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Produce Like a Boss - with Kris Bradley

Produce Like a Boss - with Kris Bradley

By Kris Bradley
Our goal is to help songwriters and artists learn how to produce their own music, record themselves, and become self-sufficient as independent artists. Oftentimes, there's a gap between producers and the artist where the producers can't capture the artist’s vision because the artist can't communicate effectively, or because the producer’s ego is in the way. We aim to bridge the gap between the two, as well as empower the artists to produce themselves!
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How This Artist Started Making Money 3 Months Into Learning Music Production

Produce Like a Boss - with Kris Bradley

By the time you ARRIVE you'll feel like you BELONG- A note from my energy healer
Today I’m sharing some of the wisest words I’ve ever encountered from one of my first energy healers back in the day...  “By the time you ARRIVE, you'll feel like you BELONG...” Truer words have never been spoken and it took me years to realize what it actually meant! In this episode, you’ll learn Why making dreams big and unachievable pushes them away When you do the work, opportunities are the results The difference between a DO-it Dreamer and a Doh-Doh Dreamer How to get noticed in a noisy market Links mentioned in this episode: Grab your free training and goodies at Grab your Vochlea Dubler here: Join the Home Studio Boss Waiting List Here: Get $100 off “Write Like a Boss” and learn how to write (topline)
May 9, 2021
Student Success Stories - Dano
In this episode, I chat with one of my amazing students Dano! Dano shares her journey from classically trained OPERA singer to fronting a rock band, and how she finally broke out of a long hiatus from music after several years. We also talk music production, how she got started with Produce Like a Boss, as well as some sweet wins she’s gotten since taking From Voice Memo to Demo! You can find Dano at IG @danoladybegood Ready to learn HOW to produce? Click here Grab your vochlea dubler (voice to midi) here Join the Home Studio Boss waitlist here
May 2, 2021
Plant many seeds, but DON'T watch them grow!
One of the most powerful things you can do to increase the odds and promise for your success as a producer is to have multiple irons in the fire. Create multiple streams of income and opportunities for yourself! Don’t ever put all of your eggs in one basket.  Over the years, this is the most valuable thing I have learned to keep my business healthy and stable. Here’s my new spin on an old saying… “Plant Many Seeds, but DON’T watch them grow!” Instead, plant as many seeds as possible, then, trust mother nature. Trust that as you keep hustlin, keep building your opportunities and network, the fruits of your labor will come full circle and you can reap the rewards. Want to become e a badass producer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and more? Sign up to get on the waitlist for my new course - Home Studio Boss. Grab Your Midi Voice Controller here: Sign up for my FREE training here to learn how to produce your own music: Join the Home Studio Boss Waitlist here:
April 26, 2021
The Slight Edge - Stop Trying to "Make It", Quantum Leaps are BS Part 2
This is Part 2 of the Series: "The Slight Edge - Stop Trying to “Make It”, Quantum Leaps are BS" I’m rereading one of my favorite books “The Slight Edge” right now, which is about how it’s actually the little things we do everyday that contribute to our success, not HUGE quantum leaps. In other words, there’s no overnight success. 💪⚡️ In this episode, I break down the habits I needed to form to get to the point where I am today, what my daily routine was while building my production business, and then I give some insight into how I operate now to stay on top of two businesses and continue to produce! 🎧 The music business is growing and changing and there has never been a better time to get in and make money with your music. I am working on a new advanced course for you right now, as well as a mentorship program, and I am soooo excited to share it with you in the coming months. 💜 My Free Series: Start Producing Your Song Today in 3 SIMPLE Steps - The Slight Edge (Turning Simple Decisions into Massive Success and Happiness) - Sponsor - Vochlea: Home Studio Boss Waitlist: Home Studio Boss VIP Waitlist:
April 11, 2021
The Slight Edge - Stop trying to “Make it”, Quantum Leaps are BS Part 1
In this episode I talk about a few lightbulb moments I’ve had over the years that have had a lasting impact on my life. One of the biggest epiphanies was sparked by reading a book called The Slight Edge, and it taught me that “quantum leaps are bullsh*t.” 😆 We can score the big wins, they are out there. But, after really coming to terms that what it takes to get there is actually the small steps and consistent work we put in everyday, I made some choices and changes and started to get results. I started to make money with my music, and I started my business. 💪 The answer to getting those big wins is not “prepared meets opportunity”. It’s “being prepared”. Period. This is how you create opportunity! My Free Series: Start Producing Your Song Today in 3 SIMPLE Steps The Slight Edge (Turning Simple Decisions into Massive Success and Happiness)  Sponsor - Vochlea: Home Studio Boss Waitlist: Last but not least, consider leaving a 5 Star review and be entered to win a free consultation with me! 😍
April 4, 2021
In today’s episode you are going to get a hilarious and wild story about something that I went and challenged myself with a few months ago! 🙈🙊 This experience was so wacky and funny that I really don’t want to spoil it in the notes here, but what I will say is that I came away from it with a powerful lesson and reminder: In life, we are going to fall, we are going to fail, we are going to have to face fears and challenges… and no matter the outcome, the real success is SHOWING UP!! Just by showing up in life, following your heart, facing your fears, saying "I can" when you think you can't, and openly experiencing the journey - you’ve won. You've made it. 🏆💯 Here is my free S.I.M.P.L.E Training I mentioned in the intro!
February 28, 2021
Talk the Talk, Producers Lingo
Have you ever found yourself trying to hang with producers in the studio, feelin’ all cool 😎 like you know what you’re doin, and then all of the sudden you realize everyone around you is talking like they are from another planet? 👽 Saying words like "comping, flying, overdubs, boomy, airy, ADSR, EQ, sibilance"… Well if you’re anything like me, you know what I'm talking about. 😛 In this episode, I go in-depth and break down a ton of terms you will find not only in the studio 🎧, but in your DAW 🖥 too (Digital Audio Workstation). I even get in there 🎙🎶 with some very specific examples of EQ 🎚 to show what the sound differences actually sound like! And of course here is my gift to you, a Quick Guide to Producer’s Lingo, so you can ride off into the sunset of ✨☁️Producer Dreamland☁️✨ and totally know what's up!
February 23, 2021
Student Success Stories - Carmel Helene
Carmel Helene is a total ROCKSTAR! 🌟 Carmel started “From Voice Memo 2 Demo” less than 8 months ago and has already landed two songs with a major library, AND people are hitting her up left and right for production projects! Kris and Carmel talk about the ups and downs of trying to learn how to become a producer when you are starting out as a female singer-songwriter not knowing a thing about the production world. Then, Carmel goes deep into why Kris’s course “From Voice Memo 2 Demo” has changed the game for her. How she was finally able to learn to do what she has dreamt of doing for so long. She talks about the freedom and empowerment she feels by having these skills under her belt, how Kris is such a fun and simple yet captivating teacher, and the best part… that it's only just the beginning for her! FREE WORKSHOP: Songwriters Guide to Producing the S.I.M.P.L.E Way You can find Carmel on Instagram @carmelhelene and on Facebook at
February 14, 2021
How to Build Your First Home Studio
Setting up your first home studio can feel scary and overwhelming… am I right? Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be overwhelming OR a multi thousand dollar investment. ❤️ If you’ve been putting off building your home studio, there really are just a few things you need to get started and never look back! If I can do it with just a few hundred dollars collecting used gear, so can you! These days it’s no longer a luxury to record from home, it’s a necessity. If you want to maximize your opportunities in the industry you must be able to record yourself.  This isn’t just for my producers out there, this is for my singers, instrumentalists, songwriters, ya’ll, now is the time to become a TRIPLE THREAT! 💪💪💪 So here is the breakdown: You’ll need a computer, a microphone, an audio interface, MIDI controller, studio headphones, and ideally some studio monitors as well (aka studio speakers - you can even save this one for later). I go over all of the gear details of what I've used, and what I like, and even direct you to my free home studio starter kit guide in this episode. 😄 Episode Sponsor: Slate Digital And last but definitely not least, here is my FREE Home Studio Starter Kit!
February 7, 2021
Using Boundaries To Create FREEDOM As A Producer And Songwriter
If you’re an artist, I’m going to assume you’ve been hit by a little thing called Blank Page Syndrome. You know, that dreary beginning stages of staring at a blank page before the songwriting begins. The options are limitless. Do you write a love song, or a party song, do you start with a loop, or build a kit, or track guitars first and the list goes on and on 🤔 The fact that you can start anywhere is honestly too much to handle.  Especially if you have perfectionism lingering around and you want everything to be perfect straight out the gate---which, spoiler alert, isn’t how great art is made.  Have you ever heard the saying the best writers are re-writers? This is called decision fatigue. By having too many options we often get overwhelmed and are therefore not able to gain clarity on our main objective. It's said the average person makes 35,000 decisions every day! 😖 Today I’m going to share how having (and using!) boundaries will actually create freedom (yes, freedom) as a producer 💪 🤩 I also mentioned some a-m-a-z-i-n-g resources from Slate Digital and my FREE S.I.M.P.L.E method for learning how to produce.
January 24, 2021
The Godfather of Sync & Underscore Gabriel Candiani
In today’s episode I sit down with my mentor, the man I have to thank for leveling up MY production chops, the GODFATHER of Sync & Underscore with over 6,000 placements... Gabriel Candiani. I know you’ve heard me brag about him before, and I’m not even kidding when I say this guy personally showed me the ROPES when it comes to production music for Sync. Gabriel isn't just my mentor, he's literally family.  I can safely say this is my FAVORITE podcast I've recorded so far.  Prepare yourself for some chuckles, mic drops, and golden nuggets.  You’re going to learn... what Gabriel’s TOP generating genre is in Film/TV 🎥📺 how he broke into the world of sync 💪🏻 the importance of building relationships in the industry 👫 what really defines a producer 🤔🎧 Ready to learn how to produce MONEY making songs for SYNC?  Click here to get started. Sign up for Slate Digital All Access Pass and get your first 6 months for only $9.99 here! 
January 19, 2021
5 Steps To Start Charging As A Producer
Have you ever had someone approach you and ask you to sing on a track, do a mix, or produce their song? You might be familiar with the excitement that comes with it until they ask the dreaded question, “What do you charge?”. And then you’re TORN, because you LOVE making music and helping people 😍 but on the other hand… time ain’t cheap y’all! 💁‍♀️ Maybe you haven’t charged anyone for your service before, and then you’re expected to pull a number out of a hat that’s fair, but also values your skills, and… now you’re uncertain. And that makes clients uncertain about you. But that’s not going to be you! 😤 Whether you’re ready to start charging, you’ve been in business for a while, or you’re just honing your skills for the moment, you can learn the things you need to know to create the most success for your business! 👊 Get the scoop right here in this week’s podcast and don’t be caught off guard when it’s time to shine! Want more info on how to make money from your home studio?? Click here!
January 10, 2021
New Year, New Music Industry, New Ways For You To Make Money!
Happy New Year friends, and welcome to 2021! 🥳 After the hot dumpster fire that was 2020, I think we can all agree, this year we’ve gotta come back stronger, more determined, and with more 🔥 FIYA 🔥 than ever! Just like it’s a new year, there’s TONS of new ways to make money in the music industry. With a little digging, you can uncover so many streams of income it’ll make your head spin! 🥴  And take it from me, I’ve been doing this for a while; I started as a session singer, then a topliner, then when I got my producing chops up, I was making demos for songwriters, producing full songs for clients, and people were paying me left and right for it all! But these aren’t the only ways! In fact, that’s just scratching the surface 😏 In today’s podcast, I talk about what it takes to make a living from your passion for music, and all the wonderful ways you can do it!!! And as promised, here's that link for anyone who wants to start making money from their home studio! Sign up for the Slate Digital Bundle and get your first 6 months for $9.99 !
January 3, 2021
Interview With EQ Expert Michelle Pettinato
I’ve sat down and talked with some really cool people lately, and I’m so glad I can bring their wisdom and knowledge to you in a podcast! 🥰 This week’s episode is no exception: I’m joined by Michelle Pettinato, who has OVER 30 YEARS of experience in live sound, and literally wrote a book 📚 on EQ! She thinks it’s one of the most essential - and misunderstood - pieces of the mixing puzzle, but even more than that, she thinks that it’s fundamental to being a good musician. EQ relates to ear training and critical listening 🎧 , and talks about how to improve your skill with all of it, and more, in the show. Hope you find it as valuable as I did!! If you want to check out her website where you can learn about everything she mentions here in WAY more depth, head on over here! And of course, if you want to learn how to produce your own music, check out this FREE training!
January 2, 2021
The Difference Between "Shortcuts" and "Fast Tracks"
Recently I caught myself saying the words “take this short cut” while putting together a training and almost spit my coffee out on my keyboard because, if you know me at all, I don’t believe in shortcuts.  In fact, I even have an episode on this podcast called “There are no shortcuts!” (Go check it out if you haven’t! 👀) So of course I got to thinking about what I actually meant to say instead of “shortcut”, and I came up with the term “fast track”: now you’re probably thinking, “Kris what’s the difference? They’re pretty much the same thing!” 🤔 Well here it is: shortcuts are for lazy, hopeful people 😖, and fast tracks are for the go-getters and action-takers 💪 🤩 The people looking for shortcuts are looking for quantum leaps, but the people looking for fast tracks are just trying to cut out all the noise and useless info they don’t need. They are efficient. Don’t buy it yet? Listen to my explanation in this week’s episode 😏 Want me to be your mentor?  Apply here to see if we're a good fit:
December 6, 2020
How To ROCK Your Email List With Cheryl Engelhardt
If you're treating your music like a business, you HAVE to have an email list.  I wish I knew this years ago, but I’m glad I’m catching up with the times now! Email is an amazing way to communicate with your community and provide value….AND if you take care of your people, they will take care of you!  Did you know that if you have an engaged email list, you’re set up to make $1 per person (or MORE) on that list per month? That means 1000 fans = $1000, 2,000 fans, = $2,000 and so on!! Cue Cheryl Engelhardt: she's an independent composer/songwriter/performer with a background in science 🔬, which led to her testing hundreds of emails and comparing the data, so that YOU don't have to! She's brilliant, and such a vibrant character! Her story is both inspiring and EYE opening 👀🙌 She ALSO has a 5-day Challenge that starts December 1st, but if you're listening later, don't worry! You can take her FREE training here! 
November 29, 2020
Making Music Production Less Scary with Steven Slate, Co-Founder Of The Legendary Slate Digital!
In this episode, I sit down with Steven Slate, who co-founded Slate Digital: a GIANT in the audio world, with plugins, sample packs, gear, classes, and so much more! I use their plugins ALL THE TIME, and you might have seen the Slate VMS-1 in some of my videos; it's one of my favorite mics! So needless to say, when Slate reached out to me and told me they loved what I was teaching,  I was DYING with excitement!  I may be fangirling a little bit as well ;) As it turns out, Steven and I have a common goal: we both want to make it as easy as possible for songwriters to make music on their own terms...AND less scary! Steven does this by creating the best plugins, equipment, samples, etc. he can and making it affordable, and I do this by teaching people how to use those tools to make the music that's in their hearts! Two different approaches with the same end goal: to get YOU to be your own producer! So if you’re ready to learn how to produce your own music I have EXCELLENT news! My course “From Voice Memo 2 Demo” is NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT! Not only that, I have partnered with Slate Digital to give you a FREE 3 month trial of the ALL ACCESS PASS, which is over $5,000 worth of plugins and sounds, wowza! Click here to get started!!
November 8, 2020
If You Set The Intention, The Path Will Unfold
Have you ever caught yourself ‘white-knuckling’ your way through life trying to make things happen a certain way? 😤 Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Especially in the music biz. I used to think the only way for me to ‘make it’ was to get a major pub deal or record deal, and if I wasn’t “Beyonce Big” then I had failed. Boy was I wrong! Do you know how much money is floating around for creatives to make money outside of the “music industry”? Truth is, I just wanted to make a great living with my music, and I wanted to make an impact.  And once I realized that I didn’t need to define the how or what was going to get me there, I discovered a whole new world... And that world was music production and custom songwriting. What started off as a necessity because I couldn’t afford to hire producers soon became an obsession and a passion 😍 Learning how to produce opened doors I could have never imagined. It created opportunities I could have only dreamed of. I just think to myself now, imagine if I would have INSISTED that a “record deal” or “pub deal” would be my ONLY path to success. CRAZY. We’ve all heard the saying, “you make plans, and God laughs…”  I imagine him saying something like “those are your dreams?! That’s cute kid….hold my beer” 😂 🍺 Once I learned how to produce, here’s just a few things that happened: I started producing my own demos, which led to getting songs cut with artists. One I got pretty good at that, other songwriters started hiring me to do their demos so they could pitch their songs to other artists I was able to turn this "demo business" into a full time income. I even had several publishing companies in Nashville who used me as their resident "track girl" I started doing remote session work as a vocalist and a songwriter. This was additional income to the demo work and became even more profitable Artists started asking me to produce their albums I started getting film/TV placements I grew my business to six figures Now I’m helping other artist/songwriters learn how to produce and record so they can do the same! In this episode I tell you a little bit more about my back story, what prompted my decision to go full time with my music, and how learning to produce has changed my life. P.S. If you're interested in learning to produce your own music, check out this FREE training! 👀  
November 1, 2020
An Interview With Former Manager For Taylor Swift: Rick Barker
I’m SO excited to bring on the new guest in this episode!!! 😊 This is a personal friend of mine, and an absolute GENIUS in the music industry when it comes to marketing yourself, growing a fan base, and presenting your best self to the world. He’s the former manager of Taylor Swift (😱 ),  the host of the podcast Music Industry Blueprint, a co-author of the book $150,000 Music Degree, and a consultant on growing artist fan bases. Basically, if you want to know how to get your music HEARD, Rick Barker is your guy! 🤩 Chatting with Rick is always a treat, because he drops truth bombs EVERYWHERE! 💣💥 In this episode we talk about having the right mentality, the right and wrong ways to engage your fans, and what it takes to get noticed in the modern music scene. With 25 years of experience in the 🎶 business, he’s just about seen it all, so let’s all learn a thing or two from my brilliant friend, Rick Barker! Want to get a FREE training with Rick? Sign up for a LIVE session with the legend himself, where he will teach you 5 Keys To Breakthrough with Your Music, So You can Finally Get Paid!  And of course, you can learn how to produce your own music in this FREE workshop!
October 18, 2020
An Interview With Sync Warrior Mike Genato
Today I'm bringing you inside the mind of a dear friend of mine, who happens to be an absolute badass producer in the sync world: Mike Genato! With over 20 years in the industry, Mike has been a record producer, composer, and sound designer, to audio creative director, music supervisor, music editor and record label owner. With clients ranging from Lexus, Infiniti, Nissan, Nike, Adidas, and Mountain Dew; to HBO, SYFY, MTV, Netflix, Disney and BET; Mike has been CRUSHING it in the sync world since 1998. Today, Mike splits his time running an original music and licensing boutique called RVRSPLAY, and working as a music editor for Netflix. He is also an educator, helping the next generation of producers and composers navigate the world of sync music. Learn how to produce your own music with this FREE workshop!
September 27, 2020
How To STOP Caring What Other Producers Think
I've had so many people in my life, even some producer friends, EVEN BOYFRIENDS say I'd never be a "real" producer. They told me to just stick to what I was good at, songwriting. If I had listened to them, if I had given in and believed them, I would never have had the confidence to put my own music out there and see what I could be for myself! The truth is, we have to stop letting other people’s opinions define us. Most of the time, these producers aren't really talking about you, they're projecting their own insecurities on you to feel better about themselves. So don't take it personally, and most importantly, KEEP WORKING! In this episode I talk about how you can push through the fear of caring what these other ‘producers’ think! You can do it, and I believe in you 🧡 Want to learn how to produce your own music? Check out this FREE training!
September 20, 2020
Why Your Talent Is Holding You Back From Going Pro From Your Home Studio
As musicians, we often think that the path to success is simple; we just have to be better than the other person, better than the other people in line, and better then the rest of the choices, and we'll make it. But the truth, though it's uncomfortable, is that the less-talented guitar player is going to get hired for the session sometimes, and the less-talented vocalist will get that cut. The thing that separates you from the crowd isn't always going to be talent. Being good at your craft is a prerequisite nowadays, and the way to get ahead is to put yourself out there effectively, and take control of the business that is YOU.  The people hiring musicians for remote session don't want an artist who needs their hand held to send them .wav files, and they won't sign a contract with someone who doesn't know what a PRO is. They're going to choose the musician who has their act together! To be successful musicians, we need to OWN our business, and treat it like one! Learn what's going on behind the scenes, market yourself effectively, and know how the industry works. Sometimes we think having talent is enough, but talent is just a stepladder on the mountain of success.  Learn how to produce your own music in this FREE workshop! --->>>
September 13, 2020
That Time I Got Asked To Play SXSW For A Song I Wrote Called “My Tortilla”
It starts like any other story: Girl meets boy. Girl writes song about tortillas. Girl gets invited to perform at a huge music festival. Right?? 🤔  Ok so maybe it's not the most relatable story for you now, but the thing is that could be. I never thought a song about any kind of food would land me in one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world, South By Southwest.  But it didn't happen because I fit in with all the other musicians attending and performing at the festival, it was because I STOOD OUT.  Take a listen to the journey of a song from creation to success, and you'll see why they say “the riches are in the niches!” 🎧 🎼 Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
September 6, 2020
Sometimes You're The Rubber Band
Hey producers and producers-in-the-making, You ever feel like you’re frustrated with where you’re at, maybe even a little stuck? Perhaps you’re a busy body (like me) but lately you feel like you’ve been standing still, even though you’re busier than ever!  Even though we've all been reassured that feeling stuck is normal, it's more than that: it's part of the process to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Maybe I can reframe things for you: instead of being stuck, you might just be the rubber band in a slingshot, feeling like you're going nowhere, or maybe even backward, but if you stick with it, BAM! Like a slingshot, you'll shoot forward as a result.  You might be in a place where all you need is a little push or something to set you up to launch.  Check out this free resource, and see if it can help you get moving again! Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
July 26, 2020
Why Writer's Block Is Bull$h!t
We've all been there; we've all had days where the creativity fountain seems to stop flowing, and good ideas avoid us like the plague. But what if this was something you could control? Is it possible to keep the fountain on all the time?  Pro songwriters know that inspiration is the result of action; not the other way around. When you start working on something without knowing where it's heading, ideas start to pop up and say "Hey! Try me!". If you never look for them, you'll never find them!  One great way to get moving and start hunting down a song is to start with pre-production. Create an outline or a blueprint for yourself, select some sounds, get the vibe going. The rest will follow. DON'T sit around waiting for that magical feeling, go out and get it! Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
July 19, 2020
Is Using Loops Cheating?
In this episode, I share my take on using pre-made loops in your own original music. Since the evolution of hip hop, producers have been taking pre-recorded music and ‘sampling’ it to make new music.  Anything from taking the original sample of the music and adding drums and bass, to ‘flipping’ it and completely repurposing it to something unrecognizable. So... is it actually better to make your own sounds from scratch, so that you can be truly original? Not necessarily! Most people don't care if you make your own sounds and loops, they just care about one thing: does it sound good?  Loops are a tool, and you should use them when it sounds right to do so. No one is looking over your shoulder to say "You didn't make this yourself, you're a fraud!" because loops are, quite literally, made for YOU to use! No one expects you to be an expert in Latin percussion technique and play your own Bossa Nova rhythms, so take that groove, write a song, fill in the rest, and be proud that you made something uniquely YOU. Links mentioned in show: The Right Way to use royalty-free loops on splice- Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
July 12, 2020
Fall In Love With Your Voice-The Difference Between the "It Factor" and a Demo Singer
This episode is for the singers out there. Do you ever wonder what gives an artist that “star power”?  What distinguishes a great vocal from a good vocal?  What’s the difference between the demo singer and the artist? In this episode, I talk about falling in love with the voice you've got... and what exactly that means! Sometimes the work calls for a solo artist, and other times it calls for a demo singer; there's nothing wrong with either! But do you know how to fill those shoes?  Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
July 5, 2020
How This Artist Started Making Money 3 Months Into Learning Music Production
We've all heard the stories about how hard it is to make money as a musician; living in cars, working in restaurants while your songwriting dreams sit on a shelf. Well here's some good news: your story can be different. In this episode, I interview one of my students from the course, Eryn Michel.  Using the newfound skills she gained from the Voice Memo 2 Demo online course, she was able to hone her craft, discover new opportunities, and MONETIZE in 3 months!  Listen to Eryn talk about her life before, when she served in the Army and worked in politics, as she describes the journey of finding her passion in music. From that passion she found the class to help her - a class aimed at helping songwriters learn production - and before she had even finished the course, she was making her own demos, producing for her friends, and earning money!  The crazy dream that had once seemed so far out of reach came easily to her once she found the right instruction for her. Can it happen to you too? Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
June 8, 2020
How to achieve Success with Your Music (Michael Walker Interview)
In this episode I interview Michael Walker from Modern Musician, and host of the annual “Success with Music Conference”. Michael shares his story on how he and his band went from living in their cars, to touring with their favorite band and playing selling 24,000 albums in 6 months and reaching #2 on the iTunes Alternative Charts! Michael also takes us behind the scenes of his company Modern Musician where he’s helping tons of artists create a lasting career in the music industry by providing them with the proper tools they need to succeed. Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
May 24, 2020
Rock Your Next Release
Are you an artist getting ready to release your music into the world and not sure where to start when planning your release? In this episode, I interview Bree Noble from Female Entrepreneur Musician. We talk about strategy and the long game of releasing an album, or series of singles. Here’s the link to the LIVE training we’ll be doing this Wednesday, May 6 @ 6 PM Central/ 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific. There are 8 big pieces of the puzzle or focus areas that determine whether a release will be successful or not. In this workshop, we'll go deep into each focus area. Bree will also show you how the pieces fit together within the Rock Your Next Release framework. Join us for the workshop to learn:  The 3 big mistakes you're probably making when releasing music (and how to fix them)  The one component you MUST have to ensure that you don't miss out on crucial promotional and income opportunities How to use the Rock Your Next Release framework to make a BIG splash with your next release without feeling overwhelmed And Bree will be available to answer questions that come up throughout the workshop so be sure to attend live. Register at Let’s get a plan in place so you can make a HUGE splash with your next release! Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
May 3, 2020
There Are No Short Cuts
In this episode I cover: the correlation between work & luck some myths about how success comes about how to prepare for the life you want the magic secret to success (spoiler alert: there isn’t one!) Here's the book I'm raving about : "Do the Work"- Steven Pressfield Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
April 26, 2020
Why I Don't Do "Hourly" Rates in the Studio
This episode is all about why I don’t charge by the hour. I go on a bit of a rant keeping it 100% real. I talked about: -specific situations in the industry where hourly rates aren’t actually cheaper for the consumer -why time spent does not always equate to the value of service provided -when it MIGHT be acceptable to charge hourly Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
April 19, 2020
Are You Ready to Go Pro From Your Home Studio?
If you’re ready to start making money from your home studio there is no better time than now.  Right now we’re in the middle of a global pandemic.  People are losing their jobs left and right, including the gigging musicians and my heart aches for them.   But you know who’s still surviving?  Studio musicians that can engineer themselves.   If you can record yourself, you can make a living.  If I can do it, you can do it! In this episode I cover: the mindset change I had to have after moving to Nashville thinking a major publishing deal was the only marker of success some myths that may be stopping you from getting started how to get out of your own way and start making MONEY The Links mentioned in this episode: Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
April 12, 2020
You Are What You Eat- Study Your References!
Wondering how to take your songwriting or production to a 'competitive' level? How much are you listening to modern music and using reference tracks?  Let's discuss!! Grab your FREE copy of the Producer's Toolbelt here: Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
March 29, 2020
Why producers shouldn’t discount their rates in exchange for co-writes, master splits
I’ve noticed a common misconception in the community lately among songwriters and artists who believe that co-writing a track with their producer is a tool of leverage for negotiating the price down.  In this episode, we’re going to talk about why that couldn’t be further from the truth. Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
February 23, 2020
Why Every Songwriter Can Benefit from Learning How to Produce (or simply record themselves)!
Whether you're looking to save money on demos,  or you're an artist releasing your own music or trying to break into sync licensing world, learning how to produce or simply record yourself can benefit you TREMENDOUSLY as a songwriter! Also....I'd love to hear from you!!   Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
February 16, 2020
Songwriting For Guitar with Mikey Meiers
On this podcast, I interview Mike Meiers from Songwriting For Guitar.   In order to get killer sounding guitars, you need to understand different playing styles, voicings, and much more!   Not only while recording, but playing live too!      Use this link to get 15% off his course "Songwriting For Guitar": Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
February 11, 2020
Why Having Great Music is JUST the Beginning to Getting Ahead
Are you feeling a bit discouraged with your music?  Feeling like maybe you’re just not getting the right opportunities? In this episode, I talk about why YOUR MUSIC IS NOT ALWAYS YOUR RESUME and some of the tools you need to get ahead if you want to build a business as a producer, artist or songwriter! Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
January 26, 2020
How to Make Money From Your Home Studio!
How to Make Money From Your Home Studio So many people think you're either BEYONCE big or you're BROKE as an artist.  Fortunately for us indies, that couldn't be further from the truth! In this episode, I'm going to teach you how to make money from your home studio, even if you're just starting out and even if you don't have fancy gear! Don't forget to grab your FREE copy of the PDF  "5 Ways to Make Money From Your Home Studio" Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
January 19, 2020
See it First- The Secret Sauce to Producing Great Tracks!
Have you ever sat down to create a track and gotten totally lost, looking up at the screen to hieroglyphics, asking yourself...where the hell am I and what am I trying to do here exactly?  Omg, this used to happen to me ALL THE TIME.   In this episode I talk about how to SEE your production FIRST, so you can save time and get your music out of your head FASTER! Don't forget to grab a FREE copy of the Producer Toolbelt here: Much Love Xo Kris Bradley Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
January 12, 2020
Is Your Music Ready to Pitch? - Or Are You Knocking Before You've Built Your Business?
It is understandable that as musicians we want to get our music out into the world.  We want to connect with an audience or a market that really resonates with what we’re doing. So many musicians are inquiring about opportunities for their music, especially when it comes to Film/TV placements. Here’s the thing though. Their music, most times, is NOT ready to pitch. Make sure you're ready for opportunities when they present themselves by following these steps. And remember, Don't knock until you build! Grab your free copy of "The 4 Step Plan to Licensing Success" here: Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
January 5, 2020
Don't let THIS hold you back from kicking ass in 2020!!
Perfectionism is procrastination disguised as productivity.   Don't let the myth of "one day when I finally have the gear...." stop you from taking action now with your music! **Please forgive the kitty cat podcast bomb at 2:31 :)  Want to build your home studio and not sure WHERE to start ?   Download my FREE PDF guide The Home Studio Starter Kit  here: Already up and running with your studio and want some boss tools to take you to the next level? Download my FREE PDF guide The Producer Tool Belt here: Have you ever caught yourself saying things like… “When I have the money I will…” or “When the timing is right I will….” How about….when I can afford the right gear I’ll be able to make great music. It’s always fascinated me how we can be so wired to argue for our limitations. Why do we do that? I think for artists and producers one of the biggest hurdles is gear.  And so I wanted to just share a quick little secret with you. I started doing this FULL time and landing placements using NOTHING but an apogee duet and a RODE NT1A as my only setup, besides my computer and DAW.  The apogee duet interface cost me $350 used, and the Rode mic is a $200 mic.  I did not buy a pre-amp, or any other hardware.  I simply worked in the box (in the computer) and used what I had. Now,  I definitely procrastinated for a LONG time leading up to that. Gah…One of my biggest excuses was:  I only have stock sounds, so I can’t produce good quality tracks.  I literally let that stop me from even creating! Omg…I realize now how self-defeating that was! So why do we argue for our limitations? The answer?  Perfection. Perfectionism is procrastination disguised as productivity. Let that sink in. So here we are…with good intentions, really just wanting to present our best selves to the world. And what a great story to justify our standstills, right? But can we get real for a second?  We’ve just cracked the code. Perfectionism is procrastination disguised as productivity. And procrastination is simply fear.  Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of success, whatever it is, it’s fear.  Fear of rejection, heartbreak, expansion, you name it, it’s all fear.   And the only cure for fear is action. So we can wait for everything to be perfect, and do nothing. Or we can just take action and do something.  Anything. Just move.  Take 1 step forward. Do it Like a Boss.  Xoxo Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
December 29, 2019
Yes...You Can do All the Things
Welcome to the first episode of Produce Like a Boss! In this episode, I talk about the juggling act of writing, performing AND producing your own music! Doing ALL the things at once can be a bit overwhelming when you're wearing multiple hats, especially when you’re still developing and mastering those skills separately, but it doesn’t have to be. In this video, I talk about how you CAN do ALL the things without losing your mind.  Links: Here's a link to the Free Producer's Toolbelt I created for you! Want to learn HOW to produce your music WITHOUT all the techy talk? Sign up for my free workshop here:
December 16, 2019