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Project Between

Project Between

By Hana Lee
A podcast about third-culture kids and their experiences, created and hosted by Hana Lee. Every TCK story is unique, yet there's a common thread that connects us all. Listen to insightful feedback from guests as they answer Project Between's very own TCK Questionnaire. New episode every Tuesday.
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16 - "My Brain Is New York, My Heart Is Tokyo"

Project Between

18 - A French Palestinian Born in Abu Dhabi
Cassie Destremau is a French Palestinian third-culture kid who grew up trekking the world thanks to a dad that worked in oil. Born in Abu Dhabi, she spent her childhood in France, Venezuela, Nigeria, Angola, Texas, Brazil and Dubai, spending one to four years in each country.  She attended both local and international schools, meaning many languages were learned and sometimes forgotten along the way. Her two comfort foods are machboos, an Arabic rice dish, and cassoulet, a French stew made with duck confit and sausages. Though she holds a French passport she says she feels like a stranger in French society, and so for now she's a TCK on the move.  Cassie picked sport as "the constant in her life," the "one thread among everything being so unstable in our lives." Dear listeners, what's been a constant in your life? #TCK #podcast #thirdculturekid #ProjectBetween #CassieDestremau #French #Palestinian #AbuDhabi #France #Venezuela #Nigeria #Angola #Texas #Brazil #Dubai #machboos #cassoulet #comfortfood #commonthread #childhood #팟캐스트 #영어 #어린시절 #프랑스 
September 05, 2022
17 - "Betweenness is also a Spectrum"
Sung Ryu is a literary translator and a diplomat kid who spent her childhood moving between Korea, the U.S. and Canada. She recently moved back to Korea after four years in Singapore. She's been a supporter of Project Between from the very start and it was an absolute pleasure having her on the show. We talked about attending local schools and finding your people in diaspora kids; K-dramas, K-pop and Korean middle school; tantalizing Singaporean dishes; allergies gained from each new move; and of course, Korean literature and Smoking Tigers! Here's a list of Sung's recent translations: Shoko’s Smile by Choi Eunyoung, I’m Waiting for You: And Other Stories by Kim Bo-Young co-translated with Sophie Bowman and Tower by Bae Myung-hoon. Follow Sung on twitter @sungaroo for the latest updates. #ProejctBetween #TCK #thirdculturekids #podcast #SungRyu #Koreanliterature #Korea #Canada #US #diplomatkid #SmokingTigers #Kdrama #Kpop #diaspora #Singapore #bakchormee #Shoko'sSmile #I'mWaitingforYou #팟캐스트 #쇼코의미소 #최은영 #당신을기다리고있어 #김보영 #한국문학 #문학번역 
August 29, 2022
16 - "My Brain Is New York, My Heart Is Tokyo"
Yurina Yoshikawa is a writer who spent her childhood moving back and forth between Tokyo and California. She attended college and grad school in New York and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Her essays deal with cultural identity, womanhood, motherhood, and the intricate nuances of life. I've been a fan of her writing for many years and it was a delight to have her on the show! Featured on this episode: Yurina's unique approach to #ProjectBetween's identity question featuring body parts, re-learning your mother tongue in your teens, the perks of college life in NYC, the many charms of Nashville, the practical use of Doraemon's Anywhere Door for TCK adults, and so much more. Visit Yurina's website to read her published works and sign up for her newsletter: #tck #thirdculturekids #podcast #identity #zainichi #japan #tokyo #California #Nashville #日本 #東京 #アメリカ #アイデンティティー #幼年期 #ポッドキャスト #サードカルチャーキッド #国際移民 #帰国子女 #国際学校  #팟캐스트 #일본 #도쿄 #미국 #캘리포니아 #🇯🇵 #🇺🇸
August 22, 2022
15 - That Third Culture Life
Manuel Recalde was born in Lesotho to parents who worked for the U.N. and spent his childhood in Rome, NYC, Mali, Lesotho, Zambia, and New Zealand. His dad, also a third-culture kid, is from Ecuador and his mom from Lesotho. He currently resides in the U.K. Tune in to hear about a multiethnic and multicultural childhood, raised by parents who normalized the itinerant lifestyle. "It was just who we were as a family, we moved places and went to new countries all the time." Manuel also recently launched That Third Culture Life, a sustainable clothing brand that "empowers you to share the unique experience of living outside your passport country." Manuel wore a t-shirt from his brand listing the cities he lived in during our interview. Check out the brand's website and merchandise at #TCK #thirdculturekid #Lesotho #Ecuador #Rome #Mali #UN #multicultural #thatthirdculturelife #podcast #ProjectBetween #팟캐스트 #home #identity #interracial #UK #passport #movingcities #travel #growingroots
August 15, 2022
14 - A British Indian's Love for Korea
Diya Mitra is a British Indian third-culture kid who spent her toddler and primary school days in Hong Kong and the U.K, her middle school years at a boarding school in Calcutta, India and her high school years in London.  She's also a Koreaphile who draws cartoons and writes about her Korea-related adventures on her website In this episode you'll learn how she came to love Korean culture, and what it means for a TCK to choose a place to attach oneself to.  Also in this episode: accents that come and go depending on who you're speaking to, a Harry Potter-esque boarding school in the Indian mountains, conversations with other Indians about your identity, and the four songs you take with you to a deserted island.  #TCK ##ProjectBetween #thirdculturekid #podcast #팟캐스트 #India #UK #london #Korea #koreanculture #영국 #인도 #인도공주 #cartoons #diyaonkorea #indianaccent #identity
August 08, 2022
13 - My Secret TCK Identity
Heesun Park is a third-culture kid who spent her childhood moving back and forth between Korea, Singapore and the UAE.  But I had no idea she was a TCK until a few years into our friendship because she never talked about it and presented as being 100% Korean in the way she spoke and acted. Mind you, this was our very first English conversation to happen in the history of our friendship. In this episode we sat down to talk about why she kept her TCK side hidden all these years. Surprisingly, her native Korean friends didn't think her Korean was that perfect after all. Tune in to hear about a childhood spent near the tropics, surrounded by culturally diverse friends and equally diverse food and music.  #thirdculturekid #TCK #Singapore #UAE #Dubai #secretidentity #Korea #childhood #podcast #ProjectBetween
August 01, 2022
12 - Freedom Fighters' Exile In Sweden
Modiegi Mogale is proudly South African through and through, but her "best kept secret is that she was born in Sweden and lived there until she was six years old."  Modi's dad was involved with the freedom fighters, uMkhonto we Sizwe and the African National Congress (ANC), a political party associated with Nelson Mandela that fought for the end of Apartheid and giving full voting rights to Black and mixed-race South Africans.   Her family was in exile in Sweden until freedom was finally won and Apartheid came to an end in the early 1990s, in a series of steps that led to the formation of a democratic government in 1994. Modi is now back in Sweden, her journey having brought her back full circle to where it all began. Today Modi is "proudly South African and humbly Swedish." #TCK #thirdculturekid #SouthAfrica #Sweden #exile #Apartheid #ANC #NelsonMandela #freedomfighters #votingrights #Johannesburg #podcast #childhood #ProjectBetween
July 25, 2022
11 - Man Of My Dreams
This episode opens with an original song "Crazy" by Hee-eun Hahm, a singer-songwriter and the guest of EP 11! Hee-eun is a third-culture kid from Korea who spent a quarter of her life in Europe attending schools in Austria, Germany and Belgium. She considers herself 45% Korean, 30% German, 10% American and 10% Bohemian :) In addition to stories about teenage life in Seoul and Berlin you'll hear about her favorite musical genre, her quest for the perfect man, her pet peeves and her definition of home. To hear more songs by Hee-eun check out her YouTube channel here.  #TCK #thirdculturekid #Germany #Koreanschool #singersongwriter #manofmydreams #Bohemian #HeeeunHahm #music #podcast #multicultural #European #childhood 
July 18, 2022
10 - American "Fourth Culture Kid"
Alex Pérez-Castells is a first generation American born to a Spanish mother and Chilean father, raised in Boston and educated in the French system. He considers himself a "fourth-culture kid," being perfectly fluent in English, Spanish and French and its related cultures. This also means that all of these cultures he belongs to "don't really live harmoniously and equally within him, being in a constant battle for his nurture and attention."  Alex talks about his go-to comfort foods from each of his cultural influences, his favorite city of Barcelona, the story behind his (grand)parents' decision to educate him in the French system and so much more in this episode that spans many countries and generations.  Alex has a master's degree in shoe design and maroquinerie (leather craft) and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. #TCK #thirdculturekid #Spain #Chile #Boston #LyceeFrancais #Barcelona #tortademilhojas #fourthculture
July 11, 2022
09 - Atlanta, Georgia & Gwangju, Represent!
Haseung (Maddie) Joung is a third-culture kid (#TCK) who spent the first half her life in Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S. and the other half mostly in Korea.  Haseung didn't think she could be a TCK having only lived in just one other country, but her childhood says otherwise - she felt alone in struggling with her identity as a teenager at a local American school, and when she came back to Korea at age 14, she experienced reverse culture shock in the country of her nationality.  If you grew up in the American South, enjoyed watching K-dramas like "Boys Over Flowers" or went to local schools as opposed to international schools growing up, this one's for you! #thirdculturekids #Atlanta #Seoul #Kdrama #boysoverflowers #schooluniforms #cultureshock
July 04, 2022
08 - But where is Guatemala?
Meet Ha Yeong Kim and Mingyeong Jun, two childhood friends who grew up in Central America speaking English, Korean and Spanish. Ha Yeong moved to Guatemala at age 7, as the middle child of a Korean missionary family. After completing high school there, she moved back to Seoul to attend university. She says her style has become "quite Koreanized" since moving back, though the Guatemalan side of her -- big reactions and talking with her hands -- remains very much intact. Mingyeong was born in Korea and moved to Guatemala at age 5 or 6, and finished high school there before moving to the U.S. for college. She has always considered Guatemala to be her home. She says her passion for people and things is her most Guatemalan trait. Both friends said their go-to comfort food was tacos! #TCK #Guatemala #thirdculturekid #Korea #CentralAmerica #AvenidaSeul
June 27, 2022
07 - TCKs, Immigrant Kids - We’re All Cross-Cultural Kids!
Elle Kin is a South African-Taiwanese, first-generation immigrant who was born and bred in South Africa. Yet her immigrant kid story very closely resembles the traditional third-culture kid (TCK) narrative, and that’s because both experiences fall under the “Cross-Cultural Kids” (CCK) umbrella. In this episode, we’ll get to compare the childhoods of two cross-cultural friends who grew up in South Africa — Elle who stayed, and Hana who got away. Thanks to Ruth E. Van Reken, author of "Third Culture Kid: Growing Up Among Worlds" for her work developing the Cross-Cultural Kids (CCKs) Model that sheds light on all the different groups of cultural chameleons: traditional TCKs, children of immigrants, multi-cultural and multi-racial children, children of refugees, children of minorities, international adoptees and "domestic" TCKS.
June 20, 2022
06 - Hana takes the TCK Questionnaire
Hana gets a taste of her own medicine answering the TCK Questionnaire, a list of questions she developed for her guests on Project Between.  Hana's sister Harin joins the show from Toronto as the guest host in this episode. 
June 13, 2022
05 - Indian Family, Swedish Home
Ajit Pillai, a research engineer and a lecturer at the University of Exeter in the U.K., is a third-culture kid who has stronger ties to Sweden than any other country associated with his childhood.  Ajit was born in Sweden to Indian parents, then lived in Japan between the ages of 7-10 in the late 90s during the height of Pokemon. He spent his teenage years attending an international school in New Delhi, India before moving to the U.S. to attend university.  He speaks English and Swedish but swears exclusively in Swedish, though his dream language depends on what he's been speaking during the day. 
June 06, 2022
04 - Gender Norms of a (Third) Culture
Two TCK Korean women, Jaey and Hana, talk about the places that shaped their views on gender norms, relationships and gender roles.  Jaey Kang was born in Busan, S. Korea but moved to California when she was 10, and “lived in a different place every single year for the next 15 years.” After graduating from university in the U.S. she moved to Sweden for grad school. She currently works in marketing and is based in Seoul. TCK women who grew up in countries with more liberal attitudes toward gender roles but now live in a more conservative society can probably relate to the points made in this episode.
May 30, 2022
03 - Growing up Korean in South Africa
Danbi Lee is a new mom currently based in Germany, and a third-culture kid (TCK) who grew up in Turkey, Korea, and South Africa, attending college in the U.S. In this episode, the guest and host (two old pals) talk about growing up in South Africa as Korean kids in the late 90s and early 00s. Their memories include attending Hangeul Hakkyo on Saturday mornings, racism in the classroom, and struggling to fit in among their peers. If you're someone who lived abroad, whether as a TCK or as part of the immigrant narrative, you may have had similar experiences growing up! Especially if your family is Korean. 
May 23, 2022
02 - A Very Japanese Korean Family (feat. Mothfly)
Eunice Kim (a.k.a. Mothfly) is a media artist and music producer who divides her time between Korea, Japan and the U.S. She was born in Tokyo and spent most of her childhood in Japan, but says she “doesn’t have an especially strong sense of cultural identity” and “wouldn’t call herself Japanese even though she speaks that language more.”  She speaks mostly Japanese at home with her parents, but it’s not their native language. Her dad, a third-culture kid who grew up in Brazil since age 12, moved to Japan in his early 20s in search of opportunity. Her mom went to Japan for work, and that’s where the couple met. Listen to Mothfly's latest track "Pure" at the following link: #TCK #thirdculturekids #Japan #Korea #Brazil #mothfly
May 17, 2022
01 - Books, Big City & the Bunny
Writer and translator Anton Hur was born in Sweden, and spent his childhood between Korea, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, the U.S. and Thailand.  Anton identifies as 100% Korean, but his favorite city is Bangkok. His comfort food is Ethiopia's staple flatbread injera. He says attending numerous international schools gave him hope for humanity. Anton's translation of Bora Chung's "Cursed Bunny" was included on the 2022 International Booker Prize shortlist. He also had the distinction of having two of his translations longlisted for the Booker, the other one being Sang Young Park’s "Love in the Big City." "When I read a book, I want to be surprised by it. I want a book that is so beyond my imagination, that it blows my mind."
May 09, 2022
Project Intro
Hi I’m Hana and you’re listening to Project Between, a podcast about third culture kids and their experiences growing up between many cultures. I’m an in-betweener, and through this podcast I hope to meet with many others like me, people whose roots don’t grow too deep, who wish they had global passports, who wish all their close friends could live in the same city for once. I look forward to reconnecting with old friends, and meeting many news ones along the way.
March 02, 2022
00 - Where Were You When
In this episode of Project Between, two sisters who spent their childhood and young adult years in Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Seoul, New York, Montreal and Toronto compare notes on what they remember about specific events from the last two decades.  Obama winning the election, your first cellphone, the rise of Gangnam Style to the early days of COVID-19 -- where were you when it all went down?
March 02, 2022