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Programmed to Chill

Programmed to Chill

By Jimmy Falun Gong
Programmed to Chill is a show about business, crime, parapolitics, and esoterica, hosted by @JimmyFalunGong

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Unlocked: Premium 16 - Novels as Spycraft pt. 5, the Paranoia Fulfilled, with Ira Levin, William Peter Blatty, and David St. John
Unlocked because I discuss Jeffrey Dahmer in the episode.  Yes, Ira Levin and William Peter Blatty were both spies, but What Does It Mean? I go through the careers of both authors and flag the times they worked for US intelligence, then how perhaps their writing was affected by that fact, and then the reverberations their work has had on society. With Levin, we meet the Ayn Rand circle, Malachi Martin, the weirdness of Rosemary's Baby, the Stepford Wives, the Boys From Brazil, Son of Rosemary, and so on. With Blatty, we discuss USIA, the Groucho Marx connection, the Ninth Configuration, the Exorcist, Mark David Chapman, the Zodiac, the Exorcist III, Dahmer, and I cite the great pd187 and Christopher Knowles on the Exorcist film.  To wrap it up, I discuss the "less well-known" David St. John, who weirdly corresponds with Candy Jones, and how the saga of Tom Dooley III shows that religious psyops are not exactly new. And the songs are pretty great this episode too, lol. Songs: Black Sabbath by Coven Pact with Lucifer by Coven Wicked Woman by Coven excerpts from the Exorcist soundtrack Room 213 by Church of Misery
October 05, 2022
Unlocked: Bonus Episode 26 - Who Killed Young Dolph?, an Exploration into Memphis Policing and Real Estate, Gang Injunctions and Gentrification, and Criminal Informants
Today I attempt to understand one of rap's most recent tragedies, the murder of Young Dolph, through his music, through his life, and through his environment. Along the way, I discuss Memphis and Shelby County law enforcement and its controlling interests - Memphis realty and big business. We're talking the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission, Authorization of Agency, the Multi-Gang Agency Unit, and multi-million dollar urban revitalization development projects. I speculate on Young Dolph's rap beefs, such as they are, and discuss the many facets of Dolph's life, as well as the police investigation into his murder. More importantly, I discuss the frankly anomalous treatment that one of his murderers received over and over from the Shelby County court system. I explain the uses and abuses of criminal informants in the local, state, and federal judicial systems, and attempt to come to a conclusion about who may have ordered Young Dolph to be killed. Memphis Truth Commission: Songs: Fuck It - Young Dolph Talking to My Scale - Young Dolph 100 Shots by Young Dolph Get Paid - Young Dolph Preach - Young Dolph Major - Young Dolph Track Hawk - Straight Drop Blood All On It - Gucci Mane feat. Young Dolph and Key Block Large Amounts - Young Dolph I’m Assuming - Blac Youngsta Long Live Dolph - Gucci Mane Patreon/Merch:
September 02, 2022
Unlocked: Premium 37 - the Azusa Street Revival, Holy Rollers, Oral Roberts, William Branham, the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, Moral Re-Armament, Auto Manufacturers, the Kardas
Unlocked from the Patreon feed in order to lay the groundwork for upcoming episodes. In this episode, I discuss the rise of the US Pentecostal/Charismatic movement, going through the Azusa Street Revival, the story of Oral Roberts, the Kansas City Prophets, William Branham, the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, the Kardashians, Moral Rearmament, and how MKULTRA subproject 84 studied the trance states which these religious movements created. In relation to this, I discuss William Sargant and the early career of Jim Jones. Re Jones, I focus on Dan Mitrione and police snitching, Father Divine, and Invesco S.A. Ultimately, I argue that Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple was, among many things, the weaponization of Pentecostal states studied by MKULTRA. Songs: Unchained Melody performed by Elvis Presley Links:
August 26, 2022
Bonus Episode 25 - Indigenous History as Parapolitics, or Parapolitics as Indigenous History?, feat. Laihall
Today I'm joined by Laihall to discuss Indigenous history as parapolitics, or as Laihall pointed out, parapolitics is indigenous history. We talk about chaos magick, surrealism, and the theft of Indigenous artifacts, Terra Nullius, trading companies as massive corporate operations, and many other topics. In particular, Laihall links Indigenous oppression to reasons grounded in capitalist expansion, and links this to the dark history of the Residential schools. Along the way, we discuss Indian metal and even talk skinhead oi. Finally, we discuss when Indian workers have led and fought together with other workers, and a potential path forward. I made a donation to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, and I encourage my listeners who can to do so here: Songs: Gyitwaalkt by Gyibaaw Gisigwilgwelk and Diitk by Gyibaaw St'at'imc Constitution song Merch:
July 29, 2022
Bonus Episode 24: the 09A, a Global Death Cult, feat. William Ramsey
Today I'm joined by William Ramsey to discuss his book on the Order of the Nine Angles. We go through the origins of the group, their Esoteric Nazi black magic ideology, several of their terms, and the classic question - op or not? Along the way we get into the Smiley Face Killers and other topics of mutual interest.  Links to Mr. Ramsey's books and podcast: Song: Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran Merch:
July 22, 2022
49 - Imperial Japan pt. 19 - Japanese National Socialism, and Sōgen Ōmori
Today I compare and contrast actual Japanese National Socialism to Japanese ultranationalism by looking at the life and work of Motoyuki Takabatake. Then, I look at the Shōwa Research Association and the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, both of which studied socialism in order to integrate and subvert it. Then I go through Masao Maruyama's framework for fascist development in Japan. After that, I go through the life of Sōgen Ōmori whose life puts on full display several of the themes I've been tracing throughout the Imperial Japan series. Finally, I conclude with a few interesting facts I learned about Toyama and the Black Dragon Society at the end of my research - things which tie into sexpionage honeypot type operations. Song: Song of Shōwa Restoration Merch:
July 14, 2022
48 - Imperial Japan pt. 18 - the Prewar JCP pt. 2: the Armed Era and its Immediate Demise
In this episode, I go through the history of Zenkyo as well as the armed resistance era of the JCP, from roughly 1929 to 1930, leading to the arrest of nearly everyone. I discuss the nature of police repression and Nikolai Bukharin's expulsion and purging from the Party and accompanying changes to the Comintern. I explain the rise of Japanese nationalism and the effective end to the prewar JCP. Then, I review several scholars' attempts to write an obituary to the prewar JCP. Songs: Dat Stick by Rich Brian 平和を守れ - Defend Peace Merch:
July 07, 2022
47 - Imperial Japan pt. 17- the Prewar JCP pt. 1: Bukharin, Yamakawa, and Fukumoto
Today we talk about the Rice Riots of 1918 and the potentially revolutionary conditions in Japan, the Peace Preservation Laws, and the Comintern Conference of 1922. I lay out the JCP's program as of 1922 and compare it to existing political parties of the era. I discuss Hitoshi Yamakawa and his faction, Nikolai Bukharin's theses of 1927, and the Kazuo Fukumoto faction. I trace the rough trajectory of the Yamakawa faction in the coming years, and discuss police repression.  Song: Listen! Workers of the World Merch: Patreon:
June 30, 2022
46 - Imperial Japan pt. 16 - Precursors to the JCP, and Katayama Sen vs. Masahiko Amakasu
Today I discuss the various groups and influences that led to the creation of the Japanese Communist Party, and its first theorist, Katayama Sen. I discuss his life, the 1922 Comintern Conference, and track the functional end of the Japanese anarchist movement, leading us to discuss Masahiko Amakasu. I talk about Amakasu's role in Manchuria, the Manchukuo Film Association, and his production of China Nights aka Shanghai Nights (1940), and hate on another academic for a bit. Luckily, the story of Masahiko Amakasu as a good ending. Song: The Internationale (in Japanese)
June 24, 2022
P2C Endorsement from Vermont
Big news, just got a major podcast endorsement from a certain figure from Vermont, LFG (shout-out ddawg)
June 10, 2022
45 - Imperial Japan pt. 15 - the Great Waltz 2: Bolshevik Boogaloo
I go over the early Bolshevik state's relationship with Imperial Japan. You won't be surprised to find out it is acrimonious. I tell the story of Sergei Lazo, the Nikolaevsk Incident, the industries backing détente with the Soviets, and the rise of Japanese conceptions of pan-Asianism. To wrap up, I talk about the man of steel himself, and his words for and against Japan. Song: Fish Heaven / the Sakana Song
June 10, 2022
Bonus Episode 23 on the Crying of Lot 49: Nazi Connections to MKULTRA, and the Real Alternative to the Exitlessness, feat. Jimmy and the Chums of Chance
Third of three episodes on the Crying of Lot 49, I'm joined by Dr. Pig Bodine aka CJ (@Pussy___Teeth) and Boyd Beaver (@Boyd_Beaver) to discuss Thomas Pynchon's 1966 novel, the Crying of Lot 49. In this episode, I (@JimmyFalunGong) walk us through the Nazi connections in the Crying of Lot 49, specifically in relation to MKULTRA.  To do that, we present Programmed to Chill Masterpiece Theatre (thanks to Alex @mrcheesepills for performing our Dr. Hilarius), two partial performances of passages from the novel. I discuss some underappreciated aspects to LSD history in the US, discuss Henry Murray, Uncle Ted, and the Holocaust. Finally, we attempt to find a way out of the exitlessness as prescribed by Thomas Pynchon's novel. Songs: Psychotic Reaction by the Count Five Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd
June 07, 2022
Bonus Episode 22 on the Crying of Lot 49: “Why should things be easy to understand?”, or, the Whole Dutch Thing, feat. Boyd Beaver and the Chums of Chance
Second of three episodes on the Crying of Lot 49, I'm joined by Dr. Pig Bodine aka CJ (@Pussy___Teeth) and Boyd Beaver (@Boyd_Beaver) to discuss Thomas Pynchon's 1966 novel, the Crying of Lot 49. In this episode, Boyd walks us through the surprisingly interesting and relevant 16th century Dutch revolution and its importance to the novel. He explains to us how postal systems and intelligence went hand in hand and how many of the characters from the confounding Jacobean revenge play of the novel are real people. Boyd lays out what Pynchon is getting at, and does a fantastic job doing the deeper dives into history that Pynchon's novels encourage of its readers. To conclude, we go out with another one of CJ's loving renditions of Pynchon's songs. Episode 2 Song: Serge's Song by Pussy Teeth
June 02, 2022
Bonus Episode 21 on the Crying of Lot 49: Historioplastic Acts of Metaphor Reifying the Magic of Language and Resurrecting the Legacy of America, feat. Dr. Pig Bodine and the Chums of Chance
First of three episodes on the Crying of Lot 49, I'm joined by Dr. Pig Bodine aka CJ (@Pussy___Teeth) and Boyd Beaver (@Boyd_Beaver) to discuss Thomas Pynchon's 1966 novel, the Crying of Lot 49. In this episode we lay the groundwork for our discussion, spend time deconstructing the popular academic interpretations of the novel, and ask the vital question, "what is the point of academia?" Also, we go out with one of CJ's loving renditions of Pynchon's songs. Episode 1 Songs: I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night by the Electric Prunes My Daddy, My Doggie, and Me by Pussy Teeth
May 27, 2022
Unlocked: Premium 27 - FBI vs. PTK pt. 6: PTK's Smoking Gun, or, MKULTRA Subproject 39, the Human Ecology Fund, Psychosurgery, and the Heart of Darkness at Ionia State Hospital
To celebrate the show's anniversary, I'm unlocking what just might be the best episode I've ever done. Today I talk about a MKULTRA subproject studying sexual psychopaths; I believe it vindicates McGowan's Programmed to Kill thesis. This is truly insane stuff, and I don't believe anyone's made these connections before. I couldn't believe it. Songs: Piano and String Quartet by Morton Feldman (shout-out to whoever said it would be great in an episode, you weren't kidding) Murder Company by Church of Misery
May 20, 2022
Bonus Episode 20: the Oklahoma City Bombing and Andreas Strassmeir: the Makings of American Gladio, feat. Bill and Boltzmann Booty
Today I'm joined by Bill (@BTH_Bill) and Boltzmann Booty (@BoltzmannBooty) to discuss the Oklahoma City Bombing generally and Andreas Strassmeir specifically. They walk us through the basics of the bombing and some reasons to doubt the official 'lone wolf' narrative. We discussed the 1988 Sedition Trial, the nature of informants and provocateurs, and got into the life of Strassmeir. They made a convincing case that Strassmeir was an informant based on his prior counterintelligence work, behavior, and actions. They explained Vincent Petruskie, Strassmeir's extracurricular activities, his visa, PATCON, Dave Holloway, the infamous traffic stop, and Elohim City. Bill and Boltzmann Booty walked us through the body of evidence linking Strassmeir to Timothy McVeigh and the bombing plot, Strassmeir's escape, and his subsequent activities. Finally, we attempted to come to an understanding of what happened at Oklahoma City. Links: The OKC Bombing Archive at the Libertarian Institute: @BoltzmannBooty threads: JD Cash: Aberration in the Heartland of the Real by Dr. Wendy Painting: Songs: Comancheria by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lord of the Plains by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Comancheria II by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
May 11, 2022
44 - Imperial Japan pt. 14 - the Great Waltz, the Ōtsu Incident, and Russo-Japanese Relations
Today we wind the clock back a bit and discuss some geopolitics to better contextualize Imperial Japan, and to understand the different factions within the Japanese government. Specifically, we talk about the pro-Russian and anti-Russian factions, who they were, who backed them, and how the alignments worked. From there, we discuss the Ōtsu Incident, weirdly not very well-known in the West, which was when a Japanese police officer attempted to assassinate the Tsarevich Nikolai II on a visit to Japan. This prompted a massive international incident. You know I have to get a bit nutty discussing the would-be assassin. To wrap it up, I discuss a few more obscure Japanese secret societies, and the Russo-Japanese war. Note: over time the free episode feed will post less regularly, eventually down to maybe one episode a month, but for now, it'll probably be every other week Song: Jazz Suite, Waltz No. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich
April 29, 2022
43 - Imperial Japan pt. 13 / Spyclopedia #4 - Yoshiko Kawashima pt. 3, the Mata Hari of Asia
Today we finish the story of Yoshiko Kawashima, covering the decline of her career. Along the way, Yoshiko starts a restaurant, she hangs out with the actress Yoshiko Yamaguchi, and Ryōichi Sasakawa make an appearance. We go over the demise of more of her lovers, and discuss her pet monkeys. Ultimately, Yoshiko is put on trial and executed. To wrap it up, we talk about what happened to her family in communist China and come to some conclusion about her life. Song: Mata Hari by Efendi
April 22, 2022
42 - Imperial Japan pt. 12 / Spyclopedia #4 - Yoshiko Kawashima pt. 2, the Manchukuo Joan of Arc
We pick up on the story of Yoshiko Kawashima in Shanghai; she left for Manchuria shortly after the Manchurian Incident. This is where she interacts with Emperor Puyi, and when Kawashima starts working for Ryukichi Tanaka of Japanese military intelligence. We discuss Kawashima's role in the Shanghai Incident, and then her role leading 'Vigilance Corps' in Rehe. To conclude, we discuss the nature of the state of Manchukuo. Songs: She Wonders Why by Whitey Smith Nighttime Shanghai Dance by Whitey Smith
April 15, 2022
41 - Imperial Japan pt. 11 / Spyclopedia #4 - Yoshiko Kawashima pt. 1, or, the Beauty in Men’s Clothing
Part 1 out of 3 You know I had to revisit the life of Yoshiko Kawashima, Japan's gender-nonconforming ethnic Manchu princess and spy. This episode sets the stage, discussing Kawashima's biological and adopted fathers, the circumstances surrounding her childhood, her inspirations, suitors, and the first indications that a legend was being contrived. We follow her life up to her marriage with a Mongol military officer - generally everything before she became famous. Song: Numb (Linkin Park cover) by Kuular
April 08, 2022
Bonus Episode 19 - the Coup at Ford Cuautitlán: the AFL-CIO, AIFLD, the CIA, Labor Unions, and NAFTA, featuring Rob McKenzie
Today I'm joined by Rob McKenzie, the author of El Golpe: US Labor, the CIA, and the Coup at Ford in Mexico, to discuss the CIA's subversion of the international labor movement. He takes us through a crash course on modern US labor history and focuses on the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), a little-known organization that played an outsized role in geopolitics through its role in labor. Along the way we discuss James Jesus Angleton, George Meany, Jay Lovestone, the Reuther brothers, and meet several very interesting characters.  We discuss AIFLD's role in Guyana, Brazil, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Chile as setup to discuss the potentially revolutionary context of Mexico in the 1980s. That's when the strikes at Ford Cuautitlán led to a massacre due to the involvement of AIFLD and other actors. It's a great interview for an exceptional book. Links: Songs: UAW-CIO by Pete Seeger Luz y Sombra by Ry Cooder
March 25, 2022
40 - Imperial Japan pt. 10 / Spyclopedia #3 - the Many Identities of Nisshō Inoue, pt. 4, or, the Jailbird / Imperial Advisor / Kuromaku / Sukebe
Today we wrap up the story of Nisshō Inoue, picking up with his time in prison, where he received uniquely lax/privileged treatment. Interestingly, Inoue was placed in charge of Tenko at Kosuge prison, and met several notable inmates. Then, like with Alfried Krupp, we trace Inoue's first day out of prison; I argue that a person's first day out of prison says quite a lot about that person. Then we cover Inoue's new role/identity as advisor to Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe. After the war, Inoue was interrogated by SCAP upwards of 28 times, and met some very interesting SCAP figures. I sidetrack myself talking about the journalist Mark Gayn, who had some interesting interactions with Inoue. Then I cover the end of Inoue's life as a political fixer and old man perv. Finally, I reveal the hidden, occulted truth about prewar ultranationalist terrorism, including but not limited to Nisshō Inoue. Songs: Come Spy with Me by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Battotai, the Imperial Japanese Army March
March 18, 2022
39 - Imperial Japan pt. 9 / Spyclopedia #3 - the Many Identities of Nisshō Inoue, pt. 3, or, the Patriotic Terrorist
Today we discuss Nisshō Inoue's many, many connections with ultranationalist terrorism, and the attacks he planned in with the Blood Oath Corps Incident. This was an extreme plan that, were it to have succeeded, would have assassinated 20 of the top zaibatsu executives and politicians in Japan. They managed to kill a central banker as well as a Mitsui executive. The high-profile trial allowed Inoue and his accomplices to present their case to the public. Finally, we discuss the fallout of the Blood Oath Corps Incident on Taisho democracy. Song: Runaway Horses by Philip Glass
March 11, 2022
38 - Imperial Japan pt. 8 / Spyclopedia #3 - the Many Identities of Nisshō Inoue, pt. 2, or, the Mad Prophet
Today we explore Nisshō Inoue's spiritual life, and watch his voyage into Zen Buddhism. We discuss his spiritual practice as an ascetic, and cover his dreams and visions. Did Inoue achieve enlightenment? Inoue made a number of prophecies, as well. Inoue's relationship to the Nichiren sect is discussed. Finally, we leave Inoue receiving post-enlightenment training. Songs: various tracks from Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters by Philip Glass outro - "Mishima / Closing"
March 04, 2022
37 - Imperial Japan pt. 7 / Spyclopedia #3 - the Many Identities of Nisshō Inoue, pt. 1, or, the Troubled Spy
Today's the first of four episodes on Nisshō Inoue. This episode covers his early life, including his family background and education, his wartime experiences, his probable recruitment as a spy, and his activities in Manchuria. Inoue also spied during WWI, then spied in Shanghai, and met Mitsuru Toyama.  Songs: Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us, by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
February 26, 2022
Bonus Episode 14 - Programmed to Game, feat. MINDGAMEZ
Today we talk about a modern-day vice: video games, and I'm joined by Alex (@mrcheesepills), Kade (@kadelikesmusic8), CJ (@pussy___teeth) of the MINDGAMEZ (@MINDGAMEZpod) podcast. We discuss their podcast, our personal experiences with video games, good and bad. We also discuss our hopes and our paranoid fears for the medium. It's a great introduction to the boys and their show. MINDGAMEZ Links: Songs: Four to Six - Math the Band Bitch I'm High - Ramirez
February 19, 2022
36 - Imperial Japan pt. 6 - War Zen, Corporate Zen, Gorō Sugimoto, and Brainwashing
Today's about how Zen Buddhism was used to prepare people for Japan's imperial wars. We look at the example of Lt. Colonel Gorō Sugimoto, an officer in the Kwantung army who wrote a popular work on Zen and militarism, as well as the societal effects his legacy had on Japan. We talk about the spiritual fallout of Japan's loss of WWII, and how DT Suzuki knew the right parties to blame. We discuss which sects apologized for their wartime roles and which didn't, and how that's reflected in economic realities. Then we discuss corporate Japan's weaponization of Zen to discipline some of their employees, and who was studying this phenomenon. We cover Zen priests who wrote against this corporate Zen boom, and Zen Buddhism's ongoing popularity with Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, and some of the darker ties to intelligence.
February 12, 2022
35 - Imperial Japan pt. 5 - Imperial Way Buddhism vs. the Youth League for Revitalizing Buddhism: Carry the Buddha on your backs and go out into the streets!
Today we cover the Control and Imperial Way factions in Imperial Japan, and then get into Imperial Way Buddhism, Japanese Zen Buddhism's drift into nationalistic, militaristic territory. We discuss the Youth League for Revitalizing Buddhism, which sought to oppose this drift, and how it was undermined by the police state. Then we discuss Bushido and its interactions with Zen, and extensively quote DT Suzuki about the nature of Zen Buddhism and why it was so easily coopted by the state.  Song: Samurai Showdown by the RZA, w/ sample from Ghost Dog film
February 05, 2022
Unlocked: Bonus Episode 05 - Nazi Maoism, Fascist Third Positionism, NazBols, and the Solar Temple feat. eBeggin
Today I'm joined by Twitter personality eBeggin (@eBeggin1) to discuss what sounds like a made up ideology - Nazi Maoism, though as we'll see, it was real, and though it wasn't widespread, it caused quite the wake. During the episode, we talk about third Positionism, National Bolshevism, and especially how Gladio was behind much of it, as well as the Order of the Solar Temple. We discuss Franco Freda, Jean-François Thiriart, Dugin and Limonov, and Luc Jouret. It's great! [episodes on Japan will resume after this week] Songs: Скрудж by Бранимир   Когда погаснет солнце by Свидетельство О Смерти
January 29, 2022
34 - Imperial Japan pt. 4 - New Buddhism vs. Gudō Uchiyama
Today we slow down and start to explore Imperial Japan, spiritually speaking. This is the first of two episodes about Zen Buddhism under Imperial Japan. There's a brief history of Zen Buddhism in order to explain New Buddhism. New Buddhism was utilized by Imperial Japan to control their population and to exert power overseas. Then, we discuss Gudō Uchiyama and Zen Buddhism's resistance to New Buddhism and the Japanese state. We talk about High Treason Incident and its very interesting connection to Japanese railroads.  Song: The Preacher and the Slave - Utah Phillips The Sound of Breath - SiM
January 22, 2022
33 - Freemasonry and the Downardian Labyrinth
Today's a little something special for the fans - an episode on freemasonry to celebrate the 33rd free episode of the show. This one might be a little controversial for those on the weirder freak frequencies. I go over the basic premise and points of King Kill 33, and then get into James Shelby Downard's life via his autobiography. Then I try to nail that down with external sources and research, and get into where this all came from, namely Michael Hoffman, William Grimstad and Adam Parfrey. To wrap it up, I discuss synchromysticism as such. Songs: King Kill 33 - Marilyn Manson Old Devils - William Elliott Whitmore Unmitigated Gall - Faron Young  Get Behind Me, Satan - the Alex Jones Prison Planet Free Mason - Rick Ross
January 16, 2022
32 - Imperial Japan pt. 3 - China: Shanghai, Nanking, Iris Chang, and Golden Lily
Today we explore Japan's imperial aggressions against China. We talk about Shanghai's unique position in this prewar period as a hotbed for gambling, espionage, drugs and prostitution. We discuss the July 7th / Marco Polo Bridge Incident and the Rape of Nanking. Then, there's an extended discussion of Iris Chang and her book, "The Rape of Nanking", and the cautionary tale that was the end of her life. Then, we discuss the Golden Lily organization and Yoshio Kodama's "China period" running narcotics, shakedowns, and purchasing for the Imperial air force. cw: rape, suicide (not too explicit) Song: "The Sword March", a Chinese patriotic song from the Second Sino-Japanese war
January 08, 2022
31 - Imperial Japan pt. 2 - Manchukuo and the Black Dragon Society
Today's introducing one of my new fixations - Manchuria, basically in every era, and the South Manchurian Railway Company, which Imperial Japan eventually leveraged into propping up a puppet ethnostate - Manchukuo. To accomplish this, they used another secret society, the Black Dragon Society, which carried out more false flag attacks to provoke casus belli and intervention. Along the way, we bring in the Earl of Lytton (yes, the same Lytton) and introduce Colonel Kenji Doihara and Yoshiko Kawashima (future episodes on Kawashima coming).  Then we discuss the curious case of "leftism" in Manchukuo, as well as tenko, a Japanese form of brainwashing which was carried out there. We also discuss the looting of Manchuria and its sudden rise as a main grower and producer of opium. Mitsui was heavily involved in the drug trade in Manchuria, and Nissan engaged in slave labor there as well. To round it out, we discuss the Cotton Connection, which was one of the main sources of narcotics coming into the US in the 1930s and 1940s - the network ran through Japanese-Americans and virtually all of it came from Manchuria; they also worked with the US mafia. Finally, we mention Yoshio Kodama, who will come up in many of the episodes to come, as well as biological weapons research, which will later, too. Episode art: 1935 Manchukuo propaganda poster which says “With the help of Japan, China, and Manchukuo, the world can be in peace.” Songs: "Move That Dope" by Future Manchukuo national anthem
January 01, 2022
30 - Imperial Japan pt. 1 - Korea and the Dark Ocean Society
Today's the first episode in season 2 of Programmed to Chill, and it's all about Japan. We talk about the Dark Ocean Society and Japan's imperial ambitions in Korea and elsewhere. I also discuss the parallels between far-right terrorism in Germany, and then discuss the assassination of Korean Empress Myung-Sung, the fallout from it, and Japan's eventual annexation of Korea. I try to go into the economic drivers of the annexation and try to cover some of the crimes Japan inflicted. This included but was not limited to looting, ethnic cleansing, burning Korean historical documents, and so on. Then we discuss Korean resistance to the occupation, all of which should set us up for the upcoming episodes. Photo: "A Japanese officer is seen taunting a senior Korean" Song: "We Will Safeguard the Leadership of the Revolution with Desperate Courage!" by the Korean People's Army State Merited Chorus and Symphony Orchestra
December 26, 2021
Bonus Episode 08 - Metal Detector Gnosticism: the Dönmeh, the Frankists, and the Fraternitas Saturni feat. Khrist Koopa
Today's a weird one, and I'm joined by Khrist Koopa to discuss the Dönmeh, the Frankists, and the Fraternitas Saturni, or the Brotherhood of Saturn. First, we discussed Sabbatai Zevi and his movement, then the Dönmeh, which led us to Jacob Frank, the Frankist sect, and the French Revolution. That got us going on the Bavarian Illuminati, which we try to contextualize, and discuss how it relates to the Golden Dawn, the OTO, and especially the Brotherhood of Saturn, Germany's oldest, most secretive, and most Luciferian secret society. Along the way, we talk Wizard of Oz symbolism, Gnosticism proper, language itself, the Demiurge, egregores, Saturn as recurring symbol and as object of worship, butterflies-as-symbols, Rudolf Steiner, sex magic, PB Randolph, hip hop, and much more. It's nuts, but in a good way.  @khristkoopa on Twitter and Instagram @theswimpool on Instagram songs: Savage Planet - Caz Greez (prod. Khrist Koopa) Moonchild - Khrist Koopa Wizard of Oz - Logic Dissolved - Khrist Koopa Sacred Letters - Khrist  No Talking (Distant Intro) - Khrist Koopa
December 22, 2021
Season 2 Announcement / Holidays
News about Season 2 and the holiday release schedule.
December 14, 2021
Bonus Episode 07 - the Korean War, Biological Warfare, COMINT, and MKULTRA, feat. Jeff Kaye
Today I'm joined by the journalist Jeff Kaye to talk about his work on the Korean War. He has illustrated how the US used biological warfare attacks against the North Korean and Chinese troops and civilian populations. We discuss the USAF and Marine Corps pilots who confessed to using biological weapons, and how the US government's story was that they were tortured and/or brainwashed into confessing. However, communications and signals intelligence document that there were biological attacks occurring, which is consistent with both the confessions, international commissions' findings, and other US documents that came out later. When the US POWs returned to the US, they were subject to interrogation under Project ARTICHOKE, a predecessor program to MKULTRA. It is not certain that this caused the flyers' recanted confessions, though it is fair to speculate that this could have been a factor. Mr. Kaye also documented how many of the same people who were involved with the biological warfare program were, in fact, the same people who were involved with the MKULTRA programs. Mr. Kaye's work directly addresses several key controversies of the Cold War and is crucial for understanding the Korean War, biological weapons programs in later years, international relations with the Koreas and China, and the MKULTRA programs.  Articles/Links: Songs: "From Mother's Arms to Korea" by the Louvin Brothers "Get That Communist, Joe" by the Kavaliers "MK Ultra Blues" by William Elliott Whitmore
December 10, 2021
Bonus Episode 06 - the Politics of the Politics of Pedophilia, feat. Philip Fairbanks
Today I interview Philip Fairbanks, journalist and author of "Pedogate Primer: the Politics of Pedophilia" about his book and the topics therein. We have a freewheeling episode where we discuss JM Barrie and Peter Pan, Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland, Oscar Wilde and the Cleveland Street Scandal, the Iowa Monster experiments, MKULTRA, NXIVM, the F*nders, the Children of God cult, #MeToo, D*sney and N*ckelodeon, Adam Parfrey, and a number of other topics I'm sure I left out. It's a great episode, folks, and we tried to stay non-explicit and positive, or as positive as is possible given the topic. cw: pedophilia, obviously Philip Fairbanks: @kafkaguy on Twitter songs: "Psycho" by Eddie Noack "The Ballad of Charles Whitman" by Kinky Friedman [note: I didn't want to pick "pedophile" songs or episode art, so I picked vaguely MK-related songs, though I suppose Psycho touches on it. I'm not implying anything negative about either artist]
December 03, 2021
29 - Krupp Steel pt. 12, Alfried and Arndt Krupp, or, Failson Supremacy
We're at the end of the series. We talk about the sudden collapse of Krupp Steel. First, we discuss Krupp's Holocaust reparations fund, and how they somehow managed to make even that anti-Semitic. Then we talk about Arndt von Bohlen und Halbach, the useless playboy son of Alfried Krupp. He hung out with some really interesting failsons and faildaughters and got up to some hijinks, none of which even approach the horrors of his father. In discussing the collapse, we use the 'business school' approach and the 'parapolitical' approach to understanding what was going on, and hopefully tried to synthesize the two. Illiquidity and Krupp not cutting in the right people, basically, were the two root causes, possibly paired with a controlled demolition. There's also the almost unparalleled lines of credit Krupp was giving to the Eastern bloc which can't really be explained through a straight 'business school' understanding of events. Tax law is discussed, also. Krupp Steel became a foundation, and we discuss the fates of Alfried and Arndt.  To finish, I created the Programmed To Chill Matrix of Business Success to quantify Krupp's many, many moral, legal, and dare I say religious failings.
November 24, 2021
28 - Krupp Steel pt. 11, Alfried Krupp, or, “The Germans are being treated like n*****s!”
Today we see Alfried Krupp released from prison and balling out, living his best life. He immediately marries Vera Hossenfeldt, a con artist, and they honeymooned in Nassau where they met with Axel Wenner-Gren to arrange, you know, "things". Then Krupp met with Haile Selassie I and a host of Third World leaders. Alfried got divorced, and Krupp Steel moved into the "consulting engineering" sector. Alfried's photographed with Otto Skorzeny in Egypt, Alfried's brother Harald got released from a gulag, and Krupp Steel keeps prospering.
November 20, 2021
27 - Krupp Steel pt. 10, Alfried Krupp, or, "We were no traitors!"
Today's all about the Nuremberg trials - Krupp evading the first tier of them, then getting their own trials a year later. We talk about their crimes, the weirdness of the trial, especially the curious handling of it by US forces. At the trial, Krupp executives revealed that they were, in fact, guilty of treason, which is pretty funny. Then we talk about the Korean War, and Alfried Krupp's pardon at the hands of an appeals board appointed by John J. McCloy. McCloy's career is examined, and we discuss why Krupp was pardoned. 
November 14, 2021
26 - Krupp Steel pt. 9, Alfried Krupp, or, Nacht und Nebel
Today's about the rest of WWII - we talk about Allied bombing campaigns targeting civilians over factories, Krupp's Batcave-like bunker, the documents Krupp burned before the Allies showed up, the loyalty oaths and the Lex Krupp, the crimes Krupp was guilty of, and we talk about the Night and Fog decree. To wrap it up, I compare and contrast the experiences of two different Catholic priests in Essen during the war - Father Alphonso Come and his excellency Cardinal Hengsbach. To wrap up, I talk about Nazi snuff films.
November 07, 2021
Unlocked: Bonus Episode 04 - SoundCloud in the Age of Horus - Ghostmane, Trippie Redd, Sahbabii, and XXXTentacion, feat. Luke Marshall
Unlocked due to Astrofest's recent events. Something spooky for the night before Halloween. Nearly 4 hours about Satanism in SoundCloud rap, with Luke Marshall (@thingobserver). We go through Ghostmane's obvious position as a thelemite, touch on Trippie Redd's weird Laurel Canyon vibes, Sahbabii's Unknownism, and a long section on XXXTentacion. In it, we possibly discover a pornographer who maybe grooms/recruits these guys (blackmails?) with a long list of stars under his belt. We talk about X's deep interest in Rudolf Steiner and other occultists, a possible human sacrifice, and perhaps who was behind X's murder. I'm very proud of this one, lol. It's a wild trip. Happy Halloween, everyone. songs: Plagues - Ghostmane Kali Yuga - Ghostmane Elixir - Ghostmane Choronzon - Ghostmane Guardian Angel - XXXTentacion John Dee - Ghostmane Topanga - Trippie Redd Pull Up Wit Ah Stick - Sahbabii LOOK AT ME - XXXTentacion I spoke to the devil in miami and he said everything would be fine - XXXTentacion Jocelyn Flores - XXXTentacion Take a Step Back - XXXTentacion and Ski Mask regarding music videos (I think this is all the ones we mentioned): [no ghostmane videos mentioned] Trippie Redd - Topanga: at Bruno's house (note: I definitely said Bruce instead of Bruno at various points, but it's Bruno): Tankhead666 - Tick Tock: Jugglord - Geeked ft. lil tracy: XXL Freshman Cypher w/ X: weird prophetic music video: XXXTentacion - SAD!: Mac Miller - Self Care: lil peep x lil tracy - white wine:
November 06, 2021
25 - Krupp Steel pt. 8, Alfried Krupp, or, Kindermord
Today's a rough episode. We talk about slave labor in concentration camps, and in Essen, and in Krupp factories. We talk about Krupp doctors studying inmate health, and Ewald Oskar Ludwig Löser, one of Krupp's executives, who communicated with Allen Dulles and whose ring attempted to assassinate Hitler. We talk about how Slavs were explicitly singled out to be slaves, the language around slavery, and then we talk about Buschmannshof, which was Krupp's child death camp. It's very bleak. Then we talk about the Lex Krupp again, to walk back from the edge.
November 01, 2021
24 - Krupp Steel pt. 7, Gustav and Alfried Krupp, or, Vultures Circling Their Carrion
Today we talk about the Krupp Steel empire during WWII, with both Gustav and his son Alfried Krupp. To start, we talk about Hjalmar Schacht's financial trickery to keep rearmament off Germany's books after the Nazis took power. Then we talk about Alfried Krupp, his interests and career up to that point, and how deranged his family was. We talk about Krupp's weapons during the Spanish Civil War, the case of Robert Rothschild, Gustav Krupp's senility, and the story of Artur Rümann, an art dealer who witnessed Alfried Krupp salivating and drooling over maps of soon-to-be expropriated factories across Europe. Then we introduce the topic of slave labor under Nazi Germany, including the theft of the Ukraine, culminating with the Battle of Kursk. w/ Katyusha by the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army
October 24, 2021
23 - Krupp Steel pt. 6, Gustav Krupp, or, “Who are all these people?”
Today's all about Gustav Krupp - his dementia, his views on German nationalism and Hitler, and especially the secret rearmament program after WWI. We're talking about tricking journalists, and how blindingly obvious it should have been to know they were rearming if you could, idk, read a balance sheet. Then we talk about exactly how Krupp Steel hid their weapons manufacturing and designers, like, black production, and how it intersected with Gustav's politics. Then, I discuss an important meeting of German industrialists with Hitler where some very curious things get brought up, then we talk about the terror elections, the immediate steps the Nazis actually took, and when Hitler declared Gustav Krupp to be the Führer of the Economy, and how Hitler was actually at Villa Hügel when he launched the Night of the Long Knives. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song
October 24, 2021
Unlocked: Bonus Episode 03 - Djinn, Islamic Magic, and T*ylor Sw*ft as a Crypto-Sufi, featuring Khalid
Today I talk with Khalid of Subliminal Jihad about Islam, djinn, Slenderman, Iblis, Shaitan, Islamic kabbalah, Sabbati Zevi, ceremonial magic, and how T*ylor Sw*ft is a crypto-Sufi. It's a really fun conversation! w/ Holy Ground by T*ylor Sw*ft
October 13, 2021
22 - Krupp Steel pt. 5, Gustav Krupp, or, the Kaiser’s Shriveled Arm
Today we're talking about WWI, including Big Bertha, the giant artillery gun, and German U-boats, both of which were developed by Krupp Steel. Then we discuss war profiteering, specifically the fact that, due to patents, the British firm Vickers technically owed about 60 marks for every dead German soldier. Then we discuss the Kaiser visiting the Krupp steelworks, a very interesting moment in history. After that, we discuss the German revolutions and political assassinations again, especially the communist takeover of the Krupp works, and the German army's massacre of these workers. Then, the French invaded, and Krupp committed more crimes, and we discuss how Krupp stayed afloat during this period. Hint: it's through outright subsidies from the government and financial crimes. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song
October 09, 2021
21 - Krupp Steel pt. 4, Bertha and Gustav Krupp, or, “Politics is Forbidden Here”
Today Marga Krupp takes the helm of the Krupp firm, at least for a while, and the German state finds Bertha Krupp a reliable husband. The reliable man is Gustav Krupp, an interesting little homunculus. Then we discuss the extent of the Krupp empire at this point, and talk about their shitty renaissance fair antics, and then the run-up to WWI. Finally, we talk about the Brandt Trial, which ought to be called the Krupp trial, the SPD's role in the affair, and why Krupp was allowed to walk out unscathed. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song
October 02, 2021
20 - Krupp Steel pt. 3, Fritz Krupp or, the Jeffrey Epstein of the Second Reich
Today's all about Fritz Krupp, though we spend some time talking about Alfred, his crumbling marriage, Fritz' insane wedding, Fritz' place in the Krupp concern as chief of intelligence, comparing and contrasting Alfred's and Fritz' different approaches to management, new developments in steel and weapons production, and then a very, very interesting topic: older generations of international arms dealers. Specifically the British and Vickers man, Sir Basil Zaharoff vs. the German and Krupp man, Friedrich Wilhelm von Bülow (yes, that Bülow family), covering a detour through their accomplishments and battles with each other. They Fritz Krupp gets canceled for holding banquets with minstrel shows, and then we talk about how he's the the Jeffrey Epstein of the Second Reich. Trust me, this one's worth listening to. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song
September 25, 2021
Bonus Episode 02 - We Live in the House that Jack Built: Alan Moore and His Works, feat. Dr. Pig Bodine
Today I'm joined by Dr. Pig Bodine (@pussy___teeth) to discuss all things Alan Moore (mostly everything except Watchmen and V for Vendetta), and especially From Hell. We bounce all over the place, as you might imagine, but that's in the spirit of Alan Moore. We ask if Moore is Princess Dianapilled, LaRouchepilled, and zero in on Moore's obsession with intelligence agencies and magick. We talk "op or not" and tried to come to a greater understanding of why we practice art and history. w/ Saucy Jack by Spinal Tap
September 21, 2021
19 - Krupp Steel pt. 2, Alfred Krupp, or, the Cannon King
This week, I start by comparing and contrasting Krupp's labor practices to Amazon's, and then I discuss bronze vs. steel cannons. From there, we get to talk about Alfred's unhappy marriage, truly bad but somehow not the worst marriage in this family. Also, a discussion of Krupp's houses, from the Garden House to Villa Hügel, which is such an insane building. I talk about the arms trade in the 19th century, and the Franco-Prussian war. There's some delightful hypochondria, and Krupp's relationship to US railroads and US Steel. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song
September 18, 2021
18 - Krupp Steel pt. 1, Friedrich Carl and Alfred Krupp, or, Primitive Accumulation
We're about to take a long voyage into German steel production through the lens of Krupp Steel, from 1587 into the 1960s. You're going to learn so much about German heavy industry, but I promise it's not boring. It's all about Essen, Germany, and this episode is about the start of the Krupp family, the way they made their early fortune, their actions in the Napoleonic era, and the race to figure out how to make cast steel. We meet Friedrich Carl, who almost ruins the family forge, and his son Alfred Krupp, who figures out how to make cast steel. There's industrial espionage, Austrian bribery, and even the revolutions of 1848.  w/ Krupp und Krause theme song
September 11, 2021
17 - Spyclopedia #2, Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, or, Murder Inc. 2
Today we get real weird. We're talking about how British Security Coordination + industrialists and moneyed interests formed World Commerce Corporation, with some very interesting people on its board of directors. Then we discuss WCC's official, stated goals, and the more occulted purpose it played in reindustrializing Germany. And since I can't help myself, we get the first introduction of the Bormann organization. Then, WCC morphed into Permindex, and we introduce Major Bloomfield, William Stephenson's successor. We talk about who was on the Permindex board, what they got up to, and why we know so much about it (de Gaulle). The JFK assassination is involved. Then we focus in on Major Bloomfield, who probably glows more than anyone I've ever covered, including the Dulles brothers. Then, we discuss sources for longer than normal given the spooky topic, including an extended discussion of the Torbitt Document.
September 04, 2021
16 - Spyclopedia #1, William Stephenson pt. 5, or, Stephenson’s Bastards
Today, we talk about Diamonds are Forever, Stephenson's relationship with US news media, the curious cases of Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson, counterintelligence in general, Igor Gouzenko's defection, and we evaluate the performance of British Security Coordination overall. Then we run through BSC's alumni; there are some very, very interesting people included in that list. Ian Fleming, Dorothy Maclean, Ivan T. Sanderson, David Ogilvy, Betty Thorpe, Sgt. Pepper, and we finally discuss H. Montgomery Hyde as a source. Functionally the last William Stephenson episode, though he will appear in next week's episode too. w/ snippet of Sgt. Pepper and Montego Bay by Amazulu
August 29, 2021
Bonus Episode - Programmed to Trill - Esoteric Kentucky feat. the Trillbillies
Today I speak with two of the Trillbillies, specifically Tom Sexton and Tarence Ray. We discuss many aspects of esoteric Kentucky, like the word itself and the other name settlers picked out for the land, as well as the Indian mounds. Then we discuss the economics of Ashland Kentucky which might explain some of the high strangeness that's occurred there, from massacres to mafia coal companies to Charlie Manson. Then we discuss the history of Kentucky and LSD, like with Captain Hubbard and Augustus Owsley Stanley III, two of the main LSD gurus and both native sons. Then, we discuss the history of LSD and MKULTRA experiments in Kentucky, which leads us to discuss the Kentucky blue bloods and high society in Lexington. From there, we get into the Bluegrass Conspiracy, with former Lexington PD narcotics task force officer Andrew Thornton III falling to his death strapped with 40 kilos of cocaine. This ties into Lexington high society, but also international crime, the CIA, Adnan Khashoggi, and Thornton's paramilitary terrorist training camp in Kentucky. To wrap it up, we talk about Kentucky's first UFO incident. w/ Bales of Cocaine by the Reverend Horton Heat
August 28, 2021
15 - Spyclopedia #1, William Stephenson pt. 4, or, World Radio University Listeners
Today we talk again about Wild Bill Donovan's COI and OSS, as well as BSC's Camp X training site. Then we discuss the infiltration of the WRUL and KGEI radio stations by BSC, which included almost total control of information by British agents; it was handed over to US intelligence. Then we talk about the OWI - Office of War Information, the agency in charge of non-black propaganda, the relationship between OSS and SIS, and a frank assessment of Allen Dulles as spy re Fritz Kolbe. I call out some historians, which is reckless; then we talk about US foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack, of which there's additional evidence of it via the BSC. Finally, we talk about Gallup polling and it's relationship to spying and population control. It's good stuff, and this is all before Operation Mockingbird even gets started. Check it out.
August 22, 2021
14 - Spyclopedia #1, William Stephenson pt. 3, or, Nation of Monkeys
This week, we're talking about astrology as warfare, the BSC fighting Vichy France, infiltrating embassies and stealing ciphers, economic warfare, US companies owned by Germans like Schering AG, Pioneer Import Corporation, and a variety of subsidiaries owned by IG Farben. We talk about US oil's relations to the Reich again, and the BSC monitoring contraband on the high seas, with a strange trip into MK territory. Then we talk about the political situation in South America during WWII, with BSC running harassment campaigns in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and shutting down the LATI airlines. BSC would make completely fake documents, some of which got into the hands of FDR, wouldn't you know? 
August 12, 2021
13 - Spyclopedia #1, William Stephenson pt. 2, or, FBI Foot Guys
Today we're talking about the America First movement, the German Bund, and the isolationists. We talk more about Wild Bill Donovan, British ambassadors, the ONI and G2, and especially the FBI, with its legal restrictions and limitations. We talk about the British Imperial Censorship in Bermuda and its letter-opening program, and how they taught the tricks to the FBI. There's weird foot stuff and sexism involved. Then a series of incidents with Italian and German spies in the Americas, and some hypothesizing about why German spying in the US was underwhelming, and some of Germany's very curious links to certain sectors of US industry. Several German spy rings get broken up, and we talk about the frank mail privilege, ending with Nazi propaganda efforts in the US. There are limericks, too. w/ snippet of As Time Goes By from Casablanca soundtrack
August 08, 2021
12 - Spyclopedia #1, William Stephenson pt. 1, or, the Brits are on our side, right?
Wouldn't it be pretty bad if FDR sold the American public on WWII with falsified evidence? Ahh that would be bad if that had happened huh? It'd be bad if the British made up a fake Zimmerman Telegram 2.0, for sure.  Today we talk about William Stephenson, a British businessman and spymaster who gave pushed the US into WWII. We talk about his early years as a soldier, POW, boxer, businessman, and spy. We also talk about Wild Bill Donovan, FDR, J. Edgar, cash and carry, US destroyer sales to the UK, and so on. 
August 01, 2021
11 - Who Financed Hitler pt. 5, or, Albion’s Perfidy
Today we talk about Italian funding of the Nazi party, what it looked like and how we know it happened, as well as other minor foreign funders. Then there's the elephant in the room - the perfidious British, and precisely how this came about. There were trips to the UK by Kurt Lüdecke and Alfred Rosenberg, the latter organized by British air intelligence; we talk about who they met and why; their factions and interests, culminating with 'currency dictator' Montagu Norman and Sir Henri Deterding, two of the most powerful people in the world at the time. Both of these men basically signed off on Hitler as dictator. Then we talk about the so-called Prince of Windsor 'abdicating for love' being a pretext. Finally, we have Lüdecke and Rosenberg talking about their funding efforts. w/ the 'Apollonia' theme from the Godfather soundtrack
July 25, 2021
10 - Who Financed Hitler pt. 4, or, Economics and Mass Ritual
Today we crunch some numbers on the Versailles Treaty and then get deep into heavy vs light industry - what they are, why they function differently, and then how that's reflected in their lobbying efforts. We talk about lobbying, the secret rearmament program, German heavy industry's secret political slush fund, and the Great Depression. There's some talk of coalitions in the Reichstag, and we go into the story of the Nazis party's accountant, the 1930 elections from a fundraising perspective, and the burgeoning Nazi coalition. To round it out, we talk about the Brocken, the original Witch Mountain, with its many spooky resonances, and the mass meeting of all elements of the political right that happened nearby, culminating in Dr. Schacht questioning the currency, throwing the entire political-fiscal system into chaos. Heavy on economics and magic, this episode. Check it out. w/ Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky
July 17, 2021
09 - Who Financed Hitler? pt. 3, or, Giving the Game Away
Today we talk about the aftermath of the Beerhall Putsch and the new political issues the Nazis took advantage of, then we talk about Emil Kirdorf, the first German industrialist donating to the Nazis, and the TOP SECRET pamphlet he had Hitler write that gives the game away. We also talk about a specific talk Hitler gave to the Düsseldorf Industry Club that covers the same topics, and the specific promises Hitler made to German heavy industry (and kept). To round out the episode, we talk about Fritz Thyssen almost getting shot by the Reds, and how he went on to fund the Nazis. Guaranteed to make you go "ahh". w/ Vitamin C by Can
July 12, 2021
08 - Who Financed Hitler? pt. 2, or, Detroit Krautrock City
Today we're talking Henry Ford, his hang-ups and humiliations, and of course his deep anti-semitism. He was a pioneer of more than automobiles, helping invent racial anti-semitism, and had a bunch of White Russians working at the Dearborn Independent. The Protocols show up, of course, as well as Ford's the Eternal Jew. Then we get into the methods by which Henry Ford funneled money to the Nazis covertly, including some very shadowy figures. Guaranteed to make you go "ahh, interesting". w/ snippet of Detroit Rock City by KISS
July 04, 2021
07 - Who Financed Hitler? pt. 1, or, “If money go before, all ways do lie open”
You ever ask yourself who funded the Nazi party? It wasn't German industrialists, not at first anyway, or the petty bourgeoisie. It's a lot more complicated. Today we talk about the Thule Society again, Ernst Röhm, White Russians, German naval intelligence, a host of smaller ghouls, Admiral Canaris, the Viking Bund and the Organization Consul terrorist group, General Ludendorff, and how it all looks just a little but like Gladio. Check it out. outro song - Detroit Rock City by Kiss
June 27, 2021
06 - Esoteric Nazism Reexamined pt. 3, or, Agent Hitler, FBI
Did you know that Hitler was a police snitch? Not just that, but he did a ton of police snitching, too. Today we talk about the Bavarian Soviet Republic, the freikorps, Hitler's training in an educational commando and his infiltration into an extremist party under German army orders, but also the curious fact that the army and navy set up these extremist parties; we also talk about the Thule Society, Hitler's lies, the Kapp putsch, Hitler undercover, his illegal arms buys/stings, and the parallels between Hitler and other famous spies/police snitches. Curious, huh?
June 20, 2021
05 - Esoteric Nazism Reexamined pt. 2, or, Hitler’s Magician
Today we talk about Nazi rallies, Hitler's own purported hypnotic abilities, and his rallies' magickal techniques; and put forth an argument about where he learned them, from a stage magician named Erik Jan Hanussen. We talk about the Sabbatian Heresy, Clever Hans, stagecraft, arms dealing, Aleister Crowley, blackmail, publishing, perhaps a certain type of operation, prophecies, the Reichstag fire, shady business deals, and mysterious farewell notes in invisible ink. Check it out!
June 13, 2021
04 - Esoteric Nazism Reexamined pt. 1, or, Sissy-Hypno for Hitler
First part of new series about Nazis that questions some basic assumptions. Did you know Hitler got psychosomatic blindness and was cured through hypnosis? Did you know that it might have instilled in him an overwhelming sense of confidence? Did you know that the Nazis killed to cover up these facts? Check it out.
June 07, 2021
03 - S*llivan & Cr*mwell pt. 3, or, “German war bonds are a good investment, right?”
Today we talk about Sullivan & Cromwell, and the Dulles brothers from WWI into the 1930s. in the course of the episode we talk about Allen's spy games and sexscapades, Cuban interventions, the Versailles Treaty, Ho Chi Minh, JFD's dealings with the Ruhr valley industrialists, German war debt, Cromwell's a pedophile?, and the reaping phase of our discussion on the firm.
May 31, 2021
02 - S*llivan & Cr*mwell pt. 2, or, Deep State Psychology Havers
The topic for today is Sullivan & Cromwell, and the Dulles brothers from their births up to WWI. In the course of the episode, we talk about Dulles family history and their connections, what having two Secretaries of State in the family can get you, their education and early careers, psychological profiles, and why the US doesn't have a meritocracy.
May 23, 2021
01 - Introductions, and S^llivan & Cr^mwell pt. 1, or, Real Life Monopoly
first episode from Programmed to Chill, a show about business, crime, parapolitics, and esoterica, hosted by @JimmyFalunGong. the episode is about S*llivan & Cr*mwell, a law firm handling former slave plantation business owners, its actions with GE, US Steel, tax shelters, the railroads, the Panama Canal, the Society of Friends of Romania, and more
May 20, 2021