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Progress Prompts

Progress Prompts

By Jenny Furse
Join us for some laughs and honest Q&D about all things progress. Each episode includes a "progress prompt" to get you thinking about your own personal growth and values - because the secret to not caring what other people think about you, to more peace and less anxiety, and to confidently showing up as your true self is to KNOW AND LOVE WHO YOU ARE ❤️
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How Do You Handle Unsolicited Advice?
If I'm gonna be honest, Joe is nicer than I would be about this one (haha!) - but I need to know... How do you handle unsolicited advice? Listen for our thoughts and let us know yours @progressprompts on Instagram and @ . Thank you for being here!
April 13, 2021
Helpful vs. Unhelpful Positivity
Today's progress prompt: What is the difference between helpful vs. unhelpful positivity? I love a bright future as much as anyone, but I also need to be understood and loved where I'm at.  We'd love to know what you think. What is the difference between a positive outlook versus someone invalidating your hard or not hearing you? How can we be more empathetic toward each other and yet still help lift each other up? Listen in, and let us know your thoughts over at or @progressprompts on Instagram. Thank you for being here!
April 6, 2021
Am I Saying "No" Too Much? Or Not Enough?
If what we say "yes" (and by extension "no") to determines the values that we put our time and energy toward, how do we know when we're saying "no" too much? or not enough? Let us know your thoughts over at and @progressprompts on Instagram. Thank you for being here!
March 30, 2021
Our Rock Bottom Moments (Season Finale)
Today Joe and I share our own rock bottom moments. Whatever you're going through, we hope you know - you are NOT alone! And you've got this. Connect with us on IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ .
March 23, 2021
Take a Break from Self-Development!
Today, I share one of my favorite self-development tips: It's okay to take a break!  In fact, sometimes shifting our focus, fun, peace, and rest, is exactly what we need :) Connect with us on IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ .
March 16, 2021
How Setbacks and Detours are Part of the Path - with Mike Mcknight
Joe hops on for his first interview this season with a good friend. They chat about running (of course!) and a rock bottom moment that led to an unexpected chain of events. Mike Mcknight is a fellow podcaster, low carb athlete, and ultra-running  coach, who knows what it means to chase after what you love -  literally. Besides completing a fasted 100-mile race, he has the fastest known time for the 500-mile Colorado Trail. And he has a story you won't want to miss! Thank you for being here :) Connect with Mike @ . Connect with us on IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show  Notes and more @  .
March 9, 2021
How to Find Yourself Again After Postpartum Depression - with Jill Freestone
Hi friends! I’m so excited for you to hear our interview today. This is the interview I wish I would have had in the middle of postpartum anxiety and newborn kids and hearing about self care for the first time. I honestly believe you will think about self care in a new way after listening - and you can hold me to that. Listen in for her tips on connecting back to yourself and your loved ones - after a season of regularly putting yourself last Jill Freestone is a friend and Life Coach, trained and certified through The Life Coach School. She also has an Elementary Education degree from BYU, music minor, and 25 years as a piano and flute teacher. Jill’s battles with anxiety, depression and chronic health problems led her to take many courses and therapy, giving her the tools to thrive. She loves dancing, learning, and the outdoors, spending time weekly mountain biking, running, hiking, skiing or camping. Jill says she is crazy about her handsome husband, especially when they are dancing. And they adore their three incredible daughters, ages 16, 19 and 21. Connect with Jill @jillfreestonecoaching on FB & IG as well as Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ .  Thank you for being here!
March 2, 2021
Vulnerability, Comparison, & How to Evaluate with Grace (Rather than Judgement)
Joe's back today, and we play question & discussion with some of my thoughts from our recent interviews. We chat about vulnerability, comparison, and how to evaluate with grace rather than judgment. Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ . Thank you for being here!
February 23, 2021
Owning Unexpected Paths & How to Love the Single Life - with Allie Barnes
You guys! Another episode I literally couldn't wait to air. In fact, I'm dropping this early so that you can have it for Valentine's Day slash #singleawarenessday . Whether you're in a relationship or not, listen in for 10 Ways to Own the Unexpected and Love the Life You Have. Allie Barnes is an author, Latter-day Saint, and people person. She is a masters student studying leadership, and previously graduated with a bachelor's degree in Family Studies. I read her book “Not According to Plan” and absolutely loved her thoughts on relationships and faith, and I also had the privilege to have a conversation with her in person about some of those things. She branded her website “Looks Like Wandering” and I can't get enough of that premise - how our paths in life are not always linear. That perspective is so refreshing, and so honest. Connect with Allie @lookslikewandering on IG and at: . Connect with  us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ . Thank you for being here!
February 13, 2021
Faith, Loss, & How Everything Happens for a Reason - with Dayna Lundin
Today's incredible guest talks about her experience with infant loss. Dayna Lundin is a mama of five kiddos. She loves to run, homeschool, cuts hair, and has a degree in mass communication from Dixie State College! She has also written articles for the St. George News, if you’re a Utah peep. Connect with Dayna @notdanabutdayna on IG. Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show  Notes and more @ .  Thank you for being here!
February 9, 2021
Therapy, Body Image, & How Vulnerability Connects Us - with Amy Geis Lorsch
Do you ever struggle with trusting yourself and your body? Or just need to know that your feelings are totally normal? Our guest today opens up about some of those moments in her life and how we can choose to show up with vulnerability - even when we don't have all of the answers. Amy Geis Lorsch is an amazing singer/songwriter that I came across while podcast bingeing, and I’m so glad I did. She writes this raw, vulnerable music that so many people connect with. She attended Brigham Young University and participated in their music group: BYU Noteworthy. She’s a Utah native, but has also spent time in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. She talks about songwriting with so much passion, and as a way to be there for each other, which is something we all need right now! Connect with Amy @amy.geis.lorsch on IG + Find her music on all major platforms (Amazon, Apple, Spotify). Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ . Thank you for being here!
February 2, 2021
Story vs. Identity
Today, Joe and I chat about the difference between the story we tell ourselves and who we actually are. Plus, we dive into 5 tips for discovering who you really are: Know who you want to be, before worrying about the to-do list. Don't fall into the trap of all-or-nothing thinking. The things that you do every day are the most important things. Know your meaning and your why. You are already inherently worthy. What about you? What are your favorite tips for knowing and loving who you are? Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show  Notes and more @ .  Thank you for being here! Also, please excuse the giant rainstorm toward the end, haha ;)
January 26, 2021
How to Know and Love Who You Are - with Amber Viehweg
We are so excited for you to hear today's interview! Our guest today shares so many practical, helpful tips for how to know and love who you are, that crisis moment when you realize you don’t know what that looks like, and where to go from there. Amber Viehweg is a wife, mama of 3, Christian writer and speaker, and she’s also a history major and a social studies teacher - which comes in  handy, because she has this huge passion for sharing her faith and helping others build a relationship with Jesus. We met Amber through Instagram, and I’m so grateful and honored to her for being willing to come and share some of her struggles with us. Connect with Amber @simply.a.warrior on Instagram + . Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show  Notes and more @ .  Thank you for being here!
January 19, 2021
Re-define Your Relationship with Failure
Hi friends! Today, we introduce our theme for Season 3: Re-define Your Relationship with Failure. We chat about why your relationship with failure matters, and give you 7 tips for approaching failure in a way that will jump start your progress! Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ . Thank you for being here!
January 12, 2021
Running (And Crewing) A 100-Mile Race
We missed you, friends! We're excited to be back with this bonus episode aaaaalll about running and crewing a 100-mile race during a pandemic. We cover: -gear -food -training regimen -possible obstacles -the day of And more!  And, of course, we tie everything back to our favorite topics: progress, purpose, and re-defining our relationship with failure. If there's anything we missed, feel free to ask! Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ .
January 5, 2021
Hearing from You! - Hard and Hilarious Moments from 2020
In today's extended #confessionsession you'll hear about everything from nursing during 2020 to kids who say the darndest things! We truly can't wait for you to get to know some of the amazing people in this community. Thanks to everyone who helped make this episode happen! If you missed it, we'd still love to hear how YOU are daring greatly this year. Connect  with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show  Notes and more @ .
September 22, 2020
Daring Greatly in Survival Mode
Daring greatly is supposed to be empowering! But, when you feel like you can't take one more thing and the last straw has already dropped, it's not even within the realm of possibility. Today, we really wanted to speak to that struggle and let you know: no matter where you are at, you are ALREADY doing amazing things.   Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show  Notes and more @ . Podcast University Free Classes on Starting or Growing Your Own Podcast! *This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase. I promise I only share products I stand by 1000%. We thank you sincerely for your support!
September 15, 2020
So, It Takes A Village - Where is Mine?
Have you ever heard the phrase "It Takes A Village" and thought... "Yeah! I know! Where do I sign?!" Haha! If so, you're in good company. Today, Joe and I share four pointers for finding your village when it feels impossible, and we really hope it helps. We'd love to hear your experience and be a part of your village, too! Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show  Notes and more @ . Podcast University Free Classes on Starting or Growing Your Own Podcast! *This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase. I promise I only share products I stand by 1000%. We thank you sincerely for your support!
September 8, 2020
Uncovering Your Path in Uncharted Waters
This month we are talking all about daring greatly! But, do you ever ask yourself, what am I supposed to dare greatly about?? Today, Joe and I share four pointers for uncovering your path in uncharted waters. And we'd love to hear how you are finding your way, too! Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ . Podcast University Free Classes on Starting or Growing Your Own Podcast!  *This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase. I promise I only share products I stand by 1000%. We thank you sincerely for your support!
September 1, 2020
Monthly Affirmation || "I Dare Greatly"
Introducing this month's affirmation: I dare greatly. I am not alone. I am enough. I fearlessly course-correct. I fail forward! This is based on two of our all-time favorite quotes! (Can you guess which one?!) Connect with us on FB & IG @ofprogressandpurpose + Find the Show Notes and more @ .
September 1, 2020
Navigating Extended & Blended Family & In-Laws
Who else feels like one of the biggest struggles when it comes to our words is navigating family relationships? Joe and I both have blended families & share four pointers that help us make those relationships a safe space. We hope it helps, and we wish you the best, whatever your family looks like! Feel free to share your tips with us, too (@ofprogressandpurpose) ! Plus, find the Show Notes and more @ .
August 25, 2020
How to Get Back On Track After Losing It
Do you ever wish you could go back in time? We know how powerful words are, but, sometimes, we STILL mess up. The question is: how do you get back on track when that happens? Today, we share some of the things we've learned through our own experiences, and we'd love to learn from you, too (@ofprogressandpurpose)! Plus, find the Show Notes and more @ . Thank you for being here!!
August 18, 2020
The DTR (cont.), Setting Boundaries, & Embracing Differences
Today, we chat about the DTR within marriage, setting physical & emotional boundaries, plus how & why to embrace our amazing differences! Find the Show Notes & more @ . Thank you for being here!
August 11, 2020
Crucial Conversations Part 1: The Talk, The Budget, & The DTR
Get ready to shoot the breeze with us as we share what we've learned over the years from some of our own crucial conversations, including: the talk, the budget, and the DTR (before marriage). Tell us about your own experiences, and we can laugh together! (@ofprogressandpurpose) Plus, find the Show Notes and more @ . Thank you for being here!!
August 4, 2020
Monthly Affirmation || "My Words Matter."
Introducing this month's affirmation: "My Words Matter". Find the Show Notes and more @ .
August 4, 2020
Four Tools for More Powerful Self-Compassion
Self-compassion and self-confidence go hand-in-hand, because confidence is not just loving the good parts of you; it's learning to embrace the whole picture. Today, we share 4 tools to help you re-frame negative thoughts and experience more powerful self-compassion. Find the Show Notes and more @ .
July 28, 2020
Raising Kids Who Know and Love Who They Are
Let's talk about confident kids! Today, we share some of our values as parents - which might be wildly different from yours, and that's OKAY - as well as offer 4 suggestions you can use to help your kids discover and feel confident in their own identities (in other words, know and love who they are). Find the Show Notes and more @ .
July 21, 2020
Building Self-Confidence & Doing Hard Things
"I Can Do Hard Things." ...Does anyone else love this mantra as much as we do?! Today, Joe breaks out the research, and we share 4 tips for boosting your self-confidence and trusting in your own capability to do hard things. Find the Show Notes and more @ .
July 14, 2020
Measure with Purpose (Rather Than Comparison)
We are so excited to be back with you! Today, we share 4 signs that you are measuring your capability with comparison, and give you 4 "tools of purpose" to help you counteract the comparison trap. Find the Show Notes and more @ .
July 7, 2020
Monthly Affirmation || "I Am Confident."
Introducing this month's affirmation: "I Am Confident". Find the Show Notes and more @ .
July 7, 2020
Bonus! 6 Ways We are Handling the COVID-19 Crisis, How About You?
While our season is ending, we wanted to let you know that our  thoughts and our hearts are with you right now. We are thinking about and praying for this community, along with all of our loved ones and  neighbors all over the world as we practice social distancing and hope for the light at the end of the tunnel. For what little comfort we might be able to offer, we share some laughs in this un-edited bonus episode of the podcast, along with 6 ways we are handling the COVID-19 Crisis. We hope it helps! 
March 31, 2020
Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story: 3 Lessons from Disney's Hercules
Today, we finish off Season One with 3 lessons about becoming the hero of your own story from Disney's Hercules (your fan-vote choice!). We talk about listening to your inner voice, discovering your identity and purpose, trusting your enoughness, going the distance, and learning how to fail. Thank you so much for being here. It truly means the world to us. 
March 31, 2020
Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story: 3 Lessons from Star Wars' the Rise of Skywalker
Okay, friends. **MAJOR Spoiler Alert** You've been warned, haha! Today, we share three lessons from Star Wars' the Rise of Skywalker about overcoming the darkness within. We talk about agency, confronting our weaknesses head-on, battling shame, and the fact that, while people can certainly change, it's something they must do for themselves. -Show Notes:
March 24, 2020
Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story: 3 Lessons from the Lord of the Rings - with Mary Furse
Mary Furse joins in on the conversation today and shares three lessons she has learned from the Lord of the Rings: When you come on hard times and some things are out of your control, you can still choose how to respond and who to be. Everyone has a part to play. You may not be saving the entire world, but you can be part of saving it for someone else, and for yourself. You can't carry someone else's burden for them. But you can be there to lift each other. We chat about self-doubt, pressing through, and remind each other that you can't pour from an empty tank.  - Show Notes:
March 17, 2020
Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story: 4 Lessons from Aladdin (2019)
Today we dive deep into the hero's journey again with four lessons from Aladdin (2019). They are: Look past the surface and decide the truth for yourself. You can't get where you want to go by pretending you are something that you're not. Some things are worth speaking up about. Don't let your circumstances dictate who you can become. We really feel like these lessons are important, and we hope they resonate with you! Thank you so much for being here!! - Show Notes:
March 10, 2020
Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story: 4 Lessons from Frozen 2
The hero's journey (our theme this month) is so important and applicable to your personal identity, progress, purpose, and the self-awareness it requires to live an intentional life. Essentially, we're going to illustrate how can you use these concepts of  character development in a way that will help you take ownership of your own story, and become the hero you need in your life. Soooo, we are going to take you on a pop culture tour with a few of our favorites, and today we start with four lessons from Frozen 2: In order to discover who you are, you must journey "Into the Unknown". When in doubt, "Do the Next Right Thing". When you're older, absolutely nothing makes sense. Your choice is your power. We hope you love it!! Show Notes:
March 3, 2020
4 Strategies for Facing Adversity and Other Coping Techniques
Today, Joe talks about the unexpected loss of his mother for the first time publicly. It has truly been a privilege to witness his strength and example in my own life, and I couldn't think of a better way to end our month of talking about resilience and doing hard things than this. We also created a free printable for you for today's action item that can be found in our episode Show Notes:
February 25, 2020
5 Brain Hacks for Sustainable Parenting
Happy Tuesday, friends!! Today, I start us off with 25 "Momfessions", because it's so important to me that you don't feel like I have all of the answers, and, most of all, that you don't feel alone! I also talk about 5 things I've learned over the last few years that make for a little less burnout, and a little more, I love my kids: Asking for help doesn't mean you lack the necessary qualifications. In fact, you are uniquely and exactly qualified. Martyrdom isn't required; But sacrifice is. Be a safe space for your kids (It's all about the relationship). - Show Notes:
February 18, 2020
3 Habits to Help You Cultivate a Resilient Marriage
In today's episode, Jenny talks about some of the practices in our marriage we try to be intentional about, and suggests three habits to help you cultivate a more resilient marriage: 1) Recognize that duty is romantic (A.K.A. Commitment is romantic). 2) Make emotional intimacy non-negotiable (Making time to connect is not just nice; it's necessary). And 3) Know and grow who you are. (Continue to develop your unique strengths and talents. Own your weaknesses.) - Show Notes: 
February 11, 2020
5 Steps to Help You Transition Out of Survival Mode with Small Wins
This month our theme is: resilience!! Today, Jenny talks about how small wins can shape the beliefs you have about yourself. Hopefully, these ideas will help you make the transition from survival mode - to gentle action. - Show Notes:
February 4, 2020
4 Ways Social Media Impacts Your Identity - Part 2
We're back! In episode 5, we talked about physical vs. digital community & jealousy/dissatisfaction vs. gratitude. Today, we talk about the last two ways that social media impacts your identity: your disingenuous vs. your authentic self, and synthetic validation vs. true connection. - Show Notes:
January 28, 2020
4 Ways Social Media Impacts Your Identity - Part 1
Social media has a HUGE impact on your identity, but - surprisingly - it's not inherently good or bad. It's all about the user. Today, we talk about the first two things that, when spotted, can help you get the most out of your own experience with social media. - Show Notes:
January 21, 2020
4 Ways You Can Avoid Outrage Culture (And Why You Should)
What is outrage culture and what does it have to do with your identity and purpose? We're going to tell you! And, accordingly, we share 4 ways to help you be who you are, not the opposite of what you hate. - Show Notes:
January 14, 2020
7 Tools for Evaluating What Works for You
You have everything you need to determine what is right for you. Today we illustrate 7 tools that will help you learn how to tune in to YOU. - Show Notes:
January 7, 2020
The 5 "G"s of Trusting Your Enoughness
This month our theme is: identity! An important step of beginning any type of self-evaluation is understanding that YOU ARE INHERENTLY ENOUGH. And that you CAN do this! Today we discuss 5 "G"s that will help you remember just that. - Show Notes:
December 31, 2019
Introduction and 5 Questions to Help You Rediscover Who You Are
This month our theme is: identity! Today we share our hearts and our hope for the podcast, along with 5 questions to help you discover, own and love who you are. - Show Notes:
December 25, 2019