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The Product Bakery Podcast

The Product Bakery Podcast

By Alex Dapunt & Christian Strunk
Are you currently working in a Product Company or even considering starting your own? In this Show, Design Manager Alex Dapunt, and Product Coach Christian Strunk are bringing people from all product functions together to talk about the key to build successful products customers love. This involves everything from Product Management to Design as well as Development and Marketing, breaking down traditional silos around these functions and fostering an open dialogue between them. Tune in for weekly interviews, discussions, and best practices that help you understand the whole product process.
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The role of UX in the most played computer game League of Legends - with Alex Wheeler @Riot Games
Humans love to play games! So does Alex Wheeler, Senior UX Designer at Riot Game. Alex spent many years developing the UX for champions of the most played online game League of Legends.  Alex shares great insights about the whole process of developing e.g. a new champion or changes on the client-side for more than 120 Million active users. He touched all the parts from the discovery and wireframing to the development and rollout.  Next to that, he shared why friction in UX and games is so important. Want to learn more about Alex?
November 26, 2020
Defining the right pricing for SaaS products - with Markus Hafellner @Bitmovin
SaaS products are Markus Hafellner passion. Next to his experience as a Product Manager, he worked many years in the tech industry as a developer & CTO.  In his current challenge at Bitmovin, he focuses a lot on defining and developing a good pricing strategy. Markus shares how the company introduced a big pricing change and the thoughts, planning, and approach behind it as well as great tips how to align with stakeholders and getting the buy-in from the C-Level/Top Management. Connect with Markus: John Cutler - Beat the Feature Factory: Run Pre-cap Design Studios
November 19, 2020
Designing experiences not screens
After a week long road trip in Portugal Alex is looking back at all the small invisible experiences he encountered while sitting in the car. It’s things like anticipating and designing for the users intentions that make a experience really great.
November 16, 2020
Building the first product teams in early-stage startups - with Sebastian Sabouné @Founders Factory
Sebastian's role as head of product at the Founders Factory is quite different from most of the jobs. He and the product coaching team help founders and teams build the right product in the right way using their expertise and product coaching framework.  His and the team's thesis is that by both executing on the product as well as coaching founders on what good best practices look like, Founders Factory won't only build great products but also great teams and businesses. Sebastian is focused on supporting and training on hiring Product Managers and building up early-stage Product Teams. In this episode, he shares great stories and best practices on what to consider as a fresh startup and how to hire the right people. Sebastian's book recommendations: Escaping the build trap Thinking fast and slow Never split the difference Sebastian's articles:
November 12, 2020
Establishing a product & engineering mindset in a hypergrowth startup - with Urbi @Trade Republic
Urbi realized pretty "fast" that studying business administration isn't the right thing for him. After he moved to computer science he started his career as a QA Engineer and worked his way up. Currently, he works as an Engineering Manager at Trade Republic. Urbi's mission is to establish a Product and Engineering mindset in the fast growing Berlin fintech. He shares insights on oboarding processes, collaboration between product & engineering as well as establishing a culture of open communication.
November 5, 2020
Building relationships & keeping stakeholders involved - with Emilie Lindström @Outfittery
People were always the passion for Emilie Lindström.  With a background in HR & recruiting she moved into Product Management 3,5 years ago and is now building internal tools and processes for Outfittery. As Product Manager, Emilie spends a big part of her day on working with Stakeholders to get them involved and manage their expectations along the journey. In this episode, she shares insightful stories as well as tips for everyone working with challenging stakeholders. 
October 29, 2020
User research can be fast & easy - with Nikki Anderson @Zalando
With a master's degree in psychology and many years of experience as a User Researcher, Nikki Anderson moved in 2018 from New York to Berlin. She works currently as User Research Lead at Zalando as well as her own startup the user research academy.  Nikki shares the basics of qualitative user research to be able to get started with it in a fast and effective fashion. Next to that, she talks about when a company should start doing user research and at which point it's worth thinking of hiring a researcher. Link to Nikki's research template:
October 22, 2020
Death through research
Alex and Christian were brainstorming during brunch about "what makes the perfect croissant so delicious." They came to the conclusion, that they could do research to find the answer. But how much research would they need to do, and would they really find the answer? In this episode, Alex talks about defining good questions and hypotheses to be able to do good research. Besides that, he touches on why many companies are hesitant to do research and how to apply it a way to not lose speed. 
October 19, 2020
Designing crypto products for investors & communities - with Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy (@lemurf) is a crypto enthusiast for more than 8 years as an investor and a Product Designer. He shares insights into how to build crypto products that are "more usable" for crypto investment app consumers. These days he's focused on working for crypto communities and talks about how the community decides and builds new features & products.  
October 15, 2020
User Experience in B2B: Building a product in the retail industry for today’s consumers - with Henning Witzel @NewStore
Being a computer scientist was too boring for Henning. Once he saw Photoshop the first time he fell in love not only with the tool. He quickly started expressing his ideas on the screen and started working as a freelancer until one of his clients got acquired by the entrepreneur Stephan Schambach.  The omnichannel retail platform NewStore was born and he started as a Product Designer. These days Henning is leading the Design Team and everything related to user research, experience, and product planning. He shares deep and detailed insights about projects with NewStore's clients and how they build a B2B retail product that has touchpoints to end customers. 
October 8, 2020
The product vision definition guide
What's the difference between a product vision and a company vision? Christian talks about the definition of a product vision and the key information it should and shouldn't contain.  He describes the definition process based on examples and best practices. Next to the "theoretical" part, he talks about how to create a product vision based on two workshop methodologies that you can easily apply for your own vision. Read more here:
October 5, 2020
Bootsrapping a startup with user story mapping - Interview with
James & Tim are both founders of Avion,io, a user story mapping tool that helps Product Teams to better collaborate and plan features, products, and services.  When Tim came back from his Product Owner course 5 years ago, learning about user story mapping, he quickly realized together with James that this methodology makes planning much easier and efficient. Unfortunately, they were missing a tool to digitalize and remotely collaborate on a user story map. They sat together after work and started designing and developing Avion,io which they've launched in 2019.  In this episode, they talk about the advantages of user story mapping as well as advanced techniques on release planning, MVP definitions, and some more cool story mapping life hacks.
October 1, 2020
Managing hyper growth with the help of a design system
This time, Christian interviews Alex Dapunt about his career path and work experience. He initially wanted to become an architect but then landed in the Digital Design Space.  Alex started his career in an italian agency and then moved to Munich and finally to Berlin where he started working for SumUp where he became the Head of Design. Over 4 years Alex scaled up the Design team from 4 to 40 people before he left the hyper growth startup.  Besides a lot of hiring and building up a Brand & Product Design Team, he shares the importance of introducing a design system to scale in hypergrowth.  If you're interested in his work check out the design system Circuit UI on Github. 
September 24, 2020
How to get started with user story mapping
In this episode, Alex interviews co-host Christian Strunk to get some background on how he transitioned into Product Management.  Christian started working as a baker before he studied business administration. While studying he founded his first start-up "Pocketrobe" which opened him the doors into the world of Product Management... Besides his career path, Christian talks about his most favorite product planning methodology "user story mapping" and how to get started with it.  If you're interested, listen in! For more information about story mapping  & Product Management check out his blog.  
September 17, 2020
Welcome to the Product Bakery
Meet your hosts Christian Strunk and Alex Dapunt as they introduce you to their new Podcast Format 'The Product Bakery Podcast'. 
September 10, 2020