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By Ben McNeill
Profitable Python is a podcast hosted by Ben McNeill. The show is devoted to the Python developers who want to meet amazing humans and take their skills to the next level. The community built around this show proudly represents integrity, unity, and leadership through self mastery.
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Profitable Python is a podcast hosted by Ben McNeill. The show is devoted to the Python developers who want to meet amazing humans and take their skills to the next level. The community built around this show proudly represents integrity, unity, and leadership through self mastery.

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🥊 Mentorship Minute: Manage Python Environments on Windows 10
On this episode I share with you part of a python toolset I really enjoy using when developing on python.  Windows / Mac / Liunux users can benefit from this episode. 🐍 🐍
December 11, 2019
📱🔋 Connecting apps to small business with Brandon "Tank" Poole 🔥
On this episode you meet the man who prolifically puts mobile apps in the hands of small business.  Make sure to connect with Tank on his socials for more info on $BoSS APPZ software. Brandon "Tank" Poole #CertifiedCoderZ Brought to you by the Profitable Python Podcast 🐍🐍
December 10, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: The dance between proactive and priorities
In this episode, we talk about a strategy for dealing with situations that suffer from progress. 🐍 🐍
December 9, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Getting More Done
In this episode, we talk about some ways to get more done.  What this boils down to is combating decision fatigue and some tools that help with decision fatigue. 🐍 🐍
December 9, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Dangerous Logic
On this episode we talk about a type of reasoning that can hurt you and how to avoid it.  🐍 🐍
December 7, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: 🎧 Make Your Podcast This Week
On this episode I tell you everything you need to do to get your podcast started this week!  🐍 🐍
December 6, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Do the Work of Your Life
On this episode we talk about mortality, clarity on our goals, and getting paid to write code. Check out for more content ✌️
December 5, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Cyber Gold Javascript Courses
On this episode I wanted to highlight the really cool resources that I ran into while combing through the Internet. I sorted through all the garbage that was being marketed on this insane cyber Monday weekend. I think you’ll get a lot of value out of the resources I talked about in the episode. Some of them cost a little bit of money and the other ones are totally free so even the ones that are costing a little bit of money, the value is just jampacked in there so I feel very comfortable referring you to these resources. If you like this content, subscribe at the website ✌️
December 4, 2019
✅🧠🤯Here's what a monolithic code base PRAY you NEVER find out with Anthony Sottile
In this episode, you will meet Anthony Sottile, who is currently the technical lead of developer experience at Lyft where he builds tools and software to make developers productive. He reveals little-known developer secrets used to improve developer quality of life. Anthony has significant experience maintaining open source. If you have ever downloaded python for Ubuntu from deadsnakes? Or used pytest? If so, you are probably working with code he helps maintains. He also builds open source tools for linting, testing, and developer productivity. In his infinitely spare time, you can code with him live on his weekly twitch live streams. Make sure to connect with Anthony at his socials: 🐍 🐍
December 3, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Fastest way to cashflow
Often there are so many things pulling at your attention that it can be challenging to prioritize the important ones. The main focus should be the marketing message. It has the most significant impact on your ability to make money. The best way to describe what marketing messages are is by describing what marketing is not.  Marketing messaged is not a company logo, company name, or website color theme.  It isn't even the advertising words you write for a facebook ad. The marketing message is what you are communicating to the world.  The message is designed to alter the belief system of the person receiving it.  When a person hears your marketing message, the recipient must believe your message is more real than what they previously found to be true.   Russel Brunson, in his book "Dot Com Secrets," breaks down a compelling marketing message into three parts in his dotcom secrets book.   The message must demonstrate the vehicle of truth works, assure the person they are capable of driving the vehicle of truth, and assure the person they have all the resources they need while driving the vehicle of truth. You could think of this as an actual car. Does the car do what it says it will do?  Can you operate the vehicle with your current skills? Does the car have gas in the tank, oil in the engine, and a service warranty for routine maintenance?   With those components in place, your marketing message will be well received.   Your ability to serve your customers will increase because the people receptive to your message will want to work with you. Surely you could argue there are other important tasks.  My challenge to you is only to delegate the rest and focus on revenue-generating activities at the beginning.  Russel Brunson calls this the who not the how.  Focus on whom you need to get things done, not the how.   🐍 🐍
December 2, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Monetize Your Programming Skills Part 4
Welcome to part 4 on tips you can use to monetize your programming skills. As software developers, our challenge is complicated because not only do we need to understand code, but we must also understand how to monetize our skills. Unfortunately, the resources for learning how to monetize our skills are slim, so I was inspired to make this series for the community. The inspiration for this content comes from the podcast episode Jordan Belfort hosted with Grant Cardone. Concept #1: The trick about sales Concept #2: Awareness Concept #3: Getting rich Concept #4: The purpose of work Concept #5: Spending cash Concept #6:  How to make money Concept #1: The trick about sales The trick is there is no trick.  Everyone you connect with has an interest or need.  Your job is to determine what level of interest or need the potential client has.  On a scale of one to ten, that person's attention will always sit somewhere on that scale.  Until you connect with them, you never know where the potential client sits.  Each product you sell will have a different sliding scale of interest. The other piece of the puzzle is to determine if the person has the authority to make a decision.  If you want to see how this works, place yourself in a buyer's position with someone else's offer, and go through their sales process to the point where they ask for payment.  Then tell them you need to consult your partner and see how they respond.  Going through someone else's sales process is called offer hacking and is highly recommended if you want to get some ideas for how to build your offer.  People invest millions of dollars into their sales sequence.  You can learn a lot from this process. Concept #2:  Awareness Each platform you advertise on has its terms of use.  Make sure you are abiding by the terms of use.  Also, depending on the geographic location of the prospect, there may be rules according to that jurisdiction.  Make sure you know how to navigate the environment you operate in and the words you are allowed to use in your sales copy. Concept #3:  Getting rich You can get rich working hard, but you can't stay rich working hard.  The types of investments you make will transition into endgame.  Having a plan with the end in mind will help you know when the transition becomes appropriate.  The example they had in the podcast was never to buy a single family home.  Instead, stack your cash until you can afford a multi-family building then rent where you live from that building along with your tenants. Concept #4:  The purpose of work Once you have made the money of multiple lifetimes, why should you still work?  The consensus on the podcast was an idle mind is the devil's playground.  Work keeps you focused, humble, and out of trouble. Concept #5:  Spending cash If you must buy things that don't make cashflow, make sure to use the money from your existing cashflow.  The rule is, do not use the money you work hard to purchase silly crap. Concept #6:  How to make money The making of money only occurs when a negotiation becomes materialized, and both parties formalize the agreement.  Once the opportunity to negotiate is over, the moment to renegotiate is not likely to appear again, if ever.  I have personally experienced this where an agreement was made and very quickly. I found out I undersold myself.  Know your worth, put your energy into the negotiation. 🐍 🐍
December 1, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Monetize Your Programming Skills Part 3
Welcome to part 3 on tips you can use to monetize your programming skills.  These nuggets were inspired from the podcast episode Jordan Belfort hosted with Grant Cardone. Concept #1: How to prioritize your capital Concept #2: Losen up Concept #3: Operate within a framework Concept #4: Compare your self to your yester self Stay tuned for part 4, where we dive into more golden nuggets. Concept #1: How to prioritize your capital Invest in yourself at the beginning.  The health of your business is dependent on your mental health and outlook on life.  Do whatever it takes to clean yourself up and make yourself feel great.  You can see what you value by auditing your spending.  If your audit results show money allocated towards things that rust, rott, or depreciate as soon as you buy them, then it might be stupid crap.  I am 100% guilty of pulling this trick on myself and am continually auditing my spending habits to eradicate poor allocations.  Focus on placing money towards improving yourself or on things that generate cash flow.  Invest in your brand if you have transcended the discipline of optimized capital allocation.  As all skillsets are progressing towards becoming a commodity, the brand will become the ultimate differentiator. Concept #2: Losen up Everything we do in life is sales. Selling requires an adaptive mind.  When you are tense, your ability to be adaptive becomes hindered. Concept #3: Operate within a framework Set your goals and create a system of accountability.  Accountability is easy to accomplish when you review them often.  Create the metrics you want to measure. You can not manage what you do not measure.  If you desire freedom, your behavior requires structure; stucture sets you free. Concept #4: Compare your self to your yester self If you are not where you want to be, just realized only you are capable of changing your position on the continuum between noob and expert.  Comparing yourself with other people does not help your effort to improve.  Compare your self to your yester self. 🐍 🐍
November 30, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Monetize Your Programming Skills Part 2
Welcome to part 2 on tips you can use to monetize your programming skills. Concept #1: Choose to switch on suffer mode Concept #2: Cash is trash, cash flow is king Concept #3: No sales strategy works if there is no one to share that message with Concept #4: Be good at what you say Concept #5: The one skill you want Concept #6: Charity selling Stay tuned for part 3, where we dive into more golden nuggets Concept #1: Choose to switch on suffer mode Going into suffer mode means you choose to suffer today for a future gain.  It is the concept of pruning the todo list because you have clarity on a goal you want to reach and clarity on what needs removal from current processes accelerate goal achievement  It is the thing we do not want to do to our family, but If we do it now, we will never have to do this again. Concept #2: Cash is trash, cash flow is king Only put money into things that return you cash.  Going back to suffer mode, if you have the clarity on what will provide cash flow, you will have clarity on how to deploy your capital.  This step requires discipline but makes a lot of sense. Concept #3: No sales strategy works if there is no one to share that message with Our first goal is to get a funnel and consistently fill it up, which is known as building traffic online.  Once we get a funnel and traffic, then we can start to worry about the sales tactics.  Often people will begin the optimization process to build out the strategy before they consistently have traffic, and according to this nugget, that is plain wrong to build a plan when traffic is still the issue.  You can even make sales at this step. The process might not be optimal at this point; do not worry, trust the process, and focus on first things first.  First things first, we must focus on building consistent traffic. Concept #4: Be good at what you say After you have traffic, you can start to integrate strategy.  Part of the strategy is to make sure you are good at what you say.   Being good at what you say can manifest in a few forms.  One way could be with the copy you use in your content for SEO purposes. It could also relate to the message you broadcast to your audience or even the language you choose during a sales/coaching phone call. Concept #5: The one skill you want If you could make one wish, the argument here is that you should wish for the skill to move through the traffic.  Once your funnel is consistently full, you must figure out how to leverage that traffic as well as optimize the contact.  I am pretty sure there are entire books written on this subject.  One takeaway for me is the order of operations and how moving through the traffic should be prioritized.  Another takeaway for me is building a machine that can operate at scale.  If you can get the traffic and effectively leverage it, can you triple the traffic and get similar or better results? Concept #6: Charity selling Help another person sell, go into charity mode and help someone else if you are building skills or trying to get out of a slump.  One way of doing this is to help build someone else's brand, which could manifest in social media promotion or affiliate marketing promotion.  The rationale behind this concept was not immediately apparent to me, but it does make sense the more I think about it.  The ninja thing happening here is you are going out of your way to curate value for your audience, and it gets rid of the ego. For me, I like the concept of building relationships with other content creators in the niche. 🐍 🐍
November 29, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Monetize Your Programming Skills Part 1
I recently listened to a podcast episode with Grant Cardone and Jordan Belfort. There were significant nuggets I curated from the perspective of operating a software development business, which I would like to share with you. Stay tuned for part 2, where we dive into more golden nuggets inspired by the Grant Cardone interview with Jordan Belfort. Concept #1: Tremendous volumes are required to be successful Concept #2: It is not who you know, but who knows you Concept #3: There is gold in the followup Concept #4: No one can build a business on one product Concept #5: People are more committed to the equity of their homes than the ownership of their brand Concept #6: Never be dependent on one industry 🐍 🐍 Sources :
November 28, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Wasted potential is accepting defeat
Let's talk about the pain associated with failure. That pain we feel is a tool we can use to create lasting change in our lives.  Lasting change is what helps us become our future desired selves.   Sometimes we might not have clarity on what we want for our future self.  If you lack that clarity, begin with writing down on paper your vision and recognize that you need to revisit that paper often. A few days ago, I shared with you the news about record suicide rates associated with IIT student academic failure.  I can not fathom the pain from failure that would make me want to end my life.  I sincerely believe as a global culture, we need to work on our acceptance of failure.  That pain is a good thing.  It is tailored precisely to the skills we need to build to become successful.   Pain is our most excellent learning tool.   Own your failure.   The lessons and skills we learn to overcome failure is a process. We will tell stories about the process for the rest of our life.  Our pain is our story, and is what gives us our unique life experience. What is even more amazing is that no person entirely experiences the chain of pain we each endure because no one fails as we do.  We all have a unique life experience peppered with failure and triumph.   If you believe that last statement, then you must also think that the chain of failure is what gives us the unique skill set we need to position yourself for the success of our desired future self.  Isn't that freakin liberating.  Your failures are an opportunity for greatness and the exact key you seek to unlock the success you want.   Wasted potential is accepting defeat.   You are on this planet for a reason.  Own your life experience by owning the failure.  See the opportunity your pain provides and lean into it.  Enjoy the skills you build on overcoming your failure.  Don't forget to document the journey, so you never forget how your greatness became.
November 27, 2019
🌟 Genius of Transformation with Jason Wattier 🔥
In this episode, you will meet Jason Wattier. Jason shares his incredible story, where he transformed himself into a niche developer after building his background in accounting. Jason currently works with KPMG (one of the big four accounting firms), where he creates his dream each day. You are bound to get massive insight on how to perpetuate your transformation after listening to this episode. Make sure to reach out to Jason and keep the conversation going. Where to find Jason Brought to you by the profitable python 🐍 🐍
November 26, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: 3 tech tools to build your audience
The manifesto of the profitable python is to help you grow and monetize your programming skills.  Eventually, you will need an audience to deliver your product or service to, and the best day to start building that list is today. You are building your audience any way you look at it.  How well you are doing is a different story.  I want to talk with you today on some ideas that have worked for me that you can steal to upgrade your business.  By no means am I saying that this is the only way to do it, but it has served me well in building an email list of people in my niche? I am curious about what is working for you.  If you are an entrepreneur type, you most likely have been working on building your audience. One thing that works for me is the podcast.  If you are looking to build an audience, pick a niche and go set up a podcast on Have you set up your email list?  My experience so far is mail chimp integrates nicely with or  I am sure there is a better way, but if you want something comfortable to pop something up and get to work, those are all excellent options. You also want to set up a lead magnet to exchange with someone for their email.  I set up a lead magnet that delivers a mini-email course on getting freelance clients that drip over five days. The benefit of doing this is you build your email list, which allows you a lot of freedom when cultivating your audience. 🐍🐍
November 25, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Failure Acceptance
Student suicide, due to academic failure, has spiked in India.  Since when has failure become something we feel like we must punish ourselves for? If you are contemplating suicide, I need to stop you right now and tell you that I CARE ABOUT YOU. Please get counsel from a professional at the international suicide hotline resource. I read about the sad news in an article posted by business insider 11.22.2019. Academic failure?!?!  Failure is a good thing. It is what perpetuates human growth.  We, as humans, must fail and continually maintain imbalance to learn and move forward. I used to sell books door to door.  Every "no" got me closer to a "yes." Failure is a good thing.  Our goal is to make fewer mistakes in life, but eliminating failure is the holy grail we will never find. If I didn't allow myself to fail, I wouldn't be the person I am today.  You got to be able to run experiments to see what works and what doesn't. How do we un- f*%$ this situation where academic failure is something we need to punish ourselves for? I hope as a tech community. We can help change the perception of failure.  I hear this topic and can't refuse to take the opportunity to share this information and hopefully trigger some action to combat this atrocious culture around failure being negative. We ultimately only have control over ourselves and how we respond to things, but I must also reiterate we are responsible for each other.  Regardless of race, religion, sex, we need to remind our neighbors that we care for them and love them. If we don't tell our neighbors that we love them, how do they know that we love them?   We need to become more significant than this problem if we are going to survive.  I can only hope that this trend reverses.  Please allow me to reiterate here that I sincerely love each one of you.  Thank you for your attention. My gratitude is overflowing.
November 24, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Integrity over Compensation
Would you take payment from someone if they asked you to do their homework for them that did not give you credit?   I recently ran this poll on IG, and the results shocked me.  A vast majority would take payment and effectively help the student cheat. The more I think about it, the more conflicted I get. Are the incentives all messed up on the freelancing platforms?  If you don't give the client what they want, then you get a bad review.  Bad reviews will haunt you the reset of your python coaching career.  If you choose to have integrity, then you possibly do not get paid.  If my family must eat, do I sell my integrity to the highest bidder, or do we starve together so I may preserve my integrity? If you were an open-source contributor and someone took my work and called it their own, that would undoubtedly be wrong.   The fraud homework submission could be the agent of change that moved the curve so abruptly that someone on the tail suffers from having integrity.     You could certainly argue this the other way. Let's take Walmart, for example.  If someone went there and purchased alcohol, but their doctor told them if they drank alcohol, their kidneys would fail, and they would likely die.  Is it Walmart's job to police everyone?  Is it their job to probe your medical records to make sure you can drink that alcohol?  In this case your integrity might just get you in trouble.  My goodness, the more I think about this, I understand how I would deal with it.  The way I see it, my character is on the line, nothing else matters.  If my character is one of high integrity, then I should choose to work with the student in a way that guides them to the right answer.  I want to be responsible for being the agent of change that made the student better.  Doing their homework for them is not helping the student, ultimately it will catch up to them at test time or when they get a job and have no clue how to execute. After reflecting on this with you publicly, I keep getting reminded of how important it is to understand how we chose to act and ultimately brand ourselves.   No one may finally know about the homework submission except the client and the tutor.  What matters more is the choice you make as the tutor. Some guidance that was given to me when situations like this arise is to ask yourself if this story becomes published in the Wallstreet journal tomorrow, how would you want the story to play out?  Approaching life with that question simplifies decisions when integrity is on the line. - Ben McNeill
November 23, 2019
🥊 Mentorhip Minute: Idea Goldmine
I want to talk to you about business building and an idea on how to prioritize your ideas. Before I jump into this topic, I want to share my gratitude towards the audience that continues to support the podcast. Thank you, I am honored to serve you. If you folks are looking for some ideas, you need to check out the Noah Kagan Presents show (see iTunes link below).  A recent episode they made that caught my attention is the episode "7 businesses I can't believe anyone has started yet".  You need to check out that episode if you want some ideas for building a software business.  The significant nugget I got from that episode is when it comes to plans for building startups they recommend to solve a problem you have first.  I love that concept, and I am sure it is not foreign to you either. Part of my role I chose to take on when hosting the profitable python show is to not only share my experience to help you make fewer mistakes but also to make sure you are aware of excellent resources that I come across and the Noah Kagan show is undoubtedly something I recommend you consider. The other thing I wanted to mention to you is the 100 days of code challenge.  One hundred days from today is the leap year day of 2020.  Think about where you want to be in 100 days.  If you tried to put in the work, you could have learned a new programming language.  You could have also gone deeper into an area of expertise you have already developed. The 100 days challenge doesn't only pertain to code. You could choose to develop habits in other areas of your life.  If you haven't guessed yet, I love the 100 days code challenge.  It is long enough where you can get some immersion in a focused area but short enough where the risk is low if you pick a  topic that ends up not being something you don't want to pursue.   Consider getting some ideas from the Noah Kagan show, then spend the next 100 days building out that software and watch how much you will grow in 100 days.  Who knows?!  It could be the critical link in the chain you need to upgrade your career or brand awareness.  There is nothing magical about the 100 days challenge; it just a way to gamify a good habit.  One thing that is guaranteed is if you don't engage in the daily sharpening of you saw like the 100 days challenge, your personal growth is guaranteed to have a limited trajectory. 🌮Noah's Show link🌮 🐍Profitable Python Website🐍
November 22, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Free stuff
Free things are not free.  This topic came up recently in a podcast and I wanted to talk with you about it.  When things are free, what is happening is that the consumer is the product.   Playing devil's advocate, the brand I am building at does this same type of thing with the python freelancing resources.   As a sidebar, I want to take a moment to share my gratitude for everyone that has subscribed to the freelance developer resources I have created.  I am honored to serve you and value your trust.  My goal with this project is to inspire you to stop procrastinating and instead act now on your dreams.  Ultimately the value I add is helping you make fewer mistakes along the way than I did when finding my way. I look forward to serving you.  I am convinced that I can help anyone recreate the positive experience I manufactured in my life.  I am talking about getting clients from scratch learning new skills it takes to solve problems in the niche of your choice. I am very humbled and full of gratitude anyone that chooses to listen to the podcast, or that takes the next step to subscribe for the free information.  There is so much out there competing for your attention, and I sincerely thank you.  My only request is that you give me your feedback so I can help make the resources better.  2019 is the year I decided to take my intellectual property and package it up into resources, courses, and a podcast to help you with getting clients and building your brand. My background is officially in petroleum and natural gas engineering.  That is just a fancy set of words that describes my formal training as a problem solver in the oil and gas industry.  The college courses I attended require a lot of math, physics, chemistry, etc.  Those sorts of things are very transferable to other niches.   I bring up this topic because I want to share a reminder with you.  From my viewpoint, formal education in a particular area doesn't mean you can't reinvent yourself as a problem solver in another area.  For example, if you want to become a freelance software developer, you can learn this skill and go out and get clients.  If that is something you decide to do, hopefully, you choose to leverage my experience and make fewer mistakes.   My path to profitability is a little wild.  I didn't set out to be a freelancer.  I was a huge skill junkie that was always sharpening the saw.  Once I decided to put myself out into the world, opportunities started to present themself.  Since I had spent so much time skilling up, I was ready to snatch up the challenge of freelancing and never looked back. I reflect on that time of growth and uncertainty.   I think about all the experience I have accumulated and wonder if I would have been receptive to a message from my future self. I am not saying I regret anything, but I do wonder how blindness towards opportunity continues to permeate my life and psyche. I like this thought experiment because studying the message I would have delivered to myself offers is relevant even today and going forward.  I would have said to keep an open mind and accept seemingly disappointing situations as a blessing in disguise.  Also, I would have assured myself that the experience gained in the process will send my life in a trajectory far away from regret.   I realize now those words are the truth.  Upon reflecting, there was no way I was drinking that koolaid.  It begs the question on how blind we are with our perception of reality and our mission.  I was forced to change my perspective, and I am forever grateful.  I challenge you to seek this out in your life today and ask where might some limiting beliefs exist that are holding you back.  
November 21, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Ultimate Life Experience
I want to share with you an experience I had today.   Today I interviewed someone on the podcast who works at Lyft in the software development space. Beautiful things happen when you get an intimate conversation focused on python programming. The reason that I bring this up is to reflect on the last 30 episodes.  All of these episodes constitute a library of expert teaching that no single person could deliver to you in a classroom or boot camp. I couldn't be more pleased with the decision I made to pull the trigger and start the podcast.  If you are looking for a way to expand your network and get on amazing people's calendars, consider starting a podcast. There are significant wins you can experience with making a podcast.  You get to meet amazing people.  You get to drive the conversation and curate content for your audience.  You get to build a personal brand. Going forward with the podcast, I am trying to branch out into more business and leadership insight while curating the content in a way that python developers benefit most. I look forward to continuing to lead as a change agent in the python training space that curates high-quality content for you.   I forgot to mention, not only do I enjoy writing code, it saved my life.  Some of you may know I started my engineering career in the oil and gas industry during the bust of 2016.  I thought I had landed my dream job.  Little did I know, but ten months later, I would be laid off along with 2000 other people.  The scenario got a little worse because the entry-level jobs I was applying for were also the same jobs people with ten years of experience were also trying to land.   There was no way I was going to break through the recruiter's stack of resumes using a traditional approach.  Upon realizing that truth,  I got serious about developing my programming skills by practicing many hours per day and cultivating relationships that would ultimately lead to freelancing clients.  After two months of solid face to face networking, I ended up landing a series of opportunities that put nearly 150k into my bank account over the next two years.  Not only did I acquire that income, but I cultivated relationships that ultimately landed me a full-time position with a fantastic opportunity. Writing code wasn't always the driver of how the money got in my bank account.  It took a massive layoff at my dream job to push me out of my comfort zone and learn software development skills deeply.  I sincerely believe I wouldn't have the podcast today if it weren't for the layoff.  The layoff triggered a series of events that ultimately changed the trajectory of my life experience. I could not have imagined back in 2016 how things would have transpired, including operating my own freelancing business and meeting amazing humans along the way.   I hope you are leveraging my experience to build your dreams as a software developer and freelancer. - Ben McNeill
November 20, 2019
👊🔥💥 Django Freelancing in 2020 with Vuyisile Ndlovu 🐍
On this episode you will meet Vuyisile Ndlovu who is a Django freelancer, content creator for, and Mozilla core contributor.  This episode is your chance to get some insight from a developer knows how to consistently get clients as remote work.  You are sure to enjoy this content packed episode. Vuyisile was named PyDev of the week 11/11/2019 so make sure to check out the article Mike Driscol did here: If you want to contact Vuyisile try these methods: Brought to you by Ben McNeill 🐍 🐍
November 19, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Hong Kong Coder
I want to talk to you about consistency. My mind is on this topic today because of a story I heard about a python coder in Hong Kong.   Meet Tony.  This guy tweets at me every day with his 100 days of code challenge progress.  He does this consistently even though his city is burning.  Wow. First of all, how thankful are we in the states that Hong Kong is not our reality.  I sure reflected on this story and fell very humbled. The other thing that comes to mind is how amazing is this guy's commitment to self-improvement in the face of disaster.   If you get this message, Tony, all I have to say is it's going to pay off in a big way to learn software development skills. The big lesson I am getting from this story is gratitude and inspiration.  I can't think of a good excuse to stop being consistent with my progress towards my goals.     As a sidebar, the 100days of code challenge is an excellent way to invest in yourself.  The best type of investment is in yourself, and the 100 day code challenge is precisely that.  If you want accountability with the challenge tweet @pypodcast your progress, we are routing for you. My last message to the readers is to make sure you reach out to Tony with encouragement.  Ask yourself, and please comment if you have ideas on how we can help as a community with the scenario in Hong Kong.    If I was a young person trying to cut my teeth in software development and having the challenge of political unrest, it makes me think gratitude and a bigger purpose.   I am embarrassed to say this, but I sincerely wish I had more ability to help!   Please comment or share this if you have ideas on how to help people in Tony's situation.
November 18, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Getting Un Stuck
I have been working on a code project for the past three weeks using flutter and dart to make an android app that leverages machine learning.  The experience has been a challenge! The issue I was having for the last 40 hours was integrating firebase with the flutter.  I spent hours watching videos, reading documentation, starting and restarting projects probably 50 times.  I couldn't get the damn to thing to work!  There was a handful of times I felt like giving up, but I didn't give up. Today I finally broke through.  I began to reflect on how persistence played a massive role in my ability to get what I want in life. At the moment, things may seem like there is not anything good going on, but persistence pays.  Often when we want to quit, we are so close to winning.   I wonder how I would mentally be if I had accepted defeat when the solution was just a few hard pushes away. I wanted to share this story with you because I am sure you have had moments like this, too, or you may find one on the horizon. The lesson here is to stick it out.  As Marie Forleo states, "Everything is figure outable."  Often we need to be creative with our problem-solving techniques.  The rewards at the end of the persistence tunnel are waiting for us.  The funny part is as soon as we get stuck and then unstuck, we look back and see it was just a speed bump preparing us for the next barrier we face at a later date.  Tis is the life of a programmer. Have you experienced something like this?  Did sticking it out eventually pay off or not? Ben McNeill 💚👽 #pypodcast #profitablepython
November 17, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Your Book Reading Goals for 2020
How much do you like to read each day?  Statistica shows that the average American's daily reading is about 15 minutes per day.  They also show that 75% of Americans finish the book. I am not trying to lecture here. I enjoy reading because of how it has helped me grow, so I wanted to share this info with you. I highly recommend reading books on a subject that will help you grow your strengths.  If you want to get a deeper understanding of the content, consider creating content around the learning nuggets that you collect. The last step in the internalization equation would be to teach the material then.  If you need some ideas for how to do this, consider making a podcast or blog.  If you have ever wanted to be a content creator but felt it would be hard to be prolific, consider integrating reading as a core daily habit. Not all books are created equal.  I would recommend to orient the books you read towards the areas in your life you want to get a more in-depth learning experience.  Seek out books that have reviews that show the content has practical and actionable content. Audiobooks are another cool way to download the content into your brain.  Be careful with audiobooks, though, because it can be easy to veg out a possibly becoming a waste of your precious time.  Also, I would personally advise against listening to the books  at 3X speed.  If you want to practice patience, consider slowing it down lower than 1X.  You don't need to consume a book a day to get the impact you seek from the material. Whatever you chose to do, make sure to allocate time to internalize the information by implementing it into your life. What is your reading plan going into 2020?  Tweet @pypodcast to report your reading adventures. I look forward to learning from your experience. Ben McNeill 💚👽 #pypodcast #profitablepython
November 16, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Your Future Network is Your Net Worth
You are not your past.  You are the summation of your future potential.  For the sake of this article and lets call that your future value. You can determine your present value if you know your future value and assume a rate of compounding.  Converting between the present and future value is something you can try in a spreadsheet program.  Most people talk about time value analysis when making investment decisions.  Everyone is in the business of deploying capital, and the same principles of optimizing that allocation applies to relationship building and skill-building. In a previous episode, we discussed cost-benefit analysis within the context of opportunity cost.  You experience cost-benefit analysis every day, but I want to break this down in a way that covers the nuances, so no misunderstanding occurs. Let's say you have two options, option A and option B.  You can only choose one option, so what do you pick?   One of the best ways to do this is to select the option with the highest net present value (NPV). To calculate the NPV, we need to compare options to see what the incremental difference between picking one over the other is. Incremental value is just the difference between the two options.  As a side note, this analysis works when choosing the least bad decision, but I digress. The opportunity cost of choosing option A is the incremental difference forfeited from leaving option B on the table.  Since option B also has an NPV, we can see how this simple decision between A and B has a massive impact on the future value of this one decision.  We make 100 decisions like this in a day. When it comes to your life and the decisions you made up to this point, your current value is your present value. You are where you find yourself in life because of the choices you have made up to this point in life, but that does not define your present value. Let me ask you this.  What is your future value?  If you know your future profit and make some assumptions about the rate of compounding, you can determine your present value.  The key here is knowing that your current value is a function of your future self and not your past. If you still don't' believe me, let me ask you this.   What is the present value of creating meaningful relationships with people in your niche over the next 50 years?  Everyone says your net worth is the size of your network.  I am arguing your net worth is the size of your future network. You must convince yourself of the power of compounding and how converting the present value back and forth with future value works.  If you want to play around with these equations, check out the present value and future value conversions with a spreadsheet program like Excel. Why do I hammer on this topic so hard? I believe it contains a vast amount of empowerment.  We are the only person that has control over how we respond to the stimulus in our life and is the fundamental principle of being proactive. The more we are aware of our ability to be proactive, the better decisions we can make.   Ultimately we raise our future value by improving our decision making in the present. If I were dead, the message I would want you to remember is that the only math that matters is knowing how to calculate present value. When you understand time value and the different parameters that impact time value conversion between future and present, you will be on a path towards abundance that few ever achieve.  Your wealth of skills, relationships, and finance with be unrecognizable. My homework I assign to you today is to challenge yourself to learn how the present value calculation works. Ben McNeill 💚👽
November 15, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Building Trust with Your Clients
What are you doing to optimize your online presence? I can help you answer by bringing you a great interview I made with a freelance python developer and tutorial maker for named Vuyisile Ndlovu.  Stay tuned with Vuyisile Ndlovu's podcast episode that will be released very soon. Vuyisile Ndlovu talks about how getting clients is relatively easy when you have trust.  Building your online presence helps establish this trust before you ever get in front of the customer by simply creating your online presence. I ask you again!  What are you doing to optimize your online presence? I have some ideas for you if you would like to hear them.  First of all, check out Gary Vaynerchuk.  He is the OG King of online brand building. Gary is famous for taking a keynote speech and slicing it into 30 pieces of content.  We might not have the resources to do exactly that, but we can try something similar.  My formula is to record a video/audio podcast and then listen back to the audio and braindump that summary and ideas onto a notepad.  Some times you will find gaps in the sound that you want to expand on.  What you have here is a blog that accompanies the podcast.  Steal this idea and start the upgrade of your online presence immediately. Ben McNeill
November 14, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: The only math that matters
Einstein said the 8th wonder of the world is compounding interest.  What he is talking about is the consequences of time value.  If you understand time value, which is simple elementary math, you know all the math you will ever need in life.  The decisions we make today either payout long term in our favor or result in a massive loss to our future self.  In either case, we earn interest on those decisions, and the good news is we control a lot of the factors of the outcome. Leverage the 8th wonder of the world and build the life you want. Ben McNeill 💚👽 Ben McNeill is a personal brand coach for python software developers, practicing petroleum engineer, and podcast host of the Profitable Python show. His passion is solving problems with code 🐍, meeting amazing humans, and demonstrating leadership through self-mastery. Check out the full blog companion to this episode
November 13, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Your Trillion Dollar Software Company
You are a trillion-dollar software developer whether or not you like it. I am not talking about writing more Javascript or Python3. What I am talking about is the software that runs in your mind.
November 12, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: How to Find Beast Mode
One of the biggest blessings in life is having the clarity to know what you want and how to work towards it. Before we can start having impact with others, we need to build a foundation for our own habits.  Stephen Covey talks about this in his 7 Habits book. You must adopt the mindset of agreeing with this statement:  I am in life right now as a direct result of the summation all decisions I have made up in life up to this point. We are all team members, either in our family, our marriage, our the projects we collaborate on at work.  Before we can have impact among our team we must have stability in our own independence. Teams operate on a healthier level when everyone contributing has internalized their role as an independent thinker.  We might not agree with what other people are saying but we get to choose how we respond.   It's empowering to know that we all have that gap between action and reaction which is our choice of response. this is why it is so important to prioritize yourself before you can be good to others.  When you are practicing independence you are proactive, you are putting energy into planning and focusing on congruency with your daily actions in relation to your goals.  This is called extreme ownership. Effective, independent people begin with the end in mind by planning for the future.  When you have a team (or a marriage) the planning really benefits from having a materialized form.   This doesn't have to be fancy just get a piece of paper and write them down and review often. The other piece of being independent is executing on first things first.  It is hard to prioritize the week when there is no end in mind (a mission and vision for the future). Being independent is going to help in work and in life.  When you are more in tune with your vision it gives meaning to each weeks planning effort.  Often when we feel less productive on a give week, it just mains we our not aligned with our mission.  the good news realignment is something only you control and it starts by just putting in the work, effectively you can fix this as soon as you choose to. Do you believe you are the only one to blame for your success and failure?  Do your goals exists on paper?  Are you re-visiting your goals often and organizing your calendar to execute on the most important activity that will push you closer to your goals?  If you anything like me that answer changes from week to week but the good news is if we don't like the answer we know who to hunt down to get it fixed. The homework for this post is to work on becoming more independent by doing the following activities.  What is most important is to do each of these steps now.  You are placing these foundational stones in place, you are not cementing them in yet so they can be adjusted. Tell yourself how you own every decision you make Write down your goals Make a plan this week on a calendar that prioritizes your goals Flip that beast mode switch on and lets get to work on the most important things. Ben McNeill 💚👽 Ben McNeill is a personal brand coach for python software developers, practicing petroleum engineer, and podcast host of the Profitable Python show. His passion is solving problems with code 🐍, meeting amazing humans, and demonstrating leadership through self mastery.
November 11, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Roles and Goals
Lets stop labeling ourselves and instead focus on what matters.  We are not beginners or advanced practitioners at anything.  That language is dangerous and is not helping us get what we want. For example, if I immerse myself in some activity, who am I or you to judge what level I am performing at.  When we have an obsession for something,  our personal growth can be so rapid and our memory can be so terrible that often we do not give ourselves credit for how far we have progressed. What I am suggesting here is that we be more careful with the language we use and the labels we place on ourselves. For example, today when we woke up if I chose to integrate something into my life like becoming a mobile application developer and I put in the work to get those skills then today I am a mobile app developer.  I am not a beginner or advanced, I am just growing.  What would prevent me from being a mobile app developer?  The day I put on my lazy pants and stop integrating that role into my regular routine is the day I stop being a mobile app developer.  All the days in between is a choice to play the role of mobile application developer. Does that make sense? What is preventing you from taking on a role or being more effective in areas of your life? Here is some homework, list the roles you choose to  play in your life each week.  Don't  say that you "have to" play a role.  You and only you can put your body in motion so take ownership over that and realize there are some things you choose to do that perhaps you don't like and some other roles that you enjoy. Identify those areas where you want to become more effective in that role and identify some other roles you want to cut out.  Now that those roles are defined (on paper!) we can now determine what is the one most impactful activity we can focus on this week to enhance or eradicate that role's concentration in our life.  See how easy that was to set a goal, purpose fit to our unique scenario. For example if you drive to work every day and you don't want to be a driver of cars, there is a few things you could do.  Talk with your employer about the mutual benefits of working at a home office part of the week, find carpool with someone, or even begin the hunt to find a job that is more amicable.  Bottom line is if you drive to work and you don't like doing that you are actually choosing not to talk with your boss, not to find a carpool buddy or not to find a better employment situation.  See how that works, either way you choose to be the captain of your ship. Determine your roles and set your goals.  I love the clarity in this process. If you are looking for a framework to operate in consider one like the 100 days of code challenge.  It has a set amount of time, there is accountability and best of all you experience immersion.  Imaging how a daily activity like that would improve your role as a programmer.   Don't worry if you don't code, there is a #100daysof   anything you could imagine. After the week is done review the roles you chose to play in your life and your results.  Did you prioritize what are the most important things?  Did you detect more roles that you want to improve or remove? I hope to hear good news from you in the coming weeks. Ben McNeill 💚👽 Ben McNeill is a personal brand coach for python software developers, practicing petroleum engineer, and podcast host of the Profitable Python show. His passion is solving problems with code 🐍, meeting amazing humans, and demonstrating leadership through self mastery.
November 10, 2019
🥊 Mentorship Minute: Living Large
Everyone sees the world through a different lens. This is called the paradigm that you operate in. A paradigm is the sunglasses you chose to wear when you look out into the world. what do you choose to wear? I chose the abundance lenses. I confidently believe we all can have what we want in life. That does not mean we will get it as fast as we want nor does it suggest our actions are aligned with what we are striving to achieve. If your actions do not align with your vision for abundance you are actually sitting on the sidelines of life watching people. It is not easy to maintain abundance mindset when things don’t go our way. We need to just remind ourselves when we start to see the bad in a situation remember how much we have to be thankful for. Some people go as far as maintaining a gratitude journal. If you manage to maintain an abundance mindset there are some major benefits that I think you will find very helpful to your journey. Lets say you are a entrepreneur looking for a place to start your McDonald's burger shop. If you had an abundance mindset you would probably look for another Burger shop to open your new location next to. Since you have the abundance mindset the competition would inspire you to get a piece of the pie. If your abundance mindset was lacking you would probably not place your shop there and potentially miss out on a lot of business. Let me tell you a personal story. At one moment in my life after I graduated from college I found major abundance with a new fortune 500 job. 10 months later I got wrapped up in a 2,000 person layoff due to a crash in the oil price. I had a terrible mindset that couldn’t see any abundance. What a roller coaster! I kicked and screamed about the situation and eventually decided to start a freelancing business from scratch. At one point I even accumulated over 100k revenue through the freelancing business and still I could not find abundance and that is because I chose to wear the crappy sunglasses. How insane is that? If I could have just seen how much abundance there was around me I would have had an even bigger business success and probably a lot faster. Even after choosing to not see abundance I was eventually forced to find it. My hard work paid off, I had a successful business and as a result I even got an amazing full time job offer. I tell you this story not to brag but to offer you some genuine insight on the impact of your world view and how it carries you through life. Thankfulness was forced upon me and I could not be happier. Now I choose to see abundance. Look at your niche. Is there a ton of competition? I see the competition as a good thing. That means there is money happening there and a growing opportunity. Our job is to maintain a perception of what is true and the truth is folks abundance is all around us. In order to find the abundance, our actions need to align with our desires. That is the key to getting what you want. Ask yourself, do you believe there is more abundance in the world than what you could consume in a lifetime? Do your actions align with your desires to go get that abundance? Answer those questions and if you don’t like the answer make the adjustments in your life to get back on track. Ben McNeill 💚👽 Ben McNeill is a personal brand coach for python software developers, practicing petroleum engineer, and podcast host of the Profitable Python show. His passion is solving problems with code 🐍, meeting amazing humans, and demonstrating leadership through self mastery.
November 9, 2019
🥊 Mentor Minute: 6 Figure Fake Guru
No one owns your success except for you. I just received a marketing email that promises python developers a shortcut to six figures in just 4 short months. All you have to do is part with your hard earned cash and learn the profitable shortcuts from a fake guru. What the expert marketer is not telling you in this situation is how much time and effort went into the experience required to offer someone 100k of value. No one shells out that kind of cash without getting a return of 10x or more return on investment. The kind of people that get paychecks like that have put in major work, there was no shortcut. They made the choice to step into that opportunity by developing their character and skill level over the course of their lifespan. No one owns your success except for you. We all have a powerful and primal urge to compare ourselves with other people especially when it comes to income potential like what was reported by the fake guru in the email. The reason marketing messages highlighting a hand selected student and promising riches from a method we can copy from the same guru speak to us is because we compare ourselves to the story being told. Any mentor that says their material will lead you to insane results in months is marketing to your primal urge. Will you get those results you seek? The answer is not simple so lets discuss it more. You are a cumulative summation of the quality of your decisions you made up to this point. This means you own your own success and it also means your background and skill level determine the trajectory you take from here. The bad news is you might not be where you want to be. The good news is, you are the only person that can make this happen. That is the fallacy in the marketing message. The guru can not get you results, only you can get you results and the guru is not the one to blame for good or bad results. For example, I can’t come to your house and kick your ass into gear each morning to push forward on your side project, only you can put your body into motion. This brings up the next question. What is our capacity for excellence? Lets work on setting realistic expectations of yourself right now so we can answer that question. We are capable of more than we allow ourselves to accomplish. No one can unleash that potential except for you. Perhaps we need guidance on how to set expectations for our self but this must be done without comparing ourselves to other people. If you don’t follow this rule you actually become apart of someone else’s dream. A mentor should be your guide and should never take credit for your success. You should seek mentors that know how to push you towards growth which they have experienced firsthand. You don’t want shortcuts, you want this to be hard. The size of your bank account is proportional to the size of the problem you solve, not the size of the payment you make to your fake internet guru. I think of this like family members. If there is one person out there as a member of my family wanting more income by creating software solutions, I would begin by seeking out what we need to focus on to make your goals a reality? We would build a process together that leverages my experience and your current expertise and reverse engineer your path which is fully tailored to your circumstances. How are you being proactive with your life? Does your mentor own your success? Are you living someone else dream because you compare yourself to the outcomes in their manipulative marketing messages? If so take ownership on your life right now and decide a new way that revolves around 100% ownership of your current and future self.
November 8, 2019
🥊 Mentor Minute: Python Fullstack Mastery
On this episode we talk about why secrets don’t make friends and why we want the path towards mastery to be hard. 😎Please leave a review on iTunes if this makes your day more pythonic.
November 6, 2019
🐍💪The Authoritative Full-stack Python Resource Guide for 2020🚀🔥
On this podcast episode we dive deep into the best online resources for you to explode your python skills in 2020.  Many of the resources are totally free and many of the creators of the resources have been interviewed on this show.  I get a lot of questions on how to get started with full stack web development and this episode should answer all your questions.  **Developer Resources** **manning discount code for profitable python listeners** podpypro19  
November 5, 2019
🔮 Future Technology: GANs in Action with Vladimir Bok 🤖
On this episode you will meet Vladimir Bok, Machine learning expert and co-author of the new book "GANs in Action".  If you ever wondered how to trick a sensor that detects counterfeits then you must check out GAN technology.  The implications for this technology are vast, prepare your brain for an amazing experience.  Vladimir is donating 100% of his revenue to  🔥Make sure to connect with Vladimir on his social links listed below. [Book Link] 💎💎 Manning | GANs in Action [Discount Code] podpypro19 [Vladimir Bok] 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 [Profitable Python] 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
October 28, 2019
🤖 Building a High Tech Python Career with Claire Whittaker🐍
On this episode you will a techie and entrepreneur who started out in chemistry and landed in the world of AI.  Meet Claire Whittaker.  Claire has a blog full of resources for people trying to upgrade their way in a high tech career so make sure to check out her website if this episode interests you.  She also has the benefit of working at a major tech company so she definitely knows what it takes to stand out.  We hope you enjoy this episode. Links to things we discussed - gender shades - data set of faces across all skin tones - Company using AI in chemical synthesis - Tesla issues - ML cheat sheet How to find Claire 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 💎Where to find Ben McNeill 🐍 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
October 21, 2019
💰 Writing Enterprise Software with CEO Andrzej Krzywda 📈
This interview is absolute fire 🧯!  Andrzej has major insight on the business of code and on providing mentorship to Jr. Developers.  We talk about code in the context of Ruby but make no mistake this episode will up your Python game. 💎Where to find Andrzej Krzywda 🐍 💎Where to find Ben McNeill 🐍 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
October 14, 2019
😮 Get Naked with Profitable Python 🐍
On this episode we talk about Ben's fears and what his plan is for the podcast.  We also get spiritual, talk about leadership, and where to get a swift digital kick in the butt. 💎Where to find Ben McNeill 🐍 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
October 7, 2019
🐠 Be That Big Fish in a Small Pond with Reuven Lerner 🐍
Welcome to the Profitable Python with your host Ben McNeill.  On this episode you will meet Reuven Lerner.  Reuven teaches Python and data science to companies around the world, both in person and online.  We talked about building a global brand within the Python ecosystem and what you can focus on to give you the unfair advantage in your market.  👇👇You can find Rueven Here👇👇 🐍Profitable Python Podcast🐍
September 30, 2019
🔥Open Source Is The Jet Fuel For Innovation with Dr. Chuck 🔥
Welcome to the Profitable Python with your host Ben McNeill.  On this episode you will meet  Dr. Charles Severance.  Dr Chuck is a Clinical Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information.  He is a thought leader in open source educational technology and open educational resources.  Dr Chuck is also the creator of a disruptive open source learning technology named Tsugi as well as course creator for,,, edEx, and Coursera. Find more about Dr Chuck's Projects at his website **🐍Profitable Python Podcast🐍**
September 23, 2019
💎How I got a Job at ⚡Tesla⚡ with Andrew Aleman Da Silva
In this episode you will meet  Andrew Da Silva, a ML practitioner at Tesla.  During the show we talk about his decision to change his life and learn about ML with python which opened up doors to break into the tech scene in San Francisco.   We discuss how you can approach getting a tech job like a ML engineer at Tesla the Secret to getting a good mentor How to find and get hired at your dream job How to break into tech without a traditional background in computer science What hiring managers are looking for at tech jobs How to create solid confidence in your abilities ML learning resources and how to learn new skills Building a social following / social brand How to filter opportunities What people struggle with most when learning AI technologies How to find Andrew 🔥Andrew LinkedIn 🔥Andrew Instagram 🐍Profitable Python Podcast🐍
September 16, 2019
💡No Shortage of Ideas with Linus Lee🐍
Welcome to the profitable python with your host Ben Mcneill.  On today's episode you will meet Linus  Lee who is a Product Engineer at Hack Club where he is building a financial platform for student hackathon organizers.  Linus also serves as director of Cal Hacks at UC Berkeley, where he studies computer science.  Linus specialty is building performant user interface web frontends. We had a hour long conversation around these topics!  Enjoy‼️ 💎Future of AI, analytics, and data science 💎Hackathons 💎Writing Code 💎Side Projects 💎Ideas 💎Getting internships How to Find Linus Lee 🐍 Brought to you from the Profitable Python  🐍 Website:
September 9, 2019
🤖Become an Effective Machine Learning Professional🐍
Welcome to the Profitable Python with your host Ben  McNeill.  On this episode you will meet Galina Olejnik.  Galina specializes in the machine learning field of natural language processing, she is an NLP team lead at and a data science lead with Women Who Code! Galina Olejnik Links 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🐍 Profitable Python  🐍 Website:
September 2, 2019
🔥 Put Your Family First with Mike Driscoll 🐍
Welcome to the Profitable Python with your host Ben McNeill.  On this episode you will meet Mike Driscoll.  Mike solves problems as an automated test engineer.  He is a family man that enjoys blogging and writing about the Python programming language.  Mike has his own popular blog called Mouse vs Python and he also contributes to Real Python.  In addition, Mike has written 7 books about Python. How to find Mike: Themes AI, Self-Publishing, Blogging, testing Ice Breakers Will the mouse ever slay the python? Where do you get your epic book art? How would you explain automated testing to my 95-year-old grandma? For new python programmers should object oriented programming be looked up exclusively or can they pick it up as they go? How will Pythonistas need to adapt to monetize their skills in the future? Python Libraries Is computer vision going to be used for good or evil in the future? What applications excite you about the future of machine learning and CV? Can you talk about the mileage you are getting with wxPython / report lab since so much hype surrounds mobile / web development? Publishing your books Did you think you would gain 30K new fans when you did your reddit book giveaway? Can you walk me through the progression of your personal brand becoming almost entirely word of mouth? What are the benefits and drawbacks you have found to self-publishing? How do you choose your book topics? What is another programming language you would like to write a book on? Publishing your blogs In what ways has a blog enhanced your human experience? Any advice for someone looking to create a python user group? Why did you choose to be a blogging over other platforms to distribute content? What is your process for writing a blog? How long did it take your blog to get traction? Why do you think Hacker News and Reddit are some of the more effective platforms for promoting blog content? What is your strategy for expanding your blog audience? Testing What testing advice do you have for someone writing file system deletion scripts? What testing advice do you have for small team python dev shops? Is it a good thing or a bad thing to see so many internet tutorials that do not use TDD? Did you learn unit testing using trial by fire or were there some resources that helped you get up to speed? What is your message to an organization that claims testing and stage environments are cost prohibitive? Personal Any advice for python programmers to help them monetize their skills? What is your favorite summer activity to do with your family? Best advice you ever received? Best non-technical book you ever read? Best video game ever made? New programing languages to check out?
August 26, 2019
Never Get Comfortable with Nitin Rai
Nitin is an artificial intelligence practitioner that specializes in machine learning and computer vision.  🔥You do not need a special degree to be an artificial intelligence practitioner 🔥Practice is more important than learning theory 🔥AI is an awesome career choice and has a bright future Bio Nitin is a native to India who started exploring and practicing coding with python a year ago.  Since then he has landed a high paying job as an Artificial intelligence practitioner.  Nitin is a learning machine, each day he focuses on learning and implementation of new techniques and specializes in computer vision and deep learning.  Nitin’s motto is “You might have learned the rules of a game, but it won’t help you until you play it yourself” We discuss these topics and more!  🔥What kind of simple reference materials would you use to help you learn python learn python syntax if you had to start from scratch? 🔥What advice do you have for someone trying to find python help with a search engine? 🔥What tips do you have for someone trying to get a programming internship without a formal degree? 🔥What do you see as the future of autonomous driving? 🔥How did you learn that data cleaning was a very important skill to have? 🔥Why do you think personalization will be a major trend in the future?  🔥Will automatic content creation be engaging? 🔥Are you afraid or excited about training computers to learn beyond the human capacity? 🔥What has excited you to learn more about machine learning? 🔥Talk about the organization you want to start which emphasizes problem solving over studying 🔥Talk about leaving the city life and moving to the village. 🔥How did you become interested in computer vision? 🔥How did you get linked up with 🔥What is it like to live 1000 miles from your family knowing you had to move to become a better version of you? 🔥Why is Open CV so awesome? 🔥What would you tell someone that is afraid to take chances or make mistakes? 🔥Best advice you ever received? 🔥Best programming languages to learn in 2020? 🔥What is your favorite drink? 🔥Best computer game ever made 🔥Best book ever written 🐍 Profitable Python  🐍 Website:
August 23, 2019
🤖 The Future of Machine Learning with Noah Gift 🐍
In this episode we talk to Noah Gift.  Noah is a lecturer and consultant at UC Davis Graduate School of Management MSBA program the Graduate Data Science program, MSDS, at Northwestern and the Graduate Data Science program at UC Berkeley.  Noah is the author of two recent books: Pragmatic AI: An Introduction to Cloud Computing and Python for DevOps: Learn Ruthlessly Effective Automation. 🥊 Are robots going to take everyone's jobs 00:43 🥊 Overcoming fear 2:20 🥊 Machine Learning Simplified 3:30 🥊 Data science is dead, automation is where it is at 7:43 🥊 Building personal brand of awesomeness  10:40 🥊 Optimizing Your Nutrition 13:00 🥊 High volume of code output 15:30 🥊 Why New Zealand is freakin sweet to do business in 21:34 🥊 Why you can be successful as an AI engineer without a PhD 23:00 🥊 Why Python is not going away 33:49 🥊 Why Python is superior to R language 35:30 🥊 Avoid cancer of the mind as a software developer 38:00 🥊 Y Combinator free classes to make a startup company 42:20 🔥 We need more machine learning practitioners 43:50 🥊 Best career advice 47:50 🥊 IOT Edge based machine learning 48:50 🔥 Setting goals for being the best 54:50 🥊 Simple truth knowledge bomb 56:39 🥊 How to get fired and then get un-fired 59:07 🔥  Knowledge Bomb 1:02:43 ☑️ Best advice 1:03:46 🔥 Noah's World 🔥 🤖 🤖 🤖 Noah's new book 🐍 Profitable Python  🐍 Website: Podcast: Instagram: Github: Facebook:
August 18, 2019
It's All About the Mindset with Raees Ul Zaman
Welcome to Profitable Python with your host Ben McNeill,  on this episode you will meet Raees Ul Zaman who is a bachelor student in Pakistan.  He works as a virtual assistant and eBay, Amazon, Shopify Account Manager and drop-shipping expert and is also a Python Django developer with a indestructible mindset.   What we cover in this episode: What opportunities do you see in web scraping and automation for python developers? What excites you about making a digital marketing agency? What kind of software would you like to make in the future? What is the VA(Virtual Assistant) for drop shipping business like? What would it take to be successful VA(Virtual Assistant) these days? What learning resources did you use to learn drop shipping? How did you get so many clients that you didn’t have time to even take a shower? How challenging was it to learn English and what was your motivation? What is your philosophy on fear of making mistakes? You mention that learning too many things at once causes a lot of problems.  How do you choose what to focus on learning? What fascinates you about the detectron project? Why did you choose python? Raees 🔥 🐍 Profitable Python  🐍 Website: Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
August 11, 2019
Action Beats Perfection with Abdallah Ashraf
Welcome to the Profitable Python with your host Ben McNeill.  On this episode you will meet Abdallah Ashraf who is a self-taught python developer with a background in mechanical engineering.   What are you doing currently to monetize your python skills? What triggered you to teach yourself how to write python code? What are some projects that really helped you get proficiency? Why would you recommend someone start building projects as soon as possible? For people interested in web development what python frameworks do you recommend to get started with? What is a big problem you want to solve in the world during your lifetime? What would be your strategy to get started as a python developer from scratch if you wanted to focus on freelancing? What does the future of python freelancing look like to you? What is stopping python freelancers from getting more jobs? You had a quantum leap in success when you developed a perspective on traditional school vs online self-education.  What was your observation? What are some good trainings for you that are under 100$ or free? What does a day in the life of Abdallah look like?  Tell me about the book FU Money and what did it do to you? What other books have made an impact on your life? What are some python libraries that really amaze you with the powerful stuff you can do? I really like your philosophy on the beginner coders journey, how you will never see the light unless you keep going.  Can you elaborate more on what you would tell your younger self on going through this journey ? Abdallah 🔥 🔥 🐍 Profitable Python  🐍 Website: Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
August 11, 2019
Start Testing Your Code with Rayed Benbrahim
This is profitable python with your host, Ben McNeill.  On this episode you will meet Rayed Benbrahim, he is a JavaScript software developer and career coach.   Questions:  What is the tech scene like in Paris France? What do you see for the future of AI/Machine learning?  What is JavaScript’s role in the evolution?  Why do young software engineers get lost in their careers right after their first job? What are some critical elements to your algorithm for setting a career path? Where does the execution on the career plan get challenging? You quantum leap occurred when you started making friends with Sr. developers.  What was stopping you from doing this sooner? What are the benefits of TDD that the senior devs taught you? What is a kind way to explain to a client that you must charge them to write tests Are their boundaries where TDD is not necessary or do you always use it?  How does keeping up with the news on Tech Crunch and Recode the verge keep you well rounded as a developer Why do you think that if we want a better world we need better software? How did you overcame your struggles as a Jr. developer? Why is it harder to grow as a solo coder? Why should Jr. Devs not chase the money on their first job? What is your process that you would use to get proficient as a JavaScript developer if you had to start from scratch? What is the cloud and dirt strategy for continuous learning? Rayed  🔥 🔥 🐍 Profitable Python  🐍 Website: Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
August 11, 2019
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff with Bret the Wise Guy Developer
This is the Profitable Python, with your host Ben McNeill.  On this episode you will meet Brett the wise guy developer.  Brett is a full stack developer who is passionate about programming.  He loves to make people laugh and has extensive experience working with all sizes of companies from startups to large corporations.  He has experience spans many sectors such as financial, engineering, and e-commerce and he has a background in nutrition.   What we cover on the show: Where do you see the biggest opportunity for python developers to monetize their skills? What is your strategy to get profitable with python in the next 6 months if you had to start from scratch? How have mentors played a role in your career growth? How do you approach small businesses to sell your services as a software developer? Why are there endless employment opportunities with pythons data science stack? Since python creates easier access to data science do you think we will hit a point of data science employment saturation? Where are some areas you see viable employment opportunities for  data mining and analysis? Datasheets open source - what is your experience with worksheets in the enterprise? What do you see for the future of freelancing as a python developer? How should a developer approach increasing social interaction in their life?   How has handling stress as a software developer changed as you become more integrated with spirituality? What is the road map to financial independence you are executing on right now? How has growing your personal brand improved your outlook on career growth Why is nutrition so important for software developers? What is your morning routine? What advice do you have for a developer that has their spider senses protesting against taking a job?   How should a developer navigate the ineptitude of management?  Is is different for Jr vs Sr developers? If you were talking to the younger Bret you would tell him “don’t resist structure or organization, it is not the enemy” Brett the Wise Guy Developer 🔥 🐍 Profitable Python  🐍 Website: Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
August 11, 2019
Crypto FinTech Python Start-up with Anna Vitiuk
In this episode you will meet Anna Vitiuk.   Anna is a software engineer, data scientist and founder of a FinTech startup that specializes in automation of low risk bitcoin trades.  She has developed a passion for building software that adds value to her clients by delivering technology built in python.   During the show we also talked about Anna's insights with team building, overcoming amazing health challenges, and fulfilling her dreams in the face of adversity, and the future of financial technology. Anna's Instagram: 
August 4, 2019
Getting Dream Internships for Computer Science with Victor Gomes
On this episode you will meet Victor  "Cool Code Guy" Gomes.   Victor has a background in computer science  and software development and has recently completed an internship at BlackRock (A FinTech company in NYC).  He is also a coordinator for the teacher assistant program at his university.  Victor has mentored and coached many people into their dream internships as computer science students.  He is currently growing a community of internship seekers and helping the community to get the internship and jobs they deserve in software engineering.  Join us on this episode and learn how you can use Victor's process he used to get interviews with Google, Microsoft, Black Rock and land his dream internships.   Victor's Website:  Victor's Instagram: 
August 4, 2019
What can you do with Python?
What can Python3 be used for?  What can you do with Python3?  Python is a simplistic programming language loved by beginners and big business.   
August 2, 2019
Full Stack Python with Matt Makai
On this episode you will meet Matt Makai.  Matt is a software developer with an affinity for python and swift. He currently runs Twilio’s Developer Voices team which enables developers to teach other developers how to get started and build with Twilio. Matt is also the author of Full stack Python, which helps over 150,000 developers a month learn to build, deploy and operate their python web applications. Show Themes - Building/improving tech scene - Making mistakes/getting better as a developer - Giving good technical talks - Running a python community resource - Supporting open source Matt Makai's Full Stack Python    Profitable Python
July 30, 2019
The Keys To Push Beyond Abundance with Michael Kennedy
In this episode we talk with Michael Kennedy, the host of Python Bytes and Talk Python to Me.  He is the founder of Talk Python training and is a Python Software Foundation fellow.  Michael has been working in the developer field for more than 20 years.  The conversation weaves between creating impact with python, entrepreneurial wisdom, strategies for course and content creation, and methodologies to accelerate self learning.   Talk Python Training   Talk Python Podcast Python Bytes Podcast    
July 26, 2019
Battle Tested Python with Nick Janetakis
In this episode we talk to Nick Janetakis, a software development veteran and Docker Captain who operates a successful python web app shop.  We dare you to try to walk away from this interview empty handed.  Nick's world Profitable Python
July 24, 2019
Meet your host and peer into the crystal ball to see where the show is going.
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July 7, 2019
July 6, 2019
July 6, 2019
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