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Project YAY!

Project YAY!

By Andy Barve
Listen in on conversations that are unadulterated, fun, meaningful and super-vibrant about literally everything under the sun (and sometimes beyond the earth’s orbit) with guests from all walks of life. Project Yay! is all that feel-good and happy stuff - just like a massive fat sugary donut!
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The process of creating original art with Surbhi Jain

Project YAY!

The process of creating original art with Surbhi Jain

Project YAY!

On finding and unlocking your spiritual self with Vritti Agarwal Gupta
Vritti is a multi hyphenate creative and loves telling stories through art and design. In this episode she shares her take on fashion, her travel experiences and, most importantly, her personal journey toward mindfulness and spirituality.
December 31, 2020
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November 5, 2020
On design and building brand perception with Abhay Singh
Abhay’s a communication designer who’s spent a decade turning into an experienced designer and photographer. Abhay was part of the core team at March (they make nice tees) and very recently, he's gone off on his own and is now an independent branding and design consultant. In this episode we discuss why and how design helps create an impactful perception.
October 31, 2020
#currently reading - None Shall Sleep with Palak Yadav
Based in the 1980s America, None Shall Sleep by Ellie Marney, an award winning crime author, is a rip-roaring psychological thriller about a team of two teenagers hired by the FBI to track down juvenile serial killers. This one’s definitely bringing the chill before winter! Rating - 4/5
October 20, 2020
On using your voice to empower the communities that you live in with Valencia Meredith
The first thing you notice about Valencia is her beautiful hair, her eyes, her intelligence and her strong voice. In this episode Valencia Meredith, talks about her heroes / sheroes, her journey of coming of age into a confident, strong and bold black woman who’ll stop at nothing and use her voice to empower others from her community and eventually all over the world.
October 9, 2020
On spiritual ecology, environment and living my truth with Pooja Bhale
From being a city girl to now living the life of a forest-dweller, the story of Pooja Bhale has been one helluva rollercoaster and will evoke nothing but absolute wonderment. She’s a well-known Conservation Biologist by occupation and the mind and heart behind Protectera Ecological Foundation. This conversation about her life was like watching a small seed grow into a beautiful forest, full of abundance.
September 25, 2020
How food and music is interwoven with everything we do with Bhavika Bhatia
Bhavika, a co-owner of a family concept-restaurant called Moreish in Dubai, has her finger in every pie when it comes to her life and she’s someone who has her cake and eats it too! In this episode she talks to Andy about her two best-loved passions, food and music, why they are so and how a quintessential blend of both is something we all need.
September 12, 2020
#currentlyreading - The Vanishing Half with Palak Yadav
The Vanishing Half is a tale of black, but light skinned, identical twins, Desiree and Stella Vignes, who run away from home, from a small; almost invisible town in Louisiana called Mallard, at a very tender age of sixteen to live the American dream. Their new life is barely taking shape after the vanishing act and just then one of the twins decides to go incognito and start a separate life passing for white, leaving the other in the lurch. Spread over many decades, this book follows the respective lives of the twins and how their choices touch the lives of their children and loved ones, only to come full circle, back to where it all began - the town of Mallard. In this episode Palak and I discuss the plot, the characters and what a fabulous writer Brit is!
September 4, 2020
The process of creating original art with Surbhi Jain
Using photography as the basis Surbhi tells us ways one can stay true to themselves and their artform in a world where the lines between drawing inspiration and blatant copying have remained blurry.
August 28, 2020
Healing ourselves and the inward journey with Madhura Risley
Living the regular mundane life one can veer off-course unknowingly and feel very lost. Madhura Risley, with her practice as a mystic, visionary and healer, encourages and talks about why the inward journey is the quintessence to finding balance and true connection to oneself.
August 25, 2020
Love thy books!
In our very first episode Andy talks to co-host and friend, Palak Yadav, about books they have experienced - the ones that created a zest for life to the ones that stirred their souls (even the ones that were left half read) - they all have been loved dearly!
August 20, 2020
TRAILER - Let’s Yay together!
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August 7, 2020
TRAILER - What’s so YAY about it?
All the stuff you need to know before you say yay!
August 4, 2020