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Grow Your Online Fitness Business 🚀

Grow Your Online Fitness Business 🚀

By Jonny & Yusef
The guys from PropaneFitness show you how to leave the PT gym floor and gain financial freedom by moving to online or hybrid coaching. See for a free download of our detailed training on how we built and scaled PropaneFitness from scratch.

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The Antidote to HustlePorn (Bonus episode)
See our full guide for setting up a profitable online fitness business and book a call with us here: Ask us a question here:
August 05, 2022
S2E24 Chris 'Breezy' Brown: Fix your internal world to become a profitable online coach
Video episodes are now available on spotify & youtube 📽️ Book a call with us to discuss your situation and see how we can help you add £1-10k to your monthly income with online coaching: Want to learn more about what we teach and how our system works before booking a call, get our free business overview here: Ask a question to be played on the podcast 🎙️: Chris is a friend and old coach of ours, he helped us overcome a plateau in switching to online group coaching in 2016. Here we discuss his story and some mindset lessons for growing your online fitness business: “Business as a vessel for personal growth disguised as a money-making scheme”: How much of business is mindset? Experience with psychotherapy Biggest mistakes PT make Valuable daily practices Physical transformation = Business transformation [07:12 - 14:16] Coaches Struggle to Deal With Clients Leaving how there is a trend of people using their phone's microphone instead of actual headphones when filming or recording videos. how this trend has become a status symbol and how it can be harmful to one's career. how coaches need to be careful when breaking relationships with their clients in order to maintain trust and respect. [14:16 - 21:15] The Fear of Loss Increases As Your Business Grows • Business can be emotionally challenging, with many parallels to personal life. • To be successful, businesses need to clear out distractions and focus on the task at hand. Maintaining focus [21:16 - 29:02] How to Avoid the Scarcity Mindset That Can Ruin Your Business Anxiety is "inherently required for success" and that people who don't have anxiety are employees, not entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial mind is "f&ck this, everything is on me." When if a business fails, it affects the individual as well. Finding a therapist [29:02 - 36:33] Trauma • Trauma is just like a deep emotional response to a situation. [36:33 - 43:28] How to make your investments pay off • There are four cups that a trainer must fill in order to grow: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. • Most people's belief • It can be hard for clients to understand that an investment has an ROI, as most trainers operate with a "take it or leave it" mentality. [43:28 - 51:20] How to Achieve Massive Physique Changes While Still Living a Non-Conscious Life • Chris discusses how his mindset and understanding of fitness and nutrition has changed over the last three years, transforming his body and becoming more consistent in his training. • He emphasizes the importance of having a non-negotiable goal that is not based on arbitrary decisions or emotional attachments, and outlines how this mentality has helped him achieve success in other areas of his life. [51:20 - 58:12] How to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss [58:13 - 05:31] How to Meditate for 20 Minutes Every Day
July 31, 2022
S2E23: How to hack the happiness loop & escape your social media addiction
Video episodes are now available on spotify & youtube 📽️ Book a call with us to discuss your situation and see how we can help you add £1-10k to your monthly income with online coaching: Want to learn more about what we teach and how our system works before booking a call, get our free business overview here: Ask a question to be played on the podcast 🎙️:
July 24, 2022
Best task manager, Lumen review, guilt for working on your business.
TickTick vs Omnifocus, reviewing the Lumen device, and discussing being made to feel guilty for working when you're on holiday. Book a call with us to discuss your situation and see how we can help you add £1-10k to your monthly income with online coaching: Want to learn more about what we teach and how our system works before booking a call, get our free business overview here: Ask us anything 🎙️: TickTick discount link: 
July 17, 2022
S2E21: Business mistakes we made, and how Yusef broke his toe
Video episodes are now available on spotify & youtube 📽️ Book a call with us to discuss your situation and see how we can help you add £1-10k to your monthly income with online coaching: Want to learn more about what we teach and how our system works before booking a call, get our free business overview here: 
Ask a question to be played on the podcast 🎙️:
July 10, 2022
S2E20 Online coaches always make this mistake with Facebook ads
Send in your questions! Find out more about Propane Business:   -   -  Youtube:  Facebook:  IG:  Twitter:
July 03, 2022
S2E19: Your unpopular fitness opinions, signs of a basic-fitness-bro, and why Kim Kardashian swallows semen for medical reasons
Send in your questions! Ask us anything 🎙️ Find out more about Propane Business:   -   -  Youtube:  Facebook:  IG:  Twitter:
June 26, 2022
S2E18 How we lost £10,000 on a coin toss trick
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June 19, 2022
S2E17 Business mistakes we’ve made #1, Mark Rippetoe, Edamame beans
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June 12, 2022
S2E16 Too much to do? sales converting too well? + Jonny becomes a bodybuilder.
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June 05, 2022
S2E15 Turn your skill into a scalable online income stream: Justin Khanna
Justin Links: in your questions! out more about Propane Business:  -  - Youtube: Facebook: IG: Twitter:
May 29, 2022
S2E14 Why the price of protein has gone up, did Yusef sell his socks to foot fetishists, Q&A
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May 22, 2022
S2E13 Extreme haircuts, calorie labels in restaurants, high vs medium vs low ticket?
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May 15, 2022
5 Ancient Marketing Secrets from Marrakech (Bonus episode)
Video version on youtube:
May 10, 2022
S2E12 Tiago Forte: Why every coach needs to build a second brain. Now.
This one was a banger. Building a second brain is the skill that we most commonly see coaches COMPLETELY lacking in. So we have Tiago Forte, the man who brought personal knowledge management to the world. He has broken down thought, learning, memory into a phenomenal system. We cover:- The biggest mistakes coaches make when moving online- How to build a client onboarding sequence- Why you must write to clarify your thinking- Should you mourn unneeded knowledge?- Why forgetting is the most important skill we have.- How much do you need to shake your booty for the algorithm?And much more. Don’t miss this one, seriously.Get hold of his book via in your questions! out more about Propane Business:  -  - Youtube: Facebook: IG: Twitter:
May 08, 2022
S2E11 Juicy quads and the great debate: should you use your calendar as a to-do list?
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May 01, 2022
S2E10 MattDoesFitness got drug tested, Will Smith, and Hafthor Bjornsson vs Eddie Hall
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April 24, 2022
S2E9 Ring doorbell, pulling off a massive bloat, and facebook ads mistakes
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April 17, 2022
S2E8 Julien Smith: Elite coaches & common fitness coach mistakes
Julien Links: - use code 'propane'Send in your questions! out more about Propane Business:  -  - Youtube: Facebook: IG: Twitter:
April 10, 2022
S2E7 The planning framework we use to scale PropaneFitness
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April 03, 2022
S2E6 Is high ticket coaching killing your business?
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March 27, 2022
S2E5 Ex-Herbalife rep reveals her experience: debt, depression, doubt.
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March 20, 2022
S2E4 What makes a successful coach?
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March 13, 2022
S2E3 Crushed by 180kg, eating zero calorie ear wax and should you sell digital products?
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March 06, 2022
S2E2 Screaming & farting | how NOT to do copywriting | The best business book | Are business coaches legit?
This week we cover four very important topics:- Sitting and smiling for 4 hours a day- Why every train journey is a sensory assault of screaming and farting- The best business book- Are business coaches legit? Should you hire one for a total business overhaul, or to solve a specific problem?Send in your questions! out more about Propane Business:  -  - Youtube: Facebook: IG: Twitter:
February 27, 2022
S2E1 Breast milk, 1 million litres of semen, 'talking professor' as an online coach, balancing short vs long term
SEASON 2! Welcome back - after overwhelming demand to restart the podcast, here we are. Here we cover:- Bodybuilders drinking breast milk for gains- Our experience getting drug tested- How many calories in a million litres of semen- Why you should stop ‘talking professor’ as an online coach- How to balance working ON the business vs working IN the businessSee our full guide for setting up a profitable online fitness business and book a call with us here: us a question here:
February 20, 2022
152. When Should You Make Less Content?
Yusef and Jonny break the fourth wall and discuss their own decision about changing podcast frequency for an episode. How meta!To get a specific topic discussed, make sure to get your questions in!Find out more about Propane Business: - -
October 24, 2021
How We Generated £15,000 In 6 Weeks From Instagram
Join us for a new style of webinar on Monday 25th October 18:30 UK TimeYou can sign up at out more about Propane Business: - -
October 21, 2021
151. Colin Cambro
Colin Campbell helps people with peak performance in career and fitness and is an amazing interviewer himself.After guesting on his podcast and realising how much we resonated, we thought we had to bring some of his value, clarity and drive over to you. Here we cover:- Building a podcast while working a full-time job- Where does his intensity come from- The stress of short sharp stress (day job) vs long doom style stress (studying, project work, etc.)- Balancing work life and podcast: how to become so process focused that you win regardless of the outcome.- Growing a large Instagram following while not being an 'Instagram person'- Struggles of shouting into the void when starting content + building a brand- How to minimise screentime while still maintaining the impression of a social media presenceFind out more about Propane Business: - -
October 17, 2021
150. Don't Set Up An Online Fitness Business If...
Jonny and Yusef have some warnings for you. You shouldn't be starting an online fitness business if:- You're Boring- You can't get a result for your clients- You have less than £1000 to your name- You want instant results- You can barely use a computerFind out more about Propane Business: - -
October 10, 2021
149. How To Deal With Clients Who Don't Follow The Programme
Yusef and Jonny discuss tackling the issues of when a client doesn't follow their programme. They cover some approaches including what they're actually paying for, developing your systems, automating reminders, reducing friction, clients' ideas of perfectionism and more.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
October 03, 2021
148. The Pros & Cons Of Instagram
Should you use Instagram in your business? Why is our Instagram not incredibly polished and edgy with lots of topless photos of us? The truth is, Instagram is useful for your business. But not for the reasons you might think:Pros:- Interactive- DMs- Visual, credibleCons:- Feed vs search- Constant activity- AddictiveFind out more about Propane Business: - -
September 26, 2021
147. What Netflix Can Teach You About Online Coaching
Yusef and Jonny discuss what would happen if took A-levels now, some food challenges, how Microsoft Word still dominates the market. They also dig into how Netflix's model can be applied to other businesses.The were some technical difficulties with the recording of this episode, so apologies for some background noise and Yusef's mic being very quiet sometimes.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
September 12, 2021
146. The Key Daily Actions As An Online Coach
Jonny and Yusef catch up and dig into the activities that make sense and are important for online coaches.There were some technical difficulties during the recording, so apologies for the audio quality!Find out more about Propane Business: - -
September 05, 2021
145. Ben Mark (Photographer)
We talk to Ben Mark, a fitness photographer, to discuss why visuals are important, his tips for home filming, telling a story, what should we record and more.Find out more about Ben:- https://www.benmarkphotography.comFind out more about Propane Business: - -
August 29, 2021
144. Are Morning Routines A Waste Of Time?
Get up at 2am to rise, grustle and hind. Or something... Today Jonny and Yusef discuss: Is the fetishism of morning routines an artefact of wantrepreneurism? Or is there any truth to it?What should you ACTUALLY be doing in the morning to grow your online fitness business?Listen on for the answer... 👀Find out more about Propane Business: - -
August 22, 2021
143. Why Hollywood Is Lying To Personal Trainers
Alex has coined a new term - “Montage Culture”.He and Yusef break it down and discuss why it’s impacting the fitness industry and ruining peoples’ hopes and dreams.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
August 15, 2021
142. How To Work Remotely & Travel The World Pt. 3 - The Great American Roadtrip
Jonny is back after his bout with Covid and already has a stag-do he has to prepare for. This leads to both him and Alex discussing the difficulty of finding clothes that actually fit them.Then, they dig into the third part of the series, how to work and run a fitness business whilst traveling. They cover finding the right locations, budgeting, logistics, holiday management and all the other things Alex learned along the way.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
August 08, 2021
141. Armanitalks: Content Marketing And Selling Done Right
Jonny has covid this week, but do not fret. Yusef talks to a special guest, Armani Talks. A guy who does personal branding and marketing right. There are 2 layers of sweet gains to be had from this podcast - WHAT he has to teach, and HOW he's done it.Armani teaches:- Public Speaking- Storytelling- Creativity- Social Dynamics- Emotional IntelligenceWe cover:- His story- What speaking errors Armani sees people make online- Low hanging fruit for people to improve- How to win at social media, nail your niche and going from content to sellingFind out more about Armani:https://armanitalks.com out more about Propane Business: - -
August 01, 2021
140. What Are The Biggest Obstacles When Starting Out As An Online Coach?
Alex and Yusef kick off by exploring Yusef’s deep knowledge of team sports, how he’s been enjoying the Euros and Alex’s ability to appreciate the beauty in most things.Then they dive into a question Alex got from some who just qualified and is about to embark on their journey into working in the fitness world. They want to know the most common bottlenecks and obstacles that online coaches face.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
July 25, 2021
139. How To Work Remotely & Travel The World Pt. 2 - Getting Things Done
Jonny and Alex get into the second part of the remote working topic. This time, Jonny starts out by quizzing Alex on how he was able to work consistently whilst traveling across America and then they dig into how they actually get stuff done while all working remotely, in different timezones and owning different areas of the business.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
July 18, 2021
138. Why Yusef Quit His Job (Twice) To Focus On Online Coaching
Alex asks Yusef why he decided to quit his job in investment banking to do Propane and then do a medical degree in parallel.This is a deep dive into the history, decisions and realisations that led to making online coaching a full-time job.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
July 14, 2021
137. Can You Still Do 121 Coaching At Scale?
Yusef and Jonny discuss a question they recieved about going all-in on one side of the 121 to group coaching spectrum.The moving along the spectrum does correlate with effort, the cost to you, coaching style and therefore your pricing. It’s up to you how you want to approach it, but there are various comprises to consider that the guys chat about and explain their thinking behind their approach.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
July 11, 2021
136. Insta Q&A
Jonny and Yusef are back answering more of your questions from Instagram this week, including bangers such as:- How to become a rich AF digital nomad- Favourite weird exercises- Stupidest fitness trends that we've followed in the past- Would you have sex with a man for £1m- How to become a PT in 2021- Is 'nervous system' training bullshit?Find out more about Propane Business: - -
July 07, 2021
135. How To Work Remotely & Travel The World Pt. 1 - Running A Business With People You've Never Met
Jonny and Alex dig into how to actually run a business remotely and make it work, how the guys hired Alex and how he worked whilst traveling across the USA working for Propane full-time.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
July 04, 2021
134. Beat The Master Copywriters By Being Yourself
Alex talks about what can get in the way of you just launching your business.It’s very common to find inspiration from successful people, but then it can easily turn into you feeling like you need to be as good as them or mimic them in some way in order to be ready to start talking to the world.But Alex digs into how you can actually find your authentic voice and personal values, then just launch the damn thing and find your way!Find out more about Propane Business: - -
June 30, 2021
133. How To Coach Lifting Technique Online
Yusef, Jonny and Alex get together to discuss the nuances of coaching online like how to coach technique through a virtual space on the internet.Also, a "would you rather", testing Yusef’s medical knowledge and learning all about the origins of out more about Propane Business: - -
June 27, 2021
132. Do You Have To Be Sexy To Succeed As An Online Coach?
Jonny and Alex get into if it’s necessary to be sexy, attractive or take some clothes off in order to be a successful online coach. They talk about cutting through the noise, playing the game to grow your audience online is difficult, what to do when you have people’s attention and more.Alex also brings out the second installment of his new feature “What would a celebrity business guru’s approach to an online coaching business model be?” to see what Jonny makes of the chosen celeb.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
June 23, 2021
131. Bodhi Kenyon Meditated For 3 Hours/Day & Is Now The Happiest & Wealthiest He's Ever Been
This was such a refreshing episode. Yusef and Jonny talk with Bodhi Kenyon of Northstar fitness (Mr portfolio career…). The man is truly wise and joyous, and the guys have decades of lessons to learn from him. They discuss:- Bodhi's journey- His time in japan- A recent meditation retreat- Business lessons- Giving up coffee- Intensity but maintaining happiness without losing steam.- Success vs happiness- Training at 50Find out more about Bodhi and Northstar Fitness: out more about Propane Business: - -
June 20, 2021
Webinar Announcement: 30 Clients in 12 Weeks - How Do You Do It?
Stop the presses! At 6pm on Monday 21st June 2021, Jonny is hosting a very special live training session for you all to join.He’ll be covering the common sales approach that many coaching businesses are trying, how to improve it and solve the problems to get the best sales process for you.You can join the session here at 6pm 21st June: out more about Propane Business: - -
June 18, 2021
130. The Art Of Turning Up And Hitting A Single
Yusef has a cold (it’s not COVID!), but that doesn’t stop him from talking to Alex about turning up and hitting singles. Rather than what that alarmingly sounds like, it’s all about just being able to do what’s required to keep your business running instead of reinventing the wheel every week.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
June 13, 2021
129. How To Read Your Client's Mind
How to not know what you know…OR How to get into the beginner’s mindset!Alex and Yusef break down how to get into this headspace to help your clients, deliver this effectively and how they actually got this wrong for a while at the beginning of Propane.Plus the debut of Alex’s new feature "What would a business guru say if they were jacked?” (basically, if a chosen influential figure was actually a PT, how would their coaching business model be?)Find out more about Propane Business: - -
June 09, 2021
128. Bull vs Bear: Episode 2 - Part 2
It’s the second part of Bull or Bear episode 2. Let’s see if they would invest or would avoid...Make sure you listen the other episodes in this series!Find out more about Propane Business: - -
June 06, 2021
127. Bull vs Bear: Episode 2 - Part 1
It’s the next one in the series, Yusef, Alex and Jonny discuss whether various topics are Bull or Bear in their opinions. So, if the topics were stocks, would they invest or would they stay away?Find out more about Propane Business: - -
June 02, 2021
126. When Clients Think They're More Advanced Than They Are
Jonny and Yusef talk about how to manage a client that is too big for their boots.The guys have some firsthand experience working with clients who are trying things that are too advanced. It’s not about making fun of them, but rather contending with the fact there is so much information out there and it’s not always accurate or acted upon correctly. They need some particular help to recalibrate and the guys discuss how they’ve gone about it.There’s also a good dose of would you rather questions to open up the episode.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
May 30, 2021
125. That Feeling When Someone Ascends Your Entire Funnel Without Your Input
Off the back of some recent client feedback, Yusef and Jonny discuss the setup and sensation of having someone go through your entire automation system without you having to do anything and ensuring they get the exact help they wanted.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
May 26, 2021
124. What Do To If You're Bad With Technology
This episode covers it all: Nipples, protein and the excuse of "I am bad with technology".The guys often hear that people are concerned with their own lack of technical ability, so they feel they can’t set up as an online business or coach. However, it’s really just a skill to work on and most technology is intentionally built to be as easy to use as possible for its own benefit. So really, this is just an attitude that needs to be addressed and confidence gained to be able to dive in.Jonny and Yusef talk through how to tackle this and really get going with setting up online.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
May 23, 2021
123. Answering Your Questions
It’s here... Jonny, Yusef and Alex all sit down to answer the most burning questions that you all asked via Instagram.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
May 16, 2021
122. How Realistic Is It To Run An Online Fitness Business From The Beach?
Jonny and Alex talk about the realities of the “pinnacle" of running an online business, running it all from a beach on a laptop.This lifestyle is more obtainable than it may first appear, but there is a considerable amount of work needed to get to this place and automation is key. They break down the points of location freedom, why would you want this in the first place, work-life balance, business requirements and more.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
May 12, 2021
121. Do You Need To Meditate As A Business Owner
Yusef and Alex cover a topic that they have very different experiences of, meditation. Yusef has a wealth of experience of meditating and has covered it a lot on this podcast, whereas Alex doesn’t regularly have a mediation practice.They compare their thoughts, difficulties and opinions and Alex digs into why Yusef finds it helpful.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
May 09, 2021
120. One Quick Tip To Make Addictive Content
An itchy Yusef is back fresh from a break in the countryside to tell you how to combat the clickbait content trends out there to make something far more valuable for your followers and clients.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
May 05, 2021
119. Mike Tuchscherer: Running RTS
Mike is from Reactive Training Systems and is a powerlifting training specialist, and is actually coaching Jonny currently. We dive into it with Mike and amongst the many topics we discuss we cover:- What is RTS and who they work with- Developing your reputation?- How they approach marketing themselves?- Group versus one to one coaching models- How to build your product suite- Growing the business and the team- Social media approachesFind out more about Mike and RTS: Website: www.reactivetrainingsystems.comInstagram: on Instagram: out more about Propane Business: - -
May 02, 2021
118. Bek Keating - Stepping Off The Organic Hamster Wheel
Bek Keating is a PropaneBusiness client who has been able to step off the hamster wheel of social media and consistently generate sales from her niche. Here we discuss:- From organic posting to consistent sales method- Differences in coaching men vs women- Influencers and Pressures on women & body image- How do you get over the ‘too bulky’ myth- Why do women resonate with her marketing, and how you can connect with your nicheFollow BekWebsite: out more about Propane Business: - -
April 28, 2021
117. How I Plan My Days And Stay Productive
Jonny discusses how he goes about plans his days and his approaches to productivity. This has evolved as PropaneFitness has grown and so there are plenty of tips and pointers for business owners at any stage of their journey.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
April 25, 2021
116. Are Facebook Ads Dying?
Jonny, our resident Facebook ads guru, wades into the hot topic of whether there is a decline in the impact of ads on Facebook.Several things have happened over the past few months, like the platform itself becoming less popular and increasing numbers deleting their accounts, the ads system has changed with reportedly more ad accounts getting disabled and Apple will be changing third-party tracking on its browsers.This is all leading to some panic, so Jonny will talk you through his thoughts and why he doesn’t think this will really be a problem.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
April 21, 2021
115. Do You Need To Love What You Do?
Jonny and Yusef discuss if it’s really important if you actually love the work you do. Both of them have worked in jobs they were told they should do and would be good at, but they quickly found that it didn’t fit either of them.They cover the four currencies they've identified: money, freedom of time, freedom of location and satisfaction, and how a job can facilitate each of those and how possible it is to achieve them.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
April 18, 2021
114. Does Cold Messaging Work?
Jonny and Alex dive into the weird world of cold messaging. It’s so prolific that most of us have experienced a message or email out of the blue trying to convince us that this person has the solution to all our problems, but does it actually work?Find out more about Propane Business: - -
April 14, 2021
113. How To Bend The Laws Of Time And Space
Yusef tells you how to defy physics and manipulate time and space in your favour.This is about the way that we approach tasks. It’s very easy to procrastinate or treat little deviations like just a one-off. But really our brains are always working and any activities can become a habit even without us consciously considering it. We all have 24 hours in the day and using these efficiently for real focus and longer-term plans are key.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
April 11, 2021
112. Tribe Of Mentors: Episode 2
This is the second part of Jonny and Yusef tackling Tim Ferris’ Tribe of Mentors questions.Make sure you listen to the first part: to the last time they did this in 2019: out more about Propane Business: - -
April 07, 2021
111. Mike Israetel: The Return
Mike Israetel is back.The octopus lord from Renaissance Periodisation joins us again to catch up about how things have changed for him and the business. You can expect this to be great conversation and we cover:- Life in lockdown - Mike's current training goals- How do he manages his day and productivity- How to fit training in- Processing large amounts of information, mental models for seeing clearly- Transition from professor/academic background vs the internet- Non-training personal practices- Who is behind the strategy of the YouTube videos (check out Dr. Mike’s Kitchen: Authenticity- Travel and staying with Menno Henselmans- How has Mike has optimised his lifestyleFind out more about Mike and Renaissance Periodisation:Mike’s Instagram: Website: https://renaissanceperiodization.comRP Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: out more about Propane Business: - -
April 04, 2021
110. Tribe Of Mentors: Episode 1
Jonny and Yusef revisit Tim Ferris’ Tribe of Mentors questions with a couple more years of experience added from the last time they did it on the fitness podcast.Listen to the last time they did this: out more about Propane Business: - -
March 31, 2021
109. Automations - The Secret Sauce For Scaling
Jonny and Alex discuss that secret sauce that is automation for delivering services at scale. This applies to a lot of businesses but is rarely discussed when it comes to online coaching. The Propane team has put a lot of effort into automating certain things effectively to help serve clients better, they dig into it and how to strike the right balance between human and automation efforts in this episode.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
March 28, 2021
108. Sales 101
Jonny and Alex talk about the juicy topic of sales. There is plenty to talk about, so this will be a series of episodes and in this first discussion they cover framing pricing, what is too high and too low, setting your expectations of customer volume and the difference between sales and marketing - all in kicked off with a beautiful segue.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
March 24, 2021
107. Bull vs Bear: Episode 1
It’s Yusef, Alex and Jonny this time and they get into whether various topics are Bull or Bear. Meaning are they a bull, a market/strategy/product on the rise, or a bear where its position or economy is receding and it’s losing value.Today we covered:Jaw exerciserPilatesEbooksTiktokPelotonProtein barsCalisthenicsPowerliftingCrossfitFind out more about Propane Business: - -
March 21, 2021
106. How To Deal With Trolls
Yusef surprises Jonny with a warm potato and hits him with the topic of online trolls. They discuss their experiences with trolls and a framework for dealing with them, including:- Is blocking admitting defeat?- How to use trolls to strengthen your brand- When to block, when to respondFind out more about Propane Business: - -
March 17, 2021
105. How To Grow Your Online Business: Ep 4. Money Mindsets & Limiting Beliefs
Alex, Yusef and Jonny get together for this fourth installment in the series to discuss approaches to money and limitations. There are things you need to adopt, but importantly things you need to let go of to be able to use your time effectively to grow your business.The guys talk through these factors and how they’ve had to learn them to be able to progress. However, Jonny has misplaced his notes...Find out more about Propane Business: - -
March 14, 2021
104. Is Tracking A Waste Of Time?
Yusef and Jonny chat about what they actually each track, how tracking has changed over the years for them, processing the data and what really matters.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
March 10, 2021
103. Eric Helms: Daily routine, meditation, influencer egos, coaching general population
Eric Helms from 3DMJ has returned - last time we discussed the mechanics of coaching at scale, marketing and building a personal brand. This time we discuss:* How low your step count can be before you poo yourself* Eric's daily routine and meditation habits* How 2020 and training has treated Eric* Eric's thoughts on meditation* Switching off after working at home* Picking the right platformsAnd much more.Resources mentioned:Frank Yang: laughing disorder: warning) 'Fat Nick' Post contest: out more about Propane Business: - -
March 07, 2021
102. Instagram Q&A
Yusef and Jonny field your questions from Instagram. Covering fitness, coaching, business advice and a whole lot more.There’s also an exciting call for Jonny and the guys even make their own sound effects.Reference:10 characteristics of an enlightened relationship - out more about Propane Business: - -
March 03, 2021
101. The Launch Process We Teach Every Client In PropaneBusiness
Jonny talks through foundations that the team teaches PropaneBusiness clients for launching their own businesses and why certain styles and tactics aren’t included in the approach. This covers ads, automation, balancing times and priorities.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
February 28, 2021
100. Why We Only Use 1 Sales Funnel & How Scattered Marketing Can Kill Your Business
Yusef and Jonny talk about focus and funnels. It's tempting to try a lot of approaches to bring in leads, but that can often have a detrimental impact.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
February 24, 2021
99. How To Grow Your Online Fitness Business: Ep.3 The Mindsets Behind Scaling
In a slight twist on the format, Alex sits down with Jonny and Yusef to ask them about the beginning, growing and scaling of Propane and the elements that went into that.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
February 21, 2021
98. Are You Causing Problems For Your Future Self?
Yusef talks about future-proofing your decisions. Such as choosing software, sometimes it feels like picking the thing that’s cheapest or easiest to set up is the right choice but this can cause big issues down the line.Try and help your future self.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
February 17, 2021
97. How We Built The Fitness Business Alongside Our 9-5 Jobs
Jonny and Yusef look back at the early years of Propane Fitness whilst they finished their degrees and started working in the finance world. Back then, the whole online fitness industry was a different beast and little advances made huge waves. They’ve come a long way since the green website with a purple flame logo...They talk through the challenges of balancing a job and setting up an online business and how to actually manage it.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
February 14, 2021
96. How To Grow Your Online Fitness Business: Ep.2 Ads
Alex and Jonny kick continue the series and cover something Jonny is a master of, advertising and scaling it. Good ads will help strangers find out about your business that wouldn’t have otherwise, but getting it right so your ads stand out and get attention on a social media feed is a tricky game.There’s also a healthy dose of riddles to kick things off...Find out more about Propane Business: - -
February 10, 2021
95. Menno Henselmans - The Life Of A Digital Nomad
Yusef and Jonny catch up with a good friend of the podcast, Menno Henselmans. The world has changed a lot and many businesses have been forced to move online, for Menno he was already fully online but the highly mobile part of his lifestyle has obviously had to adapt.They discuss how he plans his days/weeks, fitting in training, how he divides his time between activities like acquiring new information and developing his business, the realities of running an online fitness business during a pandemic, having a bigger mission, the ultimate goal and much more.You can find out more about Menno on his website: out more about Propane Business: - -
February 07, 2021
94. How To Grow Your Online Fitness Business: Ep.1 Social Media And Word Of Mouth
Alex and Jonny kick off a new series of podcasts. If you've listened to the first series, you should have the principles to start an online fitness business, now they dig into how to make it bigger and better.They cover the Propane stance on using social media and word of mouth to grow an online business. It's often the first port of call for a business looking to grow and is one of the best sources of business.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
February 03, 2021
93. How To Make The Best Of 2021
📜 Article version of this video: mentioned: 👇️📆Chris Sparks Annual Review Process🎵Song of the year:🔥️Burning a clean flame:✅TickTick app:🥩Jack Butcher:⚡️Zapp: Whatsapp audio on double speed [chrome extension]Find out more about Propane Business: - -
January 31, 2021
92. Why You Should Never Outsource Ads
In the first monologue of the year, Jonny talks about outsourcing lead generation. Leads on-demand services are becoming more popular and the frustration of online ads not always returning what you expected makes these services increasingly attractive.However, they aren’t for everyone. You may not be prepared to put in the budget they might require or the identity and fit may not be right for you. Jonny covers the thought processes he and the team have gone through and their own experiences of actually using these services.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
January 27, 2021
91. Lessons from 2020
A year that won’t be forgotten quickly, but Jonny and Yusef sit down to look back at 2020 and talk through what can be learnt. They chat about data privacy, evolving targeted advertising, news cycles, shifts to online businesses, equipment purchases, dealing looking stupid, sea shanties and willy bum bum.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
January 24, 2021
90. How To Make Better Business Decisions
Yusef and Jonny talk about the emotional rollercoaster of financial trading and some of Yusef’s most recent experience, this leads to some lessons that can apply to business. The up and downturns in an industry can actually benefit your business if you have the right resources and instincts in place, ultimately there’s a balance between investing for financial gains and liquidity.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
January 20, 2021
89. The Future Of Online Fitness Coaching
Jonny and Yusef discuss how the world of online fitness coaching might go. Jonny has been using a coaching app lately and can see how this is going to make a huge impact on how fitness, health, insurance and much more will work in the future.Does this give everything that’s needed from successful coaching and how can coaches compete with it?Find out more about Propane Business: - -
January 17, 2021
88. How To Start An Online Fitness Business: Ep.7 Launch
In the seventh and final episode of the series, Alex and Jonny talk about the last step of launching your business.Jonny launches another attack of riddles on Alex to see if he can dethrone him...Find out more about Propane Business: - -
January 13, 2021
87. The Mindset Of Money
Jonny and Yusef discuss the mindset of money and how to deal with the emotional side of it. It’s a topic that people moving into online businesses struggle with in terms of price rates, imposter syndrome and handling fluctuating financial figures.Also, Jonny gives Yusef the riddle treatment to see how he fairs compared to Alex’s incredible ability.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
January 10, 2021
86. How We Gained 3000 Followers On Twitter This Quarter
Yusef squeezes in some wisdom between night shifts and talks about how the team have gained 3000 new followers on Twitter recently.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
January 06, 2021
85. Why Organic Content Won't Grow Your Business
Alex and Jonny dive into the world of social media and explain why it’s very unlikely that organic content will actually help grow an online business. They focus on Instagram and cover posting frequency, some of the inaccurate perceptions, unlikely routes to success and the gamble with putting effort into that.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 30, 2020
84. Jose Rosado - Writing Viral Tweets, Ethical Sales Calls & Resonating With Your Audience
Yusef talks to Jose Rosado, a web developer and graphic designer turned internet marketer, who now helps freelancers break free.They discuss buying the best domain ever, writing on Twitter, building an online income, polishing your offering, doing the hard stuff, building a personal brand and much much more.Follow Jose:IG: https://rosa.doFind out more about Propane Business: - -
December 27, 2020
83. How To Start An Online Fitness Business: Ep.6 Qualification
In episode six of the series, Alex and Yusef dig into qualifications, what they mean and if they actually have any value.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 23, 2020
82. Dealing With Price Objections And Getting Honest Feedback
Jonny goes over some of the topics most people ask about when starting out with Propane: how to deal with price objects and honest feedback on pricing. Some of the key principles he covers are balancing quality, cost and availability, how to learn what people really mean and considering the sweet spot.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 20, 2020
81. How To Start An Online Business: Ep.5 Coaching
In episode five of the series, Jonny and Alex discuss how to actually coach all the people you’ve managed to get through your funnel.Jonny tries again to riddle Alex. Jonny's upped his game but can he defeat Alex?Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 16, 2020
80. Why We Don't Use PT Apps To Coach Clients Online
Jonny delves into the world of software and personal training apps in particular. The guys have adopted a fairly rigorous way to assess software they use in the business and it has resulted in using less but more effective tools, so Jonny explains the thought processes behind this and what may be helpful in your decision making.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 13, 2020
79. The Numbers Every Online Coach Needs To Track
Alex and Jonny go over one of the most asked topics, what metrics should I be tracking in my business? It’s an important part of success and the guys have spent a lot of time on effort on drilling into these over the years.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 11, 2020
78. How To Start An Online Fitness Business: Ep.4 Lead Generation & Sales Funnels
In the fourth episode of the series, Jonny and Alex about setting up lead generation and the importance of sales funnels.Jonny also quizzes Alex with a barrage of riddles, definitely worth hearing the results...Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 09, 2020
77. How The Fitness Industry Has Changed In 2020
What a year 2020 has been… Yusef and Jonny look back at what has changed in the fitness industry. Things have moved to digital, attitudes to training have shifted, where and how people train have changed and industry is set to grow at a record rate.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 06, 2020
76. How We Apply The 80-20 Principles In Our Business
Jonny and Yusef take a more tangential approach to this really enjoyable episode to discuss the ideas of focus and how to really put effort into the right places. However, they get there via the route of David Seaman as a midfielder, trying to understand communism and not paying much attention to the news.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 04, 2020
75. How To Start An Online Fitness Business: Ep.3 Website Best Practice
In the third episode of the series, Alex quizzes Yusef about the best practices when building a website, what it’s really for and the attraction of quick progress.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
December 02, 2020
74. Build Once, Sell Twice
Yusef talks about the dangers of having a one-to-one relationship between your time and the product you sell. This puts a ceiling on the scale and quality of what you can deliver but can be an easy trap to fall into when trying to set up or grow your online business.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
November 29, 2020
73. We Started A Podcast A Year Ago... Here's What Happened
What a year it's been! Jonny and Yusef discuss the first year of the podcast, what's worked and what hasn't, why podcasting isn't for everyone and how great their podcast editor is.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
November 27, 2020
72. How To Start An Online Fitness Business: Ep.2 What is your offer?
In the second episode of the series, Alex and Jonny talk about figuring out what your offering actually is - this is key to being able to build and progress.There’s also a good ‘Would You Rather?’ session for good measure.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
November 25, 2020
71. The 3 Reading Habits That Are Turning Your Brain Into Mush
Yusef and Alex talk about some of the negative habits you can fall into that don’t do anything positive.They discuss active recall, just in case learning, forcing yourself to read, re-reading and more.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
November 22, 2020
70. How Most Big Chain Gyms Are Stealing From PTs
Alex and Yusef discuss how big gym corporations are limiting and squeezing PTs. Alex talks through his experience as an on-the-floor PT which consisted of completely quiet periods during the day, having to be exclusive with the gym brand and his addressable market being limited to those gym members that regularly turn up and actually want personal training.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
November 20, 2020
69. How To Start An Online Fitness Business: Ep.1 Branding And Niche
Alex and Jonny kick off a new series of podcasts to help you get your online fitness business off the ground. In this episode, they cover branding and niche, from finding the right name to not overthinking everything to knowing your target audience.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
November 18, 2020
68. How To Avoid Getting Scammed By Business Coaches
Alex and Jonny sit down to talk about the bad coaching that they’ve experienced in the past and what to avoid. On the flip side, they also chat about the great coaching they’ve had, what the traits these have and the benefits they’ve gained.Find out more about Propane Business: - -
November 15, 2020
67. Want More Free Time As A Business Owner? Try These 5 Simple Hacks
Alex picks the brains of the Propane productivity guru, Yusef, to get 5 great tips to maximise your time and productivity so you can focus on what really matters.Find out more about Propane Business: &
November 13, 2020
66. The Number 1 Habit That All Successful People Have
Yusef chats about a trait that all successful people have, they invest in themselves...Find out more about Propane Business:
November 11, 2020
65. How We Wasted 2 Years Trying To Grow Our Instagram Following
Jonny talks about all the time wasted attempting to increase Propane's Instagram audience.It’s easy to see someone else doing well and try to emulate their success, but does doing this for Instagram equate to sales? The key is understanding the difference between followers and customers, can you really convert your Instagram followers into paying customers?Find out more about Propane Business:
November 08, 2020
64. How To Grow You Grow Your Online Fitness Business Using Tinder
Alex takes the helm of the podcast to talk about how the principles of Tinder give a lot of lessons on how to get clients for your online fitness business.There are many parallels from profiles to the types of people you’ll meet to how to attract the right ones. Alex walks you through the difference makers, making a complete authentic presentation of yourself and appealing to your target market.Find out more about Propane Business:
November 04, 2020
63. Why You Don't Need A Website To Start An Online Fitness Business
It’s a common belief that having a website is the first thing you should set up for a business.Jonny explains why this isn’t true and how you can get a full customer journey going with free tools to bring in revenue straightaway. There is value in having a website, but that tends to come further down the path of growing your business.Find out more about Propane Business:
November 01, 2020
62. 3 Things To Try If Your Online Fitness Business Is Failing
Jonny talks about the uncomfortable topic of failing. It's not something that anyone likes to discuss, but it's important to acknowledge and understand what to do if it's happening to your business.Along with his three tips, Jonny discusses some situations where these tips helped other businesses and he delves into the history of Propane Fitness.Find out more about Propane Business:
October 30, 2020
61. Camera Shy? 7 Tips To Become Fearless On Video
If you're nervous about stepping in front of the camera, then Yusef is here to get you more comfortable so you can make more content.Listen to his simple tips to get you practiced, more confident and ultimately helping your business.Find out more about Propane Business:
October 28, 2020
60. How To Never Run Out Of Things To Post On Social Media
Yusef talks about the value of getting your social media game in order.This doesn’t mean chasing followers or getting stuck pursuing a single metric, but finding out the types of metrics that lead to value for your business. This allows you to strategise and open up the black box using social media to grow your business.Get 20% off SocialBee with code “Propane20” or use our link: out more about Propane Business:
October 25, 2020
59. How To Coach Personal Training Clients Online
Jonny discusses how to deliver coaching online, why 121 coaching simply doesn't make sense, why they focus so much on coaching systems in the PropaneBusiness programme and how to make a group based coaching programme work.Find out more about Propane Business:
October 23, 2020
58. Why 90% Of Business Coaching Books Are Useless
Jonny and Yusef discuss the problems with most business coaching book out there, they simply aren’t helpful.Most just end up sat on a shelf somewhere and a lot of the others just end up being reading fodder without actually having the information implemented - probably because it wasn’t practical or useful.Find out more about Propane Business:
October 21, 2020
57. Oliver Anwar, The Worker Coach - How To Launch As A Full-Time Online Coach
Yusef and Jonny talk to the founder of The Worker Coach, Oliver Anwar. They chat about Oliver’s focus on helping professionals make fitness a lifestyle around their careers, how his business has grown, his process-orientated approach, tailoring to his audiences and finding his niche.Oliver’s new podcast is available an all podcast platforms, just search for “Fitness Mastery For High Performing Professionals"Follow Oliver:Website: @roanwarInstagram: @roanwarFind out more about Propane Business:
October 18, 2020
56. Why Sales Calls Don't Work
The chaps have strong feelings about sales calls and are keen to make sure people explore different selling techniques.Yusef and Jonny discuss their content-driven approach that guides potential customers through the system so those customers are able to be in control and make considered decisions that make sense for them.Find out more about Propane Business:
October 14, 2020
55. Bryan Krahn: "Is fitness a young man's game?"
Yusef and Jonny chat with Bryan Krahn, a trainer/writer who helps people look the way they truly want and is a self-described “semi-serious physique athlete".They discuss training in your forties, the impacts and decisions that are guided by self-perception and the flaws in generalised rules for everyone amongst many other topics.Follow Bryan:Website: @BryanKrahnInstagram: @bryankrahnFacebook: @BryanKrahnOfficialFind out more about Propane Business:
October 11, 2020
54. 4 Tips To Avoid Getting Facebook Ads Denied
Jonny and Yusef discuss one of Jonny's superpowers, Facebook ads. This is something that Jonny has refined over the years and he shares some of his key thoughts to getting the most out of an ad spend.They dig into shifting through the numbers, the world of compliance, maintaining a positive user experience and much more.Find out more about Propane Business:
October 07, 2020
53. Emil Goliath - From A&E Doc To Digital Nomad
Yusef chats with Emil Goliath, an A&E doctor now living the nomad laptop lifestyle.This one is a corker - if you're feeling trapped by the 9-5, see how Emil took life by the horns and created the ultimate lifestyle business.They discuss:- How to go from the 9-5 to coaching online full time- The sunk cost fallacy- Designing a life you loveFollow Emil at: out more about Propane Business:
October 04, 2020
52. Alex Williams - Storytelling Is Everything
Jonny sits down with recent addition to team Propane, Alex Williams. Alex is a master of storytelling and they discuss how this craft has helped Propane progress.During their chat they cover taking authentic ideas and making them resonate with your audience, telling stories to help your audience to identify with you and your business and plenty of laughs and jokes for good measure.Find out more about Propane Business:
September 30, 2020
51. Nick Walsh - From Gym Owner To Online Coach
This week we chat with Nick Walsh, someone we’ve been working with for a while who has been executing our methods and principles brilliantly.We cover Nick's journey, using non-PT skills, walking the walk as a coach, the improvements to his lifestyle and his advice for PTs and gym owners making the switch to online coaching.Follow Nick:Website: @walshynickInstagram: @walshynickFind out more about Propane Business:
September 27, 2020
50. The Silent Killer That Steals Your Profits
Yusef uncovers the source that takes most people’s efforts and profits.He talks about how to tackle it and what the benefits are across a business and life.Find out more about Propane Business:
September 23, 2020
49. How Nick Shaw Built Renaissance Periodization - 3 Key Principles
We talk to Nick Shaw, the brain at the centre of Renaissance Periodization's giant octopus, to discuss his side of their growth.We cover his role in the team and how it’s changed over time, their customer focus, identifying what really matters in running a client-based fitness business and much more.Follow Nick: out more about Propane Business:
September 20, 2020
48. The One Thing You Can Do To Double Sales Over The Next Year
Join Jonny on a walk in beautiful Scotland as he talks about the reality of activities that really grow a business.The core truth about running a successful business is treating it like a business and Jonny breaks down what that means and requires.Find out more about Propane Business:
September 13, 2020
47. Copywriting for Online Personal Trainers with John Romaniello
We chat with John Romaniello about his start in the fitness industry, how it has changed and what we would have done differently.We also cover copywriting as a skill, mental health, stopping to smell the roses and much more.Find John’s Captivating Copywriting course at a discount with our code: PROPANEMore about John: out more about Propane Business:
September 09, 2020
46. Bryce lewis: Best practices for online coaching
This week, we chat with Bryce Lewis of The Strength Athlete.We cover what got him started as an online coach and why, building a personal brand, the evolution and growth of TSA, client management best practices and much more.Find Bryce on Instagram: @Bryce_tsaYou can learn more about TSA at out more about Propane Business:
September 06, 2020
45. How To Grow Your Online Fitness Business
Jonny discusses how more businesses are moving to online for obvious reasons, but there are hurdles when growing an online fitness business after some initial success.He takes you through an overview of our programme that we teach clients to help them learn processes and principles to scale their online fitness businesses.Find out more about Propane Business:
September 02, 2020
44. Why Dan Go Sold His Gym To Become An Online Coach
We speak to Dan Go about what inspired him to sell his gym and become an online coach, growing his Twitter audience, if you really can be a millionaire with a sixpack and much more.Follow Dan on Twitter: out more about Propane Business:
August 30, 2020
43. A Day In The Life Of An Online Fitness Coach
In this week's monologue, Jonny talks through what a typical day running Propane Fitness actually looks like.He covers the importance of structure and prioritisation, designing your day and how to make sure you're looking after both the immediate tasks and a long term vision.Find out more about Propane Business:
August 26, 2020
42. Emma Storey-Gordon: How To Build A Personal Brand
This week we chat with Emma Storey-Gordon.We cover:- From qualifications and academia into fitness and how it translates- Online vs offline coaching- Building a personal brand and how this has helped- Body image and the fitness industryYou can follow Emma at:- out more about Propane Business:
August 23, 2020
41. How To Get Online Personal Training Clients
We’re doing more podcasts!This is the first of a new additional weekly podcast and Jonny talks you through gaining clients online, the incoming trends and what he’s learned his adventures into Youtube ads.Find out more about Propane Business:
August 18, 2020
40. Samy Dindane Of Hypefury
Lessons from tech founder Samy Dindane from building @hypefury- Scratch your own itch.- Build a personal brand.- Relentless customer-focus.- Create a telegram group of superfans.- Don’t worry about things you can’t control.- Understand your customers’ deeper desires.We also cover:- Attention spans, blogging vs tweets- Honing your writing skills and building an audience- Why Twitter is the best platform for new coaches- Solving your own problem in business- Importance of a personal brand- Edgeranking vs automation- Running an app when your app is plugged into an API, e.g. Instagram changesCoupon code: K2WHMcKv - 20% off for 3 months for the first 100 users that sign up at out more about Propane Business:
August 16, 2020
39. Ovi Negrean of SocialBee: Lessons For Online Coaches From Building A Software Company
This week we chat with Ovi Negrean from SocialBee. We have used every social media scheduler under the sun, and SocialBee is far and away the best one.Social media is the tobacco of the modern age. As a content producer you need to minimise your time spent on the news feed, and create offline as much as possible.As coaches, we have a lot to learn from software businesses. Ovi has a wealth of knowledge to share on: branding, onboarding, marketing, building a personal brand and customer focus.We discuss:- What problem does socialbee solve- Creating a minimum viable product- Importance of social media for online coaches- Automation vs edgeranking- Distribution channels- Working with developers- Treating a business as a business: Developer time is money- Customer focus- Upfront costs of running a software company- Looking beyond customer wants- Are particular platforms better suited for automation?Discount link: 20% off with code Propane20: out more about Propane Business:
August 09, 2020
38. Should You Start A Podcast? 3 Things You MUST Have in Place
We’ve got one, should you?We discuss the constantly growing podcast trends, if people are creating content for the write reasons, having the right things in place before diving in and who actually suits podcasting. Find out more about Propane Business:
August 02, 2020
37. Mike Israetel: From Coach To Content Marketer
Dr Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodisation, professor of sports physiology and at the helm of the octopus, covers the following:- How online fitness has changed over the years- Knowing your audience- Building a personal brand- Dealing with controversy- Coaching at scale- Clients thinking they're more advanced than they are- Advice for new PTs moving online and building an online fitness coaching business- The human element of marketingFind out more about Propane Business:
July 26, 2020
36. Why Zoom Workouts Don't Work
Both of us this week and there’s a lot to catch up on, but we specifically dive into the trend of Zoom workout classes during lockdown and why they just don’t work.We discuss what a product actually is, competing in busy markets and kick off with a good old fashioned ‘would you rather’.Find out more about Propane Business:
July 19, 2020
35. Making The Boat Go Faster
Jonny talks about growth and improving an online business. He covers maintaining objectivity, identifying what to focus on and priorities that actually help your business. In essence, making sure you do things that actually makes the boat go faster.Find out more about Propane Business:
July 05, 2020
34. Shut Up And Take My Money - How To Make It A No Brainer To Buy Your Programme
Yusef here and I’ve just made one of the fastest purchases of my life.In this episode, I talk about the importance of knowing your target audience and tailoring your product fit their needs to basically make it sell itself.Find out more about Propane Business:
June 28, 2020
33. The Routine I Use Every Morning To Gain & Maintain Clarity Amidst The Chaos
Just Jonny this episode and I take you through my morning routine that helps keep me focused on the key priorities.I talk about the tools I use, what’s important and some key activities that really help.Find out more about Propane Business: @propanefitness
June 21, 2020
32. Ali Abdaal On How to Make Money Online While Working Full-Time
Today we chat to Ali Abdaal, a fellow productivity, spaced-repetition and note-app fanboy and doctor.He has built 6 streams of income online and a huge channel. We discuss:- Why youtube- Proffesional difficulties with content creation- Being recognised & privacy- “Haters”- Monetising yourself - Video production, tips for organic content reach- Methods for content marketing- Affiliate marketing- Other ways to make money onlineAli's Website: out more about Propane Business: @propanefitness
June 07, 2020
31. Instagram Q&A: How To Build A Sales Funnel
We dive into our DMs to answer some of your questions, in this episode we tackle how to design a sales funnel and handling prospective clients' questions about price.We discuss knowing your audience, understanding buying personalities, being relevant, analogies for good and bad sales techniques (including the world of dating) and Jonny’s experience with a wizard and his garden.Find out more about Propane Business: @propanefitness
May 31, 2020
30. Steve Hall & Pascal Flor (ReviveStronger) on creating content, business partnership & day structure
Pleasure to have Steve Hall and Pascal Flor from ReviveStronger with us today, discussing how they grew their following and their coaching businesses to become financially independent.Answering the important questions such as:- Would you rather have a cat with a human face or a dog with human hands and feet?- Would you rather A) Every time you have an orgasm, the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth plays, or B) every time the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth plays, you have an orgasm? As well as their strategies for:- Tips for organic growth- Content creation techniques- What products do you offer, & how do you deliver coaching- How to decide when to partner with someone in businessYou can find out more about Revive Stronger: IG: @revivestrongerPascal IG: @pascal_florFind out more about Propane Business: @propanefitness
May 22, 2020
29. Instagram Q&A: Which PT Qualifications is worth doing? Or is Further Learning more important?
We dive into our DMs to answer some of your questions, this week we weigh up PT qualifications against further learningAside from discussing our laptop allegiances and tongue twisters, we dig into the value of qualifications and how you can go too far with further learning in the wrong direction. We also cover the skill in demonstrating your own ability, getting competent in complementary areas and playing the income figures game.Find out more about Propane Business: @propanefitness
May 17, 2020
28. Menno Henselmans on How to Grow your Platform, Get Online Clients & Deal with Haters
We chat to online physique coach, scientist and public speaker Menno Henselmans about getting started, evidence-based coaching, key skills (and mistakes), finding your niche and more.A this is during lockdown, we also discuss daily structure and adapting the "digital nomad" lifestyle.You can find out more about Menno on his website: out more about Propane Business:
May 02, 2020
27. Business Principles 102
We join Chris from Modern Wisdom for another Business Principles episode.Today we're talking about one of the questions we're most commonly asked - should you take the plunge into self employment? Being your own boss sounds fantastic, but what's the reality of your income being completely in your own hands?Expect to learn our favourite mental exercise for working out the true salary of your job, why Jonny & Yusef left high paying graduate jobs to pursue their passions, what sort of personality types are not built for self-employment and whether we believe everyone can find a job they enjoy.Links:- Youtube: Facebook:
April 26, 2020
26. Business Principles 101
We are back with Chris from Modern Wisdom to discuss Business Principles.We talk all things careers and entrepreneurship as we call on our combined 30+ years of operating and failing at business.Expect to learn how you decide whether to stay in your job or leave to do your own thing, the inception stories behind PropaneFitness and Voodoo Events, our thoughts on how helpful a university education is in giving you skills for business, and a lot more. Links:- Youtube: Facebook:
April 19, 2020
25. COVID-19 Strategy For Personal Trainers
Jonny talks through some risks, strategies and tips for personal trainers during this tricky time. A lot of offline business has completely changed and moving to online is an a sensible way to pivot - something that has spiked the amount of enquires we’re receiving.Stay safe!Links:- Case study:
April 13, 2020
24. Mike Samuels Interview
Mike Samuels: Previously a personal trainer and diet coach, now a copywriting guru that helps many clients grow their conversations and improve their copywriting abilityWe cover:- Mike's approach to new clients and attracting the people he’d like to work with- Measuring, refining and improving- The importance of being authentic- Morality in messaging- Consistency and a quality product- Mike’s work with Clients On Demand
April 05, 2020
23. What To Do When All Your Online Attempts Have Failed
Jonny discusses how difficult it can be to understand success or failure and how to pragmatically find the pain-points improve your business.- The frustration in business when you don’t know why something has happened- Finding the methods for measuring and monitoring your business- Truly understanding impacts is the keyLinks:- The Dangerously Hardcore podcast Jonny mentions is "BioJacked TV #31: Weight Loss Tips for Carb Back-Loading & Carb Nite" -
March 29, 2020
22. An Interview With Paul Mort
Paul Mort: A marketing and client attraction expert who is known for being direct, brutally honest and a bit of email marketing...We cover:- The techniques to gain clients- Positive questions to get the results you're looking for- Focusing on personal development- Finding out what is important to you and what you value- The Conflict that’s created by living outside of your values- Creating a structure and schedule that actually works for you- Gaining a following and dealing with the criticism that comes with it
March 22, 2020
21. How Online Group Coaching Works
This week, Jonny discusses the very common question "how does group coaching online actually work??”.- Our coaching model enables scalability and helps avoid burnout- The joys of scrutinising your own efforts and really working out the ROI- Delivering better value to clients through the benefits of scale
March 15, 2020
20. 5 Stupid Mistakes We've Made As An Online Business
Yusef and Jonny reminisce about the some of the biggest stumbling blocks and silly things they’ve down along the way, so hopefully, you can learn from their mistakes.- The joys of sending emails in error- Building a strong audience for more robust sales- Being bogged down and not actually taking any actionLinks:- Send us that enquiry email: Business model training:
March 08, 2020
19. Funding Your Online Business...For Free
Jonny talks about the various ways to fund an online business and what approaches you can take.- Is an online fitness business different to any other business model?- The pros and cons of getting a business loan or selling equity to get started- Our methods for funding a business for free
March 01, 2020
18. Eric Helms On How To Be A Successful Online Coach
Eric Helms on how to be the best coach you can be.If you’re an online coach, do not miss this one - we discuss: - What contributes to your success as an online coach- What mistakes to avoid- How the market has changed over the years- How to balance your own life around a successful coaching businessLink in bio for iTunes and our Youtube channel.
February 23, 2020
17. What You Need To Do BEFORE You Succeed Online
Jonny talks about foundations for a successful online business and the key points from an interview with Eric Helms (a forthcoming episode…)- What’s not being said when people promote revenue milestones equalling “success"- Planning for things succeeding before they happen- Our experience with scale and not being prepared
February 16, 2020
16. Tracking Progress With Your Online Business
Jonny discusses measuring your online business' performance, the results of your activities this and what this can mean- Attribution using Lead and Lag indicators- Identifying which activities actually create value and revenue- Using this knowledge to build a sales process that converts to sales
February 09, 2020
15. Why You Should Build Your Business Backwards
Jonny explains our approach to building a business and why we suggest doing things a little differently- Why you shouldn't build your programme first- Using your resources efficiently and mitigating risk- Stop guessing and start tailoring your business for your market’s need
February 02, 2020
Efficiency is Everything: Engineering your life for maximum productivity
Michael Kirk: An industrial engineer applying principles of production to your business, fitness and life.- Why we share a mutual love for the Shoe Horn- The 7 forms of waste ruining your profitability- How to generate the essential KPIs for - How to prevent a cancelling client from derailing your day- How to identify the value adding steps to optimise your marketing, lead generation, and product delivery- The philosophical difference between ‘doing things FASTER’ and ‘doing the RIGHT things’.- Maximise protein per $- Save time sleeping
January 25, 2020
How To Become An Online Coach
This episode absolutely blew up our inbox - here's how to start online coaching 101, from our chat on Modern Wisdom podcast. Subscribe for more on how to build your online coaching business and become financially free.
January 17, 2020