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Project War Path MAN TIME

Project War Path MAN TIME

By Project War Path
A couple of Navy SEALs talking about our life's journey from the wars overseas to the wars at home. We hit current events, veterans healing, reintegration with family, manhood, and ultimately how to be a better person and better American.
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From social media censorship to corporate sponsored protests, fake news and the systemic erasure of history, Mark and Tej chat with PBFCKS crew about the current culture war. How will all the corruption, destruction, and misinformation impact the future of the free world?
June 24, 2020
Unhyphenated Americans | Three Frogmen Discuss The Current State of The World
Podcasting with extreme social distancing from locations scattered across America, Tej and Mark talk with Drago The Hood, fellow frogman who came to the United States as a refugee after being held in gulag as a political prisoner.  We talk about the continued coronavirus lockdowns, General Flynn, the economy, what we see coming in the near future.
May 17, 2020
Retired Master Sergeant SMU Operator Talks With Mark & Tej - Coronavirus Update
Kevin is a 22 year retired Master Sergeant from the Army Special Missions Unit. Kevin, Tej and Mark talk about the escalating Coronavirus pandemic.
March 28, 2020
STAY THE FUCK HOME - Weekly Update on Coronavirus
The number of people who still seem to view the spread of Chinese Coronavirus as "fake" or blown out of proportion is too damn high. We discuss what people should be doing to help the situation even if they don't believe it instead of becoming and obstacle, burden or extra vector of contamination. This is your call to greatness and all you have to do is STAY THE FUCK HOME to help slow the spread and flatten the curve to prevent unnecessary deaths.
March 17, 2020
Coronavirus Update with Mark & Tej
We've been busier than the last roll of toilet paper at the Costco but we're back and talking about the Coronavirus (aka the Wuhan Flu) that is expanding across the globe in a pandemic that is on most everyone's mind at this point. Recorded on March 11th, but took us a while to get it uploaded due to an endless search for TP. (Thanks to all the TP hoarders)
March 17, 2020
Conversation With A Cop | Active Shooter, Human Trafficking & PTS
In this donut-fueled discussion, we talk with Detective Brad Carlson about active shooter threats, the reality of human trafficking, and post traumatic stress from the job.
December 15, 2019
Epstein Did Not Kill Himself - with Romeo from PBF
Mark and Tej talk with Romeo from PBF about meme warfare, censorship, and why the fact that Epstein Didn't Kill Himself is such a big deal.
November 30, 2019
On The War Path with Froglogic
A spirited discussion with our good friend and SEAL brother, David Rutherford of Team Froglogic. This one is sure to rattle some cages as we break the fourth wall and dive down some rabbit holes on veteran life, military industrial complex, quantum physics, service to others, what it means to be a man, and honing in on the Project War Path mission... and Epstein didn't kill himself.
November 11, 2019
Why Lebron James Is WRONG on China & Censorship
Whether we want to admit it or not, when professional athletes and celebrities speak on current events, it influences the collective awareness for better or worse. It's important to use our voices to speak out against false narratives, lies and propaganda. Here's what Lebron's statements regarding China mean to us, and why we care enough to discuss it.
November 03, 2019
Project War Path - Man Time #1
Mark and Tej introduce themselves and the podcast, touching on the war against masculinity, censorship, what it means to be a man, carnivore diet, self-healing, alternative medicine, and more. A great overview of what the podcast will be about and some key points we'll be hitting on for future episodes. 
October 20, 2019