In the meantime, Demi is working on her next project. She plays an active role in the production process, so all of her songs come to life in the way that she envisions them. Demi loves co-writing with other songwriters and artists. To her, there’s something magical about creating a song with another talented musician. These experiences allow Demi to continue to grow as a songwriter. She enjoys connecting with others through music and bonding with songwriters who share her passion. Songwriting allows Demi to express her emotions and share her story in ways words alone can’t. She olds music close to her heart and thinks of each of her songs as a piece of her life to share with the world! #demimichelle #producedbyagirl #femaleartist #femalesinger #femalesongwriter
March 28, 2021
VK Lynne - ⭐️Musician, BMI Songwriter, Female Metal Singer, talks about her music journey and more!
So excited to spotlight musician VK Lynne @vklynne on Produced by a Girl Podcast as our first Podcast of 2021! ✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️Stay tuned to learn more about her music journey! She’s multi talented and has done incredible work in the music industry and so much more! Ladies be sure to follow and support her music journey and stay tuned for her podcast to drop mid January 2021! Biography below: VK Lynne is a prolific BMI songwriter who has worked on a variety of musical projects in a variety of styles, published author of poetry and fiction, actor (represented by Commercial Talent and Esprit Talent ), and alternative model (represented by Alternativ Agency) VK has written and recorded 3 full-length CD’s of material as a blues rock solo artist: The Key of V, Black Halo, and Whiskey or Water. She created the critically acclaimed symphonic metal international recording project ‘Vita Nova’ and sang lead for progressive metal band ‘stOrk’. Currently, VK fronts modern rock band ‘The Spider Accomplice.' As a personality within the music community, VK is known as one of the founders of Eve’s Apple, a global group of professional female metal singers. She is writer and director of the web series ‘Trading on 15’, Winner Best Webisode at the Hollyshorts Film Festival, she produced and appeared in web series ‘Glittermortis’, and she was a 2015 recipient of the prestigious Jentel Arts Foundation residency award for her work as an author. Her novella ‘Even Solomon’ received 5-star reviews and her poetry volume ‘Crisis’ made Amazon’s Hot Sellers List. VK has also appeared in several films, such as ‘108 Stitches’, 'Finding Mother', and ‘Quiet Riot: Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back’. Currently, she also performs with burlesque troupe ‘The Dollface Dames’ as ‘Pinky Dreadful’.
January 17, 2021
Hope Littwin - Composer, Producer, Artist shares talks creative process and her music journey! ⭐️🎶
Hope grew up in dance and theater before she took to music, first as a singer songwriter then as an opera singer then as a composer and music producer. She loves to collaborate with artists of all kinds on big, daring, expressive works. She currently lives in Chicago, IL where she produces music from her home studio, plays her various instruments, writes songs and teaches composition and music production. I am an intellectual nomad and an energetic creative who operates best in large scale collaborative works with choreographers, directors, film makers and visual artists in creating lyric neo-mythologies for the contemporary stage and screen. My work is expansive and visceral, inspired by the harmonies of renaissance vocal works, songwriters of the 60s, improvisation in jazz and the futuristic world of music tech.
November 05, 2020
Jules & The Howl - ⭐️Artist & Singer talks to Produced By a Girl about her music journey!
So Stoked to announce Jules & the Howl @julesandthehowl is joining the Produced by a Girl collective as a Brand Artist!! ⭐️✨⭐️🎶Jules is an up and coming insanely talented performer and force in the music industry. Be sure to follow and support her music journey! And check out her bio below! THE FULL STORY Jules & the Howl is the culmination of a five-year journey. I started off my music career as a Chicago-based pop-rock solo artist under the stage name Julianne Q in 2015. As a solo artist I explored a number of different genres before finally finding my identity in blues and classic rock with a modern twist. Inspired by Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury and Aretha Franklin, I formed the blues rock band Julianne Q & the Howl in early 2018. We played gigs all over the Chicagoland area. We were a family. A group of like-minded artists striving to create a liberating experience for our fans. Then it all came crashing down. In October 2018, after barely five months together, all of my band members - my second family - left. Julianne Q & the Howl literally broke up the day after our EP release show. I needed a new start. So I moved to LA and decided to change my name to Jules & the Howl. Jules is the nickname that my friends and loved ones call me. To me, nicknames are a source of warmth, trust and familiarity. That’s what I want I want my fans to feel. I want to be raw and honest and welcome you into a community. A tribe. I want you to feel a part of my community, like a wolfpack. The Howl references Howlin’ Wolf, a Chicago Blues artist who heavily influenced the Rolling Stones. It honors my hometown and the era of music that most resonates with me: 1969, Woodstock, classic rock and roll. When I saw footage of Woodstock, it was a cathartic release of energy and emotion; a feeling of kinship within the audience. All inspired by the music. I also howl when I’m on stage. It’s how I sing. I growl. I wail. I pour out all of my emotions. The Howl is the release of everything pent up inside of me begging to be free. #producedbyagirl #femalevocalists #myself #producer #video #explorepage #style#livemusic #instamusic #female#likeforlikes #rock #viral #youtube #femaleart
October 18, 2020
Darian Renee Artist & Producer ⭐️ talks about her music journey and her studio, MUSE.
So honored to announce Darian Renee Artist & Producer rising star ⭐️ is on Produced by a Girl Podcast! @_darianrenee Stay tunes for her podcast live announcement, follow, like and support her music journey! 🎶✨⭐️ The Producer: Producer Bio: "MUSE STUDIOS IS A ONE-WOMAN SHOW WITH A VISION TO IMPACT AS MANY EARS AS POSSIBLE. DARIAN RENEE is the heart, soul and head of MUSE. DARIAN draws upon her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, vocalist, songwriter, engineer and producer to help bring creative visions to life for like-minded artists. As an empathic, socially conscious and relationship-focused community leader, Darian uses music and creativity as a tool to bridge connections, appreciate perspective, spread messages that bring awareness to celebrate culture, worldviews and freedom of expression to create a very rich inner world for herself and to not only enrich the soundscapes & music but the lives of the artists she works with. DARIAN believes that every artist is a storyteller & that music gives a voice to the voiceless. After producing and developing countless music projects for artists, TV, film & media alike, DARIAN has a knack for using creative production to highlight the individuality of the vocals and songwriting of solo artists and bands alike. She has helped develop the sound of hundreds of artists, bringing out the most authentic voice, story and sound of each. Her goal is to emphasize (NOT change or distort) the original intention and message of each project, designing the soundscape meticulously & cohesively to create the best version of the song. Her goal is to add value to every project she is a part of & to be the best collaborator she can be. No music? No problem. A Berklee College of Music and Juilliard educated musician, a life-long music lover, DARIAN is in the position to use her overlapping knowledge of contemporary & classical music, business & music technology to help artists focus on their music, message and performance so they can leave behind a legacy that's larger than life." #producedbyagirl #darianrenee #femaleproducer #femaleartist #girboss
September 26, 2020
Nilangana Banerjee (Olive), Los Angeles based photographer talks with Produced by a Girl 📸
Honored to announce Olive is joining us on Produced by a Girl Podcast! ⭐️✨@nilangana.official Nilangana Banerjee (Olive) is a Los Angeles based photographer, born in Mumbai, India. She currently lives in Los Angeles and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles. She completed her Bachelors in Still Photography and Audio-Visual Production in Mumbai, India and her first master’s degree is in Commercial Photography from Ooty, India. She started photography as her profession, due to her intense passion for the medium since childhood. Her academic degrees in photography have created a deep conviction towards her photographic ambition. After her schooling she had specialized in Industrial, Architectural and Interior, Portraiture and Conceptual Fashion Photography. She mastered the science and art of the photographic world under the guidance of eminent stalwarts in the field of photography. During her academic studies and as a commercial photographer, her work has gained immense praise and appreciation from reputed photographic institutions, companies and various publications. Recently, she was published, on a cover story for the, fashion editorial magazine, GMARO, June2020. She was also interviewed and featured under the LA's most inspiring stories, published by the editorial VoyageLA, Dec2018. She was interviewed and featured by the Indo-American Newspaper the India Journal (USA), 2018 for being an Indian-LA based photographer and an artist.In 2016, she was featured in the VICE Magazine, for her shooting of the LA based Middle Eastern Fusion food event, BIRDS. Later, she also got published in a book for being the principal photographer and Art Director for LEXICON Media, The Paleosecret, in 2017. Her photographs were also a part of the most reputed global photographic exhibitions and galleries in and around Los Angeles, Portland including New York, Brooklyn at the Photoville 2017.She had also got the experience of working in the Editorial Fashion and Beauty industry in LA, by commercially working for many reputed fashion brands, such as Forever21, Nordstrom, GLAM LA, and many more. #producedbyagirl #femalephotographer
September 26, 2020
Audrey Martinovich - Recording Engineer ⭐️ joins Produced by a Girl to talk about her music journey!
Produced By a Girl is incredibly honored to have ⭐️🎶Audrey Martinovich⭐️🎶 join us on Produced By a Girl Podcast!! She is an incredible woman in the music industry who runs her own studio, and is a professional Recording Engineer/Producer. I had so much fun chatting with her and learning about her music journey and I know you will too! Stay tuned for her podcast live announcement and go support her girls! @audioaudrey  In 2012, Audrey's professional recording career began at Audio for the Arts, a Wisconsin-based recording studio specializing in acoustic music, where she quickly became a trusted engineer for several clients in the Midwest and beyond. From recording live stand-up albums for Comedy Central, to recording concerts on a stage floating in the middle of a lake for Reebok, Audrey has done a bit of everything. Intrigued by unusual acoustic environments, Audrey especially loves recording musicians anywhere from silos to cavernous basements. In 2017, she became the first female contributor to Pro Tools Expert, with articles focusing on tips for recording live performances and acoustic instruments. In 2018, Audrey was a finalist to receive the award for Breakthrough Studio Engineer from Pro Sound Europe. She has spoken and been on panels at Between the Waves Music Conferences, Empowering Women in Audio Clinics, and E-Women’s Network. Audrey is a Warm Audio artist, and member of SoundGirls, AES, and a voting member of the Recording Academy.  #producedbyagirl  #recordingacademy  #recordingstudio  #recordingengineer  #femalerecordingengineer  #femaleproducer  #producerlife  #musicislife  #girlpower
September 07, 2020
Jessica Lynne Witty ⭐️Country Artist & Star - chats with Produced by Girl about her new single!
Produced by a Girl is so excited to talk to 🌟Jessica Lynne Witty tomorrow! She’s a Country Star and so talented! Support her music journey and read her bio below! BIO "Great voice and terrific stage presence” Seattle Weekly "Pure country gold" - Independent Music Promotions Sometimes authentic country music artists do not grow up in what we would consider hotbeds of country music. Sometimes they grow up in Haslev, Denmark, the hometown of Nashville recording artist Jessica Lynne Witty currently resides in Tacoma, Washington. Jessica first encountered country music at the age of twelve, when her local TV provider temporarily broadcast the CMT music video channel. “I was home with the flu and just kind of left on that channel,” she says. “Little by little, I fell in love with the genre. It touched my heart in a way that I had never felt before.” Upon moving to the U.S. in 2010, Jessica’s country music career took off like a shot, buoyed by her vocal and songwriting talents, infectious stage presence, and exceptional work ethic. She has opened for stars like Dustin Lynch, Diamond Rio, Keith Anderson, Trace Adkins, Sawyer Brown, and Jeff Foxworthy, featured at festivals alongside Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, Billy Currington, and Little Big Town, and graced legendary stages like the Gorge Amphitheater and Seattle’s Triple Door theater. Her first Nashville album, Catch Me If You Can, was released in 2016; with her follow-up released in June 2019. The transcontinental move from her lifelong home in Denmark to the U.S. was eased by the fact that her dad and his family were already living near Seattle. Being surrounded by a supportive network of family, she felt, was just the kind of positive energy she would need to adjust to the transition. With her impressive vocal skill, warm personality, and a rare knack for writing songs that are both catchy and honest, she became an instant favorite with Seattle’s country music promoters, musicians, and fans alike. Within just a few years, she had taken top honors at the Washington state level of the Texaco Country Showdown the nation’s largest country music talent search and released a string of singles. #producedbyagirl
August 01, 2020
Country Star ⭐️ Jennifer Lauren of Diamonds and Whiskey talks about her music journey and new album!
Produced By a Girl is ecstatic to announce Diamonds and Whiskey Founding Member Jennifer Lauren is joining PBG podcast! She is a Country Music ⭐️Star!!! Bio:💫 Soaring vocals… stellar musicianship… abundant energy… crowd resonance… Diamonds and Whiskey is a combination of barroom beauty and backwoods danger, beauty queen and hell raiser alike, and the award winning country rock act out of Charlotte, North Carolina, brings it all to the table. Founding member, Jennifer Lauren, leads the way with strength and soul in her voice, delivering her songwriting prowess in a way that embeds her lyrics in the hearts of the audience. ​North Carolina native Jennifer Lauren is a multi-talented musician, vocalist, and songwriter with a drive and passion for music like no other. Starting with piano at age 4 and discovering her vocal abilities at age 8, she began her early days exploring traditional hymns and receiving classical training as a first soprano. With her enchanting voice and eloquence on keys, her prowess as a songwriter began to manifest itself in 2014. Taking influences from a multitude of artists and genres, such as Dolly Parton, Heart, Tori Amos, Rob Thomas, and even Eminem, she has cultivated a sound and style that is as unique and refreshing as the woman herself. It is her story-telling that sets her and the music apart. The lyrics are earned, as her story is one of heartache, strength, and overcoming all obstacles. She is the driving force behind Diamonds and Whiskey. ​Diamonds and Whiskey’s album Heartbreak Queen, produced by award-winning Dale Penner(Nickelback), is making big strides across the globe with airplay in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia, Canada and the United States. It has received rave reviews from media outlets called the best rocking country album of the year by Nashville Music Guide. “Hands Down” garnered the 2019 Carolina Country Music Awards Single of the Year honor and debuted at #11 on VRadio Nashville, while “Muddy Water”, reached #1 on the Euro ACM chart. “Sugarstick”, the band’s first summer release, is currently in the top 20 on the Euro ACM chart and is continuing to climb. #producedbyagirl
July 28, 2020
Charley VanVeldhoven - Classical Female Composer and Sound Designer chats about her latest album! 🎶
Produced By a Girl is Over the Blue Moon to announce Charley Van Veldhoven Composer and Sound Designer is joining Produced by a Girl as our first official Classical Female Composer and Sound Designer! @charleyvanveldhoven She also was able to join Produced by a Girl today for her Podcast interview due out end of week! Charley has done major projects in the music industry already: ✨working with a major label on the 100%Her Album ✨REDUCEPT VR Game Composition & Sound Design Reducept is an award winning treatment for people with chronic pain. ✨CONVOI FILMS Films & Video's Composition & Sound Design Dutch film production company Several films and videos. ✨ITCHYTAPE lo-fi HipHop Composition & Production One of two producers in the duo Itchytape with over 200.000 streams on Spotify and Apple Music. Since the beginning of this year (2020). Charley released the first few singles of her debut album 'Hideaway'. The solo piano album is a hybrid of romantic, impressionistic classical music and jazz. ABOUT CHARLEY VAN VELDHOVEN Charley is a classically trained pianist and started composing music when she was 8 years old. She studied Composition for the Media at HKU, Music and Technology, Jazz Piano at the Conservatory in Utrecht and completed a traineeship with Game and Film composer Jeff Rona in Los Angeles. Over the years she became very inspired to experiment with sounds, synthesizers, liver recorded instrument and voice. Now she is creating music with her classical background and experience of electronic music combined! So honored to have you part of the PBG fam Charley! Looking forward to seeing you reach the stars! Please support her music journey and follow her career as a female composer and sound designer! And if you need a sound designer and composer - dm her for collaboration opportunities!✨🎶🤍💁🏻‍♀️ #producedbyagirl #femalecomposers #femalesounddesigner #newartists #classicalpianist #producerlife
July 12, 2020
Amber Claire-✨Amazing Australian singer and songwriter talks about her latest single “Get Back Up.”
So excited to announce Amber Claire @amberclaire1 is joining Produced By a Girl Podcast! 🤍🎶💁🏻‍♀️Check out her music journey especially her new single out June 26th called “Get Back Up.” I am so honored Amber chose Produced by a Girl to talk about her music journey and the creation of her new single. She’s such a star and a professional in the music industry. The whole interview is packed full of incredible wisdom and Amber is such a humble talented artist-a joy to interview. Definitely tune in to her podcast coming out this week! Read her bio below and Thank you Amber! So honored to have you at the PBG fam! Australian singer and songwriter Amber Claire, has been singing since a very young age, starting with Madonna being her very first musical inspiration. Later on, after hearing Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey for the first time, she knew she wanted to spend her life singing and inspiring others with her voice and songwriting. After leaving for the bright lights of LA in 2001, she hasn’t looked back since and 19 years later, she recently had the chance to work with one of Mariah and Whitney’s producers, Narada Michael Walden. Her song ‘Nothing Can Break This Love’, released last year, was co-written by Amber and recorded at Tarpan Studios in San Rafael, California and gives off a 90’s vibe with a modern sound. Her next song 'Get Back Up' also produced by Narada Michael Walden is set for a June 26th release. “I wanted to bring back meaningful lyrics about love and life and inspire others to believe in what makes music so touching again. I feel we need to bring back what makes us all feel a certain way, the way the greats over the years and their music has made us feel. I hope people will feel the same, when they hear my music” –Amber #producedbyagirl #amberclaire #singersongwriter #femalesrtist #femalesongwriter #talent #vocalistsofinstagram #vocalist #femaleempowerment #musicindustry
June 22, 2020
Nicole Carson - Singer Artist and Guitar Player joins PBG to talk about her latest music journey!
Originally from the Bay Area, Nicole has been singing since the 1st grade and grew up singing in choir and rock bands all the way through her senior year of high school. Coming from a musically gifted family where her grandfather was a concert pianist and great grandmother was a Russian opera singer, there was music in her blood. Her main influences as a child ranged from orchestral and operatic music to punk rock and heavy metal. She started playing piano and electric guitar when she was in middle school, but then realized singing was what she truly loved. She enrolled in an opera institute and started to attend opera school and high school simultaneously. She held multiple recitals and performances while in Opera School, and auditioned for scholarships at many schools in Southern California, where she knew she wanted to be to pursue her love for music. In 2005 she moved to Southern California on a vocal scholarship and attended California State Long Beach for 2 years before realizing as much as she loved opera, she wanted to focus more on contemporary vocal styles such as punk rock, hard rock & metal. She then moved to Hollywood to attend Musicians Institute where she studied vocal performance and music business. She graduated in 2009 and immediately was the front woman in a symphonic metal band “Tortured Souls”, a studio singer, and rock vocal instructor for a music school called Rock Nation. With her symphonic metal band, they won numerous film festival awards such as Best Music Video and Best Song of the Year. Nicole was teaching music lessons at Rock’ n’ Roll Summer camps, different music schools in LA, and gigging with her original band as well as working hired sessions. Nicole worked for indie record labels such as The Militia Group and SideCho Records, and also was freelancing at local music venues to get familiar with live production and network with other industry professionals. Over the last 15 years while living in LA, she has fronted multiple original bands and cover/tribute bands such as her current band The Flannels. She has performed in venues all around LA such as the Canyon Club, The Whisky, The Viper Room, The Standing Room, Chain Reaction, House Of Blues, The Roxy, Lucky Strike, The Satellite, and had the opportunity to play shows all around the country sharing stages with some amazing musicians. Nicole brands herself as a hard rock/metal singer with wailing powerful vocals that have made her a force to be reckoned with as a female hard rock singer and screamer. Her main vocal influences are Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Maria Brink (In This Moment), Floor Jansen (Nightwish), & Marc Hudson (Dragonforce). “I love being able to combine my operatic and classical training with my passion and love for punk rock, heavy metal, and power metal. When you need to belt super high notes with breath control and stamina, I thank all that intense training and can conquer songs with ease. I find it also extremely important to keep up with ear training, when I go into the studio I am able to read music and make up multi-part harmonies on the spot it makes me invaluable and builds my clientele. Having that foundation has really helped me produce some amazing work.” Currently, she is focusing on a handful of collaborations and projects with different musicians and producers from all over the country and overseas to create videos and write music for TV/movie scores and rock projects. She continues to get hired for studio sessions and front different bands and projects in the Hollywood & LA area. She is focusing on managing and fronting her band The Flannels as well as fronting a new rock mashup project, The WikiBeatz. YouTube: IG: Facebook:
May 14, 2020
Misao McGregor🌟los angeles singer-songwriter / indie soul pop artist talks about her music journey!
Electrified to announce m i s a o m c g re g o r⚡️🎶🌟los angeles singer-songwriter / indie soul pop artist is joining the Produced by a Girl Podcast! Her artistry reminds me of Sarah B. and the music a bit of Enya. Such beautiful classical elements - her journey as an artist is just beginning with a incredible start. Listen, follow and support her music! Bio below; Born and raised into a musical family, Misao McGregor is a singer/songwriter and playwright based in Los Angeles, CA. She has been trained as a classical singer and pianist from an early age, and earned her BA in Theater (concentration in Playwriting) and Music from Connecticut College in 2018. An openly gay, mixed race Japanese American womxn, Misao incorporates her personal experiences of marginalization into her lyrics and playwriting and ultimately seeks to provide spaces for marginalized peoples and experiences in music, art, and mainstream media. Self-producing her own work, Misao's musical style has roots in indie, pop, and soul despite her classical upbringing. Her debut self-produced track “Runaway” was featured in Madame Gandhi's The Future is Female Spotify Playlist and her subsequent release “She Was Worlds Above Me” was featured in lefuturewave's Indie Zone and her most recent release “The Kitchen Floor” is featured in The Q Reviews' New Q Playlist highlighting queer musicians. Misao’s entire discography can also be found in what kind of a name is misao mcgregor? and Resonate's Global Asian Spotify Playlist for Asian and Asian American artists. PR E S S Q U O T E S “She recently released her new single She Was Worlds Above Me and it is an impressive piece of music. I like the unique melodic construction. Besides, the vocals are just perfect. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the powerful hooks and well-written lyrics... Misao is a rising star, she knows exactly how to make good music. She Was Worlds Above Me has all the elements of a masterpiece.” - Lefuturewave, 2019
May 13, 2020
Emilya ndme 🌟Indie rock, Electro- Pop song writer from Genoa talks with PBG about her music journey.
Honored to announce Emilya ndme is joining Produced by a Girl Podcast tomorrow! So talented!!! 🎶🌟⚡️ Bio below: Lauretta Grechi Galeno aka Emilya ndMe is an Indie rock, Electro- Pop song writer from Genoa In love with music since an early age, Emilya ndMe initially approaches Jazz music (which she will never abandon) and Swing music. A musical journey full of experiences such as: Participation in the Lunezia Award as song writer at the age of 20 and musical collaborations with the world of theater since summer 2016. The sounds are straddling Indie rock and Electro Pop music international, crushing the eye to Trip Hop, to Downtempo and Glitch. The influences are multiple and revolve around the musical experiences of Emilya ndMe like Daughter, Florence and the Machine, Metric, Garbage, Jack White, Portishead without ever forgetting the cultural background coming from genres like Jazz, Swing and Grunge Rock. On December 2018 she signed with the independent Italian label Cockroach International Production for the release of the single "Snow" (correlated from official videoclip) published on 21 January 2019. The single, Snow realizes thousands of streams and visualizations on the distribution channels (35000 streams on Spotify, 45000 views on Youtube), obtaining very positive reviews from technicians in the music sector and feedback from the public. Emilya ndMe says: "Snow was born on my bed: it often happens to me that memories come to mind like images, right in front of my eyes even when I don't feel like it or I don't want to think about it. They are able to tear off a sudden smile or bring tears to my eyes. On May, 12th will be release “Thank you for your complaints”,mastered at Greenhouse studios in Reykjavik By Valgeir Sigurðsson,islandic composer, knew for the long date coollaboration with Bjork The 7 tracks album tells about Emilya ndMe story, feeling and relationship with this suffering planet. A journey in electronic music looking for a mix between pop music and trip hop, with a dispersed atmospheric dimension. #producedbyagirl #electropop #songwriter #femaleforce #futureisfemale #femalesongwriters #femaleempowerment #femalemusicians
May 11, 2020
Alyssa - Pop/Country Recording Artist 🌟joins Produced by a Girl to talk about her debut album!
I am so honored to announce 🌟⚡️🎶Alyssa Ruffin is joining us on Produced by a Girl Podcast Sunday!! Her tenacity and drive in the industry is incredible-💁🏻‍♀️And her vocals are rich and uplifting especially in her cover song, “The Climb.” Be sure to follow her music journey @alyssaruffinmusic and stay tuned for her album out in 2020! Read her bio below; Alyssa is an up and coming Pop/Country Recording Artist. She is a proud Military wife and Mission 22 Ambassador. She was born in Mason City, Iowa and moved to Denver, Colorado at the age of five. Singing has always been a major part of her life. Over time Alyssa became a seasoned, versatile, powerhouse vocalist and performer. During her short time on the Pacific coast, Alyssa has been making waves in the Los Angeles and Central Coast music scenes. She performed the National Anthem for opening ceremonies at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, performed at the State Social House on the iconic Sunset Strip in Hollywood and guest performed in Los Angeles with Hollywood Film Producer Galen Walker and his band "Fireball". Galen is most known for his work on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movies. In February 2020, she became involved and performed in "Gritty In Pink", an all female musician event series at The Satellite in Los Angeles. Founded by Shiragirl and inspired from her previous "Shiragirl Stage" movement on the Vans Warped Tour, dedicated to empowering women in the music industry. ALYSSA RUFFIN debut full-length studio album produced by SCOTT WILSON of SAVING ABEL at SUNSHINE RECORDING STUDIO is due out late 2020. #producedbyagirl #femalesinger #femalemusicians #femalepower #girlsrock #femalecountrysinger #countrymusic #femalepopartist #girlswhoshred
April 28, 2020
Lial - Artist, Singer, Songwriter joins us on PBG Podcast to talk about her latest single!
Such an honor to talk with Lial this morning on PBG Podcast! She’s an incredible artist and a rising🌟! Bio: British frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Låpsley with this smooth and brooding alt-pop release.” – Mystic Sons “Lial’s sound could best be described as dark pop; her breathy vocals standing out as a real draw of her music.” – Euphoria magazine “London based electronic-pop artist Lial is giving the modern music scene a dose of the dark side, and creating something beautiful.” – Guestlist Network LIAL RELEASES DARK ELECTRONIC-POP GEM DIRTY LITTLE LIES (OUT 17th APRIL) & ANNOUNCES NEW MADE TO BREAK EP (12TH JUNE) Dirty Little Lies is the second single, following the shimmering Embers (February 2020), to be released from Lial’s forthcoming Made To Break EP which follows on 12th June. Lial is a new London artist taking cues from the likes of Låpsley and creating hypnotic, dark and minimal electronic soundscapes, with the subtly pulsating layers of new single Dirty Little Lies touching on trip-hop influences but infused with a big pop sensibility. Lial’s vocals, which have been likened to “a mix of Kyle and Billie Ray Martin,” offer up a kind of seductive melancholy that also recalls the brooding heart torn delivery of Lana Del Rey. Dirty Little Lies is a song about betrayal, and the thrill of desire for forbidden fruit. As Lial expands: “Connection is an inherent part of being human and so you do anything you can to justify it while you’re in it, but part of the appeal is its forbidden nature. Lies are enough in themselves to create a spark.” Dirty Little Lies is accompanied by a stunning video which takes you to a seedy, ghostly underworld, featuring Lial and directed by Wolf James. Expanding on the song’s themes the video explores the idea of betrayal as its own faceless entity seeking some sort external validation. Lial has previously released the Heart Scars EP (2019), music from which appeared on UK and international blogs with an early word-of-mouth buzz generating over 68k Spotify plays for the EP tracks. Dirty Little Lies is released as a digital single on 17th April, with Lial’s Made To Break EP following on 12th June.
April 28, 2020
Alexis Taylor - Country Singer joins PBG to talk about her latest single, “Cool with That.”
⚡️🎶Alexis Taylor joined Produced by a Girl podcast today! She is so talented, humble and a Star ⭐️ in the country scene in Nashville! Her single Just One Look was on radio stations all over the US and her upcoming single Cool with That is already a hit. Stay tuned as she has so much more ahead in her ascent to country stardom. What an honor to have here here! Bio: Canadian born singer and songwriter Alexis Taylor was raised in the small town of Huntsville, Ontario. From a young age she showed a great love and passion for music through her songwriting and acoustic guitar playing. “Both my parents are songwriters, and are very musical. Music is a part of me - it has always been in my blood.” After making her very first trip to Nashville, Tennessee, Alexis decided to make the move to Music City. Shortly after, Alexis saw the launch of her international career in Summer 2016 with a tour throughout Scandinavia, opening for renowned singer/songwriter Doug Seegers. "Being able to open for someone as talented and genuine as Doug Seegers along with his incredibly gifted band has been an experience of a lifetime," she says. "The opportunity truly allowed me to grow as a performer, and I am so grateful that Doug took me under his wing." At the beginning of 2018, Alexis released her debut single "Blame The Whiskey" which allowed her to appear live on numerous radio stations throughout North America, and take part in events such as Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and CMA Fest in Nashville. The release of "Blame The Whiskey" also lead to Alexis taking home the award for ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ at the 2018 Tennessee Music Awards, performing at the USO Northwest Gala.... After releasing her second single, “How Do You Sleep”, which received international airplay, Alexis released her third single “Bend The Truth” produced by David Browning in Nashville, Tennessee. Her latest release lead to being nominated as “Female Rising Star of The Year” at The 2019 Josie Music Awards, multiple nominations at the KICMA awards, and more.. #producedbyagirl #countrymusicstar #femalecountrysinger #femalesingers #femalesongwriter #girlssupportinggirls #alexistaylor
April 19, 2020
Rrema Echo - Singer & Songwriter joins Produced By a Girl to talk about her music journey and EP!
Thrilled to be chatting with Rrema Echo on Produced by a Girl Podcast today! She’s a soulful singer and definitely a star on the rise. Read her bio below and stay tuned for her podcast! Originally hailing from the streets of north London, singing in the same musical circles as songstress Adele & Amy Winehouse. Self-taught singer, songwriter RRema Echo’s vocal prowess has been heavily influenced from growing up in the church, listening to and learning from power divas like Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin and Faith Evans to name just a few. Her passion for song writing is exhibited and stamped all over her debut EP D.I.T.R which is set to be released in the new year. RRema Echo pays homage to the naughty 90’s, with her second single “You Don’t Know”, from forthcoming EP, the track features talented underground hackney rapper Hypah. RRema’s remix of RnB supergroup Total’s hit song “Can’t You See”, is already showing signs of becoming a banger with positive feedback from industry insiders, loving the soulful tunes, mix of throwback and future flows blended into one. I'm currently finishing writing my EP, named D.I.T.R. because I've been described as a diamond in the rough by my peers. My EP encompases my sassy melodies, old skool meets new skool writing style, strong melodic vocals & everyday stories wrapped up in to one. I've written, recorded & co-directed the videos for my projects, including "Forget You Know Me" ( which sings about a relationship at the point of no return. The Live Studio Sessions ( featuring live recordings of "Fly Away", "See in me" & "Forget You Know Me". #producedbyagirl #femaleartists #soulsingers #femalemusicians #musicindustrynews #unsignedtalent #girltalk #vocalists #londonartists #uksingers
April 18, 2020
Jeanne Montalvo-Grammy nominated audio engineer and radio producer talks about music, mother & more!
Electrified to announce Special Guest Jeanne Montalvo Grammy-nominated audio engineer and radio producer joined Produced by a Girl Podcast!!! ⚡️🎶💫💁🏻‍♀️ She was so incredibly inspiring, I can’t wait to share her podcast with you girls! Take notes; she talks about one of the things I LOVE most in the music industry-paving your own path and designing the future in the industry with how you want it to look and work for you!!! She’s not only working with some seriously cool peeps right now she sheds light on the Latina Music industry which I love as well as being a mom boss in the industry at the same time. Major props to @jmosound She was selected amongst thousands of applicants as the 2018 EQL resident at Spotify Studios and Electric Lady Studios in New York City, assisting in the recording process for artists like Michael Bublé, John Legend, Babasónicos, Alessia Cara, Anitta and many more. She also recorded sessions with Ivy Queen, Making Movies and Ruben Blades, Flor de Toloache, and Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra. In 2017, she was nominated for a Grammy Award as Mastering Engineer for Vladimir Horowitz: The Unreleased Live Recordings, and her recording of Multiverse by Bobby Sanabria's Latin Jazz Big Band was nominated for Best Latin Jazz Album at the 2012 Grammy Awards. She’s worked at the Banff Centre for the Arts, the Tanglewood Music Festival, and has also worked on live recordings with Spike Lee and Al Kooper. She broke into radio after receiving her Masters in Music Technology from New York University, working as an audio engineer and producer for National Public Radio and Bloomberg Radio and is now the sound designer and engineer for the Duolingo podcast. She is also creator of "Live from Latino USA" a live and (mostly) unplugged video series that features Latinx talent from Jessie Reyez to Jose Feliciano. She is currently freelancing in the city.
March 30, 2020
L. é Dee, rapper and artist joins us on PBG Podcast to talk about her new mixed tape!
Electrified to announce L. é Dee is joining us on Produced By a Girl Podcast! A powerful rapper, she weaves songs together beautifully and leaves the listener waiting for the follow up song. Her ear for rhythm makes her songs pop and the beats will stay in your head long after the songs are over. I’m super excited to learn more about her and her music! Check out her bio below and stay tuned for her podcast! Go follow and support her! She’s a rising 💫🎶Star and cant wait to see what she’s dropping next! Bio below: L. Was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa before she moved to the United States at 6 years old. Growing up she fell in love the with music of Eminem first then J cole, Kendrick Lamar, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. She did poetry and song writing for others throughout high school until a friend challenged her to release a song for herself, After which there was no going back. #producedbyagirl #femalerappers #hiphopfemales #femalesinhiphop #rapbattle #risingstar #undergroundhiphop #undergroundrap #unsignedtalent
March 20, 2020
Tyler Stone -Producer/DJ/Vocalist joins us on PGB Podcast to talk about Objects of Desire & more!
⚡️⚡️Electrified to announce star Producer/DJ/Vocalist Tyler Stone joins us on Produced By a Girl Podcast!! ⚡️⚡️Tyler is the epitome of music industry girlboss and amazing human plugged into music communities all the while working on a brand new music journey through Objects of Desire which I personally can not wait to hear. Check her out on IG @tylerstonemusic and go support her music journey! Podcast airs mid March! Had an amazing chat with Tyler and can’t wait to see her more in the PBG hometown of PDX!! Thanks Tyler! You’re incredible! Tyler Stone Bio As an integral part of the San Francisco house music scene, Tyler helped create the legendary 3rd Floor Productions, co-founded Test Press (a quarterly electronic music showcase), and became the “go to” engineer within the house music community, working along side such producers as Grammy nominated Jay-J and Chris Lum and Miguel Migs. Tyler’s production savvy can be heard in her DJ skills spinning deep house, nu disco and chill. She co-founded Wanderlust, one of the first downtempo residencies in North America and has played internationally known venues such as W Hotel, Ian Schrager’s Clift Hotel, as well as special events including SFMOMA openings and Make-A-Wish Foundation’s annual Wine and Wishes Gala. Tyler Stone is a producer/remixer, DJ and vocalist who has built her career as one of the first female house music producers and has achieved several top ten Billboard Dance hits with her distinctive style rooted in deep house, disco, and downtempo. After receiving a degree in Jazz from Cornish College of the Arts, she moved to San Francisco and embarked on an electronic production career showcasing her talents with some of Dance and Pop music’s finest artists such as Sting, Zero 7, Everything But the Girl, Armand Van Helden, Crystal Waters and N’SYNC. Tyler lends her sophisticated programming and distinctively sultry vocals to the band Sutro, an Indie Electronic Pop band that combines live musicianship with DJ sensibility. A more stripped down version of her production can be heard on her forthcoming work with Objects of Desire, a lo-fi chill duo with her husband, guitar player Patrick Hinds.
March 18, 2020
⚡️AINJEL EMME⚡️Signal processing unit & Song whisperer - joins PBG to talk about her music journey!
Honored to announce⚡️AINJEL EMME⚡️ signal processing unit • song whisperer, is joining us on Produced By a Girl Podcast this evening!! Not only is she a powerhouse producer, she recently worked with She Is the Music in an incredible all female studio collaboration! I am so excited to learn about her producer journey and get to know her music more along with all the amazing work she’s done at Block of Joy with artists all over the world. So excited ⚡️🎶stay tuned!! A lifelong musician and recording enthusiast, Ainjel Emme (pronounced ‘angel em’) got her start professionally as an independent singer-songwriter. She released two studio albums before transitioning into production and engineering in 2011. Ainjel began her production career as a studio assistant at Threshold Sound + Vision (formerly Scotti Bros.) in Santa Monica, CA, before moving to the studios at Interscope / Geffen / A&M in 2012, as a studio and engineering assistant in the company of some of the industry’s finest recording artists and professionals. In 2015, she co-founded a multimedia production house (Block of Joy) and moved toward producing and engineering her own projects. Especially sought after by female-identifying and LGBTQ artists, several have traveled across the country to work in her private East Hollywood studio. Of late, Ainjel been enjoying success as a vocal production specialist, serving artists and music producers from all walks of life. She just had the pleasure of being one of three handpicked engineers for the most recent She Is The Music songwriting writing camp hosted by Alicia Keys and Billboard (December 2019). In 2019, she contributed her skills to projects by Nasty Cherry, Tommy Genesis, Joji, Stephanie Poetri, Lawrence Rothman, Kills Birds, Jelani Aryeh, Liily, and more. Upcoming full-album projects she’s worked on include The Mastersons’ “No Time For Love Songs” (produced by Shooter Jennings) and “Time” by Mustangs of the West (produced by Mark Howard), both set for release in March, as well as Hazel English’s debut LP, “Wake UP,” scheduled for release in April. Website: Instagram: @ainjelemme Wikipedia:
March 10, 2020
Aryanne Maudit-⚡️🎶 producer, sound engineer, Founder of AM Productions talks with PBG music and more!
So electrified to announce ARYANNE MAUDIT-⚡️🎶powerhouse producer, sound engineer. multi-instrumentalist and AM Productions founder is joining us on Produced by a Girl Podcast today!! Not only is she dedicated to empowering females in music she encompasses a wide array of talent in the industry doing everything from A-Z. A true rising star and so humble with her super powers, I’m super excited to share her interview with you all soon! Check her music journey out on IG and go listen to her audiotastic new album Fish Love !! Bio below: Aryanne Maudit is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer and Sound Engineer based in London. She started playing guitar at nine years old and self-taught seven different instruments, including mandolin and percussions. Her first live performances with local bands started at a young age to continue throughout the teenage years until she founded the hard rock band, Berger House. With them, she co-wrote and produced their first five-track EP ”Magnifying Glass" and started to show interest in music production. In 2016 she moved to London with the intention to pursue her music career and joined several bands as session lead guitarist and writer. Aryanne toured extensively the UK, playing iconic venues and festivals like Rebellion Festival, Blackpool Opera House, The 100 Club, O2 Academy Islington, O2 Arena-Lounge, Prince Albert (Brighton), Dublin Castle and more. In January 2018 she took a break to her touring career to focus on studio engineering and her solo project, releasing in 2020 her first self-produced, mixed and mastered solo EP "Fish Love".k
March 05, 2020
Ila Barker - Folk Artist | Singer & Songwriter 💫 talks about her new EP releasing Fall 2020!
Electrified to announce ILA Barker incredible folk singer is joining me on Produced by a Girl Podcast!! Grab a cup of coffee and listen to her music as it sweeps you away into a journey of incredible lyrics and melodies hailing back to all the incredible folk singers of our time and reminded me of Alison Krause and the early Taylor Swift. Such beautiful songs, repeat didn’t do them justice. Sure to become a music industry rising ⭐️ go follow @ilabarkermusic and support her music journey!!!💁🏻‍♀️💕🎶💫 Bio: With soul and voice well beyond her years, folk artist Ila Barker captures audiences with her sweet melodies and dynamic presence. Ila is of mixed ojibwe and settler heritage with roots running deep in the prairies, bringing tones of rich history and texture to her craft. Fusing authentic and timeless notes this singer songwriter will surely connect and leave a lasting impression. Ila has brought her craft to an array of festivals and stages including the Regina Folk Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the sākihiwē festival. In the summer of 2019 Ila opened for Jeremy Dutcher at the Indian River Festival. In February 2020 Ila released the “Let Go” single, a collaboration with UK based artist Milan André that was recorded off the floor in one take in the northern Cree Nation of Nemaska, Quebec. She is also working on finalizing album plans for her highly anticipated follow-up EP to be released fall of 2020. #femalemusicians #folksinger #femalefolksinger #musicindustry #producedbyagirl #risingstar #talentedmusicians
March 02, 2020
The Key of F - ⭐️Andie & ⭐️Marie a powerhouse rock band joining PBG to talk about their music & more!
So electrified to have The Key of F on Produced By a Girl Podcast!! Not only are Andie and Marie a powerhouse rock band duo they are also industry natives rocking it with their powerful vocals and rock for everyone to get lost in an audio journey of rock power reminding me of Slater Kinney. Tune in to their post and read more of their bio below!! The Key of F front woman, Andie K, has been singing since she was a toddler. Just recently learning to read music, Andie solely relied on her ear to pick up and learn harmonies and melodies. An Orlando native, she’s performed for Disney, Universal, the a-cappella group 4 Girls Only, and backing vocals for the cover band Motown Madness . Andie’s vocal style was heavily influenced by Lucia Cifarelli of KMFDM, Joan Jett, and Danyell Souza. Marie has been playing piano since she could read, and guitar since her arms were long enough to go around one. But singing, songwriting, and harmonizing are her true loves. She grew up singing in choirs, and while living in Houston, she performed with the goth band Sinister Sirens. After moving to Los Angeles, Marie began writing and performing comedy acoustic songs, and played on Pauly Shore's TV show, "Minding the Store." Andie moved to Los Angeles and met Marie. The two immediately clicked and began singing together, which led to them writing their own songs. With an eclectic blend of musical tastes, Marie and Andie are creating new music, with hints of classic rock, punk, goth, hard rock, and even a dash of rockabilly! Find them and follow on IG! @thekeyof_f
February 22, 2020
GINEVRA - Italian electronic composer, songwriter and producer talks with PBG about her single P!2.
So honored and electrified to announce ⭐️Ginevra ⭐️is joining the Produced by a Girl Podcast !! Her compositions are out of this world and reminds me of Nils Frahm. P!2: GINEVRA’S NEW SINGLE OUT FEB 5th!! Read her bio and be sure to follow this rising star female producer’s music journey where she’s making waves around the world with her beautiful music! GINEVRA (1994, Genoa, Italy) is an Italian electronic composer, songwriter and producer. Her research in electronic music is based on the timbre exploration by using different sound manipulation techniques. Her artistic publications include her solo project as songwriter and producer, and her works as score composer (films, short-films and documentaries) and original songwriter in different Tv series (Netflix Original and Amazon Prime video). She's currently working on her new album which includes international collaborations. P!2 is the new single, written and produced by Ginevra, mixed by Maurizio Borgna Maurizio Borgna (Nicholas Jaar, Johann Johannsson, Dustin O'Halloran and recently Grammy nominated for Sebastian Plano's record) and which has been mastered by Heba Kadry (Bjork, Sakamoto, Mica Levi, Slowdive...). Plans for the future: a promotional tour for her album in North and East Europe. Ginevra will be in Reykjavik for two concerts (end of April). P!2 is available on every digital platforms from Feb.5th
February 16, 2020
HunnyB - 💫 Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress talks with PBG about her latest single!
Honored to announce we have HunnyB on the Produced By a Girl Podcast! 🌟Not only is she a star in the entertainment industry, she also has a voice that reminds you of Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston to Demi Lovato. Read more about HunnyB below and follow her music journey on IG! 💫The multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress has been working tirelessly writing songs for her next album release. Her love for Africa has inspired her to create a more afro-pop sound for this future project. Where her debut EP was based on breakups and cheating, her newest records, still personal, are on the positive side of the emotional spectrum. BBC One's "All Together Now" tv judge was born in Canada to a Trinidadian mother and Hungarian father. HunnyB constantly had music in the home. Her mother was a music teacher and almost her entire family on her mother's side, are either singers or world-class musicians. Wanting to focus on a lifelong career in music, she teamed up with producer and now husband, NHD of NHD Musiq. The UK is where they now call home. In 2014, HunnyB released her debut EP ‘Dreaming Is Believing,’ which included ‘Round & Round (Feat. Joe Budden).’ Decade PR said, ’Round & Round’ sets off with an “in your face” and honest verse from the one and only Joe Budden, as he delivers a clear rap with his ever so famous husky tone, which contrasts nicely with HunnyB’s strong vocals. A catchy beat and mysterious synth are all accompanied by a bass line that gives the song a steady pulse, which you will want to put on repeat and listen to over and over again. HunnyB has had great support from several radio stations around the world who continuously play her music. She regularly performs as well, entertaining crowds with her high energy performances. She has been honoured to perform the American and Canadian anthems in arenas for thousands of fans for professional sports games, and is no stranger to the camera, having had her performances aired live to the nations. HunnyB hopes to make a big splash with her next album while bringing some more needed love and joy to the world.
February 09, 2020
Allison Leah - 💫 Vocalist, performer, singer-songwriter, talks with PBG about her album and more!
Electrified to announce Allison Leah is joining the Produced By a Girl Podcast this Saturday!! Grab a cup of coffee and sunrise and let the sound of Allison’s voice carry you away through time. A cross between Taylor Swift, Allison Krause, Shania Twain and all the indie girl band in LA, Allison’s melodies and sonic tales will entertain for hours. 💁🏻‍♀️🍬🎶⚡️She’s so incredibly talented as a vocalist and performer, singer-songwriter. I’m so looking forward to her podcast and know you will too! Read a bit of her bio below and follow her music journey! @allisonleahmusic With just a guitar in hand, "Allison’s style makes any performance feel as intimate and honest as the words in her songs (Lightning 100).” Allison Leah is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. A jingle-singer turned folk-pop artist, Allison spent her earliest years in the studio recording familiar jingles like the "Hess Truck" Commercial, as well as her own original music. Her exposure to the industry from a young age created her love of music, and her determination to forge her own path in the field. On her debut EP, Fly Home, Paula Cummings of NYS Music writes, "Fly Home is a harbinger of remarkable things to come from this promising young artist with a voice as sweet as honey and a heart of gold." (2018). Please visit for tour dates & booking info, and follow Allison Leah on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
February 05, 2020
Madeline Roscene -Indie Pop singer/songwriter in LA. Madeline joins PBG to talk about her new album!
Electrified ⚡️🎶 to announce Madeline Rosene (pronounced ro-SCENE) on Produced by a Girl Podcast end of the month!! Madeline is an Indie Pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. She’s a graduate of Hampshire College (a la Elliot Smith), She has several original songs and music videos produced, from Short and Sweet (“Don’t think twice about what you’re missing, because it’s a lot”), Sugar Daddy (“I’ll have you to myself so I can love you, but only conditionally”), and finally her new highly anticipated album dropping the end of the month! I had the honor of listening to the album pre-release and it is cutting edge, raw and bravely address’ topics that her generation is surrounded by in a way that takes the listener on a highly emotional journey in catchy addictive lyrics and melodies. She is a true artist, rising star 🌟 in the music industry and So authentic and fun to chat with. She even graced us with a singing a bit on the podcast! Ahmazing!!! Follow her socials and watch her music journey as she soars to the stars! 💁🏻‍♀️⚡️🎶She writes happy songs, funny songs, and sad songs, but mostly songs that make people feel a wide spectrum of emotions within a few minutes. Madeline has performed at notable venues such as Arlene's Grocery and Rockwood Stage in New York City and Hotel Cafe, Los Globos, The Viper Room, and The Other Door in Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Katie Winkenhower
January 31, 2020
Ramsey - Rising Star🌟Singer, Songwriter & Musician, Ramsey talks with us about her music journey!
Honored to announce Rising Star Ramsey Haynes; incredibly talented young lady, is joining Produced by a Girl Podcast! When I heard Ramsey sing her latest single I was floored. She is a brilliant vocalist and songwriter and has a true gift for music! 🌟So excited to hear about her music journey and wish her well on her way to stardom as her music is reaching people all over the world! Ramsey is a 13-year-old singer/songwriter and musician. She made her public debut as the opening act during the 2015 Runway Mom’s for a Cause, fashion fundraising event; the youngest artist to ever open the event. She has been captivating audiences ever since. 💫In October 2017, Ramsey released her first Cover EP titled Ramsey. July 2019, Ramsey released her first single, Love is a Game. In December 2019 she released her second highly anticipated single, It’s Wrong (Loving You). Available on all streaming platforms. ​💫Ramsey is also an instrumentalist, initially self-taught, she desired more formal training, she continues her professional studies in Piano as a student of the Royal Conservatory Program. She also plays the keyboard and guitar. Ramsey is a vivacious young lady with a charisma that makes everyone enjoy the moment. She has always been a bright light; her family affectionately refer to her as “the heart of their home.” ​​ 💫As a focused academic, Ramsey is an Honor Roll student, and recipient of The President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Her passion for life and learning is contagious. ​For booking requests and other inquiries please e-mail 💫Ramsey has been nominated for two Wammie Awards. The Washington Area Music Awards (also known as the Wammies) are music awards for Washington, D.C. area performers, originally issued by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). The Wammie Awards is a 32-year-old award show aimed at recognizing DC area artists and musicians for their artistic works. At only 13 years old, Ramsey is the youngest Wammie nominee! She's been nominated for Best R&B Artist/Group and her new song, It's Wrong (Loving You) has been nominate for Best Soul Song.
January 27, 2020
Jelly Cleaver -Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Guitarist talks with us about her latest music project!
⭐️So honored to announce incredible Jelly Cleaver is joining our Podcast this weekend! Her songs and messages are Out of this World brilliant - true musical genius at work and if you love powerful artists with powerful messages in their artistry she’s it. Listening to her music reminded me of Lauren Hill. And you know you’re going to be on a journey of introspection after listening to her music if not sonically blessed for the year! Blown on ⚡️⚡️ Bio: Jelly Cleaver is a band leader, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer based in South London. She’s been called ‘the next artist to make an impact on London’s Jazz Scene’ by Supreme Standards and recently received the Steve Reid Award. With an eclectic taste in music, Jelly is heavily involved in both the jazz and DIY/punk scenes in London. She's also an activist, and a strain of political dissent runs through her music. Her latest album, The Dream Jazz Manifesto, was released in May 2019, receiving critical acclaim and radio play by BBC Radio 1xtra, Rinse FM, Jazz FM, Worldwide FM, Soho Radio and others. As part of Tomorrow’s Warriors (alumni include Ezra Collective, Nubya Garcia, Moses Boyd) she has performed at multiple festivals including Field Day, Love Supreme, Wilderness, Brainchild and London Jazz Festival. Website: “Following in the footsteps of numerous London musicians including Moses Boyd and Nubya Garcia is guitarist and vocalist Jelly Cleaver. Fans of Esperanza and Hiatus Kaiyote should take note” - Tina Edwards, Supreme Standards/Worldwide FM “Cleaver is an artist who is pushing jazz forward way beyond her peers” - CF Smith, Twisted Soul “An absurdly talented musician and songwriter” - Cassie Fox, LOUD WOMEN
January 18, 2020
Jane Edmondson-Singer/Songwriter/Producer talks with Produced by a Girl about her music journey!
So excited to have Jane on our podcast! 💁🏻‍♀️🎶Read a bit about her biography below and follow her music journey! Jane is a singer/songwriter/producer from London making melodic-heavy house-inspired dance tracks. Her taste in music is eclectic and this is apparent in the sometimes genre-defying writing style. She loves to write lyrics and takes inspiration from 80s films and music, crime thrillers, wacky TV series, nights out, long pub chats and occasional existential crises. For the last few months, she has been back and forth to Berlin to work with a ground-breaking Croatian producer there. They instantly hit it off and are looking to continue working together. She also works with a mixer/producer in London from time to time. She describes her songs as being 'the masculine coated in the feminine and sometimes the other way around', though she is aware that these terms are very open to interpretation. They're part stream of consciousness and part hook-pleasing pop. She is currently working full-time in admin at a school, as well as teaching the odd bit of piano and working at a nightclub as a bartender. {Her dream is to release an EP and get back to live shows this year, hopefully with some sort of mini tour towards the end of the year}.
January 11, 2020
Alex Julia - Singer/Songwriter talks about her upcoming EP, performing and life as a musician!
So excited to interview new artist Alex Julia on Produced By a Girl Podcast Sunday! @irockoutxx Listening to Alex, I was taken so impressed with her raw heartfelt vocals and can only imagine what she will be doing in the next couple years! Read her biography below and stay tuned for her podcast! Singer-songwriter Alex Julia is releasing her debut EP, Better Part of Me, in December this year. Her first single “Counting Stars” (slated for late summer of 2019) is heavily influenced by 80s/dance — the EP’s narrative searing with an eclectic mix of pop/rock elements. With a largely void space of female rockers currently, Alex is forging her path into rock territory and making a name for herself. Emerging onto the music scene in 2010, the New Jersey native has come into her own as an artist and recorded with producer Diego Allessandro of Morningside Studios. Allessandro’s diverse style and delicate nuances are the perfect balance to her soul-baring lyrics and acoustic work. Alex’s humble beginnings started at local Jersey venues, her writing influences from the shore — with ebbs and flows of joy and pain. Since then, this gifted musician has focused on a greater scope, drawing inspiration from the world around her, through an extrospective lens. Keep a watch out for Alex Julia — she’s going to change the sonic soundscape.
December 16, 2019
Odalie-Producer talks about her journey as a producer, electro music performer, music teacher etc!
So excited to interview Odalie on Produced By a Girl Podcast!! Her music is hauntingly beautiful and a treasure. Take time to listen to her work on bandcamp and IG @sophie_griffon so we can follow along on her music journey. 💁🏻🎶💕 Odalie is the alchemy between the softness of a cocoon, the envelopment of mysterious bass lines and the flight of luminous pads. Cello, synthesizer and sound manipulation blend altogether to create a highly textured electronic music. Between the electronic nap, Neo classical and ambient music, their tracks are a poetic invitation to meditate or to a merry solitude.
December 16, 2019
Nadia Sheikh - Musician and Band talks about her latest singles Break Free and Toxic and her tour!
Excited to have Rising Star 🌟 Nadia Sheikh on Produced By a Girl Podcast! Reminiscent of Avril Lavigne and Slater Kinney, she’s and incredibly talented and dedicated artist. Picture an amalgamation of delicate vocals and ominous indie rock. Vocal lines that shift from airy to powerful in the split of a second. Nadia Sheikh is a genre chameleon that mixes strong indie rock tracks with timeless pop tunes and heartfelt acoustic songs. Quirky melodies and catchy choruses that stick with you. With an impressive cultural background, the half British, half Spanish artist has the power to captivate you with her haunting voice. Championed by BBC Introducing, BBCR2, Radio X, Planet Rock, RNE and Radio 3 (Spain) Nadia is set to make her mark on the music scene. Nadia and her band were tipped as one of This Feeling’s ‘Big in 2018’, and they have performed all around the UK and Spain, including the Isle of Wight Festival, FIB (Benicassim festival) and Y Not festival, as well as supporting bands like Sophie and the Giants, Valeras and Efecto Pasillo (Spain). Her latest single ‘Toxic’ caught the attention of tastemakers being chosen as John Kennedy Recommends TOTW and being added to the Evening Playlist on Radio X and Planet Rock as well as being played on The Rock Show by Johnnie Walker on BBCR2 and Janice Lonce on BBC Radio Wales in the UK and Radio 3 (equivalent to BBC6) in Spain. Her next single ‘Break Free’ is out on 15th November and you can find her and the band on tour with it. Nadia has also been working on new material with Jamie Morrison (soul of Pop Morrison and drummer in Stereophonics) that will see the light next year. In the band: Nadia Sheikh - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano Rowan Davies - bass, backing vocals George Gardiner - drums, backing vocals Lorenzo Passarella - lead guitar, backing vocals ‘She's had a fantastic run of singles and has such a great live reputation and this song replicates the energy of what she does’ - John Kennedy, Radio X ‘Excited to hear this’ / ‘Sounding fantastic’ - George Godfrey, Radio X “Nadia Sheikh is a genre chameleon with a voice that warms the soul” – Fred Perry Subculture ‘There is definitely something timeless, classic and global about born pop star’ - The Zine ‘Her voice seems to seamlessly span genres like a shapeshifter-like, accompanying everything from pop, folk and ominous indie rock with a worrying lack of effort.’ - Northern Exposure
December 15, 2019
Laura Rizzotto - Singer & Songwriter talks about her music journey, and upcoming album.
Honored to announce Laura Rizzotto Star ⭐️ Singer & Songwriter will be on Produced by a Girl Podcast! 💁🏻🎶💕Laura’s music is refreshingly upbeat, beautiful and her voice will take you on an incredible auditory journey and leave you wanting to hear more. Reminiscent of Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lopez, Laura is truly a rising star 💫 and I am so glad she’s here with us to share her musical journey!! Get to know her a bit with her biography from Spotify below and go stream her music on Spotify! Laura Rizzotto is a Latvian/Brazilian singer/songwriter born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Laura has two all-original song albums released, "Made in Rio" in 2011 with Universal Music Brasil, and "Reason to Stay" in 2014, released independently. The artist has opened for Demi Lovato in São Paulo in 2012 for a crowd of over 7,000 people, shared the stage with Colbie Caillat in 2014 and worked in the studio with Jennifer Lopez. The singer is a Berklee College of Music and CalArts alumni, where she got her BFA in Musical Arts, and also a Columbia University grad with a Masters in Music. In 2018, Laura won the Supernova contest in Latvia wth her original song "Funny Girl", and got to represent the Latvian delegation in the Eurovision Song Contest, the biggest music festival in the world. The performed in an arena in Lisbon for over 20,000 people and an at home audience of nearly 100 million viewers. Laura is currently based in Los Angeles. For more info, visit Laura's website:
December 15, 2019
Joslyn Marie - Singer on Produced by a Girl Podcast talks about her music and latest EP!
Introducing Incredible Talent and Rising Star 💫 - I’m so honored to announce Joslyn-Marie @joslynsinger is joining the Produced By a Girl Podcast today!! Her music is out of this world incredible with vocals that transport you to another realm sonically-a true talent with songs that weave inspire and evoke every emotion and leave the listener in awe. Read a bit about her bio below and check out her feature on NPR!!Stay tuned for her podcast dropping later this week and go listen to her on Spotify!!💁🏻🎶💕 Joslyn-Marie recently named by NPR: “A unique artist producing otherworldly songs, along with the seven artists featured here, are successfully pushing past the periphery of Latin alternative and experimenting with trippy, soulful and love-afflicted sounds.” Joslyn-Marie is a Chicago based-singer, songwriter and performer. As a voice teacher by day, and a musician by night. Joslyn-Marie wants to use the love of music to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible. Joslyn-Marie born and raised from Chicago comes as a soulful voice that seems to have experienced multiple lifetimes’ worth. Joslyn-Marie has a way of channeling everyday events — big and small — into every song she sings, whether it’s an original or a cover. It’s the kind of voice you don’t want to bog down with too many instruments. Just give her a simple piano accompaniment and watch her go. Ruminate as you unravel your energy to Joslyn-Marie’s music. She has performed in popular venues in the Chicagoland area such as: The Green Mill, The Robey Chicago, The Metro, Subterranean, East Room, Reggie’s Rock Club, and House of Blues and more.
December 13, 2019
Myriam Eddaira - French Music Producer for 27 years in Paris talks with Produced by a Girl
Truly honored to have had a chance interview Myriam Eddaira on Produced By a Girl Podcast this week! Myriam is a French Producer who has been in the industry producing music for 27 years! She shares with us her journey of being a female producer in Paris and talks about her latest projects! Be sure to follow her on IG and check out all the cool musical things she’s doing in Paris!! Stay tuned for the Podcast segment out later this next week!Photo Credit: ©Aaricia Vanda
December 03, 2019
Maviii - Singer & Songwriter talks with Produced by a Girl about her music journey and EP-The Drive.
MAVIII Comes from a musical family and has always loved singing, songwriting, and dancing. She Immigrated from Toronto Canada to Richmond Virginia with her parents and instantly fell in love with both soul and pop music. Now a recent college graduate she has found her way into the world of song writing and performing around the DMV area. She spent the last 2 years carefully curating the songs that would allow her to show case her musical bloodline while also coming into her own unique style to release her first EP “the drive”. Now focused on releasing a new style for a new era of her life MAVIII aims to be the artist that can’t be defined by one genre alone and the first song played the moment you start the road trip.
December 03, 2019
LYNCS - Singer-Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist talks with Produced By a Girl about her music.
New Rising Star ⭐️ Lyncs joins us on Produced By a Girl Podcast! Yaasssss! Read her bio below and make sure you follow @iamlyncs musical journey. Her latest singles are full of whimsical enchanting vocals and melodies that leave you in a pixie dust galaxy of musical beauty. Lyncs, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, blends the elements of folk, pop, and indie rock into her own chapter of music. Noted for memorable and connective lyrics, her debut work, “The Safety EP”, was self recorded, performed, and released August of 2018. After touring locally and opening for artists such as Young The Giant, New Vices, and August & Alden, Lyncs recorded and released “If You Just” and “Black Hole” in 2019. WXPN quotes her journey as “Easy-going acoustic tuneage to ethereal electro-pop singer-songwriting.” Known to her friends and family as Jacqueline Hynes, Lyncs started her career in the red-rose city of Lancaster, PA. She showed interest in music from the age of 6 and began learning everything from piano to upright bass. She landed a spot with the Hershey Symphonic Orchestra in high school and has performed in many cathedrals and theaters such as Carnegie Hall. At the age of 18, Lyncs started her degree in Music Business Technology at Millersville University having received the Rising Star Award. She released two B-Side singles, the first titled “Rose Coloured Eyes”. “The Moment”, her sophomore single, has been featured on local indie playlists and blogs. Over the next few years, Lyncs evolved from student bass-player, to guitar enthusiast and started writing her own infectious melodies and songs. This led her to start her own project under the artist alias, “Lyncs”, finding what connects us all.
November 16, 2019
Natalie Bouloudis - Singer & Songwriter talks with Produced By a Girl about her music journey.
So excited to have Natalie Bouloudis @moodybouloudy on the Produced By a Girl Podcast! Her vocals and artistry are out of this world. 💫✨ A native of East Sussex, London-based Natalie Bouloudis launch her music into the public sphere under the name Aurora Harbinger. She soon played venues like Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston & Green Note in Camden. For Natalie, playing live is an important consideration in the songwriting process, a process which focuses centrally on generating atmosphere and intimacy. Her debut EP 'Dead Sea Scripts' was her first proper recording and it was all recorded live at Wax Studios in London and produced by Robert Strauss. For Natalie, getting the EP right was dependent on how precisely she could evoke the feelings she had in mind. Though armed with encyclopaedic knowledge of narrative songwriters across the spectrum of folk, rock and jazz, Natalie brings to the table her own brand of atmospheric storytelling. It’s folky in its arrangements, but in terms of sheer vocal delivery she’s a soulful rock and roller, at times calling to mind the visceral and lurching tones of Patti Smith or Etta James. An artist in the classic sense: thoughtful, precise, and led by instinct and imagination.
November 16, 2019
TWIYA - Songwriter, Singer and Producer talks with Produced By a Girl about her music journey.
So electrified to announce that TWIYA is joining the Produced by a Girl Podcast! TWIYA is a truly talented songwriter and singer and producer, weaving melodic tales and hard to forget melodies that leave the listener in another realm. Read a bit about her below: 💁🏻🎶My stage name is TWIYA (The World Is Yours Always), and I'm a producer, singer-songwriter and visual artist from Baltimore, MD living in Seattle, WA. I've been performing all over Seattle and have done shows in Baltimore, Brooklyn and Atlanta this year. I'm currently working on a studio project to be released in Spring 2020, fully self-produced.
November 16, 2019
Runrummer - Musician & Band talks with Produced By a Girl about her music journey.
So honored to have 🎶💫✨@runrummermusic on Produced By a Girl Podcast this morning! Read her bio below and go listen to her music!! 25-year-old Livi Morris, AKA Runrummer marks her first solo journey with "effortlessly laid-back melody and lyrics tinged with a swagger found on Lily Allen records" (Gigslutz). Originally from Birmingham (UK) she takes her moniker from the famous Rum Runner nightclub which helped launch local Brummie bands Duran Duran and Dexys Midnight Runners in the 70s and 80s. Like many of the new crop of young British pop, Runrummer pulls influences from classic 80s bands combined with contemporary artists like Christine and the Queens, Billie Eilish and Shura while her lyrics cover subjects from sexuality and gender identity to mental health. Both a strong songwriter and performer, she graced the stage at this year’s Y Not Festival alongside festival stages across France, and she has previously penned toplines for artists in the EDM realm including The Chainsmokers and Showtek.
November 16, 2019
Jessy Covets - Music Producer shares about her music journey with Produced By a Girl.
It’s rare we get a music producer/multi instrumentalist and singer in her band on the Produced By a Girl Podcast and I am so electrified to talk to Jessy tomorrow! Grab your morning brew and browse through Jessy’s incredible soundscapes that take the listener on a multilevel audiotastic journey. @jessycovets A true artist and brilliant producer Jessy has been making music since the age of 5 and truly amazes you with her multifaceted artistry and talent for sound and producing. Take a listen to her band @peachymcqueenband too while you’re on the journey. And don’t forget to listen to all things related about @jessycovets a bright musical talent! 💁🏻🎶💫Produced By a Girl
November 12, 2019
Mercedez Marie - Pop Vocalist joins Produced By a Girl to talk about her latest album Feelingz.
Special Podcast Feature Announcement!!! 🎶✨ I am so excited and honored to announce Rising Star 🌟 POP Vocalist - Mercedez Marie @_mercedezmarie is joining the Produced By a Girl Podcast! ✨ Mercedez has such beautiful vocals and her music is fresh and fun and reminds you of Beyonce or Adele. She’s a musical powerhouse with incredible talent, vocals and artistry. Definitely follow her musical journey and get to know this amazing Pop Vocalist!! Read Mercedez biography below and go check out her website for all future deets on her amazing music journey. ✨ ✨ A Young Pop vocalist, Mercedez Marie was born in Germany and moved to Williamsburg Virginia area at 8, and began singing at the age of ten. While honing her craft since the age of thirteen, Mercedez was influenced by artist such as Adele, Kehlani, Ellamai, and Demi Lovato. Performing around the Richmond Virginia area building her live performances and her songwriting abilities. The teen songstress garnered positive reviews and released her debut single “Young Love” featuring Rapper Emdubai. This fast climbing track broke on SIRIUS’s own Shade 45 followed by iHeart Radio, D93 Radio, and Richmond’s own 106.5 The Beat. Interviewed by Radio DJ’s Culture Code and Toba, the single “Young Love” became featured and played in heavy rotation. Mercedez followed up the success of Young Love with her second single “Took Advantage” produced by DFreshBeatz. Adding a video, help make this record a new favorite. Mercedez finished 2018 with a third single, “Frozen” featuring ItsLyssaDoe and produced by Dj Dhiggs.
November 10, 2019
Lil Miss Beats - Musician & Band joins Produced By a Girl in a Podcast chat.
Introducing Lil Miss Beats on Produced By a Girl Podcast. With the likeness of an electronic Dave Brubeck and Pink Martini without the vocals, Lil Miss Beats album is sure to bring joy while chilling in the evening or crunching on some avocado toast and drinking coffee in the morning all the while getting Beats and sunshine in for your day. Lil Miss Beats is a reformed classical composer gone lofi beatmaker. Her smooth accoustic-meet-electronic-lofi beats were born in 2019 out of an attempt to move away from rigid musical thinking and into new territory that was fun and free. Growing up, Maike Watson aka lil miss beats, was an active multi-instrumentalist performer in Cape Town, South Africa. After getting her Mathematics and Music degree, she became a multi-genre composer and music producer for media and performance. Since then her works as a composer have been extensively performed and broadcast around the world. In 2017, Maike was commissioned to write a unique African Christmas Carol set to a poem by Margaret Kollmer which has been performed in South Africa every year since both publically and on radio. Other notable performances include her work representing South African Contemporary Classical Music at the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) Festival in Vancouver in 2017 and at the Beijing Modern Music Festival, China in 2018. However, in 2019 things started to feel off. Music making because incredibly stressful and the demands of freelance life were more pressured than fulfilling. In an attempt to find the fun again, lil miss beats was born in a 30 day beat challenge where Maike decided to let go of who she was in the past and embrace a new way. During this time of making a song a day, the only rule was to have fun in the process. And so lil miss beats was born! Since then lil miss beats has released 2 albums, opened an online shop for lofi beatmakers called '' and tries to keep her studio plant collection alive.
November 10, 2019
Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld - Painter on Produced By a Girl Podcast.
So excited to have Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld on the Produced By a Girl Podcast! She’s BRILLIANT and inspiring. Link to her podcast soon! Please see her biography below and on her website: My name is Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld, and I am a painter working in River North, Chicago. Most often, I can be found in my studio, bent over my palette or facing off with a new canvas. The studio, located in the back of the apartment that I share with my partner, houses my unresolved paintings as well as the shoebox-archive of found snapshot photographs and the treasure-trove of art books that bring my studio practice to life. Since moving to Chicago in the summer of 2016, I have shown work in museums, pop-up galleries, and group exhibitions in Chicagoland. Several paintings travelled even further, headed for walls as far away as Florida, Ohio, and Missouri. When occupied at the easel, I work as the Art Specialist on the faculty of the Joseph and Belle Braun Anshe Emet Religious School. In addition, I recently presented my first curatorial project, Third-Shifters: Art that comes alive at night. Research for that exhibition catalog is ongoing. I am a native of Kansas City, Kansas, where I found my enthusiasm for painting while getting myself hopelessly lost at my mother’s office. Her job in the African Art Department at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art gave me access to miles of maze-like galleries to explore in wonder.
November 07, 2019
Anna Volpe - Singer & Songwriter from NYC talks with Produced By a Girl about her latest EP.
Honored to have -Anna Volpe on the Produced By a Girl Podcast! Anna Volpe is a NYC native, singer-songwriter that gravitates towards storytelling. She fills her indie-pop songs with eloquent lyrics, power-filled vocals, and atmospheric melodies. Although Anna is a fairly new artist, she is no stranger to performing where she continually lent her classically-trained vocal talents to various bands and solo artists on the stage and in the studio and performed on several notable stages throughout the U.S. However, during the summer of 2017, Anna decided to start a new path, a path where she could share her stories and her voice as a songwriter and artist. Since that summer, Anna has released several singles with the latest release in February 2019 of an electronic influenced dark-pop cover of Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” 2018 was a pivotal year for Anna where she began to explore and experiment with different musical landscapes where she realized her love and passion for combining the acoustic with modern instruments. Anna released her debut EP album, “Call My Name” on June 21st, 2019. She chats with Produced by a Girl about everything from her music journey in the industry to her latest EP.
November 03, 2019
Andy Arno - Singer & Songwriter talks with Produced By a Girl about her upcoming EP and artistry.
With over 30k streams of her first single, Andy Arno’s debut bodes well for the future. Her style mixes indie influences with aspects from pop and rock. She is currently recording her first EP called “Through the Looking Glass” with Swedish Agency; Moretti Management, which will see the light by the end of 2019. Andy Arno is a graduate of Taller de Blues de Barcelona Music School, where she received voice lessons and sol-fa by Jonathan Herrero and prolific Ivan Kovácevic. This was the time that most influenced her artistically, being able to access the roots of popular music, with Blues genre as the maximum exponent. She performed in Poble Espanyol, Via Júlia festival, FNAC, The Serras Hotel and has composed original songs for Daddy Russell DJ and the videogame “Light Spirits”, which will be released this year. She will also represent Sweden in well-known FIC Punta del Este Festival 2019, with her first single “Tomorrow”. Hear Andy Arno talk about her music journey being and Artist and Songwriter with Produced By a Girl.
November 03, 2019
Sarah May - Singer Songwriter and Producer Podcast talk with Produced By a Girl.
London born singer, songwriter and producer musically venting the woes of being a female in the modern world. Sarah May began singing as a small child, and has performed in front of audiences since a very young age which included being involved in theatre productions. At the age of 9 she started writing lyrics, and recorded her first original song when she was 14 years old. She released her first CD of original songs at the age of 17, and has since continued to write, play, and release music as well as obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Sarah taught herself keyboard and guitar to write songs, and eventually began experimenting with music production. She has, to date, penned more than 100 songs, covering topics such as; love and heartache, depression, addiction, politics, sexism, partying, financial hardship as well as others, her lyrics are known for being honest and sentimental, yet witty. Sarah has collaborated with various different musicians and has been a member of several bands over the years in a variety of genres, and has performed across Europe and Asia. Sarah talks about her current work and upcoming projects along with everything about her musical journey with Produced By a Girl.
October 27, 2019
krapka;KOMA - Multi talented Electronic Girl Band Duo & Artists, talk with Produced By a Girl.
krapka;KOMA is a multi-instrumentalist female duo that produces electronic music in Lviv, Ukraine. Here is there first music video if you wanted to take a look Produced by a Girl chats with this avant-gard electronic girl band about their new single “Asylum” and upcoming projects.
October 27, 2019
Madison Roe - Artist & Songwriter: Electric Guitar, Vocals (Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele) Podcast talk with Produced By a Girl
Madison Roe’s talents and rich songwriting abilities have been compared to current artists such as Adele, Hozier, James Bay, Ed Sheeran & John Mayer. It has also been said one can detect influences from Jeff Buckley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Sound Garden, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles in her sound. These are all artists & bands from the past & present that she listens to & loves.  Some even say Madison Roe’s mature lyrics have a hint of the poetic genius and quality storytelling that is found in the works of  iconic artists -  Leonard Cohen & Bob Dylan.  Many have also said that Madison Roe exudes the rich tone and  dynamics of Adele, the soul of Amy Winehouse, the rock edge of Pink, and the youthful charisma & genius of her contemporary, Lorde. NOTE - Madison Roe now has a prolific body of work with over 100+ solid original songs (many not yet produced). As she continues to write, her body of work continues to grow.   'CHANGING COLORS' EP  (Recently Released) - A timeless, haunting, social-commentary / musical work that is universally relatable to just about every person, in every generation, living in our chaotic world today. Reminiscing the simplicities of the past, while comparing the realities of our complex present, Madison Roe's songs in this EP ask poignant, important questions concerning feelings & fears universally experienced by everyone alive today. This EP also gives a glimpse into Madison Roe’s upcoming album called ‘Questions’. When released sometime in 2019, her 12 songs in this upcoming album are sure to open an expanded portal to thoughts and emotions, collectively felt and feared by both young & old. Recognizing universally relatable problems, Madison Roe believes hard 'Questions' must be asked, individually & collectively, to have hope of finding answers that can build bridges to bring people of all generations together in creating long-lasting solutions. Tune in and listen to Madison Roe as she takes us through her musical journey and chats with Produced By a Girl all things related to Madison Roe, legendary artist and brilliant genius songwriter. 
October 25, 2019
Tali Rush - Producer, Musician and Arranger in a podcast session with Produced By a Girl.
In this special English translated podcast, I read a pre-prepared interview as Produced By a Girl with Top Female Producer in Russia, Tali Rush. Tali Rush is a producer and arranger based out of Siberia, Russia. She started producing in 2014 and never looked back. Tali has produced for an array of artists across different countries; these collaborations were released on some influential labels such as Housesession, Tribal Trap, VIP Music Records, The Orchard and etc. What seperates Tali Rush is her ability to paint vivid pictures with her sounds that speaks to the artists’ life. When she produces, she is strategic and allows her creativity to exist outside of the normal boundaries that the industry has created for producers. She’s not afraid to take organic instruments and fuse it with trap and pop. Where a lot of producers stop, she pushes the conversation to be unique, creating her own rules that inspires others.
October 21, 2019
Holly Henderson - Songwriter and Musician Podcast talk with Produced by a Girl
Holly Henderson is a 23-year-old songwriter and musician from Kent/London, England. Back in 2017, she began working with guitarist, producer & Youtuber Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Courtney Love, Melissa Etheridge) on what would become her first full-length album, “Monday Green”. Pete first became aware of Holly through Instagram and was drawn to her raw musicality and instincts. It’s a story of how a relatively unknown young artist can meet one of the most respected guitarists in the world over the internet and a short time later she is in LA recording with some of the best talents in the business. Holly’s music can go from ‘slow & beautiful’ to ‘melt your face off’ within the blink of an eye. The 10 songs on the album are full of melody and beauty with an undercurrent of heavy moods, strong harmonies, and impressive guitar work. Holly connects with Produced By a Girl in this podcast and shares everything behind the scenes about her latest album, “Monday Green” and her journey as a musician and songwriter. So honored she’s on the podcast today. Thank you Holly!
October 21, 2019
Lisey Tigra - Rock-influenced Pop Artist, Singer and Guitarist podcast talk with Produced By a Girl.
Rock-influenced pop artist, singer and guitarist Lisey Tigra was born in Bogota, Colombia. She picked up guitar during her early teenage years influenced by the likes of Slash and Marty Friedman and moved to London at age 18 to pursue her musical dreams. As an artist she aspires to fuse the fire of rock n roll with the captivating element of pop music.
October 20, 2019
Cora Vasseur Country - Folk singer songwriter Podcast talk with Produced By a Girl.
Cora Vasseur is a country- folk singer songwriter from Dekalb, Illinois whose work has been described as a girls night out with Kacey Musgraves and Alison Krauss. A graduate of Second City's Comedy Writing program and currently training at Old Town School of Folk, she entered songwriting a few years ago. She's honed her crafts in songwriting workshops from Chicago to Nashville, been featured on the Women of Substance Podcast, and is developing a reputation for well crafted, articulate lyrics inspired by friends, family and, most importantly, Dr. Who.
October 20, 2019
Neenah Boneta - Electronic Music Producer aka Joy Through Noise Podcast with Produced By a Girl
Neenah Boneta is an electronic music producer and artist who's most notably known as Joy Through Noise. Her production and style range from heavy hitting beat driven experimental techno to glitchy and melodic electronica. Neenah is an audio engineer by trade and has been in the industry since 2003. She is a graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and has worked in various studios, both in film and music recording. She got her start as an independent music producer for rock bands and branched out into electronic music production. When she discovered her love and passion in electronic music, she never looks backed. Neenah spent many years performing under Joy Through Noise, developing her signature style of playing live experimental techno with hardware instruments and effects pedals. She didn’t touch a computer for years, her production was strictly machine based, influenced by the invigorating moments of live performance. Her performances were intuitive and energetic and always unique to the what the crowd was most moved by. Developing this sound of fluid live electronics greatly influenced her work as a music producer. She was also a co-creator of a live electronic music event called “Celebrate Everything,” which hosted underground pop-up raves for the most innovative hardware based electronic artists. While she spent many years as a performance artist, in recent years, she has focused on working as a commercial music producer, working both independently and with other artists.
October 20, 2019
Xylo Aria - Singer, Producer, Entrepreneur and Founder of Music Production for Women.
Produced By a Girl Podcast is so honored to be introducing Xylo Aria, singer, producer and entrepreneur in this episode. Xylo founded Music Production For Women which is an online platform empowering women to learn to produce music in an encouraging, collaborative and supportive environment. She’s also an incredibly talented singer and producer and you can hear her tracks on Spotify. Check out Greed and Pig. Get to know her more on her IG and MPW website!
October 14, 2019
Meghan Pulles - Singer & Songwriter - Keep the Light On EP Podcast talk with Produced By a Girl
Meghan Pulles - Singer & Songwriter - Keep the Light On EP Podcast talk with Produced By a Girl. Meghan talks all things related to her music career and latest EP - Keep the Light On. Available for download on all major streaming platforms.
October 14, 2019