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Professional Culture the Podcast

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Prof Culture:

Christopher Cooper and Jarmichael Harris share their perspectives as professional men who have graduated from the same Predominantly White Institution which they now work for. Listen as the two explore topics on popular culture, current events, faith, and personal growth.
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Episode 5.2 - We're in Good Hands
Coop and J Harris debate LeBron versus MJ, chat about Election Cycle 2020, and other hot topics in the media.
October 22, 2020
Episode 5.1 - United Corporations of America
Welcome to Season 5 of Professional Culture the Podcast! Coop and J chat about Wedding Bells, Election 2020, Black Lives Matter, and Higher Education in our first episode back in several months! There is a lot to unpack in Season 5, glad your still with us!
October 13, 2020
Episode 4.5 - Frederick Shegog
Chris and J sit down with one of J's mentee's Frederick "Freddy" Shegog and talk recovery and the grind of entrepreneurship.  Frederick Shegog, Founder/CEO of The Message LLC, is inspiring, educating, and creating healthy lifestyles for all as a motivational speaker. Dumpster diving, panhandling, and drinking were once everyday activities for Frederick Shegog. In his early twenties, he entered a spiral of addiction and untreated mental health that pulled him away from his childhood dreams. Despite a decade of alcohol abuse and time spent homeless, Shegog was able to transform himself into an honors student in just two years. Now, as a motivational speaker, he is on a mission to help others combat substance use disorder and mental health. Experienced in creating and facilitating workshops to address the needs of the community in the areas of collegiate recovery, substance use disorders, and mental health, he is changing the way colleges serve/educate students in recovery and dealing with mental illness. Frederick routinely speaks to patients range in age from 16-65 dealing with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities. Group and lecture topics range from family, parenting, friendships, significant others, and goal setting. To learn more about Frederick, visit his website,
May 01, 2020
Episode 4.4 - Tonya Lynch
Chris and J sit down with Emmy Award Winner, Tonya J. Lynch. Tonya J. Lynch is the founder of the non-profit The Black Light Project and executive producer and creative director of the documentary and photography exhibit by the same name. Since 2017 she has presented on media imaging and shown the film and exhibit along the East Coast including: The University of Maryland, the National Black Child Development Institute, And Pitt Community College. Recently the project was highlighted in on the UNC-TV (PBS) program ‘Muse’. That segment would win Best Historical and Cultural Segment at the 34th Annual Mid-South Regional Emmy’s.   In addition to her film and production work, Tonya has formerly worked as a English and Public Speaking instructor at PittCommunity College and Wake Tech. She holds a Masters degree in English from ECU.  She also co-owns JGirls Style Solutions with her sister Mimi Jefferson. And on any given Saturday you can find her whipping up the famous sauce for her husband’s famous wings for Toot’s Smokin Coals. She is the mother of 8 children: ages 5 to 20.
May 01, 2020
Episode 4.3 - "Our Friends are Dope!"
Chris and J catch up and chat about the success of Professional Culture the Podcast and the amazing people in our lives that have blessed the show. 
May 01, 2020
Episode 4.2 - The Pittmans
Coop and J sit down with the dynamic duo and power couple Jarrette and Maya Pittman. Jarrette and Maya met in a spoken word poetry and theater group at UNC-Chapel Hill, and have been connected ever since.  The Pittman's got married in 2015, and have been able to continue valuing what's right, over what's popular.  Living the professions of an attorney at law and licensed mental health counselor, our purposes have been aligned in being able to serve others.  Family, friends, moments, memories, living, laughing and loving are what make their lives most meaningful.
February 29, 2020
Episode 4.1 - Elijah Jackson
Coop and J sit down with long-time friend, Elijah Jackson. LXI Music Group is made up of three individuals. Antonio Newton aka Jeez Louize (producer/artist), Frank THE Phre$h (producer/artist), and Ernest Pharr III aka EP3. Established in 2019, LXI Music Group embodies creativity at its finest. Great vibes, a love for music, and a passionate outlook on life.
February 16, 2020
Episode 3.5 Caitlin Gooch
Coop and J sit down with Caitlin Gooch, ECU Alum and Founder of Saddle Up and Read Literacy Program. Caitlin Gooch is the founder of Saddle Up And Read literacy program and co-host of Young Black Equestrians the Podcast. She has 4 horses, 3 dogs, and 1 rabbit. Caitlin was introduced to horses at an early age. Her father owns a horse farm in Wendell, NC which sparked her passion for horses. For 23 years she has ridden Western as well as bareback. In 2015,  she graduated East Carolina University with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently, Caitlin is studying to obtain certification as a professional therapeutic horseback riding instructor. Caitlin is the co-leader of Happy Hooves 4-H club and co-host of Young Black Equestrians the Podcast. She has faith that she will open her own equestrian center, which will serve as a positive space for youth to create and will provide family therapy services.
February 16, 2020
Episode 3.4 Tiara Bebbs
Chris and J sit down with our friend Tiara Bebbs, a wellness coach, fitness enthusiast, talented singer, and podcaster. Tiara tells us about her journey to a better self, starting her business, and never giving up on the vision God gave you. Tiara Bebbs is a woman of God finds passion in helping other people believing in themselves and their capabilities. After experiencing many losses while growing up and being introduced to new health concerns before graduating from graduate school, Tiara questioned her life's journey at the time knowing that there was more to her purpose. While continuing to learn more about her true self and strengthening her spiritual relationship with God, the Honestly Honest Podcast was created to help share others personal experiences in life. Her goal was to help other people know that they are not alone in their journey and to find encouragement to continue to move forward. It wasn't until late 2018 that she also found a passion in helping others in their health and wellness journey. After working part-time at the YMCA and becoming a wellness coach there, she began to increase her knowledge in everything health and wellness. It didn't take long after for her to realize that she was called to help other people, but especially women, to become healthier, in all aspects of the word, in order to be prepared for their purpose.
November 22, 2019
Episode 3.3 Quierra Luck
Chris and J sit down with Quierra Luck, an inspired creative who gives us life. Listen as she updates us on her life as a budding independent journalist, history buff, and everyone's favorite Pirate alum! Known for her infectious personality and hustler’s mentality, Quierra Luck, or often referred to as Luck, is a journalist, content creator, and on-camera host residing in Raleigh, NC. While growing in the industry, Luck has found solace in bringing important issues to the camera while adding fan engagement. Working with brands such as Shadow League, OkayPlayer, Essence and Black Sports Online, Luck has had the privilege of sharing numerous stories and believes there are more left untold.  Becoming a sports and entertainment journalist isn’t the easiest route to take, especially in today’s social media driven world, but it’s been the experience of a lifetime that has prepared me for toughness professionally and personally. Upon this journey of finding a professional home, Luck has enjoyed the experience of getting to know the industries most daring and respected journalists. She’s had the opportunity to not only network with them but also the opportunity to learn and gain outstanding mentors. These mentors have prepared her for the grueling task of fighting for her dream of being on-air with consistency and aggression, while also honing my skills as a reporter, interviewer, and journalist.
November 09, 2019
Episode 3.2 The Trendy Socialite
Coop and J sit down with mentor and friend Adeea Rogers aka The Trendy Socialite. This heartfelt interview touches on legacy, influence, connection, and mental health to name a few. Adeea drops gem after gem in this opening segment of Season 3.  Adeea Rogers, also known as The Trendy Socialite, began her career as a content marketing and social media strategist and brand consultant. Her calling is to help empower others to develop and pursue their purpose. And as a result she is known to many as The Purpose Pusher. Adeea seeks to equip others daily with the motivation and tools necessary to create and design the life they want.  She is often sought out for her content marketing ideas, and is a frequent event emcee and host, workshop facilitator, speaker and panelist. She hosts a podcast, The Trendsetters Podcast, and created a group for women of color who host podcasts. Adeea believes in creating the change you want to see through events, communities and movements. In 2012, Adeea founded International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD), giving women around the world the opportunity to meet and network with others and share information, techniques, inspiration, and other beauty tips to guide each other in their natural hair journeys. In July 2015, she co-founded Black Biz Live, a community-based initiative where black owned businesses are featured via live streaming. These two endeavors resulted in features on Essence, Black Enterprise, and several newspapers around the country. Adeea’s life philosophy is, “Discover, develop, and deploy your purpose because there are people out there waiting on what you have to offer.”
October 25, 2019
Episode 3.1 Welcome Back
Coop and J return for their 3rd Season of Professional Culture the Podcast. We heard your feedback and Season 3 will be full of interviews of some of our favorite people making a difference in this world. You'll hear from some of your favorite Pirates and young social media influencers putting on for the culture as well as a few other professionals from various fields in a season full of interviews. This is current events, faith, and personal growth.....This is Professional Culture! #PCPodcast 
October 18, 2019
Episode 2.4 Work Life Balance
Been a long time....Shouldn't have left you....Without a dope beat to step to! Chris and J discuss the rigors of finding that sweet spot in Work/Life Balance and delivering a quality podcast that our listeners deserve! We'll be back with more episodes soon!
May 15, 2019
Episode 2.3 Politics in America
Chris and J discuss the current political climate and encourage listeners to get informed - EARLY and OFTEN! Also, we are looking for a Production Manager Intern to assist with pre- and postproduction as well as social media content.  Email for more information! -Chris and J
March 09, 2019
Episode 2.2 Culture
Do it for the Culture! Chris and J take a moment to discuss how we define culture in 2019 and how that has shifted over decades
March 02, 2019
Episode 2.1 Addressing Hate in America
Chris and J dive into the Jussie Smollett attack and Hate in 2019. 
February 07, 2019
Bonus Episode #1
Chris and J sit down to discuss Donald Trump and the NCAA National Champions and Surviving R Kelly.  Brothers, we have to protect our women!
January 25, 2019
Episode 1.6 Survivor's Remorse, Season Finale
Chris and J explore the phenomena of "Survivor's Remorse", the guilt we feel when we find a measure of success and find ourselves removed from friends and loved ones along the way.
December 24, 2018
Episode 1.5 Hug Yourself Black Man
Chris & J dive deep into the realities of being Black Men in America. They explore current events and past personal experiences of racial trauma.
December 24, 2018
Episode 1.4 #HomECUming
Ain't no party like an ECU Party cuz an ECU party don't stop! Chris & J take a trip down memory lane, hopefully you will too!
December 24, 2018
Episode 1.3 Health & Fitness
Chris and J discuss their journeys into fitness and give the listeners some helpful tips to meet their goals to a better life
December 24, 2018
Episode 1.2 Dream Chasing Pt. 2
Featuring Recording Artist Rob LaRay Find his debut Album 'Black Gold' everyone you find your music (Apple, Google Play, Spotify, etc.)
December 24, 2018
Episode 1.1 Dream Chasing Pt. 1
Welcome to Professional Culture the Podcast. This is our first episode. We give you the highlights of how we got here and where we are headed.
December 24, 2018