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The Product Launch Podcast

The Product Launch Podcast

By Sean Boyce
Sean Boyce from NxtStep will share all of his insights and lessons learned from many years of building product businesses so that you can learn all about how to set your very own product business up for success. Listen to our interviews from professionals in Sean’s network that have successfully launched and run countless product businesses successfully. If you’re involved with managing a product or product business we can help you with everything from the idea stage to sunsetting products and everything in between.
Balancing Discipline and Agility in Product Management with Jama Software’s Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson is the VP of Product Management at Jama Software. He leads both product management and user experience teams, and has 12 years of experience in product management. On this episode of Product Launch, Sean and Jeremy discuss The benefits of a non-technical background in being effective in product management How understanding the functional areas of an organization will help you be a better product manager How to perform product management effectively in a complex environment with a team The importance of effective process in ensuring that product management is done well How sharing responsibility on your product team can affect increase agility and consistency The Jama Connect value proposition and how their customers benefit from using it The importance of receiving feedback direct from customers How to move faster in product development by being more thorough with your product design and testing process Resources:  Jama Software website: Connecting with Jeremy: Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn:
January 18, 2021
Product Flexibility as a Growth Strategy with Agora’s SVP of Marketing Virginia Liu
 Virginia is the SVP of Marketing and Ecosystems at Agora. On this episode of Product Launch, Sean and Virginia cover  How a platform as a service product is unique when compared with traditional SaaS products How the demand for the Agora service has increased due to the pandemic The creative applications Agora’s customers have developed with access to their tools and services How to organize data and feedback from users to make your product better as a platform as a service company Resources:  Agora on LinkedIn: Agora on Twitter: Connecting: Connect with Virginia in LinkedIn -
January 4, 2021
Pivoting your Product Business with Daniel Senyard from Shep
Daniel Senyard who is the Co-founder and CEO of Shep. On this episode of Product Launch, Daniel and Sean cover The Shep value proposition How Shep pivoted due to industry impact due to the pandemic Framing you product as a hypothesis Distinguishing between adjustments and pivots for your product Pivoting from SMB to enterprise as a target market Resources: The Start-Up J Curve, by Howard Love - Obviously Awesome, by April Dunford - Shep Travel - Get Shep - Connecting with Daniel: Connect with Daniel over Email at
December 22, 2020
Sales as the Key to Success for your Product Business with Lisa Peskin
Lisa is the Founder and CEO of Business Development University or BDU. On this episode of Product Launch, Lisa and Sean cover  The importance of passion and authenticity in communicating your value proposition to prospects They 3 keys to business development and sales  Folding 30/60/90 day game plans into your annual plan Building your prospecting process to deliver effective results Why your initial conversations need to start with their problems (and not your solutions) Putting together the pieces to tell an effective sales story Why not everything can be done online Resources: Business Development University - BDU's Prospect Visit Checklist - Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount - Connecting with Lisa: Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn -
December 15, 2020
Better Benefits with Lluna’s Jessica Podgajny
Jess Podgajny has spent her career in client service and management consulting, focused on the people side of projects. She is now the Founder and CEO of LLUNA a B2B platform that enables companies to design, manage, and analyze personalized employment arrangements. On this episode of the Product Launch podcast, Jess and Sean cover  The past, present, and future of LLuna  What Lluna offers their clients (that they can’t get elsewhere) The growing demand for flexibility The Lluna prototype build strategy through the use of ‘no-code’ tools The Lluna team’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy Tight target market, build momentum and social proof to take to the bigger organizations Resources:  Tools - Bubble - The Mom Test - Connecting with Jess - Reach out to Jess to talk about personalized employer arrangements  Connect with Jess over email
November 17, 2020
The Hyper-Automation Movement with Nividous’s Chris Hawn
Chris Hawn is the Managing Director at Nvidous.  Chris’s background includes finance, technology and now hyper automation as he’s leading the charge in growth and scaling the business in the US. This week's topic is hyper-automation, and Sean and Chris specifically cover\ Hyper-automation vs Robotic Process Automation (RPA) How companies interact with their software bot Use cases for the technology Industry applications for hyper-automation Overcoming objections to hyper-automation What the future of automation means for jobs done by people Resources: Nividious Website: Connecting with Chris: Connect with Chris over email: Connect with Christ over LinkedIn:
November 3, 2020
Product Positioning with Obviously Awesome Author April Dunford
April Dunford is the author of Obviously Awesome which is all about product positioning.  Prior to that April was the VP of Marketing for 7 successful startups. This week, April and Sean cover  What is product positioning and how it can help you "Jobs to be done" and the milkshake story Integrating product positioning in a jobs to be done framework The importance of competitive alternatives when it comes to positioning Testing your positioning thesis and how to refine it based on your traction April’s real-world example of the power of positioning Finding the examples of best-fit customer use cases Resources:  April's book, Obviously Awesome: Connecting with April: Connect with April on Twitter: Connect with April on her website: Connect with April over email:
October 26, 2020
Differentiating Yourself in a Sea of Competition with Habitat Logistics Trip O’Dell
Trip’s experience and product portfolio is diverse. It includes consumer hardware, software, cloud services, enterprise software, among others at solving complex problems at scale. Trip's grounded product experience combines a track record for envisioning, defining and shipping new ideas, products and technologies resulting in new products, services, intellectual property and driving business outcomes at companies like Amazon, MSFT and Adobe. He is the new CXO at the Y-combinator company Habitat in Philadelphia which deals with last mile delivery technology. On this week's episode of Product Launch, Sean and Trip discuss What is a CXO (Chief Experience Officers) role all about Why success is all about people, product, and process East vs West coast approaches to building a tech company  The importance of a humanistic, experimental, future based mindset  “People don’t buy a drill, they buy a repeatable quarter inch hole” Developing a customer obsession at your organization The importance of failure Resources: Trade Off, by Kevin Maney: Brave New Workforce Podcast: Connecting with Trip Connect with Trip through Twitter: Connect with Trip over Email:
October 20, 2020
Industry Expertise as an Accelerator for your Product Career with Hazelcast’s David Brimley
Hazelcast delivers the in-memory computing platform that empowers Global 2000 enterprises to achieve ultra-fast application performance - at any scale. Built for low-latency data processing, Hazelcast’s cloud-native in-memory data store and event stream processing software technologies are trusted by leading companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Charter Communications, Ellie Mae and National Australia Bank to accelerate data-centric applications. On this weeks episode of the Product Launch podcast, Sean and David cover  Why industry subject matter expertise matters and how it differentiate you as a product professional The advantages of building a product for yourself  How to keep your industry subject matter expertise to be better product professional Going from a siloed world of being an individual contributor to more of a leadership role for the organization and various functional groups Why product professionals need to maintain a healthy network of industry professionals Getting to know your customers personally so they will feel comfortable opening up to you so you can help them Resources: Flash Boys, by Michael Lewis - Automate This, by Christopher Steiner - Competing Against Luck, by Clayton M. Christensen - Playing to Win, by A.G. Lafley - How to Lead in Product Management, by Roman Pichler - Hazelcast Websites - , Connecting with David: Connect with David on Twitter -
October 13, 2020
Embracing the Pivot with Rhino Review’s Chelsea Craig
Chelsea is the founder of Rhino Reviews and they work with businesses to protect their online reputation by growing and leveraging their online customer reviews. They offer the only fully managed review generation and reputation management program on the market. Every client receives a unique strategy based on their current reputation, where they wish to go, and headwinds they might encounter. They work to improve both the external as well as internal reputation and take businesses from a reactive to a proactive position. On this episode, Sean and Chelsea cover The success story behind Rhino Review and embracing the concept of the pivot How measuring the customer experience helped Chelsea realize why Rhino was stuck How leveling up their pricing actually helped them refine their value proposition How your sales and go-to-market strategy needs to shift when you decide to pivot How a lower price for your product or service can actually hurt your business Chelsea’s philosophy on adding new services (or features) to their list of offerings Resources: Sandler Sales Training - Rhino Reviews LinkedIn - Rhino Reviews Blog - Connecting with Chelsea: Rhino Reviews website - Connect with Chelsea over email -
October 6, 2020
Building Data-Driven Products with Stephen Sklarew
Stephen is a product and technology executive with extensive experience building and growing companies both large and small.  He is also the CEO of Synaptiq.  Synaptiq provides strategic AI and data science services to information, technology, and product officers. On this week's episode, Sean and Stephen discuss  “There’s nothing more frustration than building software that no one will use” Why software is more about understanding your customer than technology How to be a conservative entrepreneur when it comes to financial risk Why selling services is a great way to identify product opportunities “It’s not worth getting others people’s money until you’ve proven your business model” What it means to build a data-driven product How to know when you have a product worth building The critical importance of testing your value proposition early and often Resources: Good to Great, by James C. Collins - Traction, by Gino Wickman - Scaling Up, by Verne Harnish - 3HAG Way, by Shannon Byrne Susko - Synaptiq Website - Connecting with Stephen: Connect with Stephen on LinkedIn - Connect with Stephen over Email -
September 29, 2020
The Product Launch Journey of Everykey with Founder Chris Wentz
Chris Wentz is the founder of Everykey, the universal smart key that replaces all of your passwords and keys!  Everykey can unlock your phone, laptop, tablet, and log you into your online accounts when you're around, then locks everything down when you walk away.  Soon Everykey will also unlock your car, house and more! This week on the Product Launch Podcast, Sean and Chris discuss The origins of Everykey How Everykey identifies customers and improves their lives  Everykey's pricing structure and why it works  How the team has evolved through different phases of building the company What's next for Everykey Chris's best advice for aspiring product company founders Resources: - Use promo code PRODUCTLAUNCH20 for 20% off  The Hard Thing About Hard Things, by Ben Horowitz - Connecting with Chris: Connect with Chris over email at
September 22, 2020
Producing Awesome Content with AI Tools with MarketMuse’s Aki Balogh
Aki is the co-founder and CEO of MarketMuse.  MarketMuse uses AI to optimize content for organic search.  Their SaaS platform is in use by 200 enterprises and over 10K users. In this episode, Sean and Aki cover topics like  Using analytics to improve decision making  Approach big problems from a fresh perspective Identifying powerful use cases within your target market for your product Testing your value proposition Measuring and describing the ROI of your product for your customer Resources:  MarketMuse Blog - MarketMuse Content Strategy Crash Course - Get started with their free version - Slack community, the Content Strategy Collective - Product Led Growth (PLG) - Openview Venture Partners - FirstRound Newsletter - Pricing - Price Intelligently - Hubspot- Marketing - Connecting with Aki: Email Aki at Connect with Aki on LinkedIn at
September 15, 2020
The Telehealth Product Neeka with President Jared Sheehan
Jared is the President of Neeka Health Intelligence, the econometric and digital arm of Neeka Enterprises. Neeka Enterprises spans the healthcare continuum by providing strategic, operational, and tactical support to leading healthcare organizations. Their team brings a blend of medical, economic, and startup experience to identify strategic margin improvement opportunities and deliver results through tech-enabled services. In this episode, Sean and Jared cover The telehealth product they’ve built called Neeka What econometrics means and how it applies to healthcare The story behind Neeka and the problems they solve The Neeka value proposition and how they identified their target audience How Neeka is differentiated from the options on the market What’s next for the future of telehealth and how they intended to innovate around these needs Resources: Pwrdby website - Neeka - Hospital Pandemic Preparation - COVID-19 Elective Surgery Recommendations - How Will COVID-19 Affect the Health Care Economy - Connecting with Jared: Connect with Jared on LinkedIn -
September 8, 2020
The Trudge to the Bathroom Test with Neil Gordon
Neil Gordon helps experts become the face of a movement. He works with executives, influencers, and thought leaders and has helped them get six-figure book advances, be seen on shows like Ellen and Dr. Oz, and double their speaking fees. On this episode of Product Launch, Sean and Neil discuss What the ‘trudge to the bathroom test’ is all about and why you need to run it “Marketing is made or broken by how well we understand the problems experienced by our customers” Why testing your product ideas are so important Figuring out what problems people are hungry to solve How he markets his products and what you can learn about how to market yours Defining your marketing hooks and figuring out what your next product should be Conducting the twitter test, (struggling with this problem and add a bitly link, spend a couple bucks on each and measure the results) Figuring out the marketing hooks, landing page content, testing your messaging Neil’s magic wand product for transforming webinars Resources: Visit Neil on the web at Neil's Silver Bullet at A Prayer For Owen Meany at Connecting with Neil: Neil's LinkedIn:  Email Neil at
September 1, 2020
Effective product management done remotely with Internet Creations’ Howard Yermish
Howard is the Director of Product at Internet Creations which is a Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting partner that empowers organizations to operate efficiently and accelerate success by aligning people with technology. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:  Being an effective product manager in a fully remote capacity Managing a product that is a native component in an ecosystem Aligning your product roadmaps Balancing product experience and product recognition Resources: Salesforce learning platform Trailhead ( Internet Creations blog ( Connecting with Howard Email Howard at Connect with Howard on LinkedIn ( Follow Howard on Twitter @hyermish (
August 25, 2020
Building a Product Business Organically with Learnt's Eliza Nimmich
Eliza Nimmich is the COO of Learnt. Learnt is an online marketplace that allows students to seamlessly and instantly connect with highly vetted tutors online and in-person. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch: The strategy of developing and growing an enterprise business on a limited budget The importance of cultivating personal connections to customers as a form of investment Crowdfunding as an effective means of fundraising Understanding flexibility as a necessity for early growth Resources: Learnt Eliza's Crowdfunding Campaign  Slack Connect With Eliza: Connect With Eliza Over Email Connect with Eliza on LinkedIn
August 16, 2020
Product Management Advice from Product Coach and Mentor Timo Sturm
Timo Sturm is a freelance product coach and mentor who helps others achieve successful careers in product.  He is also the Co-Founder of What a Location which is a data and analytics tool for the commercial real estate industry.  Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch. The impact of local culture on the product management profession What product managers from Europe and the U.S. can learn from each other Why a product role requires effective process as well as, an understanding that the process can always be improved Why product managers need to be decisive in their decision making Why it’s so important for product managers to set explicit goals and drive towards them with conviction Resources Join Timo’s free newsletter Reforge Programs Connecting with Timo Connect with Timo on LinkedIn
July 30, 2020
Sharpening your Marketing Axe with Creative’s Ben LeDonni
Ben LeDonni is the Founder and CEO of Creative MMS based in Philly.  Creative works as a partner to marketing execs and marketing directors who have had trouble reaching their audience with the same tactics that have worked in the past and help them innovate in reaching their audience and generating sales through digital channels.  On this episode of Product Launch, here are some of that Ben and I will discuss. What Abe Lincoln's famous quote about axe sharpening means for marketing your business How to identify the personas relevant to your business Stop focusing on features, focus on problems first Find the pain and solve it Share your ideas with anyone that will listen Qualitative data is your friend, get as much of it as possible Testing your following before building a product Thinking about product marketing as dollar-cost averaging Resources SpyFu Answer the Public Google Trends Creative MMS Website Connecting with Ben Anyone who is looking to build an audience or grow their business should email Ben at
July 21, 2020
Protecting your Team and Business when Working Remotely with Anthony Mongeluzo
Anthony Mongeluzo is the President of the IT Managed Service Provider company PCS.  Anthony details for us what we can do to ensure we are keeping our team and company safe as we transition to working remotely.  We’ll talk about what ‘zoom bombing’ is and what you can do to ensure it doesn’t happen to you and your team.  In this episode, we’ll talk about everything from protecting your team, securing the tools you use, steps you can take to protect yourself and your company and more. Resources PCS Blog & Newsletter - Productivity Tool - Getting in contact with Anthony Connect with Anthony on LinkedIn Email - Phone - 877-596-4446
April 10, 2020
Taking Action From User Research with Ralph Pierre-Louis
Ralph is the Head of Design at QuotaPath.  On this episode of Product Launch, Ralph shares with us his insight into user research and maximizing the value to both your B2B SaaS company and the customer deploying valuable strategies such as product-led growth.  Ralphs shares the progress he’s made throughout his career and what ultimately landed him as Head of Design at QuotaPath.  Spoiler alert - it’s got something to do with being product-led! Recommended Resources Openview’s build podcast - Book - Product-led Growth by Wes Bush Book - Inspired by Marty Cagan Getting in touch with Ralph Connect with Ralph on LinkedIn
March 10, 2020
Effectively Marketing Your SaaS Business with Raj Kapur
Raj Kapur is the Founder and Managing Director of &Marketing.  Raj shares his insight for those of us looking to market and successfully grow our B2B SaaS businesses.  Learn from him as he shares keys in the areas of prioritizing the problem you are solving to the most effective marketing strategies to date.  Raj is also offering our listeners a free Initial Marketing Analysis where he and his team will review your marketing strategy and resources to provide you with valuable insight.  Don’t forget to sign up for the upcoming Marketing Planning and Execution webinar through the link below. Resources Book Recommendation - Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller Webinar - Marketing Planning Like a Pro Initial Marketing Analysis - Free for Product Launch listeners! Getting in touch with Raj Connect with Raj on LinkedIn Visit the &Marketing website
March 2, 2020
Growing a Successful SaaS Business Without Venture Capital with Brendan Rice
Brendan Rice is the Chief Marketing Officer at Wodify.  Wodify provides management software to the fitness industry.  Brendan shares the Wodify story and shares lessons from staying lean to building an awesome company without having to raise capital in this episode of the product launch podcast powered by NxtStep. Best SaaS advice from Brendan Learn about building a product business by getting out there and talking to customers Getting in touch with Brendan Connect with Brendan on LinkedIn Wodify is hiring! Email Brendan at
February 24, 2020
Jim Paolino from LodeStar
Jim Paolino is the Founder and CEO of LodeStar.  Join me as I interview him about the journey he took to bring LodeStar to market.  Jim will share his expertise and advice for those looking to build and grow a SaaS business.  We’ll discuss everything from startup life to raising capital and everything in between. Resources Get a coach and surround yourself with a support system that understands what you’re going through (other founders and CEOs) Getting in contact with Jim Connect with Jim on LinkedIn Leverage the resources available on the LodeStar website
February 20, 2020
Growing an EdTech SaaS Startup to more than 1000 paid customers with Nick Malekos
Nick Malekos is a marketing expert that is involved in building and selling the EdTech SaaS company Learn Worlds. Learn from him about how they have gained traction in the EdTech SaaS space by addressing the obvious unmet needs in their space.  Nick’s speciality in marketing has helped him grow Learn Worlds aggressively in recent years.  Learn from his successful strategies and tactics to help grow your SaaS business. Resources eLearning trends article How to start and online school How to create an online course Learn Worlds academy Tools to create instructional videos SaaStr (podcast, blog, conference) Equity podcast from TechCrunch Freakanomics - get the book here Cautionary tales podcast Getting in touch with Nick Connect with Nick on LinkedIn Email Nick at
February 17, 2020
Ben Johnson from Freya Systems
Description: In this episode of the Product Launch Podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with Ben from Freya Systems about building internal products for the enterprise.  Ben and his team build products for large organizations in the aviation, transportation and manufacturing industry. Show notes 00:30 - Background about Ben and more information about Freya Systems. 02:00 - What Freya Systems is doing to help their customers predict the future. 04:30 - What they do with all that data. 07:00 - What type or problems are you solving? 12:30 - Why elegant and simple solutions are ideal even for complicated problems faced by very large organizations. 17:00 - The advantages of specializing.  Niche to get rich. 19:00 - How do you solve the problems of your customers and who is typically involved? Product Resources Training Pluralsight YouTube Datacamp Wireframing Adobe XD Getting in touch with Ben Connect with Ben on LinkedIn Freya Systems Website
December 10, 2019
Sreeni Jakka from Tech O2
Sreeni Jakka from Tech O2Description: In this episode of the Product Launch Podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with Sreeni from Tech O2 about all things software and startups.  Learn how to make your software startup successful from a veteran of helping over 60 startups. Show notes 01:00 - What is Tech O2? 03:00 - Sreeni’s experience working with startups. 05:00 - Advice for early stage companies 09:00 - How to scale back to your MVP. 14:30 - How do know when you’re ready to actually build the product. 20:00 - Being smart with your budget 21:00 - Why you should avoid ‘stealth mode’ for your startup Product Resources Blogs Medium Books The Lean Startup (Eric Ries) Getting in touch with Sreeni LinkedIn Tech O2 Website Email - Phone - 215.262.2633
December 2, 2019
SEO and Organic Content for SaaS Businesses with George
Description: In this episode we speak with an SEO and organic content expert in George.  George has created SEO and content strategies for numerous SaaS businesses across the globe. Show notes 01:00 - The type of companies George works with 03:00 - Knowing when a company has found product-market fit 05:30 - What’s the best way to drive organic growth for your SaaS business 08:00 - George’s 6 step process for organic content and SEO success 09:00 - What is important for SEO success today 11:30 - Why you’ll be fine if you stick to the script 12:00 - What is the best way to build a content strategy that delivers results? 15:00 - When to invest in these strategies for your SaaS business 17:30 - What is a reasonable budget for a project like this for a SaaS business? Product Resources Websites SEO Tool - Ahrefs Getting in touch with George Facebook LinkedIn MINUTTIA
November 26, 2019
Stuart Balcombe from Customer Discovery Sprints
Description: In this episode of the Product Launch Podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with Stuart from Customer Discovery Sprints about everything from starting with problems to verifying solutions in the wide world of product for early stage companies. Show notes 01:00 - What is Customer Discovery Sprints 03:30 - How to start with problems. 06:00 - Why you shouldn’t start with (just) an idea. 11:00 - Asking the right question - The Mom Test 12:00 - How to ask for real-world examples. 14:00 - How to have an effective customer interview. 16:00 - How do you validate your product ideas? Product Resources Books The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick How to Create Tech Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan Podcasts Build by Drift Courses Customer Interviews Course Blogs Silicon Valley Product Group (Marty Cagan) Getting in touch with Stuart Email - Customer Discovery Sprints
November 19, 2019
Zubin from LeagueSide
Description: In this episode of the Product Launch Podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with Zubin who is the Co-Founder and COO of LeagueSide .  Learn about how LeagueSide came to be and how they are ushering sponsorship of youth sports into a whole new era. Show notes 00:00 - The story behind LeagueSide 03:00 - The problems LeagueSide solves 04:30 - “You have to sell the product to be able to execute it” 07:00 - How do your customers and users try to solve these problems today? 10:00 - How the LeagueSide product works. 13:00 - Company reaction to the LeagueSide product. 14:30 - Key metrics and how the LeagueSide team is measuring the effectiveness of the product. 15:30 - How does the revenue model work? 16:15 - Scaling the LeagueSide product and business. 20:30 - The game winning basketball shot heard around the world! Product Resources Books Obviously Awesome by April Dunford Getting in touch with Zubin and LeagueSide LinkedIn LeagueSide Website AngelList page (LeagueSide is hiring!)
November 11, 2019
Being Data-Driven in Marketing with Jake from Pareto PPC
Description In this episode of the Product Launch Podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with Jake from Pareto PPC about the importance of being data-driven in your marketing approach.  Learn more from a marketing expert about what you can do to market your product effectively. Show notes 00:30 - Jake’s background and the Pareto story 02:00 - The importance of being data-driven 04:50 - How to know if you have the right data 08:00 - Finding product/market fit 12:30 - The cyclical nature of CPC 14:00 - The advantages of targeting a niche 15:00 - “The more general you are the weaker your value proposition will be.” Product Resources Podcasts Digital Analytics Power Hour Slack groups Measure Google suite Google Apps Script Getting in touch with Jake Email - LinkedIn
October 15, 2019
The Importance of User Research with Aggelos from Growth Sandwich.
Description: In this episode of the Product Launch Podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with Aggelos from Growth Sandwich about the importance of user research in building great products.  Learn everything from what an evidence-based decision making loop is and why you should use one to avoiding the hands off trap when it comes to product-market fit. Show notes 01:00 - The story behind Growth Sandwich. 03:00 - Product vs Marketing. 04:00 - A story about what can go wrong when user research is missing. 07:30 - The impact of poor product management. 09:00 - The case of Ryan Air, ranked worst for 6 years running, but the highest selling.  What gives? 11:00 - Getting feedback from users the right way. 15:00 - People don’t buy your product, they buy your value proposition. 18:00 - Aggelos on product-market fit and why what you measure matters. 20:00 - You can lose product-market fit more quickly than you found it. 24:00 - Why automation can jeopardize the strength of your value proposition. Product Resources Books When Coffee and Kale Compete by Alan Klement Positioning by Al Ries Design Sprint by Jake Knapp Product-led Growth by Wes Bush Blogs Growth Sandwich OpenView Events Product Qualified Summit Getting in touch with Aggelos LinkedIn Growth Sandwich Website
October 7, 2019
Neil Gomes - Jefferson Health
In this episode of the product podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with Chief Digital Officer and EVP of Consumer Experience at Jefferson Health - Neil Gomes.  Listen in as Neil talks all about what it takes to achieve product success and all the exciting work him and his team is involved with at Jefferson Health. Guest Neil Gomes Chief Digital Officer at Jefferson Health Show Notes 00:30 - What Neil does and what his title really means. 04:00 - How Neil got to where he is today and the cool stuff he’s worked on throughout his career. 10:00 - How you can work like a startup without having to be a startup. 13:00 - What Neil’s team is made up of and how they get work done at Jeff. 15:00 - How Jeff does Lean and Agile. 29:00 - Resources recommended by Neil Lean Startup by Eric Reis Measure What Matters by John Doerr 36:00 - How to connect with Neil Twitter LinkedIn
September 19, 2019
John Waupsh - Kasasa
Product success and Bankruption in FinTech with John WaupshIn this episode of the product podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with Chief Innovation Officer at Kasasa - John Waupsh.  Listen in as John talks all about what it takes to achieve product success.  Hear more about John's popular book on the latest in FinTech called Bankruption.   Guest John Waupsh Chief Innovation Officer at Kasasa Show Notes 1:00 - What is Kasasa? 5:00 - What does Chief Innovation Officer mean? 9:30 - Why market research matters. 11:00 - An example from John about how different what customers say can be from what they will actually do. 13:00 - John’s take on what makes a great product professional and what it has to do with 3D chess. 17:00 - Why product can be HARD. 23:00 - How do you find product-market fit? 28:00 - How quitting can be a key part of the path to winning. 30:00 -  Why you should pay close attention to your customers voting with their money. 31:30 - Great resources by John. Bankruption: How Community Banking Can Survive Fintech 36:00 - How to get in touch with John. LinkedIn Twitter 37:00 - Bonus product advice from John.  Why you should focus on what you’re building and why.
September 15, 2019
Don Sandusky - Hamboards
In this episode of the product podcast powered by NxtStep, we talk with owner and general manager of Hamboards - Don Sandusky.  Don walks us through what they did to achieve success at Hamboards, which is a product that creates a surfboard-like experience on land.  Hear more about his path into product, working at NASA and other great product insights. Guest Don Sandusky Owner and General Manager of Hamboards Show Notes 1:00 - The Hamboard is a product that mimics the experience of surfing on land 3:10 - How Hamboards extended a great user experience to a new market segment through the use of their product. 8:35 - How Don originally got into product. 11:00 - Fixing problems for NASA 13:00 - Finding the obvious unmet need. 18:30 - Don’s take on finding product/market fit. 23:00 - Focusing on the problem. 24:00 - Product resource recommendations. The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail (Management of Innovation and Change) - Clayton M. Christensen  (Author) How to connect with Don Connect with Don on LinkedIn
September 2, 2019
Product Launch Podcast powered by NxtStep
Hello and welcome to the Product Launch podcast where we talk all things product strategy.  My name is Sean Boyce and I’m the host of the Product Launch podcast and the founder of the product strategy consulting company, NxtStep.  On the product launch podcast, I interview guests involved at various stages of different product businesses.  So whether you’re looking to launch a product and turn it into a business or you have a product business that has plenty of traction and your challenges are more specific related to product, you’ll find plenty of answers from both myself and the product experts we interview on our show.  To learn more reach out to us at
September 1, 2019