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By Omer Ben-Ami & Tomer Dean
Finding PMF is hard. Learn how great products are built. Join Product.FM for value-packed episodes for PMs & tech founders to achieve product market fit, user validation, and go to market🤍
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[E01] Why Scrum Isn't Always The Best Method, Lessons Learned at Facebook w/Nimrod Priell


[E09] - What designers ACTUALLY care about w/ Omri Dvir, Ex-Facebook Ex-Microsoft
In this episode we met Omri to hear the incredible gems he had to share about: - Hiring the first designer for a startup - when and how. - How to structure and build design teams for scale-ups. - How to make sure designers on your team enjoy their work. - What do PMs get wrong about working with product designers.
August 17, 2022
[E08] Optimizing the Fundraising Process w/Tomer Dean
Tomer shares with listeners everything he learned raising funds two times - slidedeck tips and tricks, war stories and and Do's and Dont's. - Storytelling for fundraising (0:00)  - Investors CRM management (2:25) - Rejection reasons (4:40)  - Tips and tricks to iterate over the deck (5:30)  - Product features slides (6:50)  - Storylines (7:55)  - Lead the conversation with specific slides (9:53)  - True story about smart investors and product features (12:25) - The ClubMarket pivot (14:10)  - Get a free template for your deck (16:15)  - 6 key questions to consider (16:50) Tomer started to code at the age of 13 and ever since then obsessed with building new apps. He has built 30+ projects over the years in SaaS, deep-tech and media - usually bootstrapped but sometimes venture-backed. He favors quick-and-dirty MVPs, smokescreen validation and A/B test messaging measurement. He is currently the CEO of AudioLabs. Mentioned links on building a 6-slide deck:
July 01, 2022
[E07] Building Systems for Continuous User Feedback w/Tali Gueta
Finding PMF requires correctly identifying user pain points and solving them with a product. We’re hosting Tali Gueta, VP Product at, to help us break this down. Topics covered: Intro on Tali (00:40) Why is collecting user input so important? (03:10) What type of startup should be doing collecting user feedback? (05:07) Define the hypothesis & user interviews (06:46) Common methods of collecting user feedback (08:11) When to segment your users even more? (10:15) Incentives for users to agree to interview (12:29) How to store interview data properly? (16:18) How to get niche audiences to agree to interview? (23:29) Building communities for feedback (25:17) Automating the process of feedback (28:15) Tools mentions: Notion - for managing user feedback - DoveTail - documenting user feedback - ZenDesk - customer service - Intercom - user chats and support - Zoom - video chat -
July 01, 2022
[E06] - Building the Marketing Org - Eran Yacabovitch - AI21Labs / Lightricks - Eran Yacobovitch
We sat with Eran to learn about his work with Lightricks, AI21Labs and צרות בהייטק.
June 09, 2022
[E05] Improving How Renters Lease Apartments - Ideation, MVP to Expansion w/Erez Cohen, CEO of Knock
Today we'll give you the backstory of Knock, a Prop-Tech startup helping renters lease apartments more efficiently. We cover the early days of user validation, which MVP to begin with, as well as issues & efforts around expanding "one-stop-shop". Guest: Erez Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO of Knock
March 26, 2022
[E04] Which SaaS Startups Should Invest in SEO w/Oren Greenberg
We're hosting growth specialist, Oren Greenberg, for a discussion on the state of SEO. We go deep on which startups should invest in SEO and techniques to determine if SEO is right for your niche. We discuss the relationship between PM and PMM roles, as well as when startups should start worrying about this.
March 11, 2022
[E03] Why Developing Tech Talent Is Critical For Success w/Rooly Eliezerov
As we continue talking with Rooly Eliezerov, we dive into topics around acquiring, maintaining and developing tech talent. Rooly includes best practices of how to nail the interview process to make your company a success.
February 11, 2022
[E02] The Art & Science of Finding PMF w/Rooly Eliezerov
Rooly Eliezerov founded two startups: Hotbar (acquired by 180solutions), and Gigya (acquired by SAP). In this episode we discuss a clever framekwork of finding PMF and doing GTM
February 11, 2022
[E01] Why Scrum Isn't Always The Best Method, Lessons Learned at Facebook w/Nimrod Priell
We're discussing agile and scrum methodologies with Nimrod Priell, what he learned leading product teams at Facebook, and now with his startup
January 15, 2022
Intro to Product.FM
Learn what the goal of Product.FM is all about and background on our founders
January 15, 2022