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Something Unsaid

Something Unsaid

By Project Kara
Welcome to Something Unsaid. A podcast about mental health and the problems around us with the occasional pun involved. Join us as we talk about topics that matter to kids, teenagers, (sometimes) adults and how they impact our mental health.

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Snooze! You don't lose
Do you ever wonder why we idolise hustling and overwork ourselves to a point where we feel guilty for taking the smallest of breaks? Join Akanksha and Aayush as they talk about the impact hustle culture and peer pressure can have on our mental health! Follow us on Instagram @project.kara
September 04, 2021
Am I burnout or just lazy?
As teenagers, burnout starts to become a known feeling! Join Nadir and Advita as they talk about toxic productivity, burning out and how to overcome this in the smallest ways :) Follow us on Instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
August 12, 2021
A Second Home
Listen to Nadir along with special guest Ananya, a member of the LBTQIA+ community, discuss what being a part of the community means and shed light on some important emotions! Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
June 29, 2021
How to be an ally
Listen to Akanksha and Tavi, along with special guest Tamanna, a member of the queer community, discuss what being ally really means and the importance of active listening and educating yourself! Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
June 12, 2021
Queer movies to watch in June
Join Advita with a special guest (and founder of Project Kara!) Kaavya, as they talk about the good and the bad of queer representation in the media in honour of pride month! (spoiler warning for everyone listening!) Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
June 08, 2021
Something Patriarchal
TW: body image, depression, anxiety, marriage and abortion. Listen to Tavi, along with special guests Niranjan Sridhar and Vathsal Sakala discuss the impact that the patriarchal society created by men has had on men themselves and their mental health and how this impact needs to be lessened. Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
May 30, 2021
Wholesome Hour
Listen to Akanksha, along with special guests Khayaal Kadam, Kabir Hinduja and Xia Poddar talk about what’s keeping them sane during these crazy times and the importance of surrounding yourself with good news. The aim of this episode is not to invalidate the tough situations people are currently experiencing but to simply to serve as a positive distraction and put a smile on someone’s face :D Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
May 26, 2021
Not Asking for It
TW: sexual harassment Listen as Anvita, along with special guests Arushi Menon and Mihika Kumar discuss their views on consent by sharing stories and addressing meaningful issues. Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
May 16, 2021
Something Artsy
Listen to Advita and Tavi, along with special guests Diya Giri and Sahana Athreya, talk about their love for the arts, but the pressure and expectations that come with it. Things aren’t always as peachy behind the scenes! Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
May 02, 2021
Born This Weigh(t)
“Why don’t I look like the girls I see on my Instagram?” “Why do I have to live up to society’s standards of beauty?”  Listen in as Akanksha and Pehal discuss body positivity and neutrality, focusing on the effect that social media can have on our perspective of our body, and how that translates to our mental health. Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
December 30, 2020
Listen in as Advita and Tavi discuss “cancel culture” and the effects it has on social media and how that translates to our personal lives. Weighing out the benefits and drawbacks, we explore the various ways in which it impacts our mental health. Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
November 30, 2020
Something Standardised
Welcome back to the fourth episode of something unsaid. With all that's been going on with board exams, the SATs, CLAT and various other tests we thought it's about time that we talk about a topic that makes up a large portion of all of our lives - Standardised testing. Join Advita and Kaavya as they discuss the stress, the sleepless night and overall impact testing has on kids in the newest episode on something unsaid.  Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
September 24, 2020
Something Overwhelming
School - the place we all want to go back to, the place where our best friends and memories are and sometimes the place that can stress us out. Education, competition and interaction are all good things but now days can be the reason some of us aren't sleeping at night. Join Tavi, Aayush and Anvita as the discuss institutions and mental health in the third episode of Something Unsaid - Something Overwhelming Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
August 08, 2020
Something Colorful
How does the color of my skin define who I am? Colorism in India is everywhere, in our homes, our screens, our social circles, and yet we bring it up rarely if at all.  Join Zaina and Sahana as they talk about this difficult and widespread issue in the second episode of Something Unsaid. Follow us on instagram @project.kara  Check out our website -
June 24, 2020
Something Rainbow
We have come out with our first episode. Join Aayushi and Sahana on "Something Unsaid" as they discuss a topic in honour of Pride month. Showing there opinions and also the impact this topic has on people's mental health.  Coming out of the closet; as the media portrays it, it is that one defining moment in the life of a member of the LGBT community. It is a monumental experience filled with tears, with struggle, with tough conversations. Each experience is different, but is it really necessary? Follow us on instagram @project.kara Check out our website -
June 08, 2020