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The Product Bakery Podcast

The Product Bakery Podcast

By Alex Dapunt & Christian Strunk
Are you currently working in a Product Company or even considering starting your own? In this Show, Design Manager Alex Dapunt, and Product Coach Christian Strunk are bringing people from all product functions together to talk about the key to build successful products customers love. This involves everything from Product Management to Design as well as Development and Marketing, breaking down traditional silos around these functions and fostering an open dialogue between them. Tune in for weekly interviews, discussions, and best practices that help you understand the whole product process.
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Accelerating product development with an integrated Design Team - with Shruti Ramiah @N26

The Product Bakery Podcast

Researching customer problems - with Cindy Alvarez, Director Customer Research @Github
After studying psychology in the late '90s, Cindy started her product, research, and design career. She has lead many Product, Design, and Research Teams over the last decades. Next to that she wrote and published the book Lean Customer Development.  Cindy speaks in this episode, about how to best do customer research. She shares very practical examples of how to understand customer problems without interviews, and best practices to understand what customers really want and need. One of her key messages is that asking questions is not only important for customers, it also helps inside companies to better understand each other.    Table of content: 0:30 - Intro Cindy Alvarez 3:20 - Day to day business as Customer Researcher 5:05 - Doing research on Twitter, Reddit, and co. 10:25 - Building stakeholder relationships to push research 13:25 - How to get started with research in your company 16:15 - Reducing and avoiding bias 19:15 - Talking and negotiating with customers 21:50 - Understanding customer problems 24:20 - Customer research vs. user research 27:40 - Handling design critiques with founders and managers 31:15 - Stock questions to understand the “why” 36:15 - Documenting research outcomes (TL;DR) 39:25 - The biggest mistakes leaders do about research 42:25 - Debrief Christan & Alex   Cindy on the internet: Linkedin: @cindyalvarez Website: Cindy's book: Lean Customer Development   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
February 25, 2021
Deep-diving into the Design Ops role - with Pete Fossnick Design Director, Coach & Trainer
As a follow-up on the previous discussion about Design Operations, the Product Bakers invited Pete Fossnick, who is a seasoned Design Director, Coach, Trainer, and co-founder of the DesignOps Network & conference to diving deeper into the topic. The whole conversation was around the history of design ops, how the role developed and evolved as well as its specific responsibilities.  At the end of the conversation, they've discussed how to accelerate innovation with an operations team as well as how to hire for such positions.     Table of content:  0:30 - Intro Pete Fossnick and how got into Design 9:00 - Fixing problems vs. symptoms 11:50 - Responsibilities of Design Ops people 18:25 - Design Ops is a matter of company size 22:05 - The evolvement and mitosis of Design Ops 27:25 - How the role developing in the market 30:50 - Skills needed to be a good Design Operations Manager 35:35 - How Pete helps the Design Community to level up 38:20 - Design Ops collaboration with Product Managers 44:30 - Biggest mistake companies make in projects 46:50 - Driving innovation with Innovation Ops 50:35 - How to hire Design Ops as a company 53:20 - Where to find skilled people 56:25 - How agile governments work 58:40 - Pete’s gift to the audience (you) 60:00 - Debrief Christian & Alex    Pete on the internet: Linkedin: @peterfossnick Website: Design Ops Conference:    ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
February 18, 2021
The evolvement of design communities - with Mindaugas Petrutis Program Director @On Deck
From working in hospitality to building a Design community is a rare transition that Mindaugas Petruitis made. These days Mindaugas is focused on his design fellowship at On Deck (space between On and Deck) as Program Director for the Designer Fellowship. Endless conversations and networking with Product & Design People across the globe motivated and inspired him to come up with this fellowship. In this episode, the product bakers and Mindaugas look at the evolvement of design communities as well as the challenges they are facing.     Table of content: 00:30 - Intro Mindaugas Petrutis 05:45 - The biggest challenges the Design Space is facing 11:00 - Bringing different functions together 14:30 - The On Deck Design Leadership Fellowship 16:55 - From IC to becoming a Leader 18:45 - The importance of mentoring 24:30 - When networking starts to pay-off 27:05 - The Importance of community building 30:40 - Different types of communities 34:20 - Communities aren’t sales channels 37:40 - Mindaugas’ research for On Deck 41:15 - The biggest trends in the Design Space 44:00 - Debrief Alex & Christian   Mindaugas on the internet: Linkedin: @mindaugaspetrutis Twitter: @MindaugasLT On Deck:  ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
February 11, 2021
Understanding customers to find product/market fit - with Jim Semick Founder @ProductPlan
Jim Semick works for more than 20 years in Product Management. About 8 years ago he was looking for the next big challenge in his life. He quit his full-time job with two kids and no clear business idea. What he had back then was a great and motivated co-founder as well as the vision to make Product Managers' lives easier.  In this episode, Jim talks about the importance of having a clear vision of how to build a company with your co-founder before you even have a business idea. Next to that, Jim shared what he did to identify a problem that was worth solving which later translated into his company ProductPlan.    Table of content: 0:30 - Intro Jim Semick 3:40 - From Product Manager to founder 6:20 - Evaluating & entering markets 13:45 - Dealing with uncertainty as a founder & former PM 15:30 - 30 in-depth customer interviews 17:20 - Bootstrapping instead of raising money? 19:50 - Reducing uncertainty the lean way 25:50 - Making the first hire to build a new product 28:05 - Why you don’t need to raise money 33:00 - Two things you should know when you’re working on an idea    Jim on the internet: Website:  Jim's books & articles: ProductPlan: Linkedin: @jimsemick Twitter: @jimsemick   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
February 4, 2021
Backlog management from a different point of view
This time Christian and Alex sat together to take a deeper look at backlog management. The goal was to clarify common misunderstandings such as who owns the backlog, who is supposed to create tickets, what ticket types are the "right" ones, etc.    Table of content: 2:25 - Frequently asked backlog questions 3:15 - Leonardo Davinci & backlog management 6:00 - Basics of epics & user stories 12:40 - Who should write tickets? 14:25 - Empowering teams to work on the backlog 19:00 - The role of the definition of ready 20:30 - How to take over an existing backlog 23:10 - Keeping the backlog clean   Christian's article & course: Article: Email course:    ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
February 1, 2021
Combining business & product mindsets - with Rich Mironov @Product Management Consultant & Author
Rich Mironov works for more than +30 years in Product Management. Based on his experience as an Independent Product Consultant & Coach with more than 150 clients he shares his thoughts and observations of Product Teams in B2B enterprise.  In this episode, he talked to the Product Bakers about how to work as a Product Leader with executives, as well as the topic of negotiating and managing stakeholders and incoming requests.    Table of content:  0:28 - Intro 5:45 - Organisational misalignment 6:45 - Product vs project management 7:45 - Product management becoming the bottleneck 10:15 - Working with a founder CEO 13:00 - PMs are anthropologists 17:05 - State of Product Management vs. Product Design 22:15 - Prioritizing & negotiating with stakeholders (e.g. Sales Team) 30:05 - Working with stakeholders who have no product background 33:40 - Working as a PM with a boss who has no product background 39:20 - What keeps Rich awake at night 42:45 - Deeply understanding customers & values 48:30 - Three tips for everyone who recently started a Product Lead role    Rich on the internet: Linkedin: @richmironov Blog: Rich's recommendation to read: Rich's book: The Art of Product Management    ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
January 28, 2021
Clubhouse: Top or flop?
In this episode, Alex and Christian discuss the new beta social media clubhouse and its future.   Table of content: 1:53 - The clubhouse trend coming to Germany 3:19 - FOMO 4:51 - MVP Mindset 7:50 - The roadmap & snowball effects 10:05 - Clubhouse the next big social network? 12:15 - The trend of broadcasting 13:50 - What’s the problem statement? 17:50 - Clubhouse downsides & future   Find clubhouse online: Website:  iOS App Store:    ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
January 25, 2021
What Product Managers need to succeed in 2021 - with Luca Criscuolo Head of Product @eBay
Luca Criscuolo studied initially environmental science and holds a Ph.D. in climate science. Next to all his work and research, he decided at some point to be closer connected to the real world and people building products. From that point on he started working in Product Management and moved his way up to several product leadership roles. With more than 14 years of Product Management experience, he's currently working at eBay as Head of Regional Product Europe. In this episode, Luca and the Product Bakers discuss the different dimensions that are important to hire a great Product Team vs. the skills a Product Team needs to succeed based on modern best practices and the current times of uncertainty.    Table of content: 0:28 - Intro Luca Criscuolo 5:10 - Product Managers with different Backgrounds 7:44 - Dimensions of Product Management 11:05 - Growth Hacking and Marketing 14:30 - Hiring for the right mindset 20:00 - Leadership and Product Understanding 23:42 - Leadership mindset 32:46 - Coaching for the right mindset 35:33 - Biggest mistakes Product Managers make 39:14 - Corporate vs. Startup 44:04 - Career development 55:17 - The future of Product Management 57:40 - Closing thoughts from Alex and Christian    Luca on the internet: Linkedin: @lucacriscuolo Twitter: @loloabe Website:   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩ 👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery 📸 Instagram: @productbakery 🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20 🌍 Website:
January 21, 2021
Empowering teams to be innovative - with Ryan Sousa CDO @Seattle Children's Hospital
Ryan Sousa leads data innovation for Research, Hospital, and Foundation at Seattle Children’s. He is a senior leader, entrepreneur, and practitioner and brings more than 25 years of leadership experience in some of the biggest companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Expedia, and Nokia as well as several successful startups. Next to all the companies that Ryan has seen, he clearly noticed one key factor that drives success and innovation in companies which is empowering people! Many companies focus too much on deadlines, pressure from investors, and other things, and lose track of the main thing which is people. To be product and not project-driven, it's crucial to share a problem instead of solutions.  In this episode, Ryan talked about the key points a leader needs to understand to empower teams instead of micromanaging them to be successful.    Table of content: 0:28 - Intro Ryan Sousa 5:20 - Paradigm shift: User centricity 7:38 - Evolvement of the health care industry 9:20 - Processes vs. company maturity 17:15 - Restructuring organizations with the right mindset 22:35 - Organizational structure to empower (product) people 28:30 - Establishing open & direct communication as a Leader 30:00 - Enabling people to be innovative 42:50 - Planning frameworks on steroids 47:55 - The value of Hackathons 49:00 - 3 things that Ryan would have done differently 10 years ago Ryan's book recommendations: No Rules Rules The Art of Action Think Like a Rocket Scientist Connect with Ryan: Email:   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
January 14, 2021
Developing a conference & community product - with Rory Madden Founder @UXDX
"You learn the most from your mistakes, not your success.", is a quote that Rory Madden would immediately sign! With more than 16 years of experience as a Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Business Analyst he has a lot of experiences to share.  Rory founded two start-ups that failed, and one of the biggest learnings he made was to talk to customers as early as possible. Based on that learning, he founded the UXDC (User Experience & Developer Experience) Conference. The mission of the conference is to help people to learn about customer and data-driven agile methodologies to not make the same mistakes as he did.  In this episode, we talked to Ryan about how he "developed" the conference and how the way they interact with his community is shifting in the current health crisis. Table of content: 0:28 - Intro Rory Madden 6:05 - Moving from a project to a product mindset 8:10 - Definition of ”developer experience” 10:50 - Birth of the UXDX idea & community 16:00 - Finding the right speakers & supporters 22:30 - Health crisis as a big challenge 29:15 - Online vs. offline events 41:26 - Building the UXDX platform product 48:00 - 3 key learnings Rory made   Rory on the internet: Linkedin: @Rorymadden Website:   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
January 7, 2021
Wrapping up a remote year with tips for a better working routine
A long and exhausting year is over! Alex and Christian sat down together one last time in 2020 to wrap up a year of remote work and sharing some morning routine tips in times of home office to not only be productive but also to take care of your physical and mental health. The Product Bakers wish you all a happy new year's eve. Stay healthy, stay conscious. Happy new year! 🎉🥳🎊   PS: The next interview will be published on the 7th of January.    Check out our website update: Want to learn to meditate? The Headspace app: ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
December 31, 2020
🎄Xmas special: Self organizing & planning 2021 as a Product Person
Could it be a better time to launch the 20th episode on Christmas?! 🎄 We want to thank all our listeners for the amazing support we've got, and wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy holidays! In this episode, we're doing a little recap on what has happened this year as well as sharing the first outlook for 2021.  Since the year is coming to an end we also talk about how we prioritize & set goals for the next year. This includes a deep-dive into self-organization, tooling, and a couple of book recommendations. #planning Tools we love to use for self-organization: Pen & Paper Google Calendar Evernote Workflowy Our book recommendations: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Lean UX The Bullet Journal Method Hooked The Future of Capitalism High Output Management Pitch Anything The Prosperous Coach Atomic Habits Live hack: Listen to podcasts & educational videos at 1.5x/2x speed 🤶🎄 Follow The Product Bakery Podcast 🎄🎅    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
December 24, 2020
Accelerating product development with an integrated Design Team - with Shruti Ramiah @N26
Shruti is a design researcher and interaction designer. She leads the talented team of The Studio at Zalando in Berlin. At the time of recording this episode, she led the product design & user research team at N26. She has also worked in strategic design consulting with IDEO, user experience at Nokia, and with a few other places. Shruti’s goal has been to nurture effective collaboration between design, research, product management and engineering to deliver customer-focussed solutions – building the capabilities and processes that enable all disciplines to do their best work. In this episode, she talks with Christian and Alex about the role of Design & Research Ops, amongst other things, that help build an effective integrated design team.   Table of content: 0:28 - Intro Shruti Ramiah 1:45 - How Product Design functions @N26 5:05 - Design collectives & Design Ops 7:05 - Collecting customer & stakeholder feedback 10:10 - The role & mission of Design Ops 21:40 - Solving symptoms or problems with Design Ops? 24:00 - How to hire the right people for a Research Team 28:00 - Collaboration between Product Managers, Designers, & Researchers 39:40 - Integrating Design in cross-functional teams 43:20 - Things Shruti would love to have known at the beginning of her career 47:31 - Debrief Alex & Christian   Find Shruti on the internet:  Website:  Linkedin: @shrutiramiah  Twitter: @itursh   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩        👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery     📸 Instagram: @productbakery     🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20     🌍 Website:
December 17, 2020
Brand & product building don't compete with each other! - with Laura Busche @Author of Lean Branding
Branding plays a key role in every kind of business. Laura Busche's passion for marketing and brand strategy started in 2008. Since then she focused a lot on working and learning everything about brands until 2013 when she published her amazing book "Lean Branding" as part of the Lean Series from O'Reilly.  Laura consulted Alex and Christian for almost one hour about building up the Product Bakery brand and community. She shared how to use a storyboard to define the brand values and target audience.   Table of content: 0:28 - Episode summary 0:59 - Intro Laura Busche & her book launch 6:35 - How to brand a product podcast (live coaching by Laura) 8:55 - Lean branding strategies 10:30- The brand storyboard 17:15 - How to identify organic growth channels & strategies 23:25 - Driving branding & storytelling in organizations 28:25 - Value proposition vs. brand recognition (brand messaging) 35:25 - Laura’s brand strategy for her own book 39:25 - Thoughts on Google’s rebranding (icon redesign) 44:35 - 3 Tips from Laura if you launch a new brand/brand heavy product 48:50 - Debrief Christan & Alex   Follow & Connect with Laura:  Website:  Linkedin: @laurabusche  Twitter: @laurabusche  Her book: Lean Branding    ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website:
December 10, 2020
Communities as a foundation to kick-starting your product & brand - with Monica Lent @Bloggingfordevs
Monica Lent is a passionate Software Engineer & Entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience. Next to her first startup, she regularly launches new products, services, and communities such as  Monica shares in this episode many practical tips and examples on how to build up your own community and the need for companies to move beyond acquiring customers and connecting closer to their audiences.   Table of content: 0:30 - Intro Monica Lent 3:50 - 12 Startups in 12 months 6:25 - How she got started with her first paid community 8:50 - Community vs. customer base 13:30 - Importance of communities for businesses 18:35 - Launching fast vs. researching too long 20:10 - Learnings on starting with SaaS product 33:30 - Mistakes to avoid when starting with a SaaS product 39:30 - Bootstrapping vs. funding 42:50 - Monica’s top 5 tips to successfully build a community   Wanna connect with Monica?   Monica's reads & recommendations:   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
December 3, 2020
Creating a product strategy in times of uncertainty
Both Christian and Alex work on many strategic topics as consultants in their day to day business. What they've observed is that many companies need to rethink their current strategies and adapt to the current situation/crisis. In this episode, Christian talks about how to get started with a product strategy definition based on Alex's business idea about selling Italian premium ties. He focuses on the basic skeleton of information & agenda points a product strategy should consist of as well as how to specify them.   Table of content: 0:30 - Product Vision vs. company vision 4:35 - Product vision statements (GoPro) 8:40 - Defining one “catchy” sentence 9:15 - Getting buy-in from Founders & Senior Management 12:00 - Revisiting the vision statement regularly 17:20 - Vision definition workshop example (how to define a vision) 23:15 - Iterating on the product vision statement 27:05 - Who should drive the creation of the product vision   Christian's free product strategy slide deck template: Slide deck: Related article:   Connect with Christian: Website: Linkedin: @christianstrunk Twitter: @strunkchristian   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
November 30, 2020
The role of UX in the most played computer game League of Legends - with Alex Wheeler @Riot Games
Humans love to play games! So does Alex Wheeler, Senior UX Designer at Riot Game. Alex spent many years developing the UX for champions of the most played online game League of Legends.  Alex shares great insights about the whole process of developing e.g. a new champion or changes on the client-side for more than 120 Million active users. He touched all the parts from the discovery and wireframing to the development and rollout.  Next to that, he shared why friction in UX and games is so important. Table of content: 0:30 - Intro Alex Wheeler 4:35 - The addicting nature of computer games 6:45 - Intentional friction the UX 9:45 - Developing champions in League of Legends as UX Designer 15:00 - Persona-based product development 18:00 - Product discovery in gaming & LoL 20:50 - Role & collaboration with Product Managers & Owners 25:15 - When employees are users of your product 30:00 - Using data to design experiences 36:15 - Rolling out updates & new features 39:30 - Designing for 26 countries with different languages & cultures 43:50 - It’s all about documentation 46:10 - Alex 3 key values of designing user experiences 49:00 - Debrief Alex & Christian   Want to learn more about Alex?   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
November 26, 2020
Defining the right pricing for SaaS products - with Markus Hafellner @Bitmovin
SaaS products are Markus Hafellner passion. Next to his experience as a Product Manager, he worked many years in the tech industry as a developer & CTO.  In his current challenge at Bitmovin, he focuses a lot on defining and developing a good pricing strategy. Markus shares how the company introduced a big pricing change and the thoughts, planning, and approach behind it as well as great tips how to align with stakeholders and getting the buy-in from the C-Level/Top Management. Table of content: 0:30 - Intro Markus Haffelner & Bitmovin 4:50 - The challenges of defining prices in B2B 8:55 - Measuring & analyzing data + customer funnels 16:10 - A product-led approach as the foundation for a pricing change 19:05 - Interpreting data & defining 25:20 - Influencing Senior Management & Founders (how to negotiate) 27:35 - Rolling out & communicating price changes 33:35 - Driving pricing topics as a Product Manager and stakeholders 37:00 - Impact of the pricing change at Bitmovin 40:20 - Markus tips to evaluate pricing in a structured way 43:20 - Comparing pricing with competition/market 49:43 - Debrief Christian & Alex   Connect with Markus:   Link from John Cutler: Beat the Feature Factory: Run Pre-cap Design Studios   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
November 19, 2020
Designing experiences not screens
After a week-long road trip in Portugal Alex is looking back at all the small invisible experiences he encountered while sitting in the car. It’s things like anticipating and designing for the user's intentions that make an experience really great.   Table of content: 0:30 - Alex road trip in Portugal 2:30 - Air conditioning experience with Volkswagen 4:45 - User experience in cars 6:35 - Understanding & learning from user intentions 10:55 - Jobs to be done 15:55 - UX on purpose or luck? 17:55 - Autonomous driving 22:25 - Ethnographical studies to better understand users   Connect with Alex: Website: Linkedin: @alexdapunt  Twitter: @alexdapunt   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
November 16, 2020
Building the first product teams in early-stage startups - with Sebastian Sabouné @Founders Factory
Sebastian's role as head of product at the Founders Factory is quite different from most of the jobs. He and the product coaching team help founders and teams build the right product in the right way using their expertise and product coaching framework.  His and the team's thesis is that by both executing on the product as well as coaching founders on what good best practices look like, Founders Factory won't only build great products but also great teams and businesses. In this episode, he shares great stories and best practices on what to consider as a fresh startup and how to hire the right people. Table of content: 0:30 - Intro Sebastian Abdy Sabouné & The Founder’s Factory 5:35 - Coaching founders & product people 7:10 - Product development processes in startups 14:25 - 0 to 1, hiring the right people 18:30 - Which roles to hire first in an early-stage startup 21:00 - Recognizing red flags during the hiring process 24:20 - Setting up early product management processes 29:25 - Data-based decision making with no/few clients 32:50 - Experimenting & defining hypothesis 35:00 - First roles & skills needed when you kick-off a project 37:00 - Tips from Sebastian for aspiring CEOs and Product Managers 44:05 - Debrief Alex & Christian   Sebastian's book recommendations: Escaping the build trap Thinking fast and slow Never split the difference Sebastian's articles: Product thinking Product coaching framework ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
November 12, 2020
Establishing a product & engineering mindset in a hypergrowth startup - with Urbi @Trade Republic
Urbi realized pretty "fast" that studying business administration isn't the right thing for him. After he moved to computer science he started his career as a QA Engineer and worked his way up. Currently, he works as an Engineering Manager at Trade Republic.  Urbi's mission is to establish a Product and Engineering mindset in the fast-growing Berlin fintech. He shares insights on onboarding processes, the collaboration between product & engineering as well as establishing a culture of open communication.   Table of content 0:30 - Intro Andreas Urban aka Urbi 6:15 - Urbi’s mission at Trade Republic 8:00 - What Engineering needs from Product Managers 10:00 - Transitioning to a scaling Product & Engineering organization 15:25 - Writing documentation to speed up onboarding of new Engineers 17:40 - Early Engineering involvement for better product planning 27:35 - Helping teams to stay focused 30:15 - Company culture vs. processes 33:45 - Collaborating with Product Leads as Engineering Manager 39:22 - Engineering a Product & Engineering organization 44:45 - What Urbi motivated to pick up the hyper-growth challenge 48:40 - Debrief Alex & Christian    ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
November 5, 2020
Building relationships & keeping stakeholders involved - with Emilie Lindström @Outfittery
People were always a passion for Emilie Lindström.  With a background in HR & recruiting, she moved into Product Management 3,5 years ago and is now building internal tools and processes for Outfittery. As Product Manager, Emilie spends a big part of her day working with Stakeholders to get them involved and manage their expectations along the journey. In this episode, she shares insightful stories as well as tips for everyone working with challenging stakeholders.    Table of content 0:30 - Intro Emilie Lindström 5:55 - What product newbies need to know 9:30 - Getting started with stakeholder management 13:15 - Identifying your stakeholders 18:55 - Treating stakeholders as domain experts & customers 20:25 - Dealing with “tricky” stakeholders 28:05 - Managing people vs. managing stakeholders 33:00 - How to work with customers 36:55 - Negotiating with stakeholders 41:00 - Christian’s stakeholder horror story 46:45 - Emilie’s key takeaways about stakeholder management 49:10 - Debrief Alex & Christian   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
October 29, 2020
User research can be fast & easy - with Nikki Anderson @Zalando
With a master's degree in psychology and many years of experience as a User Researcher, Nikki Anderson moved in 2018 from New York to Berlin. She works currently as User Research Lead at Zalando as well as her own startup the user research academy.   Nikki shares the basics of qualitative user research to be able to get started with it in a fast and effective fashion. Next to that, she talks about when a company should start doing user research and at which point it's worth thinking of hiring a researcher.    Table of content 0:30 - Intro Nikki Anderson 2:46 - Researching the perfect croissant 6:55 - The basics of qualitative research 14:10 - Choosing the right segments to research 15:55 - Kicking off a research project 23:00 - The TEDW framework for user interviews 29:00 - Validating qualitative interview data 35:25 - Hypothesis-driven research (how might we statements) 37:35 - Evaluative research vs. generative research 41:55 - Parallelizing market research & user research 44:30 - When to start doing and hiring for research as a company 51:25 - Nikki’s key takeaways about getting started with research 54:00 - Debrief Christian & Alex   Connect with Nikki: Website: Linkedin: @Nikkianderson-ux Twitter: @productherapist Link to Nikki's research template:   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
October 22, 2020
Death through research
Alex and Christian were brainstorming during brunch about "what makes the perfect croissant so delicious." They came to the conclusion, that they could do research to find the answer. But how much research would they need to do, and would they really find the answer? In this episode, Alex talks about defining good questions and hypotheses to be able to do good research. Besides that, he touches on why many companies are hesitant to do research and how to apply it as a way to not lose speed.    Table of content 0:30 - Can “taste” be researched? 4:00 - Copying ideas doesn’t replace research 5:25 - Acceptance of research on C-Level 10:00 - Getting answers after deploying to production 13:10 - Dual track research 21:05 - Death through research summary   Connect with Alex: Website: Linkedin: @alexdapunt  Twitter: @alexdapunt   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
October 19, 2020
Designing crypto products for investors & communities - with Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy is a crypto enthusiast for more than 8 years as an investor and a Product Designer. He shares insights into how to build crypto products that are "more usable" for crypto investment app consumers. These days he's focused on working for crypto communities and talks about how the community decides and builds new features & products.    Table of content 0:30 - Intro Liam Murphy 3:10 - Basics around crypto & decentralized finance (DeFi) 8:00 - Designing crypto products 13:40 - Changing user behaviors about investing 15:24 - Kicking off crypto projects 19:25 - Emerging crypto trends 22:50 - Designing for the crypto community 25:30 - The value of cryptocurrencies vs. fiat currencies 29:25 - Best practices to start developing a crypto project 32:10 - Community-driven development 36:35 - Will crypto become mainstream? 38:50 - Liams biggest challenge as a Designer in the crypto space 42:30 - How to get started in the crypto space 44:15 - Debrief Alex & Christian   Connect with Liam:  Twitter: @lemurf Linkedin:  @liammurphydesign   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
October 15, 2020
User Experience in B2B: Building a product in the retail industry for today’s consumers - with Henning Witzel @NewStore
Being a computer scientist was too boring for Henning. Once he saw Photoshop the first time he fell in love not only with the tool. He quickly started expressing his ideas on the screen and started working as a freelancer until one of his clients got acquired by the entrepreneur Stephan Schambach.   The omnichannel retail platform NewStore was born and he started as a Product Designer. These days Henning is leading the Design Team and everything related to user research, experience, and product planning. He shares deep and detailed insights about projects with NewStore's clients and how they build a B2B retail product that has touchpoints to end customers.    Table of content: 0:30 - Intro Henning 3:55 - Definition of Omni-Channel & NewStore 9:20 - Product development in B2B (real-world project examples) 14:45 - Developing modern point of sale & checkout features 18:25 - Translating customer feedback into design & user experience 20:55 - Challenges with quantitative feedback in B2B (e.g. Google Analytics) 22:40 - Organizational customer feedback funnel 24:55 - Design as a service 30:55 - Early design involvement for the win 38:20 - Design collaboration with Product Managers 43:55 - When & how to say “no” to customer requests 52:55 - Henning’s key takeaways about design thinking in B2B enterprise 55:31 - Debrief Christian & Alex   Connect with Henning:  Linkedin: @henning-witzel Twitter: @Henning_Witzel Website:   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
October 8, 2020
The product vision definition guide
What's the difference between a product vision and a company vision? Christian talks about the definition of a product vision and the key information it should and shouldn't contain.  He describes the definition process based on examples and best practices. Next to the "theoretical" part, he talks about how to create a product vision based on two workshop methodologies that you can easily apply for your own vision.   Table of content 0:30 - Product vision basics 7:05 - The one catchy product vision sentence 7:50 - Benefits of having a product vision 11:30 - Iterating on the product vision 17:00 - Defining a product vision (workshop formats) 24:55 - Christian’s summary about creating a product vision   Connect with Christian: Website: Linkedin: @christianstrunk Twitter: @strunkchristian   Read more here:   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
October 5, 2020
Bootsrapping a startup with user story mapping - Interview with
James & Tim are both founders of, a user story mapping tool that helps Product Teams to better collaborate and plan features, products, and services.  When Tim came back from his Product Owner course 5 years ago, learning about user story mapping, he quickly realized together with James that this methodology makes planning much easier and efficient. Unfortunately, they were missing a tool to digitalize and remotely collaborate on a user story map. They sat together after work and started designing and developing which they've launched in 2019.  In this episode, they talk about the advantages of user story mapping as well as advanced techniques on release planning, MVP definitions, and some more cool story mapping life hacks.   Table of content 0:30 - How Tim & James got into user story mapping 5:25 - User story mapping vs. customer journey mapping 8:30 - Story mapping during the product development cycle 13:30 - Product discovery with story mapping 19:00 - Defining MVPs and preparing the backlog 25:40 - Story mapping as a product documentation tool 26:15 - Advanced release planning with story mapping 32:15 - Downside of story mapping 35:25 - Bootstrapping Avion with story mapping 43:40 - Key takeaways from Tim & James 46:30 - Debrief Alex & Christian   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
October 1, 2020
Managing hyper growth with the help of a design system
This time, Christian interviews Alex Dapunt about his career path and work experience. He initially wanted to become an architect but then landed in the Digital Design Space.  Alex started his career in an Italian agency and then moved to Munich and finally to Berlin where he started working for SumUp where he became the Head of Design. Over 4 years Alex scaled up the Design team from 4 to 40 people before he left the hyper-growth startup.  Besides a lot of hiring and building up a Brand & Product Design Team, he shares the importance of introducing a design system to scale in hypergrowth.  If you're interested in his work check out the design system Circuit UI on Github.    Episode Minutes: 0:28 - Introduction of Alex Dapunt 6:00 - Key design challenges in companies 8:00 - Cross-functional design collaboration 12:20 - Leading a Design Team to build a customer-focused design system 15:50 - Decision-making process to build a design system 18:55 - Potential downsides of a design system 21:50 - Design system & branding 27:00 - Establishing a design system in cross-functional teams & multi-products 30:00 - Alex’s key takeaways & summary    Connect with Alex: Website: Linkedin: @alexdapunt  Twitter: @alexdapunt   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
September 24, 2020
How to get started with user story mapping
In this episode, Alex interviews co-host Christian Strunk to get some background on how he transitioned into Product Management.  Christian started working as a baker before he studied business administration. While studying he founded his first start-up "Pocketrobe" which opened the doors into the world of Product Management... Besides his career path, Christian talks about his most favorite product planning methodology "user story mapping" and how to get started with it.  If you're interested, listen in! For more information about story mapping  & Product Management check out his blog.     Episode minutes: 0:28 - Introduction Christian Strunk 8:00 - Product challenges in companies 8:45 - Get started with product planning 11:35 - Product planning with user story mapping 15:00 - Estabishing story mapping in the product development process 18:40 - When to not do user story mapping 21:25 - From planning to delivery (backlog preparation) 25:15 - Start planning from the end/back 30:30 - User story mapping or customer journey mapping? 35:05 - Christian’s key takeaways & summary    Connect with Christian: Website: Linkedin: @christianstrunk Twitter: @strunkchristian   ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
September 17, 2020
Welcome to the Product Bakery
Meet your hosts Christian Strunk and Alex Dapunt as they introduce you to their new Podcast Format 'The Product Bakery Podcast'.  ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍Website:
September 10, 2020